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Cuban Missile Crisis1962

Hi all

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all french on May 29, 2005 (not: 15 449 508 (54.67% of NON) in the Referendum, ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon), I hope your commissions of laws, it is the Senate, because if it is the European commission, it flared, it is not valid, you can say all you want n, is flared

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Some, took me for a fun, yet since the time he ought to know, that I’m not bluffing!

I repeat

Ah, in fact, I want that Senator LARCHER, take the direction of the Presidency of the French Republic, as, it is written in the constitution of the French Republic, that Holland is a public statement, that, he was dethroned of his powers, he has been given by us all, we take him

And this for a new election

VI – What happens t – it in the event of death or resignation of the President?

It is the president of the Senate acting of the Presidential Office until the election of the new President of the Republic. The election of the new election must take place, except in cases of force majeure recognized by the Constitutional Council, at least twenty days and thirty-five days after the opening of the vacancy or the declaration of the finality of prevention. It is the Constitutional Council which after being seized by the Government finds the impediment (> > s.7 )).

However, the President of the Republic acting does not exercise all presidential duties. It can use or the referendum provided for in article 11 the Constitution, or the dissolution of the National Assembly (> > s.12 )).

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I am sought by the other tanpis, if it breaks any and or I destroy everything « (Oh, by the way, researchers beware, because after you’ve found what they’re looking for, you have suddenly an accident, or you you, mentally, even, if you are in physical and psychological shape, but you you mentally, anyway, just for me against say) , if, if. Brief show the lists missing lowest researchers, it’s them, they noted it if, if, si.disparus, funny circumstances.

Charpter – I – The House of Bush: Born in a Bank

George Bush: the unauthorized biography – by Webster g. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin

Charpter – I – The House of Bush: born in a bank translated

Who is George Bush? How it became the 41st President of the United States?

It is supposed to be a man of the ‘old creation », which »chose to seek his fortune as an independent tanker… « . » @s1

In fact, Bush has never been « independent ». Each step in its climb upward career has relied on powerful associations of his family. The Bush family has joined the establishment is relatively recently and only as servants. Their wealth and their influence is explained by their loyalty to the family of another, more powerful and their willingness to do something to move forward.

For what they did, the ancestors of Bush should have become very famous or infamous. They remained obscure characters, managers behind the scenes. But their actions – including the role of his father as banker for Adolf Hitler – had tragic effects for the whole of the planet.

It was these services to benefactors of his family, which propelled George Bush’s head.

Prescott Goes to war

President George Herbert Walker Bush was born in 1924, the son of Prescott Bush S. and Dorothy Walker Bush. Let’s start the story of George Bush a dozen years before his birth, on the eve of the first world war. We will follow the career of his father, Prescott Bush, through his marriage to Dorothy Walker, on the way to wealth, elegance and power.

Prescott Bush entered Yale University in 1913. Born in Columbus, Ohio, Prescott has spent the last five years before the College at episcopal high school in Saint-Georges in Newport, Rhode Island.

First year of college of Prescott Bush, 1913, was also the first year at Yale for Harriman to e. Roland (« Bunny »), whose older brother (WM) Averell Harriman had just graduated from Yale. It’s the Averell Harriman, who rose to fame, the United States Ambassador to the Soviet Union during the second world war, as a Governor of the State of New York, as well as presidential adviser who was largely responsible for the onset of the Viet Nam war.

The Harrimans have become sponsors of bushes, to lift on the stage of world history.

In the spring of 1916, Prescott Bush and « Bunny » Harriman were chosen for belonging to an elite Yale senior-year secret society known as Skull and Bones. This group unusually morbid, death-celebrating helped Wall Street financial find active young men of good birth »to form a sort of imitation British aristocracy in America.

World War I was raging in Europe. With the prospect that the U.S. will join soon the war, two skull and bones ‘Patriarchs’, Averell Harriman (class of 1913) and Percy A. Rockefeller (class of 1900), paid particular attention to the class of 1917 Prescott. They wanted reliable frameworks allowing them to play the great game in the lucrative new imperial era that the war was opened to moneycrats of London and New York. Prescott Bush, then a close friend of ‘Bunny’ Harriman, and several other Bonesmen their class of 1917 would later include the main partner of Brown Brothers Harriman, the largest private investment bank world.

World War has been an immense amount of money for the stock speculators clan and British bankers who had taken over the American industry. The Harrimans were the stars of this new Anglo-American elite.

Averell father, E.H. Harriman stockbroker, had taken control of the Union Pacific Railroad in 1898 with credit arranged by William Rockefeller, father of Percy and Kuhn Loeb & Co. affiliate British Bankers private, Otto Kahn, Jacob Schiff and Felix Warburg.

William Rockefeller, Standard Oil Treasurer and brother of the Standard Rockefeller founder, owned by National City Bank (later « Citibank ») as well as Texas, James Stillman. In Exchange for their support, E.H. Harriman filed in the City Bank large receptions of its lines of railway. When he has published tens of millions of dollars of ‘watered’ (fraudulent) railway stock, Harriman sold most of the shares through the Kuhn Loeb company.

WWI high Prescott Bush and his father, Samuel P. Bush, in the lower ranks of the Eastern Establishment.

While war in 1914, National City Bank has started to reorganize the arms industry U.S. Percy A. Rockefeller took the direct control of the Remington Arms company, appointing his own master, Samuel F. Pryor, as the new CEO of Remington.

The United States enters World War I in 1917. In the spring of 1918, father of Prescott, Samuel P. Bush, became head of ammunition, small arms and ammunition Section of the war Industries Board.@s2 the elder, that Bush has taken a national responsibility for relations with Remington and other weapons and Government assistance companies.

This was an unusual appointment, as father of Prescott seemed to have no background in ammunition. Samuel Bush was president of the Buckeye Steel Castings Co. in Columbus, Ohio, railcar parts manufacturers. Throughout his career had been in the business of railway – providing equipment for systems of railway belonging to Wall Street.

The War Industries Board was headed by Bernard Baruch, a Wall Street speculator with personal and narrow commercial with old E.H. Harriman. The Baruch brokerage firm had handled speculation Harriman of all the kinds.@s3

In 1918, Samuel Bush became Director of the Division of the War Industries Board facilities. Father of Prescott has the President of the Commission, Bernard Baruch, and Baruch, banker private Wall Street Clarence Dillon’s Assistant.

Robert S. Lovett, President of Union Pacific Railroad, Chief Advisor to E.H. Harriman and executor of his will, was responsible for the national production and buy « priorities » for the Board of Directors of Baruch.

With the mobilisation of war under the supervision of the Council of the war Industries, American consumers and taxpayers showered fortunes unprecedented war producers and certain holders of patents and raw materials. Hearings in 1934 by the U.S. Senator Gerald Nye Committee attacked the « merchants of death- » war profiteers such as Remington Arms and the British company Vickers – vendors had handled many nations into wars and then supplied all sides with weapons to fight.

Percy Rockefeller and Samuel Pryor Remington Arms provided by machine-guns and automatic guns Colt; million of the Tsarist Russia guns; more half of the ammunition of small arms used by the Anglo-American allies in World War I; and 69% of the guns used by the United States in this conflict.@s4

Relationship in time of war of Samuel Bush to these businessmen would continue after the war and facilitate especially the career of son Prescott of the service to the Harrimans.

Most records and correspondence of Samuel Bush arm – related section of the Government were burned, « to save space » at the National Archives. This destroyed records or moved should be of concern to the citizens of a Constitutional Republic. Unfortunately, it is a rather constant obstacle in relation to research on bottom of George Bush: it is certainly the most « secret » Chief U.S. Executive.

Now, manufacture of weapons in wartime is by necessity on board with great care. The public need not know the details of the private lives of the Government or business leaders involved, and a large correlation between the Government and the personal private sector is normal and useful.

But during the period preceding the world war and the years of war 1914-1917, when the United States was still neutral, the financial Wall Street those nesting in British strategy lobbied strongly and twisted the American Government and the functions of the national police. Led by the concern of J.P. Morgan, agent in global purchases of Britain in America, these financiers wanted a war and they wanted the United States inside as an ally of Britain. The companies of American and British weapons held by these international bankers, widespread weapons abroad in cases not subject to consideration of any electorate back home. The same gentlemen, as we shall see, later provided weapons and money to the Nazis of Hitler.

This problem persists today, is in some respects because of the ‘control’ on documentation and the history of arms dealers.

War has been a disaster for civilized humanity. He had terrible losses, unprecedented and shattering effects on the moral philosophy of Europeans and Americans.

But for a short period, the more well-treated war Prescott Bush.

In June 1918, just as his father took the responsibility for relations of the Government with private weapons, producers Prescott went to Europe with the U.S. Army. His unit did not come near any fire until September. But on 8 August 1918, the following item appeared on the front page of the newspaper’s hometown of Bush:

High military honors conferred on Captain Bush

For bravery, when leading allied commanders were endangered, Local man is awarded French, English and American crosses.

International Honors, perhaps unprecedented in the life of an American soldier, have been conferred the captain Prescott Sheldon Bush, son of Mr. and Mrs S.P. Bush in Columbus.

Young Bush… have been conferred: Cross of the Legion of honor,… Victoria Cross… The distinguished Service Cross…

Conferring three sets on a man at one point imply recognition of an act of uncommon bravery and probably of great military importance as well.

Word reaching Columbus during these last days, it seems as if the realization of the master well Bush measure up to these requirements.

The incident occurred on the Western front all the time that the Germans launched their major offensive of July 15… The history of the remarkable victory scored later by the allies could summer write in another order of ideas, but for quick and heroic Captain Bush’s action.

The… three combine leaders, Gen. [Ferdinand] Foch, Sir Douglas Haig, and Genesis [John J.] Pershing… conducting an inspection of American positions. Gen Pershing had sent to Bush’s captain to guide on area… Suddenly Bush Captain noticed a shell coming directly for them. He shouted a warning, suddenly drew his bolo knife, it stuck as it would have a ball bat and Paré suddenly, causing the shell off the coast at a glance to the right…

Within 24 hours the young Bush was advised… [that] the three commanders of the allies, had recommended him for virtually the highest honors within their gift… Captain Bush is 23 years old, a graduate of Yale in the class of 1917. It was one of the athletes more known Yale… has been head of the glee club… and in his last year was elected to the famous Skull and Bones Society…@s5

The day after the publication of this amazing story, there was a large cartoon on the editorial page. He portrayed Prescott Bush as a boy reading a book of history on military heroism and say: ‘Gee! I wonder if something like that could never really happen to a boy. « The legend below is a rehash of the feat to the stick-away-the-deadly-shell written in novelistic style.@s6

Local excitation on military ‘Babe Ruth’ lasted only four weeks. Then this little dark box appeared on the front page:

Editor of Journal of State:

Cable received from my son, s. Prescott Bush, brings the word that it was not decorated, as published in the newspapers a month ago. He feels terribly troubled that a letter, written in a spirit of fun, there have been misconstrued. He said that he is no hero and asks me to make explanations. I would appreciate your kindness in publishing this letter…

Flora Sheldon Bush.

Columbus September 5.@s7

Prescott Bush later claimed that he spent « about 10 or 11 weeks » in the area of combat in France. « We’ve been under fire there… « It was very exciting and of course a wonderful experience. » @s8

Prescott Bush was discharged in mid-1919 and returned for a short period in Columbus, Ohio. But his humiliation in his hometown was so intense that he could live is no longer there. Now, the history of « hero of war » was not spoken of in his presence. Decades later, while he was a U.S. Senator, rich history has been whispered and perplexed on among the members of Congress.

Seeks to be saved from this ugly situation, Captain Bush went to the meeting of 1919 in his class of Yale in New Haven, Connecticut. Narrow skull and bones Patriarch Wallace Simmons, with gun manufacturers, Prescott Bush offered a job in his company railway St. Louis equipment. Bush took the offer and moved to St. Louis – and his destiny.

A marriage Thoroughbred

Prescott Bush went to St. Louis to repair its troubled life. Sometimes the same year, Averell Harriman made a trip out there on a project that would have major consequences for Prescott. The Harriman for 28 years, until there something of a playboy, wanted his inherited money and contacts in action in the arena of world affairs.

President Theodore Roosevelt denounced father of Harriman « cynicism and deep corruption » and called an « undesirable citizen. » @s9 for the still – Averell Burns take its place among decision makers and breakers of the nations, there need a financial body and intelligence of its own. Human Harriman sought to create such an institution for him was Bert Walker, Missouri a stockbroker and company wheeler-dealer.

George Herbert (« Bert ») Walker, President George H.W. Bush was nominated, not immediately agreed proposal of Harriman. Walker would leave his small empire of St. Louis, to try its influence in Europe and New York?

Bert was the son of a dry goods wholesaler who had thrived on imports of England.@s1@s0 The British connection had paid for summer houses Walker in Santa Barbara, California and Maine-« Point of Walker » in Kennebunkport. Bert Walker had been sent to England for his preparatory school and college education.

In 1919, Bert Walker had ties to the Guaranty Trust Company in New York and the House of British-American Bank J.P. Morgan and Co. These concerns of Wall Street has represented all major owners of the American Railroads: the partners of Morgan and their associates or cousins in Whitney, Harriman, Rockefeller and Vanderbilt families all.

Bert Walker was known as first deal-arranger of the midwest, allocation of capital investment of its international-banker contacts for many railways, utilities and other industries of the Midwest with him and his friends in St. Louis were leaders or members of the Council.

Walker operations of were always quiet, or mysterious, whether in local or global affairs. It had long been the « power behind the throne » in the Democratic Party of St. Louis, with his buddy, former Governor of Missouri David R. Francis. Walker and Francis together had sufficient influence to select the part candidates.@s1@s1

In 1904, Bert Walker, David Francis, Washington University President Robert Brookings and their circle of banker or broker had organized an exposition of St. Louis, the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. In line with old family history of Confederation of the South of a large number of these authors, the fair presented a « Human Zoo »: live native from backward regions of jungle have been exhibited in special cages under the supervision of anthropologist William J. McGee.

Averell Harriman was a natural boss for Bert Walker. Shared Bert Averell passion for breeding horses and horse racing, and easily accommodated the social philosophy related to the Harriman family. They believed that the horses and the racing stables they owned has shown the way towards a net improvement of the human stock – just select and breed Thoroughbred and despise or eliminate lower animals.

The first world war had brought the small oligarchy of St. Louis in the Confederate-master-oriented administration of president Woodrow Wilson and his advisers, colonel Edward House and Bernard Baruch.

Walker friend of Robert Brookings lay down War Industries Board of Bernard Baruch as Director of domestic pricing (sic). David R. Francis became United States Ambassador to Russia in 1916. As the Bolshevik revolution broke out, we find Bert Walker busy appointing people to the staff of Francis in Petrograd.@s1@s2

Walker activities earlier from against the State Soviet are of major interest to historians, taking into account the role of activist, he had to play with Harriman. But the life of Walker is also secret the rest of the Bush clan, and the surviving public record is extremely thin.

The peace of Versailles of 1919 brought together Imperial strategists British Conference and their American friends to arrange global war. For his international adventures provided, necessary Harriman Bert Walker the intriguing veteran, quietly embodying many of US policy and the British finance designated leaders.

Two persuasion West travel by Harriman,@s1@s3 Walker long agrees to move to New York. But he kept the summer home of his father in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Bert Walker formally organized the PrivatBank W.A. Harriman & Co. in November 1919. Walker became president of the Bank and the head of the Executive; Averell Harriman was president and majority co-owner with his brother Roland (‘Rabbit’), a close friend of Prescott Bush at Yale; and Percy Rockefeller was a Director and a founding sponsor financial.

In the fall of 1919, Prescott Bush made the acquaintance of the daughter of Bert Walker Dorothy. They were engaged the following year and were married in the month of August, 1921.@s1@s4 among the ushers and the grooms at the elaborate wedding were Ellery S. James, Knight Woolley and four fellow skull and Bonesmen from Yale’s extended family of 1917.@s1@s5 The Bush-Walker class brought together every summer in the « Walker country house » in Kennebunkport , this marriage of the parents of President Bush to the present day.

Prescott married Dorothy, it was only a minor Executive of Simmons Co., railway equipment suppliers, while the father of his wife was to build one of the most companies in the world. The following year, that the couple tried to return to Columbus, Ohio; It Prescott worked for a short period in a rubber products company belonged to his father. But they soon settled again in Milton, Massachusetts, after than outsiders bought the small family business and he settled nearby.

So Prescott Bush was going nowhere fast, when his son George Herbert Walker Bush – future US president – was born in Milton, Massachusetts, on June 12, 1924.

Maybe it was like a birthday present for George, that ‘Bunny’ Harriman intervened to save his father Prescott from oblivion, bringing him the Harriman-controlled US Rubber Co. in New York. In 1925, the young family moved to the city where George had to grow: Greenwich, Connecticut suburbs of New York and New Haven/Yale.

Then on May 1, 1926, Prescott Bush joined W.A. Harriman & Co. as its Vice President, President of the Bank, Bert Walker, his father-in-law and the maternal grandfather of George – the head of the family.@s1@s6

The great game

Prescott Bush would demonstrate strong loyalty to the company, he joined in 1926. And the Bank, with the scope and power of many ordinary nations, to largely reward its agents. Grandfather Walker’s George Bush had put the company together, quietly, secretly, using all international connections at its disposal. Let us briefly look back at the beginning of the Harriman – the Bush family business firm – and to follow its course in one of the darkest history projects.

First global leverage of the company was his arrangement managed to enter into the Germany dominating the shipping of that country. In 1920, Averell Harriman announced that it re – start Hamburg – Amerika Line Germany, after several months of scheming and twist. Hamburg-Amerika commercial steamers had been confiscated by the United States at the end of the first world war. These ships had then become the property of the Harriman company, by arrangement with the American authorities that were never made public.

The case was breathtaking; It would create the world largest private shipment line. Hamburg-Amerika Line regained its confiscated ships, for a heavy toll. The Harriman company took « the right to participate in 50 percent of all companies from Hamburg »; and for the next twenty years (1920-1940), the Harriman company had « complete control of all activities of the Hamburg line » in the United States. @s1 @ s7

Harriman became co-owner of the Hamburg-Amerika. The Harriman-Walker firm won a socket tight on its management, with the only not – so-subtle support of war world I occupation of Germany by the British and American armies.

Just after the public statement of Harriman, the St. Louis press celebrated the role of Bert Walker in the Assembly of the money to consume the deal:

«Rotary. Louisan forms ship giant merger.

« G. H. Walker is moving power behind Harriman – Morton Shipping combine… ». »

History celebrated a « merger of two big financial houses in New York, which will place the virtually unlimited capital at the disposal of the new shipping combine American-German… » @s1 @ s8

Bert Walker had organized a « marriage » of credit from J.P. Morgan and Harriman family inheritances.

W.A. Harriman & Co., which Walker was the President and founder, has been the merger with Morton & Co private banking – and Walker was « [p] pronounced in cases of Morton & Co., » which has been locked with the controlled by Morgan Guaranty Trust Co.

The takeover of the Hamburg-Amerika created an effective instrument for the manipulation and the fatal subversion of the Germany. One of the major « merchants of death, » Samuel Pryor, was in from the beginning. Pryor, then Chairman of the Executive Committee of Remington Arms, helped arrange the deal and served with Walker on the Board of Directors of Harriman shipping front organization, the American ship and Commerce Co.

Walker and Harriman took the next giant step in 1922, establishment of their European headquarters in Berlin. With the help of the Bank Warburg of Hamburg, W.A. Harriman & Co. began invading a net investment of German industry with raw materials.

Base Berlin, Walker and Harriman and then plunged into the Treaty of the new dictatorship of the Soviet Union. They led a group of Wall Street speculators and the British Empire, which restarted the Russian oil industry, which has been devastated by the Bolshevik revolution. It fell to the Soviet manganese mine, an essential element in the manufacture of modern steel. These concessions were arranged directly with Léon Trotsky, then with Feliks Dzerzhinsky, founder of the secret intelligence service of the Soviet dictatorship (soloist), whose huge statue was finally pulled down by pro-democracy protesters in 1991.

These created speculation the two channels of communication and the style of accommodation, with the Communist dictatorship, who continued in the family down to President Bush.

With the Bank launched, Bert Walker found in New York City the ideal place to satisfy his passion for sports, games and gambling. Walker was elected President of the Association of Golf of the United States in 1920. He negotiated new international rules for the game with the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, Scotland. After these interviews he helped the silver Walker Cup three feet in height, for which British and American teams have since participated every two years.

Son-in-law of Bert Prescott Bush was later Secretary of the Association of Golf of United States during serious crisis political and economic of the 1930s. Prescott became president of the USGA in 1935, when he was otherwise involved in the work of the family business with the Nazi Germany.

When George was a year old in 1925, Bert Walker and Averell Harriman led a Union that rebuilt Madison Square Garden, as the Palace of modern Sport. Walker was in the gaming scene of the center in New York at its peak, in this era of Prohibition of colorful and bloody gangster. The flowery garden with struggles of millions of dollars in prizes; bookmakers and their clients put together several million, trying to keep pace with the crazy speculation stock and bond men. It was the era of « organized » crime – the national game and bootleg Union structured on the corporate model of New York.

In 1930, while George was a boy of six, Grandpa Walker was the racing Commissioner state New York. The bright colours and the sounds of racing must have impressed George little as much as his grandfather. Bert Walker breed of race in his own stable, the Haras de Log Cabin horses. He was president of the Belmont Park Racecourse. Bert also manages most of the aspects of racing interests – Averell down to choose colors and fabrics for the Harriman racing gear.@s1@s9

Since 1926, George Prescott Bush’s father showed a fierce loyalty to the Harrimans and steadfast determination to advance himself; It came gradually to perform daily operations of W.A. Harriman & Co. After the merger in 1931 of the undertaking with the Brown Brothers Bank British-American House, Prescott Bush became managing partner of the resulting company: Brown Brothers Harriman. It was at the end of the largest and politically most important House of private American Bank.

Financial collapse, global depression and social upheaval followed fevered speculation of the 1920s. The crash of 1929-31 securities wiped out the small fortune Prescott Bush had gained since 1926. But because of his dedication to the Harrimans, they « made a very generous thing, » as Bush put it later. They staked him to what he had lost and him back on his feet.

Prescott Bush described his own role, 1931 through the 1940s, in a confidential interview:

I emphasize… that the Harrimans showed great courage and loyalty and confidence in us, because three or four of us have been really work the business on the day the day. Averell was everywhere at the time… and Roland has been involved in many public companies, and he did not down in activity « lift-up-and-bear-down » of the Bank, you see – the day to day decisions… we were really in the business, the company updated agenda, all administrative decisions and the decisions of the Executive. We were those who have done so. We were partners-managers, let’s say.@s2@s0

But « three or four » responsible partners, Prescott was actually at the head of the company, because it had taken over the management of the personal investment funds gigantic Averell and E. Roland Harriman’s « Bunny ».

During these years of the interwar period, Prescott Bush made the fortune of the family who has inherited from George Bush. He piled up money from an international project that continued until a new world war and the action of the US Government, intervened to stop it.

Notes for chapter I

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9 Theodore Roosevelt by James S. Sherman, 6 October 1906, made public by Roosevelt during a press conference on April 2, 1907. Cited in Henry F. Pringle, Theodore Roosevelt (New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1931), p. 452 Roosevelt was later entrusted to lawyer Harriman Robert S. Lovett that his views on Harriman were based on J.P. Morgan told.

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11 see letter from G.H. Walker at D.R. Francis, March 20, 1905, in the collection of Francis of the historical society of Missouri, St. Louis, Missouri, on the Organization of Republicans and Democrats to run the election of the Mayor, a Democrat acceptable for socially important. The next day, Walker became the Treasurer and Francis, the President of this « Committee of 1000 ». Also see the obituary of George H. Walker, St. Louis Globe-Democrat, June 25, 1953.

12 letter from Francis Perry to his father, Ambassador David R. Francis, October 15, 1917, Francis of the Missouri Historical Society collection. « … Joe Miller moved to San Francisco yesterday Tuesday evening, where he will receive orders to continue to Petrograd. Mildred Kotany [Walker sister-in-law] told me that Bert Walker got him his appointment through Breck long. I didn’t know Joe was after him, or have him myself. It will be good company for you when it happens… »

13 private interview with a member of the family Walker, cousin of President Bush.

14 Prescott Bush, Columbia University, op. cit., p. 7.

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19 sports-as-business continued in the family upwards through the adult life of George Bush. Son of Bert George Walker, Jr. – President Bush uncle and financial Angel in Texas – co – founded the New York Mets and was Vice President and Treasurer of the baseball club for 17 years until his death in 1977. The son of President George Walker Bush, was co-owner of the baseball club the Texas Rangers during the Presidency of his father.

20 Prescott Bush, Columbia University, op. cit., pp. 16-22.

Surviving the Cataclysm

George Bush: the unauthorized biography – by Webster g. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin

Chapter – II- The Hitler project

Bush property seizure – trade with the enemy

In October 1942, ten months after its entry into World War II, America was preparing his first attack against the Nazi military forces. A partner of Brown Brothers Harriman, Prescott Bush was a Director. His 18 year old son George, the future U.S. president, had started training to become a naval pilot. On October 20, 1942, the U.S. Government ordered the seizure of Nazi German banking in New York, operations that are carried out by Prescott Bush.

In trading with the enemy Act, the Government took over the Union Banking Corporation, of which Bush was a Director. The Alien property custodian seized Americans shares stocks Union Banking Corp., who were owned by Prescott Bush, E. Roland Harriman’s « Bunny », three Nazi executives, and two others associated with Bush.@s1

The order to seize the Bank « vests » (grabs) »the whole of the capital of the Union Banking Corporation, a company in New York, » and named the holders of its shares as:

« E. Roland Harriman – 3991 actions »
[President and Director of Union Banking Corp. (UBC); it’s « Bunny » Harriman, described by Prescott Bush as a placeholder that did not get much in the banks;] Prescott has managed his personal investments]

« Cornelis Lievense – 4 actions »
[the President and Director of the UBC; [Bank official resident of New York for the Nazis]

« Harold D. Pennington – 1 action »
[Treasurer and Director of the UBC; an office used by Bush at Brown Brothers Harriman Manager]

« Ray Morris – 1 action »

[Director of UBC; Bush and the Harrimans partner]

« Prescott Bush S.–1 action »
[Director of UBC that has co-founded and sponsored by his father-in-law George Walker; managing partner senior Averell Harriman and E. Roland Harriman]

« H.J. Kouwenhoven – 1 action »
[Director of UBC; UBC organised as Envoy of Fritz Thyssen, in negotiations with George Walker and Averell Harriman; general manager of the subsidiary Netherlands at UBC under Nazi occupation; industrial leadership in Nazi Germany; [Director and main foreign financial leader of the German steel trust]

« Johann G. Groeninger – 1 action »
[Director of UBC and its subsidiary in the Netherlands; industrial leadership in Nazi Germany]

« all of the shares are held for the benefit of… members of the Thyssen family, [and] is the property of nationals of an enemy country designated…  »

October 26, 1942, American troops were underway for North Africa. On 28 October, the Government issued orders seizing two Nazi front organizations managed by Bank Harriman-Bush: the Holland-American Trading Corporation and the Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation. @s2

U.S. forces landed under fire near Algiers on November 8, 1942; heavy combat raged throughout November. Nazi interest in the long Silesian-American Corporation, managed by Prescott Bush and his father-in-law George Herbert Walker, were seized under the Trading with the enemy Act on 17 November 1942. In this case, the Government announced that it was entering that Nazi interests, leaving the American Nazis partners to operate the business.@s3

These and other measures taken by the Government of the United States in time of war were, sadly, too little and too late. President Bush family had already played a central role in financing and arming Adolf Hitler for his takeover of the Germany. in the funding and management of the accumulation of the war industries Nazi conquest of Europe and the war against the United States of America; and in the development of the theories of the Nazi genocide and racial propaganda, with their results known.

The facts presented here must be known, and their implications reflected on, for a proper understanding of President George Herbert Walker Bush and the danger to humanity that it represents. The President’s family fortune has been largely a result of the Hitler project. Powerful Anglo-American family associations, which later him spurred in the Central Intelligence Agency and the White House, were partners of his father in the Hitler project.

Alien property custodian President Franklin Roosevelt, Leo T. Crowley, signed Vesting order number 248 seizes property of Prescott Bush under the Trading with the enemy Act. The order, published in obscure Government record books and kept out of the nothing explained news,@s4 on the Nazis involved; only that the Union Banking Corporation was executed for « family »from »Germany or Hungary Thyssen »-« nationals… of a designated enemy country.  »

In deciding that Prescott Bush and other administrators of the Union Banking Corp. were legally men of front for the Nazis, the Government has avoided the most important historical question: how have been Hitler’s Nazis themselves engaged, armed and commissioned by clique of New York and London of which Prescott Bush was a leader? Examine the Harriman-Bush Hitler project from the 1920s until it was partially interrupted, to seek an answer to this question.

Origin and scope of the project

Fritz Thyssen and its trading partners are universally recognized as the most important German redemption of Adolf Hitler from the Germany financial. At the time of the order to seize Union Banking Corp. of the Thyssen family, Mr Fritz Thyssen had already published his famous book I paid Hitler, @s5 admitting that it had financed Adolf Hitler and the Nazi movement since October 1923. Role of Thyssen’s leading backer early grab of Hitler to power in Germany had been noted by American diplomats in Berlin in 1932.@s6 the order to seize the Bank of Bush – Thyssen was curiously quiet and modest about the identity of the authors who had been nailed.

But two weeks before the official order, government investigators reported secretly as « W. Averell Harriman, who was in Europe some time before 1924, and at that time made the acquaintance of Fritz Thyssen, the German industrialist. « Harriman and Thyssen agreed to implement a Thyssen Bank in New York. «[C] ertain to associates [of Harriman] would serve as directors…». «  » Agent Thyssen H. J. Kouwenhoven… came to the United States… before 1924 for conferences with the Harriman society in this regard… « @s7

When exactly was « Harriman in Europe some time before » 1924? In fact, he was in Berlin in 1922 to set up the branch of Berlin of W.A. Harriman & Co. under the chairmanship of George Walker.

The Union Banking Corporation was established officially in 1924, a unit in the offices of Manhattan of W.A. Harriman & Co., slotting in the Thyssen Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart (BHS) property in the Netherlands. The researchers concluded that « the Union Banking Corporation since its inception managed funds mainly provided through the Dutch Bank by the interests of Thyssen for American investments.  »

So by personal agreement between Averell Harriman and Fritz Thyssen in 1922, W.A. Harriman & Co. (aka Union Banking Corporation) would transfer funds back and forth between New York and the « interests of Thyssen » in Germany. By setting up about $400 000, Harriman organization would be co-owner and Director of banking operations of Thyssen outside the Germany.

How important was the Nazi Enterprise for which the father of President Bush was the banker in New York?

The investigation report of Government US 1942 said that bank Nazi-before Bush is a concern of locking with the Vereinigte Stahlwerke (United Steel Works Corporation or German steel Trust) headed by Fritz Thyssen and his two brothers. After the war, investigators probed Congress the interests of Thyssen, Union Banking Corp. and oriented Nazi units. The investigation has shown that the Vereinigte Stahlwerke had produced the following approximate proportions of the total German domestic production:

50.8% of the pig of the Nazi Germany iron
41.4% of universal plate of the Nazi Germany
36.0% of the Nazi Germany plate
38.5% of plate galvanized of the Nazi Germany
45.5% of tubes and pipes of the Nazi Germany
22.1% of thread of the Nazi Germany
35.0% of the explosives.@s8 of the Nazi Germany

Prescott Bush became Vice President of W.A. Harriman & Co. in 1926. That same year, a friend of Harriman and Bush put in place a new giant organization for their client of Fritz Thyssen, first sponsor of the politician Adolf Hitler. The largest industrial company of the new German steel Trust, of the Germany, was organized in 1926 by the banker of Wall Street Clarence Dillon. Dillon was the former classmate of father Prescott Bush Sam Bush « merchant of death » of the office of the first world war.

In return for making upwards of $70 million to create its organization, majority owner Thyssen gave to the company Dillon Read two or more representatives to the Board of Directors of the Trust.@s9 new steel

Thus, there is a division of labour: accounts confidential Thyssen own, political and related purposes, have been carried out through the Walker-Bush organization; the German steel Trust made its banking business through Dillon Read.

Bank of the Walker-Bush company’s activities were not only politically neutral ventures the money that happened to coincide with the objectives of the German Nazis. Set of European Affairs of the company at this time was organized around the undemocratic political forces.

In 1927, criticism of their support for totalitarianism drew this replica of Bert Walker, written from Kennebunkport to Averell Harriman: « it seems to me that the suggestion in connection with views of Lord Bearsted we get out of Russia feels somewhat from the impertinent… I think that we have drawn our line and should cut it. « @s1 @ s0

Averell Harriman met the Italy fascist dictator, Benito Mussolini. A representative of the company subsequently wired good news to its CEO Bert Walker: « … Over the past days… Mussolini… reviewed and approved our contract c [o] June 15. « @s1 @ s1

The great financial collapse of 1929-31 a shaken America, Germany and Britain, weakening of all Governments. He also did beleaguered Prescott Bush even more willing to take the necessary measures to keep its place again in the world. It is in this crisis that some Anglo-Americans determined on the establishment of a system of Hitler in Germany.

W.A. Harriman & Co., well-positioned for this company and rich in their business in German and Russian, merged with British Brown Brothers investment House, January 1, 1931. Bert Walker retired to his own G.H. Walker & Co. This left the Harriman brothers, Prescott Bush and Thatcher M. Brown as the partners of the new firm Brown Brothers Harriman. (The London, England from the Brown branch closed family continues operating under its historic name – Brown, Shipley.)

Robert A. Lovett also came as a partner of Brown Brothers. His father, E.H. Harriman lawyer and his Chief, railway had been on the War Industries Board with the father of Prescott. Although he remains a partner at Brown Brothers Harriman, the Lovett junior quickly replaced his father as head of the Executive of the Union Pacific Railroad.

Brown Brothers had a racial tradition that it fitted well for the Hitler project! American Patriots had cursed his name in days of the American civil war. Brown Brothers, with offices in the United States and England, had deferred on their ships fully 75 percent of cotton slaves to South America the British factory owners. Now, in 1931, the virtual dictator of the world of finance, the Bank of England Governor Montagu Norman Collet, is a former partner of Brown Brothers, whose grandfather had been patron of Brown Brothers during the civil war. Montagu Norman was known as the most avid supporters of Hitler in ruling circles by British, and the intimacy of Norman with this firm was essential for its handling of the Hitler project.

In 1931, while Prescott Bush ran the Office of New York’s Brown Brothers Harriman, partner of Prescott was friend Montagu Norman Brown of Thatcher respondent. The Bank of England Chief always slept Prescott House partner during his travels on the sly in New York. Prescott Bush concentrated on the German activities of the company, and Thatcher Brown lives in their business in old England, under the guidance of his mentor Montagu Norman.@s1@s2

Scale of Hitler in power

Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany 30 January 1933 and absolute dictator in March 1933, after two years of costly and violent lobbying and electioneering. Two members of the Organization of the Harriman – Bush have played major roles in this criminal enterprise: German steel Trust Thyssen. and the Hamburg-Amerika Line and several of its executives.@s1@s3

We need to look more closely at the German partners of the Bush family.

Fritz Thyssen spoke of the interrogators Allied after the war some of his financial support for the Nazi party: « in 1930 or 1931… I told [Assistant of Hitler Rudolph] Hess… For him, I would arrange a credit with a Dutch Bank in Rotterdam, the fu@aur Handel und Schiff Bank [i.e. Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart (BHS), the subsidiary of Harriman-Bush]. I arranged the credit… He would pay in three years… I chose a Dutch Bank, because I didn’t want to be confused with German banks in my position, and because I thought it was better to deal with a Dutch Bank, and I thought that I would have the Nazis a little more in my hands…

« The credit was about 250-300 000 marks-[or] – on the amount I had given before. The loan has been repaid in part to the Dutch Bank, but I think that money is always due to this topic… « @s1 @ s4

The total number of political donations of Thyssen and loans to the Nazis was well over $ 1 million, including funds, that he raised from others – in times of shortage of terrible money in Germany.

Friedrich Flick was the major co-owner of the trust of German steel with Fritz Thyssen, Thyssen, longtime collaborator and occasional competitor. In preparation for the Nuremberg war crimes tribunal, the U.S. Government has said that the film was « one of the major financial and industrial which from 1932, contributed large sums to the Nazi party… the ‘ring of friends’ member of Himmler who contributed large sums to the SS. « @s1 @ s5

Flick, as Thyssen, has financed the Nazis to maintain their private armies called Schutzstaffel (S.S. or black shirts) and the Sturmabteilung (S.A., assault troops or Brown shirts).

The partnership of Flick-Harriman was directly supervised by Prescott Bush, father of President Bush and George Walker, grandfather of President Bush.

Arrangements of Harriman-Walker Union Banking Corp. for German steel Trust had carried out Flick bankers and large operations in Germany by not later than 1926.

The company fifteen Harriman (George Walker, President, Prescott Bush and Averell Harriman, sole Administration) held a substantial stake in the Silesian Holding Co. at the time of the merger with Brown Brothers, January 1, 1931. This operation correlated to the Presidency of Averell Harriman of the Consolidated Silesian Steel Corporation, the US group holding one-third of a complex of activities steel, coal-mining and extraction of zinc in Germany and Poland, where Friedrich Flick belonging to two-thirds.@s1@s6

The Attorney of characterized Nuremberg Flick as follows:

« Owner and chef of a large group of industrial firms (coal mines and iron, steel production and manufacturing plants)… «Wehrwirtschaftsfuh@aurer», 1938 [title given to prominent industrialists for merit in armaments by car-‘Military leader of the economy’]… « @s1 @ s7

For this accumulation of the Hitler war with coal production machine, steel and arms, using convicts, the Nazi flick was sentenced to seven years in prison at the Nuremberg trials; He served three years. With friends in New York and London, however, Flick lived into the 1970s and died a billionaire.

On March 19, 1934, Prescott Bush – then Director of the German steel Trust Union Banking Corporation – launched an alert to the absent Averell Harriman on a problem that has grown in the partnership.@s1@s8 Flick sent Bush Harriman a clipping from the New York Times of that day, who reported that the Polish Government was retaliated against American and German shareholders who controlled « the largest in Poland industrial unit , the Silesian higher Coal and Steel Company…  »

The Times article continued: « the company has long accused of mismanagement, excessive, borrowing, accounting for dummy and gambling in securities. Warrants were issued in December for several directors accused of tax avoidance. They were German citizens and they fled. They were replaced by Poles. About this as an attempt to make entirely Polish company, Herr Flick’s Board, responded by limiting credits until the new Polish directors were unable to pay workers regularly.  »

The Times noted that mines and factories of the company « employ 25 000 men and represent 45% of the total steel production of the Poland and 12 percent of its coal production. Two-thirds of the shares of the company is owned by Friedrich Flick, an industry leader in German steel, and the rest is held by interests in the United States.  »

Taking into account the fact that a large part of Polish production was exported to the Hitler’s Germany in depression conditions, the Polish Government has thought that Prescott Bush, Harriman and their Nazi partners should at least pay full taxes on their holdings in Polish. U.S. owners and Nazi responded with a lockout. The letter to Harriman in Washington reported a cable, their representative European: « took new measures London Berlin… Please establish friendly relations with the Ambassador of Poland [in Washington].  »

A memo from fifteen Harriman Corporation from 1935 by George Walker, announced that an agreement had been made « in Berlin » to sell a block 8 000 of their actions in Consolidated Silesian Steel.@s1@s9 but the conflict with the Poland did not prevent the Bush family to continue its partnership with Flick.

Tanks nazis and bombs « set » this dispute in September 1939 with the invasion of Poland, beginning of the second world war. The Nazi army had been equipped with Flick, Harriman, Walker and Bush, materials stolen mainly from the Poland.

There are probably few people at the time who could appreciate the irony, that, when the Soviets were also attacked and invaded eastern Poland, their vehicles were fuelled by oil pumped from Baku wells re-launched by the Bush-Walker-Harriman company.

Three years later, almost a year after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the U.S. Government ordered the seizure on the part of the Nazis in the Silesian-American Corporation under the Trading with the enemy Act. Enemy nationals reportedly owns 49% of the common shares and 41.67% of the shares of the company.

Agenda characterized the company as a « corporate business in the United States, owned by [a society in] Zurich, Switzerland and held in favour Erben of Bergwerksgesellschaft George von Giesche, a German company… « @s2 @ s0

Bert Walker was still the Senior Director of the company, which he had founded in 1926 at the same time that the creation of the trust of German steel. Ray Morris, partner of Prescott of the Union Banking Corp. and Brown Brothers Harriman, has also been a Director.

The investigation before government repression report explained the « NATURE of the business: said corporation is an American holding company for German and Polish, subsidiaries which have coal mines and large and valuable zinc in Silesia, Poland and Germany. Since September 1939, these properties were in his possession and were operated by the German Government and have been of considerable assistance to that country in its war effort. « @s2 @ s1

The report noted that U.S. shareholders hoped to regain control of the European properties after the war.

Control of the trade of Nazi

Bert Walker had arranged the credits that Harriman needed to take control of the Hamburg-Amerika line in 1920. Walker had organized American ship and Commerce Corp. as a unit of W.A. Harriman & Co., with contractual power over the Affairs of the Hamburg-Amerika.

As the Hitler project went into high gear, the Harriman-Bush American ship and Commerce Corp. shares were held by the Corp fifteen Harriman, Prescott Bush and Bert Walker.@s2@s2-led

It was a convenient walk to the beautiful, athletic, well tanned and Prescott Bush: skyscraper of the Brown Brothers Harriman at 59 Wall Street – where he was managing partner senior, investment manager confidential and Advisor Averell and his brother « Bunny »-he crossed the company fifteen Harriman at One Wall Street, otherwise known as G.H. Walker & co. – and the corner of its subsidiary offices at 39 Broadway former home of the old W.A. Harriman & Co. and offices for American ship and Commerce Corp. and the Union Banking Corporation.

In many ways, Bush’s Hamburg-Amerika Line was the pivot of the whole of the Hitler project.

Averell Harriman and Bert Walker had taken control of the steamship company in 1920 in the negotiations with his world after the first war Chief Executive, Wilhelm Cunoand the bankers in the line, M.M. Warburg. Cuno was then completely dependent on the Anglo-American and became a member of the friendship society Anglo. In the drive to a dictatorship of Hitler from 1930-32, Wilhelm Cuno contributed large sums to the Nazi Party.@s2@s3

Albert Voegler has been Chief Executive of the German Thyssen-Flick steel Trust with Union Banking Corp. Bush was the New York Office. He was a Director of the Bank of BHS Bush – affiliated with Rotterdam and administrator of the Harriman-Bush Hamburg-Amerika Line. Voegler joined Thyssen, Flick in their heavy 1930-33 contributions Nazi and helped organize the Nazi final plunge into the national power.@s2@s4

Family Schroeder of bankers has been a hub for Harriman and Prescott Bush Nazi activities, closely linked to their lawyers Allen and John Foster Dulles.

Baron Kurt von Schroeder is co-director of the smelter’s massive Thyssen-Hu@autte with Johann Groeninger, partner of the Bank of New York by Prescott Bush. Kurt von Schroeder was Treasurer of the supporting organization for the private armies of the Nazi party, to which contributed Friedrich Flick. Kurt von Schroeder and Montagu Norman prote@aage@aa Hjalmar Schacht together made the funeral arrangements for Hitler to enter the government.@s2@s5

Baron Rudolph von Schroeder was Vice President and Director of the Hamburg-Amerika Line. Long contact intimate Averell Harriman in Germany, Baron Rudolph sent his grandson Baron Johann Rudolph for a Brown Brothers Harriman of Prescott Bush Office Tower in New York in December 1932 – on the eve of their Hitler-triumph.@s2@s6

Certain actions taken directly by the shipment Harriman-Bush in 1932 line should be classified among the most serious acts of treason in this century.

The U.S. Embassy in Berlin to Washington reported that « costly election campaigns » and « the cost of maintaining a private army of 300 000 to 400 000 men » had raised questions about donors Nazis. The constitutional Government of the Republic of Germany moved to defend national freedom by ordering private party Nazi armies dissolved. The U.S. Embassy said that the Hamburg-Amerika Line was to purchase and distribute attacks from propaganda against the German Government, for attempting this repression of last minute on forces of Hitler. @s2 @ s7

Thousands of German opponents Hitlerism were shot or intimidated by private armed Nazi Brown shirts. In this regard, we note that the original « merchant of fear », Samuel Pryor, was a founding Director of the Union Banking Corp. and the American ship and Commerce Corp. Since Mr. Pryor has been Chairman of the Executive Committee of Remington Arms and a central figure in private of the world weapons trafficking, its use for the Hitler project has been improved as banking party partner Nazi and the transatlantic expedition of the Bush family.

Arms of the U.S. Senate investigators probed Remington after he was joined an agreement on farm Nazi I.G. Farben explosives. Looking at the period leading to the seizure of power by Hitler, the Senators noted that « the political German associations, as the nazis and others, are almost all armed with American… guns… Weapons of all kinds from America are transhipped in the Scheldt to river barges, just as the ships arrive in Antwerp. They then achievable through Holland without interference or police inspection. The Hitlerists and Communists are presumed to acquire weapons in this way. The main arms from America are revolvers and machine guns Thompson. The number is high. « @s2 @ s8

The beginning of Hitler’s regime made some weird changes in the Hamburg – Amerika Line – and more betrayals.

Prescott Bush American ship and Commerce Corp. notified Max Warburg in Hamburg (Germany), March 7, 1933, Warburg was to be official, designated representative of the company to the Board of Hamburg-Amerika.@s2@s9

Max Warburg replied on 27 March 1933, ensuring its American sponsors the Government of Hitler was good for the Germany: « since a few years was much better that we had planned, but a reaction is felt for a few months. In fact, we suffer also under very active propaganda against Germany, caused by some unpleasant circumstances. These events were the natural consequence of the excited election campaign, but were extraordinarily exaggerated in the foreign press. The Government is firmly committed to maintaining the public peace and order in Germany, and I feel perfectly satisfied in this regard that there is no cause for any alarm. « @s3 @ s0

This label to Hitler, from a famous Jew, was just what Harriman and Bush required, because they provided rather serious « alarm » within the United States against their Nazi activities.

March 29, 1933, two days after the letter from Max to Harriman, son of Max, Erich Warburg, sent a telegram to his cousin Frederick M. Warburg, Director of the Harriman railroad system. He asked Frederick to « Use all your influence » to cease any anti-nazi activity in America, including the « new atrocities and propaganda hostile to the foreign press, mass meetings, etc. » Frederick wired to Erich: « no responsible groups here [are] urging [a] [the] boycott German goods [-] simply excited individuals. « Two days after that, on March 31, 1933, the American Jewish Committee controlled by the Warburgs and the B ‘nai b’ rith, influenced by the Sulzbergers (New York Times), a formal, official statement joint of the two organizations, advising » which should be encouraged of no American boycott against the Germany », and advising » this mass no other meetings will be held or similar forms of agitation be employed. « @s3 @ s1

The American Jewish Committee and the B’nai B’rith (mother of the « Anti-Defamation League ») continued with this uncompromising, non-attaque-sur-Hitler attitude throughout the 1930s, blunting the fight mounted by many Jews and other anti-fascists.

Thus the decisive Exchange reproduced above, taking place entirely within the orbit of the firm Harriman/Bush can explain something of the relationship of George Bush to the Zionist American and Jewish leaders. Some of them, in close collaboration with his family, played a role of ugly in the tragedy of Nazism. This is why « Professional Nazi-hunters » have never discovered how the Bush family made its money?

The Board of Directors of the Hamburg America Line (Hapag) met jointly with the Council of the North German Lloyd company in Hamburg on September 5, 1933. Controlled Nazi official, the two companies merged. Prescott Bush’s American ship and Commerce Corp. moved to Christian J. Beck, a leader of Harriman for a long time, as Director of the freight and operations in the North for the new Nazi America joint shipping lines (Hapag-Lloyd) on November 4, 1933.

According to the testimony of officials of companies before the Congress in 1934, a supervisor of the Nazi Labor Front rolled with every ship of the line of the Harriman-Bush; employees in the offices of New York were organized directly in the Organization of the Nazi Labor Front. Hamburg-Amerika provided free passage for people leaving abroad for Nazi propaganda purposes; and the line subsidized Pro-nazis newspapers in the United States, as it had done in Germany against the German constitutional government.@s3@s2

In mid-1936, Prescott Bush American ship and Commerce Corp. cable M.M. Warburg, asking Warburg to represent the interest heavy part company Hamburg-Amerika shareholders next meeting. The Office of Warburg responded with the information that « we you represented » shareholders meeting and « exercised in your name, your power to vote for stock Hapag 3 509 600 [gold marks] Rm deposited with us.  »

The Warburgs transmitted a letter received from Emil Helfferich, leader German two Hapag-Lloyd and the subsidiary of Standard Oil in the Nazi Germany: « intends to continue relations with Mr. Harriman on the same basis as in the past… « In a colorful gesture, President of Hapag Nazi Helfferich sent the President of the row across the Atlantic on a Zeppelin to talk with their strings of New York.

After the meeting with the Zeppelin passenger, the Office of the Harriman – Bush replied: « I am pleased to learn that Mr. Hellferich [sic] stated that relations between ourselves and the Hamburg American Line will continue on the same basis as in the past. « @s3 @ s3

Two months before to go against the Union Banking Corporation of Prescott Bush, the Government ordered the seizure of all assets of the Hamburg-Amerika Line and Norddeutscher Lloyd, under the Trading with the enemy Act. Investigators noted in the report of seizure before that Christian J. Beck has always acted as a lawyer who represents the Nazi firm.@s3@s4

In May 1933, just after the Hitler regime was consolidated, an agreement was concluded in Berlin for the coordination of all the nazis trade with the United States. The Harriman International Co., run by the cousin of Averell Harriman Oliver was head a syndicate of 150 companies and individuals, to carry out all exports of the Hitler’s Germany for the United States.@s3@s5

This Pact was negotiated in Berlin between the Minister of Economics, Hjalmar Schacht and John Foster Dulles, international prosecutor for dozens of Nazi companies, with the advice of Max Warburg and Kurt von Schroeder of Hitler.

John Foster Dulles would later US Secretary of State and the great power in the Republican Party of the 1950s. Foster friendship and that of his brother Allen (Director of the Central Intelligence Agency), greatly helped Prescott Bush to become a Republican Senator from Connecticut. And it could be invaluable to George Bush, in his ascension to the heights of « Government covert action, » that the Dulles brothers were lawyers in far-flung companies of the Bush family.

Throughout the 1930s, John Foster Dulles arranged for the restructuring of debt for German companies in a series of decrees by Adolf Hitler. In these cases, Dulles has found a balance between the interest due to selected investors, big and the needs of the growing Nazi war, tank manufacturing equipment, toxic gases, etc.

Dulles wrote to Prescott Bush in 1937 about such an arrangement. The business German-Atlantic cable, have the only string Telegraph of Nazi Germany to the United States, had made debt and management agreements with the Walker-Harriman Bank during the 1920s. A new decree would now cancel these agreements, which had originally reached with non-Nazi corporate officials. Dulles asked Bush, who succeeded these affairs Averell Harriman, to obtain the signature of Averell to a letter to Nazi leaders, agreeing to the changes. Dulles wrote:

September 22, 1937

Mr Prescott Bush, S.

59, Wall Street New York, N.Y.

Dear Press,

I looked on the letter of the German-American [sic] cable for Averell Harriman… It would appear that the only rights are those that will be in bankers and that no legal embarrassment would result, for what is the bondholders are, by your consent to the amendment agree the bankers’.

Sincerely yours,

John Foster Dulles

Dulles was attached a response of the preliminary draft, Bush has obtained the signature of Harriman and the changes went through.@s3@s6

In addition to these arrangements, the German society of Cable Atlantic tried to stop payment on its debt to smaller holders of U.S. bonds. The money was to be used instead to arm the Nazi state, according to a decree of the Hitler Government.

Despite the efforts well filled with Bush and Dulles, a New York Court decided that this particular « right » Hitler was not valid in the United States; small holders, are not parties to the transactions between bankers and the Nazis, had the right to obtain paid.@s3@s7

In this and some other scam attempt, planned victims are released with their money. But the financial and political reorganization Nazi took place in its tragic denouement.

For his part in the revolution of Hitler, Prescott Bush was paid a fortune.

It’s the legacy, he left to his son, President George Bush.

An important historical Note:

How Hitler hired Harrimans

It was not inevitable that millions should be slaughtered under Fascism and the second world war. At times of crisis, Pro-nazis crucial decisions were made outside the Germany. These decisions for Pro-nazis actions were more aggressive than the simple « appeasement » what Anglo-American historians preferred more later to discuss.

Private armies of 300 000 to 400 000 terrorists aided the Nazis came to power. Hamburg-Amerika Line of W.A. Harriman intervened against the attempt of 1932 of the Germany to dismantle.

The economic collapse of 1929-31 ruined the Trust Wall Street back German steel. When the German Government took over shares of the trust, interests related to the Konrad Adenauer and anti-Nazi Catholic centre party attempted to acquire shares. But the Anglo-American – Montagu Norman and the Bank Harriman-Bush – that their puppet Nazi Fritz Thyssen took control on the shares and trust. Thyssen’s capitalization of Hitler could then continue unimpeded.

Unpayable debt crushed the Germany in the 1920s, repairs required by the Versailles accords. Germany was looted by the banking system London from New York and the propaganda of Hitler to operate this German debt burden.

But immediately after Germany came under the dictatorship of Hitler, Anglo-American financial granted debt relief, which has released funds to be used to arm the Nazi state.

The SDP of Norddeutscher Lloyd, which merged with the Hamburg-Amerika Line, was one of the companies which have ceased payments of debt under a decree of Hitler, arranged by John Foster Dulles and Hjalmar Schacht.

Felix Warburg of Kuhn Loeb and Cie directed funding of Hitler in New York. Kuhn Loeb asked of bondholders of the Norddeutscher Lloyd to accept new lower steamship interest obligations, issued by Kuhn Loeb, instead better pre-Hitler links.

The Opposition

New York Attorney Jacob Chaitkin, co-author father Anton Chaitkin, took cases of many different bondholders who rejected the swindle of Harriman, Bush, Warburg and Hitler. Representing a woman who owed $30 on an old vessel steam bond – and the opposing John Foster Dulles in New York municipal court – threatened Chaitkin a writ of the Sheriff, dock the ocean liner 30 000 ton Europa until the client has received its $30. (New York Times, January 10, 1934, p. 31 Col. 3).

The American Jewish Congress hired Jacob Chaitkin as legal Director of the boycott against Nazi Germany. The American Federation of Labor has cooperated with Jewish groups and others to the anti-import boycott. On the other side, virtually all the nazis trade with the United States was under the supervision of the Harriman interests and officials such as Prescott Bush, father of President George Bush.

Meanwhile, the Warburgs demanded that American Jews not « agitate » against the Government of Hitler, or join the boycott. The Warburgs decision was carried out by the American Jewish Committee and the B’nai B’rith, which opposed the boycott, as the military State Nazi grew more powerful.

The historical concealment on these events is so tight as virtually the only expose@aa of the from Warburg to journalist John L. Spivak s « Wall Street fascist conspiracy », in the pro-Communist periodical of News Masses (January 29 and February 5, 1934). Spivak pointed out that the Warburgs controlled by the American Jewish Committee, who opposes boycott of the anti-nazi, while their Kuhn Loeb & co. had purchased Nazi expedition; and he exposed the financing of political activities pro-Fascist by the Warburgs and their partners and allies, many of whom were some bigwigs of the American Jewish Committee and (b) ‘ B’nai B’rith.

Saw where the piece of Spivak appeared, it is not surprising that Spivak called Warburg, an ally of the Morgan Bank, but does not mention of Averell Harriman. Mr. Harriman, after all, was a permanent hero of the Soviet Union.

Later, John L. Spivak has undergone a curious transformation, joining the concealment. In 1967, he wrote an autobiography (a man in his time, New York: Horizon Press), which praises the American Jewish Committee. The Warburg Pro-fascisme does not appear in the book. The former « rebel » Spivak also praised the arm of the action of the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation League. Pathetically, he commented favourably that the League has spy files on the American population shared with government agencies.

So is history erased; and these decisions, which the history is directly in a course or another, will be lost in the knowledge of the current generation.


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The times omitted the fact that the Union Banking Corporation had been seized by the Government for the trading with the enemy and even the fact that 120 Broadway was the address of the custodian of property of the foreign Government.

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The « report to the shareholders of the company fifteen Harriman, » October 19, 1933 (in the Harriman papers, Library of Congress) names G.H. Walker as president of the company. It shows the address of the company fifteen Harriman 1 Wall Street – location G.H. Walker and Co.

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In absence of Roland Pres [cott] has deemed it desirable for me to let you know that we received the cable next [our European representative] Rossi dated March 17 [relative to the conflict with the Polish Government]…  »

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The order confiscated assets Nazis of 98 000 the common shares and 50 000 preferred shares of Silesia of America.
The company mother Nazi in Breslau, Germany, wrote directly to Averell Harriman at 59 Wall Street on August 5, 1940, with « an invitation to participate in the regular meeting of the members of the [h] Bergwerksgesellsc Erben rear Georg von Giesche… « WAH papers.

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Baron Bruno Schroder of the British branch was Adviser to the Bank of England Governor Montagu Norman and partner of the Baron Bruno Frank Cyril Tiarks was Director of the Bank of England throughout the career of Norman of Norman. Kurt von Schroeder was delegated Hjalmar Schacht at the Bank for international settlements in Geneva, where many of the financial arrangements for the Nazi regime were made by Montagu Norman, Schacht and the Schroeders for several years the right of Hitler regime until the outbreak of the second world war.

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Max Warburg had long worked with Lord Milner and others of the racialist British Round Table concerning joint projects in Africa and Eastern Europe. He was Councillor Hjalmar Schacht for several decades and has been a top leader of Hitler’s Reichsbank. The reader can consult David Farrer, The Warburg: The Story of A Family (New York: Stein and day, 1975).

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35. New York Times, May 20, 1933. That led to this agreement is a telegram that somehow escaped the shredder and may be seen in the Harriman papers in the library of Congress. Addressing the official Nazi Hjalmar Schacht at the Mayflower hotel, Washington, dated May 11, 1933: « many disappointed to have missed seeing you Tuesday afternoon… I hope to see you either in Washington or in New York until you navigate.

with greetings W.A. Harriman  »

36 Dulles in response letter and Bush in WAH documents project.

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George Bush: the unauthorized biography – by Webster g. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin

Chapter III — Race hygiene: three Bush family Alliances

« The [Government] needs to the most modern medical means in the service of this knowledge… Those who are physically and mentally unhealthy and unworthy should not perpetuate their suffering in the body of their children… The prevention of the Faculty and the possibility of childbearing share degenerates physically and mentally ill, over a period of 600 years, would… liberate mankind from an immeasurable misfortune.  »

« The difference in income per capita between developed countries and developing countries is increasing, largely the result of higher birth rates in poor countries… Famine in India, babies unwanted in the United States, the poverty that seemed to form an unbreakable chain for millions of people – how we should deal with these problems?… It is obvious that one of the major challenges of the 1970s… will be to curb the fertility of the world.  »

These two quotes are similar in their show of mock concern for human suffering and their cynical cure for it: Big Brother must prevent the « unworthy » or « junk » living people.

We must now further investigate family history from our President, to help illustrate how the second author, George Bush@s1 city came to share the perspectives of the first, .@s2 Adolf Hitler

We will here examine the alliance of the Bush family with three other families: Farish, Draper and Gray.

Private among these families associations led to the relationship of the President to his closest, most confidential advisers. These alliances have been forged in the previous draft of Hitler and its immediate consequences. Understanding, they will help us to explain the obsession with George Bush with the supposed overpopulation of the world of the non-Anglo-Saxons, and the dangerous means adopted to deal with this ‘ problem.  »

Bush and Zhu

When George Bush was elected Vice President in 1980, the mysterious man Texas William (« will ») Stamps Farish III took the direction of the whole of the personal fortune of George Bush in a « blind trust. « Known as one of the richest men in Texas, will be Farish maintains its business under the most intense secret relationship. Only the source of his immense wealth is known, not its employment.@s3

Will be that Farish has long been closest friend and confidant of Bush. It is also the only private host in the Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain: Farish owns and boards the studs mating with mares of the Queen. It is its reason for being public when it comes to the United States and remains in the House of Farish. It is a vital link in the spirit of our Anglophile president.

President Bush can count on Will Farish not to betray the violent secrets that surround Bush family money. For the Farish family fortune was made in the same project of Hitler, in partnership with the nightmarish father of George Bush.

On 25 March 1942, Assistant Attorney general of the United States Thurman Arnold announced that William Stamps Farish (grandfather of the President Fund Manager) had pleaded « no one », to accusations of criminal conspiracy with the Nazis. Farish was the primary responsibility of a cartel in the world between the Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey and the sake of I.G. Farben. The merged company had opened on June 14, 1940 Auschwitz slave labour camp, to produce artificial rubber and gasoline from coal. The Government of Hitler provided political opponents and the Jews as slaves, who worked almost dead and then murdered.

Arnold has shown that Standard Oil of N.J. (later Exxon), of which Farish was Chairman and Chief Executive, had decided to stop hiding patents in the United States for artificial rubber which the company had provided to the Nazis.@s4

A Senate Commission investigating as Senator (later U.S. president) Harry Truman of Missouri had called Arnold to testify at hearings on the collaboration of U.S. companies with the Nazis. The indignation of the Senators expressed how cynical Farish was pursuing an alliance with Hitler’s regime which began in 1933, when Farish became head of Jersey Standard. He knew that there was a war?

The Department of Justice filed before the Committee a letter written to President Standard Farish by his Vice President, shortly after the start of the second war world (September 1, 1939) in Europe. The letter bears a renewal of their previous agreements with the Nazis.

Report on the trip to Europe
12 October 1939
Mr. W.S. Farish
30 Rockefeller Plaza

Dear Mr. Farish:… I stayed in France until 17 September… In England, I met the gentlemen Royal Dutch [Shell Oil Co.] appointment of Holland and… a general agreement was reached on the necessary changes in our relations with the I.G. [Farben], taking into account the State of war… [L] e group Royal Dutch Shell is essentially British… I also had several meetings with… the [British] Air Ministry…

I need help to get permission to go to Holland… After discussions with the [U.S.] Ambassador [Joseph Kennedy]… the situation has been cleared completely… The gentlemen in the Air Ministry… very kindly offered to help me [no later than] returning from England…

Under these arrangements, I was able to keep my appointment in Holland [after stealing it on a bomber of the Royal Air Force British], where I had three days of discussions with representatives of I.G. They were shipped to me some 2 000 foreign patent assignments and we have done our best to work on complete plans for a modus vivendi that could operate through the duration of the war, whether or not in the United States came in… [it is emphasis added]

Very truly yours, F [rank] A. Howard@s5

Here are some cold realities behind the tragedy of the second world war, which help to explain the Bush-Farish family alliance – and their proximity to the Queen of England:

· Shell Oil is mainly owned by the British Royal family. President of Shell, Sir Henri Deterding, sponsor helped Hitler power,@s6 in agreement with the Governor of the Bank of England’s Royal family, Montagu Norman. Their ally Standard Oil would take part in the project of Hitler until the end of the bloody and horrible.

· When grandfather Farish signed the consent decree of the Ministry of Justice in March 1942, the Government had already begun to choose his path in the tangle of global monopoly oil and chemical agreements between Standard Oil and the Nazis. Many patents and other aspects belonging to Nazi of the partnership have been seized by the American property guardian Alien.

Uncle Sam would not seize Union Banking Corporation of Prescott Bush for a further period of seven months.

The Bush-Farish axis began in 1929. This year, the Bank bought Harriman Dresser Industries, supplier of pipeline to the Standard couplings and other companies. Prescott Bush became administrator and financial Czar of convenient, installing his classmate from Yale Neil Mahlon chairman.@s7 George Bush would later an sons name after the convenient Executive.

William S. Farish was the principal organizer of the Humble Oil Co. of Texas, that Farish merged the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey. Farish was the empire Humble Standard of pipelines and refineries in Texas.@s8

The stock market crashed just after the Bush family got in the trade of oil. The global financial crisis has led to the merger of the Walker-Harriman Bank with Brown Brothers in 1931. Former Brown partner Montagu Norman and his frantic paid Hjalmar Schacht prote@aage@aa visits New York this year and next, prepare the new regime of Hitler for the Germany.

The most important American in these preparations of Hitler political event was the infamous « Third International Congress on eugenics, » which has New York American Museum of Natural History, 21-23 August 1932, supervised by the International Federation of eugenics Societies.@s9 this meeting resumed the persistence of tenacious of African-Americans and other groups would have been « less » and « socially inadequate » in reproduction, expanding their numbers and merging with others. It was recommended that these « dangers » of the « better » ethnic groups and the « well born, » could be dealt with by sterilization or « cut the bad stock » of the « unfit.  »

Italy fascist government sent an official representative. Sister of Averell Harriman Mary, Director of « entertainment » for the Congress, lived down in Virginia Fox hunt country; his State has provided to the speaker on « racial purity », W.A. Dauti, Commissioner of Virginia’s civil status. Dauti said to have detained delegates fascinated with his account of the struggle to stop the mixture of races and interracial sex in Virginia.

Proceedings of the Conference were dedicated to the mother of Averell Harriman; She had paid for the Foundation of the movement of the race-science in America in 1910, eugenics Record Office of construction as a branch of the National Laboratory of Galton in London. She and the other Harrimans were usually escorted for racing horses, old George Herbert Walker – they shared with the bushes and the Farishes a « breeding Thoroughbred » fascination among the horses and humans.@s1@s0

Averell Harriman personally arranged with the Walker/Bush Hamburg-Amerika Line to carry ideologues Nazi Germany to New York for this meeting.@s1@s1 the most famous among those transported was Dr. Ernst Ru@audin, psychiatrist at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for genealogy and demography in Berlin, where the Rockefeller family paid for Dr. Ru@audin occupies a floor with his eugenics « research. « Dr. Ru@audin had taken the decision of the International Federation 1928 Munich meeting, speaking »mental Aberration and Race hygiene », while others (the Germans and Americans) speaks on the mixture of races and sterilization of the unfit. Ru@Audin had also led the German delegation for the 1930 mental health Congress in Washington, D.C.

At the Congress of the Harrimans 1932 New York eugenics, Ernst Ru@audin was elected unanimously President of the International Federation of eugenics societies. It is the recognition of Ru@audin as the founder of the German society for race hygiene, with its co-founder, Federation of eugenics vice president Alfred Plo@autz.

As well as the depression-frantic financial conspiracy in Berlin and New York, Ru@audin is now official leader of eugenics in the world. Components of his included movement of groups with leaders that overlap, dedicated to:

· sterilization of the mentally ill (« mental hygiene companies »);

· execution of the insane, criminals and patients undergoing Terminal (« euthanasia companies »); and

· Eugenical race-purification by prevention of children born of parents from the blood stocks « inferior » (« birth control societies »).

Before Auschwitz death became a household word, these British-American-European groups openly called for the elimination of the « unfit » by means including the strength and violence.@s1@s2

Ten months later, in June 1933, Minister of the Interior Wilhelm Frick Hitler spoke of a meeting of eugenics in the Third Reich again. Frick called the Germans, a « degenerate » race, denouncing a fifth of parents of Germany for the production of children « defective » and « stupid ». The following month, a Commission of Frick, Dr. Ernst Ru@audin wrote the « law for the prevention of hereditary diseases in the offspring, » sterilization Act modeled on previous statutes Americans in Virginia and other States.

Special courts were soon put in place for the sterilization of Germans from the mentally ill, the blind, the deaf and alcoholics. A quarter of a million people in these categories were sterilized. Ru@Audin, Plo@autz and their colleagues have formed a generation of doctors and psychiatrists – such as sterilizers and killers.

When the war begins, the eugenicists, doctors and psychiatrists with the new agency « T4 », who planned and supervised the massacres: first to « euthanasia centres », where the same categories that had first undergone sterilisation were now to be murdered, their brains sent in batches of 200 experimental psychiatrists; then in the slaves as Auschwitz camps; and finally, for Jews and other victims of the race to the right extermination camps in Poland, such as Treblinka and Belsen.@s1@s3

In 1933, as what Hitler called his ‘new order’ appeared, John D. Rockefeller, Jr. named William S. Farish. the Chairman of the Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey (in 1937, he was appointed president and Chief Executive Officer). Farish has moved its offices at Rockefeller Center, New York, where he has spent a lot of time with Hermann Schmitz, Chairman of I.G. Farben. his company paid a man advertising, Ivy Lee, to write pro – I.G. Farben and pro-nazi propaganda and to bring in the American press.

Now that it was outside Texas, Farish is found in maritime cases – as the Bush family. He hired Nazi German crews for Standard oil. And he hired Emil Helfferich, President of the Harriman-Bush-Walker Hamburg-Amerika Line, as president of the subsidiary of Standard Oil Company in Germany. Karl Lindemann, Member of the Board of the Hamburg-Amerika, also became a leader of high Standard Farish in Germany.@s1@s4

This locking between their German Nazi operations put Farish and that Prescott Bush select a small group of men acting abroad through ‘revolution’ of Hitler and by calculating that they would never be punished.

In 1939, daughter of Farish Martha wife nephew of Averell Harriman, Edward Harriman Gerry, and in-laws Farish became partners of Prescott Bush at 59 Broadway.@s1@s5

Emil Helfferich both Karl Lindemann were allowed to write cheques to Heinrich Himmler, head of the Nazi SS on a special account for Standard Oil. This account has been run by the German-British-American Banker, Kurt von Schroeder. According to US intelligence documents reviewed by the author Anthony Sutton, Emil Helfferich continued its payments to the SS in 1944, when the S.S. oversaw the mass murder of the standard – I.G. Farben Auschwitz and other death camps. Helfferich said questioning Allied after the war that they were not his personal contributions – they were corporate Standard Oil funds.@s1@s6

After pleading « no » on charges of criminal conspiracy by the Nazis, William Stamps Farish has been fined $5 000. (Similar fines were imposed against Standard Oil-$ 5 000 each for the parent company and several subsidiaries.) This of course did not interfere with millions of dollars that Farish had jointly acquired with the new order of Hitler, as a large shareholder, Chairman and President of Standard Oil. The Government has sought has been the use of the patents that his company had given to the Nazis – Auschwitz patents – but had refused the industry and the U.S. Army.

But a war was turned on, and if the young men should be asked to die fighting Hitler… something more was needed. Farish was transported before the Senate Committee, inquiry into the program of national defence. The Chairman of the Committee, Senator Harry Truman said before journalists Farish testified: « I think that this approach of treason. « @s1 @ s7

Farish began breaking apart in these hearings. He screamed his « indignation » to the senators and said that it was not « unfair.  »

After the end of the March-April hearing, more dirt came gushing out of the Department of Justice and Congress Farish and Standard Oil. Farish had deceived the U.S. Navy to prevent the Navy from acquiring some patents, while providing them to the Nazi war machine. at the same time, it provided gasoline and tetraethyl lead of submarines and the air force of the Germany. Communications between standard and I.G. Farben since the outbreak of the second world war were released in the Senate, showing that the Organization of Farish held to mislead the U.S. Government passing on Nazi assets: they would buy nominally part of I.G. in certain patents because « in case of war between US and the Germany… it would certainly be very undesirable to have this standard – I.G. pass to a guardian of foreign ownership of the United States that could sell it to of 20% an unfriendly interest. « @s1 @ s8

Control of John D. Rockefeller, Jr. (father of David, Nelson, and John D. Rockefeller III), owner of Standard Oil, said Roosevelt’s administration that he knew nothing of the day-to-day business of his company, that all these issues were treated by Farish and other executives.@s1@s9

In August, Farish was returned for more testimony. Now, he is frequently accused of lying. Farish has been crushed under the broiler intense, public; It became dark, Ashen. While Prescott Bush escaped advertising when the Government seized his bank Nazi organization in October, Farish had been nailed. He collapsed and died of a heart attack on November 29, 1942.

The Farish family was devastated by the exhibition. Son William Stamps Farish, Jr., a lieutenant in the army air forces, was humiliated by the public knowledge that his father was the enemy aircraft refuelling; He died in a Texas training accident six months later.@s2@s0

With this double death, fortune, including a large part of the profits of the Standard Texas and the Nazi Germany oil was now to be set on the small four-year-old grandson, William (« will ») Stamps Farish III. Will be that Farish grew up a recluse, the most secret multi-millionaire in Texas, with investments of « money » in a multitude of foreign countries and a host of exotic contacts overlapping intelligence and financial worlds – especially in Great Britain.

The Bush-Farish axis began the career of George Bush. After graduating from Yale (skull and bones) 1948, George Bush flew to Texas on an aircraft of the company and worked for Dresser Industries his father. In a few years he obtained the support of his uncle, George Walker, Jr. and friends of British banker of Farish, to establish in cases of property speculation oil. Shortly after, George Bush founded Zapata oil company, which has developed oil drilling platforms in places of great strategic interest to the Anglo-American intelligence community.

Will be that Farish at the age of 25 years was a personal assistance to President of Zapata George Bush in the 1964 Bush for Senate campaign. Farish used « money of Auschwitz » the will of George Bush in the background financial, invest in Zapata. When Bush was elected to Congress in 1966, Farish has joined the Zapata board.@s2@s1

When George Bush became Vice President of the United States in 1980, the fortunes of his family Farish and Bush have been again completely, secretly confused. As we shall see, old projects were now be re-launched on a scale the breathtaking.

Bush and Draper

Twenty years earlier, he was president of the United States, George Bush brought two professors ‘race-science’ before the Republican Task Force on resources of the Earth and the Population. As Chairman of the task force, Bush then-member of the Congress invited professors William Shockley and Arthur Jensen to explain to the Committee how allegedly galloping birthrate for African-Americans was « down breeding » the American population.

After Bush summary personally for Congress, evidence that its advocates black inferiority had given to the Task Force.@s2@s2 George Bush held hearings on the threat posed by the black babies on August 5, 1969, so that a large part of the world was in a better state of mind – celebrating the progress of humanity since the first lunar landing 16 days earlier. The obsessive thought of Bush on this subject has been guided by a friend of his family, Gen. William H. Draper, Jr., the founder and Chairman of the Population Crisis Committee and vice President of the Federation for family planning. Draper had long been Director the American public debate on what is called ‘population bomb’ in the non-white world areas.

If Mr. Bush had explained to his colleagues how his family had learned to know general Draper, they would have perhaps felt any alarm, or even panic and pay more attention to presentation of Bush. Unfortunately, the population of Draper-Bush doctrine is now official US foreign policy.

William H. Draper, Jr. joined the Bush team in 1927, when he was hired by Dillon Read & Co., New York investment bankers. Draper has been put in a new work with the firm of location: manages on behalf of Thyssen.

We remind that in 1924, Fritz Thyssen put in place its Union Banking Corporation Bank of George Herbert Walker at 39 Broadway, Manhattan. Dillon Read & Co. boss, Clarence Dillon, had begun working with Fritz Thyssen sometime after the Averell Harriman encounters with Thyssen – at about the time that Thyssen began the career political Adolf Hitler funding.

In January 1926, Dillon Read has created German Credit and Investment Corporation in Newark, New Jersey and Berlin (Germany), as a banker in the short term by Thyssen. That same year Dillon Read created Vereinigte Stahlwerke (German steel Trust), integrating the interests of the Thyssen family under the direction of New York and London finance.@s2@s3

William H. Draper, Jr. was Director, Vice President and Deputy of the German Credit and Investment Corp. Treasurer. His company was ready to short term and tricks of financial management for Thyssen, the German steel Trust. Customers of Draper sponsored terrorist takeover of Hitler; its clients has led to the accumulation of the Nazi war industry; its customers made war against the United States. The Nazis were the direct partners of Draper in Berlin and New Jersey: Alexander Kreuter, residing in Berlin, was the President. Frédéric Brandi, whose father is a former top of coal in the German steel Trust, moved to the United States in 1926 and was co-director of Draper in Newark.

Draper’s role has been crucial for Dillon Read & Co., for which Draper was a partner and later Vice President. The German credit and Investment Corp. (GCI) was a ‘front’ for Dillon Read: he had the same address in New Jersey as US & International Securities Corp. (USIS), and the same man was Treasurer of two firms.@s2@s4

Clarence Dillon and his son C. Douglas Dillon were directors of the USIS, which was highlighted when Clarence Dillon was transported before the famous « Pecora » hearings of the Senate Banking Committee in 1933. USIS has proved be one of great speculative pyramid that had defrauded shareholders of hundreds of millions of dollars. These investment policies had rotten U.S. economy at the base and has led to the great depression of the 1930s.

But CLG of William H. Draper, « before » Jr. was not apparently associated with the « before » USIS or with Dillon and the GCI escaped a limited control of Congress. This oversight was to prove more unhappy, especially at 50 million deaths later in the second world war.

Dillon Read hired man’s public relations Ivy Lee to prepare leaders for their testimony and confused and more chicane Lee Congressmen.@s2@s5 apparently taken enough timeout of his duties as L’imagier for William S. Farish and the Nazi I.G. Farben Co.; He succeeded in the thinking of the Congress that the members of Congress has not changed the operation Draper in Germany – and do not mingle with Thyssen, or interfere with moneymen US of Hitler.

In 1932, William H. Draper, Jr. was therefore free to finance International Congress of eugenics as a ‘member support’.@s2@s6 is him using his own income as a banker’s trust Thyssen? Or funds come from the Dillon Read business accounts, perhaps to be struck tax as « expenses for the German project: race purification »? Draper helped choose Ernst Ru@audin as head of the eugenics of the world, who has used his office to promote what he called Adolf Hitler « racial hygiene Sainte, national and international mission. « @s2 @ s7

W.S. Farish, as we have seen, was exposed publicly in 1942, humiliated and destroyed. Just before the death of Farish, Prescott Bush Nazi banking office was quietly seized and closed. But Prescott close friend and partner in the venture of Thyssen-Hitler, William H. Draper, Jr., or death, nor left German Affairs. Draper himself registered as a Director of the Credit and Investment Corp. through 1942 German and the company is not wound up until November 1943.@s2@s8, but a war was on. Draper, a colonel of the previous military service, went to the Pacific Theater and became general.

General Draper was apparently a hobby: magic – illusion, prestidigitation, etc., and he was a member of the Society of Magicians American. This is not unconnected with his subsequent career.

The Nazi regime capitulated in May 1945. In July 1945, the general Draper was called to Europe by the authorities of the U.S. military Government in Germany. Draper was appointed head of the Division of the Commission on control of the United States economy. He was assigned to remove Nazi business cartels. There is a surprising but perfectly logical justification for this – Draper knew a lot of things on the subject! General Draper, who had spent about 15 years, funding and management the most filthy Nazi business was now authorized to decide who has been exposed, who lost and who kept his business, and practical effect, who was prosecuted for war crimes @s2 @ s9

(Draper was not unique within the occupying post-war Government. Take the case of McCloy, American military Governor and High Commissioner of Germany, 1949-1952. Instructions from his Wall Street law firm, McCloy had lived for a year in Italy, used to advise the Fascist Government of Benito Mussolini. An intimate associate of Bank Harriman/Bush, McCloy was sitting in the box of Adolf Hitler at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, at the invitation of the heads Nazi Rudolf Hess and Hermann Go@auring.) @s3 @ s0

William H. Draper, Jr., as a « conservative », was paired with the US Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau « liberal » in a vicious game. Morgenthau demanded that the Germany be utterly as a nation, that its industry be dismantled and reduced to a purely rural country. As the economic in 1945 and 1946, Draper ‘protected’ Germany the Morgenthau… but at a price plan.

Draper and his colleagues demanded that the Germany and the world accept the collective German people’s guilt as the explanation for the advent of the new order of Hitler and Nazi war crimes. This, of course, was rather convenient for general Draper himself, as it was for the Bush family. It is always practical decades later, allowing the sons of Prescott, President Bush, to give Germany conferences on the danger of the Hitlerism. The Germans are too slow, it seems, to accept his new world order.

After many years of government service (often working directly for Averell Harriman in the North-Atlantic Alliance), general Draper was appointed in 1958, Chairman of a Committee which was to advise the President Dwight Eisenhower on the way forward for U.S. military aid from abroad. At this time, Prescott Bush was a Senator from Connecticut, a confidential friend and partner of golf with the national security Director Gordon Gray and an important partner of golf with Dwight Eisenhower as well. Old Nazi-era Prescott lawyer, John Foster Dulles, was Secretary of State, and his brother Allen Dulles, former of the Schroder Bank, was head of the CIA.

This emboldened general friendly environment Draper to snatch a hit with its military assistance Advisory Committee. He changed the subject under study. The following year the Draper Committee has recommended that the U.S. Government reacts to the supposed threat of the « population explosion » by the formulation of plans to depopulate the poor countries.  » The non-white world population growth, he suggested, should be regarded as dangerous to the national security of the United States!@s3@s1

President Eisenhower rejected the recommendation. But over the next decade, the general Draper founded the « Population Crisis Committee » and the « Fund of Draper, » join the Rockefeller and Du Pont families to promote eugenics as « population control. « The administration of president Lyndon Johnson, advised by the general Draper on the subject, began funding of birth control in tropical countries, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

General Draper was guru of George Bush on the question.@s3@s2 population, but there was also money Draper – this horrible single source – and the connections of Draper on Wall Street and abroad. Draper, son and heir, William H. Draper III, was co-Chair of the Council of Finance (head of fund raising) of the Organization of the national Bush-for-President campaign in 1980. With George Bush at the White House, younger leaders Draper to depopulation of the United Nations activities around the world.

General Draper was vice-president of Dillon Read until 1953. During the 1950s and 1960s, the CEO there Brandi Frederic, the German who was co-director of Draper investment Nazi and his personal contact with the Nazi German steel Trust. Nicholas Brady was partner of Brandi’s 1954 and replaced as CEO of the company in 1971. Nicholas Brady, who knows where to rest all body, was president of the election campaign in 1980 of his friend George Bush in New Jersey and was Secretary of the Treasury of the United States at the long presidency.@s3@s3 of Bush

Bush and grey

The U.S. Agency for development International said that surgical sterilization is the « first choice » the Bush administration’s method of reducing the population in the third World.@s3@s4

The United Nations Population Fund says that 37 per cent of users of contraception in Latin America and the Caribbean have already been sterilized surgically. In a 1991 report, the Agency of William H. Draper III States that 254 million couples will be surgically sterilized during the 1990s; and that, if current trends continue, 80 per cent of women in Puerto Rico and Panama will be surgically sterilized.@s3@s5

The U.S. Government pays directly these sterilizations.

Mexico is the first among targeted nations, on a list that was established in July 1991, at a session of the USAID strategy. The India and the Brazil are second and third priorities, respectively.

Under contract with the U.S. Bush, personal administration work from bases to the Mexico to perform surgery on millions of Mexican and women. The strategy recognized in this program is to sterilize young adults who have not completed their families.

George Bush has a fairly deep personal feeling on this project, in particular as it contrasted with the Pope John Paul II in the Catholic countries as the Mexico. (See Chapter 4 below, on the origin of a family grudge of Bush on the subject.)

Expenditures for the control of births in non-white countries are one of the few that is upwards in the Bush administration budget. His 1992 budget has been set, the USAID said its population would receive $300 million, an increase of 20% over the previous year. Within this project, a substantial amount is devoted to handling political and psychological of the nations of the target and rather blatant subversion of their religions and governments.@s3@s6

These activities should lead to serious objections of the victims nationalities or American taxpayers, especially if the program is somehow given widespread publicity.

Quite apart from morales, legal considerations would be naturally asked is, which could be summed up: how George Bush thinks he can get away with this?

In this case, the President has expert advice. Mr. (couture) Boyden Gray is counsel for George Bush since the election of 1980. As General Counsel at the White House, Boyden Gray can walk the President through the dangers and the complexities of this unusual war against third world populations. Gray knows how these things are done.

When Boyden Gray had four and five years, his father organized the project pilot for this programme of sterilization in the world of the grey family home in North Carolina.

He debuted in 1946. The eugenics movement was looking for a way to start again in America.

Extermination camps nazis as Auschwitz had burned at the moment the conscience of the world. Sterilization League of America, which had changed its name during the war in « right to birthright, Inc. », wanted to start up again. First, they had to overcome public nervousness of nutters who proposes to eliminate a people « lower » and « defective ». The League attempted to surface in Iowa, but had to drop because of the negative publicity: a little boy had recently been sterilized it and died of the operation.

They decided in North Carolina, where the Gray family could play the perfect host. Through British imperial contacts, Boyden Gray grandfather, Bowman Gray, became principal owner of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. Boyden father, Gordon Gray, recently founded the school of medicine at Bowman Gray (memorial) in Winston-Salem, using its stock cigarette inherited shares. The Faculty of medicine was already a centre of eugenics.

As the experiment began, Gordon Gray great-aunt, Alice Shelton Gray, who had risen from childhood, lived in his house. Aunt Alice had founded the « League human enhancement, » the leadership of the national movement of eugenical sterilization North Carolina.

Aunt Alice was the official supervisor of the experience of 1946-47. The title of Miss Gray work was Dr. Claude Nash Herndon, whom Gordon Gray had made Assistant Professor of « medical genetics » at Bowman Gray Medical School.

Dr. Clarence Gamble, heir to the Proctor and Gamble SOAP fortune, was Chief of operations for the national field of sterilizers.

The experience worked as follows. All children enrolled in the school district of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, had a special « intelligence test. « Children who were below a certain arbitrary low note were cut and then open and surgically sterilized.

We now quote from the official history of the project@s3@s7:

In Winston-Salem and [nearby] Orange County, North Carolina, field Committee [sterilization of the League] had participated in test projects to identify school-age children who are to be considered for sterilization. The project in Orange County was created by the University of North Carolina and was funded by a « Mr. Hanes,’ a friend of Clarence Gamble and supporter of field work in North Carolina. » The Winston-Salem project was also funded by Hanes. « [ » Hanes « was James Gordon Hanes underwear magnate, Bowman Gray Medical School Administrator and Treasurer of Alice Gray Group]…

The Faculty of medicine has a long history of interest in eugenics and had gathered a vast history of families carrying hereditary diseases. In 1946, Dr. C. Nash Herndon… made a statement to the press on the use of sterilization to prevent the spread of hereditary diseases…

The first step after having given mental tests to primary school children was to interpret and make public the results. In Orange County, the results indicated that three percent of school-age children were alienated or low… [Then] the local Committee has hired a social worker to review each case… and present a case in which sterilization is suitable for the Council of State eugenics, which, under the law of North Carolina, had the power to order sterilization…

Race science experimenter Dr. Claude Nash Herndon has provided more details in an interview with 1990.@s3@s8

Alice Gray was the general supervisor of the project. She and Hanes, sent letters of promotion of the program to the Commissioners of all 100 counties in North Carolina… What have I done? Nothing in addition to horse on the whole herd! Social workers operating in my office. I was at the time also Director of consultations external services to North Carolina Baptist Hospital. We would see [targets] parents and children on the spot… IQ tests were run on all children in the public school system of Winston-Salem. That those who scored really low [have been targeted for sterilization], the real bottom of the barrel, like below 70.

Do we have the sterilizations on young children? Yes. It was a relatively minor operation… It was generally not until the child was eight or ten years old. For boys, you just made an incision and attach the tube… Most often, we conducted the operation on the girls and boys. Of course, you have to open the abdomen, but again, it is relatively minor.

Dr. Herndon noted coolly that « we have had very good relations with the press » for the project. This is not surprising, since Gordon Gray owned station Winston-Salem Journal, the Twin City Sentinel and WSJS radio.

In 1950 and 1951, John Foster Dulles, then President of the Rockefeller Foundation, head John D. Rockefeller III on a series of world tours, focusing on the need to stop the expansion of the non-white populations. In November 1952, Dulles and Rockefeller put in place of the Population Council, with tens of millions of dollars from the Rockefeller family.

At that time, the American Society of eugenics still cautious of recent bad publicity screw-notice Hitler, left its former headquarters at Yale University. The company moved its headquarters in the Population Council’s Office, and the two groups mixed together. The Secretary of long standing of the American Eugenics Society, Frederick Osborne, became the first president of the Population Council. Child-sterilizer of the grey family, Dr. Claude Nash Herndon, became President of the American Society of eugenics in 1953, as his work expanded under Rockefeller patronage.

Meanwhile, the International Planned Parenthood Federation was founded in London, in the offices of the British Eugenics Society.

The undead enemies from the second world war, renamed « Population control », had now been relaunched.

George Bush was Ambassador of the United States from Nations in 1972, when with insistence of Bush and his friends, the United States Agency for International Development is first of all a formal contract with the old sterilization League of America. The League has changed its name twice again and now called the « voluntary Association for Surgical Contraception. « The U.S. Government has begun to pay the former Fascist group to sterilize the whites from abroad.

The grey family experience had succeeded.

In 1988, the U.S. Agency for International Development signed his last contract with the old League of sterilization (aka, Association for voluntary surgical Contraception), urging the U.S. Government to spend $80 million over five years.

Having gotten away with sterilizing several hundred schoolchildren in North Carolina, usually not less « of eight to ten years », the same group is now authorized by President Bush in 58 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The group claims modestly that he sterilized directly « only » 2 million people, with 87% of the Bill paid by U.S. taxpayers.

Meanwhile, Dr. Clarence Gamble, Boyden Gray favorite SOAP maker, has formed its own « Pathfinder » Fund as a split from the League of sterilization. Gamble Pathfinder Fund, with additional millions of USAID, focuses on the penetration of local social groups in the non-white countries, to break down the psychological resistance to teams of surgical sterilization.


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Dear Dr. Davenport:

I’ll be very happy to put you in contact with the Hamburg-America line… they may be able to cooperate in making suggestions that will keep costs to a minimum. I just your letter to Mr. Emil Lederer [of the Executive Board Hamburg-Amerika in New York] with the request that it communicates with you.

Davenport for Mr. W.A. Harriman,

59, Wall Street New York, N.Y.

January 23, 1932

Dear Mr. Harriman:

I thank very much for your kind letter of January 21 and action, you have taken which resulted both in a letter from Mr. Emil Lederer. This letter will serve as a starting point for correspondence, which I hope will enable many of our German colleagues to come to America on the occasion of the Congress of eugenics and genetics, than not.

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Carrel said transplanted at the head of a dog with another dog and kept alive for some time.

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