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To return to VINCENT LAMBERT, for me, it is neither more nor less than a manipulation, I thought that among all Catholics and people of common sense atheist (1 + 1 = 2, not 3), that there is there, which is not rabaisseraient to do manipulation, as the State french in fait(valls,holland et la clique, tous ces ministres franc maçons) (, Liars, thieves, pedophile, NAZIS), I’ve seen as much video, or seen, lengthen bouncy trying to say something, for me, unfortunately, nothing to change compared to the last time that I saw it as millions of gens(je me doute de ce que,vous devez penser,et vous avez certainement raison,qu’ entre les deux diffusions) , he could have improved his condition, which apparently is not the case, because if it had been, we would su, and, rather two foiqu’ a

FUNNY NEWS, a breeder, to avoid the pollution that can cause rendering of beasts, rather than throw the carcasses, I don’t know or, to makes a place, I think that it is just a slab of concrete, or all the vultures and other scavengers come finish remains, this is what I call a P-T-N idea,

English national Assembly looks like a barn, why, you’ll understand I had the opportunity to watch Cameron, jacqui smith and other and British members, etc. in one of their debates in their famous barns, British assembled, the french, it is not better, there in which sleep, « Yes, Yes, I say that sleep (photo, to the support page of the blog https://httpcreachmichelblog.wordpress.com to return to the British assembled, that the English is not, especially breaching it is the same by any, at least in all that has been given to me watch, the French national Assembly, the British assembled, and the Knesset, the rest, this must be the same, but I did not saw them, moreover, I found that the Knesset was quieter. Among the British, of, is there one, or, a person who leaves a valve to relax the atmosphere or, that he speaks simply, means first in dull background noise and then one constant noise, while the other speaks, sometimes I said sometimes, when, it is a lady, sounds fade, but she is forced to wait, stop, it’s true that I push a little plug, but it is not very very far, this noise starts by a YEAH, that all the world acquiesce to show, that they agree with CAMERON, or these adversaries, each side has its YEAH(cela a peut être une autre signification, mais je ne la connais pas) when I compare the British to a stable Assembly is based , is that quite simply, those who want to speak, are forced to wait a certain time, so, it brouhaha are, between the noise, they did, and the one who begins to speak, so that the noise is not finished, will understand what a person says, it is not all the time, but it is often, some will say, but that is it may well him fo utre that they do not agree when there jactent it’s true, nothing, and I me down balls, but when, I see and I hear of people like that, who listen talk, giving lessons in English, so that some could their, learn to live, and as they also do in France, with the french (valls, touraine, valleaud and others,) and who dare change a thing , as there health is not what you want us everywhere, is why we no longer question, arises when in addition, they allow themselves to think. There must be helming and fast, it sucks!

AH, yeah as GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, YAHOO, prevents me, access to my counties, send me viruses on virus, one day or the other, the boomerang will end his race, and then it will be something else.

But be aware that those which prevents me nothing, and who don’t put me sticks in the wheels, and which, on the contrary help me, I would remind you, and I have an excellent memory, though, what I had, the other also, but it certainly will not be the same way, because, there are plenty of things that differentiate me from them , but, especially, I have Word, and I think that some may attest to that. There, which promise you wonders, and that make you a kid in the back; chais not SARKO, of HOLLAND, and Valls, and LOPES what!

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And did surtoutpas that QATAR will be forgotten.

It is the MANIFESTO of 1840 , reviewed, and corrected by the DDROPUKs, and handed over to the taste of the day.

The Rothschild Manifesto – circa 1840? > > Four Winds 10 – Truth…



(new world order)


(schema ILLUMINATI for the mental manipulation of peoples, families, groups and individuals)


« The Illuminati is a secret order known since the 18th century with a manifesto appeared at the big day at the beginning of the 19th century under the name of ‘protocols of the elders of ZIONS’. In 24 paragraphs, this manifest describes how subjugate and dominate the world using an economic system (for the creation of a new world order).

Given the difficulty that there was to keep the secret at the international level, it was decided to set up an outside group to coordinate and monitor international efforts and protect the secrets and rulers of the usual curiosity of the press. This group, referred to as the Bilderbergerg – group, (the name of the hotel where their meeting of constitution in 1952) has evolved in the shadow of the Illuminati in the direction of a world government secret economically controlling the entire planet (the United Nations is only a friendly international joke).

A private study group whose objective is to work to build cooperation political and economic between the Western Europe, North America and Japan as part of a new world order was formed in 1972 by D. Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski by using contacts with the Bilderbergers. It consists of an elite of 300 key decision makers worldwide economic, political and intellectual, on 3 continents. This group is named trilateral commission. You will find in the rest of this document one of the economic policies of this group ‘.  »

Note by William Cooper (former NCO of the secret services of the US Navy): I’ve read top secret documents that explained that « Silent weapons for silent wars » is a doctrine adopted by the political Committee of the Bilderberg Group during his first known meeting in 1954.Une found copy in 1969 was in possession of intelligence of the U.S. Navy

Document that follows, dated May 1979, was found July 7, 1986 in a brand IBM copier that had been purchased to a room sales.

Silent weapons for silent wars

An introductory programming textbook

Operations and research

Technical manual

TM – SW7905.1

Welcome. This document marks the 25th anniversary of the 3RD world war called « war without noise ». It is conducted through the use of weapons of biological warfare subjective referenced in paragraph silent weapons. This book contains a descriptive introduction this war, its strategies, and the weapons used.

May 1979 #74-1120


It is, in a way obvious, impossible to discuss social engineering or automation of a company, i.e. the systems engineering of automation social (silent weapons), a national or global scale, without involving targets expanded as control of the company and the destruction of life human (i.e. slavery and genocide).

This manual is in itself a statement of intent of this type. Such a text should be hidden from the curiosity of the public. Otherwise, it would be recognized as a formal declaration of war home. In addition, when a person or a group of people in a high position of power having not full understanding and approval of the public, uses this knowledge and this methodology for the economic conquest, can then say that a State of domestic war exists between that person or that group and the public.

The solution of the problems of today requires an approach that must be ruthlessly honest and devoid of any concern to religious, moral and cultural value.

It gave you this project because of your skill to observe human society with cold objectivity as well as your ability to analyze and discuss your observations and your findings with others with the same intellectual capabilities. All this keeping the maximum discretion and humility. Such virtues are in your own interest. Detour not your way.


Silent weapons are an evolution of a strategic and tactical methodology developed under the military direction (Eisenhower) in England during the second world war. This method was known as Operations and research (O.R.). Operations and research had as initial design study of strategic and tactical air defence problems and land with limited use of military resources against foreign enemies (what we call logistics).

Those who were in positions of power very quickly realized that the same methods could be very useful for complete control of a company. However, it was necessary to use better tools.

Social engineering (analysis and automation of a society) requires the correlation of a very large amount of economic information changing constantly (data). A computerized system of high-speed data processing was required to calculate in advance the evolution of the society and predict his arrival to surrender.

Relay computers were too slow, but the electronic computer invented by Presper Eckert and W.Mauchly allowed to achieve the goal.

The next discovery was the development of the method of linear programming Simplex in 1947 by the mathematician George B. Dantzig.

Then, en, 1948, the transistor invented by J.Bardeen, W.H.Brattain and W.Shockley resulted in a large expansion of the activity of computers through the reduction of surfaces and the decrease of the consumed electric power.

With these three inventions available to them, those who were in positions of power have clearly understood the opportunity they had to control the entire world only pressing a button.

Immediately, the Rockefeller Foundation « monte to the niche » by establishing a 4 year contract with Harvard University and in creating the Harvard Economic Research Project (H.E.R.P.) for the study of the structures of the American economy. A year later, in 1949, the U. S. Air Force joined the project.

In 1952, once the initial project period ended, stands a Congress of high level Illuminati elites to determine the next social phase of the method. The H.E.R.P. has been successful in affirming, through the publication of its results in 1953, the assumption of feasibility of economic and social engineering (Studies in the structure of the american economy, 1953, Wassily Leontief, International Science Press Inc., New York).

Designed in the last half of the Decade of the 1940s, the new ‘war noise’ machine was exposed so to speak, in the form of a bright and gleaming on the shelves as early as 1954 material.

With the creation of the maser in 1954, came the promise of an unlimited source of atomic energy by fusion obtained from heavy hydrogen into the sea, and therefore the possibility to achieve unlimited social power is considering in the next 10 years at least.

The combination of all this was irresistible. The ‘war noise’ was quietly declared by the international elite (Bilderberg Group) at a Congress held in 1954.

Although the functioning of the system of silent weapons was exposed 13 years later, its evolution has never experienced significant rearrangement.

This document marks the 25th anniversary of the beginning of the « war without noise ». This domestic war has experienced numerous victories on many fronts around the world.


In 1954, he was well known by those who held positions of authority that it was more just a matter of time, probably a few decades before the public in general is able to seize and shake the foundations of authority; because the same elements of the new silent weapons technology would be used for a public interest while this technology was the future of private interest.

The leading problem, that of domination, revolves around the topic of energy sciences.


Energy is recognized as the key to all activities on Earth. Natural sciences are the study of the sources and the control of natural energies. Social sciences expressed theoretically as economics are the study of sources and the control of social energies. Both are calculable systems using mathematics. Therefore, mathematics are leading energy sciences. And accountants can become King if the public can be kept in ignorance of the science of accounting.

All science is simply an oriented means to an end. The way it is the knowledge, the end, is the control. Beyond that, there is only one problem: who should be the beneficiary?

In 1954, it was the leading issue. Although the moral value issues were raised, given the law of natural selection, it was agreed that a nation or a set of people who do not use their intelligence, would be no better than animals who have no intelligence at all. Such people are like beasts sum or steaks by choice and consent.

Accordingly, in the interest of the future world order, peace and tranquility, it was decided to secretly conduct a « war without noise » against the American public with ultimate goal of natural and social energy (wealth) of the irresponsible and unruly transfer (a large number) in the hands of those who were responsible and autodisciplinés (rather low).

To implement this objective, it was necessary to create, secure, and apply new weapons that have proved to be a class of weapons so subtle and so sophisticated in their operating principle and public appearance that they could be called « silent weapons ».

In conclusion, the objective of economic research as it is driven by the magnates of capital (banks) and goods and services, industries is the establishment of an economy that is entirely predictable and manageable.

To achieve a fully predictable economy, elements of the lower classes of society must be under total control, i.e. must be well brushed animals, trained, and must be put under the yoke of social work in the long term from a young age, before they have the opportunity to ask questions about the correctness of the situation. To obtain such a result, the family units of the lower classes should be disintegrated by a process of concern more account relatives and by putting in place centres and day-care centres managed by the Government for these orphaned child labour.

The quality of education to be given to the lower class must be the poorest kind so that the gap of ignorance separating the lower class of the upper class is and remains incomprehensible for the lower class. With such initial handicap, even bright people of the lower classes have little hope to extricate themselves from the situation of life that is imposed on them. This form of slavery is essential to maintain a measure of peace and tranquility for the ruling upper class social order.


Everything you would expect in a regular weapon is expected of a silent weapon by its creators, but only in its way of operation. Instead of shooting bullets, a silent weapon pulls situations, powered by treatments of data instead of an explosion produced by a chemical reaction. All this with the origin of the data bits instead of grains of powder from a computer used by a programmer instead of a rifle used by a gunman. The programmer is under the orders of a magnate of the Bank (: illuminati, ndr) while the shooter is under the command of an army general.

A silent weapon causes no obvious explosion noise, causes no physical or mental injuries obvious and does not interfere in the daily social life of any person in an obvious way.

However, this kind of weapon undoubtedly causes « a noise », undoubtedly causing physical and mental damage and undoubtedly interfere with everyday social life, i.e., undoubtedly for a trained observer who knows exactly what observe.

The public in general can not understand the workings of this weapon and cannot believe that he is being attacked and submitted by a weapon.

The public can feel instinctively that something is wrong, but because of the inherent technical nature of the silent weapon, he cannot express his feelings in a rational way. Therefore, he does not know how to call for help and do not know how to associate with others to defend themselves against this weapon.

When a silent weapon is applied gradually, the public adapts and adjusts to his presence and learns to tolerate the encroachment of this weapon on his way of life, until (psychological across the economy) pressure became too strong, and then it cracks.

As a result, the silent weapon is a type of biological weapon. It attacks the vitality, choices, and the mobility of individuals in a society, knowing, understanding, manipulating, and by attacking their social and natural energy sources, their strengths and their physical, mental and emotional weaknesses.


« Give me control of the currency of a nation and I do feels me
of who makes its laws « Mayer Amschel Rothschild illuminati member (1743-1812) »

The technology of silent weapons of today is an extension of a simple idea discovered, succinctly expressed and effectively applied by Mr Mayer Amschel Rothschild previously cited. Mr Rothschild discovered the passive component of economic theory, known as economic inductance. He, of course, was not thinking of his discovery in these words of the 20th century, and mathematical analysis had to wait until the second Industrial Revolution, the development of the theories of mechanics and electronics and finally the invention of the electronic computer before it can be effectively applied to the control of the world economy.


In the study of energy systems, it will still appear 3 elementary concepts. These are: the potential energy, kinetic energy and the energy dissipation. 3 counterparts essentially purely physical and idealized called « passive component » come in correspondence with these concepts.

(1) in the science of physical mechanics, the phenomenon of the potential energy is associated with a physical property called elasticity or stiffness and may be represented by a stretched spring.

In the science of electronics, the potential energy is accumulated in a capacitor instead of a spring. This property is called capacitance instead of strength or stiffness.

(2) in the science of physical mechanics, the phenomenon of the kinetic energy is associated with a physical property called inertia or mass and may be represented by a mass or a wheel in motion.

In the science of electronics, the kinetic energy is accumulated in a self (in a magnetic field) instead of a mass. This property is called inductance instead of inertia.

(3) in the science of physical mechanics, the phenomenon of energy dissipation is associated with a physical property called friction or resistance, and can be represented by a « dash pot » [Note: System dissipating energy by friction] or any other mechanism for converting the energy of the system in heat.

In the science of electronics, the dissipation of energy is carried out by an element called either a resistor or a driver; the term « resistance » is generally used to express the concept of friction, and the term « conducteur » is generally used to describe a more ideal object (for example, an electric wire) used to transport effectively electronic energy from one place to another. The properties of a resistor or a conductor are respectively measured by resistance and conductance.

In economics, these 3 energy concepts are related to:

(1) the economic capacitance – capital (money, stock / inventory, investment in construction and consumer durables, etc.)

(2) economic conductance – assets (disposal of production factors)

(3) the economic inductance – services (the influence of the population of the industry in output)

Any mathematical theory developed for the study of an energy system (for example, mechanics, electronics, etc.) can be immediately applied in the study of any energy system (for example, the economy).

THE energy of Mr ROTHSCHILD discovery

What Mr Rothschild had discovered, was the fundamental principle methods of power, influence, and control of the people, as it applied to the economy. This principle is: « when you take ownership you the appearance of power, people will soon give you power ».

Mr Rothschild had discovered that the money or deposit to loan accounts had the appearance required of power that could be used to persuade people (inductance, which people correspond to a magnetic field) to deliver their real wealth in Exchange for the promise of greater wealth (instead of a real compensation). They would provide collateral in Exchange for a loan of tickets to order. Mr Rothschild has understood that he could run printing money that actually owned value in return both that he owned the stock of gold of a person in reserve as a means to lure clients.

Mr Rothschlild lend his tickets in order to individuals and the Government, this would then create an exaggerated confidence and thus, it would make little abundant money, strengthening his control of the system and collecting collateral through the obligation to sign contracts. The cycle should be repeated and this pressure could be used to initiate a war. Then, Mr Rothschild would control the availability of money to determine who would win the war and therefore, it is the Government that will have given him control of its economic system, which will get its support.

Aid to the enemy of the debtor would ensure the creation of large amounts of debts to the latter. The benefit obtained by this economic method of Mr Rothschild made the most to even to increase his wealth. He understood that the greed of the public would operate money by Government order beyond the limits (inflation) of equivalence in precious metal or the production of goods and services (product GNI or GDP).


In this structure, credit, presented as a pure element called « money » has the appearance of the capital, but is, in fact, negative capital. As a result, although it has the appearance of being a service, it is, in fact, accountability or debts. It is therefore an economic inductance and an economic capacitance; and if it is not balanced in another way, it will be balanced by a decrease in the population (war, genocide). All goods and services represents a real capital called gross national product, and the money may be issued in an amount equal to the capital while still representing the economic capacitance; But if the money appears in larger quantities, it is subtractive and represents the introduction of economic inductance: it represents as many notes of receivables.

War is therefore the balance of the system obtained by killing the real payable (the public who we have learned to share his true values for money overstated) and by having recourse to what remains of the nature resources and regeneration of these resources.

Mr Rothschild had discovered that the money gave him the power to rearrange the economic structure to its own advantage, move these economic positions that would allow larger oscillations and economic instability economic inductance.

The ultimate key to economic control had to wait until he has enough data and equipment for calculating high speed to keep the eye very closely the economic oscillations created by the confrontation of prices and energy excessive paper – inductance by paper credits / by inflation.


The field of aviation has allowed the greatest evolution in economic engineering by means of the mathematical theory of test sets. In this process, a projectile is fired from a fuselage of air gear towards the ground and the recoil impulse is controlled by vibration transducers connected to the air craft and wired to graphic recorders.

By studying the echoes or reflections of the recoil impulse in the fuselage, it is possible to discover critical vibrations in its structure; including the vibrations of the engine either air vibration of the wings, or a combination of both, could grow and result in self-destruction by resonance of an air craft in flight, like a plane for example. From the engineering point of view, this means that the strength and the weakness of the structure of the air gear in terms of vibratory energy can be discovered and manipulated.


To use this method of test in economic engineering sets, commodity prices are buffeted and the reaction of the public consumer is controlled. The echoes resulting from the economic shocks are theoretically interpreted by computers and the psycho-economic structure of the economy is then updated. It is through this process that the partial wage differential and difference matrices are calculated. This defines the family household and makes possible its evaluation as an economic industry (the dissipative structure of the consumer).

Then, the response of the household to future shocks can be predicted and manipulated, and the company becomes a pet well with his reins under the control of a computer control system sophisticated: a social energy accounting system.

Finally, each individual element of the structure passes under the control of the computer through personal preferences. such knowledge being guaranteed by the computer association of consumer preferences (universal product code). This identifies the consumer (identify via the link through a credit card and later, a « watermark » body invisible under normal light…).


The H.E.R.P. (1948 -) was an extension of the O.R. of the 2nd world war. Its objective was to establish a science of the control of an economy: first of all, the U.S. economy and then the global economy. It had approached with sufficient mathematical foundations and data, it would be almost as easy to predict and control the tendency of an economy, predict and control the trajectory of a projectile. As has been proved, in addition, the economy has been transformed into a missile guided to a target.

The immediate purpose of the H.E.R.P. was to highlight the structure of the economy, to discover what forces change this structure, how the behaviour of this structure could be predicted, and finally how it could be handled. What was needed, it was a perfectly organised knowledge, in the form of a mathematical structure of interrelation on the investment, production, distribution, and consumption.

To summarize all this, it was discovered that economy obeyed the same laws as electricity and all mathematical and practical theories, and that any computer know-how developed in the field of electronics, could be immediately applied to the study of the economy. The discovery was not declared to the big day, and its more subtle implications were and still are a jealously guarded secret. For example, the public did not know that in an economic model, human life is measured in dollars, and that the electric spark generated when opening a switch connected to an active inductor is mathematically equivalent, in the economic model, the launch of a war.

The biggest obstacle to which have had to face the theorists economists was the precise description of households as being an industry. It is a challenge because the consumer purchases are matters of choice in turn influenced by income, prices, and other economic factors.

This barrier was crossed indirectly in the form of statistical approximations using sets of tests to determine the common characteristics of a household industry, called common technical coefficients.

Finally, because the problems of theoretical economics can be translated easily into theoretical electronic problem, economic solutions can be obtained by resolution in the electronic domain and then by reverse translation. It follows therefore that only a book of translation between the 2 areas and conceptual definitions are needed for the economy. The rest can be obtained from the classical works in mathematics and electronics. This eliminates the need for the publication of books on the advanced economy and greatly simplifies the security of the project.


An ideal industry is defined as a machine that receives values from other industries in different forms and which converts a specific product for sale and distribution to other industries. This machine has several inputs and one output. What the public think usually be an industry is actually an industrial complex where several industries gathered in the same place, produce one or more products…


An industry is placed in one of the 3 categories or classes depending on its type of production:

Class 1: Capital (resources)

Class 2: Goods (commodities, or consumables – dissipative)

Class 3: Services (population action)

(1) class 1 industries exist on 3 levels

a) nature: sources of energy and raw materials

b) Government: printing of the currency in amounts equal to national product gross (GNP) and overproduction of currency in excess compared to GDP (inflation)

c) banks: lending money for interest and overproduction (inflation, counterfeit) of economic values through deposit to loan accounts

(2) class 2 industries exist as manufacturer of tangible products or consumption (power dissipation). This sort of activity is usually recognized and catalogued by the public as an « industry ».

(3) class 3 industries are those that provide out of the service rather than tangible products. These industries are called households and Governments. Their production is of mechanical type human activity and their basis is the population.


The entire economic system can be represented by a tri-industriel model if it is decided that output products are called capital, goods, and services. The problem of this representation is that it does not show the influence, for example, of the textile industry on the ferrous metals industry. This occurs because the textile industry and industry of ferrous metals can be both contained in a single classification called the goods industry; and through the process of combination and aggregation of these 2 industries in a single block, systemic, they then lose their economic individuality.


A national economy consists of simultaneous streams of production, distribution, consumption, and investment. If all of these elements, including work factors and human factors, are represented by numeric in a same unit of measure, for example $ 1939, then, one of the streams above can be represented by a stream of a current in an electronic circuit and its behavior can be known and manipulated with effective precision.

3 electronic components ideals of passive energy (capacitor, resistance and the self) correspond to the 3 ideal economic components of passive energy (capital, goods and services), respectively.

Economic capacitance represents the storage of capital in one form or another.

Economic conductance represents the level of conductance of materials for the production of the goods.

Economic inductance represents the inertia of economic values in circulation. It is a population phenomenon known as of: services.


An electrical inductor (a solenoid) is characterized by a primary phenomenon (electric current) and a secondary phenomenon (magnetic field); This last representative of the concept of inertia. In correspondence with this economic inducer is characterized by a primary phenomenon (flows of economic values) and a secondary phenomenon (field of population); This last representative of its inertia. When the flow of economic value (for example, money) decreases, the field of human population decreased to maintain the flow of the economic value (money); in the extreme case, we get the war.

The inertia of the public is the result of consumer buying habits, the level of life whereas, etc. It is usually a phenomenon of self-preservation.


(1) the population

(2) the magnitude of the economic activities of the Government

(3) the methods of financing these government activities (cf. the principle of Pierre Paul: inflation of money)


Load: Coulomb to dollar

The flow or current: Ampere (Coulomb per second) to flow of dollars a year

Force motivating (voltage): Volt to the application in dollars (in output)

Conductance: Siemens (Ampere per Volt) to flow of dollars per year for one dollar requested

Capacitance: Farad (Coulomb per Volt) to production by requested dollar stock

Relationship between the timestream and self-destructive oscillations.

An ideal industry may be electronically represented in several ways.
The easiest way is to represent a request by a voltage and a current supply.
When this is done, the relationship between the two becomes what we call an admittance that can result from three economic factors:

(1) the back flow

(2) the current stream

(3) the forecast flow

(1) the back flow is known as usual or inertia. In electronics, this phenomenon is characterized by a self (= pure service industry economic analogy) in which a flow of current (economic analogy = flow of money) creates a magnetic field (economic analogy = active human population) which, if the current (flow of money) begins to decrease, decrease to maintain the level of current (flow of money – energy; usually the war).

Other great alternatives to war as self steering wheel of economic inertia, economic, are a program of social assistance without limit of duration or a huge (but very profitable) space program without limit.

2) the ideal current stream includes no delay. It is virtually an entry today for release today, almost instantaneous flow. In an electronic model, this specific industrial application (a pure use industry) is represented by a driver (reverse resistance) which is then a simple economic valve (a dissipative element).

(3) the forecast flow is the result of this property have the living entities to produce energy (food) to be stored for a period of low energy (for example, the winter reason). This workflow consists of the request made to an economic system during this period of low energy (winter season).

In an industry of production, this stream takes several forms. One of them is known under the name of production stock or inventory. In an electronic model, this specific industrial application (an industry to pure capital) is represented by a capacitor, and the stock or the resource are represented by an electrical charge stored. The satisfaction of the demand of the industry suffers generally late due to the load of the priorities of the inventory plan.

The problem of stabilization of an economic system is that there are too many requests of type 1, too much greed and requests of type 2 and too much population. All this creates an excessive economic inductance which can only be compensated only by economic capacitance (real resources, real values; for example, in goods or services).

A social assistance programme is nothing more than a clearing and unlimited credit system that creates a fictitious capital industry to give unproductive people a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs. This may be useful however because the beneficiaries of this aid become a property of the State in return for the gifts that they are made, a potential army for the elite: « he who pays is the one who sets the tone ».

Those who are tears of economic drugs must go to the elite to get a bite. In this, the method is by the introduction of large amounts of stabilizing capacitance, borrowing against the future provision of the world. It is a 4th movement law – at the beginning, and who is to perform an action, then to abandon the system until the reaction in return return point of departure – a delayed reaction.

The ways to survive the reaction are to change the system before the response returns to its starting point. Through these means, politicians become popular during their term of office, and the public pays later. In fact, the duration of such a politician is equal to the difference between action and reaction time.

The same thing is obtained by a Government when it operates the windsurfing ticket beyond the limits of national product gross; It is an economic process known as inflation. This method puts a large amount of money in the hands of the public, counteracts the greed of the public, creates a false self-confidence of the public and, for some time, maintains the fauves in cage.

Finally, Governments must resort to war in order to balance the accounts because the war is, ultimately, that the Act of destruction of the creditor. Politicians are publicly paid successful people who legitimize holding public consciousness away from responsibilities and the killings.

If people actually took care of their neighbors, they would control their appetites (greed, human reproduction, etc.); Thus, they would not have to operate in a social system based on credit or assistance which dispossessed workers for the benefit of the good for nothing.

Since most of the general public cannot control himself, there is only one alternative to reduce the economic inductance of the system:

1) Let the populace to kill each other in a war, which would only result in a total destruction of lives on Earth.

2) take control of the world through the use of an economic  » silent weapon  » in the form of a ‘war without noise’ and thus reduce economic industry in the world until an acceptable level through a process of benevolent slavery and genocide.

The last option was selected as being clearly the best. At this stage, the need for absolute secrecy on « silent weapons » appears clear Crystal to the reader. The public, in general, refuses to improve his mentality and his faith in his next. The public has become a herd growing of barbarians and so to speak a slag on the face of the Earth.

The public is not concerned enough economics to understand why it is not able to prevent the wars despite religious morality. The refusal, because of religion or because of complacency to treat problems of the Earth, makes the solution to the problem of incomprehensible Earth for him. It is the responsibility of the small number of those who want to really think and survive as the fittest to survive, to solve the problem for themselves, because they are part of the small number of those who actually seek. Otherwise, the exposure to a « silent weapon » would destroy our only hope to preserve the seed of the true future humanity.


The industries of Finance (banks), manufactured products, actual counterparties industries of purely theoretical industries of capital, goods and services, can be easily defined because of their logical overall structure. Because of this, all their processes can be described mathematically and their technical coefficients can be easily calculated. However, this is not the case for a service industry known as the household industry.


The problem for a theoretical economic model is that preferences for consumers in each household are not easily predictable, and that technical coefficients of each household tend to be non-linear, highly complex, and vary the entries, price, etc.

The information obtained from a universal code of products (U.P.C.), jointly used with a credit card (representing a means of identifying individual of a household), can change this state of things; but the method of the U.P.C. code is not yet available at a national level or even a significant regional scale. To compensate for this lack of data, another indirect approach of analysis has been adopted as economic test set. This method, widely used in the aviation industry, is based on a statistical analysis of the data.

Applied to the economy, this method means that all households of the same region or the same nation are studied as a group or a class rather than individually, and that the behaviour of the mass, rather than individual behaviour is used to discover useful estimators of the factors governing the economic structure of a hypothetical industry based on a single household…

A method of evaluation of technical coefficients of a household industry is the use of sets of tests by variation of the price of a product while holding fixed the number of the sales of all products.


In recent times, the application of the O.R. method to the study of a public economy, appeared obvious to anyone who includes the principle of the test sets.

In using the games to test on the fuselage of a plane, the impacts of the recoil of a gun mounted on the fuselage cause shock waves in the structure. Analysis of these waves provides aeronautical engineers of the data on the conditions under which each of the parts of the aircraft wings or the aircraft in full will start to vibrate or resonate like a guitar string or a pitch until the disintegration of the craft in mid-flight.

Engineers economists get the same result by the study of the behavior of the economy and the population of consumers by carefully selecting a commodity as the panzanese, coffee, gasoline, sugar, and then causing a change suddenly on the price or availability of the product, thus giving a kick in the budget of each to bring out habits.

Then, they observe the shock waves resulting from the observation of the changes in advertising, prices, sales, and other products.

The goal of such studies is to acquire the means to put the economy in a State whose movements are predictable; and even to put it in a controlled state of movement towards self-destruction that would convince the public that some experts referred to as people might regain control of the monetary system and restore security for all (rather than freedom and justice). When the subject citizens are rendered unable to control their financial affairs, they of course become completely slaves, and are a source of cheap labor.

Can be used as a means of economic test, not only the price of the products but games yet the availability of labour. Strikes provide an excellent set of test for the economy, especially in areas of service as transportation, communications and utilities (energy, water, waste collection, etc.).

Using the sets of tests, found that there’s a direct relationship between the availability of the flow of money in an economy and the attitude and the psychological response of the masses of people who depend on this availability.

For example, there is a measurable quantitative relationship between the price of gasoline and the likelihood that a person would feel a headache, or else would want to go see a violent film, or smoking a cigarette or even go to a bar drinking a beer mug.

It is very interesting that observing and measuring economic patterns by which people try to flee before their problems and escape from reality and by the application of the mathematical theory of the O. R., it is possible for computer programs to predict the most likely combination of events that could produce and which would bring complete control and submission of the public through the subversion of a public economy (as in shaking the plum).


An economic amplifier is an active component of economic engineering. Characteristic of base of any amplifier whether mechanical, electrical or economic, is that he receives a control input signal and it delivers energy from a source of energy independent to a terminal of specific output in the form of a calculable relation with the input signal.

The simplest form of an economic amplifier is a device called advertising.

If an advertising spot is for a child of twelve years then, accordingly to the suggestion, that child will react with a certain probability to this suggestion with the absent response to critical spirit of a child of 12 years; and then draw it in its economic reservoir, and will provide energy to buy the product of impulsively when it will pass in front of the store.

An economic amplifier can consist of multiple entries and several outputs. Its circuit diagram can be either a rotary switch if its options are exclusive and quantitative (of the genus open/closed); Alternatively it can be formed by parametric input/output relationships specified in the form of a representation of matrix internal energy sources.

Regardless of the form the economic amplifier may have, its objective is to regulate the flow of energy from a source to a bottleneck of output in direct connection with a control input signal. It is for this reason called it an active circuit element.

Economic amplifiers are arranged in classes called strategies and, by comparison with electronic amplifiers, an economic amplifier internal specific functions are called logistics functions instead of electronic functions.

Therefore, economic amplifiers do not have to only effect to provide power gain, but are also used to produce changes in the economic circuitry.

In the design of an economic amplifier, we have some ideas on at least 5 functions which are:

(1) the available input signal

(2) the intended objectives of controlled output

(3) the strategy’s objective

(4) the sources of power available economic

(5) the logistic options.

The process definition and evaluation of these factors, then the incorporation of an economic amplifier in an economic system is called in colloquial theory of games.

An economic amplifier design begins with the specification of the level of the output, which varies from the individual level to the national level. The second condition is the precision of the response, that is with what degree of precision the action’s output is a function of input commands. A high-gain combined with powerful reactions helps provide the required accuracy.

Most errors are committed in the input signal. Individual type input data tend to be specific while the national input data tend to be statistical.


Questions which must be answered:

((1) what 3) where 7) why

(((2) when 4) how 6) that

General sources of information:

(1) the tapping telephone 3) analysis of garbage

((2) supervision 4) the behaviour of children at school

Standard of life through:

(1) food 3) housing

((2) 4 clothing) means of transport

Social contacts:

(1) the phone – detailed recording of calls.

(2) the family – marriage certificates, birth, etc.

(3) friends, associates, etc.

(4) belonging to organizations or associations.

(5) the political affiliation


Personal purchasing habits, i.e. the personal preference of consumption.

(1) the statements of account

(2) purchases by credit card

(3) labeled by credit card — purchases are purchases made with a credit card of products bearing the code U.P.C.


(1) the statements of account 5) automobiles, etc.

((2) savings accounts 6) the values deposited in Bank

((3) have real estate 7) actions

(4) the business


(1) accounts payable

(2) the enemies (see judiciary)

(3) loans

(4) the consumer credit

Government sources (stratagems *)

(1) assistance 4) unemployment benefits

((2) social security 5) grants

((3) U.S.D.A. food surplus 6) premiums

* general principle of a ploy: it is « eat now, pay later » the citizen.

Government sources (thanks to bullying)

(1) tax and customs investigation service

(2) O.S.H.A.

(3) censorship

4) etc.

Other government sources: monitoring of mail to the U.S.A


Power and weakness:

(1) activities (sports, hobbies, etc.)

(2) see judiciary (fear, anxiety, criminal record, etc.)

(3) medical record (sensitivity to the drug and reaction to the penalty, pain, etc.)

(4) psychiatric record (fears, anxieties, repugnance, adaptability, reactions to stimuli, the violence, the sensitivity to the suggestion or hypnosis, punishment, pleasure, love, and sex).

Methods of chaperoning – adaptation – behavior

(1) alcohol

(2) drug use

(3) entertainment

(4) religious factors influencing the behaviour

(5) other methods to escape from reality.

Operating modes of payment – payment within the time limits:

(1) payment of telephone bills

(2) purchase of energy (electricity, gas)

(3) purchase of water

(4) repayment of borrowings

(5) expenses for housing

(6) expenses for automobile

(7) expenses by credit card.

Political sensitivity:

((1) belief 3) Position 5) project and activity

((2) contact 4) power and weakness

Input judicare – control behavior (as a pretext to investigate, seek, stop, or use force to modify the behavior):

(1) the judgments of the courts

(2) police report – N.C.I.C.

(3) automotive control

(4) report made to the police 5) Information provided by insurance

(6) relations with individuals being anti-establishment.


Commercial sources (through I.R.S. etc.)

(1) the prices of the products

(2) sales

(3) investments in:

a) stocks and inventories

b) production tools and machines

c) buildings and the improvement in general

d) actions

Banking and credit services:

(1) information on credits

(2) payment information

Multiple sources:

(1) Elections and surveys

(2) publications

(3) telephone recording

(4) expenses incurred in the energy and utilities.


Outputs – creation of controlled situations – handling of the economy and therefore society – control little by little compensation and income:

List of outputs:

(1) to provide opportunities

(2) delete opportunities

(3) control the economic environment

(4) check the availability of raw materials

(5) control the capital

(6) monitor bank rates

(7) check the inflation of the currency

(8) control the possession of the property

(9) control industrial capacity

(10) control the industrial sector

(11) control the availability of goods (products)

(12) control the prices of products

(13) control services, labour force, etc.

(14) control the acquittals with officials of the Government.

(15) monitor judicial functions

(16) check personal files, the individual cannot change information

(17) control advertising

(18) control the media

(19) control the physical facilities to broadcast television programmes

(20) divert attention from the real problems

(21) appeal to emotions

(22) encourage disorder, chaos and madness

(23) control the design of forms of further taxes

(24) control monitoring

(25) control the storage of information

(26) to develop individual profiles and psychological analysis

(27) control the sociological factors

(28) control the choice of the health system

(29) the weakness of people abusing

(30) cripple the power of people

(31) remove the richness and the strength of the people.

TABLE of STRATEGIES, or, how to make more poor and plusnaifs it was

Do this : to get it:

-Maintain the public in ignorance – less public organization

-Maintain access to checkpoints-the answers required outputs

(prices, sales) reactions

-Create concerns – impaired defenses

-Attacking the family unit – control the education of young people

-Give less money but more credit and – more of information and more self-indulgent benefits

-Address the intimacy of the Church – the destruction of confidence in this

kind of Government

-Encourage social conformity hidalgo moranno, susko – morizet, tench, what… -Simplification of programs

Computer, famous applications, making lazy

-Minimize the protests against taxes – maximum amount of economic data and

minimum of problems to be addressed

-Strengthen the consensus – the simple coefficients (in the)

computer programs)

-Strengthen control of variables – data entry

simple providing greater


-Establish the conditions to the limits – a simple problem and determination of

solutions of difference equations or

differential equations, everything revolves around the math, but there are still unresolved problems, and the hundreds that the so-called great mathematician Israelis, or, Masons have not discovered always Hilbert Smale, landau

go surce link you will understand https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Probl%C3%A8mes_non_r%C3%A9solus_en_math%C3%A9matiques

-Make a correct timing – less modifications and blur in


-Maximize the control – a minimum resistance to the control

-Collapse of the currency – destroy the confidence that Americans

have with each other.


Experience has shown that the simplest method for securing a silent weapon and get control of the public, it is maintain the public in indiscipline and ignorance of the basic principles of systems on the one hand, while on the other hand kept in confusion and disorganization and it distracted them with subjects having no real importance.

This is achieved:

1) by diverting thoughts by sabotaging its mental activities; providing a programme of public education of low quality in the fields of mathematics; the design; the logic systems and the economy finally, in discouraging technical creativity.

2) by appealing to emotions, by intensifying its reliance and its weaknesses through emotional and physical as follow:

has) causing clashes and emotional attacks incapable through mental and emotional rape; all this for the use of a constant barrage of sex, violence and war in the media especially (on television and in newspapers).

b) by providing what he wishes to excess – « rotten food for thought » – and by depriving him of what he really needs.

3) by rewriting history and law, and subjecting the public to abnormal constructions and thus becoming able to reorient its thinking towards fully prefabricated external priorities instead of his personal needs.

This prevents the public to discover or even to grant interest to an automatic social technology based on silent weapons. The general rule is that there is profit in the confusion. more there is confusion, more there is profit. Therefore, the best approach is to create problems and then propose solutions to the latter.


Media: avoid the attention of the adult audience of the real social problems but Captivate his attention by subjects without real significance.

School: keep young ignorant public real mathematics, the real economy, the true laws and the true story.

Fun: keep the amusement of the public below a primary level.

Work: keep the public busy, busy, busy, without having time to think at all. relegated to the status of farm animal.


A silent weapon system operates using data obtained from a docile audience pressure legal (but not always legitimate). Silent weapon systems programs get much information from the income tax files (see ) « studies in the structure of the american economy », as a source of information on the tax list).

This information consists of forced delivery of structured data contained in local and federal tax leaves, collected, assembled, and delivered through the work of slave provided by employees and taxpayers.

Moreover, the number of sheets of taxes declared to revenue service is a useful indicator of the consent of the public and thus a factor in the strategic decision-making. Other sources of data are available in the « listing of a few entries ».

Coefficients of consent – numeric coefficients of return indicating the level of victory. The psychological bases: when the Government is able to collect taxes, to seize the private property without just compensation, then this is an indication that the public is ripe for accountability, he is consenting to its slavery and accepts the legal theft. A quantitative indicator of effective and easy harvesting time lies in the number of citizens who pay the income tax despite an obvious lack of honest service and reciprocity on the part of the Government.


The next step in the design of an economic amplifier is the discovery of sources of energy. Energy sources that are the basis of all basic economic system are, of course, in the supply of raw materials and the acceptance of the work by the people, therefore located in a row, a position, a level or in a class determined in the social structure (i.e. provide work at different levels in the social hierarchy).

Each class, ensuring his own income level, control the class immediately below. It follows that this preserves the class structure. This provides stability and security, and provides members to the Government from the top of this hierarchy.

As time passes, communication and education are improving, the lower classes of this social hierarchy of work become more knowledgeable and more envious of the good things, available to the members of the higher social classes; They also manage to gain the knowledge of energy systems and the ability to strengthen their ascent through the hierarchy of classes.

This dangerously threatens the sovereignty of the elites.

If the rise of the lower classes can be delayed long enough, elites can get energy domination and labour by consent will remain one of the essential sources of economic energy.

Until the definitive establishment of such energy domination, must take into account the acceptance of people to work and their acceptance to let others take care of their business, if there is not enough light account. People will interfere with the final transfer of the takeover of energy sources by the elites.

It is essential to recognize that data currently, public acceptance is still a key essential to the release of energy in the economic process.

Therefore the acceptance must be now regarded as a mechanism of release of energy.


The successful implementation of a comprehensive strategy requires a careful study of the inputs, outputs, the binding policy inputs and outputs and the availability of energy sources supply the general strategy. This study is referred to as logistics.

A logistics problem is studied first at the elementary level, then the levels of greater complexity are studied as a synthesis of elementary factors.

This attitude means that a given system is analyzed, i.e. broken down into its subsystems, which are in turn reanalyzed by decomposition up to that by this process we arrive at « logistical atom »: the individual.

At the time of the birth of the individual begins, strictly speaking, the process of synthesizing.


The moment that leaves someone the matrix of his mother, he leads each of its efforts towards the construction and conservation devices or shells of all kinds to is to fold as in an artificial matrix.

The objective of these artificial matrices is to provide a stable environment for all activities that are stable or unstable; to provide shelter to the maturation and growth (i.e. survival) evolutionary process; provide assurance of freedom and provide some defensive protection against offensive activities.

This attitude applies also for the general public and the elites. However, there is a categorical difference in the method that each of these two classes use to solve problems;


The dependency.

The original reason for which the citizens of a region build a political structure comes from the subconscious desire to perpetuate their own infant dependency relationship. To put it more simply, they want a human God in order to eliminate the risk in their lives, to give them small friendly pats on the head, to embrace their bruising, to put a chicken on their tables at each meal, to dress their body, to border in their beds at night and tell them that everything is fine when they wake up in the morning.

The demand from the public is breathtaking, also, the human God is the politician adds to the enormity another enormity by promising the Moon and giving nothing. So, what is the biggest liar? the public? or ‘God the father’?

The behaviour of the public is subject from birth to fear, laziness, and looking for personal interest.

Such conduct to establish the welfare State as a useful strategic weapon against this sordid public.


Most people want to be able to control or kill other beings humans who disturb their daily lives, but they do not want to bear the consequences of moral and religious acts perpetrated in broad daylight would not mislead. Therefore, they unload of the dirty work on others (including their children) so that they have no blood on their hands. They are full of praise on the need to treat animals humanely, then they are going to sit down to a delicious hamburger obtained from a white slaughterhouse situated down the street out of their sight. But even more hypocritical, they pay contributions to fund a professional association of people in sight, collectively politicians called, and they then complain of the corruption of the Government.


Again, most people want to be free to do something (to explore, etc.), but they are afraid of not succeeding.

The fear of failure manifests itself in immunity, and more specifically, by delegating to others the kind of personal responsibility in which success is uncertain, or has obvious or potential commitments (the Act), that the person is not ready to accept. People want to the Authority (the root of the word is author), but they do accept neither responsibilities nor commitments. That is why, they hire politicians to face the reality in their places.


The people praise politicians in order to:

1) get the safety without having to manage.

2) get acts without having to prepare them.

3) cause to other flights, injury, and death without having to worry about their lives or their deaths.

4) avoid liability for their own intentions.

5) get the benefits of reality and science without having to submit to a any discipline, to deal with one or to learn the other. They give politicians the power to create and manage a war machine in order to:

has) maintain the survival of the nation-matrix.

b) prevent any encroachment any nation-matrix.

c) destroy the enemies that threaten the nation-matrix.

d) destroy those of the citizens of their own country which do not conform to the concept of love for the stability of the nation-matrix.

Politicians implement several trades quasi-military, the lowest being the police, who represents soldiers, solicitors, and the C.P.A representing spies and saboteurs (sworn), finally the judges represent those who give the orders and enable the production of military construction workshops within the limits of the demands of the market. The generals are industrial. The presidential high command level is represented by all the international bankers. People know that they have created this farce and that they finance it with their own taxes (consent), but they prefer to accept it because they do not want to spend for hypocrites.

Thus, a nation is divided into two very distinct parts: a docile sous-nation and political sous-nation. The political sous-nation remains connected to the docile sous-nation and feeds on the substance of the latter until it became strong enough to detach itself and devour its creator.


To obtain computer economic decisions with a sense about the wars, which are the first economic flying, it is necessary to assign concrete logistical values to each of the elements of a warrior structure (such as the personnel and equipment).

This process begins with a clear and candid subsystems of such a structure description.


Little effort in modification of human behavior are also remarkable and effective than those provided by the social and military institution known as conscription. One of the original goals of conscription or any similar institution is to instill by bullying in the minds of young men of a company, the indisputable belief that Government is omnipotent; You learn very early to the young that a prayer takes longer to restore that a ball will be destroyed in an instant. Thus, a man educated for 18 years of his life in a religious environment can, thanks to this governmental instrument is conscription, be broken, empty of all imaginary, of illusion and fantasy in a few months. Once it has instilled this belief, all other beliefs more easily instilleront.

Even more interesting is the implementation of the process induces on the parents of a young man, sensible love their child, which is to send it to the war and therefore to death. Although the scope of this work does not allow us to extend ourselves in detail on this subject, however a quick overview is possible and can be used to show what are the factors that should be included in any digital form in a computer analysis of social systems and the Warriors systems.

We’ll start with an attempt of conscription. Conscription (selective services, etc.) is an institution of slavery and collective sacrifice of mandatory type, invented by seniors and people of middle age with the aim of forcing young people to do the dirty work collective. Secondly, it serves to make the young as guilty as his elders, allowing a lesser criticism of seniors by youth (generation stabilizers). It is marketed and sold to the public under the label « patriotic service » or « national service ».

Once you asked a straightforward economic definition, this definition is used to mark the boundaries of a structure called system of human values which in turn translated in terms of game theory. The value of such submitted work is given by a table of human values; table divided in categories such as intellect, experience, job after the service applications, etc.

A number of these categories are typical and can be assessed on an interim basis in terms of numerical value of certain jobs for which there is a common cost. Some jobs are more difficult to assess because they are unique, having regard to the request for a change, here’s an example: the value of the instruction given by a mother to his daughter leading to this girl to induce certain behavior in the requirements of her future husband within 10 or 15 years. such as deleting the resistance of the husband of this girl to the different forms of government corruption allowing then, for example, a banking cartel to buy in 20 years any of New York State.

Such a problem is more strongly based on observations and data obtained by espionage in times of war and on different tests on all the psychological types of individuals. But crude mathematical models (algorithmic, etc) can be combined so that even if they cannot accurately predict events, they can at least predict these events with a maximum of certainty. What does not exist at the level of the natural cooperation is then modeled as a series of calculated stresses. Human beings humans are modeled in the form of machines or « levers » that can be operated in such a way that there is a minimum of difference between a shoe factory automation and the automation of human society.

The values obtained are variable (it is necessary to use an updated table of human values to perform a computer analysis). These values are provided in the form of actual measurement rather than dollar U.S., the latter being rather unstable and inflation beyond domestic production of goods and services, which gives the economy a dummy kinetic energy (inductance due to the paper).

The value of the silver metal is stable. Indeed, it is possible nowadays to consume the same amount of goods and services with a program of money than is consumed in 1920. The human value measured in quantity of silver metal changes very little, because changes in proportion with changes in production techniques.


Factor I

As in any approach of a social system, stability is achieved by understanding and taking account of human nature (to define models of action and reaction). The impossibility of taking into account can be, and is usually disastrous.

As in all other human social patterns, one form or another of intimidation (or incentive) is essential for the success of a conscription service. The physical principles of action and reaction must be applied both to internal and external subsystems. In order to secure the conscription service, must occupy the attention and put under control the young previously conditioned and programmed, and both the family unit and the Group of those who are in the same situation.

Factor II: The father

In a household, the man should be like an animal well clean and well brushed in order to ensure that the young will grow by acquiring training and fair social attitudes. Media, advertising, etc. were designed to ensure that the future father will be well behaved to his wife by that he is married. It teaches him that either comply with the social mold that has been prepared for her, or her sex life will be impeded, and the tender company will be reduced to zero. It teaches her to see that women seek more security reason, and they asked that the man’s behavior is honourable and enacted by principles.

Until that son parte war, Fr. (legs cotton) stuffed himself a rifle in the hands of her child before itself being criticized by fellow or he feels being itself hypocritical being at odds with his personal opinion or the esteem that he has of himself. So, the young will go to war without resistance, what is the real goal.

Factor III: the mother

The female element in human society is subject first to emotion, and secondly the logic. In the battle between logic and the imagination, it is always the imagination which wins and fantasy that prevails; maternal instinct dominates so that the child comes first and the sake of the future second. A woman is too omnibulee by her new baby born to see that it will become the Chair in canon or cheap slave labor. However, a woman must be conditioned to accept the transition to the « reality » when it happens, sooner or later. As soon as this transition becomes more difficult to manage, the family unit must be thoroughly disintegrated and one should generalize and legally impose the establishment of public education controlled by the State, as well as the centres of assistance under the responsibility of the State; all this in order to prepare young children to detach from his father and his mother at an age of increasingly early. Behavioral drug can accelerate this transition for the child. Caution : the impulsive anger of a woman can overcome his fear. The power of a furious woman should never be underestimated as well as the power it has on her husband totally submitted should never be underestimated either. The women got the right to vote in 1920.

Factor IV: Fasting

The emotional pressure due to the instinct of preservation during wartime and the personal interest of those people of the people who have the opportunity to avoid the field of battle, are the two ingredients finally needed to send our young to war. It is submitted by this crowd, silent blackmail in the form of the following threats: « no sacrifice, no friends; no glory, no girlfriends ‘.  »

Factor V: Sister

And what about the sister of our young man? His father must provide all the good things that life can get and teach him to expect the same things from her future husband without worrying about the cost.

Factor VI: Livestock

Those who do not use their brains are no better than those who have no brain, and thus, this stupid group of jellyfish, father, mother, son, daughter becomes very useful workhorse or coach’s beast of burden.


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