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The NATIONAL EDUCATION, Yes, the true, the profs… what! Our kids… what! ,not the goat deMR SÉGUIN, no, that of valls.

(Ave, the singing assent of the CONG sudeu!) Mr Valls chevreu

After the passage in full force with the macron Act, you want to still go in full force with this reform of shit, just to piss off people, it is there that we say that it is 2 there valls, and valleaud and the rest, of course, but mostly these 2 there at the moment, have really nothing to fuck in this Government, if you want to play the dictators , remember this, happened to the 2 Ceausescus it, was in Romania, France, I dare not even imaginer(Oh si,j’aimerais bien,que tu imagines,GAGs), Masons francs hunting is open, I spokes is you, I recheuflirais, you’re frankly sick, but, tanpis, a, I don’t honestly feel that it lead, and two, wait you to visit , because by dint take people for idiots, it, get angry, and not a little and frankly rely only on yourself

You see, you are so convinced that reform will be, that it will be not, but, it you will see well, To avoid using still the 49.3, on a law and avoid, a motion of censure, he and she, to find a way to modify the reform, or to accept by their brother JM. SAVED, I presume (Council of State, royal palace) decidedly, you really want to see the world, you feel alone may be, but, frankly VALLS you got not enough, finally ! Jean-Marc Sauvé , vice-president of the Council of State at the dinner of the Grande Loge de France, which is only its 3RD edition,(j’ai bien raison de présumer) that being said, it will change not the schmilblick, as, said (COLUCHE) POPPA MUZZLE


This summer we presented you a petition drafted by a young activist.
This petition is the first to request the dismissal of Holland, by way of referendum. After the text of the petition, that many have surely signed without reading it in its entirety!

I copy /coller, and I have added this in * bold italic

you have been more than 30 000 to sign the petition. Bravo and thank you! there are about (* 1 year may be, 1 yr and a half)

» Petition: Holland resignation !


We the people, ask our members to act in our names because the assessment of failure lies with Parliament and therefore an authority policy, i.e. the High Court of Justice.
We remind that one-fifth of the members of Parliament either 185 deputies or senators supported by 1/10th of the registered voters may request the holding of a referendum
• Knowing the facts such as to justify this procedure have no need to be qualified as criminal or civil misconduct.
• Knowing that many breaches of the duty of reserve which is hers were demonstrated publicly.
• Knowing that because of his behavior, damage to the function of the President are now visible internationally.

We acknowledge Mr. Hollande a deplorable image of France abroad, publicly deceiving on the history of a country, ignoring the respect for local customs.
We acknowledge Mr. Hollande of having neither national nor international stature and have even not genuine cohesion within his Government.
We acknowledge Mr. Hollande may not be the President of a people, but a party of Lobbies.
We accuse Mr. Hollande to impose such visions by forgetting the people, and the promised reforms and expected while unemployment continues to rise, that retirees soon cannot be paid.
We acknowledge Mr. Hollande to any reform that would allow the economic rehabilitation of the country in a sustainable and stable.
We accuse Mr. Hollande ruining FRANCE with taxes and waste

We the people, are objective and know perfectly well that there is little chance that François Holland is found guilty but its removal would prevent other disasters or worsening an already critical situation.
Also, we the people, solemnly asked our deputies to act on our behalf as they must do in order to stop the recession economic, moral and intellectual France lack relaunch its growth.

We therefore create this petition which must collect the maximum of signatures so that our members are listening to US and act like they have for our sake, for the people.

Sign our petition
To encourage our members to submit a Referendum initiative on shared
To remove the current President of the Republic, François Holland, finally for the good of the people. »


How to remove the President?

Decryption- Nearly three years after a vote similar to the National Assembly, the Senate finally adopted Bill organizing the dismissal of the head of State. Why and how? Response elements.

Not an anti-Hollande reform

The Senate voted Tuesday night the draft organic law allowing the dismissal of the head of State. A link with the failover of the House last month right? Not really, especially since the adoption was made almost unanimously (only 18 elected Communist opposed). This constitutional reform has in fact recorded in February 2007, at the end of the Presidency of Jacques Chirac. But its application had to be translated by an organic law, which had never been adopted by the Parliament so far. Voted at the National Assembly in January 2012, under the previous quinquennium, the text had previously never been taken up by the Senate. Before be finally enacted, the Minister for relations with Parliament, Jean-Marie Le Guen, said that Bill must now be checked by the Constitutional Council.

An impeachment in several stages

Specifically, the constitutional reform of 2007 introduced the installation of the High Court, meeting of both houses of Parliament, which becomes the only court able to rule on the status of the head of State during his tenure. Before that was the High Court of Justice, which could not hold the President in the case of « high treason ». Now, article 68 of the Basic Law stipulates that it may be removed « in the event of breach of duty manifestly incompatible with the exercise of its mandate », which leaves a wide enough interpretation on the subject. According to public life website, the dismissal « may relate to political but also private president’s behaviour » and can pronounce « out of any offence » because it is « a political and not criminal, the President sanction ».

Note in this regard that the criminal status of head of State continues to protect any French court according to article 67 of the Constitution also came into force in 2007. François Hollande promised in his presidential campaign to reform, but has incurred since no revision of the Constitution.

The impeachment procedure, for its part, can be initiated by one of the two bedrooms. It must be motivated and obtain the signature of at least one-tenth of its members (58 out of 577 for the Assembly for example). If, after review, the Constitutional Law Committee considers this resolution receivable, it is subject to the vote of all the members and must obtain a majority of at least two-thirds. If posted, the proposal is transmitted to the other room. A new adoption by a majority of two-thirds summoned the High Court, presided over by the president of the National Assembly and bringing parliamentarians together. During its work, she can hear the president of the Republic. The instance must rule on the dismissal within a period of one month, by secret ballot, there still at the majority of two-thirds.

On the American model

The adoption of a procedure for removal of the head of State is a first in the history of the French Republic. Initially, it is a promise of campaign of Jacques Chirac in 2002 while he was implicated in the case of fictitious jobs in the City Hall of Paris. Before that, the President was a litigant as another. The world including related the example of Valéry Giscard d’Estaing who appeared in 1974 after a complaint by ecologist René Dumont for « illegal display » – it had been finally acquitted.

This removal would draw the U.S. procedure of impeachment. In the U.S., the House of representatives can initiate this procedure and thus pave the way for a « trial » in the Senate. But this process is different from the France since his criminal and not political responsibility, must be questioned in the context of its function. If multiple procedures were launched (Richard Nixon on the Watergate in 1974, Bill Clinton in 1998 after the Lewinsky scandal), none went until its completion. In addition to the United States, other presidential regimes, including in Europe, provide similar pathways. Under exceptional conditions, the Ukrainian president Yanukovich had was deposed by Parliament in February. 2012. in Romania, it is a referendum that decided on the departure of president Basescu. But the too low turnout had invalidated the poll.

List of a few Mason franc French, you know some, you will see others, or, you know their idendites if you go to these addresses

The Grand Master of the Grande Loge de France, Marc Henry, should remember the fundamental values of Freemasonry, which are also those of the Republic, GAG! I came across these words, which have puzzled me and smiles, because for me and certainly for the Rothschilds, who do tell me not contrary, as a bricklayer franc cannot be Republican, it’s not a brother Rot…, which is at the origin of the Republic in 1788,(la date,pas précise).

A true Republican, one that employs all the precepts and values of the French Republic, with any people, and not, who said Republicans, but one that do not at all these values (Valls), two, applying these values to the people of his monde(franc maçon)

3rd dinner of the Grande Loge de France – block notes of Jean…

4th dinner of the Grande Loge de France Saturday, September 27, 2014.

Masons, members of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF) in the Government of Holland / Al-Shehri

François Hollande a President in the agenda of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF) before the CIA had Alain Bauer, now she has HOLLAND and the Shepherd (Valls).

President of the Republic

François Hollande (President of the Republic), Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF) and « Young Leader » of the French American Foundation

Ministers and advisers Freemasons

_ Jean-Marc Ayrault (Prime Minister) said the senility Guide: in 2008, Mayor of Nantes, he did vote a grant of €400 000 for the renovation and expansion of the premises used for the meetings of 7 Masonic Lodges

_ Manuel Valls (Minister of Interior) franco says valls, the Fuhrer, or, the Shepherd Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF )

_ Christiane Taubira (Minister of Justice) says tench, female Freemason member of the Masonic sect of Grand Loge Féminine de France (GLFF )

_ Pierre Moscovici (Minister of economy and finance),said MOCSCO, or, the incompetent former member of the Revolutionary Communist League and « Young Leader » of the French American Foundation

_ Najat Vallaud-Belkacem (Minister of the right of women),said the goat « Young Leader » of the French American Foundation

_ Arnaud Montebourg (Minister of relief productive), Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF) and « Young Leader » of the French American Foundation (, Arnaud, one cannot defend the flag, and the rest, if you’re FAF, incompatible) you know, we know.

_ Michel Sapin (Minister of labour) said Grincheuxai ih, Aï Oh, Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF )

_ Vincent Peillon (Minister of education) said the reform (alone, has been reformed by the school) which, Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF) and former Communist member of Committees Communists for self-care

_ Jérôme Cahuzac (Minister for Budget) said the Rifleman (which also pulls itself with the State coffers), Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF )

_ Jean-Yves Le Drian (Minister of defence) the invisible shield, Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF )

_ Stéphane Le Foll (Minister of Agriculture), said DON QUIXOTE DE LA MANCHA ( A will are trained farmers, to give seeds to tractors with the P-T-N of the TRANSATLANTIC Treaty, that he is of respond us with the Yankees) that it returns on the benches, it is there,Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF )

_ Marylise Lebranchu (Minister for reform of the State, decentralization and public service) says the incompetent,she is so thing, that it is no female Freemason and former Communist member of the PCMLF (Communist Party Marxist-Leninist of France), the Communist has « failed there, in PS, worn by surf bullshit made and each other, continue, you’ll meet other mollusc as HOLLAND. , is kar max died (cousin of Rothschild, in 3rd position, thus far, but cousin )

_ Patrick Kanner (Minister of the city, youth and Sports) ‘Not know’, Freemason member of the Masonic sect North light

_ Anne-Marie Escoffier (Minister-delegate responsible for decentralization) said champion, female Freemason member of the Radical left party and member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Loge Féminine de France (GLFF )

« Basically, I don’t think be a politician.
On the other hand, I believe that I give priority across human.,a macon, who think about humans, not, but, you want! GAG!
For me, give a meaning to his life, it is give it to the other. It, and the Groundhog fold chocolate etc… GAG! It is the good, strong, toussante, but P-T-N good!
Feel responsible and liable towards his country. »

– Anne-Marie Escoffier, February 18, 2013 in an interview on his action to the Government

– Champion of the lie, the level of mensonge31sur 33 attrbution, it catches up soon ratzinger33

_ Flower Pellerin (Minister delegate responsible for small and medium-sized enterprises, Innovation and the digital economy), said the dreamer « Young Leader » of the French American Foundation , FAF, nothing will change them!

_ Benoît Hamon (Minister delegate for social and solidarity economy and consumption), Freemason

Female Freemason George Pau-Langevin, (Minister responsible for educational success),

_ Michèle Delaunay (Minister responsible for seniors and autonomy), female Freemason

Frédéric Cuvillier (Minister for transport) No. comments, Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF )

Marc Mancel ( Advisor of the Minister George Pau-Langevin), Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF )

_ Christophe Chantepy (Director of the cabinet of Jean-Marc Ayrault), Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF )

_ Alain Simon (comptroller general at the Ministry of the economy), Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF )

_ Alain Vidalies (Minister in charge of the relationship with the Parliament), Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF )

_ Aquilino Morelle (Advisor to François Hollande), Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF) and « Young Leader » of the French American Foundation

_ Cédric Lewandowski (Chief of staff to Jérôme Cahuzac) said the loufia, helps it to carry suitcases, Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF )

_ Victorin Lurel (Minister delegate in charge of the overseas ), Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF )

_ Renault Vedel (Deputy Director of office of Manuel Valls), Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF )

_ Alain Bauer (unofficial Manuel Valls Advisor), Freemason former Grand Master of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF )

_ Yves Colmou ( Adviser to Manuel Valls), Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF )

The Franc – masons of the Senate

_ François Rebsamen (Chair of the PS in the Senate), Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF)

_ Jean-Pierre Sueur (Senator PS of the Loiret Department and President of the Law Commissions), Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF )

_ Claude Domeizel (Senator PS des Alpes-de-Haute-Provence), Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF )

_ Gérard Collomb (Senator Mayor of Lyon), Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF )

_ Michèle André (Senator PS du Dôme), Freemason vice President Fraternal parliamentary and member of the Masonic sect of the Human right

_ Robert Navarro (Senator PS of the Hérault), Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF )

The Freemasons in the National Assembly and local authorities

_ Henri Emmanuelli (MP PS des Landes), Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF )

_ Christian battle (MP PS North), Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF )

_ Pascale Crozon (MP PS du Rhône), female Freemason vice President Fraternal parliamentary

_ Pascal Terrasse (MP PS of Ardèche), Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF )

_ Oliver Dussopt (MP PS of Ardèche), Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF )

_ Brigitte Bourguignon (MP PS du Pas-de-Calais), female Freemason

_ Odiles Saugues (MP PS of the Puy de Dome), female Freemason

_ Patrick Menucci (MP PS of the Bouches du Rhône), Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grande Loge de France (GLDF )

_ Paul Giacobbi (Member of PRG of Haute-Corse), Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grande Loge de France (GLDF )

_ Jean Le Garrec (former Minister PS),Freemason president of Circle Ramadier, Member of the Grand Orient de France (GODF Masonic sect )

_ Philippe Guglielmi (First Secretary federal PS of Seine-Saint-Denis), Freemason former Grand Master of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF )

_ Jean-Jacque Queyranne (president of the region Rhone Alpes), Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF )

_ Philippe Foussier (Editor in Chief of the journal of the national socialist and Republican elected representatives Federation), Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France

_ Jean Glavany (MP PS des Hautes-Pyrénées), Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF )

_ Jean-Marie Cambacérès (MP PS du Gard), Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF )

_ Jean-Michel Baylet (Senator PRG of Tarn-et-Garonne), Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF )

_ Jack Lang, Freemason says the pedo

_ Daniel Vaillant (Deputy-Mayor in Paris), Freemason

_ Bertrand Delanoë (Mayor of Paris), homosexual and Freemason member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF )

_ Harlem Désir (First Secretary of the Socialist Party), Freemason Member of the Masonic sect of the Grand Orient de France (GODF), it is for this that he gave him, a place of Secretary,

Holland made a promise to campaign in valls

News, new, which intrigued me

The Director General of the IMF is accused of « negligence of a person vested with public authority » in the investigation into arbitration granted to Bernard Tapie in 2008. It excludes to resign from his post. Nothing to do with the fact that she is part intregrante of the pyramid, which, funny is it, and they know pertinennement, it said, « we top zero » when, she spoke of 2014 = equal7, agree, this proves nothing, apart from the fact that she spoke to people, when talking about in general, waiting for the audience to understand and be in function , but what is what ‘ she said them? Moreover, she knows, it’s manipulation, in the video, or was sees do his funny math to say what?, this is this year, but it’s more year-round, we in 2015, in Numerology, there will be beautiful dropper zero it f’ra, always = 8

(J). Pede

The Vatican rules the world: the Rothschild connection

For anyone to not believe this old body of 2000 year with extensive holdings in gold, art, real estate, multinational companies and above all, knowledge, is not the institution the most powerful in the world, can’t think right. The following article highlights the power of the Vatican and the influential rankings of Rothschild and the Queen of Windsor family. You should be aware that the current head of the Rothschild dynasty is Baron David René James de Rothschild. He is married to the Princess Olimpia Anna Aldobrandini recluse. Here is a brief note of her ancestors:

The Aldobrandini are an Italian noble family of Florence, with close ties to the Vatican. His Roman fortune were made when Ippolito Aldobrandini became Pope under the name of Clement VIII. He arranged the marriage that linked the Aldobrandini with the Roman family of the Pamphili. In addition, they are also linked to the alliances of marriage with the Farnese (Ranuccio I, Duke of Parma, had wife Margherita Aldobrandini) and Borghese (since Olimpia Aldobrandini married Paolo Borghese).

Rothschild: Périer & ROYAL Knights
For those who doubt the balance of powers between the Rothschild, the British royalty and Papacy, I compiled the following collection of information showing verifiable Knighthoods Pontifical & Royal granted to the Rothschild family. These include not just deducted or chivalry of hearsay. Note that in the Grand scheme of things these Knighthoods are not even the most elite of such orders, for example the Garter or tub to mention but two.

I would like to draw your attention to the following two articles that reveal lots of secret connections in European finances (and thus international), politics, military and intelligence. These give a taste of the extent of the influence of the Catholic & papal-loyal, elites including the orders of chivalry as Franco-napolitaine of the Constantinian order and SMOM Directorate (Knights of Malta). The Venetian & Genoese aristocracy & their descendants of black nobility called receive too little context here:



There are other good sources that affect to the wealth of the Vatican, including « in by David Yallop the name of God » (which is not an anti-Catholic polemic).

How can anyone think that the Rothschilds are the ultimate power is beyond me. Very powerful? Yes. The mind behind the eye that sees everything? No question. We need to examine in greater depth beyond these anxious businessmen of their Kabbalistically. Without wanting to diminish the truth about their influence, we must keep things in perspective.

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, former head of the now Colombia-Rothschild banking interests (now United with the French Rothschild banking interests & supervised by David René de Rothschild since 2003) to be interviewed on television controlled by intelligence & son David Mayer de Rothschild on the Alex Jones radio show? Hilarious.

Evelyn Rothschild U.S. & UK TV interviews, end of 2008:


Watch the end of it for some humor. English interviewer was more satisfied with his meeting!

David Mayer de Rothschild, interviewed by «Asset of the CIA, Jesuit coadjutor» Alex Jones on the issue of concert Live Earth, event that took place on the Kabbalistically significant 07/07/07:


The Jesuit superior general Adolfo Nicolas, Pope Benedict XVI, SMOM Grand Master Matthew Festing, Constantinian masters the Duke of Castro and Duke of Calabria, Queen Elizabeth II: one of them would be reduced in this way? No chance. Most people have only heard the Pope & the Queen in this batch. They make speeches of fork-grooves for the layman to accept on face value.

Evelyn de Rothschild was invested as a Knight in 1989, but not of any order that I could find. This means that it is a single Knight. Some sites State conspiracy that he is a Knight of the British Empire, but I was able to confirm that his cousin Lord dynastic, Jacob is a Knight of that order:


Lord Jacob (the 4th Baron) Rothschild was made a member of the order of merit of the Queen (personally selected and given by the monarch, it is directly below the rank of Knight Grand Commander of the order of the bath in terms of honour) in 2002 and Knight Grand Cross of the order of the British Empire in 1998. Note that his title of Baron Rothschild is a title of UK dating back to 1885. It is also – and perhaps confusingly – the 5th Baronet Rothschild, a title of UK dating back to 1847 & the current Baron von Rothschild, a title of the Empire of Austria dating back to 1822. It should also be noted that, in 1985, is made Commander of the order of Henry the Portuguese Navigator:


His father, Lord Victor (the 3rd Baron) Rothschild was a Knight Grand Cross of the British Empire in 1975 & was also a Knight of the order of St Jean of the Queen:

See: http://www.thepeerage.com/p7108.htm#i71075

The Queen as sovereign of the order of Saint John (and order by Michael & George, who was recently awarded an honorary Knighthood on asset Jesuit/Vatican & Freemason Shimon Peres) is at the head of a franchise, order of Malta of the Pope, the SMOM. Thus, she is a Dame of Malta. As the Rothschilds rely on the Queen, so do both rely on the papacy & finally to the general of the Jesuits.

For good bases of Sir Evelyn & connections of Lord Jacob (& Lord Victor) focused on the new world order, see:


There is also a bio for the French Baron Edmond de Rothschild:


Son of the current Lord Rothschild, Nat, has no such distinctions & made his cousin David Mayer de Rothschild, nor is the French United & the British Rothschilds banking head David René de Rothschild. And nor have any of their other paternal ancestors, other that those listed above, according to my research turned upwards:


Note that the great great great great (Yes, it’s big four!) Grandfather of Lord Jacob Rothschild & the great great great grandfather of Sir Evelyn & David René de Rothschild – Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founder of Rothschild Bank dynasty international, was made an officer of the Imperial Crown (Holy Roman Empire) in 1800:


Evelyn de Rothschild’s Grandfather Leopold de Rothschild invested a commander of the Royal Victorian Order (C.V.O.) in 1902. Brother of Leopold II Sir Nathan Mayer Rothschild, the great grandfather of Lord Jacob Rothschild, was invested as a Knight Grand Cross, Royal Victorian Order (R.N.), also in 1902. Leopold & Nathan Mayer parents were Baron Lionel Nathan de Rothschild and Charlotte de Rothschild. Baron Lionel Nathan de Rothschild was associate principal of NM Rothschild and Sons in 1836.


The father of Lionel Nathan – confusingly – was another Nathan Mayer & son of Mayer Amschel. This Nathan Mayer was the ancestor of Sir Evelyn & Lord Jacob. His brother (another of the original (in) famous five sons of Mayer Amschel) Jame Mayer was the ancestor of David René de Rothschild.

Here, I would note that at the bottom of this focus on the Rothschilds, I chose a career and business information from Wikipedia to get updated information, the general public on the Rothschild distinguished to use as a quick comparison of a member of the family with another, for comparison with more oriented on the conspiracy of material.

Now that certain information of bankers more directly related to the American side of things, note that American financial Tycoon J.P. Morgan (who has escaped death by not going do not on the Titanic as it was booked to travel on) wisely died in Rome & was a Knight of the House of Savoy papal-loyal Order of Sts Maurice & Lazarus :


And of course, frontman & 1918 JP Morgan, Jr., Elihu Root lawyer led the club which became the Council on Foreign Relations in 1921, whose root was a prominent member of & it obviously isn’t a surprise that Chief Adviser to JP Morgan was the first president of the CFR:


In truth and pedagogy -.


Download pdf book:
Billions of Vatican – Avro Manhattan



Excerpts from « The Vatican holds your mortgage? » by William Thomas:


The Fed gets its orders of the Queen-Mother of all banks, the Bank of England – aka, the Rothschild Bank. Regarded by many as the most powerful institution in the world – energy that animates all the dictatorships and the thrones – presidencies is the response of the Bank of England to another bank?

Well, Yes, actually.

The Bank of Rome began to open branches in Venice in 1587.

Rome Bank = Vatican Bank controlled by the Jesuit general, alias the ‘Black’ Pope (hidden, shade).

Bank of Rome of the Jesuit opened its branch of the Bank of England in 1694. The first bank to be baptized in a country, the Bank of England had nothing to do with the British Government – except to the owner through private debt, compound interest.

Irresponsible to the Queen or to Parliament, improperly labeled finance « Bank of England » to the throne, the British Prime Minister, Parliament and much of the planet’s « The City », located in the centre of London. All the big British banks have their head offices in this « Square Mile » – as well as 70 U.S. banks. Add to that the London Stock Exchange, Lloyd of of London, the Baltic Exchange (shipping), Fleet Street (publishing and newspapers), London Commodity and metal exchanges – and you look at the financial axis of Earth. [Descent into slavery]

The city functions as a sovereign State, just like the Vatican. Since 1820, the Rothschilds have traditionally chosen Lord Mayor the.

Back in the United States, as the author Eric Phelps explained in an interview just before the publication of his Vatican Assassins secret-shredding, (which is held to include corrections by sympathetic Jesuit) – black dresses of the Vatican « to own and control » Federal Reserve Bank « vicariously through the Knights of Malta, with their various trusts and so on. » They never have anything outright; « they always confess through trusted third party. »

« All roads lead to Rome… We have begat it the Federal Reserve by the Bank of England begat by the Rome Bank. Similarly, the Bank of the Canada is an offshoot of the Bank of England, which is a child of the Rome Bank – aka, the Vatican Bank.

And the Vatican, as all the world ‘knows’ is managed by the Pope of « White » – star of CNN. Left untranslated is the moment of Coronation, when the new Pontiff says in Latin: ‘you take the triple Crown adorned with tiare and know that you are the father of princes and Kings and the art of the Governor of the world ‘. [The Vatican assassins]

According to Baron Avro Manhattan, author of a series of breathtaking of the books of the Vatican, « many historians, researchers and an American MP said that: »The Vatican through the order of the Jesuits controlling the Illuminati is in the control of the federal reserve. » » » [Vatican billion by Avro Manhattan]


« It is absolutely necessary for the salvation of every human to be subject to the Roman Pontiff creature. » -Pope Boniface, Unam Sanctam (1302)

We begin to see how more than 150 years, the general of a subversive military power, called the Jesuits could boast to the duc de Brissac, « from this room, your grace, I govern not only Paris, but China – not only China, but around the world – and all this without a any know how it’s done.  » [Constitution of the Jesuits 1843]

National and personal sovereignty have not improved since. As says Baron Avro Manhattan, the Pope « must not pray for divine intervention to operate the levers of economic power – there give instructions to his staff, the Vatican Bank. » Only the Pope and a top bank officers couple know specific details of its operations… This secret is one of the main reasons why few people know that the papacy leads one of the large financial groups in the world. »

The Vatican likes to point out that it is going to ruin the Vatican City running. But Cardinal Edmund Szoka, informal Finance Minister to the Vatican, said the week of the assets of the total Vatican money about $5 billion. Quoted from the Vatican « has a separate financial statement », he added.

According to a study by Baron Manhattan: « the Vatican has significant investments with the Rothschild of Britain, the France and America, with Hambros, with Switzerland Credit Bank in London and Zurich. The United States, it has significant with the Morgan Bank, the Chase Manhattan Bank First National Bank of New York, Bankers Trust Company and investments other. The Vatican has billions of shares in international more powerful companies such as Gulf Oil, Shell, General Motors, Bethlehem Steel, General Electric, International Business Machines, applied, etc. »

A national Catholic priest has stated, « the Catholic Church must be the largest company in the United States. We have a branch in every neighborhood. Our property and real estate assets must exceed those of Standard Oil, A.T. & t., and handsets of U.S. Steel. « And our list of members should be second only to the Government of the United States tax rolls.  » [Billions of the Vatican]

« But this is just a small part of the wealth of the Vatican, which in the United States only, is superior to that of the five richest giant companies of the country, » Baron Manhattan explains. « The Catholic Church is the greatest financial power, accumulator of wealth and land owner in existence. » [Vatican billion]

Don’t forget to throw more than 18 000 works of art. [Dec 21, fortune/87]

The only Vatican gold treasure has been estimated by the Magazine United Nations world amount to several billion dollars. The Independent has independently confirmed that « the Vatican – Istituto per le Opere di Religione – Bank manages more than $4 billion in assets. It does not disclose its profits or dividends, which are paid directly to the Pope. It has the status of a Central Bank and has a room decorated with crucifixes and papal portraits where 20 traders work. « [Independent 19 Apr/02]

For more excerpts, see: http://troyspace2.wordpress.com/2008/12/25/excerpts-from-does-the-vatican-hold-your-mortgage/


[I have added several notes on each Rothschild featured in the post’s Craig Oxley below & added my initials after them (TS).] [For further research, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rothschild – TS]


Obedience and suspicious decorations

In the early 19th century, the Pope approached the Rothschilds to borrow money. The Rothschilds were very friendly with the Pope, causing a journalist say ironically « Rothschild has kissed the hand of the Pope… Order was finally restored »

Derek Wilson: « Rothschild: the wealth and power of a dynasty », p. 101.

« Carl Mayer (Kalman) Rothschild (* 1788-†1855, Oesterreich) [should not be confused with his son Carl Mayer referenced below – TS] »

« It even granted the Pope Gregory XVI’s liquidity injections and was received on January 10, 1832, in the audience, the kiss on the hand of license and received the order of St. George. » [Possibly a medal of the order sacred military Constantinian St. Georges and.] [See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sacred_Military_Constantinian_Order_of_Saint_George – TS]

[« Selbst dem Papst Gregor XVI. gewährte finanzielle Spritzen und wurde am 10 er. Januar 1832 von zur Rupestri empfangen, der Handkuss gewährt und der Orden des Heiligen Georg language. »]

http://www.Lemura.de/RTH/RTH.html [translated]

[« Baron Carl Mayer Rothschild was born in 1788. … He is the son of Mayer Amschel Rothschild and Gütle Schnapper. … He was the founder of the branch of Naples de Rothschild, who, after the unification of the Italy, returned to Frankfurt. He lived in Naples, Italy. » [- See also the http://www.thepeerage.com/p13776.htm#i137757: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_Mayer_von_Rothschild – TS]

Amschel Mayer Rothschild [should not be confused with his father Mayer Amschel referenced below – TS]

[« Amschel Mayer Rothschild was born in 1773. He was the son of Mayer Amschel Rothschild and Gütle Schnapper. He died in 1855. … He continued the family business in Frankfurt. He was created Baron Rothschild [Austrian Empire] on 29 September 1822. At his death, his business finally passed into the hands of the family Rothschild Naples.  » [- http://www.thepeerage.com/p19531.htm#i195310 also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amschel_Mayer_Rothschild-TS%5D

Bear a cross of Malta [order of Malta, order of St Jean, Johanniterordenqui – TS]. After all Mayer Amschel was the son of the former Rothschild, Mayer Amschel and took over the headquarters in Frankfurt.

[Baron – TS] Carl Mayer of [-TS] Rothschild [should not be confused with his father Carl Mayer referenced above – TS]

[« Baron Mayer Carl Rothschild was born in 1820. He is the son of Baron Carl Mayer Rothschild and Adelheid Hertz. … Baron Mayer Carl Rothschild has lived in Naples (Italy). He lived in Frankfurt-am-Main, Hessen, Germany. » -http://www.thepeerage.com/p7107.htm#i71070]

Only the decoration to the left [the gentleman right of photo – TS] could be Jewish – others rather not. [Star of the Knight Grand Cross of the British Empire, above the Malta order or order of St Jean of the cross of Malta, I believe. The source of this picture seems to be: http://www.bium.univ-paris5.fr/sfhad/iahd/iahd02f.htm. Thus, if the gentleman pictured above is Baron Mayer Carl Rothschild – as appears to be the case, as long as it is referenced on the above – academic site then it is more interesting and curious than this Italian Rothschild & German-based has been honoured by the British monarch, assuming that my identification of the 8 pointed star is correct. -TS].

Mayer Rothschild (?)

Below seems to be swinging a Christian [ostensibly Christian, in fact, historian, philologist Pagan – TS] cross

[Presumably Mayer Amschel Rothschild? Not to be confused with his son that Mayer Amschel referenced above. « Mayer Amschel Rothschild was born on February 23, 1743. He was the son of Amschel Moses Rothschild and Schönche Lechnich. … Mayer Amschel Rothschild was an agent of the imperial State (Holy Roman Empire) in 1800. [« – http://www.thepeerage.com/p19531.htm#i195307 see also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mayer_Amschel_Rothschild – TS].

By focusing on the most prominent Rothschild, here is a selection of information related to the career of Wikipedia:

Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild:

http://en.Wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacob_Rothschild, _4th_Baron_Rothschild #Business_and_connections

« It is a shareholder in Rothschild Continuation Holdings, the based in Switzerland Holding for the interests of the Rothschild who has positions in many family businesses, including Bank N M Rothschild & Sons. » After resigning from the Bank, Jacob Rothschild found J. Rothschild Assurance Group (now St. James Place) with Sir Mark Weinberg in 1991. In 1989, he joined with Sir James Goldsmith and Kerry Packer, in an unsuccessful attempt to British American Tobacco. Its main interests now are RIT Capital Partners plc, a company of investment trust with net assets under management of 1700 m £ (August 2008), of which he is President, Spencer House Capital Management LLP founded with Richard Horlick (formerly CIO of Schroders), and Spencer House Partners, a « mini Merchant Bank » headed by Rothschild and Ronald Cohen of Apax Partners. It also keeps from many other venture capital and property interests. November 17, 2003, he took his duties as Deputy Chairman of BSkyB. From his headquarters at the St James Place, London, Jacob Rothschild cultivated an influential set of customers, staff and friends that have broadened her interests beyond the normal course of a banker. He was a close friend of Diana, Princess of Wales and maintains strong personal and business links with Henry Kissinger.

His country estate was a meeting place for visiting heads of State, including presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. Margaret Thatcher received French President François Mitterrand there at a Summit in 1990. It has hosted the European economic Round Table Conference in 2002, followed by figures such as James Wolfensohn, former president of the World Bank, Nicky Oppenheimer, Warren Buffett and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In 2003 Rothschild came under scrutiny when the industrial Russian oil shares Mikhail Khodorkovsky in Yukos passed to him under an agreement they have concluded prior to Khodorkovsky’s arrest. »

NAT Rothschild:


« Rothschild began his career in 1994 at Lazard Brothers Asset Management in London, before joining Gleacher partners, the New York mergers and acquisitions (M & A) advisory firm founded by Eric Gleacher, former head of M & A at Morgan Stanley and Lehman Brothers. »

Rothschild is the co-Chairman of Atticus Capital LP, an established international investment management firm in 1995, which has offices in New York and London. He is also Director of RIT Capital Partners plc and a Director of the Rothschild Foundation. In 2006, he was appointed president of Trigranit, a Hungarian developer whose he is controlling shareholder.

Rothschild is a member of the International Council of the Belfer John F. Kennedy School at Harvard of Government and centre the Council International Advisory of the Brookings Institution. He is also a member of the International Advisory Board of Barrick Gold Corporation. He was named a « Young Global Leader » by the Economic Forum in 2005. »

Evelyn de Rothschild:


« In 1968, Evelyn de Rothschild was appointed administrator of Paris of Rothschild Freres, while Guy de Rothschild, the direction of the French of the family became a partner at N M Rothschild & Sons. In 1976, he took over as president of the Bank of Victor Rothschild and in 1982 became Chairman of the Rothschilds Continuation Holdings AG, the society of coordination for the banking group. He became co-Chairman of Rothschild Bank A.G., Zurich in 1994, serving until 2003 where he oversaw the merger of the French family houses and the United Kingdom. David René de Rothschild of the domestic French took over as Executive Chairman of Rothschild International after the various branches have been merged and Sir Evelyn continued as non-Executive Chairman of N M Rothschild & Sons. In 2003, he founded with his wife, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a holding company, E.L. Rothschild, to manage their investments in The Economist and various enterprises in India.

Throughout his career, Evelyn de Rothschild has been actively involved in several other public and private sectors, organizations and has held the following business positions:

* President – Economist (1972-1989)
* President – British Merchant Banking & Securities House Association (1985-1989)
* Vice President – Milton Keynes Development Corporation (1971-1984)
* President – United racecourses (1977-1994)
* Director – Beers Consolidated Mines (1977-1994)
* Director – IBM United Kingdom Holdings Limited (1972-1995)

Evelyn Rothschild also served as Director of the newspaper group owned by Lord Beaverbrook. Years later, it was a time in the newspaper Daily Telegraph of a Director of Lord Black and was a member of the Advisory Board of Hollinger International. An owner of race horses Thoroughbred, he is a former president of United racecourses, which owns Epsom Downs and Sandown Park racecourses.

In 1989, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II of HM. He was Governor of the London School of Economics and Political Science, as well as an active protector of arts and supporter of a number of charities. He was president of the of St Mary s Hospital Medical School from 1977 to 1988. He was member of the Council of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, from Shakespeare’s Globe Trust fiduciary and in 1998 was appointed president of the Princess Royal Trust for carers. Sir Evelyn was the founding President of the European Association of 1990 for Banking and Financial History e.V. in Frankfurt, Germany, a position he held until his retirement in 2004. »

David Mayer de Rothschild:


« Neither he nor his brother are interested in joining the N M Rothschild & Sons banking firm London family and when their father resigned as president in 2003, cousin David René de Rothschild of the French of the family service takes the lead of the Rothschild Group in the world.  »

The most active and prominent living Rothschild in the business world today are:

David René James Rothschild:


… born in 1942. He is the son of Guy Édouard Alphonse Paul de Rothschild and Alix Hermine Jeanette Schey von Koromla. In 1974, he married the Princess Olimpia Anna Aldobrandini. David René James Rothschild was head of NM Rothschild, London in 2003. »


« David de Rothschild was educated at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris in Paris where he graduated in 1966. He began his professional career with the company tools and metallurgical Peñarroya, one of the international mining companies of the family whose headquarters is in Paris. He then began the formation of the Bank Rothschild Freres.

Reform of the State French banking regulations ended the legal distinction between banks and business deposits banks and in 1967 Rothschild Frères became Banque Rothschild, a limited liability company. Father of David de Rothschild was an aggressive businessman who endeavoured to increase their investments in mining and oil exploitation as president of Imétal S.A. and the Bank. However, the fortune of the family suffered a serious setback after the election to the French Socialist Government François Mitterrand Presidency in 1981. The new Parliament nationalized a number of large companies and banks, including that of the Rothschild family. A 72-year Guy de Rothschild angry and discouraged left France for once and moved to New York, where the family had existing but limited activity. In an interview on October 18, 2003, with George Trefgarne published in The Spectator, David de Rothschild said after the nationalization, it took until 1986, when the Socialists lost power, for the members of the family Rothschild for a new banking licence. In 1987 a successor company called Rothschild & Cie Bank was created by David de Rothschild, who was accompanied by his half-brother Edouard and cousin Eric de Rothschild. Capitalized at only $1 million and starting with three employees, they built soon their tiny investment bank in a major competitor in France and continental Europe.

In 2003, following the retirement of Sir Evelyn de Rothschild as head of N M Rothschild & Sons of London, the English and the French were merged to become a single umbrella entity, called « Group Rothschild. » The property was divided equally between the French and English branches of the family under the leadership of David de Rothschild. In 2007, the English branch sold their share in the direction of the French. The French connection now fully own N M Rothschild & Sons.

As of 2008, David de Rothschild holds the following ministerial posts:

* Chairman of N M Rothschild & Sons
* President of Rothschild Continuation Holdings
* Vice President of Rothschild Bank AG
* Vice President of Board of Directors of Paris-Orleans
* Senior Partner of Rothschild & Cie Bank
* Member of the Board of Directors of the Compagnie Financière Saint-Honore
* Member of the Board of Directors of the company financial Martin Maurel
* Member of the Board of Directors of Beers of
* Member of the Board of Directors of the Casino Group

David de Rothschild also has a share of the Château Lafite-Rothschild vineyard but is not active in the day-to-day operations. »

And it should also be noted:

Benjamin, Maurice Edmond de Rothschild


« … born in 1963. He is the son of Edmond Adolphe Maurice Jules Jacques de Rothschild and Nadine Nelly Jeannette the hospital. Benjamin Edmond Maurice de Rothschild was head of Compagnie Financière Edmond de Rothschild.  » In 2001 he launched e-Rothschild (a bank online). »
Hidden history of the b ‘Nai b’ rith

The CIA, FBI, MOSSAD, not the b Nai b rith

Palmerston launches Turkish youth for Middle East continuously monitor
by Joseph Brewda

It is clear that the B’nai B’rith is an abject British intelligence tool, run and directed to serve the interests of the British imperial policy and not the interests of the Jews, or even B’ B’nai B’rith member. The characteristic of B’ B’nai B’rith compared to other organizations, launched by Palmerston and her three companions, is that B’ B’nai B’rith will be used for a variety of tasks in different countries and epochs. Therefore, the B’nai B’rith will be more permanent in its continuous organization of the Mazzinian counterparts, among which it stands out as the most specialized.

At the end of this century, one of the tasks assigned to the B’ B’nai B’rith will be directing, with the help of other agents Mazzinian, mutilation and the partition of the Ottoman Empire. This is the State the British called « the sick man of Europe ». Historically, the Ottoman Empire offers a surprising tolerance to its ethnic minorities. In order to explode the empire, which must be changed in the brutal racial oppression on the model of Mazzini.

In 1862, during the time of the American civil war, Mazzini will call on all its agents anywhere near the Russia of fomenting the revolt by way of causing trouble for Alexander II. A little later, with the help of the young Poland, Mazzini will start a movement of young Ottomans Adam Smith in Paris of a translation project. In 1876, the Ottomans Young will be briefly seize power in Constantinople. They put an end to a moratorium on the debt, pay off the British, declaring free trade and bring Anglo-French bankers. They will be quickly overthrown; but the same network will soon make a return as the young Turks, whose rule will finally destroy the Ottoman Empire.

In 1908, the Union Committee and progress, better known as the young Turks, carried out a military coup overthrew the sultan and took power in the Turkish Ottoman empire. Once in power, they carried out a racist campaign to delete all non-Turkish minorities. In four years, their campaigns against minorities caused the Balkan wars of 1912-13, between the Turkey, the Greece, the Bulgaria and the Serbia. In 1914, these wars had triggered world war I, with the Turkey becomes an ally of the Germany.

In the seven years of coming into power, the young Turks destroyed the Ottoman Empire. British intelligence had handled all the groups nationalists in the Empire, as well the young Turks and their opponents.

When the young Turks took power, the Ottoman Empire has always included Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine and the Arabian peninsula. The empire has always included a large part of the Balkans: half of the Greece, half of the Bulgaria, half of the Serbia and the whole of the Albania. Its area was much larger than the current Turkey.

Although most of the population of the Ottoman empire were Turks, there were also large numbers of Slavs, Greeks, Arabs, Armenians and Kurds. The Ottoman empire was a multi-ethnic empire, as the Austrian and Russian empires nearby.

The young Turks came to power waving the banner of democracy, but they soon picked up the banner of turkism. The idea was to form a State that included all the Turkish peoples of Asia. Since half of these people lived in Russia, this policy meant a collision with the Russia.

But turkism was not created by the young Turks, or even Turkey. It was first called for in the 1860s by a Hungarian Zionist named Vámbéry of Arminius, who became Advisor to the sultan, but who secretly worked for Lord Palmerston and the British Foreign Office. Vámbéry subsequently attempted to negotiate an agreement between the Zionist leader Theodor Herzl and the sultan, on the creation of Israel.

The young Turks also raised the banner of a pan-Islamic State. The idea was to bring all peoples Muslim world in an empire, if they were Turks. It was another goal which meant the conflict with the Russia.

This idea was also not created by the young Turks or Turkey. It was first applied in the 1870s by an English nobleman named Wilfred Blunt, whose family had established the Bank of England. Blunt was a senior British intelligence who advocated the use of Islam to destroy the Russia. Sponsored Blunt family subsequently British KGB spy « Kim » Philby.

While the young Turks grew the pan-Turkic movements and pan-Islamic, the British were stimulating all movements of anti-Turkish independence within the empire. They claimed the Arab nationalism, led by Lawrence of Arabia. They supported Serbian nationalism, led by British officer Seton-Watson; Albanian nationalism, led by Lady Dunham; and Bulgarian nationalism, led by Noel Buxton. All these people want to free themselves from the Ottoman Empire; but they also claimed the lands of their neighbours.

For example, the British supported the idea to carve a « greater Armenia » outside Turkey, the Iran and the Russia. This « Great Armenia » were not able to exist. None of the major powers, including Britain, there really want. The Kurds, who lived in the same area, he wanted. But the British said the Armenians that they supported their plans.

At the same time, the British also said the Kurds that they supported the idea of the « great Kurdistan. » As shown in the map, « Great Kurdistan » and « Great Armenia » project territories were almost identical.

In 1915, during the first world war, the Kurds have killed about 1 million Armenians. The young Turks, which had been set up by the British, the Kurds (who thought they had the support of the British), to massacre of Armenians (who also thought that they had the support of the British). The British then used this genocide as a justification to try to eliminate the Turkey.

In fact, the following year, the British and the French gathered to plan the division of the Ottoman Empire between them. Under the plan, only partially worked, Turkey itself would be reduced to a small area on the Black Sea. The rest of the empire would go to Britain and the France.

‘ B’nai B’rith and young Turks

But who were these « young Turks », which effectively destroys the empire?

The founder of the young Turks was an Italian ‘ B’nai B’rith official named Emmanuel Carasso. In the 1890s, Carasso created the secret society of young Turks at Salonika, and which is now part of the Greece, then part of the Turkey. Carasso was also the grand master of Italian Masonic Lodge, called ‘Macedonia’ resurrected The lodge was the seat of the young Turks, and all the top young Turks leaders were members.

The Italian in the Ottoman Empire Masonic Lodges had been set up by a disciple of Giuseppe Mazzini named Emmanuel Veneziano, who was also a leader of the B’nai ‘ European subsidiary rith, the Alliance Israélite universelle.

Under the regime of the young Turks, Carasso has continued to play a leading role. He met the sultan, telling him that he had been overthrown. He was responsible to the sultan in house arrest. He led the young Turks intelligence network in the Balkans. And he was in charge of all food in the empire during the first world war.

Another important area was the press. While it is in power, the young Turks ran several newspapers, including the young Turks, whose editor was none other than the Russian Zionist leader Vladimir Jabotinsky. Jabotinsky was raised as a young man in Italy. Later, he described the ideas of Mazzini as the basis for the Zionist movement.

Jabotinsky arrived in Turkey shortly after the young Turks took power, to support the paper. The document belonged to a member of the Turkish cabinet, but it was funded by the Russian Zionist Federation and managed by B’ B’nai B’rith. The editorial policy of the journal was supervised by a Dutch Zionist named Jacob Kann, who was the personal banker of the King and the Queen of the Netherlands.

Jabotinsky later created the most anti-Arab of all Zionist organizations, the Irgun. His supporters in Israel are today the most vehemently opposed to peace Peres-Arafat agreements.

Another associate of Carasso was Alexander Helphand, better known under the name of Parvus, the financier of the Russian revolutions of 1905 and 1917. Shortly after 1905, Parvus moved to Turkey, where he became the editor of another newspaper economy’s young Turks, called the Turkish homeland. Parvus became a business partner of Carasso in the grain trade and a supplier of weapons to the Turkish army during the Balkan wars. Later, he returned to Europe, to organize the secret train containing Lenin in Russia in 1917.

Of course, there were also a few Turks who helped lead the movement of the young Turks. For example, Talaat Pasha. Talaat was the Interior Minister and dictator of the regime during the first world war. He had been a member of the Italian Masonic Lodge of Carasso in Salonika. A year before the coup d ‘ état of 1908, Talaat became the grand master of the Scottish Rite masons in the Ottoman Empire. If you go to the Scottish Rite headquarters in Washington, D.C., you will find that most of the young Turk leaders were officials in the Scottish Rite.

But who founded the Scottish Rite in Turkey? One of the founders was the grand master of the Scottish Rite in France, Adolphe Crémieux, who was also at the head of the European subsidiary of the B’rith B nai. Crémieux was a leader of the young France of Mazzini and helped put the British stooge Napoleon III to power.

The British regulator: Aubrey Herbert

You can find the story of the young Turks in the B’nai B’rith and the archives of the Rite Scots, but you can’t find it in the history books. The best public account is found in the novel of Greenmantle, the hero is a British spy who led the young Turks. Carasso appears in the novel under the name of Carusso. The author, John Buchan, who was an official British intelligence during the first world war, identified later the hero of the novel as Aubrey Herbert.

In real life, Herbert was one of the most powerful noble families in England. The family held not less than four counties. His repeated contact with Carasso and other leaders young Turks is notorious. Grandfather Herbert had been a patron of Mazzini and died of revolutionary crowds in Italy in 1848. His father was in charge of British masonry in the 1880s and 1890s. His uncle was the British Ambassador to the United States. During the first world war, Herbert was the top of the British spymaster page in the Middle East. Lawrence of Arabia later identified Herbert as having been, at the same time, the leader of the young Turks.

The US State Department has played a role in the plot. From 1890 through the world war, there were three ambassadors of the United States in Turkey: Oscar Straus, Abraham Elkin and Henry Morgenthau. All three were friends of Simon Wolf. And all three have been responsible for ‘ B’nai B’rith.


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