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And, first of all, I wish to pay tribute to families who have lost one, or relatives, driver, mechanics in the disaster, in China, which has cost the lives of about 400 people, (in China, more than 400 people missing after the sinking of a cruise ship)

Thousand apologies, but I learned, yesterday, just simple, thanks to a newspaper, « the gazette of TAHITI, but newspapers (daily and weekly, exeemple: Parisian, worldwide, L’Express, Figaro, short, all made the,(cacher la vérité) top omerta) were not endorsements, or the does. Like, I said to you, several days ago, on networks, such as GOOGLE, YAHOO and other may, ILS we block certain information, and, I think this is especially directed to China, Russia, iran, Egypt, between newspapers and tv channels, net (network) to find out the truth, he must stand up very, very early , car a , they lie to us, but that we knew, two, they say not all the Four they are lying to us everywhere


Incidentally, I did call more the DDRUKs, but the DDROPUKs, eh, Yes, is one more OPPENHEIMER

In short, turn to the information that was hidden, I spend on other

In China, more than 400 people missing after the sinking of a cruise ship

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A race against the clock was initiated Tuesday to try to save any surviving prisoners of the wreck of a Chinese cruise ship, which sank Monday night in the Yangtze River with carrying more than 450 people. Dongfangzhixing (« star of the Orient ») liaised between two ancient Chinese capitals, Nanjing (is) and Chongqing (centre), when it sank in the region of Jianli (Hubei province) Monday night at 9: 28 pm hour local (13 h 28 GMT).
Twenty-four hours later, fourteen people only had been rescued, according to a review of the new China State Agency. It had reported previously of fifteen survivors.
Saved both, the captain and the Chief Engineer reported that the boat had been caught in a « tornado ».
The tragedy seems to be the most deadly of recent years on the Yangtze. Only five bodies have yet been found. Rescuers have kicked hammer against the hull of the overturned vessel, of which only a small part emerges above the surface of the River, and have heard shots in return from the inside of the wreck.
In the hope of evacuating the survivors trapped under the hull, a team of 140 frogmen was deployed, said the State agency new China.
Public television showed a 65-year-old woman pulled with ropes by rescuers in orange vest perched on the emergent hull.
A cordon of police prevented access to the foreign press about two kilometers before the disaster-hit areas, found a team of AFP reporters before be refouled in torrential rain. On the road leading to the Yangtze, truckloads of soldiers crossed ambulances by the dozens, found the AFP.

« In less than a minute »

When the « star of the Orient » sank, 458 people were on board: 406 Chinese passengers, including a large majority of older persons-, five employees of a travel agency and 47 members of the crew, according to CCTV, a count excluding any national overseas. The exact cause of the sinking was not yet officially determined, but the Department of transport said that the ship, with a capacity of 534 people, was not overloaded.
Detained and interrogated by police, the captain and Chief Engineer were assured that the vessel was suddenly banked within the scope of the « tornado » and disappeared in the waters « in less than a minute », reported new China. According to the official press, these are seven of the castaways who, after swimming to shore, gave the alert.
The disaster « took so so meteoric that the captain not even not had time to send a distress signal », commented Wang Yangsheng, an official in charge of relief.
Moments before the drama, « rain pounded the right flank of the ship and penetrated in many booths, » said Zhang Hui, one of the survivors, quoted by new China.
Itself, having had the reflex to Don a lifejacket, found himself plunged into the turbulent waters of the Yangtze River, surrounded by a « dozen people » who cried for help.

« A lot of retirees.

In total, more than 200 passengers were from the province of Jiangsu, and 97 lived in Shanghai, said the people’s daily. And according to a list published by Dongfang Weibao, a journal of Nanjing, the « vast majority » cruise ship passengers were aged 60 to 80 years, who have booked their tickets via travel agencies.
In desperate information, dozens of relatives of passengers gathered at Shanghai gloating to be left without news by the tourist agency Xiehe, which had closed its doors. « I called my wife last night, she told me that there were thunderstorms (…) This morning, his phone became unresponsive », related to the AFP Mr. Zhang, a sexagenarian.
Arriving at the scene to « coordinate the rescue operations », the Prime Minister Li Keqiang was welcomed solemnly by armed forces in a highly publicized staging.
The « star of the Orient », 76 metres long and operated by the Chongqing Dongfang company, had to cross the spectacular passes of three Gorges – tourist Mecca where is built one of the largest dams in the world.
An expert from a Committee of management of the water resources of the Yangtze, cited by the daily Nanfang Dushibao, suggested that the dam could be used to reduce downstream flow of the River, in order to facilitate relief operations.
The Yangtze, the longest river in Asia (6,300 km) had already been the scene in recent years by a few shipping accidents, including one in January, in which 22 people, including eight foreigners, were killed in the sinking of a tug.


Tuesday, June 2, 2015 at 09:44

I went through an article on the Kurds and their history, until the policy of now, very, very interesting article, it helped me familiarize myself on the Kurdish people, and, a little more information about them, which is a shame, and unfortunate, is that of, that when something becomes interesting, it stops, as soon there start I say this because clear and concise article that I’ve read, is not close to redo small. Given that it was written by

Raphael, employee administrative CDD ., of at Mediapart, if you want to read, and learn some thing about the Kurds, lePK Ketc…!, frankly, go! It’s really not the time lost! https://blogs.mediapart.fr/blog/laterreur/151214/sur-la-situation-revolutionnaire-du-rojava-kurdistan-syrienmalheureusement,

I realize with a little hindsight that, malheueusement, the Kurds, the Rohingya (Burmese) s, Papuans, and how many others yet, all this, is from that has the greed of some, as if the Earth was not large enough

See, also, there https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Projet_MK-Ultra, this is what ils(USA /NAZI), (AH, because when, so discovering info a bit before you, but really very little, I learned only after he escape hitler, with the help of the FBI (Rothschild), operation TIGER, they did come a hundred of scientists but they their offered lodging, and cover and +, and they began to make the experience) nose and beard of all the world, style the jet of LSD on the village, a few themselves are left the question, but ca is, remained there, moreover, with successive Governments Freemasons, the Queen of England, and the other 3 dogs, were of beautiful days before them, especially with a POMPIDOU and a VGE, which besides the VGE parasite we still In short this is what they had done, it about 15 years ago, swinging LSD, on a french village, ask me more which, moreover, because experiments, on, our mugs is of have, that’s why I use the word Nazi, it makes me more pleasure than this, but my family and myself and between 60 and 90 million families , whose redevelopment of Russian families, are not forget these FUCKERS!, when I see, that ils(USA+NAZIS) wanted us ZOMBIFIER,(c’est peu pas,comme cela,que l’on dit,sinon,néhologisme) you see, why now, they wanted only one make the beu in legal sales. legalisez, or teuch, it is true, it is practical, but it is mainly to make the more surly and younger often, more docile, less thought and after, he should not be surprised if the son, or the kid sleeps in progress instead of follow. Tested it for you, the radiator, it’s good, especially, when, can be accouder it. Another thing, that is why, as I treat pedophiles, because it is true, they are not all, and even a few, not at all, but, as the TALMUD allows pedophilia, and c ‘ is definitely for that many Jews are Masons and pedophiles F at least, those who believe in the tenets of the TALMUD pedophilia thing, that I find to my abject part, I could be wrong, but I am not far away and for others the goys, is, like, why they call us I believe, but beware, I’m not, so sure, ‘ but, to a certain level, or degrees of franc maaonnerie, this, they are permitted, but attention has, verify, however that the talmud allows paedophilia j – am sure as 2 + 2 = 4, it is the reason, why, I call them the Franc-Masons pedophile Nazi, because calculation, or, the taking of conscience is quickly made

Jews => Freemasonry => pedophilia => Satanism => angleterre(Elisabeth 2) Queen, Rockeffeler, Rothschild, Oppenheimer => illuminated => NAZISM => 4th REICH

AH, YEAH! I forgot to tell you, that for ZEIGEIST (this is their group, for the Queen, and these 3cerberes, there was a 4 th REICH, thats all just if it slams not heels)

For info, the concept of Zeitgeist opposes the Volksgeist (« spirit of the people »),it’s to tell you!

When I look well, we are all in the same boat, our respective Governments, do not have seemed to understand that if it is played, it is with us and not, against us, in France, they did not always understand at the moment, in all ways, we saw when he ago had the attacks of CHARLIE HEBDO, they has seen scroll row d ‘ onions in the streets of PARIS, although groupir, for everyone, either on the photo, you can see who was there, who was not MARINE, that the other clown of valls replied, that « the meeting was finished  »(si,je me trompe MARINE,je ne suis pas loin), and so they had taken the decision to manifest without it and more , who snuck to be taken in the objective? which? our « SARKO »

AH, in fact, if the United States and the followers of the G7, take, yet the sanctions, or even decisions against Russia, such as ships, where food, a I boycotterais all that, which comes from the States United, you tell me at the food level and car, that are quickly torchée and Furthermore, they will believe me, a little surprise If I do, that, it is not at all against the American people, I believe, but it is to show the 7, as citizens, have their say and already Holland, a burnt my confidence and certainly our confidence, and that he does not speak for us, because all decisions they take will be his, and not our because it is unworthy of the confidence that is him to give .and I does it at all, but most of all trust

As I do not like the lie, then the bluff, still less is the reason, why, I does not.

IMF confidential

The secret Documents of the masters of the universe would rather you do not see
Harper’s magazine: Thursday, October 9, 2003: Green-haired protesters in the streets of Seattle are ridiculed for their belief that the World Bank, the International Monetary and Finance Ministers of the world enter into secret agreements to impoverish developing countries. Here in fact, such an agreement: « Country Assistance Strategy Progress Report » of the Argentina of June 2001. This document, nominally produced by the World Bank, represents the nested directives of the Bank and the IMF, as well as, indirectly, the will of the larger pattern of these two institutions, the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Marked « Confidential » or « for official use only », these reports are rarely publicized before the citizens related to their provisions. And yet, for the more than 100 who rely on the IMF and the World Bank’s loans-countries such as the Argentina, Tanzania, Ecuador, Sierra Leone — such agreements serve as de facto legislation, meticulous in detail and ideological in his. Although that formulated as conditions of loan, or as a useful development councils, these reports more closely resemble long minutes of a sudden financial statement…

To reduce its deficit by Decree of the IMF, the Argentina had cut $3 billion of government expenditure-cutting that was necessary, the authors note here, to « designated [e] the increase of interests.  » These obligations, the report did not add, themselves were largely to foreign creditors, including the IMF and the World Bank. Since 1994, in fact, the budget deficits of the Argentina were wholly attributable to the payment of interest on foreign loans. Excluding these payments, expenses were remained constant at 19 per cent of GDP. Despite the visible damage caused by cuts, the new plan ordered more. The report promised, would be dramatically ‘improve the Outlook for the rest of 2001 and 2002, with a growth that should recover in the second half of 2001’. The Bank has been slightly off the mark. In December 2001, class average of Buenos Aires, little accustomed to hunting in the streets for garbage to eat, has joined the poor in mass demonstrations.

How the Argentina came to such a blind alley? In the 1990s, the nation was the poster child for globalisation, after, without any doubt, the IMF and World Bank program. The plan of ‘reform’ for the Argentina, as for all Nations, includes four stages. The first of them, the liberalisation of capital markets, was conducted in « Plan of convertibility » of 1991 which has linked the Argentine peso in a one to one with the dollar relationship. This anchor is designed to keep low inflation both to make difficult budget deficit, in the hope of attracting and comfort foreign investors. Liberalised free capital to flow in and out of border markets. But once that economy Argentina began to falter, cash all transferred simply…

The second step in the regimen of the IMF/World Bank is privatization. As well at the urging of lenders and financial need, Argentina throughout the years ninety cheap Argentine now sadly say « las joyas mi abuela, » grandmother jewelry: the State oil, gas, water and electricity companies and State banks. It was quite a fire sale. Vivendi of France won rural water systems; Enron’s Texas pipes of Buenos Aires; Fleet of Boston took the provincial banks…

In 1994, at the request of the World Bank, the same partially privatized Argentina its social security system, diverting much of it in private accounts. The Center for Economic and Policy Research U.S. – based calculated the loss of revenue from this decision, only to be almost equal to the budget deficit of the nation during the period.

The third component of the putsch of laissez-faire is focused on market prices. In Argentina, the main objective of this initiative was labor, which most unyielding of raw materials. « A major step forward was made to eliminate contracts exceeded, » says the report, noting with approval that ‘fresh labour’ (e.g. wages) had fallen because of « flexibility of the labour market induced by the liberalisation of de facto market via increased informality. » Translation: workers who lost unionized jobs were forced into ad hoc arrangements, with much less protection. Here, the report asks the Government to decentralize collective bargaining, which would reduce Union power?.

Far from having reached this goal of ‘unemployment in figures’, the World Bank and the IMF saw figure without job creation in the increase of the area Buenos Aires of 17 per cent to a staggering 22 percent in the year after the publication of the report. Looting and violence that has rocked that shook the city in December 2001 therefore represents a step in the process of « austerity » that words Stiglitz « IMF riot. » When a nation, said, « is down and out, [of the IMF] takes advantage and enjoyed the last book of blood out of them. » They raise the temperature until, finally, the cauldron everything explodes. » ….

The fourth step in the IMF/Bank programme world is free trade. The terms of loan of both institutions had required Argentina to accept « an open trade policy. » Recession provided, products, exporters of the Argentina have been effectively priced through the ankle, in US dollars – were forced into a spectacular unequal competition against Brazilian goods priced in currency devalued this nation. Argentina, develops a kind of long grain rice favored by Brazilians, and yet, even though the Brazil is facing a crisis of hunger tonnes of rice have gone unsold…

Before 1980, when the World Bank and the IMF decided to reorganize the economy of the developing countries, almost all of them adhered to Keynesian economics or socialism. Following the « model of import substitution », they build a local industry through public investment, behind a wall of protection of the rights of tariffs and capital controls. In those supposed economic dark, ranging approximately from 1960 to 1980, arrived in per capita increased by 73% in Latin America and 34 per cent in Africa. In comparison, since 1980, Latin America revenue growth has slowed to a virtual stop for less than 6 percent more of twenty years-while the African revenues decreased by 23%. The IMF itself, in a declaration accompanying its April 2000 report « Global economic prospects », noted that « in recent decades, too many countries and almost one-fifth of the world population, have regressed? It is without doubt one of the greatest economic failures of the twentieth century. « On this point, at least, the IMF had it right.

To see two of these documents, click here and here.

Read the complete annotation in the March issue of Harper’s Magazine. http://www.Harpers.org/

Greg Palast is author of the New York Times bestseller The Best democracy Money Can Buy: an investigative reporter exposes the truth about globalization, Corporate Cons and scammers of high Finance. You can view reports of the Palast for the BBC television Newsnight and his columns for the Guardian of London newspapers to http://www.gregpalast.com.


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