George Bush: the unauthorized biography – by Webster g. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin

Chapter – IV- « Is The Center of Power in Washington »

Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.
59 wall Street, New York
Cable address « Shipley – New York »
Company established in 1818
Private bankers
September 5, 1944

The Honourable W.A. Harriman
Ambassador of the United States to the Soviet Union.
American Embassy,
Moscow, Russia

Dear Averell:

Thinking that perhaps article of Bullitt in the latest issue
« life » is perhaps not come to your attention, I cut out
it and sends it to you, feel it will be of interest to you.
Currently written well here.
Best regards, I am,
Sincerely yours,

« All written today is here. « So the Ambassador of Russia has been reassured by the managing partner at his firm, Prescott Bush. Only 22-1/2 months before, that the United States Government had seized and shut down the Union Banking Corp., which had been operated on behalf of the Nazi Germany by Bush and the Harrimans (see Chapter 2). But that was now behind them and they were safe. No there is no advertising on the sponsorship of the Harriman-Bush from the Hitlerism.

Prescott George’s son, the future president of the United States, was also safe. Three days before that this note to Moscow wrote, George Bush had jumped by parachute from an aircraft of the Navy bomber over the Pacific ocean, killing its two crew members when the unmanned aircraft crashed.

Five months later, in February 1945, Prescott boss, Averell Harriman, escorted President Franklin Roosevelt to the fateful meeting of Summit with Soviet leader Joseph Stalin at Yalta. In April Roosevelt is dead. The agreement reached at Yalta, calling for free elections in Poland, once the war was over, has never been applied.

Over the next eight years (from 1945 to 1952), Prescott Bush was anchor of Harriman in the financial world in New York. The Harriman M. more more powerful and its allies have the Soviet dictatorship Eastern Europe. A cold war was then, « offset » the Soviets.

This British-inspired strategy has paid dividends several nightmarish. Europe should remain slaves. Germany was divided « permanently ». Anglo-American power has been exercised jointly on the non-sovietique « free world. « The confidential duties of the British and American Governments have been merged. The clique of Harriman took possession of the U.S. national security apparatus, and in doing so, they opened the door and let the Bush family.

Due to his services to the Germany Nazi party, Averell Harriman spent several years to mediate between the British, the American and Soviet Governments in the war to stop the Nazis. He was Ambassador in Moscow from 1943 to 1946.

President Harry Truman, including Harriman and his friends, who held amused contempt, named Harriman U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain in 1946.

Harriman was to lunch with former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill one day in 1946, when Truman called. Harriman asked Churchill if he should accept the offer of Truman’s return to the United States as Secretary of Commerce. According to the account of Harriman, Churchill said: ‘ absolutely. The centre of power is in Washington. « @s1

Jupiter Island

The reorganization of the administration after the second world war – the creation of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency along the British lines, for example – has had devastating consequences. We are concerned here with only some aspects of the global transformation, these issues policy and family who gave shape to the lives and minds of George Bush, and he gave access to power.

It is in these post-war years that George Bush attended Yale University and was inducted into the Skull and Bones society. Home of the Bush family at the time was in Greenwich, Connecticut. But it was only while parents of George, Prescott and Dorothy Walker Bush, were wintering in a particular place in Florida, a place that is excluded from the mention in the literature from circles of Bush.

Some accounts of national news at the beginning of 1991 submitted comments on the childhood of President Bush by his elderly mother, Dorothy. It was supposed to be a resident of Hobe Sound, Florida. More specifically, the mother of the President lived in a security arrangement hyper created half a century earlier by Averell Harriman, adjacent to Hobe Sound. Its proper name is Jupiter Island.

During his political career, George Bush has claimed several different States « House », including Texas, Maine, Massachusetts and Connecticut. It was not appropriate to ask him to Florida, although this State has a lifeline for its role in the world, as we shall see. And George Bush in Florida, throughout his adult life, homeport was Jupiter Island.

The unique, weird Setup on Jupiter Island began in 1931, following the merger of W.A. Harriman & Co. with the British-American firm Brown Brothers.

The reader will remember Mr. Samuel Pryor, the « merchant of death. « A partner Harrimans, Prescott Bush, George Walker and boss Nazi Fritz Thyssen in banking and shipping enterprises, Sam Pryor Comité Executive remained President of Remington Arms. During this period, private armies Nazi (S.A. and S.S.) were supplied with American weapons – probable by Pryor and his company – as they moved to overthrow the German Republic. This trafficking of arms as an instrument of national policy would become notorious late in the ‘Irangate’.

Daughter of Samuel Pryor Permelia graduate wife of Yale Joseph V. Reed the last day of 1927. Reed immediately went into the service of Prescott Bush and George Walker as an apprentice to W.A. Harriman & Co.

During the second world war, Joseph V. Reed had served in the « special services » section of the U.S. Army Signal Corps. A specialist in security, codes and espionage, Reed later wrote a book entitled .@s2 Fun with Cryptograms

Now, Sam Pryor had property around Hobe Sound, Florida, for awhile. In 1931, Joseph and Permelia Pryor Reed bought the entire island of Jupiter.

It’s a side of the Atlantic typically beautiful barrier island « , » a large of demi-mille and nine miles in length. In the middle of Jupiter Island is located just next to Hobe Sound. South Bridge connects the island to the town of Jupiter, North of Palm Beach. It is about 90 minutes by car from Miami – today ‘ hui, a few minutes by helicopter.

In early 1991, a journalist asked a friend of the Bush family on arrangements of security on Jupiter Island. He replied: « If you called the White House, they will tell you how much they had security people? This isn’t that Jupiter Island is the White House, although he [George Bush] come down frequently.  »

But several decades before Bush was President, Jupiter Island had an order requiring registration and fingerprints of all the housekeepers, gardeners and other non-residents working on the island. Jupiter Island police department said that there are sensors in the two main roads that follow every automobile on the island. If a car stops on the street, the police will be there in a minute or two. Surveillance is a duty of all employees of the town of Jupiter Island. Journalists must be prevented from visiting the island.@s3

To create this private club amazing, Joseph and Permelia Pryor Reed sold of land to those who would fit in. Permelia Reed was still the great Lady of the island, when George Bush was inaugurated President in 1989. Given that the reeds know where all the bodies are buried, President Bush named son of Permelia, Joseph V. Reed, Jr., Chief of Protocol of the American State Department, support arrangements with foreign dignitaries.

Averell Harriman was Jupiter Island base for its resumption of the 1940s of the U.S. national security apparatus. It is in this regard that the island became probably the most secret location private in America.

Let us briefly lifted the district, to the epoqu’auto ‘ in 1946 – 48, to see some of the various uses of the inhabitants was for the clique of Harriman.

Residents on the island of Jupiter

· Islander of Jupiter Robert a. Lovett,@s4, partner of Prescott Bush at Brown Brothers Harriman, was Assistant Secretary of war for Air from 1941 to 1945. Lovett has been the main American advocate of the policy of terror-bombing of civilians. He organized the Strategic Bombing Survey, carried out by Prudential insurance company staff, guided by the psychiatric clinic in Tavistock in London for American and British Governments.

In the post-war period, Prescott Bush was associated with Prudential Insurance, one of the channels of intelligence Lovett for the British secret service. Prescott was entered by Prudential as Manager of the company for about two years in the 1950s.

Their Strategic Bombing Survey has not shown an any real military benefit from such outrages as the fire-bombing of Dresden, Germany. But the Harrimanites has nevertheless persisted in defending the interests of terror from the air. They glorified it as « psychological warfare », a part of the utopian military doctrine is opposed to the views of military traditionalists as general Douglas MacArthur.

Later, Robert Lovett has informed president Lyndon Johnson to the Viet Nam of the terror-bomb. President George Bush has revived the doctrine with the bombing of civilian areas to the Panama and the destruction of Baghdad.

October 22, 1945, Secretary of war Robert Patterson created the Lovett Committee, chaired by Robert A. Lovett, to advise the Government on the Organization of post-World War II American intelligence. The existence of this Committee was unknown to the public until the official history of the CIA was released from secrecy in 1989. But the author of the CIA (who was Professor of history of President Bush prep school; see Chapter 5) gives no real details of the functioning of the Committee Lovett, stating: « the recording of the testimony of the Lovett Committee, unfortunately, was not in the archives of the Agency when this story was written. « @s5

The auto-histoire of the CIA informs us advice that Lovett has provided to the Truman cabinet, as the proposal of official Intelligence Department of the war.

Lovett has decided that there should be a separate from the Central Intelligence Agency. The new agency would « consult » with the armed forces, but it must be the only collective management organization in the field of foreign espionage and counterintelligence. The new agency would have an independent budget, and his credits is granted by the Congress without public hearings.

Lovett has appeared before the Secretaries of State, war and Navy, 14 November 1945. He spoke very FBI work because he had « the best personality in the world file. « Lovett, said that the FBI was an expert in the production of fake documents, an art » that we have developed successfully during the war and who we have become remarkably skillful. « Lovett claimed a virtual reprise of the Office of strategic Services (OSS) in a new CIA during the war.

US military traditionalists, focused on general Douglas MacArthur objected to the proposal of Lovett.

Maintenance of operating systems had been attacked at the end of the war on the grounds that the OSS was fully under British control, and would be an American Gestapo.@s6

But the CIA was created in 1947 in accordance with the prescription of Robert Lovett of Jupiter Island.

· Charles Payson and his wife, Joan Whitney Payson, were members of the family of Harriman and associate of the Bush family.

Joan aunt, Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, was a relative of the Harrimans. Son of Gertrude, Cornelius Vanderbilt (« Sonny ») Whitney, President of long date of Pan American Airways (Prescott was a Director of Pan Am), became Deputy Secretary of the US Air Force in 1947. Wife of Sonny Marie had divorced and married Averell Harriman in 1930. Uncle Joan and Sonny, Air Marshall Sir Thomas Elmhirst, was Director of intelligence of the British Air Force from 1945 to 1947.

Brother of Joan Whitney John Hay (« Jock »), was to be Ambassador to Great Britain from 1955 to 1961 – when it would be vital to Prescott and George Bush to have such a friend. Joan father, grandfather and uncle were members of the secret society Skull and Bones.

Charles Payson organized a refinery for uranium in 1948. He was later president of Vitro Corp., manufacturers of parts for ballistic missiles launched by submarine, guidance materials and monitoring the torpedo of frequency and other armaments under the surface.

Naval warfare has long been a concern of the British Empire. British penetration of the American Naval Intelligence is particularly intense since the grandfather of Anglophile de Joan, William tenure, as Secretary to the Navy for President Grover Cleveland. This traditional covert orientation in the US Navy, Naval Intelligence and the British Navy included forms of the service, the body of marine, a backdrop of the career of George Bush – and the entire neighborhood on Jupiter Island. Naval intelligence has maintained direct relationships with the gangster boss Meyer Lansky to Anglo-American policy operations in Cuba during the second world war, well before the creation of the CIA. Lansky officially moved to Florida in 1953.@s7

· George Herbert Walker, Jr. (Skull and bones 1927), was very close to his nephew, George Bush, helping to sponsor his entry in the oil business in the 1950s. « Uncle Herbie » was also associate Joan Whitney Payson when they co-founded the New York Mets baseball in 1960 team. His son, G.H. Walker III, was a classmate of Yale by Nicholas Brady and Moreau D. Brown (grandson of Thatcher Brown), forming what was called the « Mafia Yale » on Wall Street.

· Walter s. Carpenter, Jr. had been president of the Finance Committee of the company’s bridge (1930-40). In 1933, Carpenter oversaw purchase of bridge of Remington Arms of Sam Pryor and the Rockefellers and leads of the bridge in partnership with Nazi I.G. Farben Company for the manufacture of explosives. Carpenter became president of the bridge in 1940. Its agreement with the Nazis has been broken by the U.S. Government. However, Carpenter remained President Du Pont that the technicians of the company participated massively in the Manhattan project to produce the first atomic bomb. He was President of the bridge from 1948 to 1962, maintaining high-level access to American strategic activities.

Walter Carpenter and Prescott Bush were other activists in the society for mental hygiene. From Yale University in 1908, the movement was organized in the World Federation of mental health by Montagu Norman, himself a frequent mentally ill, former partner of Brown Brothers and Governor of the Bank of England. Norman was appointed Director general Brigadier John Rawlings Rees, President of the Federation of the clinic psychiatric of Tavistock, Chief psychiatrist and expert intelligence British psychological warfare. Prescott was a Director of the company in Connecticut; Carpenter was a Director in Delaware.

· Paul Mellon was the principal heir to the Mellon fortune and a neighbour of long-time Averell Harriman in Middleburg (Virginia), and Jupiter Island, Florida. Father of Paul, Andrew Mellon, U.S. Secretary to Treasury Board 1921-32, had approved the transactions of Harriman, Pryor and Bush with the Warburgs and the Nazis. Son-in-law of Paul Mellon, David K.E. Bruce, worked in by Prescott Bush W.A. Harriman & Co. during the end of the 1920s; was the head of the London branch of American intelligence during the second world war; and Deputy Secretary of Commerce of Averell Harriman in 1947-1948. Participation and family money Mellon would be played an important role in many domestic US projects of the Central Agency of Intelligence new.

· Carl Tucker manufactured electronic guide for marine equipment. With the Mellons, Tucker was owner of the South American oil properties. Ms. Tucker was the great aunt of Nicholas Brady, partner of the Iran-Contra’s later George Bush and U.S. Secretary of Treasury. Their son Carll Tucker, Jr. (skull and bones, 1947), was among the 15 Bonesmen who chose George Bush for induction in the class of 1948.

· C.Douglas Dillon was the patron of William H. Draper, Jr. in the banking system of Draper-Prescott Bush-Fritz Thyssen Nazi of the 1930s and 1940s. His father, Clarence Dillon, has created the Vereinigte Stahlwerke (Thyssen’s German steel Trust) in 1926. C. Douglas Dillon in Nicholas Brady Président of the Dillon Read firm in 1971 and continued as Chairman of the Executive Committee. C. Douglas Dillon would be a vital ally of its neighbour to Prescott Bush during the Eisenhower administration.

· Publisher Nelson Doubleday led its edition family, founded under the auspices of J.P. Morgan and other representatives of the British Empire. The death of « Uncle Herbie »‘s George Bush, Doubleday resumed as majority owner and CEO of the New York Mets baseball team.

· George w. Merck, President of Merck & Co., drug and chemical producers, was Director of the war Research Service: Merck was the official head of all U.S. research in biological warfare from 1942 until at least the end of the second world war. After 1944, organization of Merck was placed under the United States chemical warfare Service. His family business in Germany and the United States was famous for its manufacture of morphine.

· A.L. Cole was useful to the Islanders of Jupiter as a leader of Readers Digest. In 1965, just after the somewhat dirty favor for George Bush (see Chapter 9), Cole is now Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Digest, periodical the biggest draw of the world.

Since the end of the 1940s, Jupiter Island served as Center of the direction of the covert action by the U.S. Government and, indeed, for the Government’s secret management. Jupiter Island reappears later in our account of George Bush in the Iran-Contra affair.

Target: Washington

George Bush graduated from Yale in 1948. Soon, he entered Planer oil supply concern family in Texas. We will now briefly describe the forces that descended on Washington, D.C. these years there when Bush, with the help of the family and powerful friends, became « set up in business on his own.  »

From 1948 to 1950, patron of Prescott Bush Averell Harriman was U.S. « Goodwill Ambassador » to Europe. He was a military « theater Commander », the administrator of the Marshall Plan billions of dollars involved in any military and strategic decision-making by the Anglo-American alliance.

The American Secretary of defense, James Forrestal, had become a problem for the Harrimanites. Forrestal was long an Executive at Dillon Read on Wall Street. But in recent years it had lost. As Secretary of the Navy in 1944, Forrestal suggested the racial integration of the Navy. As Secretary of defense he pressed for integration in the armed forces and what became U.S. policy.

Forrestal opposes the strategy of the utopians of appeasement coupled with brinkmanship. He was simply opposed to communism. On March 28, 1949, Forrestal was forced to leave the office and flown on an aircraft of the Armée de l’air in Florida. He was taken to « Hobe Sound » (Jupiter Island), where Robert Lovett and an army psychiatrist dealt with him.@s8

He flew to Washington, locked to the Walter Reed Army Hospital and given insulin shock treatments alleged « mental exhaustion. « There is no visitors except his wife and children – his son had been using Averell Harriman in Moscow. On 22 may, the body of James Forrestal was found, closely attached bathrobe cord around his neck, after that he had plunged from a window sixteenth-story hospital. The Chief psychiatrist called the death a suicide before even any investigation began. The results of the investigation of the army were kept secret. Forrestal diaries have been published, with 80 per cent deleted, after a year of direct government censorship and rewriting.

Invasion of North Korean troops in Korea of the South in June 1950, after the United States Secretary of State Dean Acheson (very close friend of Harriman) specified publicly that the Korea would not be defended. With a new war, Harriman returned to serve as Advisor to president Truman, to « monitor the Affairs of national security.  »

Replaced Harriman Clark Clifford, who had been special adviser to Truman. Clifford, however, remained close to Harriman and his associates as they won more power. Clifford later wrote on his cordial relations with Prescott Bush:

Prescott Bush… had become one of my frequent golf partners in the 1950s, and I both liked and respected him… Bush had a beautiful and especially loved voice singing quartet. In the 1950s, he organized a Quartet which included my daughter Joyce… They sing in Washington, and, on occasion, he invited the group in Hobe Sound, Florida to perform. His son [George], however, never had struck me as a strong or energetic person. In 1988, he ran successfully to voters as a foreigner – no small trick for a man whose coiled roots in Connecticut, oil Yale, Texas, the CIA, a patrician background, wealth and the Vice-Presidency.@s9

With James Forrestal to the gap, Averell Harriman and Dean Acheson led to Leesburg (Virginia), on July 1, 1950, to hire the British-backed U.S. Gen. George C. Marshall as Secretary of defense. At the same time, partner of Prescott, Robert Lovett, himself became Deputy Defense Secretary.

Lovett, Harriman, Marshall and Acheson went to work for unhorse general Douglas MacArthur, Commander of U.S. forces in Asia. MacArthur kept away from his command, the intelligence of Wall Street agencies and promoted a real independence for the non-white nations. Lovett called for the shot by MacArthur on March 23, 1951, citing the insistence of MacArthur on defeat the Communist Chinese invaders in Korea. Famous message from MacArthur, there had « no substitute for victory », was read at the Congress April 5; MacArthur was given April 10, 1951.

September, Robert Lovett replace Marshall as Secretary to the defence. Meanwhile, Harriman was appointed Director of the mutual security agency, which made him in the United States of the head of the Anglo-American military alliance. Now, Brown Brothers Harriman was anything but the Commander in Chief.

It was, of course exciting times for the Bush family, including the car was coupled to the gods of Olympus – at Jupiter, financiers who is.

Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.
59 wall Street, New York 5, N.Y.
Company established in 1818
Cable address « Shipley – New York »
Private bankers
April 2, 1951

The Honourable W.A. Harriman,
The White House,
Washington, D.C.

Dear Averell:

I am sorry you miss Washington, but appreciate your cordial note.
I hope better luck another time. I hope you had a good rest in Hobe Sound.

As regards affectionate, I,.
Sincerely yours,
[Signed] meadows
S. Prescott Bush.

A central element of the system safety Harriman in Washington (1950-53) was the Organization of secret operations, and « psychological warfare. « Harriman, as well as his lawyers and business partners, Allen Dulles and John Foster Dulles, wanted services secrets of the Government conduct extensive propaganda campaigns and mass-psychology of experiences within the United States, and paramilitary campaigns abroad. This would supposedly ensure a stable global environment for financial and political interests Anglo-American.

The security plan Harriman created the psychological strategy Board (PSB) in 1951. The man named Director of the PSB, Gordon Gray, is familiar to the reader as the child sponsor of the sterilization experiments, conducted by the eugenics movement of Harrimanite in North Carolina, after the second World War (see Chapter 3).

Gordon Gray is an avid Anglophile, whose father had been controlling the possession of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company through the alliance with the representatives of the United States of the British agreement Imperial Tobacco, the Duke of North Carolina family. Brother Gordon, R.J. Reynolds President Bowman Gray, Jr., was also a Naval Intelligence Officer, known around Washington as the « founder of operational intelligence. « Gordon Gray, became a close friend and political ally of Prescott Bush; and son of Gray for son of Prescott, George, his lawyer and his police shield secret.

But president Harry Truman, malleable as it was, constituted an obstacle to the secret warriors. Politician Island Missouri vaguely in favour of the Constitution of the United States, he remained skeptical about the activities of secret services that reminds him of the Nazi Gestapo.

Thus, « covert operations » could not fully take off without a change in the regime of Washington. And it is with the Republican party that Prescott Bush was to bring in turn.

Prescott had made his first attempt to enter politics national in 1950, as its partners took control of the levers of government power. Remaining in charge of Brown Brothers Harriman, he opposed William Benton of Connecticut for a seat in the Senate of United States. (The race was for a term of two years, left empty by the death of the previous Senator.)

At that time, drunk R. Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin Senator was a crusade of circus – as against the communist influence in Washington. McCarthy attacked liberal politicians and some leftists, personal of the Department of State and the figures of Hollywood. He usually left free strategists of Wall Street and London who donated the Europe and China to the Communist dictatorship – like George Bush, their geopolitics beyond left and right.

Prescott Bush had no public connection with notorious Joe McCarthy and appear to be neutral on his crusade. But the Senator from Wisconsin had its uses. Joe McCarthy came into Connecticut three times this year to campaign for Bush and the Democrats. Bush himself made accusations of « Korea, communism and Corruption » in a sentence of campaign slick against Benton, who then turned up as a national Republican slogan.

The response has been disappointing. Only the small crowd turned out to hear Joe McCarthy, and Benton was not injured. Gathering pro-Bush McCarthy to New Haven, in a room that seated 6 000, attracted only 376 people. Benton joked on radio that « 200 of them were my spies.  »

Prescott Bush resigned from his Council of Fellows of Yale for his campaign, and the Commission issued a statement to the effect that the ‘Yale vote’ should support Bush – despite the fact that William Benton was a man of Yale and many identical ways in outlook to Bush. Singers Yale Whiffenpoof appeared regularly for the campaign of Prescott. None of this proves particularly effective, however, with the population.@s1@s0 vote

Then, Prescott Bush had a totally unexpected problem. At that time, the old eugenics movement of Harriman was centred at Yale University. Prescott Bush was a trustee of Yale, and his former partner of Brown Brothers Harriman, Lawrence Tighe, was Treasurer of Yale. In this regard, a slight glow of the truth about the Nazi activities of the enterprise of Harriman-Bush has now made its way in the countryside.

Not only the American Eugenics Society itself headquartered at Yale, but all parts of this fascist movement of living-dead had a house occupied at Yale. Proponents of Psychiatry and coercive sterilization had the Yale/New Haven Hospital and Yale medical school their laboratories for practical exercises in the brain surgery and psychological experimentation. And the birth control League was there, who had trumpeted the need for eugenical births – long fewer births to parents with « inferior » strains. Partner of Prescott Tighe was a Director of Connecticut of the League, and the medical consultant for the Connecticut League was a supporter of eugenics Professor Winternitz Yale Medical School.

In 1950, the people who knew something about Prescott Bush knew now that he had roots very unsavory in eugenics. There was then, just after the war anti-Hitler, little open in the service of the sterilization of persons « unfit » or « useless ». (Could be revived later, with the help of the general Draper and his friend George Bush.) But the birth control League was public – about, then he changed his name to the euphemism « Planned Parenthood.  »

Then, very late in the senatorial campaign of 1950, Prescott Bush was exposed publicly for being an activist in this section of the old fascist movement of eugenics. Prescott Bush lost the election by about 1 000 out of 862 000 votes. He and his family have blamed the defeat on the expose@aa. The defeat was etched in the memories of the family, leaving a bitterness and perhaps a desire for vengeance.

In his preface to a book of propaganda of the control of the population, George Bush wrote on this election of 1950: « my own first conscience as a matter of public policy birth control came with a jerk in 1950 when my father ran for the United States Senate in Connecticut. Drew Pearson, the Sunday before the day of polling, « revealed » as my father was involved with family planning… Many political observers felt that a sufficient number of voters were influenced by his contacts with the controllers of the birth of cost him the election… « @s1 @ s1

Prescott Bush is defeated, while the other Republican candidates fared well in Connecticut. When he tried again, Prescott Bush would not leave the outcome to the whims of the public blind.

Prescott Bush settles in action again in 1952 as a national leader of the boost to the Republican presidential nomination to Eisenhower from Gen. Dwight D. (« Ike »). Among the other team members were Bush Hitler-era lawyer John Foster Dulles and Jupiter Islander C. Douglas Dillon.

Dillon and his father were the pins as the combination of Harriman-Dulles tweaked Ike for the Presidency. As a friend said: « when the Dillons… [Eisenhower] invited to dinner, it was to present him with Wall Street bankers and lawyers. « @s1 @ s2

Of funders of IKE believed, correctly, that Ike would not interfere with even the dirtiest of their covert action programs. The bland, pleasant Prescott Bush was in from the beginning: a friend of Ike and an initial funder of his presidency.

July 28, 1952, as the election approached, a prominent Senator United States Connecticut, James O’Brien McMahon, died at the age of 48.*

It was extremely convenient for Prescott. He received the Republican nomination for Senator of the United States at the meeting, with the support of the leadership of the party State dominated by Yale a special delegate. Now, he ran in a special election for the seat of Senator suddenly vacant. He could be expected to be covered by the office, as it would be on the same electoral ticket as the hero of the popular war, General Ike. By a technicality, he would instantly become a prominent Senator from Connecticut, with an additional power in Congress. And the next Senate race scheduled would be in 1956 (when McMahon expression would have ended), way Prescott could run again in this presidential election year – once more on the aftermath of Ike!

With this arrangement, things worked very well conducted. In the victory in the elections of 1952 Eisenhower, Ike won Connecticut with a margin of 129 507 votes on 1 092 471. Prescott Bush came last among Republicans statewide, but managed to win by 30 373 with 1 088 799 votes case, its almost 100 000 margin behind Eisenhower. He took the traditionally Republican towns.

In the re-election of 1956 of Eisenhower, Ike won Connecticut by 303 036 on 1 114 954 voice, the largest presidential margin in the history of Connecticut. Prescott Bush was able to win again, by 129 544 votes out of 1 085 206 – its margin this time 290 082 smaller than Eisenhower’s.@s1@s3

In January 1963, when this election strategy had been performed and his second term expired, Prescott Bush has retired from the Government and return to Brown Brothers Harriman.

The Eisenhower 1952 victory made John Foster Dulles Secretary of State and the head of the CIA Allen Dulles brother. The reigning Dulles brothers were the « Republican » replacements for their customer and business partner, « Democrat » Averell Harriman. Occasional public postures side, their strategic commitments were identical to his own.

Undoubtedly the most important work done by Prescott Bush in the new regime has been on the golf links, where he was the favourite partner of Ike.

To the « National Security State »

Prescott Bush was a Senator’s most elusive secret. Through diligent research, one can trace back its views on certain issues: he opposes the development of the projects of public authority such as the Tennessee Valley Authority; He opposes the constitutional amendment introduced by Senator of Ohio John W. Bricker, who would have the approval of the Congress of the international agreements by the Executive branch.

But Prescott Bush was essentially a covert operative in Washington.

June 10, 1954, Bush received a letter from Connecticut resident H. Smith Richardson, owner of Vick Chemical Company (cough, Vapo-Rub drops):

«  … At one point before the fall, Senator, I want to get your advice and counsel on a [new] subject – namely, what should be done with the income of a foundation that my brother and I put in place, and that will begin operations in 1956… « @s1 @ s4

The letter suggests the setting up of the H. Smith Richardson Foundation, a Bush family private slush fund to be used by the Central Intelligence Agency and Vice President Bush, for the conduct of his adventures of Iran-Contra-driven.

The Bush family knew Richardson and his wife through their mutual friendship with the President of Sears Roebuck, Gen. Robert E. Wood. General Wood had been president of the Organization of the America first, which had lobbied against the war with Hitler’s Germany. H. Smith Richardson had contributed to the start-up funds for America first and had taken a position against the United States ‘join the Communists’ by the fight against Hitler. Wife of Richardson was a parent proud of Nancy Langehorne of Virginia, who married Lord Astor and supported the Nazis of their Cliveden estate.

Daughter of general Wood Marie married the son of the President of Standard Oil William Stamps Farish. The bushes had stuck with the Farishes through their disastrous exposure during the second World War (see Chapter 3). Young George Bush and his wife Barbara have been particularly close to Mary Farish and his son W.S. Farish III, who would be the great confidante of George presidency.@s1@s5

H. Smith Richardson Foundation was organized by Eugene Stetson, Jr., son-in-law of Richardson. Stetson (Skull and Bones, 1934) worked for Prescott Bush as Deputy Director of the branch of New York’s Brown Brothers Harriman.

In the 1950s, H. Smith Richardson Foundation participated in the « psychological war » by the CIA. This was not an alien, but an operation inner, secret, mainly against the involuntary United States citizens. Director of the CIA, Allen Dulles and its British allies organized ‘MK-Ultra,’ testing of psychotropic drugs, including LSD on a massive scale, purportedly to evaluate the possibilities of « chemical warfare ». During this period, the Richardson Foundation helped finance at Bridgewater Hospital experiences in Massachusetts, the center of some of the most brutal tortures of MK-Ultra. These attacks have been graphically depicted in the movie, Titticut Follies.

In 1990, an investigator for this book toured H. Smith Richardson Centre for Creative Leadership just north of Greensboro, North Carolina. The tour guide said that in these rooms, the agents of the Central Intelligence Agency and the secret service are trained. He demonstrated the two-way mirrors through which government employees are watched, even if they are subjected to incredible psychodrames. The guide explained that « virtually everyone who becomes a general » to the United States armed forces cross also this ‘training’ to the Richardson Centre.

Another office of the Center for Creative Leadership is at Langley, VA., headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency. Here, too, Richardson centre form the CIA officials.

Prescott Bush worked throughout the Eisenhower years as a confidential ally of the Dulles brothers. In July 1956, President Gamel Abdul Nasser of the Egypt announced that it would accept the American offer of a loan for the construction of the dam of Aswan project. John Foster Dulles then prepared a statement of the Egyptian Ambassador that the U.S. had decided to withdraw its offer. Dulles gave the explosive declaration, in advance, to Prescott Bush for his approval. Dulles also gave instruction to President Eisenhower and the British government.@s1@s6

Nasser responded to the rocked Dulles to nationalize the Suez Canal to pay for the dam. Israel, then Britain and France invaded the Egypt for trying to overthrow Nasser, leader of Arab nationalists anti-imperial. However, Eisenhower refused (for once) to play the Dulles-British game, and the invaders were to leave Egypt when Britain was threatened by American economic sanctions.

In 1956, Senator Prescott Bush the political group Harriman-Dulles has increased when he was put on the Senate Armed Services Committee. Bush has visited the United States and military bases Allied worldwide and had access to the decision-making process of national security.

In the last years of the Eisenhower Presidency, Gordon Gray joined the Government. As a close friend and golf partner of Prescott Bush, Gray completed the influence of Bush on Ike. The family Bush-Gray in the ‘secret’ Government partnership continues upwards through the Presidency of George Bush.

Gordon Gray had been appointed head of the new Council psychological strategy in 1951 under the rule of Averell Harriman as an assistant to president Truman for national security affairs. From 1958 to 1961, Gordon Gray was President Eisenhower’s national security chief. Gray intermediate representation of Ike, strategist and door-main, in the relations of the president with the CIA and the United States and Allied military forces.

Eisenhower did not dispute the CIA covert actions projects; He wanted only to be protected from the consequences of their failure or exposure. Primary task of Gray, as a « control » over all American covert actions, was to protect and hide the growing mass of the CIA and the secret government activities.

It was not only hidden projects developed by the grey-Bush-Dulles combination; It is also new, hidden from the structures of the Government of the United States.

Senator Henry Jackson challenged these arrangements in 1959 and 1960. Jackson has created a Sub-Committee on the National political machinery of the Senate Committee on government operations, which investigated the reign of Gordon Gray at the National Security Council. January 26, 1960, Gordon Gray warned President Eisenhower that the bibliography used by Senator Jackson had taken somehow a document revealing the existence of a secret part of the U.S. Government. The unit was ‘5412 group’ of Gray within the administration, officially, but secretly responsible for approving covert actions. Under the direction of Gray, Ike « . « was clear and firm in its response » staff that Jackson not be informed of the existence of this unit [italics in the original]. « @s1 @ s7

Several personalities of the Eisenhower administration must consider the fathers of this monolith of permanent covert action, men who have continued to Shepherd the monster after his birth in the era Eisenhower:

· Gordon Gray, the dark one assistant to the President for national security affairs, cronyism of Prescott Bush closest Executive and partner of golf with Eisenhower. In 1959-60, Gray had the confidence of Ike and served as monitor of the Harrimanites on all US projects of military and non-military.

British intelligence officer Kim Philby defected to Russia in 1963. Philby had won almost total access to intelligence activities American beginning in 1949, in association with the British secret services the CIA to Harriman – dominated. After the defection of Philby, it seemed obvious that the aristocratic British intelligence service was in fact a threat to the cause of the West. In the 1960s, a small team of American Counterintelligence specialists went to England to study the situation. Return, they reported that the British secret services could be completely trusted. This ‘expert’, Gordon Gray, team leader was the presidential head of counter-intelligence of the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board section for presidents John Kennedy through Gerald Ford.

· Robert Lovett, Bush Jupiter Island neighbor and partner of Brown Brothers Harriman, of 1956 on a presidential member of the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. Lovett later claimed to have criticized – of the « inside »-the plan of invasion of Cuba at the Bay of pigs. Lovett has been invited to choose the cabinet of John Kennedy in 1961.

· Director of the CIA, Allen Dulles, Former international lawyer of Bush. Kennedy fired Dulles after the Bay of Pigs invasion, but Dulles served on the Warren Commission, including the assassination of President Kennedy whitewashed.

· C. Douglas Dillon, neighbor of Bush on Jupiter Island, became Under-Secretary of State in 1958, after the death of John Foster Dulles. Dillon had been Ambassador of John Foster Dulles in France (1953-57), coordinating the original covert U.S. backing for the French imperial effort in Viet Nam, with catastrophic results for the world. Dillon was Secretary of the Treasury John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson.

· The Ambassador of Great Britain Jock Whitney, extended member of the family of the Harrimans and Prescott Bush neighbor on the island of Jupiter. Whitney set up a press service in London, called features of World Forum, which published propaganda provided directly by the CIA and British intelligence services. Since 1961, Whitney was president of the British Empire « English Speaking Union.  »

· Senator Prescott Bush, friend and Adviser to President Eisenhower.

Bush’s term have continued in the Senate after Eisenhower, the major part of the aborted Kennedy Presidency years.

In 1962, the National Strategy Information Center was founded by Prescott Bush and his son, Prescott, Jr., William Casey (the future head of the CIA) and Leo Cherne. The centre came to be led by Frank Barnett, agent of the former program the family Bush H. Smith Richardson Foundation. Funds Centre conduited to the features of world’s Forum based in London, to the movement of the CIA reports » » some 300 newspapers internationally.@s1@s8 authors

« Democrat » Averell Harriman turned to a government official in the Kennedy administration. As Deputy Secretary and Undersecretary of State, Harriman has helped push the United States into the Viet Nam war. Harriman had no positions in the Eisenhower administration. Yet, it was perhaps more than anyone the leader and the poorly incredible glue that was hatched by the CIA in the Eisenhower years: an army of Harrimanite demi-public, semi-private, ever since demobilized and increasingly most associated with the name of Bush.

Following the increase of Castro, the Central Intelligence Agency of United States concluded with the Organization of the mafia boss Meyer Lansky organize and form squads of assassination against the Cuban Government. Among the employees were John Rosselli, Santos Trafficante and Sam Giancana. Public records of these facts was published by principal establishment academics.@s1@s9 and agencies of Congress

But the worrying implications and the subsequent consequences of this commitment is a critical issue for further study by the citizens of each nation. This property is implemented:

On August 18, 1960, President Eisenhower approved an official budget of $13 million for a CIA term secret guerrilla against Castro. It is known that Vice President Richard M. Nixon took a hand in promoting this initiative. The U.S. Army was left in secret action plans until very late in the game.

The first of the eight allowed against Castro assassination attempts took place in 1960.

Of course, the program was a failure, if it is not a circus. The invasion of Cuba by anti-Castro exiles of the CIA has been postponed after John Kennedy assumed the Presidency. The Bay of Pigs invasion was a fiasco, and Castro forces easily prevailed. But the program continued.

In 1960, Félix Rodríguez, Luis Posada Carriles, Rafael Quintero « Chi Chi », Frank Sturgis (or « Frank Fiorini ») and other Cuban exiles based in Florida have been trained as assassins and drug traffickers in the Cuban initiative; their supervisor was E. Howard Hunt. The general pattern of the CIA as Miami station chief Theodore G. Shackley, seconded by Thomas Clines. In the following chapters, we will follow the subsequent career of these characters – more and more identified with George Bush – through the coup State of Watergate and the Iran-Contra scandal.


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* McMahon had been Deputy US Attorney General, Criminal Division, from 1935 to 1939. Was there a chance that it might someday talk about crimes in the Nazi era of the rich and powerful?

George Bush: the unauthorized biography – by Webster g. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin

Chapter – V- Poppy and Mommy

« Oh mother, mother! What did you do? Here! the heavens ope. The gods are looking towards the bottom, and this unnatural scene, they laugh at.  »

Coriolanus , Shakespeare.

The silver spoon

George Herbert Walker Bush was born in Milton, Massachusetts, on June 12, 1924. In the following year, the family moved to Greenwich, Connecticut and established their residence permanent.

Prescott and Dorothy Walker Bush had had a son, Prescott, Jr., before George. Later, there was a sister, Nancy, and another brother, Jonathan; a fourth son, William (« Bucky »), was born in 14 years after George, in 1939.

George was named after his grandfather, George Herbert Walker. Since the mother of George Walker grandfather « Pop » drew, she began to call her son, his namesake, « little Pop, »or »poppy. « So Poppy Bush is the name of the friends President of the family called him since his youth.

Prescott, SR. joined W.A. Harriman & Co. on May 1, 1926. With lucrative totalitarian projects of his family, the childhood of George Bush started in the comfort and significantly advanced luxury and elegance.

The bushes have a large house dark shingles with « large verandas and a portecochere » (originally a covered structure extending to the driveway to protect the nobility who arrived in buses) on Grove Lane in the section of Deer Park of Greenwich.@s1

Here, they were followed by four servants – three servants (whose one cooked) and a driver.

In the United States has been immersed in the beginning of the great depression with the financial collapse of 1929-31. But George Bush and his family were completely isolated from this crisis. Before and after the accident, their lives were a frolic, curly of the concerns of the population as a whole.

During the summers, bushes remained in a secondary residence on the spread of ten acres of the family at the Walker at Kennebunkport (Maine). Rinse the Soviet oil promotions and arrangements of Thyssen-NSDAP, grandfather Walker had built a House for Prescott and Dorothy. They and other settlers were easy used River Kennebunkport tennis and sailing Club. During the winter season, they took the train to grandfather Walker plantation, called « Duncannon, » near Barnwell, South Carolina. Novices were instructed in clay pigeon shooting, and then went out on horseback, following the Pack in pursuit of quail and Turtle Dove. Sister of George Nancy recalled « the care provided »by the servants »on smaller things, like the edges cut the grapefruit. We were expected by the most wonderful black servants who would come in the rooms bedroom early in the morning and turn on the crackling fires of pine forest… « @s2

The money paid by the Hamburg-Amerika SDP, its strength precisely regulated by the Nazi Labor Front. The family took yet another home in Aiken, South Carolina. It the Bush children were socially acceptable « tennis and riding partners. Aiken has been a capital of the South of polo at the time, a significant distinction and serenity ski resort that attracted many northerners, particularly riding oriented. Children in the course Bush rolled there, too… « @s3 Averell Harriman, a class player world polo, also attended Aiken.

Poppy Bush father and mother anxiously promoted distinguished family lineage and its growing importance in the world. Prescott Bush said that he « could trace the roots of his family again to the King Henry III of England, making George thirteenth, twice removed cousin Queen Elizabeth. « @s4

This particular vanity may be a bad omen for President Bush. Coward, acid-tongued Henri III was beaten by Louis IX of France (Saint Louis) to Henry grab for power on the France and much of Europe. Barons of the Henry long revolted against his blundering arrogance, and his power was curbed.

As the economic crisis of the 1930s deepened, Americans have known fear and unprecedented challenges. The Bush children have learned that those who have suffered from these problems had no one to blame only themselves.

A writer hired to blow « heroic past military, » President Bush wrote these lines of equipment provided by the White House:

< dl

« Prescott Bush was a thrifty man… He had no sympathy for the riches again displaying their wealth – they were without class, he said. As a sage and a strictly honest businessman, he had shot often failing companies around, what makes them profitable again, and he had contempt for people who have gone bankrupt because they have mismanaged their money. Lessons of Prescott have been absorbed by the young George… « @s5 < /dl

When he reaches the age of five years, George Bush has joined his elder brother Pres by attending the Greenwich Country Day School. The brothers ‘ lives were mapped by birth. Their father had determined that his son would be… educated and trained to be members of the elite of America… Greenwich Country Day School [was] an exclusive Academy of all men the youth for private secondary schools…

« Alec, the family driver, led the two boys to school every morning after a fall of Prescott, SR. at the station of railway for the morning commute to Manhattan. The depression was no part in proof that the boys slipped into black Oldsmobile family past fences of Pierre, the stables and the swimming pools with one of the richest in America communities. « @s6

But if the young George Bush had no concerns about his physical existence, should not forget the important, private, anxiety gnawing at him from his mother.

The wife of the President, Barbara, has put most succinctly the question of Dorothy Bush and its effect on George: ‘ mother was the most competitive human life.  »@s7

If we look here in the shadow of his mother, we can find something beyond explanations medical routine for States ‘engine’ of President Bush of rage, or hyperactivity.

Mother Bush was the best athlete in the family, the fastest runner. It was difficult. She expected others to be hard. They must win, but they must always appear do not take care to win.

It put politely, gently, in a « biography », written by an admiring friend of the President: « it was with them day after day,… often curb their egos can only a Marine sergeant. Once when… George lost a tennis match, he explained that it had been extinguished his game this morning there. She replied, « You don’t have a game. » « @s8

According to this text, Barbara was fascinated by the continuous ferocity his mother-in-law:

George, play the mixed doubles with Barbara on the Court of Kennebunkport, stumbled on a porch and injured his right shoulder blade. « Said his mother, it was my ball to hit, and it happened because I didn’t run for him. She’s probably right, « Barbara says [interviewer]… When the game is a discussion from someone came as Barbara, ‘ if Mrs. Bush would say, « she has had some good shots », it meant that it stank. It is just the way she got the message across. When one of the grandchildren brought this girl to us, everyone said, ‘We think he’s going to marry’, and she said, ‘ Oh, no, it will not net.  » « @s9

A spur to rapid motion became embedded in his personality. It is observable throughout the life of George Bush.

A Companion feature was strange want Poppy, his master obsession with the need to « kiss, » to appease those who might somehow to advance its interests. A life of such efforts might at some point reach a climax released rage, where the triumphant can finally say: ‘ now, it’s only me who must be feared. « .

This dangerous cycle began very early, a response to the insistence of her mother and of intimidation; It intensified that George became more able to calculate its advantage.

His mother says:

« George was a most selfless child. When he was only a little more than two years… we bought him one of these pedal cars you climb in and work with your feet.

« [His brother] Pres was able just to work and George ran up and grabbed the wheel and meadows said he ‘ would have half, ‘ which means that half of his new possession. « Half, half, have » he kept repeating, and for some time around the House we called him « Having half. » « @s1 @ s0

George « learned to ask for more than what was due. Although no school student leader, his report card was always good, and his mother was particularly pleased that it was consistently rated « excellent » in a category, she thought only of great importance: « Claims more than its fair share of time and attention. » This consistent ranking led to a little family joke – George always did better in « claims no more. »

« It was not a selfish child, did not display even innocent possessiveness common to most children… « @s1 @ s1


George Bush left Greenwich Country Day School in 1936. He joined his elder brother at the Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, 20 miles north of Boston. « Poppy » is 12 years old, handsome and rich. Although the U.S. economy took a wild turn for the worse the following year, father of George was to accumulate a fortune, arranging bond scam for the Nazis with John Foster Dulles.

Only about one in 14 American students could afford to be in private schools during the visit of George Bush in Andover (1936-42). The preparatory schools or « preparation » of New England were the most exclusive. Their students were almost all boys white rich, many of them Episcopalians. And Andover summer, in a strange way, the most out of all.

A 1980 campaign biography prepared by own staff Bush concedes that « it was New England that they are returned to be educated to some schools that produce leaders with a patrician or aristocratic stamp – adjectives, incidentally, causing a collective wince among bushes… At the end of the 1930s… These schools… bears the famous ‘old – boy networks’ at the peak of their power. « @s1 @ s2

These American institutions were consciously modelled on elite England private schools (confusingly called « public » schools because they are open to all English boys with enough money). Philosophy instilled in the son of a Chief of police British Admiral Lord or South Africa, had to be drunk by the sons of the American Republic.

George made some decisive moral choices on himself in these first years away from home. The institution that has guided these choices and have helped shape specific obsessions of the 41st president, was a pit of Anglophile aristocratic racism when George Bush came on the scene.

« Andover was… less dedicated to »elitism »that some [schools]… There were even a couple of blacks in classes, tokens of course, but at a time when a black student at almost any other school prep Northeast would have been unthinkable. « @s1 @ s3

Andover had a so much vaunted ‘tradition’ mixed with the proud lines of its students and alumni, which was supposed to arrive at the Foundation School in 1778. But a closer examination reveals this ‘tradition’ be a fraud. It is part of a larger, highly significant historical fallacy by the Anglo-American – and oddly emphasized by Bush officials abroad.

Thomas Cochran, associated Bank J.P. Morgan, has donated considerable sums to build fancy new Andover buildings in the 1920s. Among them were George Washington Hall and Paul Revere Hall, named for the leaders of the American revolution against the British Empire. These and similar « patriotic » trappings, with genealogies of old affiliate school former pupils, might seem to indicate an unbroken line of imperialists racial as Cochran and his entourage, which dates back to the heroes of the revolution!

Let us briefly the history of tour Andover and then ponder if general Washington would be identified with the school of Poppy Bush.

Thirty years after Samuel Phillips founded the Academy in Andover (Massachusetts), the small quiet school was embroiled in a violent controversy. On one side were some families pro-British hardliner, known as the Boston Brahmins who prospered in the transport of ship of black slaves and rum. They had returned to power in Boston since their allies lost the American revolution of 1775-83.

In 1805, these « Tory » cynical families, neo-pagan, succeeded in placing their representative under the chairmanship of Hollis of philosophy at Harvard University. The Tories, parading to the public as a unit called religious liberal, opposed by nationalists Americans led by geographer-historian Rev. Jedidiah Morse (1761-1826). Nationalists rallied the Christian churches of the northeast of the United States behind a plan to establish a new religious institution that could counter the British spies, atheists and criminals who had taken over Harvard in Andover,.

The British Empire political operatives Stephen Higginson, Jr. and John Lowell, Jr. published counter-attacks against Rev. Morse, claiming that he was trying to wake up the lower classes of citizens to hatred of the rich merchant families. Then the Tories played the « conservative » card. Calvinist ultra-Orthodox, in fact of trading partners for the Liberals of Harvard, has threatened to set up their own religious institution in Newburyport dominated by tories. Their statement, that Morse was not enough, conservative, divide the resources of the Christians of the region, to what the group reluctantly put Morse ultras Newburyport as partners in the management of the Andover Theological Seminary in 1808.

The adjacent new Theological Seminary and Academy of boys were now governed together under a common Board of Directors (balanced between the nationalists of Morse and the Newburyport, the wings of the old federalist party anti-nationalistes).

Barun is Morse Andover headquarters of a missionary movement rather heroic, anti-racist, Christian, bringing literacy, presses to print, medicine and technological education for the Southeast Asian and native Americans, including the Georgia Cherokees. This doctrine of racial equality activist Andover and the American Revolutionary spirit was despised and feared by push British opium in Southeast Asia and the blue blood Anglophiles in Boston. Missionaries of Andover were eventually imprisoned in Georgia; allies too modern Cherokee were murdered and exiled by pro-slavery mobs.

When the generation of Jedidiah Morse died, the missionary movement of Andover was crushed by the elite families of New England – who were partners of Britain in the trafficking of opium growing. Andover was still formally Christian after 1840; Cynical Brahmins of Boston used Orthodox Protestant board of Andover to continue many of their opponents as « heretics.  »

The neo-paganism and occult movements bloomed after the civil war with the new materialistic doctrines of Darwin. In the 1870s the death-worship of the skull and bones society send its former members of Yale University, to organize the aristocratic Satanic secret societies for teenagers to Andover preparatory school. But these cults do not yet quite flourished. National power was always precarious balance between the imperial Anglo-American financiers and the traditional nationalists who built the railroads of America, steel and electrical industries.

Aristocrats new age proclaimed their victory, under the chairmanship of Theodore (1901-09). Andover Theological Seminary liquidated his business and left the town to merge with Harvard Divinity School! Andover prep school was now largely free from the nuisance of religion or any connection whatsoever with the American spirit. Secret societies for school children, modeled on the orders of barbarian at Yale, have now established within the the permanent, incorporated headquarters just off campus in Andover. Official school counselors have been assigned to each secret society, who participated in their rituals cruel and literally insane.

When a partner with J.P. Morgan Thomas Cochran built luxurious Andover boys modern campus as Poppy Bush, the usurpers of the name of America had a reason to celebrate. Under their supervision, fascism was rising in Europe. The new campus library was named for Oliver Wendell Holmes, class of 1825 Andover. This appalling poet of the « leisure class », a vanity of blue blood tour of Boston, was known as the father of 20th-century justice of supreme Court of the United States. His son, Wendell, symbolized the arbitrary rule of racial purity advocates, thieves, on American society.

Andover has installed a new headmaster in 1933. Claude Moore Fuess (rhymes with fleece) replaced headmaster veteran Alfred E. Stearns, whose Brahmins have seen as a reactionary is. Stearns was forced into a ‘scandal’: a widower, he married his wife’s household, which was under her social class.

The new headmaster was considered to be future-oriented and flexible, ready to meet the challenges of the political crisis of the world: for example, favoured Fuess psychiatry for boys, something Stearns would not tolerate.

Claude Fuess was Professor of history of Andover since 1908 and gained fame as a historian. He was one of the most skillful liars of the modern era.

Fuess had married in the Boston Cushing family. He wrote the biography authorized by family whitewash of his wife’s parent, Caleb Cushing, a pro-slavery politician of the mid-19th century. Corruption, widely known of Cushing’s career was accompanied by BOLD, outrageous coverup.@s1@s4 Fuess

During the years of George Bush in Andover, Feuss, its Director, wrote a biography of Calvin Coolidge, the late American President. This work was celebrated in jest as a champion of unwholesome flattery specimen. In other books, also on the blue bloods, Fuess was simply given the family papers and designated the liar head for the « Race Bostonian.  »

Families the Cushing and Coolidge had made his fortune in the opium traffic. Headmaster of Bush has appointed his son John Cushing Fuess, maybe after the legendary kingpin dope of the 19th century who had the rich Cushing. @s1 @ s5

Headmaster Fuess used to say to his staff, « I came to power by Hitler and Mussolini. « @s1 @ s6 wasn’t simply a joke, referring to his appointment the year Hitler took over the Germany.

In his memoirs of 1939, headmaster Fuess expressed philosophy that should guide education of young gentlemen well born in custody:

Our declining birth rate… may perhaps indicate a step towards national degradation. Among the so-called upper and leisure classes, significantly among the Group of the University, the current birth rate is remarkably low. Among Slavic and Latin immigrants, on the other hand, it is relatively high. We therefore seem to leave plu thin blood and disappear; at the same time, our humanitarian efforts for the preservation of the least incorporates and those who, for any reason, paralyzed and unable, are currently strongly stimulated. The effect on the race will become not apparent for a few generations and certainly cannot now be predicted with precision; but the phenomenon should be mentioned, if you are to have an accurate picture of what is happening in the United States.@s1@s7

George Bush will adopt this anti-Christian perspective as hers? He can never know for sure how a young person will respond to the doctrines of his elders, no matter how cleverly presented. There is a much higher degree of certainty it will be consistent with the expectations of criminals, however, if the student is led to the cruelty of practice against other young people and to deteriorate in order to move forward. Andover, this was where secret societies came.

Secret societies

Nothing like secret societies of Andover existed in any other American school. What were they all about?

Friend of Bush Fitzhugh Greene wrote in 1989:

Robert L. « Tim » Ireland, supporter of longtime Bush [and partner at Brown Brothers Harriman], who later served on the Board of Directors with him, Andover believes [Bush] had been in AUV. « What is it? I asked. « Can not tell you, » ri of Ireland. « It’s secret! « Both Andover and Yale, these groups only bring in a small percentage of the total enrolment in any class. « It’s a bit cruel to those who are not au [V] or »Bones », » admitted Ireland.@s1@s8

A retired teacher who was Advisor to one of the groups, disclosed carefully in his bicentennial history of Andover, certain aspects of the secret societies. The reader should keep in mind that this account was published by the school, to celebrate itself:

A charming account of the early days of the oldest K.O.A, of corporations, was established by Jack [i.e. Claude Moore] Fuess, Member of the Organization, on the occasion of their fiftieth anniversary. The company was founded in… 1874…

[A] concern the number of members has been the initiation ceremony. In KOA the ceremony involved a visit to the cemeteries the midnight, various kinds of torture, running the gauntlet – if the novice was apparently struck rather than paddled, be baptized in a tank of water, hoisted by a pulley and finally be placed in a coffin, where he was cross-examined by members in the air… KOA has managed to maintain the loyalty of its members over the years to become a powerful institution at the Phillips Academy and erected a beautiful pillars of society House on school Street.

The second company of seven that would survive until 1950 was A.U.V. [George Bush Group]. The letters stood for Auctoritas, Unitas, Veritas. [Authority, unity, truth.] This organization is the result of the merger of two… of the previous companies… in 1877. A new constitution has been developed… providing for four directors-[commander] Imperator, Vice Imperator [Vice], Scriptor (Secretary) and Quaestor [magistrate or Inquisitor]…

As K.O.A, A.U.V. had a ceremony of initiation developed. Once a promise had been approved by the faculty, he received a letter with a list of rules that he had to follow. It should be in the cemetery every night from 12:30 to 05:00, deliver a morning newspaper to each Member of the company every morning, must not comb or brush her hair or wash her face or hands, smoke nothing but a clay pipe with tobacco Lucky Strike and not talk to any student except members of A.U.V.

After the pledge had memorized these rules, its letter of instruction was burnt. The pledge became a « scut » and was forced to learn a lot of currencies and incantations. The Friday evening of the week of initiation the scut is taken to downtown of pharmacy of Hartigan and given a sundae « scut, » which consisted of pepper, cream ice, oysters and liver raw. Later that evening, he pointed at the South Church cemetery, where he had to wait two hours for the members to arrive. There was then the usual ruckus – the scut was used as a struggle against dummy, threats have been made to confine him in a tomb, and various other ceremonies observed. Saturday afternoon, the scut was taken on a long walk around the city, being obliged to stop a few houses and ask for food, urinating on a few porches and generally to make a fool of himself. Saturday evening came the appropriate opening. The scut established over the cellar in his underwear and saw dirt and flour smeared all over his body. Finally cleaned upwards and presented at the initiation room, where a solemn ceremony followed, ending with the words so much whereas « there light, » how his blindfold was removed, some oaths were administered, and the boy was finally a member…

Shortly after 1915 [A.U.V.] present House was built. Since then and until the crisis of the society of the 1940s, A.U.V. continued strong and successful. Certainly, there were some problems. In the middle of the 1920s, the society scholarship average dropped dramatically. Members had also been put pledging students illegally–without the approval of the guardian of the faculty. In an initiation a boy had been so beaten that it was impossible to run the Exeter-Andover track Meet… However, the company has managed to overcome these problems and deserved its place among the big three among school Societies…@s1@s9

Of all the available evidence, to prep Andover George Bush was completely obsessed with status, pretending to be important. His 1980 campaign biography has this goal:

« There were, as there always before an institution of elitism with respect to the group who ran things, the Group of power among boys who recognised each other as peers. George was among this group, but for him it was natural… « @s2 @ s0

A.U.V., 32 members including George Bush, is listed in the class of Andover in 1942 directory. Why was ‘normal’ as George « among this group »?

The banana of hierarchical top of the A.U.V. in the class of George was Rockefeller Godfrey Anderson (« Rocky »). In the directory just above the A.U.V. list is a photograph of « Rocky Rockefeller » and « Lem [Lehman F.] Beardsley « ; Rockefeller criminalises imperiously without a shirt, Beardsley scowls behind sunglasses. The real monarch of the secret society of George Bush Andover and promoter of George, was certainly the father of this Rocky, Godfrey S. Rockefeller.

The gentleman of the latter had been on the staff at Yale University in China in 1921-1922. Yale and the Rockefellers were breeding a grotesque communist insurgency with the ideology of the British Empire; another Member of staff at Yale he was Mao Zedong, the Communist dictator and a serial killer. While he was under way in China, cousin of Dad Godfrey Isabel was bridesmaid at the marriage of the parents of George Bush. His uncle Percy had co-founded the Harriman Bank with George Walker and supported George Bush’s father in several Nazi German companies. His grandfather was the founding Treasurer of the Standard Oil Company and made the Harrimans (and therefore, ultimately, George Bush) rich.

Advisor of the Faculty of A.U.V. at the time was Norwood Penrose Hallowell; his father of the same name was president of Lee, Higginson & Co. private bankers, financial Chief of racist political movements of the extreme of Boston. Elder Hallowell was based in London in the 1930s, intimate with Montagu Norman terms and his pro-Hitler American banking friends.

But this kind of support alone cannot guarantee that a person will rise upwards, to the status of ‘big shot’ authentic. You have to want it very, very badly.

One of the teachers of Poppy Bush at Andover, now retired, offered to an interviewer for this book, a vivid picture of his former pupil. How was the President as a student?

« He never said a word in class. He was bored to death. And other teachers told me that Bush was the worst french student ever at the school.  »

But this teenager simply slow or dull? On the contrary.

«  » It was the classic ‘ CMS ‘ (Big Man On Campus). A great glad hander. Always smiling. « @s2 @ s1

Leaving aside the academic studies, George Bush has been more insistent independent promoter on campus. He was able to pursue this career, being fortunately spared from chores more down to Earth other students had to do. For example, he sent his clothes dirty House each week to do by the servants. He was sent by post to him clean and folded.@s2@s2

Student records show a massive list of titles and offices for Poppy, perhaps more than for any other student:

< dl

< /dl

· A.U.V.

· Senior class President (1 term)

· Secretary of the Student Council (1 term)

· Student (1941-42) Council (monitoring of students during the tests, maintaining order in the movies, investigate thieves of the student)

· President of the society of inquiry (1941-42)

· Graduates Committee

· Chairman of the Deacons Student (1941-42)

· Advisory Board (sports management, choosing of P.A. Police student control, choosing to cheerleaders)

· President of Greece (1940-42)

· Captain of Baseball (1942)

· Captain of the football (1941)

· Basketball Manager (1941)

· Company investigation (1940-42) (formerly a Christian missionary group, now the management of extracurricular activities)

· Student Deacon (1940-42)

· Editorial Board of the Phillipian (1938-39)

· All-Soccer club (1938)

· Company Board of Potpourri (1940-42)

· Assistant Housemaster

· Varsity football team (1939-41)

· University basketball team (1941-42)

· Baseball Junior Varsity team (1939)

· Baseball Varsity team (1940)

· University Baseball team (1941-42)

· Prices to Johns Hopkins (1938)

· Treasurer of the student (1 term)

Certainly, some of these distinctions was, well, a little less than he had hoped.

The class of 1942 was officially asked to see which had the status of majority among the students themselves.

For Best all-around Fellow, »Poppy Bush finished third. Bush does not show in the ‘more Intelligent’ category.

Interestingly, Bush ranked second « more faculty drag » – teachers pets – even though Bush seemed not at all on the list of the honours of the scholasticism of the school. In fact, no member of the Rockefeller-Bush A.U.V. was being on the list of honours – despite the incantations, chants smeared Filth and urinate on the porches.

Tradition of Barbara Pierce

The Japanese attacked the American naval base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941, bringing America into World War II. Because of the involvement of his family with the Nazis, would later pose a very different problem for Andover senior Poppy Bush than for the ordinary young man his age.

Meanwhile, of the then social whirl. A few weeks after Pearl Harbor, during the Christmas holidays, George went to a ‘ Cotillion at the Round Hill Country Club in Greenwich, Connecticut. It was a social business meeting upcoming debutantes and acceptable young men. « @s2 @ s3

Here, George Bush met his future wife, Barbara Pierce, whose family was in high society put close to Rye, New York. Barbara is a pretty 16-year-old daughter athletic as mother of George. She was home for the holidays of her exclusive boarding school, Ashley Hall, in Charleston, South Carolina. His livestock was acceptable:

« Barbara background, although not quite as aristocratic as George, was also socially impressive in a day where the company has been defined by breeding rather than wealth. His father, Marvin Pierce, was a distant nephew of President Franklin Pierce (1853-57)… The mother of Barbara, Pauline Robinson… was [the girl’s] a judge of the supreme Court of Ohio. « @s2 @ s4

Father of Barbara, Marvin Pierce, was Vice President of McCall Corporation, Publisher of magazines Redbook and McCall. After her daughter joined the banking oligarchy by marriage in the Bush family (1945), Pierce became CEO of McCall. Pierce and his magazine theme of « usability » – stressing the family social existence divorced from political activities, scientific, artistic or creative – played a role in the cult of conformity and mediocrity which crushed the mental life in the United States in the 1950s.

Much is made on family ties to Barbara Pierce Bush to the President of the United States Franklin Pierce. It is inserted in the books written by Bush friends and members of the staff. Barbara Bush gossip-column biographer says: « his own grand-back-grand Uncle President Franklin Pierce had his office [White House] in the Treaty room… « In fact, President Pierce was a distant cousin of great-great grandfather Barbara Pierce, not his brother, as this statement would imply. **

* [Prepared in consultation with the New Hampshire historical society and family experts Pierce in Pennsylvania, this fact is recognized by Mrs. Bush White House staff.]

As the claim of Henri III, Franklin Pierce may be a bad omen for George Bush. The catastrophic Pierce was refused renomination by his own political party. Pierce backed schemes to spread slavery by the presence of mercenaries, called « freebooters », invade, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean Islands. During the civil war, he attacked the emancipation Proclamation that outlawed black slavery in the rebel States. His former supporters among wealthy families of New England he abandoned and treated him like dirt. He died in hiding in 1869.

One may wonder, why are President Bush and his conscious supporters of an oligarchical tradition? For a clue, let us look at the case of Arthur Burr Darling, Professor of history of prep school of George Bush.

Just after Claude Fuess « came to power with Hitler and Mussolini » in 1933, Fuess brought Darling to teach. Mr. Darling was head of the Department story Andover from 1937 to 1956 and the guardian of the Faculty of one of the secret societies. Its policy in Massachusetts, 1824-1848 changes covered the period of eclipse of Andover Lords aristocratic opium of Boston. Book of Davy humanitarian attack of largest of Andover, Jedidiah Morse, as a dangerous madman, because Morse has warned the international criminal conspiracies involving these respectable Bostonians. The same book attacks the President John Quincy Adams as a troublemaker lost, head of the anti-Masonic movement in the years 1820 – 30 with Morse.

Arthur Burr Darling, while still head of the Department of history of Andover, was chosen by the Harrimanites to organize the historical files of the Central Agency of Intelligence new and to write the official account of the CIA of its creation and first years. Since this cynical project was secret, Darling 1971 obituary did not reflect his CIA Darling employment.@s2@s5 The Central Intelligence Agency: An Instrument of Government, to 1950 has been classified Secret on its completion in December 1953. For 36 years, it was only to be consulted for self-justification by the Harrimanites. This mercenary work was finally declassified in 1989 and was published by Pennsylvania State University in 1990. Subsequent editions of who was who in America have changed, like the « story editors » of Joe Stalin, to say later, the official version of the Professor of history of what George Bush did with his life.


After having met his future wife, Barbara, Poppy Bush returned according to the day of the year, holiday Christmas 1942, for his last months at Andover. The United States entered the second world war made things rather awkward for Bush and some of his classmates and cast a shadow on his future.

Since the beginning of 1941, the Department of Justice was investigating unit of Nazi support among American companies. This probe centered on the Harriman, Rockefeller, Du Pont and related businesses, involving the father of George Prescott, its partners and close family friends of the bushes.

On 5 March 1942 – about the time Poppy Bush and Rockefeller Rocky envisaged the torture that they would inflict on the class of 1943 recruits A.U.V. – the special Committee of the U.S. Senate investigation on the defence programme national explosive hearings in Washington, D.C. Subject: agreements of cartel between Americans and Nazi companies that expected to be affected by the actions of fight against cartels. Pearl Harbor, the project of American boys and these sensational hearings were causing a very dangerous people’s attitude to the Nazi collaborators the highest level (see Chapter 2).

But on March 20, 1942, Henry L. Stimson, Secretary of war and The President of Council of administration of preparation of Andover, has sent a memorandum to President Franklin Roosevelt recommending to stop investigations of trusts US-Nazi: resultant prosecution would « inevitably consume time of executives and employees of those companies that are engaged in war work. « Stimson got Navy Secretary Frank Knox and Assistant the Attorney general Thurman Arnold to co-sign the memo. President Roosevelt has agreed at the request of Stimson, but conceded to Arnold and his antitrust staff that he would for long statutes of limitation to prosecution post-war possible.@s2@s6

Statement by Stimson for his friends could not, however, entirely cancel ongoing exposure and prosecution of Rockefeller Standard Oil of New Jersey, as we saw in Chapter 4. After the death of Farish, the proceedings have been suspended, but Nazi seizures of property of the company continued, and this would soon lead to Prescott Bush and grandfather Walker. Could aristocratic friends be invoked to prevent the smashing world Poppy by scandal or legal problems, and its demolition carefully prepackaged future Golden?

As George wound up his Andover career and paid court to Barbara, investigators from the U.S. Government screened by Affairs of the Hitler-Harriman-Bush steamship lines Hamburg-Amerika and Norddeutscher Lloyd. Their final report, published on July 18, 1942, under confidential cover would show that long-standing Harriman-Bush administration Christian J. Beck was still the Prosecutor of New York for the merged Nazi firms. (See Chapter 3 for details and description of the sources).

Entering commands on the shipping lines would be published in August. The Government could seize other Nazi assets, still managed by the Bush family, in the fall. Prescott Bush, legally responsible for Nazi German banking operations in New York, was to be named in an attachment order. Could highly placed friends keep all this out of the public eye?

Along this time, something went very wrong with the secret societies at Andover prep school.

Andover historian, quoted above, stated that « until the crisis of the society of the 1940s, A.U.V. continued strong and successful. « But a few months after that Poppy Bush and Rocky Rockefeller left the school, headmaster Fuess and his administration announced that they were closing and banning secret societies for ever. This has triggered a storm of controversy.

A.U.V. of Bush had been humiliating students and teach anti-Christian rituals since 1877. Fuess was himself a member of one of the companies. What happened to precipitate this drastic decision?

The great crisis of the society in Andover has been extremely busy, because many of the former students and parents of current students was the heads of Government and finance. A dreadful scandal it would reverberate around the world. What really prompted the decision to close held secret tight, and remains wrapped in mystery today, half a century later.

Director Fuess argued that an event that has happened nine years earlier had led to the decision. This event was duly recorded in the book of history of Andover:

< dl

« In 1934 a student was killed during an initiation in the company. A group of former students had joined the undergraduates for part of the ceremonies that took place in a barn on the outskirts of Andover. On the way back the rode initiate on the running Board of a car driven by one of the former students. The roads were slippery and the car crashed into a telegraph pole, crushing the boy, died in the presence of Dr. Fuess at the hospital a few hours later. « @s2 @ s7 < /dl

But this tragedy has been brushed by the administration of the school, with no suggestion of interfering with the Satanic societies. Was there another, significantly worse disaster, which happened in the category of secret society 1943 recruits?

When the elders heard about the decision, they exploded into action. They were accused of « fascism » Fuess and attacked his « star-chamber procedures. « A proclaimed Boston newspaper headline, » 10 000 Andover Alumni Trustees, battle on the abolition of secret societies. « The headmaster, releasing no details to back up its proposal, said, » the purpose for which the secret societies have been based is no longer obvious. « Allies, said, very vaguely, that companies »promoted exclusiveness, »operated »on a basis of a special privilege »and created » a social divide. « @s2 @ s8

Stealth closure decision, having now loudly in public, had to be suppressed. Chairman of Board of Directors of Andover, Secretary of war Stimson, has solved the problem and kept a lid on things with his familiar refrain that the war effort should not be disturbed. Everything had pushed Fuess and the Trustees to act, has never been disclosed. Corporations have quietly closed in 1950.

Secretary of war Stimson made a famous speech in June 1942, to Poppy Bush and other graduating Andover boys. Stimson told them that the war would be long, and they, the elite, should go to College.

But George Bush had some very complicated problems. The decision had already been made that it join the service and removes enough far from where he had been. For family reasons (discussed in Chapter 7), there was a very specific niche, waiting in naval aviation.

There’s a serious hitch in this plan. It was illegal. Although it would have 18 June 12, would not the two years of college the Navy required for its pilots.

Well, if you have an urgent problem, as the Act would be simply set aside, for you and you alone, for all the poor slobs 5 million that should go in the mud with the infantry or a swab of some stinking Bridge – especially if your private school President was currently Secretary of war (Henry Stimson), if the Bank your father’s partner was currently Secretary Assistant of the Air war (Robert Lovett) , and if your father had launched the careers of the current Assistant Secretary of Navy for Air (Artemus Gates).

And this was done.

As says a version authorized by Bush, « one wonders why the Navy has relaxed its two years of requirement of college for the training of flight in the case of George Bush. He had built an outstanding record at school as a researcher [sic], leader sports and campus, but then had thousands of other young people.

« Yet it was George Bush, who seemed to be the sole beneficiary of the lifting of this rule, and so it eventually emerged as the youngest pilot in the Navy – a fact that he can still boast on and because of which he enjoyed a certain celebrity during the war » @s2 @ s9

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George Bush: the unauthorized biography – by Webster g. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin

Chapter – VI- Bush in the second world war

Appealed to the gods that this was the last of his crimes!
-Racine, Britannicus

George Bush has always traded shamelessly on his recording assumed as a naval aviator during World War II in the Pacific Theater. During the campaign of Senate of 1964 in Texas against Senator Ralph Yarborough, Bush issued an old grainy film that depicts the young George being rescued at sea by the crew of the USS Finnback submarine after his Avenger torpedo bomber was struck by anti-aircraft fire during a bombing raid on the island of Chichi Jima on September 2, 1944 Japanese. This movie comes from the archives of the Navy, made fizzled when it was put on the air too many times, becoming a sort of clumsy cliché.

Bush campaign literature has always celebrated his exploits alleged as a naval aviator and the Distinguished Flying Cross, he received. As we become more and more familiar with the power of the Brown Brothers, Harriman/skull and network OS working for Senator Prescott Bush, we will learn to become more and more skeptical of such official praise and the official accounts on which they are based.

But George Bush has always traded shamelessly on his alleged war record. During the adventure of the Bush of the 1990-91 Gulf war, the adulation of Bush ostensible Warrior prowess reached levels that were previously considered characteristic of openly totalitarian and militaristic regimes. In late 1990, after that Bush had committed irrevocably to its campaign of bombings and savagery against the Iraq, writer Joe Hyams completed an authorized account of George Bush in war. It was entitled flight of the Avenger (New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1991) and appeared at the time of the conflagration in the Middle East from the obsessions of Bush. Work of Hyams had the incomparable imprimatur of the regime: not just George, but Barbara had been questioned during his preparation and his your adulatory this sordid text clearly asked the ‘red Studebaker’ school of hagiography policy.

The appearance of such a book at such a moment is reminiscent of the practice of the most infamous dictatorships of the 20th century, where the figure of the strong man, Führer, duce or vozhd such that it can be called, has been used for the transmission of symbolic-allegorical directives to the subject population. Fascist Italy seeks to assert its economic self-sufficiency in food production face trade sanctions from the League of Nations? Then a film would be produced by the MINCULPOP (Ministry of popular Culture, or propaganda) representing Mussolini tirelessly grain crop. At the Nazi Germany in the final phase of preparation of a military campaign against a neighbouring State? If so, Goebbels would orchestrate a cascade of magazines and pulp best seller items evoking the glories of Hitler in the trenches of 1914-18. Closer to our own time, Leonid Brezhnev sought to feeds his own cult of personality with a little book called Malaya Zemlya, an account of his war experiences, which was used by his propagandists to motivate his promotion to marshal of the Soviet Union and the erection of a statue in his honor during his own life. It is the tradition to which the flight of the Avenger belongs.

Bush we said in his campaign autobiography that he decided to enlist in the armed forces, particularly of Naval Aviation, shortly after having learned the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. About six months later, Bush is a graduate of Phillips Academy, and the commencement speaker was Secretary of war Henry Stimson, eminence grise of the ruling elite. Stimson was perhaps aware of the slaughter of young members of the British ruling classes that had taken place in the trenches of the first world war on the Western front. In any case, the advice of Stimson to the Andover graduates was that the war was going for a long time, and that the best way to serve the country should continue his studies at the College. Prescott Bush allegedly asked his son if the recommendation of Stimson had modified his plan to enlist. Young Bush replied that he was still committed to join the Navy.

Henry L. Stimson was certainly a spokesperson that is authoritative for the Eastern liberal establishment and propaganda Bushman has highly exalted lately as one of the seminal influences on the political prospects for Bush. Stimson had been educated at Yale (where it had been operated by the Skull and Bones) and Harvard Law School. He became an associate of right of Elihu Root, who was Secretary of State of Theordore Roosevelt. Stimson was fighting corruption, case-trust us lawyer of Theodore in New York during the early years of the FBI, then Taft Secretary of war, a colonel of artillery in the world war, Governor-General of the Philippines from Coolidge, Secretary of State for Hoover and enunciator of the « Stimson doctrine. Finally, it was a piece of hypocritical stance directed against the Japan, claiming that changes in the international order, caused by the force of arms (and therefore in breach with the 1928 Kellogg-Briand Pact) should not be given diplomatic recognition. This represented a U.S. commitment to defend the Versailles system, the same policy confirmed by Baker, Eagleburger and Kissinger in the Serbian war against the Slovenia and Croatia in 1991. Stimson, although Republican, entered into war of Roosevelt Cabinet in 1940 signed bipartisan intentions.

But in 1942, Bush bought Stimson advice. It is probably significant that in the spirit of the young George Bush, the second world war only for the war in the Pacific against the Japanese. In the accounts approved by Bush of this period of his life, there is just a mention of the European theatre, despite the fact that Roosevelt and the whole of the Anglo-American establishment gave a strategic priority for the « first Germany » scenario. George Young, it seems, has had his heart held by becoming a Naval Aviator.

Normally, the Navy required two years of college volunteers wishing to become Naval Aviators. But for reasons that were never explained satisfactorily, the young George was exempt from this requirement. EU cronyism of father Prescott Artemus Gates, the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Air, largely contributed to make the exception that has been the key to George the younger becoming of all Navy pilots?

On June 12, 1942, his eighteenth birthday, Bush joined the Navy in Boston as a seaman. [note 1] He was ordered to report for active duty as aviation cadet, August 6, 1942. After a last meeting with Barbara, George was taken at Penn Station in New York City station by father Prescott on a troop train headed to Chapel Hill, North Carolina. At Chapel Hill Naval Air Station, one Bush colleagues Cadet was the batting of Boston Red Sox well known Ted Williams, who would later join Bush on the campaign trail in his desperate struggle in February 1988 New Hampshire primary.

After a preflight at Chapel Hill training, Bush is so would be Chamberlain Naval airfield in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he flew solo for the first time in November 1942. In February 1943 Bush goes to Corpus Christi (Texas), to further training. Bush received his commission to the rank of midshipman in Corpus Christi, June 9, 1943.

After this Bush crossed a number of naval bases of air over a period of nearly one year for various types of advanced training. In mid-June 1943 he was learning to fly the bomber-torpedo-Grumman TBF Avenger in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In August, he made landings on the USS de Sable, a the paddle wheel ship which was used as an aircraft carrier for training purposes. In summer 1943, Bush spent a few weeks leave with Barbara at the Walker at Kennebunkport. their commitment was announced in the New York Times of December 12, 1943.

Later in summer 1943, Bush has moved to the Naval Air Base in Norfolk, Virginia. In September 1943, the new squadron of Bush, called VT – 51, passed to the Naval Air Station Chincoteague, Virginia, located on the Delmarva Peninsula. On December 14, 1943 Bush and his squadron became in Philadelphia to attend the commissioning of the USS San Jacinto (CVL30), a light attack carrier built on a cruiser hull. Given that the name of the ship recalled the defeat of Sam Houston by the Mexican leader Santa Anna in 1836, and as the ship flew a Lone Star flag, propaganda Bushman is a large part of these objects to support its required Bush’s connections « carpetbag » in the State of Texas. Squadron VF-51 of Bush reported aboard this boat for a cruise shakedown on 6 February 1944, and on 25 March 1944, the San Jacinto moved to San Diego via the Panama Canal. The San Jacinto reached Pearl harbor on 20 April 1944 and was assigned to Admiral Marc A. Mitscher Task Force 58/38, a group of fast carriers, may 2, 1944.

In June Bush ship joined the battle with Japanese forces in the Mariana Islands archpelago. Here, Bush flew its first combat missions. On 17 June, a loss of oil pressure has forced Bush to make an emergency sea landing. Bush, as well as its two members of the crew, gunner Leo Nadeau and radioman and tail gunner John L. Delaney, were taken over by the US destroyer after a few hours in the water. First Bush’s Avenger, appointed by him to the Barbara, has been lost.

During July 1944 Bush participated thirteen air raids, many under the US Marine landing in Guam. August Bush ship went in Iwo Jima and Chichi Jima in the Bonin Islands for a new cycle of outputs.

On 2 September 1944, Bush and three other drivers of the Avenger, escorted by Hellcat fighter planes, ordered to attack a transmitter on Chichi Jima. Aircraft from the USS Enterprise join also in the attack. Rear gunner of Bush on this mission would not be the usual Leo Nadeau, but rather the lieutenant (jg) William Gardner « Ted » White, officer of ammunition the squadron of VT – 51, already graduated from Yale and already a member of Skull and Bones. Father of white had been a classmate of Prescott Bush. White took his place in the turret’s machine gun to the rear of the Bush TBM Avenger, the Barbara II. The radioman-gunner was John L. Delaney, a regular member of the crew of Bush.

What happened in the sky over Chichi Jima this day there is a subject of controversy. Bush presented several different versions of its own history. In his campaign Autobiography published in 1987 Bush gives the following account:

The flak was heavy, I had already landed in. The Japanese were ready and waiting: their anti-aircraft guns have been implemented for nail us as drove us in our dives. At the time that VT – 51 was ready to enter, the sky was thick with black clouds in wrath of fire explosion anti-aircraft.

Don Melvin paved the way, scoring hits on a radio tour I followed, entering a dive of thirty-five degrees, an angle attack that sounds a little deep, but in an Avenger felt as if you were headed down. The target plan was attached to my knee, and I started in my dive, I had already spotted the target area. Settle, I was aware of the black spots of shots of fire all around.

Suddenly, there was a Jolt, as if a massive fist had chewed in the belly of the aircraft. Smoke poured into the cockpit, and I could see flames ripple in the fold of the wing, borders to the fuel tanks. I slept with diving, hosted in the target, unloaded our four bombs of 500 pounds and ripped-off, heading for the sea. Once on the water, I have stabilized and said Delaney and white to bail out, turning the aircraft on the starboard side to take the wake out of the door near the station of Delaney.

So far, with the exception of the sting of dense smoke blurring my vision, I was in fair shape. But when I went to make my jump, disorder occurs in pairs. [fn 2]

In this story, there is no more mention of Delaney and white until Bush hit the water and started looking around for them. Bush said that it is only after being saved by the USS Finnback, a submarine, he « learned that Jack Delaney and Ted White had survived. It came down the plane; the other was seen jumping, but his parachute failed to open. « On behalf of Hyams of 1991 has been written after an interview August 1988 with Chester Mierzejewski, another Member of Bush’s Squadron, had raised questions on the haste with which Bush bailed out, rather than attempting a water landing. Account Mierzejewski, which is summarized below, contradicts the own version of those events Bush and hinted that Bush might have abandoned its two crew members to a horrible and unnecessary death. On behalf of Hyams, which is partly intended to rebut Mierzejewski, develops as follows:

… Bush was flying the third aircraft over the target, with Moore flying on his wing. It flipped over in a landslide of thirty degrees, heading straight towards the tower radio. determined to finally destroy the Tower, he used no evasive tactics and maintained the axis directly on the target. His next vision was cancelled sometimes burst of Japanese air defence artillery smoke black. The aircraft was descending through the clouds of thickening of flak pierced by blazing arc of tracers.

There’s a Flash suddenly light followed by an explosion. « The aircraft was thrown forward, and we have been enveloped by flames, » withdrawals from Bush. « I saw flames running along the wings where the fuel tanks were and where the wings lie. » I thought, this is really bad! It is difficult to remember the details, but I looked the instruments and could not see for the smoke. »

Don Melvin, circling above the action in the meantime that its drivers to drop their bombs and exit, thought that the Japanese shell struck oil on Bush’s Avenger line. « You could see for a hundred miles of smoke. »

Maybe so, but it is difficult to understand why the smoke over the Bush plan was clearly visible in a smoky environment. Hyams continues to describe the completion of his executed attack Bush. His story continues:

In the meantime, wings were covered with flames and smoke, and the engine has been meteoric. He plans to make a water landing, but realized that it would be not possible. Bailout was absolutely the last choice, but he had no other choice. He got on the radio and informed the Chief of Squadron Melvin of his decision. Melvin by radio, « received your message. You had in view. Will follow. »

[…] Milt Moore, flying directly behind Bush, having regard to the descendant of smoking Avenger. « I’ve pulled up to him; then he lost power and went sailing in him. »

As soon as he was back above the water, Bush shouted on the intercom for whites and Delaney, of « hitting the silk. […] Dick Gorman, radioman-gunner of Moore, remembers hearing someone cry of the intercom, « Hit the silk! » and asking Moore, « is this you, red? »

« No, » Moore replied. « It’s Bush, it is hit!

Other members of the squadron heard Bush repeat the command to bail out, again and again, on radio.

There was no response on the part of the Bush crew and certainly he did not see a shield of armor between the plate and lieutenant White blocked his views behind. He was sure that white and Delaney had bailed out from the moment that they have been ordered. [fn 3]

Hyams cites a later entry by Melvin in the journal of the squadron on the fate of the two crew of Bush: « ‘ at a point approximately nine miles 045 ‘ t (degrees) of Minami Jima, Bush and another person were seen to bail out about 3 000 feet. Bush chute opened and he landed safely in the water, inflated his life raft and paddled further away from Chi – Chi Jima. The fall of the other person who bailed out has not been opened. Bush not yet was returned to the squadron… so this information is incomplete. The lieutenant j.g. white and J.L. Delaney went missing in action, but it is believed that the two were killed as a result of the action described above. « [fn 4] but it is interesting to note that this report, unlike a standard marine practice, has no date. This should alert us to the falsification of public documents, such as the deposition of Bush to the Securities and Exchange Commission in the 1960s, which seems to be a specialty of the Brown Brothers, Harriman/skull and bone network.

For comparison, we now include the narrative summary of this same incident provided by the authorized biographer of Bush in the biography of the candidate’s presidential campaign 1980:

A race to the island, plan to Bush was hit by Japanese anti-aircraft shells. One of its two crew members was killed instantly, and the aircraft has been fired. Bush was able to score hits on the enemy with some 500-pound bombs installations, before it wriggled out of the cockpit smoke and floated to the water. The other crewmember also bailed out but died almost immediately afterwards, because, as fighter in the background of Bush pilot was later to report, his parachute failed to open properly. Bush own parachute became momentarily polluted on the tail of the plane after hitting the water. [fn 5]

Account of the King in interesting for its omission of any mention of the injury to Bush to bail out a front hacked it took when it struck the tail of the plane. This had occurred well before Bush had touched the water, so that this account is blurred indeed.

Let us also cite portions of the account provided by Fitzhugh Green in his biography of 1989. Green was Bush making his attack « at an angle of 60 degrees. » « With its two crew members, » notes green, « life was about to end. » his version continues:

In the middle of diving of Bush, the enemy found its range with one or more tanks. Smoke filled his cabin; its aircraft orders weakened; the engine began to cough, and it was not yet close enough to the target. He assumed the TBM is damaged Terminal. Fight to stay in the race, eyes stinging, Bush has managed to launch his bombs at the last possible moment. He could not discern the result through black smoke. But a companion driver later said that the facility exploded, and two other buildings. The Navy decorate Bush for literally sticking to its guns until it completed its mission under ferocious enemy fire.

Good! Now, the trick was to keep the plane aloft long enough to achieve two objectives: firstly, to get far enough away from the island to allow the rescue of the sea before the capture or killing by the enemy; Secondly, give of his time planemates to parachute out of the plane in flames.

The TBM plated on its past hundreds of yards. Unbeknownst to Bush, a man released himself. Pilots of the squadron colleagues nor Bush never were sure whose it is crew. As he jumped, however, his parachute snarled and unable to open. [fn 6]

Green writes that when Bush was swimming in the water, he realized that « his crew had disappeared » and that « the loss of the two men numbed Bush.

For the presidential campaign of 1992, the Bushmen have tweaked umpteenth rehash of adulatory ‘red Studebaker’ printed in the form of a new biography of Richard Ben Cramer. It is distinguished as a literary effort primarily by the artificial verbal pyrotechnics with which the author tries to revive the canonical dog-eared printout of Bush. For the latter, Cramer relies on a hyperkinetic with non-verbal syntax style that, to a certain extent, echoes of disjointed manner of Bush to speak. The text resulting perhaps found favor with Bush when he was ridden to his hyperthyroid rages during the buildup to the Gulf war. Part of this text was published in Esquire Magazine. [fn 7] Here is the description of Cramer of the critical phase of the incident:

It was a discordant sheer, a cracking and his plane made a leap forward, as if a giant had struck down with a punch. Smoke began to fill the cockpit. He saw a tongue of flame streaming down from the right wing to the fold. Christ! Fuel tanks!

He called for Delaney and white – we’ve been hit! It plunged. Melvin hit the blind Tower – four five hundred pounds. West was on the same RADIUS. Bush could have withdrawn. Need to get rid of these bombs. Keep diving… A few seconds…

He fell on the target and em let fly. Bombs spun down, plan shrugged with output and Bush bowed far hard to the East. There would be no way for the meeting with Melvin point. The smoke was so bad that he could not see the gauges. He rode? To return to the water. They were dead if they bailed out by land. Japs pilots killed. going out of the mess. Bush communicated by radio with the skipper, called his crew. No response. White knows how to get to his downfall? Bush turns a moment. God, White has been affected? He howled the order to bail out, by turning the right rudder to take the wake out of hatching… should out himself. It stabilized above the water, a few kilometres away from the island… more, should go further… This is ca, must now be… He deflected the dip in red on the scoreboard – the IFF, Identification friend or enemy – supposed to attract the attention of any ship US, return a special frequency to its own carrier… no other way to communicate, had to get out now, must have been… NOW.

It will be seen that these versions contain many internal contradictions, but that the hallmark of the ‘red Studebaker’ orthodoxy, especially after the appearance of the Mierzejewsky account, is this aircraft was on fire, with flames and smoke visible. The propaganda machine of Bush fire aboard the Avenger needs to justify the hasty decision of Bush to bail out, leaving its two crew members to their fate, rather than attempting to landing, which could have saved.

The only person who has ever claimed to have seen the aircraft of Bush getting hit, and to have as it hit the water, is Mierzejewksi of Chester, who was the gunner’s rear turret of the aircraft piloted by the Commander of the squadron Douglas Melvin. During 1987-88, Mierzejewksi became more more indignant as he watched Bush repeats his canonical account of how it was shot down. Shortly before the Republican National Convention in 1988, Mierzekewski, at this time there a foreman aged 68 years living in Cheshire, Connecticut, retired aircraft decided to tell his story to Allan Wolper and Al Ellenberg of the New York Post, which printed as a protected article. [fn 8]

« This guy does not say the truth, » Mierzejewski said of Bush.

As the turret gunner back-to research on plan of Commander Melvin, Mierzejewski has the most advantageous position for the observation of the events in question here. Since the plan Melvin flew directly ahead of Bush, he had a direct and clear view of what was happening behind his own plane. Journalists from the New York Post asked former lt. Légaré Hole, the leader of the squadron of Bush, who could better observed the last minutes of the Barbara II, hole replied: « the gunner’s turret in Melvin plan had a good view. If the aircraft was on fire, there is a very good chance, it would be able to see it. The driver cannot see what the gunner can, and would miss it greatly, « hole said to the New York Post.

Gunner Lawrence Milwaukee Mueller, another former member of the Bush’s Squadron, which flew the mission of Chichi Jima, when asked who would have had the best view, replied: « the Melvin aircraft turret gunner. Mierzejewksi said that his plane was flying at about 100 feet ahead Bush plan incident – so close that he could see into the cockpit of Bush.

Mierzejewki, which has also received the Distinguished Flying Cross, says the New York Post that he saw « a cloud of smoke » exit the Bush plane and quickly dissipate. He said that after that it there was no more visible smoke, that Bush « aircraft was never on fire » and that « no smoke no is out of his cockpit when he opened his canopy to bail out. » Mierzejewski said that one man is never out of the Barbara II, and it is Bush himself. « I was hoping that I would see some other parachutes. I have never. I saw the plane go down. I knew that the guys were still in it. It was a helpless feeling. »

Mierzejewski has long been troubled by the idea that the decision to parachute from his plane damaged Bush could have cost the life of Radioman second class John Delaney, a close friend of Mierzejewksy, as an artilleryman lieutenant Junior Grade William White. « I think that [Bush] could save these lives, if they were alive. I do not know that they were, but at least they had a chance if he had attempted a landing,' »Mierzejewski said at the New York Post.

Former leader Légaré hole summarizes as follows the question for journalists from the New York Post: « If the plane is on fire, it speeds up your decision to bail out it. If this is not the fire, you make a landing. » The point is that ditching held out more hope for all members of the crew. The Avenger has been designed to float for about two minutes, giving the gunner enough time to inflate a liferaft and give everyone an extra margin of time to emerge from the aircraft before it sank. Bush had made a landing in June when his plane had lost oil pressure.

The official, but not dated-report on the incident between the squadron records was signed by Commander Melvin and a named lieutenant Martin E. Kilpatrick intelligence agent. Kilpatrick died, and Melvin in 1988 was hospitalized with Parkinson’s disease and could not be interviewed. Mierzejewski early August 1988 had never seen intelligence undated subject report. « Kilpatrick was the first person I spoke to when we got back on the ship, » he said. « I told him what I saw. I do not understand why it is not in the report. »

Gunner Lawrence Mueller tend to corroborate the account of Mierzejewki. Mueller had kept a diary of his in which he made notations as the squadron was debriefed in the ready room after each mission. For September 2, 1944, the personal journal of Mueller had the following entry: « white and alleged Delaney have gone down with the plane. » Mueller told the New York Post that « the without a parachute was seen with the exception of Bush when the aircraft descended. » Journalists from the New York Post were specific as Mueller, nobody in the room of loan of San Jacinto during the briefing had said anything about a fire on board the aircraft of Bush. Mueller said: « I have put in my logbook if I had heard him.  »

According to this article in the New York Post , the report of debriefing of Bush aboard the submarine Finnback after his rescue makes no mention of any fire on board the aircraft. Asked journalists from the New York Post , Thomas R. Keene, an Aviator to another carrier which had been taken over by the Finnback a few days after Bush and referred to as the presumed aircraft Bush fire, « Keene was surprised to hear » it. ‘ ‘ He said that?, « asked Keene.

Leo Nadeau, gunner’s rear turret usual from Bush, who had been in contact with Bush in the 1980s, has attempted to undermine the credibility of Mierzejewski affirming that « Ski », as it was called Mierzejewski, would have been « too busy shooting » to have been able to focus on the events in which the Bush plan. But even accounts Pro-Bush agree that the reason for which White had been authorized to come first aloft was the expectation that no there is no Japanese over the target aircraft, make a gunner carefully trained and experienced superfluous. Indeed, no account alleges that all Japanese planes appeared more of Chichi Jima.

Bush and Mierzejewski meet once again aboard the San Jacinto after the downed pilot was returned by the Finnback about a month after the loss of Barbara II. According to the story of the New York Post, about a month after all these events Bush, dressed in red pajamas, returned to the San Jacinto. « He came into the ready room and sat down next to me, » said Mierzejewksi. « He [Bush] knew I’ve seen all of this.  » He said, ‘ skiing, I am sure that these two men were dead. I called on the radio three times. They were dead. « When he told me they were dead, I could not prove that they were not. It seemed distraught. He was trying to make sure he did his best. I think I’ll tell him, « Mierzejewski said in 1988.

Mierzejewski began to worry about the presentation of Bush for his war record while watching the interview of December 1987 from Bush with David Frost, who was one of the most sanctimonious shows of the candidate. In March 1988, Mierzejeweski wrote to Bush and told him that her memories were very different from the history of the vice president. Mierzejewski letter was not hostile in tone, but have that political opponents could emerge to challenge Bush. No there was no response to this letter, and Chester Mierzejewski finally chose to tell his own version of the sole eye witness of the facts in the New York Post. Certainly his account authoritative first hand place a big question mark on the events of September 2, 1944, that Bush has often sought to exploit for political gain.

Several days after the interview of Mierzejewski has been published, office of Bush obtained and released to the press a copy of this log report Squadron (undated). A Donald Rhodes of the mandate of Bush called Mierzejewksi for him to provide a copy of the report.

It is typical of the work of hack by Joe Hyams for Bush in the flight of the Avenger he mentions the critical account of the Mierzejewksi, even though it is obviously aware of the objections raised by Mierzejewski never and wants a lot to discredit these objections. Indeed, Hyams totally ignores Mierzejewski as source and also carefully ignores the other witness who would have supported Mierzejewski, say Mueller. Hyams had the support of the Bush White House staff to arrange interviews for his book, but somehow he never had time to speak to Mierzejewski and Mueller. This should increase our suspicions that Bush has some damning cicrumstance, he wants to hide.

Bush himself admits that he was in a big hurry to get out of his cockpit: « the wind played tricks, or more likely, I pulled the rip cord too soon. » [fn 9] This caused his forehead slashed and damaged her parachute.

With regard to the ability of Brown Brothers, Harriman to correct a report of fighting in naval aviation, it is clear that this could be done as easily as fixing a parking ticket. Artemus Gates is someone who could have helped. Other Brown Brothers, Harriman active in powerful messages have included the Secretary of war Stimson, Secretary of war for Air Robert Lovett, special envoy W. Averell Harriman and even the confidant of President Roosevelt and virtual alter ego, Harry Hopkins, an asset of the Harriman family.

Bush was very upset by what had happened to its two crew members. Later, during one of his skull and bones ‘Life story’ self-exhibitions, Bush called Member lt. White, Skull and Bones, who had gone up to his death with Barbara II: « I wish that I didn’t let him go, » said Bush, according to the former member of Congress Thomas W. L. (Lud) Ashley, a skull colleague and member of the bone and in 1991 one of the administrators of the Neil Bush legal defense fund. According to Ashley, « Bush was heartbroken. He went over it in his mind 100,000 times and concluded that it could not have done anything… He did not feel guilty of everything that has happened… But the incident has been a source of genuine grief itself. He tore him upwards, genuine anguish. It was so fresh in his mind. He had a genuine friendship with this man, « Ashley said. [fn 10]

Bush later wrote letters to the families of the men who had died on his plane. He received a response from the sister of Delaney, Mary Jane Delaney. The letter read in part:

You mention in your letter that you want to help me somehow. There is a way, and it is to stop thinking that you are in no way responsible for your accident of the aircraft and that is your men. I would have thought that you were so my brother Jack did not always speak of you as the best pilot of the squadron. [fn 11]

Bush also wrote a letter to his parents who speaks all white and Delaney: « I try to think about it the less possible, and yet I can’t get the thought of these two out of my mind. » Oh, I’m OK I want to fly again, I will not be afraid of him, but I know that I won’t be able to shake the memory of this incident and I do not think that I want to completely. « [fn 12]

As Bush himself is back on all these events between the threshold of its genocidal against the Iraq aggression, complacently he concludes that the pagan destinies had preserved his life for some future purpose. He said Hyams:

It was not a sudden revelation of what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, but there was awareness. There is no doubt that underlies everything that have been my own religious beliefs. In my opinion there must be a kind of destiny and I was being spared for something on Earth. [fn 13]

After deliberately ignoring relevant dissenting opinions on the heroism of his boss, Hyams chooses to conclude his book on the worrying following note:

When flying his Avenger off the deck of the San Jac, Bush was responsible for his fate, but also his teammates. As President, he is responsible for the fate of all Americans as well as a large part of the world.

And that is precisely the problem.


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