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THE SHOAH is from the USA, in the UK (GVI), and HITLER (obviously)


(Prescott Bush, was a U.S. Senator)

7 Queen Elizabeth II (Windsor Family of Britain) German & Greek usurpers of the British Crown.

This does not preclude that the United States, with the grandfather BUSH, normal, was informed by the same opportunity Wnston Churchill, and Franklin is a GAG (and links Bush with the Consolidated Silesian Steel Company (CSSC), based in Silesia, in the minerals-rich German-Polish border. During the war, this company profited from slavery organized by the Nazis in concentration camps, including Auschwitz.) We know, why? now!, this, me recall one sentence in the Rotschild manifest, which said they need to you you are taking listed 2 (15 ) WARS WILL BE INSTIGATED, FINANCED and DIRECTED so that we control BOTH SIDES, placing all parties FURTHER INTO OUR DEBT. (American Revolution through Desert Storm, Afghanistan and WW III?, ) ( ) The Rothschild Manifesto – circa 1840? > > Four Winds 10 – Truth… After, you the Pellet, do us shit, and blame us while this makes chandeliers, you know and apply what you did, among other French, then, Yes, talking about Jews, movies, documentaries, of the SHOAH, to see the work of MORBID you did, which were truscides


In short, spend the murder of Lady Diana was sponsored by the Crown of England, and particularly prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and the contract was given to MI6, outside of the United Kingdom and the Mossad intelligence service. The Royal family of England did not a pretender to the throne of Arab origin, see even Muslim…,thank you grandmother, thanks dad, thanks Tonton, EH, BEN, you said no thank you, the child,

Namely, that all the world has and has mourned, the English people came to mass 3 million people, were present, but represents those who were far away, and that could not come

I understand better now the SEX PISTOLS when they chantaient(GOD SAVE,a FACIST REGIM,je)

Hope queMarcus it of lost, it has fallen on paedophiles, hope!

MARION, MARINE, FLORIAN, JULIEN,… in short, whatever ‘ one of the fn to give ESTROSI, siyouplait, its super slogan


VOTE free masonry

Definitely, what jealousy and greed (is not monsieuret Madam KLASRFELD you weren’t aware that hilter was sucide, ofcourse great NAZI hunters, « you were like flies, BUSH », jealousy to see that almost all prefer MARINE LE PEN is what will be our President, our real President, it is supposed, you put the balls) especially since it’ll move from place, when, on nothing fucking for 30 years, it hurts, especially when it was (at the top of the poster, Hey, it reminds me qq one) in a large desk no cum, too, but to order, I have nothing in the cum, but I control du bist ein franosisch, that en + it will be the President of all french of all the french , and certainly not this little franco of my 2, valls, course, the fact that Jean Marie, and, Navy, do not agree before you, like, ca me rappelune Idyll, that valls had with taubira, it you exhitent, but, believe me, take good time, take your foot now, and avoid cassser pencil., after, it will be too late, before This is not the time, after the time it is more time.

Against the Ukrainian insurgency and those who handle the…


ASN collects data on American citizens social links by James risen and Laura Poitras, September 28, 2013 in the New York Times https://myaccount.nytimes.com/auth/login?URI=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nytimes.com%2F2013%2F09%2F29%2Fus%2Fnsa-examines-social-networks-of-us-citizen even if you do not log in, there are lots of liiens in the presentation bar.



Neuschwabenland, German Antarctic Territory, gentlemen, the Germans, controls, this, may be of interest to you


TRILATERAL website http://trilateral.org/go.cfm?do=File.View & fid = 176,

For LAURENT LOUIS, DIEUDONNÉ SORAL? A small gift, mr etienne davignon

Doc of the FBI confirms Hitler escaped in Argentina in 1945

5 April 201.5 eClinik of learning 7 comments

Hidden in plain sight at FBI.gov, a document confirming the comings and goings of Adolf Hitler at the end of the second world war can be downloaded here.

He was roaming in the United States lFBI Doc Confirms Hitler Fled to Argentina in 1945

In the document:

« 12 January 1945 – I received the visit of X, a well known German Agent. He alluded to the possibility of the German defeat and gave me two days to the more appropriate location in South America as a haven for Hitler and a group of scientists Germans and agents, where he should be required to « disappear from the world scene » temporarily.

January 13, 1945 – I ruined my brain trying to decide where would provide the greatest security. I decided to recommend Colombia, my own country. »

-149, the FBI above document

«  » After you have made all the necessary arrangements, which took more than a month and half, the period during which I was constantly in contact with the Germany and the « Hitler group »…, the landing was made in Bahiahonda July 19, 1945, at dawn. »

«Six days Hitler and his followers travelled on horseback, during the night, of Bahiahonda on the airstrip « La Loma ».» At the time agreed to meet three contact men and I waited at the rendezvous. We managed to acquire three small four passenger Stinson aircraft, to begin the trek from there in Nariño. Then, I suddenly learned by a high-ranking German that Hitler had changed its mind and decided to not hide on my property. »

-p 150, document of the FBI above

Red Flag-news reports http://www.microsofttranslator.com/bv.aspx?from=en & to = en & a = http % 3A % 2F % 2F http://www.redflagnews.com%2Fheadlines%2Ffbi-opens-files-proving-hitler-went-to-arge

Recently declassified FBI documents prove that the Government knew Hitler was alive and well living in the Cordillera of the Andes long after the second world war.

April 30, 1945, Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his underground bunker. His body was discovered and identified by the Soviets prior to be rushed to the Russia. Is it really possible that the Soviets have been lying all this time, and that history has voluntarily been rewritten?

Nobody thought until the publication of the records of the FBI. It seems that it is possible that the most hated man in history has escaped from war torn Germany and lived a peaceful and bucolic life in the beautiful foothills of the Andes.

The intelligence community knew.

Recently published documents from the FBI begin to show which was not only the suicide of Hitler and Eva Braun rigged, the notorious pair would have the assistance of the Director of operating systems himself, Allen Dulles.

In a document from the FBI to Los Angles, it is revealed that the Agency is well aware of a mysterious submarine made its way up the coast Argentina fall senior Nazi officials. What is even more amazing is the fact that the FBI knew that he lived in the foothills of the Andes cordillera.

Who is the mysterious informant?

In a letter from Los Angeles to the Bureau in August 1945, an unidentified informant agreed to exchange information for political asylum. He said agents was magnificent.

The informant knew not only Hitler was in Argentina, he was one of the four experienced men who had met the German submarine. Apparently, two submarines had landed on the Argentine side, and Hitler with Eva Braun was on board the second.

The Argentine Government has congratulated the former German dictator, but also assisted in hiding. The informant has not only give detailed directions to the villages that Hitler and his party had passed, but also credible physical details about Hitler.

While the informant is never named in the records of the FBI for obvious reasons, he was sufficiently credible to be believed by some agents.

The FBI tried to hide the whereabouts and goings of Hitler.

Even with a detailed physical description and even directions the FBI did not follow upward on these new tracks. Even with the evidence, placing the void German / U-530 on the coast shortly before Argentina finally surrounding, and many eye witness accounts of German official dropped off the coast, nobody has studied.

Even more is proven:

As well as documents from the FBI detailing an account of an eyewitness of the aisles and goings of Hitler in Argentina, more evidence is coming to light to help prove that Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun are not dead in this bunker.

In 1945, the Naval Attaché in Buenos Aires informed Washington, there was a high probability that Hitler and Eva Braun had just arrived in Argentina. This is consistent with the observations of the submarine U-530. Further evidence comes in the form of newspaper articles describing the construction of a Bavarian-style Manor House in the foothills of the Cordillera of the Andes.

Further evidence comes in the form of the architect Alejandro Bustillo, who wrote on his design and construction of the new home of Hitler, which was funded by the wealthy German immigrants earlier.

Irrefutable proof that Hitler had escaped:

Perhaps the evidence more dam that Hitler had survived the fall of the Germany is located in Russia. With the Soviet occupation of the Germany, Hitler assumed remains were quickly hidden and deported to Russia, never to be revisited. This is until 2009, when an archaeologist by the name of the State of Connecticut, Nicholas Bellatoni has been authorized to carry out DNA tests on a skull fragment recovered.

What he discovered has triggered a reaction through intelligence and scholarly communities. Not only the DNA did not all recorded samples considered Hitler, that they did not fit familiar DNA of Eva Braun either. So the question is, what did discover the Soviets in the bunker, and is where Hitler?

Even former general and president Dwight D. Eisenhower wrote to Washington.

It was not only competes disappearance general Eisenhower who was concerned about Hitler, Stalin has also expressed concern. In 1945, the newspaper Stars and Stripes quoted then general Eisenhower as believing that there was the real possibility of Hitler living comfortably and safely in Argentina.

Is this Possible?

With all the evidence again found come to light, it is possible and even likely that not only Hitler escaped to Germany; He had the help of the international intelligence community. Released FBI documents prove that they were not only aware of the presence of Hitler in Argentina; They also helped cover it.

It would not be the first time, the OSS helped an officer senior to the Suppression of the escape and capture Nazi. Watch the story of Adolf Eichmann, who was in Argentina in the 1960s.

Hitler escaped the Argentina? The answer is Yes.

source » http://yournewswire.com/fbi-hitler-didnt-die-fled-to-argentina-stunning-admission/#sthash.VkDno4DA.dpuf

Apart from the exhibits above, we’ve also compiled some photos of Otto Korzeny, bodyguard to Hitler and intimate friend of Evita Peron.

« I asked Skorzeny why it informed the Union of its permanent ‘brothers’ hate crime. They were not successful misleading agents who appreciated the generosity of a new world order between them? Otto said that his becoming an informant on activities throughout its Nazi hate group was an act of revenge carried out to reveal the true German identity of « George H.W. Bush », father in retaliation for personally him defrauding more than once.

Deception is all-consuming and cannot be compartmentalized. Greed also knows no bounds; agents of deceit cannot be approved by their peers, who know better – ensure that misleading alliances inevitably go sour with the advance of middle age.

Then what Otto described his resentment of repeated extortion by George Scherf, Jr., journalist Don Nicoloff sites one particularly massive and highly controversial coordinated flight involving a gift of $100 million to Skorzeny’s his former secret lover Eva Peron, inherited at his death on July 26, 1952:

Other research on the life of Otto Skorzeny, « master spy », reveal his history of little known with Eva (Evita) Marie Duarte Peron, wife of the President of Argentina, Juan Domingo Peron. Gold stolen by the Nazis (laundered by Swiss banks and the Vatican, and then introduced to smuggling to the Argentina by Admiral Wilhelm Canaris) had huge interest after the second world war, and her death, Eva Peron bequeathed Skorzeny $100 million, which falls finally into the hands of the CIA. The Nazi connection of CIA money was obvious. Based on the claims of Skorzeny, this money probably fell into the hands of George H.W. Bush and his « handlers ».

Skorzeny told us his key role with Reinhard Gehlen behind the cabal Rockefeller and Bush family in the orchestration of the configuration of the decades for the illegal seizure of Nazi and the control of the United States of America by the corruption of judges of the Court of supreme and software installation of the fraudulent election rigging the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections.

David Rockefeller has bribed a judge of the supreme court in a series of Chase Manhattan Bank transfers totalling over $7.5 million, as exposed by ex-CIA Sue Arrigo’s doctor.

The resumption of stealth Nazi of America authorized CIA-Mossad plan the events of 9/11, coordinated by Vice President Cheney and the Pentagon controller Rabbi Dov Zakheim. Vast libraries of the CIA incriminating documents have been purged in the demolition of the World Trade Center false-flag operation ».

– Veil of invisibility


One of the important sources of funds for the cabal is the health sector which recorded a huge $ 3.09 billion in 2014 and is projected to soar to $3.57 billion in 2017, in the United States alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.

http://www.microsofttranslator.com/BV.aspx?from=en & to = en & a = http % 3A % 2F % 2F http://www.plunkettresearch.com%2Fhealth-care-medical-market-research%2Findustry-tre

We can avoid using drugs, to defeat any viral attack and scaremongering easily in knowing how to build our own antiviral system complete. Learn more about it here.

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Note this:

Bush Hitler Skorzeny http://geopolitics.co/tag/Bush/



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It’s amazing to see how intense was the nazi Jewish hunters that many of them escaped from their clutches and became their patron for example:-Hitler, Bush father and many others that seemed to escape the net. There must be check within the Church of Rome (pedophile Traning Centre and is still today) which would be guilty of war crimes, Benoît for one.


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It is a lie, he has had a sex change and turned to queer and has moved to isrealhell

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6.https://patriotnewstwo.WordPress.com/2015/04/28/FBI-doc-confirms-Hitler-fled-to-Argentina-in-194jeb-Bushs-father-knew-and-said-nothing/ For our friends Americans go, you guyes hh!

Our true relationship with the Government

There are 3 main reasons why the cabal disguises the Government can legally maintain their control: your naivety, T heir, breach of confidence and implied consent to their authority, by all the other ‘citizens’ of the Government.

How the cabal maintains their power and what you need to do to stop it – UN-consent. Beyond the BRICS: Expose Rats

CA http://sitsshow.blogspot.com/2015/04/citizens-mass-arrest-of-cabal-what-you.html


LME in the storm

Last updated: April 4, 2015: Synchronistically, the same day that this article was published, a notice and order issued by judge Anna Von Reitz. http://sitsshow.blogspot.com/2015/04/citizens-mass-arrest-of-cabal-what-you.html The notice may be used to help raise awareness and take measures to put an end to the mandate of authority held by the cabal, one more tool in our chest for freedom.

The article below is a story of how the Vatican has led, the federal reserve system has taken in the world, has stolen people’s Constitutional Republic and installed a corporate system of slavery, the bondage of debt, without person paying attention.

This is essential information for all those who yearn to be free. True freedom, personal sovereignty, described by the founding fathers, freedom can only exist with deep knowledge and the willingness to defend this freedom, those who would take it.

Before this article, I will describe all the underlying basic principles in plain language.

Our true relationship with the Government

There are 3 main reasons why disguised cabal the Government can legally maintain their control: your incompetence, T heir, breach of confidence and implied consent to their authority, by all the other ‘citizens’ of the Government.

Relationship of the people to the Government of the world is widely misunderstood. Most people think that we are the servants of the Government, that they are at the top and we are at the bottom. But the Government is now and has always been a relationship of trust with the people of the Government. Trust relationships are administered under equity in law, the law of the sea, otherwise known as the law of contracts or the Common Law loosely.

There were many claiming these laws are « fake » and irrelevant, this is not taking into consideration the truth, which I will try to explain briefly. The basis of our legal/legitimate system is the natural lawand the consent of free arbitrator. As long as the consent is given, it is in accord with natural law, « the rules which are in fact » once that consent is given (legal codes and statutes) is where most of the wrong is contained. Natural law is the consent, the laws of man are created rules, once the consent is given or implied.

Act of free will: A trust agreement or the contract seems to be an invention of modern society, but it is in fact a principle of nature and has always existed. When two or more beings free will want to interact, they do so using agreements and If we analyse the life itself, we can see that at all levels of interaction, there is always the consent to use. Free will, in this sense, is still honoured, but as a person may do not understand what they consent to (lack of knowledge), they may agree to something in the past, what is discovered subsequently be dishonourable… The point is, all power and authority is in fact an agreement between people to be governed. That is why all Governments, whether a monarchy, Republic or democracy is a trust agreement, a company (body in Canada – to make real through speaking, agreement).

This aspect of reality are deeply seized our future masters, and they know all power, a person has on the other is an illusion. Can someone boast of being your master, but should generally use coercion, threats of violence, in order to compel your consent; fines, imprisonment, sanctions etc. This is a crucial point to understand, and while many people would like to believe that we are totally victims of crime by the cabal, the truth is, our own incompetence and lack of action, give our consent. More on that later.

Finally, the creator of the universe must be taken into account. For some this may seem like woo woo, but our teachers potentials recognize the existence of a creator (albeit a distorted and misleading a design) and in all honesty, so should we if we want to understand our true place as creditors and creditors of the estate. our freedom of mind, body and soul. These essential ideas must be accepted (at least on the surface) so that we can understand how work systems on Earth.

The trust and estate creature creator

The story can be summed up as follows: the creator is every being in the universe, from the smallest to the large, and when acts of free will, it’s literally an aspect of the creator in the operation. The powers that do not know this deeply and this can be seen by reviewing the papal bulls of the Vatican. When the creator «sent us forth in creating move, breathe and be», we have agreed to do « God’s work » and honour « its will. » We have been entrusted with mind, body and soul to do this, create our « inner temple » and help create a harmonious paradise on Earth.

Power know this and have described it in their own writings. The Covenants of God, in most Abrahamic religions, are an example. Papal bulls say the Vatican and the Trustees as concubines confidence to God, saying to God or people otherwise, their rule is divinely; until their presumption of God gives power to dispel. They say: until we « arrival at maturity » and our goal, those who have reached the age « are entrusted to share their knowledge and educate us, so we can do the great work. » If we refuse to do the work and fall into original sin (ignorance of our trust) with God to do his will a consort confidence to God must come and manage us until we see the light; the Vatican and its agents in this case,. Because each person is a powerful embodiment of the creator, if we use our powers unwisely, we can create a lot of chaos in the world. Until we come of age and start using our desire to create harmony, we must be managed as animals and things spiritually dead. While it is a perspective that gives to reflect, to contemplate, is in harmony with natural law, but the Vatican is unable to do what God command them to (educate and raise humanity) and is a crucial point that we’ll discuss later.

Just think in the world to see how this story reflects the reality. Our world is destroyed by the war, environmental pollution and manipulation through deception of the people. Our world is run as a pirate planet.

Where things go really wrong, it’s that our ‘Queens to God’ our future masters, are in breach of faith with God. They are morally obliged to share the truth and elevate us so we can become proficient. More on that later.

How consent us? Trust agreements

Trust agreements (contracts) are very simple. When you want to ensure something you own or manage is supported when you are away – a domain, you create a (trust) agreement with a friend who can handle for you. You set the rules that your friend must follow so that they can honour your agreement. Implies: your skill to manage the estate, you own the estate and that the person you entrust to it he will leave back to you upon your return. The person you trust to your estate is the trustee, you are the author, and in this case, the administrator because you set the rules on how the trust must be managed. Finally, you are also the beneficiary, because you benefit from your estate handled during your absence. This is no longer the standard form trusts take the world under many names, with three roles: grantor/administrator, fiduciary and the beneficiary.

Your incompetence: If you die, are lost at seaor « going crazy » (becomes incompetent), the trustee may claim it as such and acquire total control of your estate. Unless you present yourself, in order to dispel the presumption of your death or incompetence, the trustee is control. Their request of incompetence or death becomes a hard fact in equity law. The key concept, ACTION must be taken by you, in order to dispel the presumption and regain control of the entrusted succession; in this case Government. You must be present, which indicates you have reached the age and are able to use the field entrusted to you by God. your body and your mind – and what you do with these things.

Breach of trust: If the trustee does not comply with the rules that you set up, they are in breach of trust. In order to regain confidence, you must notify their failure to honour the contract of trust (a UCC1 financing statement filing,a scam, Pact with I don’t know, what demons of rhetoric, which, you ferapasse for a charlot, a junk man, who will become a coward.) !! is a method). If you fail to do so, you are negligent and incompetent definition. Clearly, if you can not recognize the person that gave you managed your estate is breaking your rules, then you must not be competent. Thus, the trustee can keep control, even if you are alive and not lost at sea.

Implies the consent of all the other ‘citizens’ of the Government: This is the crucial point, most people lack. The Government is the trustee of the people, they have to say to people, or more precisely, if they claim that people want something, and people do not say otherwise, the Government now has a mandate issued by the people, as a result of their silence by consent. In other words, if the Government argues that people want to be enslaved, and people do not say otherwise, they agree to their inaction. This is known as an implicit consent or tacit.

The cabal controlled the Government, the trustee, said all its citizens as incompetent and enemies of the State (« Trading with The Enemy Act » (Congress Sixty‐Fifth, sess.) I, Chs. 105, 106, October 6, 1917) and as codified at 12 U.S.C.A. 95A.). This claim, under the law of equity, has become a hard fact when no one has taken ACTION to inform the trustee of their breach of trust. As a result, the Government now has a mandate, purchased from the population itself, to manage people as incompetent slaves. Literally, we have given them permission to do everything that happens on Earth. Certainly we didn’t because deception invading the part of the trustee, but our inability to see fraud, prove their cause of our incompetence.

The solution is simple, yet long action. Before we solve the problem, we must acquire a knowledge of what it is, how the trust relationship has been established, and where things went wrong.

This is what happened:

When you were born, your parents you has declared incompetent and created a domain with corporate governance to manage your business for you, until you come of age. become proficient. This statement is accurate. Until you understand how the world works, what is right to Equity and what your true status as a licensor and administrator, you are not competent. Considering most people have no idea about all this, their application is correct throughout.

If the Government were honourable, he would reveal all this for you during your life, and finally you take control of your estate. But the Trustees are not reputable and instead they are doing all that they can to keep you ignorant, offers all kinds of distractions to keep your status as the disqualification of. At the time wherever you come of age, you are more interested in distraction, then you are in the management of your estate (mind, body and soul) and take responsibility for your life.

While you are young, the Government says quietly whether you’re dead or lost at sea. Since you are already considered an enemy of the State, you are a criminal under Amendment No 13 and can now be treated as a slave to work. What is described in the post The Underworld death relating to the practices of The Elite: (the death of Underworld relating to the practices of the elite |) Births, marriages and deaths Estate are seized and negotiated by the Government)

Many people think that slavery has ended during the civil war, with the ratification of Amendment No 13, but in fact, Amendment No 13 legalized slavery in large scale:

We’ll discuss these treaties more in detail in a moment, and how they will on the grounds of the all as bizarre and false 13th amendment which converts every citizen of the United States of America in a criminal and a slave, or a fourteenth amendment we citizen in a piece of cargo be worse than a slave.

In the Equity system managed by the UCC or Uniform Commercial Code, our domain is created at birth through the evidence of the live birth; a birth certificate. A domain is an age old piece of technology developed to give confidence of the original owner or the creator, a trustee or third parties. For example, during the Crusades, the volunteers would entrust his estate to a friend or family member, who would manage the land for them so that they were gone. If the Crusader is dead or has been lost at sea, then the friend could claim succession as theirs. And that is exactly what the elite for each birth certificate which bears individual:

The United States is the only country in the world that not only tolerates slavery, but it incorporated as a religious and moral law within its own constitution. However, this is exactly what the amendment 13 fake says:

Amendment 13 did not abolish slavery; It converts a claimed right to religious and moral. Amendment 13 does not end slavery; It changes just the name of slaves to criminals.

Let me read it to you: « neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for the crime of which the party must have been duly recognized guilty, there will be the territory of the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. »

So if I’m able to claim a person as a criminal, as in summary justice – so I can make their slave. How anyone in their right mind logically conclude that the 13th amendment abolished slavery? He did not! -it it has institutionalized until today under the fascist NWO 2.0 templates then the Third Reich and now the Fourth Reich.

Finally, the birth certificate does not clearly indicate live child or dead child, and this opens the door to a presumption of death. As the Member of the family who took possession of the estate of the Crusaders, the trustee may request that the grantor is dead or has been lost at sea, cannot the Government. As long as you do not appear to say otherwise, this presumption becomes a « fact healed » fairness in law, and the Government can intervene and start using your estate for their own purposes.

The Solution

If all goes well, an underlying theme must be apparent, that complete knowledge or lack of, is the root cause, and therefore the solution. We will address each of the key factors.

Our incompetence: As it is true that when we are born we are not competent, we educate us. Knowledge is power. How can we possibly expect to get our entrusted estate back if we don’t even know it exists or that we have ask him? The information presented in this article are a good start. But remember some facts and filling on a UCC form is not enough, this knowledge is the first layer of the onion, we must go to the heart. Our domain is not a birth certificate, or a piece of land somewhere, our area is our body and soul. This is where the legal/legal side merges with the spiritual side.

We must learn discernment and stop placing blind faith in the experts and because representatives, they represent us when we ourselves present . This is done by acquiring personal knowledge so we can see the deception when she crosses our path and call it for what it is. In this case, that our future masters, those who claim to be « consorts to God » are actually in breach of trust with the Covenant of God, because they hide the truth instead of share black occultism. When we understand enough about these realities and this this truth to others we prove our skills.

Breach of trust: The trustee under our belt, must be informed about their breach of trust. Now that we have done the work to acquire a thorough knowledge, we must begin to act on that knowledge. If we continue to accept the illusionary authority of the Government, we are still incompetent. For example, to vote for a President, you enter into an agreement with the Government which assumes your incompetence and their status of authority over you. Per our share of the vote, give us them our consent and validate our incompetence. In this sense, knowledge becomes power, if acted. Either we stop to consent to all forms of authoritarianism (payment of taxes, tickets and fines, accepting the undertaking judge of the courts, etc.) and thereby demonstrate our competence, or do us nothing and continue to issue implied consent. In this case, there is no grey area, there is no spectators, either you are working for freedom, or you’re working with the cabal in remaining ignorant and inactive; hard as it might look like.

Implies the consent of all the other ‘citizens of the Government’: This last point, it is what unifies all people of the world under a common cause; true freedom. Even if do us the work to educate ourselves and then to prove our skills in acting within the framework of this knowledge in our personal lives, there is still a whole world of incompetent and prepared to treat slaves. Because they, by their ignorance and inaction, a mandate to Governments to continue slavery and tyranny, we cannot be islets of freedom within a sea of piracy. Don’t forget, their mandate is maintained by deception and ignorance – they deceive people by giving them the « right to govern. Thus, our efforts must focus on the unawakened and ignorant masses. When enough people have cleared their own incompetence, by acquiring a thorough knowledge of the problem, then we can act as a collective in order to dissipate the mandate assumed authority. Each person who sleeps works for the cabal and doesn’t know it. It is our job, as those who have learned the truth, to reveal it to them and enable them to become present, so that they no longer have to be represented by the Government .

Last Message of hope

The main problem is within every human being on Earth, including Kabbalah themselves. Kabbalah knowledge the truth and we wrong by accepting and retaining our incompetence (ignorance). All mankind was formed to be a slave race and accept the real authority, rather than illusory. The false belief in authority must be dissipated, in acquiring the knowledge of the truth, that he has no real authority, only the trustee gave the power to manage our affairs, our consent.

Therefore, any solution that does not take account of this, is only a palliative. Even if each Member cabal has been magically transported above ground, the real problem would be still here, and another master would come to pronounce well trained incompetent slaves. Therefore, where we focus our time and energy is crucial. We must seek to acquire control of ourselves and therefore retrieve our domain; our minds, bodies and souls.

As acquire us knowledge and develop mastery, we become proof of deception and present our competence. Now we can look back in our lives and see how our actions have helped to maintain the status quo of the false authority and tyranny and begin non-consenting in changing ourselves. Learning about health, right and how to be honourable will help to dispel false beliefs and have real to act with competence, knowledge removing any need for a «consort of God» to manage our lives for us.

The good news is that the entire system is designed for this purpose, first. Our teachers potentials knew that they could not remain in power, unless we remain ignorant and inactive. As a magician their illusion works only if we are unable to see behind the scene.

Control systems, many came to hate (legal codes, right of Equity, etc.) are all based on trust and agreements as soon as we become aware of it, we can take action and all of the control system works against the cabal and for us. Now, we use the UCC systems and actions to our advantage, making them more honorable. In this sense, these systems are a tool, like a hammer and are not bad in themselves.

In other words, the problem, in its scale and its impact, involves any intelligent life on Earth, each of them being contributes to the current condition. We must recover our real estate, our minds, bodies and souls and making human beings free and autonomous, we were always meant to be. Now, our domain is used by create us harmony and the golden age of long research on the Earth, instead of the horrible NWO we seem to be headed for now.

Note about BRICS: there are a lot of claims about reforms that will change the system of control and slavery on Earth, BRIC is one of them. Although it is quite possible some relief may be acquired, taking into account the above realities, this is only a palliative. We may be hopeful of a solution, but should not stop to address the problem of the root.

More data

What follows is a long story, but is not the complete picture. For more information on this package, see:

The death of Underworld on practices of the elite. Births, marriages and deaths Estate are seized and negotiated by the Government

to = en & http://www.microsofttranslator.com/BV.aspx?from=en & a=http%3A%2F%2Fsitsshow.blogspot.com%2F2015%2F04%2Fthe-underworld-death-dealing-practices.html

http://sitsshow.blogspot.com/2015/04/the-underworld-death-dealing-practices.htmlif you’ve seen the films of underwordl, ca you recalled, some chjose

UNAM Sanctum and Cestui Que trust – with God declaring incompetent of humanity of the convent

Law of trusts: how you became a commodity – the creation of constructive trusts


Science of contracts: law of free will and agreement


Hidden history of gold – which is really the money


One of the important sources of funds for the cabal is the health sector which registered a huge $ 3.09 billion in 2014and should to soar to $3.57 billion in 2017, in the United States alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.

We can avoid using drugs, to defeat any viral attack and scaremongering easily in knowing how to build our own antiviral system complete. Learn more about it here.

admiralty law Corporation Government

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to = en & http://www.microsofttranslator.com/BV.aspx?from=en & a=http%3A%2F%2Fgeopolitics.co%2F2015%2F04%2F05%2Ffbi-doc-confirms-hitler-fled-to-argentina-in

8 thoughts on « how the cabal maintains their power & how to overcome them.

06:15, 6 April 2015

Note the

Blog Tumblr Reblogged this on educacionlibreysoberana.


April 6, 2015 at 10:51 pm

Note the

Yes, I understand that the truth can set up a free. But the reality is that, as long as the cabal is in power, we are helpless. Other that do account not on the Government, we have no power in the courts or when slapped with fees or fines. What can do legally without violating their control and prosecuted?


19:04, 7 April 2015

Note the

Questions about the possible continuation

I am not a lawyer and not practice under this Act, but the following information is available in a library reference books that apply to a particular State in the United States, which can serve as an example.

Based on the information contained in this article on the cabal, it seems that members of the cabal could be guilty of fraud of common-law partner non-disclosure (omission or concealment) and breach of trust or breach of contract.

Fraud, non-disclosure, a subcategory of fraud, is created by an obligation to communicate between the parties.

Overview of the elements:
1. the defendant withdrawn or failed to disclose certain facts to the applicant.
2. the defendant had a duty to disclose the facts to the applicant (a question of law; thus, it was decided by the Court rather than by a jury composed of investigators). [one of the four bases for duty is legally sufficient]
3. the facts were important.
4. the defendant knew:
(1) the applicant was unaware of the facts, and
(2) the applicant had an equal chance to discover the facts.
5. the defendant has been deliberately silent when he had a duty to speak.
6. failing to disclose facts, the defendant intended to encourage the applicant to act or to refrain from acting.
7. the applicant is based on non-disclosure of the defendant.
8. the plaintiff was injured by continued to act without the knowledge of the undisclosed facts.

1. four-year status. The period of limitation for an action of fraud is four years.
2. accrual accounting. A cause of action for fraud is allocated on the date that the defendant made the false statement.
3 discovery rule. The limitation period does not begin until the fraud is discovered or could be discovered through the exercise of reasonable diligence.

A. damage:
1 damages for economic loss.
2 damages for injury to personal property.
3. damages for personal injuries.
B. (punitive) copies:
C. Equitable remedies.
D. interest. The plaintiff may recover interest before judgment and judgment.
E. costs… The plaintiff may recover the costs of court.
Fees of counsel for F… A plaintiff cannot recover the fees of counsel in a common-law fraud action. However, if the allegation of fraud is linked with another claim that allows the recovery of attorneys ‘ fees (for example, breach of contract), attorneys ‘ fees for fraud may be recoverable if the same legal services have been used for the prosecution or the defence of the other claim.

QUESTION 1: Has any citizen of the Republic of United States individual « standing » in a cause of action for fraud?

QUESTION 2: Is such an action for eligible fraud lawsuit?

QUESTION 3: Is it is antecedent in the case-law (common law) in the United States or of any State of the United States of America for such a civil lawsuit against the Corporation USA?

QUESTION 4: Is there a law or a lawyer interested in taking such an action in justice-based « contingency fee »? Simple contingency fees 1% (1%), is that this case could potentially rise to billions of US dollars.


April 7, 2015 at 9:57 pm 0

If the majority think do even you, Irie; just simple discussions in this direction should bring the enemy trembles.

It would be just a matter of time.


April 7, 2015 at 9:52 pm

United States States jurisprudence (a/k/a Common Law) about the fraud by the United States against its citizens individual, responsible jointly and severally.

Maybe a lawyer who sees this article on the cabal will be able to use the following information about the political corruption of the Government of the United States and the Act.

Services honest fraud
Honest services fraud refers to a sentence of 28-word of 18 U.S.C. § 1346 (mail and wire fraud Act), added by the Congress of the United States in 1988, [1] which States: « for the purposes of this chapter, the term scheme or artifice to defraud includes a scheme or an artifice to deprive another of the intangible right of honest services. »

Black compared to the United States
Black v. United States, 561 U.S. _ (2011), is a white-collar criminal case decided by the supreme Court of the United States dealing with the trial of businessman Conrad Black fraud. As well as two related judgments – Skilling v. United States of America and Weyhrauch v. United States – it deals with the provision of honest services, 18 U.S.C. § 1346.

5.Justin Deschamps

05:18, 8 April 2015

Note the

Thanks for reposting my writing facing upwards. I am really encouraged to see these ideas under discussion in the community of the awakening of the end.

If I can comment on some of the issues?

Amos – the ‘justice’ has been transformed in 1789 and it was not all true common law justice or « constitutional justice » since then. What had it’s legal Code enforcement and decisions in a private courtyard which masquerades as public. These subtleties aside, what it boils down to is control of the mafia. There no justice, just a bunch of thugs using their brainwashed henchmen to do their dirty work.

Irie, I think that answers your question about fraud reporting a D.A. or the public prosecutor, ready to bring to justice thugs.

Since there is no system of justice within the United States (as the man or the common woman he would) then it is void in the system that can bring, without also rallying enough support from the population itself to verify the procedure is handled correctly. Of course, that means abandoning the fraudulent legislative codes.

While some legislative codes, such as the Tax Code, recognize the natural right (even), the powers that be are thugs. They violate their own rules and play all kinds of games to ensure that your legally enforceable case is ever brought to court. Examine the accounts of the redemption of Strawman case and the current use of the false Notes to change within the litigation foreclosure system as an example of this. All major banks have been recognized guilty of the fraudulent use of the promissory notes, of sorts, to prohibit on the homeowners, and they had to pay a settlement for the affected owners. But the system does not resolve the problem, just as the litigation in a more timely process and allowed the banks to continue to fraud, so he paid the owner of the House defrauded a regulation. Which, moreover, has a few hundred dollars in most cases, for a value of hundreds of thousands of houses.

That being said, in my opinion, since there is no real system of Justice, we must become it ourselves. ITCCS is an example of this, and there has been no tangible result, the principles are valid. The application of the law of Justice, in the case of Common Law, must come from the population, and since people are largely fooled controlled mind and proxy agents, a process of Common Law won’t be effective, until enough people wake up, organize and gather to ensure that Justice is done.

In my opinion, we are still in the phase of education of awakening, and all spirits, we open a door to literally become a force for justice, after having reached a critical mass.

I think also debate among the community of awakening is necessary to unify our collective efforts to affect real change. Thanks dear for your participation.


11:20, 8 April 2015

Note the

We will have our common need to be educated in this sense; grateful and honoured for sharing your work and your ideas.

Mabuhay, Justin!


AUTHORS: May 2015

· Carl, $47

You can help and support us by buying our eBook To Healthcare emancipation – Premium Edition , a page full of 800, fully illustrated, easy to follow DIY manual healthcare Alternative.et in addition, they have the nerve to do a book, no, but, I believe, they are really over urine, those writing it

Thank you very much! Mabuhay!

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1 March for the homeless, held in London on April 15, 2015.

A larger version of would be nice

19 April 2015 eClinik of learning 1 comment

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Images Videos
1.The finished blood electrifier that could defeat all viral infections and bioweapons.The finished blood Energizer which could defeat all viral infections and biological weapons.

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Replication electrifying blood by MIKE FINLEY

January 5, 2015 eClinik of learning 2 comments

2 we said these all along… Conventional medicine doesn’t work, is dangerous and deadly, unnecessarily expensive and downright useless!

mainstream medicine

Now, some doctors are beginning to say the same thing.

continue reading »

Medicine doesn’t Cure Mainstream, say doctors

31 December 2014 eClinik of learning Leave a comment

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« All truth passes through three stages: first, it is ridiculed. » Second, it is violently opposed. Thirdly, it is accepted that by itself. »,it will them to quote Schopenhauer

~ Arthur Schopenhauer

eClinik Learning

Member of The Internet Defense League

Dirty little secret of Europe: where dictators, scammers and British fraudsters are hiding their billion

February 29, 2008, sorry, this is bit old

The cows seemed remarkably relaxed, even for the animals free to roam the pastures lush, breathtaking.

After rumors emerged about their strange behavior, the Prince of Liechtenstein has ordered official investigators in range through the mountains and to inspect dairy herds of the country.

They returned with the bad news: its farmers are feeding their livestock with cannabis.

Horrified, Prince Alois has acted quickly. Europe TV crews have been descending on the tiny Principality, nestled between the Austria and Switzerland and from the glare of publicity was the worst thing imaginable for his many investors who include some of the richest – and more reclusive – individuals in the world.

They come to the Liechtenstein to deposit large amounts of cash. With stricter financial privacy laws anywhere on the planet, this small country of only 35 000 inhabitants became the place for the rich people at the Bank.

They enjoy their way of life — far from prying eyes. As well as Monaco and Andorra, Liechtenstein has built his fortune on hiding of billions of pounds by the tax authorities in implementing private anonymous « letter box » trusts that cannot be traced to the individual investor. For a fee, this means that tax can be avoided by the person ‘hiding’ money.

Scroll down for more information…

Noam Gottesman and Pierre Lagrange themselves £400million each paid last year

But the ‘cannabis cows’ brought too much attention to the country. In the middle of lots of chuckles at the notion cattle getting ‘high’ on illegal drugs – and the fury of local farmers, who claimed that cannabis is their cows produce more milk because they were « less turbulent » – Prince issued a decree of its turret Castle perched at the top of the Alps.

« This must stop immediately, » he ordered. And he did. Since 2005, the cows of the Liechtenstein all have been forbidden to have hemp plants – the basis for cannabis – included in their daily diet.

The history more, journalists and television cameras quickly leaves. Not that they could soar or even leave by train: Liechtenstein refused to build an airport or a train station, preferring private life before of progress.

But now all roads lead once more to the Liechtenstein. The country is facing the most serious crisis in its history and the other with costly consequences for millionaires and billionaires in the world.

Built using cash from its banking institutions very secret, the Liechtenstein is engulfed in a scandal involving Britain, the Germany and America.

The Grand dam of Prince Alois and his wealthy clients, Liechtenstein – which, oddly, is also the largest world producer of false teeth – targeted by the tax of an amazing saga investigators involving an employee of the disgruntled Bank, secret computer diskettes and the allegations that the British and German intelligence officers have ‘stolen’ the names and investors of high rolling financial details.

To add to the heady mix of espionage, blackmail and intrigue in this tiny Alpine State, the worker to Bank of denunciation, Heinrich Kieber, lives this weekend under an assumed identity in fear of his life.

Because it turns out he spent also by oversight on the financial details of the well-known members of the Russian mafia when he accepted 5 million £ of the British and German authorities in Exchange the secrets on disks in the computer.

A high-living visionary and conman, Kieber was hired in 1999 by LGT bank, a company with assets of more than 50 billion £ owned by Prince Alois. On the surface, Kieber had a subordinate tedious task. His task was to scan documents on computer disks.

After years of keeping old books, LGT has been belatedly embracing the era of computing.

Yet it is essential, Bank officials did not on their new employee background checks. If they had, they would have discovered that he was wanted in Spain after more than £600 000 fraud of property at the net.

But Kieber, son of a photographer father and a Spanish mother, BA had insurance when his crimes are never discovered.

Parsing the details of customers of the Prince on DVD, he kept copies for himself. Would prove to be a gold mine for the humble computer worker and a nightmare that unfolds for British secret bank, customer and German Americans.

After the Spanish authorities contacted the Royal House of Liechtenstein on the property fraud, Kieber was arrested in 2001 and ordered to repay the money obtained in Spain.

After his appeal was dismissed, Kieber leaked Liechtenstein. But he still had his asset: the disks of the computer.

He sent a letter and a cassette of the recording for Prince Hans-Adam, the father of Prince Alois and the former head of the country. The Royal family has been frozen. Kieber claimed two false passports and a « financial assistance » in Exchange the stolen disks. The computer scientist had turned to blackmail.

Inevitably, because of the fear of the publicity in the world, Royal Bank was ordered to contact Kieber. He was convinced to return to Liechtenstein, with the promise that all living expenses would be « supported » and that it would be equipped with the best legal assistance in the country.

Before the transfer of power to his son in 2004, Prince Hans-Adam has written a personal letter to the blackmailer, promising that he had « never felt threatened » by him. In return, handed Kieber the computer discs, appearing to hold up its side of the transaction.

With the Bank and the courts effectively controlled by the Liechtenstein royalty, the outcome was foregone conclusion: sentence of Kieber was reduced to one year, suspended for good behavior.

The international warrant of Spain was also cancelled. Detective Conan – nice and quiet. Or so the Royal family thought Liechtenstein. It was not not to be.

Kieber, now a familiar face in some of the most prestigious restaurants and bars, the Principality had kept another copy of the disc. After his « punishment », he fled the country once again, moving to the Australia.

This time, he wrote to Prince Alois, requiring an official rehabilitation. After consultations with legal advisers, Prince Alois has rejected the request.

For years, America, Britain, and the Germany tried system of banking secrecy of Liechtenstein ‘crack open. As a refuge for Nazi gold during the second world war, the Liechtenstein refused to give them money until another informant revealed documents proving that the million stood here.

Survivors of the Holocaust Jews finally returned their money less than ten years ago and Liechtenstein remained a financial sanctuary for tyrants, fraudsters and money launderers.

Kieber now approached the BND, the Germany intelligence service, offer a contract. In Exchange for information on the Germans on the disk – there are the names, addresses and financial details more of 4 000 figures publicized on them – the Germans give Kieber £4 m, two false passports and a new identity.

The BND could not believe their luck. The raids began. Last week, the head of the German post office was charged with salting away from 10 million pounds to the Liechtenstein.

Germany believes that he will be able to recover up to 1 billion pounds of lost taxes. Britain last week got in the Act to pay Kieber £100 000 for its information on the Britons hide money here.

British tax sources claim that it is a good deal: they believe they will be able to recover nearly 100 million pounds in tax hidden by some of the most famous figures – as well-known – living in the United Kingdom.

America, the Australia and the Belgium are also now focusing on the Liechtenstein – raising the prospect that they can also be processed from Kieber.

All of this has thrown an unwelcome spotlight on the country. Blink and you would miss Liechtenstein. Only 15 miles long, it has no controls at the borders with neighbours of Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

Apart from its banks–and its denture plant–the only real reason to visit its 60 square miles is to be found in Vaduz, the capital.

Dominated by the castle of Prince Alois, the city of 5 000 people is committed does not draw attention to its charms.

While glamorous women browse in shops that sell the Rolex and Cartier jewelry, cars with blacked out windows purr in the streets, anonymous outside stop – looking buildings 75 000 of the enterprises registered country – two for each Member of the population.

I approached two men speaking Spanish to the outside of the Bank of the Prince this week. Looking pissed off, both carried large tote black and are headed towards the door.

Asked what they were doing to the Liechtenstein, it is said: « we have just on vacation, OK?  » It’s all ».

Three Americans are passed before them. Asked if they spoke English, replied: « not much. We are here for the same reason: just a short break. « He smiled and walked around with his friends in the LGT Bank.

Apart from visits to the factory of the prosthesis, organised by the local tourist Office, one of the favourite pastimes of the people of the country Liechtenstein is watching for people arriving by bus and carrying bags of money to the banks. Not that they do it out of envy.

With tax at 1.8 per cent and zero unemployment, it is one of the richest countries of the world.

Expensive cars purr in the streets. There is, officially, no drug users, Tramps or thieves. There is not yet all vehicles with bumps. More than half of the local population worked in banks.

The average salary is £ 25 000 per man, woman and child. Indeed, the Principality seems to exist for the sole purpose of making money.

In a world first, Prince Alois even offers you to rent across the country for companies, offering them the keys of the Cathedral and castles, as well as freedom to go sledging on the private local mountains.

Amounting to £2, customers can also have their passport stamped with Crest regal of the country.

But as spring arrived this week and on cattle bells of cows have been moved to the lower pastures, the mood at the Bank held by Prince Alois foundering.

« Are they going to Kieber to pay tax on the money he received for the stolen goods? » asked a bank high official, between the commissioning of appeals of fraudsters British, German and anxious Americans.

« This cannot be good », said official of the Prince. « It is wrong to pay millions of pounds for the stolen goods. This information is our property. We have strict measures.

« These people are not tax evaders. They are refugees from the tax. The Germany is a shame. In so far as Britain is concerned, they should not have something to do with Kieber. So much for British values. Man, it’s is a crook. »

Crooks are something that Liechtenstein knows everything. While affirming that there has been a crackdown on money laundering recently, the country has also ‘assisted’ by some of the greatest – and deadliest – finance villains on the planet.

Saddam Hussein tilted here. So, too, did of Pablo Escobar, the notorious boss of the Colombia Medellin drug cartel. Slobodan Milosevic, the Serbian, used for banking services of the Principality war criminal.

The Russian mafia figures were also eager to take advantage of the tax benefits. Countless celebrities have bet also here, including Athina Roussel, granddaughter of magnate expedition to the Greek Aristotle Onassis, who was spotted here just two days after she has inherited a small fortune on her 18th birthday.

But the Liechtenstein, which has no army and a token policy, fights back. After a senior official denounced the Germany to act as the « Gestapo » by trampling all over the laws of the country, bankers committed to continuing their bigger neighbour for handling of stolen goods.

Germany countered, saying he would refuse to join plans Liechtenstein enabling the free movement of people within Europe’s borders. Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, believes that his attack on the Liechtenstein prove popular with leftists, who hate the rich to avoid tax.

Yet the Prince Alois, was educated at Sandhurst and marie married to a Princess of Bavaria, believes that the investigation of more than 5 billion £ detainees in its banks is almost a declaration of war, threatening the very existence of the State. « Spying on our clients is unthinkable, » said the Prince.

« We will see what we can do to protect our citizens and our investors, who trust us, against such methods of investigation.

« The principle of confidentiality also applies to our foreign customers. A State has the right to obtain the information by breaking the law in a friendly State and probably also violates its own law?  »

It is a detail. When it comes to tax, Germany as well as as Britain is determined as a dog with a bone. They will not back off now.

« We will force the cracks, we already have, » said a British official. «We have the right to use all means we want to root out cheats – and that includes paying for more information.»

With Kieber reputed to be in hiding in Australia after threats of death of Russian mobsters, how Prince Alois – and him, no name yet, millionaire customers – should now wish that the only scandal in its secret state is cows getting ‘high’ on the mountain pastures of the Liechtenstein.

The country is now on the map, and this is the last thing everyone here wants.

NSA collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers per day

This shows, that you, US, represented for them, after have set you one against the other black against white, or, white against black, or against latinos, they expect that it, we in France, they tried to put us one against the other, the Muslims against Catholics, or, just Christians, they (masons franc, D.Rockeffeler, D.Rotschild (, and Queen Elisabeth II, the Queen of England) and the other,(dans les loges), so they thought, put the silverware with the Crusades, that took place in 1093 AP JC (is love not, but me I like) they are back, but not a bit of 2000 years P-T-Net they thought to do so, certainly with you, it was quite a party with FERGUSON but , only, they were expecting not to the reaction of the cops in NEW YORK in this case when all keufs (police officers) were turned away from DE BLASIO, ca, their to done all funny, well, it shows that, despite Nazi cops nuclei, or of cops of kkk, the majority of keufs don’t think quite like them We want them to think, and let me reiterate Hat well down gentlemen ((,they have well tried to revive the thing by killed its cops (1eurasien, the black aute) by a young black, it’s dinge, this event falls pil poil, after the keufs have turned back, it’s crazy eh !)), and after that, they would have said

If it had taken place, this war of religions, they told all shots, OHc’ is still a war of religions, that is, you say, that’s really some fake ass, guys find a way to fuck the shit or after it surprised! what I told myself for years, when I was looking at conflicts, with the Taliban, with iran iraq, I was not at all! etc., but those who were behind, well stashed away, trying to have fun with our or the kids in their castles to fuck like their 1er slip.


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