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Burundian president Pierre Nkurunzizadu BUNRUNDI, I am convinced that it is a president African franc Masons as, they are almost all in Africa, I say « almost » by ce, there, which respects the human and their own constitution, if he asks, a 3 rd mandate against its own constitution, there are big luck for that to be a? If this president does not, what is said to him in the constitution, this under, mean that he care about the opinion of others and so endorsed, and that wholesale, I am the president and I said, a person who has no morality, cannot be president.

Attacks of Boston, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev sentenced to the death penalty, why Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, would be sentenced to death, knowing, that it is a bogus attack ((, or a GI(Acteur pour un rôle de composition, et d’autre,comme la vieil femme et les seals,d’où la plainte de ce lieutenant colonel deles de seals,(à la retraite) and these, which revolved and bag))) ((, that was found to be slightly jagged, placed on a trash can, but stop, stop with your sickly senility, do you care, you need large,)) a phony attack that when same fact, the dead and the wounded, but, all the world knows aptly, it is sponsored by these Illuminati nwo, which are part of D.ROCKEFFELER, D ROTHSCHILD, and the Queen of ANGELETRRE , Elizabeth 2, then get him peace, you have already, flinguer his brother, you know well aware that this is only a pawn.

The Islamic State still encircles the ancient Palmyra, although city, obviously that the EIS wants to destroy all our antiques, d failure to take on males, Eastern, all Islamic groups which, they promised stuff, like weapons, among other,(chais pas,,j’dis, ça,comme, ça, quand, on va en guerre, on y vas pas les mains dans les poches) (, there is a need of weapons), so the groups break little by little,’. So, finally, that EI is taking works, to destroy with the help of bulldozers or other Caterpillar, asked not by whom, these devices will be lend, knowing that side then QATAR, built the building and destroyed other smaller, want, like, we find ourselves, QATAR,

It es t not friends of the Queen of angelerre, and the Rothschilds, and D.Rockefeller; he seems to me well!

The reform of the college is experienced in the Academy, she is experienced, but, gentlemen, ladies, the masons Franks of the academies of France, you know, that all, everything that you do, will be defeated, you will see that there will be, a redesign of your decisions, which will be taken by teachers, for teachers, and, rounds of leather, who do not know How to handle. If really it take care of you, it would not be there; In their schools, « in my time, already ‘ ‘ I like, when I say this, it looks like I have the age of D.Rockeffeler (99 years), well yeah, eat fetuses, it retains, when, even, with all the respect I have for your old age, stop to piss off. So I repeat, 1980, already, there and do care about with the academies which were, nothing to cum, when schools had shortages, profs, or problems of transport for schools, canteens, focus management, but only en, I say nothing to fuck, this is nothing to carrer, nothing to waxing. It is true that in PARIS and Paris region, it was the wealthy, but, despite it, but only en, I see now seek you you will find it, if you want, fuck school, education, health and justice, in the shit, as you did previously, but there is teachers, you you will take no better.


Henry Makow holds a Ph.d. in English literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at Henry@henrymakow.com

Wars are really carried out by the Illuminati against humanity. They are orchestrated to achieve specific goals. For example, the Nazi Germany was never had the intention to win. The Nazis had advanced weapons that was never used. The ‘British’ (i.e. the Illuminati) betrayed their own officials to Nazis. The purpose was to kill many people.

Despite the fact that Slapton Sands looked like Normandy and not the Pas de Calais, we are supposed to believe that the Nazis did not know where the invasion was coming. However, we are fed the line that Hitler was allowed to sleep in June 6, and when he woke prevented a coordinated, response because he was always sure the invasion came to Calais.

The Nazis knew of Normandy as Stalin knew Barbarossa.

Churchill, Stalin, Hitler and FDR were all Freemasons and the Illuminati Jews. Hitler was an Illuminati agent. Both sides in WW2 were sabotaged by these traitors because the war was between their Satanic Cult and the rest of humanity


Nazis had advance notice of Normandy

June 5, 2014

by Henry Makow PhD. Thanks, to him, like what, one day or the other, it serves to fight against wind mills, wind change.et enencore thanks to Henry Makow

Left. LST 289, one of the three tank landing ships affected. Two other sunk with a loss of approximately 1000 American to Lyme Bay near Slapton Sands.

June 6 is the 70th anniversary of the day j. in accordance with our policy to reject permanent brain washing that makes young men commit suicide in the Illuminati fabricated wars, we present one side of the day j, you hear on Friday.
Several American soldiers died in a repeat of the landing from 27 to 28 April to Slapton Sands, that June 6, 1944, at Utah Beach.
The shoreline at Slapton Sands was identical to Normandy. So, yes the Nazis knew where the attack was coming.
Attacks by torpedo boats Nazis and « friendly » fire took about 1500 American lives at Slapton Sands.
The debacle has been quelled for 50 years.

Six weeks before the day j, the Nazis had crashed at a dress rehearsal for Utah Beach at Slapton Sands in Devon where th e field was identical to Normandy. YHE, we are supposed to believe they did not know the invasion was coming in Normandy?

This is further evidence that the wars are orchestrated. They are choppers allowing leaders of Illuminati on both sides for killing « patriots » – framework of their war long-term on humanity.

In his interrogation by the CIA, Gestapo Heinrich Mueller stated that an officer was alerted in a massive exercise involving 30 000 men at Slapton Sands.

In the middle of the night, 27-28 April 1944, nine Nazi torpedo boats (left) attacked eight heavily laden LST (transport of tank).

Two were sunk and a third is disabled at a cost of about 1000 lives.

« Errors » were committed by the Nazis. Mueller argued that the Nazis returned to the base with the invasion of the supported plans the corpse of a U.S. Army officer. « This information which indicated that Normandy was the main target was sent to higher order but has not given suite.  » (Head of the Gestapo: the interrogation of Heinrich Meuller 1948, ed. Gregory Douglas, p. 142)

On the side of the allies, the disaster has been compounded by a long list of highly suspicious ‘chess’.

It is:

1. commanding naval US has not established liaison with their counterparts in the Royal Navy.

2. royal marine radar picked up S – boot Nazi movement, but has not passed along.

3 escort Corvette HMS azalea knew S-se praises but do not say of LST

4. the frequencies of Radio given to Americans have been changed without notice.

5. the one-sided battle was watched by Gunners Royal to the Fort of Blacknor, high on the cliffs of West of Portland. Men had the torpedo boats in their line of sight, within the range, but were classified are not fired by an American officer, because the number of Allied personnel who are fighting for their lives in the water.

6 no there were no lifejackets emergency training have not been properly. They overthrew the carrier upside down with his head in the water.


Up to 500 extra men might have been killed on the beach on 27 April of ‘friendly fire ‘. Due to a screw « upwards », the beach was bombed about as troops were landing instead of in advance. In addition, the American soldiers ‘defend’ the beach used live bullets and inexplicably not aimed over the heads of the « invaders » troops as they were supposed to.

The approximately 1500 dead Americans were thrown into mass graves with a quantity of quicklime to accelerate decomposition. After the day j, they were unearthed and loads on trains:

‘Detailed records kept by the head of station in Kingsbridge, five miles away, reveal that three trains were secretly loaded with the bodies of GIS in military custody between July and August 1944’ Trains, each capable of delivering at least 100 corpses, « were packed with other men dug mass graves », said historian local rail Ken Williams.

Father of the historian, George, who served in the Royal Navy during the war, soon made also saw the bodies of dozens of men killed by friendly fire stranded on sand.

« He told me how the Sea turned red, » said Ken.

The families were informed that their relatives had died in Normandy.

According to the historian Charles MacDonald: « It was a disaster hiding in the world for 40 years… an official U.S. Army camouflage. » « .

That a massive cover-up took place is no doubt. And that general Dwight D. Eisenhower authorized it are equally clear ».

Generals Omar N. Bradley and Eisenhower watched « the murderous chaos » and « were horrified and determined that the details of their own mistakes would be buried with their men. »

« Members of the family of the dead men were ill-informed – and even lied – by their Government. »

It was « a history kept Government silence… stifled for decades… a dirty little secret of the second world war. »

Admiral Donald Moon, left, who has been the scapegoat, committed suicide 5 August 1944.


‘Errors’ like Slapton Sands are made in times of war, because the real intention is to kill our own soldiers.
Wars are really carried out by the Illuminati against humanity. They are orchestrated to achieve specific goals. For example, the Nazi Germany was never had the intention to win. The Nazis had advanced weapons that was never used. The ‘British’ (i.e. the Illuminati) betrayed their own officials to Nazis. The purpose was to kill many people.

Despite the fact that Slapton Sands looked like Normandy and not the Pas de Calais, we are supposed to believe that the Nazis did not know where the invasion was coming. However, we are fed the line that Hitler was allowed to sleep in June 6, and when he woke prevented a coordinated, response because he was always sure the invasion came to Calais.

The Nazis knew of Normandy as Stalin knew Barbarossa.

Churchill, Stalin, Hitler and FDR were all Freemasons and the Illuminati Jews. Hitler was an Illuminati agent. Both sides in WW2 were sabotaged by these traitors because the war was between their Satanic Cult and the rest of humanity.

Related — The Daily Telegraph today: the Bank of Intl. settlements war Machine funded Hitler
– D – Day disaster

First comment by Tyron

If this revelation of the landing is not sufficient to demonstrate that top Nazi leaders was false opposition consider some other points.

1 Hitler let some 350 000 troops at Dunkirk, which had been an act that had it not been done would have taken Britain out of the war leaving the Germany with one forward.

2 Hitler screwed Rommel all the chances he got so Rommel could not take of Palestine which are acts which had not been made would share the world in two, opened a southern flank against the Russia and forced the Zionists to negotiate peace with the Germany.

3 Hitler lifted Rommel to Overlord and his replacement refused to take the heights to oppose the American landing in Africa.

4 Hitler refuses to take Moscow when the Germany could have travelled instead awaiting a winter integer in next summer, which is a law that allowed the Soviets to regroup and to counter the attack leading to the defeat of the East Germany.

5 Hitler refuses to use the Jets of ME 262 as (rare) combatants who had a ratio of killing 500 to 1. A law that introduced the revolt of their drivers and handed air superiority of the allies.

6. Nazi had incredible legs high technologies that could tide which were not used (anti gravity etc.)

7. a full 1/3 rd of Nazi’s budget is passed to the creation of the 211 in Antarctic base. He used what they had, the allies did not have a chance.

This is a short list of what Hitler and the other pawns of the City of London Nazi to take the war to set the cold war and the WW3 later than we are currently 1/2 on the way through to a « Israël » JWO.
Never forget the Czech gold the Nazis stole…

The Bank for international settlements actually funded the Hitler war machine

Hjalmar Schacht, Minister of Finance of Hitler, with his close friend Montagu Norman, Governor of the Bank of England from 1920 to 1944 Photo: GETTY

The documents reveal a shocking story: only six months before Britain entered the war with Nazi Germany, the Bank of England has voluntarily donated £5.6 million is worth gold to Hitler – and it belonged to another country.

The official history of the Bank, written in 1950, but put online for the first time Tuesday, reveals how we betrayed Czechoslovakia – not only with the famous Munich agreement of September 1938, which allowed the Nazis to annex the Sudetenland, but also in London, where Montagu Norman, the eccentric but ruthless of the Bank of England Governor has decided to abandon the gold held by the National Bank of Czechoslovakia.

Czechoslovak Gold held in London in a sub-account on behalf of the Bank for international settlements, the Bank based in Basel for central banks. When the Nazis marched in Prague in March 1939 they have immediately sent armed soldiers to the offices of the National Bank. The Czech administration were ordered, on pain of death, to send two transfer requests.

The first asked bis to transfer 23.1 tons of gold from the Czechoslovak BIS account, which is held in the Bank of England, to the Reichsbank BIS account, also held in Threadneedle Street.

Second order instructed the Bank of England to transfer nearly 27 tons of gold held in the National Bank by the name of Czechoslovakia to the account in the Bank of England of gold of the bis.

For the uninitiated, the distinction between the accounts seems obscure. Yet, TI has proved to be crucial – and allowed Norman to make sure that the first command has been completed. The leaders of the Czechoslovak Bank considers as orders had obviously been made under duress would be allowed to cross. But they had not counted on the bureaucrats who run the bis and the determination of Montagu Norman, to see that the procedures were followed, even when his country is ready for war with Nazi Germany.

His decision caused outcry, both in the press and in Parliament. George Strauss, a Labour MP, spoke for many when he thundered in Parliament: « the Bank for International Settlements is the Bank which punishes the notorious outrage of this generation – the rape of Czechoslovakia. » Winston Churchill demanded to know how the Government could ask its citizens to enlist in the army when he was « so much butter fingers that £6 million worth of gold can be transferred to the Nazi Government ».

That is a good question. Thanks to Norman and the bis, the Nazi Germany had just looted 23.1 tons of gold without a shot being fired. The second order of transfer, for required Gold National Bank by the name of Czechoslovakia, does not pass. Sir John Simon, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, instructed banks to block all Czechoslovak assets.

The documents published by the Bank of England are revealing, both for what they show and what they omit. They are a window to a world of fearful deference to authority, the primacy of the procedure over morality, a world where, for bankers, the most important is to keep the channels of open international finance, any human price. A world, in other words, not quite different today.

The bis was founded in 1930, in force by Montagu Norman and his close friend, Hjalmar Schacht, former president of the Reichsbank, known as the father of the economic miracle Nazi. Schacht still referred to as the «ma» Bank BRI. The bis is a unique hybrid: a commercial bank protected by international treaty. Its assets cannot be seized, even in times of war. He pays no tax on profits. The Czechoslovak believed that the immunities of the bis would protect them. But they were wrong.

Historian of the Bank of England has argued that to deny the transfer order was a violation of treaty obligations from Britain in regards to the bis. In fact, there’s a powerful counterargument that the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia made all these obligations void avenues because the country had ceased to exist.

A sentence clee in the records of the Bank of England is located on the 1 295 page. It reads: « the general attitude of the Bank of England of the bis during the war governing was governed by their anxiety to keep bis for its role in the solution of the problems of the post-war period ». And here, secret history of the bis and its strong relationship with the Bank of England becomes still darker.

During the war of the bis proclaimed that it was neutral, an opinion shared by the Bank of England. In fact BIS has been so intertwined with the Nazi economy that it has contributed to maintaining the activity of the Third Reich. Made exchange for the Reichsbank transactions; He agreed with stolen Nazi gold. He acknowledged the installed puppet regimes in the occupied countries, which, with the Third Reich, soon controlled the majority of the shares of the Bank.

Indeed, bis was so useful to the Nazis as the Vice President of the Reichsbank Director Emil Puhl and BIS, bis the Reichsbank only referred to as « foreign branch ».

Connections and the scope of the bis were essential for the Germany. So and so, throughout the war, the Reichsbank continued to pay interest on the loan amounts by the bis. This interest has been used by the bis to pay dividends to shareholders – which included the Bank of England. Thus, through the bis, the Reichsbank financed the British war economy. After the war, five directors BIS have been tried for war crimes, including by Schacht. Schacht they Don ‘ t hang bankers, « said and he was right – he was acquitted. »

Buried among the pages typed in the history of the Bank of England is a name that few have never heard about, a man for whom, as Montagu Norman, the primacy of international finance ruled simple national considerations.

Thomas McKittrick, an American Banker, was president of the bis. When the United States entered the war in December 1941, position of McKittrick, notes history, « has become difficult. But McKittrick was able to keep the Bank in business, thanks to his friend Allen Dulles, the American spymaster based in Bern. McKittrick was an asset of Dulles, known under the code name 644 and he frequently passed the information it had collected from Emil Puhl, who was a visitor in Basel and often met McKittrick.

Documents declassified in the archives of the American intelligence services reveal a story even more worrying. Under the terms of an intelligence operation known as the « Harvard Plan », McKittrick was in contact with Nazi industrialists, work in what US documents, dated from February 1945, described as a « close cooperation »between the allies and the German business ».

So while the Allied soldiers are fighting across Europe, McKittrick was cutting deals to prevent the economy from the strong Germany. This was happening with what documents Americans call « total assistance » from the State Department.

The history of the Bank of England also made derogatory reference to Harry Dexter White, a civil servant in the Department of the Treasury, who was a close ally of Henry Morgenthau, the Treasury Secretary. Morgenthau and white were the most powerful enemies of BRI and lobbied on hard in July 1944 at Bretton Woods, where the allies gathered to plan the financial system, for the BIS to be closed after the war. White, the history of the Bank rather illogical note, told bis: « there is an American president when doing business with the Germans, while our boys are fighting the Germans. ».

Helped by his powerful friends, such as Montagu Norman, Allen Dulles and much of Wall Street, the BRI have survived attempts by Morgenthau and White close. Allies of the store that is used precisely the argument detailed on the page 1 295 in the history of the Bank of England: the bis was necessary to plan the European economy after the war.

From the 1950s to the 1990s, the bis hosted a large part of the technical preparation and planning for the introduction of the euro. Without the BRI probably would not exist the euro. In 1994, Alexander Lamfalussy, former Director of BIS, put in place the European Monetary Institute, now known as the European Central Bank.

The remains of highly profitable BIS. It has only about 140 customers (he refuses to say how much), but made a tax-free profit of about £900 million last year. Every two months, it welcomes the Global Meetings of the economy, where 60 of the most powerful central bankers, including Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England meet. No details of the meetings is released, even if the participants are officials, responsible for managing national economies.

The bis also hosts the Basel Committee on banking supervision, which regulates commercial banks, and the new financial stability Board, which coordinates the national regulatory authorities. The bis was the central pillar of the financial system worldwide.

Montagu Norman and Hjalmar Schacht would be very proud.


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