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Reconstitution of the clement case MERIC, what stupid death!

This is taken on wikipedia, who knows, all the words that are said and referred to on this site are always going in the same direction, i.e. the media, the Government, and of course the United States, which is normal, because it is an American « Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. »., is a so-called site information, or rather misinformation, because the facts are there on it, they can do nothing, if it doesn’t, belittle and insult their memory, and their quality of being human, I would say, but it committed me, that’s a way disguised to make propaganda AMERICANONAZI, good back, to our friend CLEMENT, who from the videos and photos appeared in the DIEUDOSPHERE, but beware, I know that I’ve seen But however, I don’t know, or, in the DIEUDOSPHERE, or, on the site of SORAL, equality & RECONCILIATION, I saw them, so « CLEMENT »

Apparently, was not one that believed on some pictures, it is seen to address the crowd, and once the guys start it (fight… what!) and that the tornado is passed, who sees reappear with an attached scarf behind head, our friend « CLEMENT »,(on va me dire, mais,comment,tu sais,que c’est lui,quand vous savez un foulard (bandana) on the face, it hides half face the color of the eyes, the front lahauteur, brief, the other half is visible, without going into the townscape) It was him, who was talking to the media

Of any ways, this did not deserve death, but although it may seem, this is accidental (I know I’ll do yelling, but be aware that there is not only a CLEMENT MERIC, it ya has 2 two, one died out, the other will can be die inside, I say this because even judges and jurors) , well told, that it is a death ‘without the intention of giving a voluntary violence causing death without intent to give because it is true that when I found myself in places, and I fritais me (bagarraient) with a guy, I had rabies, but for anything in the world, I would have liked his death, this is true when I was typing I arrange so that it him badly , but I have envi said, because me, too, I did, the Green, and the frankly rotten, like, some I think as Adele, SORAL, KEMI and many others, it has not always threaded beads, short, but when you go to give shots, he should expect to receive, because other face will not, wait you idly. More than many years later, I realized that I was typing not on the right people, and that in any case, these guys at the Elysee, Senate, to the Ministry and the rest

Did, nothing to fuck, but really nothing, NADA, Jason, NOTHING, NIET, there is a CLEMENT MERIC, or two, or three, they are in fighting the balls, it was the least of their worries, Gail, which means normally, fascist anti, seems to me, who are fighting against the fascists normally, what’s funny, is that Mélenchon, valls, rebsamen, the drian ( these Masons who govern us.) all are masons, nazis, EH, yeah, guys, like, me, is has been put as there should be, unless you’re integrated as me, I am. People, who like me was whole and trusted, Masons francs there resume me more, why nazi, but because the other mad cournnnee with the rockeffeler and protect Rothschild nazis lopes, who well fucking crap, by the way, we say thank you Rothschild, because without Hitler, which is family,

Then, the nazisnc’ is certainly not the FA, as you the called, y in a, quine knew, but ago who was Frank Mason themselves, as this Mélenchon, which does well elsewhere are role of lope de Masons franc

Reca Kelvin, of the scene Case Clement Meric – Wikipedia

A militant of the extreme-left calls first nationalists, who are in the sale room, telling them, by his own admission: « Then the nazis, we do shopping? » 1. According to the nationalists, the anti-Fascist group then continued to provoke, threatening the ‘wait at the bottom’, while themselves allegedly asked the anti-fascists to let them make their14 racing.

Unfortunately for those who didn’t know it was them, the NAZIS, for those, who like me, before, did not know, it is excusable to help his friends, and share what they live, but for the rest I am sorry, but this is all except to potes, because even chambrant, can prevent one of them to have

The fuckers are not always those that believed!, the evidence

Defense Intelligence Agency: « establishing a Salafi Principality in Syria », facilitate the rise of the Islamic State « in order to isolate the Syrian regime »

Monday, may 18, monitoring of the conservative group Judicial Watch has published a selection of documents formerly classified from the U.S. Department of defense and the State Department through a federal lawsuit.

While initial media reports focuses on the handling of the White House of the Benghazi Consulate attack, much a ‘bigger picture’ admission and confirmation contained in one of the Defense Intelligence Agency documents distributed in 2012: that an « Islamic State » is desired in the East of Syria to the effect of the policies of the West in the region.

Surprisingly, the recently declassified report indicates that, for


The report of the DIA , formerly classified « SECRET / / NOFORN » and dated August 12, 2012, has been widely circulated among various government agencies, including CENTCOM, the CIA, FBI, DHS, NGA, State Department and many others. « .

The document shows that, from 2012, U.S. intelligence predicted the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS), but instead of clearly delineating the group as an enemy, the report envisages the terrorist group as a strategic asset US.

While a number of analysts and journalists have documented a long time ago the role of Western intelligence agencies in training and the formation of the opposition army in Syria, it is the highest internal level U.S. intelligence confirmation of the theory that Western Governments basically see ISIS as their own tool for regime change in Syria. The document States prosaically just this scenario.

Forensic evidence, video evidence , as well as recent admissions of officials involved (see former Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford here and hereadmissions), proved from the State Department and the CIA’s material support of ISIS of terrorists on the Syrian battlefield dating back at least 2012 and 2013 (for a clear example of « forensic evidence » (: see the United Kingdom conflict Armament Research report which traced the Croatian origins of anti-tank rockets veterans ISIS-based date back to a joint Saudi/CIA program via serial identifiable numbers).

The new version report by the DIA makes following summary points concerning « ISI » (in 2012 « Islamic State in Iraq »), and the soon to emerge ISIS:
•Al-Qaida has led the opposition in Syria
•The West is identified with the opposition
•The creation of a nascent Islamic State became a reality with the rise of the Syrian insurrection (is there no mention of the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq as a catalyst for the rise of the Islamic State, which is the contention of many politicians and experts; See section 4.D. below)
•The establishment of a « Salafist Principality » in Eastern Syria is « exactly » what outside powers supporting the absence of opposition (identified as « West, Gulf countries and the Turkey ») in order to weaken the Assad Government
•’Safe areas’ are proposed in areas conquered by the Islamic insurgents along the lines of the Libyan model (which translates from so-called fly zones as a first act of ‘humanitarian war’; see 7.B.)
•Iraq is identified with ‘Expansion of Shiites’ (8.C)
•A Sunni « Islamic State » could be devastating for « Unifying Iraq » and could lead to « facilitating renewal of terrorist elements throughout the Arab world, to enter the Iraqi arena ». (see the last line non-redacted to view PDF.)

The following is extracted from the seven-page DIA declassified the report (« BOLD » is my own):

R 050839Z 12 AUGUST



B. the SALAFIST [sic], the brothers Muslims and AQI are the main FORCES driving the insurgency IN Syria.


Al QAEDA – Iraq (AQI):… B. AQI supporting Syrian since the beginning, OPPOSITION IDEOLOGICALLY then through media…

. D. THERE WAS A REGRESSION OF THE AQI IN THE PROVINCES OF WESTERN IRAQ; OVER THE YEARS 2009 AND 2010 However, after the beginning of the rise of the insurgency in Syria, religious and tribal authorities in the regions to SYMPATHIZE with the SECTARIAN uprising. This (sympathy) appeared Friday IN prayer SERMONS, of which calls for volunteers to SUPPORT THE Sunni [sic] in Syria.



B. DEVELOPMENT OF THE PROXY WAR NEWS:… OPPOSITION FORCES ARE TRYING TO CONTROL AREAS ORIENTALES (WAFA AND DER ZOR), ADJACENT TO THE WESTERN PROVINCES IRAQI (MOSUL AND ANBAR), IN ADDITION TO THE TURKS NEIGHBOURING BORDERS. Western countries, the Gulf States and the Turkey support these EFFORTS. This hypothesis is more likely, according to data from recent events, which will help to prepare shelters safe under shelter INTERNATIONAL, similar to what happened in Libya when BENGHAZI was chosen AS the temporary government control center.

. If the SITUATION is falling apart is the ability tocreate a Principality Salafi declared or not in Eastern Syria (wafa and DER ZOR), and that is exactly what the powers of support for the OPPOSITION want to isolate the Syrian regime, which is considered to be the strategic EXPANSION of s depth

ISI may also declare an Islamic State through its UNION with other terrorists in Iraq and Syria, which will create the great DANGER with regard to the unification of IRAQ and the PROTECTION of its territory.

It is necessary, redo, all books of stories, so we Decius these fuckers, we did

And believe me; it will remake!

Although hundreds of books have been written about the tragedy that was the second world war, very few people know something about what was really behind this most expensive of all wars.
The history of the war as it is told in countless books of history in Germany, in England, the United States and the Japan has just nothing to do with the actual causes and objectives of this war. What is narrated is certainly right, but half the truth has been omitted.

« Painters ‘ picture ‘ controlled media also did a masterful job of wool pulling out the eyes of those they are supposed to be dedicated to inform and educate. » These peddlers of deception is guilty of a reduction in the minds of the general public which was rightly described as a « State of confusion » helpless about the second world war. »

(The Griffin: descent into slavery?)

Slowly but surely the truth comes out now and a clearer picture of what really happened made its appearance. What we know of the war are the historical dates. Who, when, where, with who did what. But those who actually pulled the strings are never mentioned.
After the Hitler-Stalin Pact Poland had to be split and Hitler did this bring on 1 September 1939. Under the terms of the Treaty signed 20 years ago (pro Illuminati) England and the France have been forced into the fight on the side of the Poland. After the Chamberlain of « Dammerkrieg » (Twilight war) which has been called a coward has been replaced by the former CHURCHILL of Zionist Freemason. He was a contributor better and soon, he ordered the air attack on the Germany. Given that the Germans did not expect the attack of England, they were not prepared. Several events show that the Germany did not want to war with England.
In a speech in 1933, Hitler declared that to its full development, communism would also contain the British Empire. In this case, Hitler said, he would defend the British if it was called.
Thus, on May 10, 1940, German troops allowed the French to evacuate 335 000 soldiers of the beach at Dunkirk. And with his flight to England, Rudolf Hess attempted to unit the two northern nations stronger. But Winston Churchill was a good friend of BERNARD BARUCH , who had helped Woodrow Wilson and Roosevelt for their presidencies. It was BARUCH who convinced Churchill to support Foundation of the State of Israel. In May 1939, Churchill ordered Colonial Minister Lloyd to withdraw British troops from Palestine and to equip and organize the Jews for their own defense.

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Most Americans did not want to get involved in a new war, but the Illuminati had differing opinions. The 32nd President of United States, the hidden Jew FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT, from the famous Delano-family Jewish Sephardi and German Jewish family Rosenfeld, was a great master of Freemasonry, Member of the CFR and the Committee of 300. One of its closest allies was BERNARD BARUCH and for at least eight years, it is closely linked with the COLONEL HOUSE.

As seen, the Illuminati had their man already in place, and this man thanked to pass a law unconstitutional, namely that, by the end of April 1933 all private gold should be handed over to the Bank, failing which, thus resulting in a fine of US$ 10 000 or 10 years imprisonment, or both. Then gold amounted to US$ 20.67 $us ounce. After most gold had been collected, the price of gold is passed to US $35 an ounce. Insiders had their gold in banks foreign and sold later at higher prices, of course.
By giving the Japanese on November 26, 1941 an ultimatum asking them to withdraw all their troops from Indo-China and Manchuria, President Roosevelt them caused the war. It is a historical fact, but a well-kept secret. Ultimatum to Roosevelt was deliberately kept from Congress until after the attack on Pearl Harbor. All agreed that the Japanese had no other choice than war. The Japanese themselves have done everything that they can to avoid a war with the United States

The Japanese Prime Minister, PRINCE Rajput, asked repeatedly to come to Washington or Honolulu to meet Roosevelt and try to find an alternative. Later he is even willing to meet the demand by the United States, just to avoid going to war, but repeatedly Roosevelt refused to speak with him, since the war with the Japan had long anticipated, as was the war with the Germany.
At the same time, Roosevelt told the American people:

« While I talk to you, mothers and fathers, I give you a greater confidence. » I said it before and I’ll say it again and again and again once: your boys are not going to be sent in wars abroad.

There is no voice to such blatant deception of the people.
The US Army knew from several sources that the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor at the outset.
Ambassador to Tokyo, JOSEPH GREW, written in a letter to Roosevelt on January 27, 1941, in the case of war between the United States and the Japan, Pearl Harbor would be the first target.
In August, Congressman DIES had given to Roosevelt, not only the same information, but also the plan of attack with a strategy map. He was forced to remain silent.

In addition, the U.S. secret service had succeeded in 1941 to decipher the diplomatic and military codes of the Japanese. Roosevelt and his advisers knew in advance of the date, the time and the target.
AL BIELEK one of the two survivors of the Philadelphia experiment has told me that he was also stationed at Pearl Harbor during this time, but a week before the attack it – with his brother – has been removed, because they are supposed to work with Nikola Tesla on the Philadelphia experiment. Were told at that time that they were removed because of the impending attack, that they were too precious to die there. Pearl Harbor said that two hours before and was so ill-prepared. He died miserably. Exactly what wanted Roosevelt, because now he could call the Japanese « treacherous swine », and the United States took retaliatory measures.
For those who still believe that more is necessary to become president or Chancellor that being just a good politician, the following example will serve I hope a revelation. It concerns the future president of the United States, DWIGHT d. EISENHOWER.

To ensure the success of this infamous plot necessary Illuminati one or their devoted retainers to be Commander supreme Allied Commander in Europe. The person selected for the job was Lieutenant Colonel Dwight D. Eisenhower. His career in the army is not only interesting, it is a fascinating study of what can happen to a soldier in the regular army if he had ‘good’ people behind him. For Eisenhower, too, was a friend of Bernard Baruch.

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Germany Wants to abandon
We need to thank the son-in-law of President Roosevelt, Colonel CURTIS B. DALL that the story of Commander GEORGE EARLE became known. Earle was a former Governor of Pennsylvania, Ambassador of the United States in Austria (1935-39) and the Bulgaria (1940-42). Later, it was attached military staff of Roosevelt in Istanbul when in the spring of 1943 the head of the German secret service, Admiral WILHELM CANARIS came to see.

Canaries said unconditional surrender as requested by America and England was unacceptable to the German generals. But if U.S. President indicates that he would not accept an Honourable surrender of the German army, that it could be arranged. The German army would be then displayed on the eastern front to fight there against the Red Army was approaching. Shortly after that meeting, Earle was a still longer with German Ambassador FRITZ VON PAPEN , who made the same offer.

As a first step, Earle wasn’t sure he had heard right, then it was realized that these men were serious, so he sent a message to Roosevelt. Nothing happened. He sent another. Once again nothing. Canaries back a few days later to hear the response of Roosevelt, Earle could not give him a. Earle then sent an urgent message to Washington, but even once, did there was no response. Earle , or Canaries could know that a capitulation of the Germany was not sought. Roosevelt banned the Colonel Earle in a personal letter of March 24, 1945, nothing to say about this event.
Once the German army was expelled from Rome the army led by general MARK CLARK was maintained at the rear, although it could easily have to enter Yugoslavia, Vienna, Budapest and Prague.
Instead, some of his soldiers were sent to Normandy, which claimed the lives of about 100 000 people and had drastic effects on the future shape of Europe. Why?
To the allies at the Quebec Conference in 1943 agreement was concluded, press briefing by general GEORGE c. MARSHALL , who was named « Position of the Russia ». It affirmed that, «Position of the Russia after the war will be a dominant…» »
The men who were outside the United States, Roosevelt, Marshall and Eisenhower, had strict orders from their superiors, you can also see in the following example, to carry out the war in a way that most best the Illuminati interests according to the protocols of the elders of Zion .
Therefore, the Russian army gave ample time to spread.

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An important factor to help understand the events of the war is a remarkable book that is to avoid at all costs by all the mainstream media, producers of films and most libraries: great Jordan newspapers.
MAIN RACEY JORDAN was a veteran of the first world war and because of his military experience obtained the position of a « lend lease » agent and liaison for the Russians. The first two years, he served in Newark, Montana (?) and on May 10, 1942 at the UN Depot n ° 8, Division of lease lend, Newark Airport, Newark, New Jersey, International Section, Air Service command. Armée de l’air; U.S. Army.
As liaison between the United States and the Russian Jordan was surprised the influence of Russian Colonel ANATOLY KOTIKOV had support from Roosevelt HARRY HOPKINS. Whenever the Russians needed what whatsoever, even special equipment, a call to Hopkins by Kotikov was all that was necessary for a speedy delivery. Jordan later noticed the black case that accompany almost all deliveries and he becomes curious.

How he succeeded later in the opening of some of the cases is an adventure story. He found documents on nuclear fusion, a list of the equipment on his way to the Soviet Union, two pounds of uranium 92 and deuterium. At this time he did not know what any of it meant. He wrote a diary with detailed descriptions of this and other events.

In Siberia, crashed an airplane money who had worn the printed plates, paper and other materials so the Russians could print the occupation even money for the Germany as Americans!
Because of the Treaty’s « lend-lease » Stalin received aircraft US 20 000, almost 40 000 trucks, twice as many tanks as they had when the war broke out, railcar, cars, foods such as secret material.
Why had the United States helped the Russians in this respect during the second world war? And this are just a few examples.
The Illuminati created the Red regime. They knew what they wanted. Soviet Russia was an obvious tool in their (protocols) plan to enslave the world under a new world order.

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And the Japan was refused its surrender, just as the Germany had been. The Japanese surrendered unconditionally in March 1945. During the month, the Japanese supreme command has sent a note to the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, Embassy of Russia in Tokyo and the Pentagon in Washington, saying that the imperial Government of Japan would like a capitulation.


Later, they claimed that they were not able to decipher! But then, how they decipher the diplomatic and military codes before? We know the answer: the Japanese island had not yet been destroyed. The big show was still to come. The B – 29 made the big ‘redevelopment of the city »to Japan for the international bankers. First the destruction of Tokyo, then as the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It is said that many of the upper echelon of the Japanese army were members of a mystical secret society called Black Dragon, but I know nothing more about it.
The Germany post-war reconstruction and the Japan brought astronomical profits for the international bankers. Both the Germans and the Japanese had the most industrious workers and managers. Yet their Governments are also selected and guided as puppets by the Illuminati. Later, when you see the list of the members of each organization, it will become very clear. Many German politicians within the Government are as much a part of this game as the Americans or the Russians.

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In human terms, the war was an absolute, absolute disaster. For the Illuminati, it has been a resounding success. The second world war with the estimated 30 million dead (said Solzhenitsyn 100 million) is clearly part of the reconstruction programme in the world of the Illuminati, the objective being the installation of Weishaupt « Novus Ordo Secolorum », the new world order « .

For the Illuminati Lenin was the perfect man in Russia, political and psychological events communism with the role of foil, in this case, the conspirators used communism as the bogey to force the Western countries of the agreements and commitments which were fighting against their appropriate interest.

In the early twenties, Lenin told the world of the future plans of the Illuminati:

« First we will take Europe, so that the masses of Asia.

This has been achieved as a result of the second world war. Most of Asia followed a few years later. The debacle of the Viet Nam was part of the cleaning disc where both ends were attached.
World War II brought the Illuminati still more. Large cracks in the old world order wide open and the financial and social bases of traditional mores were swept. America, whose security was never put in danger before or during the war, was forced by the maelstrom of world politics to abandon his own policy.
The second World War America 400 billion US$ cost and had the national debt to reach 220 billion US$. For this reason, the United States were entirely in the hands of the international bankers. This war has paved the way for the founding of the UN in 1945, which is headquartered on land in New York, donated by ROCKEFELLER. At least forty-seven of the founding members of the United Nations were also in the CFR. The United Nations is the largest Masonic world , as evidenced by its emblem. As the great seal on the dollar bill, it is a Masonic symbol. As the Statue of liberty was given to American Freemasons by order Masonic French Grand East.
What became of the Nazi secret service, the Gestapo?
William Bramley writes that the CIA had accepted the offer by REINHART GEHLEN, the head of German secret operations in Russia, to help build an intelligence network in Europe. Several former members of the SS were then part of Gehlen organization. It has become an important arm of the CIA in Europe Western and also served as basis for the secret services of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The records of the Nuremberg trials the CIA got information about psychiatric methods of the Nazis who decades later would be used in nefarious experiments on the control of consciousness.
INTERPOL, an international organization private police to combat criminals and drug traffickers operating at the global level, has headed several times until 1972 by former SS officers. It is not half as surprising if we know that, during the second war world Interpol was controlled by the Nazis.

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Germany has not just lost the war!

Poor cons, was about 2 lost the war, there are more payout of families, who most will review them, because of the greed of human stupidity, and especially those of the Rothschilds and the Queen of England ElisabethII my 2 voila, that it has lost the clair voyance (Pas Irma and his crystal ball) We were put a veil on the face (head), and, we are told, you sense my finger, Ben, is s pa my finger!

It is true, that it is believed, but that’s it!

Finally on the Germany and the second world war, I will you say that you certainly never read in another book, something that you will surely to question what you are told in your school books and will question your current image of the world. As you know from history books, the German Reich never signed a peace treaty, because a peace treaty must be signed by the leaders of the nation. But Hitler probably went to South America and someone else was dead or missing as well. Thus Dönitz, its replacement by Hitler, signed a Treaty of ceasefire for two branches of the Wehrmacht.
And this ceasefire has been broken by the allies in their attack, led by Admiral Byrd in 1946, Neuschwabenland, German Antarctic Territory .
They tried to get to the elite of them all who were of course smart enough to have an open back door – Neuschwabenland! Since the German elite, the Schwarze Sonne (Black Sun) and the VRIL-Gesellschaft was at that time and still today alive in this particular area (at least some of them do), Allied troops had been destroyed within weeks.
And because of the broken cease-fire, the German Reich was once again – and is still to this day – in the war against the allies!
You may ask, but it’s a fact irrefutable and definitive who knows all the important, senior Germans I met. If the allies had gained Neuschwabenland against the « Schwarze Sonne », they would come out with it on every page of coverage in the world. But because of their defeat they kept very secret.

The same thing with their attack on Neuschwabenland in 1958, when the Americans exploded two nuclear warheads, one under the ice and the other above, to access the underground German base. But of course they didn’t, because technology the Schwarze Sonne a down he is, as Admiral Byrd have already said, « very advanced ». And therefore the creation of the Anglo-American with their bankers Khazar-lit ‘ background have been smart in keeping any ‘top secret’ case.
The allies were very successful in their newspapers and nowadays with their background of Hollywood to make the Japanese and Germans watching the ‘Wicked’, but in fact it is the opposite that is true! Do not forget the attack on Pearl Harbor, which was staged by the Americans themselves. Please verify this information for yourself, making sure that what you learn is based on your own research, and that it is the truth! To date, the Germany has a peace treaty, nor a cease-fire nor anything else.
The Germany has an illegal state installed by the allies: the Federal Republic of Germany. If what I say is true, there must be evidence that the Illuminati would have some of their puppets sitting at the top of the Federal Republic of Germany, as in other nations, too.
Well, one of them was Chancellor Willy Brandt, a Jew, which is the real name was Herbert Ernst Karl Frahm, descendants of the famous family israelite Frahm in Lübeck, Germany. He was a member of the Committee of 300 and the Bilderbergers .
If the information in Mr. Rudolph de MelleAllemagne, who went to court against Mr. Kohl and the Jewish writer Jacov Lind is correct, Bundeskanzler (Chancellor) Helmut Kohl is one of them too.

According to them, his real name is Kohn. States Lind in his book The Inventor (Methuen, London, 1987):

«  » The grandfather of the current Chancellor of the Germany wrote his name with a « n » instead of an « l », that he was a salesman from door to door, Buczacz. I have documents and evidence. A library full of evidence in the vault at the National Bank in Vaduz. »

Jewish grandparents Khazar changed their name from Kohn to Kohl when they came to form of Germany Galizia in Poland, to conceal that they were Jews. According to Dr. Rudolph, Chancellor Kohn/Kohl is also member of the Bilderbergers, Grand Orient Freemasons and the B’nai B’rith, which awarded him their highest blood order, the order of Joseph. In addition, a Khazar Jew should never head Party Christian – Democrat (CDU), nor be elected Chancellor of the Germany.

The Federal Republic of Germany is a substitute nation until the Germany has a peace treaty. An official act of NATO argues that until this peace treaty was signed, the borders of the German Reich 1937 still legally apply. Due to this right of NATO, colonies of the German Reich still exist in complete legality today, as the « Colonia Dignidad » in the Chile and Argentina, 100 miles north of San Carlos de Bariloche (size: 10,000 square miles!).

To understand what this means is illustrated by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany Hans-Dietrich Genscher, who tried to enter the Colonia Dignidad three times and never had permission to do so. He flew down there three times and stood before the door, they said ‘no’! And in accordance with the Act of NATO, the German Reich colonies are quite legal. The same thing with the colony Neuschwabenland, you will always find on maps of the south pole of the 1970s.
So, for this reason you will now understand the Act of treason the newly installed Bundeskanzler Helmut Kohl against Germany, when he awarded Neuschwabenland NATO (according to a major NATO that wants to be without a name). ABSOLUTELY ILLEGAL! He handed over 600 000 kilometers square of German territory to the enemy (which is exactly what they are even once, since they broke the ceasefire) – allies!
And this is exactly what the IRS and the federal reserve of the United States system are, too: illegal! According to a member of Schwarze Sonne, who claims to live in an underground city in the German Reich with approximately 3 million other Germans (in January 1993!), they have bases around the world.

In addition to several in the Andes, the main ones are inside the Earth, in Neuschwabenland, Tibet and the Bermuda triangle . Tibet had attacked and taken over by the Chinese, who has then hunt monks, tortured and killed. Why is – someone should torture and kill peaceful monks? Because the Chinese were looking for the Germans in the monasteries. But they did not find them in the usual in and around Lhasa monasteries, because the German Schwarze Sonne coexist with so-called Avatars high to 18 000 to 23 000 feet who supported them in first place and make even once until the fulfillment of the prophecy. The Chinese cannot go, that is too high for their armies.

In addition, the Schwarze Sonne in Tibet has access to the inner Earth , because they have lived there for more than 40 years now, with the monks of the highest Tibetan lodge – the dGe-lugs-pa (yellow hats). And of course they now have a new generation, too.
According to my source, the German Reich network has an army of 6 000 000 soldiers and 22 000 flying saucers. They are ready to go any minute.
They had interfered in the Gulf war. On 12 and 13 January 1993, the allies tried to destroy the German Reich saucer base near Baghdad, where the two huge VRIL-7 are stationed. Two saucers were absent on a mission, which was known by the allies. So, they attacked the area altogether 198 bombers. 12 tornados and 22. F – 4s were designed to destroy the German base. Guess what happened? After 3 hours and 45 minutes, the allies had lost 16 F – 14, F – 111 F – 15 and 1 1. The allies themselves had shot and killed an Iraqi aircraft on a training flight (the pilot could bail out).
This is proven by some photos very clear that that was shown to me by an agent of the Iranian secret services (he showed me several photos with two VRIL-7 with Iraqi banner on the bottom.) Three photos show two Tornado aircraft, hunt them. Very clear photos! In the Bermuda Triangle, the Germans of the Reich have bases on the ocean floor. They can easily float in the water as others in the air, sit on the ocean floor and push the water through their field gravitational away and creating domes under water. It got much, much more, but I’m not allowed to talk on this subject.
They have very big plans, and I promise you that we will spend a moment very, very interesting until 2003.

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As it was expected since 1871, the war has also opened the doors to the Foundation of Israel. As injuries in Europe slowly healed, the attention of the public went to the Middle East, where the Zionists were establishing the State of Israel in Palestine. England was rocked by the assassination of Lord Moyne by two Zionists. At the 1946 Zionist Congress in Geneva terrorism adopted as a way to establish the Zionist State. Thus, many terrorist organizations arose in Palestine to force the Foundation of Israel.
The two most important were the IRGUN ZVAI LEUMI Menachim Begin and the STERN group of Yitzhak Shamir. Since the bloodshed between Arabs and English became worse the question put before the UN. On November 29, 1947, the United Nations decided to divide Palestine into two independent States and Arab and a Jewish one. We know the principle of the Division of a State’s domination of the ancient Rome. The consequence of « divide et impera », divide and rule, is still a conflict without end. And that is what has occurred.

The division has caused even disorders that caused the United Nations to back. The Zionists then divide Palestine on their own authority. The Stern gang and the Irgun Zvai Leumi (led by Begin) stormed the village of Deir Yasin and slaughtered all the people, as a warning against more resistance by the Arabs. They threw people into the fountain in the middle of the village and Yo had grenades and then to silence the cries of the dying after. Most of the Arabs flew to neighbouring countries, with the exception of some who, under Yasir Ararfat, form of the PLO.
The declaration of independence of Israel on 14 May 1948, spurred on more disorders. Since that time, the Middle East has been a hotbed of suppuration of hate and murder. But which corresponded exactly to the Illuminati objectives (Albert Pike’s Plan n ° 3). What happened in this particular village seems quite like what happened hundreds of times in the Old Testament, all by the same group of people, and nobody has never been punished for it.

 Is it not interesting that you don’t read any stuff like that in your textbooks, but on the « bad Germans »?

 It is perhaps true that someone who has power uses news agencies and mass media for retains the information of ‘some’ kind and to give « other » information in a rather unbalanced way?

 To say it more clearly, they use the mass media in a very clever way for the bucket by hand to someone else?

 Who owns the TV networks?

 Who is owner of Hollywood?

 Which is still the « villain » in Hollywood productions? Of course the Germans.

 And which was never called the ‘Wicked’?

 Would it still the case that these people in particular can be those who own Hollywood and the TV networks?

Think about it! We will see more a little later.

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The CFR now really began to be influential in the United States
Old and tired of the institutions have been replaced by international news – such as the United Nations – which grew on the fatality rate . The Institute of the PACIFIC RIM (IPR) and the foreign policy ASSOCIATION (FPA) also appeared later to him.
Under the impetus of the SPUR, George Marshall presented China to the Communists. The control of the Soviet Union by the Illuminati has been considerably strengthened by the war.
The Soviets themselves have been reinforced by the « lend-lease » project and the agreements Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill at Yalta. The staged well ‘cold war’ between the Soviet Union and the West that followed made the strongest Illuminati in the rest of the world. The Korea and the Viet Nam war have been put in place for the Russians and the Americans never met directly. At the same time he justified their « national security » set – up, viz, the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), the National Security Agency (NSA) and the NSC (National Security Council).
Undercover operations by the CIA to overthrow all Governments of countries that were not yet controlled by the Illuminati and replace them with Illuminati, I.e., controlled people started in the beginning of the fifties. Some U.S. Senators began to smell a rat and wonders – like Senator McCARTHY – why there were so many communists holding high office in the Government of United States. McCarthy founded ‘the House of UN-American Activities hearings’ and he managed to discover a few Communist activities before the media discredited him. It is the most effective and proven method to remove the troublemakers.
Later, McCarthy studied at the CIA. If it reached a little further it might have been able to prevent the assassination of Kennedy.
The Committee of 300 was alarmed when McCarthy ready to seize the Committee of inquiry of William Bundy. His summons to appear may have discovered the good relations between the CIA and the British secret service.
The RIIA chose Allen Dulles to get McCarthy away. Dulles ordered Richard Helms and Patrick Lyman to take care of McCarthy. Eisenhower gave the order to general Mark Clark (CFR member) to divert the attention of McCarthy from the CIA. He managed to convince McCarthy that there was a special Oversight Committee review the activities of the CIA. McCarthy then stopped its investigations. He was well known for its witch hunt, but it was – in addition to being the lawyer of several Mafia families of New York, intimate of the FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover homosexual for whom he arranged also friend transvestite parties in a New York hotel.
Richard Helms and Allen Dulles plus not later both headed the CIA.

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Since November 1963, the reasons for Kennedy’s assassination were the subject of wild speculation. It is clear that the young President was preparing to steer its own course strongly opposed to the interests of powerful political and financial establishment. It was not a good « contributor », and one of the reasons for the assassination has been the dismissal of the too-powerful leader CIA ALLEN DULLES – after the fiasco at the Bay of pigs in April 1961, shortly after its entry on the heap. In addition, he has prepared remind some American advisers of the Viet Nam.

This order was issued in October 1963. Another thorn in the flesh of the Illuminati was the plan to curb military activities of the CIA in Southeast Asia. July 18, 1963, he had told Congress that he wanted to put in place some measures to address the deficit of the balance of payments of the United States wanted to support exports of industrial goods and participation in balancing the tax accounts of American citizens abroad.

Capital invested abroad until 15% tax would have to pay. That the international bankers wanted to put in place with which is obvious. As you can see, Kennedy would have been man as representative of the people!
But finding a reason more important, to leave politics for a moment. This is The ROSWELL INCIDENT . July 22, 1947, a flying machine of « Earth » crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. Ninety-two witnesses, thirty-five of which were the Air Force, and the four beasts Humanoids were found.

The next spacecraft was February 13, 1948, near Aztec, New Mexico, followed by another crash in the same region, in the heart of Canyon on March 25. This disc has a diameter of 33 metres, made of an unknown metal, and was occupied by sixteen beings, about 120 cm high and all dead. Another accident occurred near Roswell in 1949 and here an be survived.

Officer of an Air Force was ordered to bring him to Los Alamos, at this time there the institution better guarded by the U.S. Armed Forces. The course has been described as a humanoid-reptiloid with some insectoid features. It was simple called EBE (extraterrestrial biological entity). He came from a system of double stars, that their planet was now a desert planet, that their Sun was dying and they had underground facilities in several countries of the world. EBE taught the young colonel who followed him on the reincarnation, the soul is nourished and that it was the law of the universe. All this was recorded and stored under the code name, Yellow Book.

As the SIGMA project, they tried to contact the race of EBE, but without success. At the end of 1951 EBE became very ill. Since its biological functions of the body have focused on chlorophyll, botanist Dr. Guillermo Mendoza has been called to treat the EBE. EBITDA remained at Los Alamos until June 18, 1952 when he died for « unknown reasons ». It is said that the colonel looking after him cried when he died. Apparently, he had loved as a child. The project of ROBERTSON PANEL this event was filmed subsequently as « And » to accustom the public slowly to reality.
On December 6, 1950, a saucer of 30 meters crashed near Laredo, Texas. In the debris, the charred remains of a being about 130 cm in height with a very big head was found. When the photos were released, this event has caused quite a stir. May 20, 1953 an extra saucer of only 10 metres was recovered in Kingman, Arizona. Here, there are four people dead who were brought as all others at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Hangar 18. As the Americans like to say: the reality is sometimes stranger than fiction.
[H: well, it may be the «say», but especially the « reality » is fiction.] After the first crash already several secret organizations were founded to deal with the presence of UFOS. The most important of them was the Operation MAJESTIC 12 , which was founded on September 24, 1947, by president Harry Truman and Solomon under which all other projects ran (Majesty is the code name for the President). Among its 12 members were Dr. Vanevar Bush, science adviser to the President, Secretary of defense Forrestal and later also Nelson Rockefeller, Allen Dulles, head of the CIA and J. Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI. The rest were all members of the CFR. All twelve were also members of the company JASON or JASON scholars, the elite of the SKULL & BONES order. [The headquarters of the group in Maryland is accessible only by air and is called the « Country club » by insiders.]
Among the MAJESTIC 12 projects are as follows:

 Project MAJI: ‘majority the joint intelligence agency ‘. MAJIC, Magi-controlled. All the information and misinformation about UFOs and extraterrestrials are assessed by the Magi as part of the CIA, the NSA, the DIA and Naval Intelligence.

 Project sign: investigation on the phenomenon UFO, the name later changed into project GRUDGE (perhaps because of the many parts of the human body have been found in two vehicles).

 Project Blue Book: the recovery of crushed vehicles and – with the ROBERTSON PANEL – distribution of misinformation among the public.

 Project SIGMA: Communication with the race of EBE.

 Project SNOWBIRD: technology extraterrestrial flying objects and attempt to steal one of them.

 Project AQUARIUS: general project for the coordination of the research program and contact with extra-terrestrials.

 Garnet project: study of the influence of aliens on the evolution of humanity.

 Project POUNCE: responsible for the evaluation of crushed vehicles and biological analyses of passengers.

 Project REDLIGHT: organizes flights with vehicles recovered or made available by the aliens to test. At the moment, this project at AREA 51, GROOM LAKE, Nevada.

 Project LUNA: the code name for the alien bases on the Moon, which has been observed and filmed by the Apollo astronauts. There they have mining operations, and large cigar shaped mother ships are stationed.

 DELTA FORCES: units specially trained for these projects.

William Cooper maintains that the CIA was created expressly for the problem of aliens. Both, they say that the creation of the international secret elite group The Bilderbergers, we will discuss at length later in the book, was also for the detection of alien contact. Here, I will treat the Bilderbergers only in a purely political context.
[ H: Think what is intended by one, William Cooper ? I do! Sell a bunch of books often indicated a ‘tool’ to work. I think that you will find a legitimate observation form, a seagoing ship. However, most of the General information of Cooper proved to be false and at best, it shows what others say to him. This may be fun but is not evidence of the truth. Be very careful when you New World Order Elite in control of information flows. « And here, the truth »is »STRANGER THAN any FICTION – into »Aliens »where the DISAPPOINTMENTS are more important that you might recognize]. .
I’ll mention something here and see what you think. On 17 and 18 August 1987, an alien ship was reduced in Yucca Flats, Nevada with five ‘foreigners’ on board. The ground crews could not open the business to access. When opened (from the inside) it seems to be only « bodies » as four of humans but remains an « almost » live (as described by military personnel).

« Bodies » have been moved, as strange as it may seem to those who know the geography in this case, to Edwards Air Force Base where an officer said: « the old man (senior officer) will shit his pants when he gets it…» Subsequently, the bodies were taken at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas. Bodies are still there and periodically show signs of ‘life’ although there is no ‘vital signs.

Now, why do you believe that there’s no more mention of this job? -It made the local news. Surely, also near Area 51 as it was put in the Earth, there would be some « inside » information. Then consider that that same day a boat was ‘down’ in Texas and has been removed ASAP at an Air Force base non-active. This destruction in flight was immediately highlighted and advertised on KTRH, one of the main channels-station in Houston, Texas. Why it is not mentioned in reviews as Mr. Cooper?
This is probably why Mr. Cooper once left a message on the answering machine of Dharma as a « little viscous vomit »? And further, it would bring all expenditures F___ he could find against him while he was in fact « furious » George Green , who gave him actually good praise for his writings. Now, of course, it is a major presenter in UFO circles, then why not give all the information available and why just the party line?

Here, one might wonder what the aliens do we want? Why did they not approach the leaders or the President of a country? They did! And a group of them don!
Already, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln , maintained so as to have been contacted by aliens. President Roosevelt apparently met the occupants of a flying saucer, arranged by Nikola Tesla during a Pacific cruise on the « Pennsylvania » in 1934. A July 4, 1945, president Truman is said to have had a personal encounter.

At the turn of the century, some children of Rothschild claimed that their parents had met with UFOnauts. But it has been claimed by some people only.
The concrete evidence, there are however a meeting by President EISENHOWER .
Michael Hesemann wrote (in UFOS-Die Kontakte)

« In the reports of the contacted we learn that since their massed appearance on Washington during the summer 1952, the aliens had made contact with the American Government… Some contacted as George van Tassel were also charged with sending special releases to the President. At that time – after the election in the fall of 1952 it was, January 1953, general Dwight D. Eisenhower had heard of Roswell, Aztec and Laredo UFO crashes during his service.

After his election on November 18, 1952, he received a report of the « Majestic 12 » Commission, which was tasked to investigate the UFO wreckage recovered by his predecessor Truman. The Committee recommended that the secret strict President for reasons of ‘national security’ the place where Eisenhower was to make contact was at the Base air Edwards (MUROC) in California. This had been the domain for demonstrations of UFO for months and years before:

 July 8, 1947: A large object with a tail of blue flames more kilometre LONG crossed MUROC 17 000 metres.

 June 14, 1950: A marine TRANSPORT driver and several civilian pilots observed in the form of cigar MOTHERSHIP 40 KM East of MURDOC.

 August 10, 1950: lieutenant Robert C. Wykoff, physicist in the Navy, observed with telescope large disk-shaped objects as it manoeuvred close to Edwards.

 September 30, 1952: Air photographer Dick Beemer and two other witnesses observed two spherical, slightly flattened objects working on Edwards.

 February 20,1954 time. This event was confirmed by movies and several witnesses including Geralt Light of powerful media group CBS, Clancerty County, Member of the House of Lords, the former secret service man, William Cooper, Paul Solomon of the Armée de l’air and many others who, at that time, had been stationed at Edwards/MURDOC.

Apparently that day, something happened that had all the officers, including the Commander executed at the observation tower. From there, they saw a disc with a diameter between sixty and one hundred meters that hovered directly over the runway. The object was observed for hours, literally until the last man on the base was aware. The disk flew patterns that defies all the laws of physics, top to bottom, from one side to the other, right angles, etc..

Later, there are five objects, three disc shaped and two in the form of cigar. Eisenhower , who at that time was resting in Palm Springs has been recovered. Staff at the airbase and Eisenhower then watched as a small group of occupants exited and came up to them. They looked as human beings, had the same height, blond and spoke English.

They offered help in the spiritual development of mankind. Their main condition was the destruction of all nuclear weapons. They were not willing to share their technology with us since we have spiritually ready wee even not to deal responsibly with the technology that we already had. They believed that we would use any new technology to destroy each other. This race stated that we were on the path of self-destruction and needed to stop killing each other, pollutes the land, exploitation of natural resources and that we must live in harmony with creation.

More important still, we had to understand and learn to see ourselves as citizens of a global family and we were engaged and that it should begin to behave as members of this family. We quickly let go of the idea that we could do as it was intended. Then only we could begin to behave as citizens of a planetary system and start with them relationships. They are part of the same family and should be treated accordingly, and it is also how we should see the peoples of Earth. As soon as we have learned to interact peacefully with other nations, we could start interplanetary relations.
[ H: Now could guess that it may be the reason why I am handled in more top secret files? If you ask you also to a need to bury as a CONTACT, the paper and the ‘voice’? No, I, nor my compatriots of do step write through, hence for this paper as spectrum, although certain members of their crew, as in ‘Martin’ lived the strange around ‘our place’ events contact, as did George Green , which later took « myself » as « his own » resource private information. NO, CHELAS (STUDENTS), IT JUST DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT AND WHY YOU ARE WRONG AND TOTALLY DISTRACTED WHEN THE TRUTH IS UNDER YOUR NOSE. SO BE.]
This was greeted with scepticism, especially the demand for nuclear disarmament. We do not think that disarmament was in the interest of the United States and that he feared to remain defenseless before the aliens. The offer has been refused! The aliens then declared they would contact people until humans were used to their presence.

Then, the aliens have shown to the President, who was paralyzed and his entourage their technical possibilities that are authorities. They showed the President their profession and proved that they could make themselves invisible.

[ H: [ Well, it came so that to try to take us in « custody ».]

This is Eisenhower fell worse uncomfortable, because they knew they were always there, they could not be seen. Then, foreigners boarded their ships and took off.
This landing was also confirmed by American astronaut GORDON COOPER , who recalls that during his service, a film was presented, which showed the landing of a UFO on a California Army air base in the 1950s.

[ H: There is a lot to this flow of events with Gordon Cooper, but it must not be covered again here. [However, I contend that everyone over the last 14 years with my « me » in this range like « here », had better, if you want the truth – get caught up and stop offers ongoing nonsense by the distractors.]
The history in detail, with answers to all why and how come is in by Michael Hesemann UFOS Die Beweise (tests) and UFOS – Die Kontakete (contacts). He carefully collected data of more than fifty books, mainly from the United States, and he added many pictures of very good quality. UFOS-Die Beweise contains the CIA’s secret documents published after thirty years due to the « Freedom of Information Act ».

[ H: [ Ah, but what of the real ones that have never been published and are not yet accessible by your own president of the United States?]

There’s more contact with Governments, but it should be read in a single appointment to preview multiple facets of the subject of UFOS. There are also videos available which, inter alia, show landing in 1964 on the Air Force Base Holloman. They are listed in the « Further reading » section at the end.
[ H: No, this is not SO as to « history ». However, we understand why someone like GEORGE GREEN would now do his «UFO» tour claiming to be « The » speaker for foreigners. B.S.! WHO HAS THE ‘SOLUTIONS’ FOR YOUR FIRST ISSUES IN THE RECOVERY OF YOUR PLANET? ME WONDERING WHY IT IS SO TOP SECRET? MY, MY, WHEN YOU WAKE UP AND REALIZE THE TRUTH OF THE LIE?
Now back to KENNEDY. After he became president and said on the recovered UFOS and secret projects that also contained the study of survivors, he wanted to make this information public. Defense Secretary Forrestal, who was a member of Majestic 12, had tried to do just that, too and on 22 May 1949 he was thrown out of his bedroom window to hospital with a bedsheet tied around his neck.

Kennedy not fared no better. He was assassinated in Dallas on November 22, 1963. The first shot actually came the roof of the warehouse, but it was not life-threatening. The death blow came from the driver of the limo of the President. A CIA agent who shot Kennedy in the head with a special weapon developed by the CIA. If you look at the original film of the assassination in slow motion and watch the driver, then you can clearly see that it turns around with a gun in his hand, shoots, and broke the back of the head of Kennedy.

Films presented in most Western countries have the pilot cut. November 21, 1993, the German television ARD channel has sought in its programme of Spiegel-TV way ridiculous to tell viewers that it there was no involvement of the CIA in the assassination, almost at the same time that RTL has shown a program that claims to the contrary.
Apart from the comments of different two programs have shown the film only once full frame, then the driver was still cut. But in the version full screen the driver shot and the firearm were clearly visible to those who knew where to look.
John Lear, the son of the founder and now owner of aircraft Lear and once Decorated as the best pilot of the US Air Force (seventeen world records), found three original films, for example in Japan, he had computer analysed and checked for authenticity.

The two he and William Cooper , former member of Naval Intelligence and author of the book behold a pale horse, now give lectures in the United States, and they provide the original films, too (address in the list of the literature). Because this film William Cooper had lost a leg when the CIA tried to assassinate. Japanese television later showed the original footage several times during one of the journal. Computer analysis allowed also to recognize the weapon as a special template developed by the CIA. The ball, too, was a special CIA which has only exploded after being entered in the body and thus wiped out brain of Kennedy.
The assassination was prepared by members of the CIA Orlando Bosch, E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis , and Jack Rubinstein (aka Jack Ruby) for including the paid CIA its huge gambling debts of collaboration.
Oswald was also a member of the CIA, but at the time of the murder, he had work bee for Jack Ruby. His death had been planned.
Jack Ruby shot Oswald before he could prove his innocence. Thus, they had a culprit who could prove is no longer the truth.
The CIA hated Kennedy. In his eyes, he was responsible that the Viet Nam, the Cuban or UFO projects went the way of the CIA. When the news of the death of Kennedy has broken, writes one of the CIA who had also been involved operation in the « Bay of pigs », all the people in his Department rose and applauded.

Many of these facts had been discovered during the special hearings by the Committee for the assassination, but under US law on security, they remain secret until 2029. After the hearings, the CIA was forbidden to conduct undercover operations in the United States [it is] hard to believe they have never followed this order.
All of the witnesses of the conspiracy were killed or died of the cancer growth that they had injected – the deadly shooter in the car, three weeks after the Act, for example. The official story of the assassination of Kennedy, according to the Warren Commission report was that Oswald was the only person responsible, and it was printed in nine hours later in all the newspapers of the United States the true story of the CIA-Committee of 300 conspiracy never said. For a good reason. You see haw good is for the Illuminati control news agencies! And once more a whole nation is poorly populated for decades until a brave researcher takes the trouble to dig deep.
His brother, Kennedy , who was also in the path of the Illuminati was to die on June 5, 1968, that he was about to win the presidential elections. In this case, the only attacker was SIRHAN SIRHAN. He was under the influence of a drug that was developed by the CIA in particular for cases like this.

To be sure that Sirhan Sirhan was not going to miss, one of the bodyguards of Howard Hughes shot «extra» which was found in the head of Kennedy. As the judge of instruction found, ballistic tests showed that the muzzle of the weapon should have been approximately five to eight centimeters from the head of Kennedy, Sirhan however has never been closer than thirty centimetres weapon.

This story, too, observed public . Independent publications with the CFR and SKULL & BONES order contains this information. As says article 12 of the Protocol, those who oppose the ‘regime’ should be brought more near death.

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The English Royal family is very close links with the venerable order of the Knights of Jerusalem, an ancient order whose Chief is chosen by « The Crown », according to his ability, to the head of the Committee of 300 . The inner circle is the order of the Garter. The fact that LORD CARRINGTON, Knight of the Garter, was formerly the head of NATO and is now president of the BILDERBERGERS shows how strong this order is still today.

It was Lord Carrington, also the Committee of 300, who acted as intermediaries representative KISSINGER ASSOCIATES to ensure that, in 1993, Belgrade got a free hand to ethnic cleansing and genocide of mass altogether with LAWRENCE EAGLEBURGER. LOUISE M. BLOOMFIELD, head of PERMINDEX, is also a Knight of Jerusalem.

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The end of the second world war, most monarchs have been superseded. A part of the Illuminati plan was accomplished. But what about Catholicism?
At first glance, one might think that seventeen centuries of stability would not easily be shaken, but one look attentive different show.
The Vatican secret service has always been the society of Jesus , whose members are called Jesuits. I would like to open your eyes a little to those who believe that the Jesuits were just another harmless religious organization. The oath of initiation of 2nd degree requires the death of all Protestants and Freemasons. They have been the main force behind the massacre of the Huguenots and were also responsible for the beheading of many Protestants and Freemasons in England during the 16th and 17th centuries. The society of Jesus was founded in 1534 by IGNATIUS LOYOLA, who was of Jewish origin, as were the first three generals of the command.
The power of the Jesuit General is such that it is called the black Pope . During the second world war, the Catholic Church was heavily infiltrated by other secret lodges. Among others, those who have been OSS (forerunner of the CIA), MI6, the Italian black nobility, Freemasons and the lodge P2 (Propaganda Due) from who all were protected by the Committee of 300. P2 is the strongest of the Italian masonic lodges.

Within the P2 is the Grand LODGE of Vatican II, which was at the origin of the scandal of the P2 in 1976, when a fact list surface in the Vatican with the names and entering dates of 121 high dignitaries of the Church, among the Cardinals of the Curia, archbishops, bishops, prelates and laity. Instead of calling these people to account, a real witch hunt was opened against those who have made public the list! No necessary right, comment?
Among the names on the list were also those of Secretary of State cardinal Jean Villot, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Vatican Agostino Casaroli, cardinal Sebastiano Baggio, cardinal Ugo Poletti and the head of the Bank of the Vatican, Bishop Marcinkus.

As indicated earlier, the Illuminati has always supported the two sides of the nations involved in the war. At the end of the second world war, it became more evident. Allen Dulles, the CIA Chief, for example, had a secret meeting with the Chief of the SS Gehlen.
They have arranged to smuggle the SS officers under cover of the Catholic Church in Switzerland.

Some SS officers have their vows and were posted in other countries, mainly in Argentina, Paraguay and the United States after the war, it was task of Gehlen organize station RADIO FREE EUROPE. After the war, a large part of the SS was taken directly by the CIA.
Another Member of the Committee of 300 interesting was Joseph Retinger. After the war the CIA took charge in contracts with the Vatican. For example, he won over Dr. Luigi Gedda, the medical advisor of Pope Pius VII and leader of Catholic activities. With the help of Gedda, he managed to strengthen the connection with Pope Paul VI, who had already collaborated with the OSS (Office of strategic Services) in the future. Retinger also met with Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, the Italian Prime Minister, Sir Colin Grubbin, Director of SOE (Special Operations Executive, the British Secret Service) and Director of the CIA general Walter Bedell.
Before the war, PRINCE BERNHARD was with the SS and then held a position at I.G. Farben. He married Juliana, who, in 1948, became Queen of the Netherlands, and he took a position with Shell oil. This group was the nucleus that met at the hotel De Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, Holland for the first time in May 1954 and later became known as The BILDERBERGERS. Committee of 300 member Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands became the first Director of the Bilderbergers. (Explanation later).
One of the members of the CIA with a strong influence in the Vatican was Cardinal Spellman. He helped the CIA with the overthrow of democracy in Guatemala in 1954. It was Spellman who presents the father Paul Marcinkus in Chicago to the Pope. In 1971, Marcinkus became Archbishop and head of The VATICAN Bank. Marcinkus has developed close links with the members of Masonic lodge P2 Michele Sindona and Roberto Calvi.

The grand master of P2 was Licio Gelli. Calvi, who headed BANCO AMBROSIANO helped the Vatican to transfer more than 100 million US$ to the Polish Solidarnose movement. Later he participated in the huge scandal of Banco Ambrosiano. In 1982, his body was found hanging from London’s Blackfriars Bridge. He had bricks in his pockets left and right and his legs were attached at a right angle. This murder a Masonic ritual. This feature was never spoken in the newspapers. Sindona became Adviser to the Vatican Bank. The P2 lodge had many links with the Vatican, Opus Dei and the CIA. Many of its members who held high office in the Italian Government.
In January 1966 LOOK magazine published the article « how Jews change the thinking of the Catholic Church ». The Vatican is probably the richest organization in the world. A large part of his fortune is owned by the Rothschild banks. There is no doubt that the Vatican over the years has been adopted by the Committee of 300. It also explains why Bush, Gorbachev and other leaders so often visit the Pope.
Of course, this is only the tip of the Vatican « iceberg ». The assassination of Pope John PAUL I is another instance. By mistake his obituary was published in the Mexican daily newspaper El Informador of Mexican Western Masonic Grand Lodge one day too early! (Place on June 3, 1963. The Pope died at 19:49 pm on June 3, 1963).
A book concerning this topic: David A. Yallop: name of God. The current Pope Jean PAUL II also has a interesting and remarkable past. In his book behold a pale horse, William Cooper, who has worked for twelve years for Naval Intelligence, wrote that during the war Karol Wojtyla of apparently worked with I.G. Farben and sells gas to the Nazi. At the end of the war, for fear of being killed for collaboration, he fled to Poland, looking for the protection of the Catholic Church. He realizes a development similar to what Eisenhower, just a little slower and subsequently was elected Pope.
Immediately, he thanked his friends on November 27, 1983 in lifting the excommunication order which had been delivered on the Freemasons throughout the world in the Codex Iuris Canonici. That the Pope of today knows the Masonic secret language is « obviously » proven by the handful of Masonic hand and also in a speech during a general audience on September 5, 1982. On the occasion of the death of the Lebanese President Gemayel, he spoke of Jerusalem, the city of God said: « Jerusalem may also become the city of man ». The « City of Man » is a keyword of the Illuminati for world dictatorship.
April 8, 1983, the Pope received full Trilateral Commission in an open hearing.
This secret organization was founded in June 1973 by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski and was put to work because apparently the organizations like the United Nations worked much too slowly to establish a world government. This elitist organization aims to bring together the top people the giants of industry and trade of the trilateral Nations – United States, Japan and Europe from the West – in a pool and force of the new world order to come.

For the elite from various branches of Freemasonry, it offers rooms worldwide for secret collaboration, and he wants to give a broader political basis to the influence of the Bilderbergers. More European Member had contracts in the long term with the Rockefellers. It has about 200 – unlike the permanent Bilderbergers – members.
And you can imagine that Pope Jean PAUL II did not meet with them to drink a cup of coffee!

Role of the UN in war and peace – « The UN’s arms – the most recommendable and yet profitable Bus dealers  » … »

United Nations moves to impose international treaties to States of legalization of Marijuana After that, you why, it’s not in France, that they have balanced LSD

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Agenda 21 – the end of Western civilization

Agenda 21 – Plan of a global fascist dictatorship P-T-N project, you to tell me time, and this is it, and the marmot, she folds the chocolate in aluminium foil, frankly, it is you who should take LSD, not, it’s going, you are really finished urine.

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– U.S. Government plans to push Americans to suburbs to move into towns

– They are really friendly, they think of you,

– Eco-cities in America – the future.1 sustainable Prisonsr s

– Definitely, it’s your party, or what, the Holy America

– Almost everything is a Crime in America now – 14 of the most ridiculous things that Americans are being arrested for

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UN boss Ban Ki-moon and his principal deputies met secretly last year in charting the future course of humanity through ‘sustainable development’, a concept controversial United Nations equates to ‘save the planet’ in which would ultimately full of human civilisation and radical transformation.

But even if the erection of a global regime of the so-called ‘green economy’ is a priority of the United Nations, minutes of meeting a leak reveals that the term itself remains undefined.

The meeting behind closed doors, which was held last October in Long Island, was devoted primarily using the Next United Nations Conference on sustainable development (CSD) in Rio de Janeiro to radically change the world under the pretext of saving the environment. And all ‘green’ officials of the world body were present to help formulate the plan.

The confidential minutes of the meeting, obtained and posted online by Fox News last week, describe the objectives and the agenda for global sustainability gathering this June – dubbed Rio + 20 – which will be held on the 20th anniversary of the 1992 Earth Summit.

Using environmentalism as a reason to be, that Conference has laid the bases of the global effort of the United Nations hopes to expand and consolidate in the years to come.

According to critics and the United Nations itself, however, the world body and its allies around the world have ambitions that go far beyond simply protecting the environment.

In fact, many experts – especially in the United States – fear that the United Nations is considering actually a world Government, an erosion of private property rights and even an end to individual freedoms enshrined in the Constitution of the United States. And based on the records of the United Nations dealing with ‘sustainability’, concerns seem justified.

During the meeting secret from October on sustainable development, attended by the leaders of the Council of Heads of organizations of the United Nations for Coordination (CEB), Secretary-General Ban made several bold statements.

According to him, for example, that ‘sustainable development ‘;

« greatest imperative of the current generation of leaders, as well as organizations of the United Nations system » according to the minutes.

Top Rio + 20 official and Secretary general Sha Zukang, who served as a senior diplomat with the Chinese mainland’s brutal Communist dictatorship in power for nearly four decades, also a grandiose programme for the future of the world.

In recent weeks, he has even made public statements demanding « strong decisions » and « strong action » national Governments attending the Summit the Rio + 20.

According to the minutes of the meeting secret, Sha stressed that the main objective of the Conference will be to consolidate the support of Governments around the world in the global quest for ‘sustainable development’. Which, notes, will require the construction of an ‘institutional framework’ – otherwise known as the bureaucracies of the overall performance to require compliance by national Governments and the peoples of the world.

Another priority will be the global transition to a ‘green economy’, said. The new economic order envisaged by the world body would give priority to what UN touts « elimination of poverty », « equality » and more.

But it is necessary that the implementation of the controversial plan « Agenda 21 » continue full speed, Sha noted.

« On the theme of the green economy, [Sha] said that Rio + 20 must be the catalyst to integrate economic, social and environmental sustainable development pillars, boosting the implementation of the sustainable development agenda and lead to a policy coherent and programmes at all levels – integration, implementation and consistency, » says the summary of the meeting leaked.

While acknowledging that there was considerable disagreement on what a ‘green economy’ is in fact, Sha and others at the meeting suggested to use the DDC in Rio to first decide that it was not.

That, he said, would help define what it ‘could be ‘.

Sha ‘ [green economy] should reorient decision-making public and private to reflect and respect the natural capital synergies of growth and the protection of the environment and include the poor as the main beneficiaries, as well as active participants in the construction of such green economy, « said according to the minutes of the meeting, but he admitted, that it there was no actual or accepted definition.

The former representative of the murderous regime of Beijing has also stated that the Rio + 20 Conference must produce a list of the « objectives of sustainable development » for policy makers, national, regional and global to help implement the search policies.

Authority, at the same time, it will regularly gravitate towards global and regional entities such as local and national Governments are « embedded » in the global system.

Science and education, at the same time, must be « in the service of sustainable development. »

Among the priorities cited by Sha were ‘fight against poverty’ creation of green jobs, so-called, ‘sustainable agriculture’ promotion of ‘ renewables ‘, ‘management of the Oceans’ and more.

And while most of these goals seem innocuous to the first, critics warn that unexpected dangers lurk behind innocent terminology survey.

Also on the wish list of Sha was what the minutes identified as « sustainable human settlements. » This concept in particular has attracted a flood of criticism – particularly in America – by a wide range of concerned experts of individual freedom, property rights and national sovereignty.

According to critics, which based their opposition to plans on the content of the documents of the United Nations, say ‘sustainable’ institutions would involve people cramming in compact areas of human habitation.

A large part of the world would be to people. Small areas authorized for use by humanity, at the same time, should be tightly controlled. And consumption would also severely restricted.

Other key points made during the meeting include the idea of creating a kind of « State of the planet » updated annually. Also on the agenda: « the need for a tale of global responsibility and the role of the United Nations, » the minutes said.

Top Rio + Organizer 20 Summit Brice Lalonde, a militant Socialist and former leader of the Green party who served as the Minister of the environment French, proposed trying to commercialize the Conference and the United Nations,

« the voice of the planet and its inhabitants. »

And these people have to start to think differently:

« A conceptual approach was necessary to a redistribution much more and much more equity in the world, i.e. a planet, » Lalonde told participants, which are summarized in the leaked document.

The minutes also noted that some Governments acting to developing countries – for most corrupt dictatorships activated by the United Nations and foreign aid from the rich countries – were still suspicious of the agenda of ‘sustainable development ‘.

But this is not a problem; According to the discussion paper, they would receive a lot of ‘development aid’ to ensure that the benefits of supporting the regime were well understood.

A participant in the closed meetings, patron of the International Labour Organization, Juan Somavia, articulated a plot to help the United Nations achieve its objectives at a conference in 2015.

The idea would be to establish a « Summit of the people » – which, the minutes said, would be « fixed around a basic agreement negotiated in advance » – to ensure that the population has felt a sense of « ownership ».

Then the United Nations could push companies and national Governments in accordance with more force, the minutes noted.

Also discussed at the meeting was the global economic crisis and how it could be used to advance the broader United Nations agenda. The CEB initiated by IMF and senior staff member International Elliot Harris, supposed to be an economist trained in Germany, told the participants that more central planning was necessary to achieve the objectives of the United Nations.

Citing a report prepared for the CEB, Harris explained that the crisis has offered the United Nations and other institutions of the world a chance to cope with globalization using one,.

« renewed recognition of the role of the State » and « an appreciation of the value of collective and coordinated action at the global level.

And because of globalization, a global « coherent economic system » and global policies are called for, he says.

Centralized global control of everything from education and health economic policy and environmental protection – all value-based United Nations with enforced compliance – would also be necessary, he said, citing the report.

Many participants at the meeting agreed without reservation.

Patron of the programme of the United Nations for the environment Achim Steiner, who hosted a large part of the meeting, called the participants to take action and comment on the report,

«Help system rally around an agenda to ensure the future of the United Nations.»

He also noted that the document and the comments of the participants were not intended to be made public.

UN Secretary general Ban then concluded in touting the « historic opportunity » to rally the world toward objectives of the United Nations, saying the lack of confidence of the public in the Government should be overcome.

Participants should seize the « unique opportunity » to reshape the world, he said – not only in the interest of his legacy, but also for the glorification of the entire United Nations and all its minions.

Critical Americans hope about it, people will see through the machinations of the United Nations and require a complete American withdrawal from the global body dangerous and ever-expanding tentacles.

After the second world war, dozens of suspected Nazi war criminals were prosecuted by the allies in the courthouse, in the city of Nuremberg, the place of birth of the Nazi party.

The defendants were fired not only military, but also of the sectors medical, judicial, administrative, industrial and other German war machine.

Among industrial prisoners accused of crimes against humanity were 24 directors of IG Farben, an organization without which, according to the American prosecutor Telford Taylor, the second world war would not have been possible.

In 1925,. IG Farben Interessengemeinschaft Farben, (Association of common interests), became a powerful cartel of German chemical and pharmaceutical companies such as Bayer (the aspirin manufacturer), BASF and AGFA-Hoechst (now called Aventis).

In 1933, the IG Farben Group had become the largest chemical and pharmaceutical company in the world. And even today, although it does not use the name of IG Farben, its companies remain the most powerful transnational on the planet in pharmaceuticals, chemicals and agrochemicals.

The IG Farben cartel was critical for the Nazi war effort by supplying synthetic fuels, rubber and other chemical products. They also made Zyklon-B the nerve gas used to kill millions in the concentration camps of Auschwitz, Birkenau and elsewhere.

The cartel, later known as the chemists of the devil, used not prepared by the inmates of the concentration camps as convict and of Guinea pigs to test chemicals, pharmaceuticals and vaccines. Tens of thousands of dead, and those who became too ill to be of any usefulness were murdered in the gas chambers.

IG Farben cooperated closely with the Nazi regime and the SS, and were perhaps the most important dynamic in the conduct of the Nazi war machine, by making a donation of some 80 million Reichsmarks in Exchange for chemicals, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries entered the country occupy.

Yet they could not got to a position of such power without great investment of Rockefeller and his Standard Oil Company.

With Rockefeller created a company called Standard IG Farben.

Although he knew that it would be used for war purposes, Rockefeller was able to organize an expedition of 500 tons of t.e.l. to IG Farben in 1938 that the Luftwaffe needed for fuel aviation. Surprisingly, a year later, with the war on the point of bursting, he provided them with up to 20 million dollars of tetraethyl lead which Hitler directly activated to start the war by attacking the Poland and the France.

Even as late 1942 he provided the Nazis with oil diversion through Switzerland and refueling of German u-boats in the Channel Islands.

When the accused under the law of the « Trading With The Enemy’, Rockefeller fled with a »slap »($5 000 fine) when President Roosevelt brutally stopped the investigation at the request of the Ministry of war. (Unpatriotic Rockefeller had threatened to arrest the United States providing essential supplies from wartime oil).

IG Farben has to build the largest industrial complex in Europe to Auschwitz for the manufacture of chemicals and explosives for the German war effort.

The company was funded by Deutsche Bank to the tune of almost 1 billion Reichsmarks. This complex, known as IG Auschwitz, covered approximately 24 square kilometres, including the concentration camp of Auschwitz where he drew on a huge reservoir of labor force slave. Administration of IG Farben played an important role in the transformation of this huge complex in the largest extermination camp in human history.

A number of occasions, when the orders were given by the allies to bomb the complex, Rockefeller used his influence through McCloy, Assistant Secretary of War (which was a former legal adviser to IG Farben), to cancel the bombing raids, much to the chagrin of some of the allied commanders.

In addition, not a bomb fell on the headquarters of IG Farben in Germany, in Frankfurt. Amazing, at a time where German industrial cities were heavily bombed and sprayed, including Frankfurt itself.

At the Nuremberg trials, 24 of the administration of IG Farben and other industrial were indicted of genocide, slavery and other crimes against humanity.

Later, many of these villains without scruples would play a key role in the recovery of several IG Farben companies as major players in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry not only in Germany but also in Europe and the United States. And many of these former Nazis would not be a central role in the development of a pan-European association which has now evolved into the European Union.

Dr. Fritz ter Meer, a Director of IG Farben, who has been directly involved in the development of nerve gas, Zyklon-B, which has killed millions of Jews, was sentenced to seven years in prison but was released after four years the intervention of Rockefeller and J.J. McCloy, then US High Commissioner to the Germany. An unrepentant Fritz ter Meer, guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity, returned to Bayer where he presided for more than 10 years, until 1961.

This same ter Meer, a convicted Nazi war criminal became one of the initiators of the The Codex Alimentarius Commission in 1962, an organization that has been nourished by,

· the World Health Organization (which ))

· food and Agriculture (FAO ))

· the World Trade Organization (the WTO ))

Codex Alimentarius , supposed to be put in place to protect the health of consumers and ensure fair practices in the food trade, is actually extremely hostile to the industries of vitamin and natural food supplement of the world and seems determined to destroy.

Codex is controlled by Big Pharma that the only reason to ‘be ‘. disease to promote and sell more pharmaceuticals.

Karl Wurster, President of IG Farben, Degesch, which made the Zyklon-B gas, was indicted as a war criminal, but was acquitted in a way. He was later CEO of BASF’s 13 years, until 1974.

Hans Globke co-wrote the anti-Jewish Nuremberg race laws and was responsible for writing the new laws of the higher European Reich in Nazi countries.

After the war, Globke became a Minister in the Government of Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and served from 1949 to 1963. It was free of any parliamentary control and controlled the secret services. He was also directly involved in the plot with the cartel of oil and drugs on the way to support and control the European markets in the newly built European Economic Community (EEC), fore-runner of the present European Union (EU).

Walter Hallstein was a prominent Nazi law professor who said in 1939:

Is one of the most important laws (in the occupied European countries) the ‘ Law on the protection of German blood and honor ‘.

This « blood and honor » Nazi jurist helped to create the basic structure of the European Union and became the first head of the European Commission, Executive Body skillfully designed to rule Europe without any interference from democratic control. This lack of democracy is quite evident in Brussels in particular today.

In 1957, the Chancellor Adenauer and Hallstein signed the first European Treaty in Rome.
[A large part of the information here on IG Farben comes from] Dr. Matthias Rath , a tireless campaigner for freedom of health and the scourge of Big Pharma. Dr. Rath, under the Freedom of Information Act, was able to obtain records of tens of thousands of IG Farben by the War Crimes Tribunal that had been kept secret for six decades and them has posted on its website. See (www.profit-over-life.org), also (http://www4.dr-rath-foundation.org/ )) . Here is the incredible sites – you can spend hours there! [Refer to sections of the Codex Alimentarius, the pharmaceutical industry, and series of Dr. Rath’s open letters to the New York Times].
The domination of the pharmaceutical industry in current medical practice and their insidious influence on Government legislation is a direct legacy of the IG Farben and war criminals nazis who ran the cartel of the original.

Crimes are still committed today on such a scale that millions of people have died since the second world war and millions more are daily be poisoned by these monsters. It is impossible in this short article to list any horrible crime of Big Pharma, Big, Big Biotech Food and their political henchmen but the following paragraphs provide examples of death and chaos they cause.

In a recent report written by Dr. Gary Null, Carolyn DeanDr, et al.,)Death by medicine) some 780 000 Americans are killed by their doctor or the medical system each year. 106 000 of these die of drugs properly prescribed in doses prescribed properly and more than 2 million people are hospitalized because of the adverse effects of these drugs approved by the FDA to take.

The directors of the companies that manufacture these drugs well know the harm they cause, but do all their possible to keep these adverse information to the public.

These gangsters are driven by greed and profit; they care their lives or health of the population. A good example is the Vioxxscandal, a drug that has been maintained on the market, even though it has been known to cause heart attacks.

Vioxx is believed to have killed between 50 000 and 70 000 people. Other dangerous drugs include Baycol, Bextra, Celebrex, and the list goes on…

Big Pharma is involved in testing pharmaceuticals, ghostwriting rigging ‘independent’ researchers reports, corruption of politicians, doctors and scientists and hiding their drugs-adverse reports. A particularly nasty example of collusion which appeared recently on NaturalNews has been the case of Dr. Biederman the University of Harvard, who advocated mind-altering drugs to children while being secretly paid 1.6 million from drug companies.

And to maintain their markets, Big Pharma is very active in the suppression of vitamins, minerals and natural health food.

Also remove any natural health information and are energetically assisted in this by their friends at the FDA and other government agencies. They are aided by the connivance of politicians who push through legislation in favour of large enterprises, and they remain uncontested by the mainstream media which have a deeper affinity for advertising revenue for the health of the people.

Food wholesale we poisoned with chemicals, preservatives, dyes, additives flavourings, trans fat and other ingredients harmful. The effects of these deadly additives are well known and documented; aspartame, MSG, sodium benzoate, potassium bromate, nitrite of sodium and thousands more. It is not surprising that most of us are sick, and we get sicker.

Governments close the eyes to the crimes of toxicity and actively promote dumping of fluorine and chlorine in the water, the use of mercury in vaccines and dental medicine and a crowd of other criminal acts committed on the pretext of advancing public health.

Again with the complicity of the Government, Big Biotech poisons us with crops genetically modified in a parcel of owning patents for the same food we fed over hundreds of thousands of years. GM is one of the greatest threats to our health and our survival on this planet. No one really knows what effects this frankenfood will have on us or future generations.

GM foods are currently suspected as a cause of Morgellon’s disease .

And what kind of a warped mind, evil would invent a ‘terminator’ seed which aims to become sterile when plants are collected so that the farmer is obliged to buy more seeds from these companies already mega-rich.

What happens if these seed terminator infiltrated cultures around the world?

Now it’s time to say: ‘ enough!

This evil absolute must end. Those responsible must be arrested and made to answer for their crimes. We must return to Nuremberg and finish the job that began 60 years ago.

I propose to compile a register of all the above-mentioned industries, media, policy, government regulatory agencies, finance and if applicable and enter them in a registry as well as their observed crimes against humanity. This register would be presented as a document from prosecution when comes the day of judgment. These people are acting against the interests of the health of the population of this planet and must be treated accordingly.

When a name and a crime goes on the list, this person should be put on notice so that they can not say that they were unaware their crime or that they were just « to the arrested suite’. This will also give them a chance to renounce their crimes and to join the ranks of the proponents of natural health and freedom of choice.

This book of records could become known as ‘The Nuremberg List’ and widely disseminated so that it quickly enters the public consciousness.

Soon, the same mention of « The Nuremberg List » – Unlike « Schindler’s list », which offered hope and salvation – could instill fear of liability and punishment in those who persist to the poisoning of their neighbors. Maybe an organization respected natural news could be suitable for compiling this list.

Dr. Matthias Rath has already started things rolling by proceedings against some of these criminals companies.

In June 2003, Dr. Rath Foundation filed formal accusations against the special interests behind the pharmaceutical ‘business with disease’ to the International Criminal Court (CCI) at the Hague, the Nederlands

The ICC is the world’s first for cases of genocide and other crimes against humanity.

Dr. Rath said,

« We are convinced that one day next accusations will form the basis of an international tribunal to the ICC that will obscure the scope of the Pharma Nuremberg Tribunal of 1947/48.

Among the accused are,

· Bush

· Tony Blair

· Dick Cheyney

· Donald Rumsfeld,

.. .and other members of the Republican administration.

Also cited are executives of the

· the Pharma/chemistry/oil industries

· the mainstream media

· financial institutions,

.. .and other perpetrators.

See more details here . Dr. Rath should be commended for its efforts and participated in all possible ways.

Whether it’s the beginning of the end of the corporate tyranny and leave healthy and fair play prevails on this beautiful but dirty our planet.


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