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. The microbe would be used against the population as a whole and would be presented by the vaccine by the World Health Organization sincerely me, I was already not much confidence to who, but there it is finished.

To help you in your search for this CRIME,  » the name of the report was » the limits to growth « a report for the CLUB of ROME draft on the status of humanity.  »

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WHO Murdered AFRICA, The Creation of the AIDS Virus by the World Health Organization who

There is no question mark after the title of this article because the title is not an issue. It is a declarative statement. Who, World Health Organization, killed Africa with the AIDS virus. It is a provocative statement, isn’t it?

Responses to this small mystery, murder on the Express of the who, will be clear enough for you at the end of this report. You will also understand why the other suspects, homosexuals, the Green monkey a Haitian, were only pawns in this virocidal attack on the non-Communist world. If you believe the Government propaganda that AIDS is hard to catch, then you will die even earlier than the rest of us. The common cold is a virus. Have you ever had a cold? How do you catch it? You know really, do you think? If the cold virus were fatal how many people would be there in the world?

Yellow fever is a virus. Transmitted by mosquito bites. Malaria is a parasite also carried by mosquitoes. It is several times larger than the AIDS virus (as compare a pin head with a Moose head) and yet the mosquito carries easily this Organization important to humans.

The germ of tuberculosis, also, much larger that the AIDS virus can be transmitted through fomites (inanimate objects such as towels). The AIDS virus can live longer than 10 days on a dry plate. You do not understand this mystery of murder unless as learn you a little virology.

Many viruses develop in animals and many grow up in humans, but most of the viruses that affect animals does not affect humans. There are exceptions, of course, like yellow fever and smallpox.

There are some viruses in animals that cause very lethal cancer in these animals, but do not affect human or other animals. Bovine leukemia virus (BLV), for example, is fatal for cows, but not humans. There is another virus that occurs in sheep called sheep visna virus which is also non-reactive in humans. These deadly viruses are « retro virus » which means they can change the genetic composition of cells they enter.

The World Health Organization, published articles, asked the scientists to work with these deadly agents and try to make a virus hybrid that would be lethal to humans:

« And we must try to see if the virus can in fact exert selective effects on immune function. The possibility should be looked for in the immune response against the virus itself may be compromised if the virus infecting damage, more or less selective, the cell in response to the virus. »

It is AIDS. What that means in plain language is,

« We’ll whip up a virus that selectively destroys T-cell of human acquired immune deficiency system. »

Why would anyone want to do this? If you destroy the human T-cell system you destroy the man. Is it possible, even remotely, that the World Health Organization would like to develop a virus that could wipe out the human race?

If their new creation of virus worked, who said, and then a lot of terrible and deadly infectious virus could do even more terrible and more malignant. Sounds as a particular goal for a Health Organization?

Sometimes Americans believe in conspiracies and sometimes they do not. There is a plot to kill President Kennedy? Twenty-five years later, the debate continues, and people change their minds. One day it is Yes, the next day, it is non – served for breakfast or how the stock market did the day before.

But it does not take a bad breakfast to see incredible concatenation of events involving Communist Russian and Chinese nationals, the World Health Organization, the National Cancer Institute and the AIDS pandemic.

But what Green monkey? Some the virologist best in the world and good number of people directly involved in AIDS research, such as Robert Gallo and Luc Montagnier, have said that the Green monkey may be the culprit. You know the story: a bit green monkey native on the ass, and bam-AIDS throughout Central Africa.

There is a fatal flaw here. This is very strange. Because Gallo, Montagnier and these other virologists know that the AIDS virus does not naturally occur in monkeys. In fact it does not naturally occur in any animal.

AIDS started almost at the same time in the United States, Haiti, Brazil and Central Africa. (It the Green monkey was a jet pilot?) Review of the structure of the genes for green monkey cells proves that it is not genetically possible to transfer the virus of AIDS from monkeys to humans by natural means. The artificial nature of the AIDS virus it will not easily transfer from man to man until it has become highly concentrated in body fluids by repeated injections of a person to another, as drug addicts and by the high multiple partner sexual activity such as that which takes place in Africa and among homosexuals. After transfer repeated, it may become a ‘natural’ infection for men, he owns.

Dr. Theodore Strecker’sresearch of the literature indicates that National Cancer Institute , in collaboration with the World Health Organization made the AIDS virus in their laboratories in Fort Detrick (now NCI). They combined the lethal retrovirus, leukemia virus bovine and sheep visna virusand they injected into human tissue cultures. The result was the first human retrovirus known to man and now recognized to be 100% fatal for the infected, the AIDS virus.

Very important plague that we face was announced by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) in 1974, when they recommended that,

« Scientists around the world to join with the members of this Committee voluntarily deferring animal viruses of experiences (binder). »

What says the NAS in carefully guarded French is: « for the love of God, stop this madness!

The Green monkey is off the hook. What about the Communists? Communists are conducting biological warfare Fort Detrick (Maryland) against the free, especially in the United States world, even using Communist foreign agents within the unit of warfare of the army of the United States euphemistically called the infectious diseases unit army. You do not?

Carlton Gajdusek , and NIH bigshot at Detrick admits that he:


Can you imagine that? A Communist – Trojan who in our centre of biological warfare with the full blessing of the U.S. Government? The creation of the virus of AIDS who was not only an evil scientific exercise that got to at the outset. It was a successful cold-blooded attempt to create a killer virus that was later used in a successful in Africa. So successful in fact that the major part of Central Africa may be broken, 75,000,000 exhausted after 3 to 5 years.

It was not an accident. It has been deliberated. In the Procedure of the Federation of the United States in 1972, who said:

« In relation to the immune response a number of useful experimental approaches can be viewed. »

They have suggested that a nice way to do it would be to put their new killer virus (AIDS) in a vaccination program, sit and observe the results.

« It would be particularly instructive in the siblings, » they said.

That is, give the AIDS virus to brothers and sisters and see if they die, who dies first and that, as the use of rats in the laboratory.

They used smallpox vaccine for their vehicle and selected geographical sites in 1972 were Uganda and other African States, Haiti, Brazil and Japan. The past present or recent epidemiology of AIDS coincided with these geographical areas.

Dr. Strecker points out that although the African Green monkey could transmit HIV to humans, the known current amount of infection in Africa makes it statistically impossible for a single episode, as a monkey bite someone, for having brought this epidemic at this point. The time of doubling of the number of people infected, about every 14 months, when correlated with the first known case and the present number of cases known, prove beyond all doubt that a large number of people would have been infected at the same time.

From 1972 with the first case of our mythical monkey and double the number of cases of infection from this single source every 14 months you get only a few thousand cases. From 1972 to 1987, is 15 years or 180 months. If she has 14 months to double the number of cases then there would be 13 doublings, 1 then 2, then 4, then 8, etc.. In 15 years, a single source of infection there is about 8 000 cases in Africa, not 75 million people infected with AIDS. We approach here – statistics of mortality of the second world war without a shot being fired.

Dr.. Theodore a. Strecker is the brave doctor who unraveled this conundrum, the biggest mystery of murder of all time. He should get the Nobel Prize, but that it will be lucky to not get ‘suicide ‘.

(« California eminent physician binds the hands behind the back, hangs and jumps from the 20th floor. ») Is there no evidence of Act of foul. »)

Strecker was working as a consultant to work on a project of health of Security Pacific Bank. It was to estimate the cost of their health care for the future. They form a HMO? (HMO) was a major issue. After investigating the current medical market, he advised against the HMO, because he concluded that AIDS epidemic will be, in all likelihood, bankrupt the country’s medical system.

He became fascinated with all of the specific scientific anomalies concerning aid that kept popping up.

· Why the ‘experts’ continue to talk about Green monkeys and homosexual being the culprits when it was obvious that the AIDS virus is a virus of human origin?

· Why did say that it was a gay disease and drug addict when in Africa, it was obviously a heterosexual disease?

· If it did the Green monkey, then why did AIDS exploded almost simultaneously in Africa, Haiti, Brazil, United States of America and the Japan southern?

· Why, when it was suggested to the National Institutes of health that the AIDS virus was a combination of two bovine virus or ovine, grown in human cells in the laboratory, they said it was ‘bad science’ when that is exactly what has occurred?

In 1970, the World Health Organization grew these deadly animal virus in cultures of human tissue. Cedric Mims, in 1981, said in an article published that there were a bovine virus contaminate the culture media of the who. Was it an accident or a ‘non-accident ‘? If it was an accident, why continue to use the vaccine?

Finally, this bomb viral and genetic death, AIDS, was produced in 1974. It was given to the monkeys and they died of pneumonia, pneumocystis carni typical of AIDS.

Dr.. R. j. Biggar said in Lancet.

« … The agent of AIDS… could not come from novo. »

In language clear, this means that it did not come from thin air. AIDS has been designed in a laboratory by virologist. He could not engineer himself. Dixit doctor Strecker so coloured:

« If a person has no arms or legs and appears at a party in a tuxedo, how he came dressed? Someone dressed him. »

There are 9 000 for the possible AIDS virus of fourth power. (There’s 9 000 base pairs in the genome). If the fun has just begun. Some causes rot of brain similar to sheep, some diseases like leukemia virus, virus of cow, and some that will do nothing. If the virus will be constantly evolving and trying new esoteric diseases on the unfortunate man. We are only at the beginning. Because of the thousands of billions of possible genetic combinations, it will never have a vaccine. Even if they could develop a vaccine they probably would give us something just as bad as they did with the polio vaccine (brain cancer), swine flu (a disease related to polio) vaccine, vaccine against smallpox (AIDS) and hepatitis (AIDS) vaccine.

There are precedents. This is not the first time the virologist we have brought disaster. Virus SV-40 of monkey cell cultures contaminated cultures of polio. Most people in their 40’s are now carriers of this virus by inoculation of contaminated polio given in the beginning of the 1960s. It is known to cause cancer of the brain, which explains the increase of this disease that we have seen in the last ten years.

This is the origin of the theory of the Green monkey. The polio vaccine was grown on green monkey kidney cells. 64 million Americans have been vaccinated with the vaccine SV-40-contaminated in the 1960s. An increase in brain cancer, maybe a sclerosis and God only knows what else is the tragic result. The delay between vaccination and the onset of cancer with this virus is as long as 20-30 years. 1965 more 20 equal to 1985. Get the picture?

The last piece of the puzzle, this is how AIDS has devastated the homosexual population in the United States. It wasn’t vaccination against smallpox and in Africa, because we do that more. There is no smallpox in the United States and if vaccination has been abandoned.

Although some aid has been brought to the United States from Haiti by homosexuals, it is not sufficient to explain the explosion of AIDS that took place simultaneously with the African and Haitian epidemic.

The AIDS virus did not exist in the United States before 1978. You can check in any hospital and no samples of blood found anywhere who have the AIDS virus before this date.

What happened in 1978 and beyond AIDS officials burst on the scene and devastate the homosexual segment of our population? It was the introduction of the vaccine against hepatitis B, which shows the exact AIDS epidemiology.

A doctor W. Szmuness, born in Poland and studied in Russia, came to this country in 1969 – Szmuness immigration to the United States has probably the most fateful immigration in our history. It, by unexplained process, became head of the New York City blood bank. (How a Russian doctor became head of one of the largest blood banks in the world? Not struck you as strange?)

It has implemented the rules for studies of hepatitis vaccine. Only men aged 20 to 40, who were not monogamous, could participate in this study. Can you think of any reason to insist that experienced all be promiscuity? Maybe you don’t believe in the communist conspiracy theory but give me a logical explanation. Szmuness is now dead and his evil secret went with him.

In 1981, the Centers for Disease Control reported that four per cent of those receiving the vaccine of hepatitis have been infected with AIDS. In 1984, they admitted to 60 percent. Now, they refuse to give figures at all because they do not want to accept 100% of the receptors of hepatitis vaccine are infected with AIDS.

Where are the data on the virus of hepatitis vaccine studies? FDA? CDC? No, the U.S. Department of Justice was buried where you will ever see. What the Government told us on AIDS?

· It is a homosexual or bad disease. (Homosexuals certainly spread the but the responsibility was not their.)

· It is linked to anal sex only or bad.

· Only a small percentage of those testing positive to AIDS would get the disease or bad.

· He had green-back-poor African monkey.

· It came from the cytomegalovirus or bad.

· It is thanks to burst the nitrate Amyl with sex or bad.

· Launched 400 years ago by the Portuguese WRONG. (It started in 1972).

· You cannot get insects or bad.

· The virus can not live outside the body or bad.

A veterinaryis the head of human leukemia research group at Harvard University. Dr. o. w. Judd, International Centre for cancer research, the Office that has requested the production of the virus in the first place, is also a veterinary. The research of leukemia, he is made under the auspices of a school of veterinary medicine.

Now, there is nothing wrong to be a veterinarian but, as we have pointed out, that the AIDS virus is a human virus. You can not test the virus in animals and you can’t test leukemias in them either. It does not work. Then why your Government would give Judd, a veterinarian, eight and a half million to study in a college of veterinary medicine, the leukemia? As long as we are used perhaps experimental animals, it is appropriate.

The Times of London is to be congratulated for discovering the smallpox-AIDS connection. But expose them is very misleading. The article claims that the AIDS epidemic in Africa was caused by vaccine smallpox « triggering » of AIDS among vaccinated persons.

Dr. Robert Gallo, who has been mixed in some very strange scientific snafus in favor of this theory. If the infection of 75 millions of Africans has been deliberate or accidental may be the subject of a debate, but there is no room for debate about whether smallpox shots. « awakened the unsuspected virus infection. » There is absolutely no scientific evidence that this virus from laboratory engineering was present in Africa before the World Health Organization descended upon these unfortunate people in 1967 with their vaccine AIDS mortal-laced. The AIDS virus did not come from Africa. It came from Fort Detrick, Maryland, USA.

The situation is extremely desperate and the medical profession is too frightened and intimidated (as usual) to take action. Dr. Strecker attempted to mobilize doctors through the most respected medical journals in the world. The prestigious Annals of Internal Medicine , said that its equipment « seems to be entirely devoted to questions of Virology » and so try another publication.

In his letter to The Annals Strecker said,

« If the correct human experimental procedures had been followed would we not find half of the stumbling world offshore on the wrong path for the cure for AIDS with the other half of the covering world until the origin of the cursed disease. » It seems to me that your Annals of Internal Medicine is involved in the biggest fraud ever perpetrated. »

I guess they don’t like that so Strecker introduced its sensational and stunning letter with documentation appropriate for the British journal Lancet. Their answer:

« Thank you for this interesting letter on AIDS. I am sorry to have to say that we will not be able to publish it. We have no criticism », but their letter was »overcrowded with presentations. »

They are too crowded to announce the end of Western civilization, and probably of all mankind? It does not seem reasonable. What can we do? The first thing that must be done is close to the bottom of all laboratories in this country dealing with these lethal retrovirus. Then, we must sort the irresponsible mad scientists and traitors involved in these experiments and try them for murder.

Then maybe, just maybe, we can re-laboratory personnel with the loyal Americans who work to save a remnant of populations to repopulate and re – civilize the world.
Early Hepatitis B Vaccines and the… « man-made » Origin of HIV / AIDS

This article considers emergency world that transcends the better known threats of AIDS.

He described a global challenge that already represents a growing number of scourges predicted to depopulate at least half of the current human inhabitants of the world less of two generations. This documented science reveals virtually, through the process of elimination and a review of more recent evidence, the origin of HIV/AIDS as an iatrogenic (i.e. man-made) end of the experiences of specific immunization.

Reflection thoughtful on this science of AIDS, as well as socio-political correlates and antecedents of this current disaster, reveals the likelihood that myriad other immune dysfunctions, autoimmune diseases and cancers, including leukemia, lymphomas, sarcomas and other ailments related to viral infections, have resulted from previously modified microbes that have by accident or intention were cancer laboratory of viruses into the bloodstream of humanity through the most reliable preventive public health – immunizations.

If you’re going to read is true and each point is precisely indicated and meticulously documented, beyond extensive depopulation, the very survival of humanity may depend on this recognition, its implications and our thoughtful response.

Particularly relevant when reflecting on the following facts, is wisdom, sent by the Czar of AIDS of the World Health Organization (who) end, Dr. Jonathan Mann, whose life ended tragically Flight 111 enroute to a European AIDS conference.

« More than a medical scientific problem, » Mr. Mann said: « AIDS is a socio-political imposition. »

AIDS is undoubtedly « artificial ».

We can now say this ‘very apparent iatrogenic origin’, compared to the ‘theoretical iatrogenic origin’ of HIV/AIDS due to the rapid increase, now substantial, scientific support for this conclusion.

Currently, an international scientific consensus among the leading researchers in this field, many of which the works and words are extracted below, maintains that AIDS came from one or several extraordinary events of artificial, not natural, dating from the early to mid 1970s. Particularly involved in the outbreak of the pandemic of AIDS, according to many scientists and researchers, has been the vaccine against hepatitis B as described below.

This may be a surprise, or even quite a shock, to most people from traditional media and most respected medical journals do not have yet to announce the following knowledge.

So most of the « authorities » still emit false and misleading claims such as:

1. ‘ theory of the origin of HIV HB vaccine has been discussed, debated and rejected by an overwhelming majority of the HIV/AIDS research community  »

2 « people who claim that AIDS was artificial provides hearsay and misinformation »

3 ‘ it’s sad that resources and public attention are diverted to attend to this dribble non scientific  »

4 « Synthetic AIDS vaccine promoters make seriously damaging the efforts of Community public health and vaccination »

5 « Those who are advancing the synthetic theories of AIDS have financial motives, » as if there’s no financial interests on the other side the debate

As a pro bono recently contacted consultant by Amnesty International (have) members wishing to advance the resolution of the world Organization investigate this thesis of HB vaccine, I am appalled by the amount of resistance and politicking executed by members of Amnesty International’s so-called « HIV/AIDS Task Force » aimed at $1 billion of relief for violations of human rights associated with HIV/AIDS from the US Government.

These funds, the Working Group reported, were urgently buy cocktails of drugs for people with HIV/AIDS. Each of the five highest cited claims were published by the members of this working group completely ignorant of the following science.

With regard to the first offensive claim as sole author of « Polio, hepatitis B and AIDS: an integrative theory on a possible vaccine induced pandemic » published by Harcourt Publishers, Ltd. of London, in the prestigious international journal of medical hypothesis, 2 this well-targeted thesis has never been « discussed, debated », or « rejected » by any consensus to any official title.

Although that black Americans were questioned about the origin of HIV/AIDS being artificial, 3 There has never been a poll published by the scientific community in this regard, and certainly not one about the hypothesis of HB advanced below.
AIDS origin misconceptions Versus Science

Iatrogenic opponents (or « human ») theories of AIDS were systematically confused by hearsay and sporadic media propaganda with hard sciences such as this « discussed, debated’ and not ‘rejected’ recently investigated by the Royal Society of London on the origin of this pandemic.

They exclusively focused on the theory that contaminated polio vaccines triggered the HIV/AIDS pandemic. 4

These proceedings have been published in 2001. Follow the relevant quotes to review reasoned the theory of this unique/yet-to-be-tested hepatitis B vaccine for HIV/AIDS. These statements were made by the featured presenters, all recognized leaders in this multidisciplinary field, discuss the theory of vaccine against polio from the origination of AIDS.

The first of these quotes is particularly relevant for the proposed investigations:

« There should be an investigation by an international committee comprised mainly of non-medical persons regarding how a theory rather obvious and plausible [of the origin of AIDS from contaminated vaccines] came to be despised and restricted publication for so long, especially when important implications concerning the worst epidemic of humanity and the even more important consequences for others perhaps even worse that may follow, hang in the balance.

As a corollary, it should be studied why the hypothesis should be promoted mainly by foreigners to science and medicine. The reassures the survey (and non-enquete) emanating from huge pharmaceutical companies and their influence in slope in subtle ways research should also be consulted, as should the role of journals and review peer potentially struck controversial nature publications. »

W.D. Hamilton, 5 cited by Julian Cribb in « the origin of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome: can science afford to ignore it? » Phil. TRANS r SOC Lond. 356:935 B (2001) – 938

« Faced with the terrible burden of AIDS, stories that HIV was introduced in West Africa by an accident such as OPV [oral polio vaccine] or intentionally by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) won widespread… credenza

However, because the natural transmission occurs several times, although on rare occasions, does not mean that the contamination of a vaccine could not track on another occasion. As with other infections, e.g., hepatitis B, natural and iatrogenic transmissions of retroviruses are not mutually exclusive. »

Weiss, RA 6

Despite studies which have put forward evidence suggesting a pre-1970 origin of AIDS 7-9 ,

« [t] he fact that there are dozens synchronous but differ from African epidemics is a definitive feature of AIDS including the natural transfer theory [for example, the ‘transfer of the hunter Cup’] gives no convincing account….

To summarize these findings concerning the relatively large number of subtypes of the Group M: no set of natural conditions… will simulate properly as much as ten distinguishable subtypes in a complex star-like configuration… [T] he responsibility, proponents of the natural [non-iatrogenic] theory to explain the large number of HIV-1 subtypes. The exponential growth of the epidemic (s) is not in itself a satisfactory explanation

(Hahn et al., 2000)…

The source most likely several subtypes and the synchronization of their remarkable diversification are punctuated origin [i.e., an iatrogenic event]… [I] t is not an exaggeration to imagine ten deriving from a single animal clades (perhaps immuno-suppressed with a swarm of variants) [such could be the case with chimpanzees used in the vaccine manufacturing process] or a few animals that could have belonged to a single troop or could be put in cage-gang together.

The number of animals required is secondary to the extent of the variation of the source at the time of the zoonotic [i.e., transfer of the virus between species] or iatrogenic event. Hypothesis [vaccine] argues for a such origin punctuated…  »

Myers G, et al. 10
« We conclude that the SIV cannot become a zoonosis, but requires adaptive mutations into HIV. A modern event must have helped in the transition from SIV with HIV. Our research shows that serial passage of SIV partially adapted between humans could produce series of sufficient cumulative mutations for the emergence of epidemic strains of HIV…

We conclude that the non-sterile injection increase in Africa during the period 1950-1970 supplied to the agent for human infections of SIV to appear as HIV epidemic in the modern era. »

Drucker E, et al. 11

I could intervene at this stage that this conclusion by Drucker et al., although seriously undermine the natural evolution theorists, reflects a myopic arrogance unworthy of their reasonable assumption otherwise.

Their conclusion neglects the risks inherent in the vaccine of hepatitis B manufacturing and control of the process as described below consistent with the analyses of Myers et al. 10 course, all the above statements that authorities contradict ‘common knowledge’.

The consensus of scientists at this conference of origin British historical AIDS privileged additional investigations on possible iatrogenic sources of the question.
The discovery of sequence HIV 1959

In the interest of facilitating the progress on this issue, much publicity was given to the notion that HIV was discovered in a sample of blood from 1959 of Léopoldville, Zaire; 8 and that the scientific consensus holds 1931 the approximate date of origination HIV. 7

These superstitions have resulted in common, yet false, statements that AIDS originated well before the era of vaccination against polio and the special virus Cancer program (SVCP) many highlighted below links originally « punctata » AIDS.

For the record, according to the authors of the discovery of 1959, they never found, or alleged having found, HIV, or something like a full virus. According to these authors, same,

« tries to amplify fragments of HIV-1 > 300 pairs of bases (bp) have failed… » However, after numerous attempts, four shorter sequences were obtained « who represented small portions of two of the six genes of the complete AIDS virus.  » 9

This is why Gao et al. referred to as sequences of 1959 as,

« the oldest trace of… well AIDS pandemic that the precise timing and the circumstances of the zoonosis of SIVcpz/HIV-1 early events remain unclear. » 22

[Note by the editor for the preacher, « SIVcpz » stands for « SIV in the chimpanzee virus. » This is known to be the closest viral relative for human AIDS, HIV-1 viruses.]

Unfortunately, with respect to sequences of 1959, Zhu et al. that left plenty of room for misinterpretation if it is not wild speculation by stating that given of the,.

«  » phylogeny of starburst,’ HIV – 1 was probably introduced by humans humans shortly before that time, on one or two decades earlier than expected…» » 10

They have speculated the zoonosis might have occurred « significantly earlier than the end of the 1940s. » Obviously, this account is not related with « extraordinary synchrony in the 1970s by ten distinguished epidemics or more », discovered by Myers et al. 10

Therefore, this last group of researchers concluded that, with the exception of 1959 suggesting viral, sequences

« Clinical, serological and molecular retrospective studies have all failed to bring any evidence of AIDS or HIV before the 1970s. » 10

As Myers et al. had originally put forward, in the early to mid 1970s « Big Bang » origin of HIV/AIDS is supported by scientific data more recent. 10

As if the repetition of false assumptions would change the historical and scientific facts, many contemporary, as researchers working group of these have representing AIDS, continuous imply that the SIV to zoonosis HIV is occurring or prior to 1959. Many evangelists of natural evolution theory continue to invoke the doctrine of ‘cut the Hunter’ now refuted to explain the origin of the pandemic. 8, 22

Reflecting on the position of Zhu et al., however, they simply concluded that viruses from large groups that dominate the global AIDS currently pandemic share an ancestor in the late 1940s or early 1950s.

However, taking into account factors including the probability of recombination of viral genes during the manufacture and testing of HB vaccine, as discussed in the next section, the Körber speculation and other confusion the 1959 « isolate » can hold mattered little, if any, to determine the origin of HIV/AIDS. 10

Suffice it to say, no one has never found a virus prior to the SVCP and the end of the 1970s. 11

At best, they found fragments of what could have been the complete virus, but most likely pieces of a progenitor virus, they called ‘a common ancestor’ dating « of the 1940s or at the beginning of the 1950s. » These and other parts of this « common ancestor » may have existed for centuries, even millennia. Yet once again, this evidence is not relevant when considering that the 1970s « punctuated [iatrogenic] event » considered recently made indisputable scientific.

More important still, as Zhu and Ho et al. found,

« the role of vaccination campaigns on a large scale, perhaps with multiple uses of unsterilized needles, should be carefully considered… « contributing to the sudden emergence of HIV/AIDS in Africa and North America at the same time during the late 1970 9, 11
The hypothesis of origin 1931 AIDS and viral recombination

For the 1931 date of origin of HIV by Körber estimated et al.7 (i.e., « somewhere between 1910 and 1950 » « ), a critical review of the methods of these authors reveals problems.

Largely speculative due to their use of a computer model factor of confusion-responsible, Korber and colleagues noted their limitations. They said that their conclusions about the projection of genetics of 1931, which opposes various theories pandemic induced by the vaccine, might be bad if viral recombination (s) took place. They have done certainly in the evolutionary process of SIV HIV according to most elsewhere. 10, 13

Yet, despite these facts, the opponents of the iatrogenic theory who have obtained a gross burden of proof ‘ advantage in the debate of origin of AIDS,  » 20 repeatedly references the work of this group, and the work often distorted by Zhuet al. 9 of the sequence discovery 1959 22

Again, the original « punctuated » by HIV/AIDS, determined by Myers et al. can only explain the almost simultaneous appearance ten distinct, yet related, AIDS epidemic in Africa in the 1970s, which were well established in 1976. 10

Loan other credit to the theory that early trials of vaccines against hepatitis B provided « the event punctuated », Korber et al. wrote errors laid down in their determination of 1931 using linear or recombination due to events scalable models ‘against natural »or iatrogenic, inciting recombination viral.

They wrote,

« If there is a concentration of such recombinants a period of sampling, the effect on the estimate of the time would be unpredictable. » 7

Thus, if « the event punctuated by original » advanced by Myers et al., 10 had been the passage of HB polio virus vaccinated humans to chimpanzees, then back to the man, with the additional risk of recombination of pooling of hundreds of infected serum samples prior to viral recombination additional transfers via vaccines HB given to humans in the city of New York and in sub-Saharan Africa , then this could better explain the origin of HIV/AIDS and make inconsequential 1931 projection Korber and others.

As indicated in the next section, it is precisely the thesis advanced by Horowitz. 2: 13

In summary, the determinations reached by Korber et al.,. 7 and Ho et al. 9 possible dates for the origin of HIV-1, 1931 and 1959 respectively, have been sufficiently specified elsewhere. 10

« The authors themselves recognize the super-computer-based study cannot tell if this hypothetical virus of 1930 was in humans or animals and therefore do not appear when the zoonosis occurred. » 7, 10

Myers et al. have subsequently qualified:

« If PIV [primate immunodeficiency virus] was in humans in the first half of the 20th century, it can estimate, given the assumptions of the retrospective analysis, that ancestral virus HIV-1 group M is committed to 1930 more or less 20 years. »

Conversely, if VIP was not in humans in the first half of the 20th century, then analyzing Korber and al. retains a value bit, otherwise no, in-so-far-like determinant a date or the origin of the HIV and AIDS 7, 10
The first vaccine against hepatitis B and the origin of AIDS

If the first vaccine against polio had not raised the origin of HIV/AIDS as scientific consensus now, holds 6 then another, related to the chimpanzee, « iatrogenic event » must be available to explain the amazing array of deadly recombinant which have been proved by Myers and al arose almost simultaneously during the beginning in the mid-1970 10.21

in this regard, even the most neglected and perhaps more relevant than the theory of OPV AIDS hypothesis of the vaccine against hepatitis B (HB). 2,13,23

According to scientific documents, 2 African chimpanzee have been used in the manufacture of HB vaccines during the beginning of the 1970s. Other documents prove that human HB viruses grown in vivo in chimpanzees were returned to the man whose infected blood serum was then put together to develop the four different strains of driver of HB vaccine experimental tested between 1970 and 1975 in Central Africa and New York City.

HB this theory of zoonosis HIV vaccine offers this ancestor exogenous, endogenous, or more likely viruses have been activated 24 If serial via humans to chimpanzees, and then again to humans.

Subsequently, blood serum containing surface antigen HB and/or direct virions, an environment conducive to viral recombination, was used to develop four alleged vaccines administered to gay New York population and at the same time the African sub-Saharan.

Also the phylogenetic evidence cited above, the epidemiological evidence also supports this theory of the origin of HIV HB vaccine.

Figure 1 is derived from Higginson and Muir report on the cancer studies conducted by International Centre for research on Cancer (IARC), in collaboration with National Cancer Institute (NCI). 25

Figure 2 derived from these data, superimposed on a map of the seroprevalence of HIV-1 in Africa, reported by the U.S. Department of Commerce in a publication discussing desirable depopulation linked with HIV/AIDS:. 26

Of the evidence additional here has been provided in the chronology of the trials of vaccines against hepatitis B early compiled by Goodfield. 27

Two maps, side by side, show a striking correlation between the vaccine against hepatitis B and liver cancer of experiments in Africa during the 1970s and countries in Central and southern Africa, with the highest rates of seroprevalence of HIV-1 in 1994. Black squares indicate areas involved in the HB virus vaccine research trials cancer and.

It should also be noted that Mozambique has one of the highest rates of HIV – 2, reportedly discovered by Essex et al.,. 28 class prostitutes Senegalese women in the years after African vaccination against hepatitis B has begun pilot studies. Because of their employment authorized by the State and the high risk of infection, Senegalese prostitutes should receive hepatitis B vaccines to ensure the relic.

That Essex et al. present SIVagm, a vaccine contaminant documented, in the blood of these human subject is also compel evidence in support of the theory of the origin of AIDS of HB vaccine. 29

In short, an evolutionary pathway generally neglected, theoretically viable and well documented by SIVagm to HIV-1 zoonosis sequentially involves:

1. polio vaccine recipients in the world, including gays in New York and blacks in Central Africa were exposed to the Simian viruses including SV40, SFR (Simian foamy retrovirus containing the reverse transcriptase), SIVagm and perhaps others since the mid-1950s, by at least the early 1960s; 2, 4

2 between 1965 and 1970, researchers in New York « isolated » and then inoculated the MS-2 strain of the virus of the HB in the above cited New York and HB African vaccine study ‘voluntary.’ 2, 30

3 . Man derived virus HB and potentially active retroviral sequences, were then transferred to chimpanzees, and then return to the man in New York and Central Africa during the development and testing of four genetically modified experimental subtypes before 1975 HB vaccine. 32, 33

HIV-1 risks of contamination, recombination, and/or transmission progenitor likely increased during this process by:

has. human incubation for more than a decade of contaminants of vaccine against polio and recombinant including SV40, SFR and possibly SIVagm

(b). the pooling of serum of infected blood donated by hundreds of American gay and black Africans polio vaccinated who had subsequently received injections with HB chimpanzee virus strains grown

c. biohazard to laboratory conditions and viral containment problems reported by the investigators of HB vaccine and their affiliates

d. the four pooled HB serum-culture vaccines that were administered to thousands of test in 1975 subjects, mainly men gay New York and central African blacks.

This series of events provides the best explanation for a start in the mid-1970s «punctuated event origin» more precisely fitting etiological determinations of the pandemic of HIV – 1 / 10

Again, it is noted that the African « volunteers » inhabit a coherent geographical area with the rate of seroprevalence of HIV-1. Among the nations where rates are higher, HB has been studied in: Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Uganda, Kenya, Swaziland and the northeastern part of South Africa.

Indications, East of Zaire bordering the region of West Nile in northwestern Uganda also hosted such trial. 2, 25-27
Historical priority for the hypothesis of HB vaccine

There’s a historic priority for this specific thesis of HB. According to Beale, the risk of virus HB contaminate human blood serum and subsequent vaccinations has been determined as early as 1942. Then, more than 62 deaths and 28 500 cases are the result of HB vaccines.31 yellow fever-contaminated serum

According to Hilleman, first vaccines yellow fever also delivered leukemia retrovirus to human populations due to the animal contamination and laboratory cage and concurrent transmission of vaccine. 13

Dr. Hilleman also strengthened this « punctuated original » thesis describing risks, he met by importing contaminated African sub-human primates for research on vaccines and the development in the pharmaceutical company Merck.

Between the end of the 1950s to the 1970s, Dr. Hilleman said medical historian Edward Shorter Harvard in 1987.

« I have brought the African green. « I didn’t know we were importing of HIV at the time. » 13

In light of these statements of fact, it is reasonable to suggest, as mentioned above, the first studies drivers of HB vaccine may have enabled an endogenous or exogenous retroviral gene related to HIV in one or more of the primates, 24 complete history « phylogeny starburst » advanced by Myers et al. 10

During the symposium of the Royal Society on the origin of AIDS, hypothesis of OPV/AIDS from the 1950s of Hooperwas reprimanded in large part because it could not establish the use of chimpanzees by the Wistar Institute in the production of the alleged OPV. 18 In addition, this vaccine did not selectively to the gay male population of New York.

Curiously, in the early 1970s against hepatitis B vaccine trials by Merck involving gay men in New York and blacks in Central Africa, partially prepared in chimpanzee in Africa any of exported/Merck Litton Bionetics (LB), have ironically without mention.
« Burden of proof » and the origin of AIDS

The most vocal opponent of the theories of the origin of the HIV/AIDS vaccine OPV and HB is Dr. John Moore, affiliated with the University of Rockefeller Aaron Diamond Research Center in New York.

As reported in the medical hypothesis, after a presentation to the advancement of the theory of vaccine HIV/AIDS HB at the 11th International Conference on AIDS, in 1996, Mr. Moore was chastised Cavalié this thesis in the Canadian Press. A few years later, he did the same about the book by Edward Hooper, the river which it alleged was historically inaccurate, potentially detrimental to the public’s confidence in medicine Western and detrimental to his colleagues ‘ efforts to make AIDS vaccines for use in Africa « . 2

When this author personally contacted Dr. Moore in an effort to begin scientific discourse, following his interview with the Canadian Press, Moore has refused any formal discussion.

Responding later at the insistence, he wrote me the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center saying:

« I explicitly refused you an interview when you asked a… » I told you that I had « no interest » in you… grotesque theories… For the record, I know what are your views, and I reject them. « Indeed, I reject as uninteresting, erroneous or downright stupid. »

In the Vancouver Sun, Moore was also quoted as saying,

« HIV is transmitted from monkeys to humans. I do not think that there’s no question about it. It is a harsh scientific reality. »

In fact, according to a scientific consensus, the definition of zoonoses for the origin of HIV occurred between chimpanzees and humans, not monkeys. 2

It is noted that the institutional benefactors of Mr. Moore include the Rockefeller family who, as well as the Rockefeller Foundation and institutional affiliation – Sloan – Kettering Memorial Cancer Center in New York – has invested heavily in research on viral cancer, vaccine developments, propaganda programs, population-control efforts and the pharmaceutical company Merck in particular. Thus, the bias of Moore is strongly suggested. 2,13,14

Worse still, history shows that shortly after Dr. Galloalleged « discovery » of the virus of AIDS in 1984, Mr. Moore co-directed the official single effort to consider Merck’s HB vaccine for ‘ fear of possible transmission of AIDS. 23 His principle co-investigator was Dr. B.J. Poiesz at the State University of New York.

Dr. Poiesz, their paper pointed out, had worked closely with Dr Gallo to isolate the virus ‘type C’ cancer associated with Lymphoma during the mid to late 1970s. Their group of researchers included « anonymous CDC authors » who, for unspecified reasons, failed central important New York and African HB vaccinated their analysis.

Adding insult to this injury, the findings of the team were completely incompatible with earlier determinations epidemiological and serological measures. 13

Strengthening respect for such political bias and science contaminated in this area of investigation is the conclusion drawn by several speakers at the meeting of the Royal Society in London. They addressed the « burden of proof » required of iatrogenic compared with theoreticians of origin natural AIDS. 10, 19 and 20 These experts have protested the non-scientific unfair advantage which has historically given to theorists of natural evolution outspoken, like Dr. Moore, who were curiously exempted from the obligation to justify their manifestly erroneous claims and assumptions.

Ironically, despite this, their misguided unproved theories are widely accepted as supposed to. 10, 19, 20

The only remedy that this deception is updated of knowledge concerning advanced genetic analyses which have seriously affected the arguments for viral jumps isolated that cannot adequately explain the source of AIDS and phylogeny « sunburst » of African strains more early by HIV. 10

As a result of the Symposium of the Royal Society, include the theories that are now required, if not ridiculous, isolated by the parenteral route (i.e., piercing the skin) injury (for example, ‘cut hunter theory’), nutritional exhibitions, population movements and climatic variations which are meant led to zoonotic isolated events followed years later, evolutionary , by the spread of the plague.

Furthermore, many participants at the Conference concluded that,.

« transfer of SIV to humans humans was probably related to a medical activity unprecedented in Africa in the 20th century. » 21
Bionetics evidence to be close

Which continues inadequately reported in the scientific literature, perhaps because researchers ignore, or because most investigators would certainly feel threatened by these disconcerting revelations, which was the exact scenario advanced by Myers et al., 10 at best account for the sunburst phylogeny and « punctuated original » event was repeatedly designed and studied during the Litton Bionetics (LB) administered SVCP, precisely at the time (1969-1974) necessary to produce the « Big Bang », as Myers originally called it.

At the same time, HIV-related study of LB of HB viral co-infections with virus associated with immunosuppression and symptomatology of AIDS was under way, as you can read below. This information comes directly from their contract entitled, ‘Surveys of viral carcinogenesis in Primates’ (NIH Grant Number 71-2025 starting February 12, 1962).

This team, celebrated by the « project officer » NCI Dr. Robert Gallo, the subsequent discoverer of HTLV-1, 2 (leukemia virus) and HIV – 1 (AIDS virus) almost 15 years later, said:

« During the past year [1970] macaques were inoculated at birth or in utero with breast Mason-Pfizer monkey virus, Epstein – Barr (EBV), Herpesvirus saimiri virus and virus disease Marek. » EB virus gave with the immuno-stimulation and immuno-suppression (ALS, prednisone, imuran). Antigen Australian virus [HB] gave the newborn of African Green monkeys. »

Perhaps this city of knowledge had an impact Dr. Gallo’sstatement earlier that the origin of HIV-1 have come « African Green’ (i.e. SIVagm), or Dr. Hillemanconfession he gave HIV/AIDS in North America in the African green? »

In addition, it is well known that the HIV-2 sources of this same time period.8 macaque monkeys this specific colony of Simian is multiply-infected is perhaps the source of the original SIV of zoonosis HIV? There’s plenty of evidence to suggest this, and it is certainly worthy of an official investigation.

It is also curious that EBV is of major interest to researchers LB team.

It is also well known that the EBV is a powerful carcinogen Co with HIV – 1 and deadly cofactor in the development of AIDS.

This report of 1971 by Landon, Ting and Gallo et al., refers to the use of primates « colony-born », observed for seroconversion to the status of immune suppressors « Positive EB » predisposing animals for cancers and retroviral infections.

Summing up the work, made almost a decade before Dr. Gallo ‘discovered’ the first leukemia retrovirus (HTLV-i) and later of the HIV – 1, his colleagues Bionetics revealed that their:

«[B] reeding and holding of colonies were asked of antibodies to EBV.». All farmers were positive and their offspring contain maternal antibodies for several months… [In addition] An RNA-dependent DNA polymerase, [the main enzyme AIDS-related] similar to that associated with tumor of RNA virus, was detected in human Leukemic cells but not in normal cells stimulated by phytohemagglutinin.

The enzyme has been isolated, purified and concentrated 200 times, which makes it possible to its further characterization and study in the Leukemic process in humans.  » 33  »

This document and the only declaration, given its date, should be a sufficient impetus for an independent inquiry into the SVCP regards the origin of AIDS.

Reflecting on the specific scenario proposed by Myers and colleagues work on phylogenetic correlates, recombinant and immunosuppressants and a history of the « Star » that reflects at least ten simultaneous HIV/AIDS African outbreaks, investigators Bionetics affirms the importance and the ‘proposed plan’ of their vaccine from research involving chimpanzees.

They wrote:

«Importance of biomedical research and the program of the National [Cancer] [special Virus Cancer] Institute: insofar as tests for the biological activity of the virus of human [cancer] candidates will be tested in humans, it is imperative that another system be developed for these decisions and, later for the evaluation of vaccines or other measures of control.  »

The close phylogenetic relationship of primates [i.e., chimpanzees] less than human justifies the use of these animals for these purposes. A more in-depth study of the RNA transfer altered and polymerase enzymes would determine their significance in neoplastic change and provide a basis for the selection of therapeutic agents.

« Courses: further and put more emphasis on monitoring and intensive care of animals inoculated to determine if active infection occurs, the effects of the infection and the degree of immunosuppression when used. » Other studies of human neoplasms at a molecular level will continue. » 33

Insofar as humans were not directly suffer from the virus of candidates »during the program, according to the memorandum, vaccines from live virus, retrovirus similar to the issue have been prepared and tested in the populations of primates who apparently included humans and chimpanzees.

This at the moment where Australian Antigen – highly infectious HB and cancer easily transmissible virus – and related HB vaccine were injected into chimpanzees and humans in New York and sub-Saharan Africa of the collaborators of a LB 33

At the XI International Conference on AIDS in 1996, when asked about his involvement in these studies Bionetics, Dr Gallo responded angrily to this author,

‘ Frankly, I do not know what the hell you’re talking about.  » 13

If the theory of HB vaccine could be the subject of an independent investigation of good reputation, as advocated by Dr. Cribb, 19 and now members, Dr. Gallo could be forced to discuss officially its contract with Bionetics in which,

«Australian antigen was given to newborns in African Green monkeys» in the context of testing « a swarm of variants [viral candidate and retroviral]. »

If he says always that this vaccine HB / the origin of the theory of AIDS has no merit, because he argued with force at this time, then it might be willing to publish an alternative account reflecting more recent scientific revelations.

Huebner et al. referred to in the contract Bionetics SVCP (NIH-71-2025), could also be persuaded to disclose valuable information about this vaccine HB / the origin of the theory of AIDS. 34

At that time, 1969, Dr. Robert Huebner was also a leader in this field in the prestigious National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council (NAS-NRC), i.e. precisely at the time of the Congressional Appropriations Committee heard testimony concerning the technical expertise available through the NAS – NRC for the development of the AIDS virus – like army.

at this time, these viruses have been targeted by the military in the Congressional Record as ‘synthetic biological agents.’ However, the scientific community referred to as the ‘type C’ RNA tumor viruses. Huebner was exquisitely aware of these developments and various species of retroviruses commonly be generated using crude methods of beginning of recombination in the SVCP laboratories. Again, these viruses have been descriptive, functionally identical to HIV-1. 2, 3, 13, 14

Contract summary report Bionetics of 1972, Dr. Huebner group isolated and tested a hybrid oncornavirus of cat man, RD-114, of a human Sarcoma in 1971. Sarcoma, associated with leukemias and lymphomas in AIDS patients were, at that time, the never seen before in gay men.

More later, in 1981, HB virus and vaccine expert Dr. Don Francis, relayed his opinion regarding the source of the first cases in New York, grid (AIDS)

« It’s a combination of feline leukemia and hepatitis B, » he told his mentor Max Essex Harvard. 35

Extract contract SVCP next 34 deals with testing of effective treatments for HIV/AIDS, as infections to the same start date:

« The effects of derivatives of rifamycin 11 on the viral reverse transcriptase and DNA polymerases of blood lymphocytes normal and Leukemic were assessed. Rifamycin 143-483, SV 3-formyl compound: octyl oxime has shown the greatest power and inhibits all DNA polymerases of viral and cellular origin. »

This may be a cure for AIDS? Unless this issue surveys are conducted, we will never know.

Reflecting these revelations in-so-far-as countless viral recombinants potentially contaminating labs LB and animals in cage and determinations of Myers et al.,. 10 a more appropriate question is,

« Why only ten forms of HIV/AIDS have exploded during the early1970s? »

It seems likely that many of the SIV came from these surveys as well as other pandemics such as herpes which exploded during the mid to late 1970s as well as immune suppressor disorders associated with EBV infections and cancers.

Obviously, it would be useful to explore the possibility of other scourges that can drifted transmissions and contamination of vaccine in the SVCP.

Many researchers, in fact, have published elsewhere on the serious risks posed by Virology cancer recombinant. 13 Others cited similar risks of vaccinations ‘sacred cow’ public health. 31

It is sobering to reflect on this knowledge as a result of the publications and formal evaluations of the Royal Society. 19
Whereas the AIDS genocidal theory

The 1998 report of the Zhu et al. 9 item named to help promote the book’s co-author Edward Hooper, The River, which has significantly reinforced a theory previously advanced OPV of origin of AIDS, 12 and gave only cursory review possible hepatitis B contamination of vaccine as the vector zoonotic to transfer/transform the human AIDS virus SIVcpz by 1976 4

Hooper referenced emerging viruses: AIDS and Ebola – Nature, Accident or intentional? among the texts which explore theory genocidal of AIDS which assigns to its training on hepatitis B theory. 13 he has warned against the acceptance of coverage of intentional HIV/AIDS theory which is consistent with the survey have proposed the SVCP, but he did not exclude the possibility that HIV was released intentionally. 4

According to Weiss , theories involving the CIA in the origin of AIDS have gained wide acceptance. 6 Surveys by Horowitz et al. 2, 3, 13 door on the CIA and 1969 appropriations hearings where the NAS – NRC has been credited as a source of technical expertise for the development of the U.S. Army’s AIDS virus.

at this time, biological weapons were of great interest protected by Nelson Rockefeller, and administration of Nixon National Security Advisor (NSA), Dr.. Henry Kissinger .

According to his biographer and two former directors of CIA – William Colby and Richard Helms – Kissinger oversaw top secret bioweapons called CIA MK:Naomi . Shortly after he became NSA, he ordered a review of these weapons capacity. 13-15

In addition, in the 1970s, in agreement with the U.S. Government and industrial global initiatives reflecting the Rockefeller Population Council directed exhortations to the depopulation of the third world, Kissinger requested and received National Security special 200 Memorandum articulate the urgency of dramatically reduce African populations. 16

at this time where Kissinger and associated were advisors to the Merck pharmaceutical company whose President, George w. Merck, was the biological weapon Director of industry America, as it had been since the second world war. 17

Hooper, the genocide of the HIV/AIDS hypothesis should be « taken with a grain of salt. » 4 It is clear, however, that of leaves, although indirect evidence, that U.S. Government officials, including Henry Kissinger, could have something to do with the epidemic of HIV/AIDS initial.

At the exact time corresponding to the first transmissions of HIV/AIDS, Kissinger realized a cryptocracy of national security that included affiliates machine /vaccine contractor of biological weapons Merck, as well as the contractor of traditional weapons Litton Industries.

President of Litton, Ashes of Roy, also served in the Nixon administration, monitor the American industry. Medical Litton Bionetics, subsidiary as detailed above, largely realized SVCP of NCI, biological weapons-administered Prime Minister of America testing center in Fort Detrick, Maryland and supplied chimpanzees, monkeys, virus of monkey, primate cell lines and other resources for research on cancer, the development of biological weapons and manufacture of vaccine.

Thus, Kissinger maintained certainly means, through its official channels at Litton Bionetics, Merck and the CIA, and the reason to deploy AIDS viruses in 1974 in the HB Merck’s vaccine. What is unacceptable to most people, Kissinger, an ardent defender of the African depopulation, would have considered it convenient that the emergence of HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa coincided synchronously with the policy of massive depopulation institutionalized with primary funding from the Rockefeller Foundation and the Merck Fund. 2, 3, 13, 14

More recently, Kissinger’s foreign genocidal operations Directorate was announced by the same consumer periodicals. 36

in the light of these revelations, it is very surprising that Kissinger wrote his own political compensation of genocide on behalf of the Government of the United States in Foreign Affairs , published by the Council on Foreign Relations in 2001 37
The challenge that we

« There is a crisis of public confidence in science and scientists, » said Dr. Julian Cribb, referring to the contentious manner in which the origin of HIV/AIDS research and the debate was carried out so far. « What I described is… a systematic effort to remove the public discussion and a scientific survey on this assumption important [vaccine] and discredit his supporters over more than 12 years. »

He summed up before the gathering of the Royal Society .

«Unless scientists are willing to go into this issue in an objective and transparent, it will damage the commands of the science in the eyes of the community.» 19

Determination of the origin of HIV/AIDS is vital for the following reasons according to Cribb:

1. to avoid similar disasters in the future

2 to discover the methods and materials that can evolve from this knowledge

3 to improve safety standards in laboratory of Virology and production facilities of vaccine based on the knowledge of the origin of the pandemic

4 to restore confidence and trust in this scientific and medical field 19

In addition, argues Cribb,

« If AIDS is iatrogenic, thanks to an error in good faith, science can be forgiven. But if it seeks to bury the idea, first of all, it will fail and secondly, it will destroy the confidence of the public. »

Insofar as the theory of HB of AIDS vaccine is officially neglected, as Hamilton planned:

« This hypothesis will certainly not go. » 19

But if the theory of HB vaccine on the origin of AIDS, as current science supports massively and the « process of elimination » has proved practically, is finally accepted, then guess forgivable « honest mistake » of Cribb may need to be reviewed against more unnerving possibilities.

At the time of this writing, Homeland Security Act was passed almost unanimously in the Senate. Mysteriously incorporated into its text was a clause of compensation for vaccine injuries that released from drug manufacturers of responsibilities associated with specific vaccine ingredients, as forerunners of the HIV in the HB vaccine. With this flagrant violation of the Constitution, civil and human rights, hundreds of thousands of Americans were forced to care, without compensation, for the vaccine injured family members.

If the U.S. Government is able to get away with this most flagrant violation of the public trust, which is able to secretly? Obviously, this current vaccine policy is a form of institutionalized – defined genocide as « mass enslave (pharmaceutically and otherwise) and kill people for the economy, policy, and/or ideology?  »

Also long above the scientific facts and AIDS-related issues remain unanswered by the mainstream medicine, the implications are as AIDS science and political immunization and all likely of science, has evolved in a vacuum devoid of ethics to serve the political, economic, or ideological reasons. Therefore, by strict definition, genocide and the births have a lot.

So much and so well that without worrying about whether AIDS was born by accident or intentionally, with these data, there is sufficient justification to invent a new term more appropriate – «iatrogenocide.»

Further research to test this hypothesis should include:

· retrospective epidemiological studies of homosexual people in New York reported receiving the first HB vaccines

· serological studies of any blood or serum of these first subjects for the study of HB vaccine

· same for chimpanzees used in trials preliminary and/or vaccine manufacture

· genetic analyses of viral components in samples from the batches of vaccine used during these initial trials of the HB vaccine (if still available).

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