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EH! the ECB, forget, your Treaty, it is of Tin, it is obsolete, no steps available, I AI DIS, not, as french 54.67%de, in 2005 for the Lisbon Treaty

all french on May 29, 2005 (not: 15 449 508 (54.67% of NON) in the Referendum, ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon), I hope your commissions of laws, it is the Senate, because if it is the European commission, it flared, it is not valid, you can say all you want n, is flared

THE SHOAH is from the USA, in the UK (GVI), and HITLER (obviously)


(Prescott Bush, was a U.S. Senator)

7 Queen Elizabeth II (Windsor Family of Britain) German & Greek usurpers of the British Crown.

This does not preclude that the United States, with the grandfather BUSH, normal, was informed by the same opportunity Wnston Churchill, and Franklin is a GAG (and links Bush with the Consolidated Silesian Steel Company (CSSC), based in Silesia, in the minerals-rich German-Polish border. During the war, this company profited from slavery organized by the Nazis in concentration camps, including Auschwitz.) We know, why? now!, this, me recall one sentence in the Rotschild manifest, which said they need to you you are taking listed 2 (15 ) WARS WILL BE INSTIGATED, FINANCED and DIRECTED so that we control BOTH SIDES, placing all parties FURTHER INTO OUR DEBT. (American Revolution through Desert Storm, Afghanistan and WW III?, ) ( ) The Rothschild Manifesto – circa 1840? > > Four Winds 10 – Truth… After, you the Pellet, do us shit, and blame us while this makes chandeliers, you know and apply what you did, among other French, then, Yes, talking about Jews, movies, documentaries, of the SHOAH, to see the work of MORBID you did, which were truscides


In short, spend the murder of Lady Diana was sponsored by the Crown of England, and particularly prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and the contract was given to MI6, outside of the United Kingdom and the Mossad intelligence service. The Royal family of England did not a pretender to the throne of Arab origin, see even Muslim…,thank you grandmother, thanks dad, thanks Tonton, EH, BEN, you said no thank you, the child,

Namely, that all the world has and has mourned, the English people came to mass 3 million people, were present, but represents those who were far away, and that could not come

I understand better now the SEX PISTOLS when they chantaient(GOD SAVE,a FACIST REGIM,je)

, Jean-Claude Trichet (ECB), Pascal Lamy (WTO), Henri Castries (AXA) and Thierry de Montbrial (IFRI), who are regulars at the kind of small sauteries, which took place at the Grand Hotel des Bains in St. Moritz in Switzerland.

This is an example.

As we know that this bilddeberg group is people with, a senile advanced, just as people of the cfr and the trilateral

These people rely on practices pedophile, as president, or Director of bilderberg, is henri castries, if I invest delegation journalists, I will go take a look the castle of the marquis de sade, as is one of these escendant, I me before rensegnerai. well (it is not known what might be found)

This year, a few days after media gesticulations of the G8 in Deauville, the meeting of the Bilderberg takes place from 9 to 12 June at the Grand Hotel des Bains in St. Moritz in Switzerland. With respect to the French, will be likely present Jean-Claude Trichet (ECB), Pascal Lamy (WTO), Henri de Castries (AXA) and Thierry de Montbrial (IFRI), who are regulars at the genre. The omerta as always will be rigorous and traditional media will not talk about.

Hope queMarcus it of lost, it has fallen on paedophiles, hope!

MARION, MARINE, FLORIAN, JULIEN,… in short, whatever ‘ one of the fn to give ESTROSI, siyouplait, its super slogan


VOTE free masonry

Britain: growth slows down, bad news for Cameron, as in France, if you look at the sheet upside down

It rises, as in France, and say that you have done studies. MDR (LOL)

Serge A TLAOUI / Joko Widodo: INDOSESIE

Hautsgrades http://hautsgrades.over-blog.com/tag/forces%20speciales/

Watch for the English, it is hot , Windsor it is not far, and it only makes them, really not afraid

President of Indonesia


Joko Widodo

Vice President

Jusuf Kalla

You want to blame, here’s real culprits, and it is something other than AKINDELE Serge, and let this man, is it you please in all ways although others have made, I’m talking about the real gangsters, this cannot make or revive, these men, these betesou these things, which have been destroyed

MI-6 Are The Lords of The Global Drug Trade http://www.bibliotecapleyades.NET/sociopolitica/sociopol_drugs01.htm

Nicolas Sarkozy relied above all on four men:
_Claude Gueant, Secretary general of the Elysee Palace. It is the former right-hand man of Charles Pasqua.
_Francois Perol, general Secretary Assistant of the Elysée. This is a partner-Manager of the Rothschild Bank.
_Jean-David Levitte, diplomatic adviser. Son of the former Director of the Jewish Agency. Ambassador of France to the United NationsHe was relieved of his duties by Chirac who considered it too close to George Bush.
_Alain Bauer, the man of shadow. His name does not appear in directories. He is responsible for the intelligence services. Former Grand – Master of the Grand Orient of France (the main French Masonic obedience) and former n ° 2 of the U.S. National Security Agency in Europe.

Manuel Valls, the Prime Minister by Francois Hollande, was knighted by the Bilderberg, one group of the oligarchy’s most exclusive circles

François Hollande ~ all Freemasons (Zionism & satanism, France, Russia, Japan, UK, USA..) FR

Thierry Lepaon could join the EESC, they are buying non-insiders, definitely

More valls, she and Freemasonry will try to drown by the Muslim religion Christianity and Freemasonry, fulfils people will react against, you know, that you will release at a time, or to another Rockefeller, Rothschild, the Queen of uk, Holland valls, you’re training all the world in unP-T-N of chaos, but here there won’t be controlled , and nobody can the controlled ones, which were raw or not raw, all your shit laws, will be removed and I me f’rais the pleasure of tap with the hammer in wood, instead of bartolone, to say « withdrawn », « not supported » is not it, you called for amendments. And believe me, it will be done! Any connection, with our brothers (our true brother) not like QATAR, who are Muslims, them, since the beginning, valls, Holland, Freemasonry, zemmour, and the rest, etc…! Since then, always, they have wanted throw us against others, the cathos, Christians against the mususlans, also in this regard, each (I saw a video, or one of the 2 imams said quite rightly that it was the juifs(les soit disante élites juives), which are at the origin of the first 2 wars 14-18, 39-45,) short, this was their most expensive wish replace the lid of the millions of deaths, during the Crusades, and so reset the tensions there in 1095, it is what is marked in wikipedia (although that, it suits the truth to his liking,) Christians were in a revenge spirit (go, it crusades – Wikipedia, you can learn more, there are virtually all languages, en +) , they recovered from the places of pilgrimage, ‘ they had certainly abandoned for, I don’t know it reason, but neglected, but it is these places were, on their land, a Muslim, good earth, I’ll not rest the same issues, especially that now, if you ask for something, and if you’re really, but really sincere, it gives you what you want in the field of the reasonable of course. They want so, replace the lid, but be aware, if you summers remain on this revenge spirit, as the Crusaders thought in 1093, me sincerely, I think differently and in 2015 after JC, nowadays… what my reatcion, and the reactions of all Christians in the world, will be completely different, as well as, the Muslims, who were our enemies, who are become our brothers , yes our brothers, because, in 2000 years , there was the time to think and reflect on the subject and these deaths, for places of worship, and sincerely, I think, our forefathers gave us a very good lesson, and errors, they have made in the past, we are not close to redo them , or one, the other, so stay tuned, so with your revenge, brains, mind sick and finished at urine .you know, what

Your brush hair, found I don’t know or, in the case of « sid ahmed glam » you take it, and you brush your ass hair with, hence the adage, you go brush your (No, I’m joking, I don’t know where, it comes from.) You know what, your thoughts and mine have 2000 years of gap, you, stay in the year 1000, keep y, when I told you, they were arrears, there the word, takes all its meaning, and achieved early senility.

For more info

The Crusades were launched to retake from the Muslims in places of Christian pilgrimage in the Holy land. They began in 1095 at the request of the Emperor of Byzantium

Dantressangle, sold to the usa


What makes me laugh, it’s Holland, I do not know who to had this rotten idea, there’s him, I think but then it shows well how, there centuries and years of delay 2000 years

Is is pitiful, here is how the Egyptians, finally the Pharaohs, they governed by fear, apart from the pyramids, it has served super, as safe and tombs, cheaper YAVE, in the letter of the president of the Republic from September 26, already there, this proves the interest, he wears, he speaks of the positionning of the 3rd RPIMA, already, information, like what , he had to remove, or maintain the 3rd, was known that him and his entourage, and members of Parliament and other people I do me reminder not that newspapers, or, the media had wind of this rumor, to at least alert the families of soldiers who are, nevertheless, the first concernées(t’es militaire,tu fermes ta gueules) (, and you made) I’m sorry but it’s like this, that I see, it is for it, that it was called « la grande muette », but this n ‘ is not the most serious, under the pretext of lengthen the sauce, by releasing fondsde3, an additional EUR 8 billion would be assigned to the defence of here in 2019, under a law of updated programming presented by the Council of Ministers May 20.
In increasing the sauce of 3.8milliards over 4 years, knowing that it will not be in 2017, he table on the fact that instead of close barracks, as they were predicted to be able to disarm the France as they have planned it, isn’t it gentlemen, he is caught for the Savior of employment by adding, 7000 troops, when is that you’ll understand that we want more of you

AND DE TES FRANC MASONS, you have fucked the shit, for 40 years, I have not say 1, I not say 2, I not say 3, go, I remade (I me would be believed in a sale at auction), I not say 4, I not say 5(jacques a dit 40ans) pendant40 years, SARKO, BAUER, JUPPE, FABIUS LAGARDE, DSK almost all else , and so on, you have all ate at the rack in the ROTCHILDS, ROCKEFFELER with the CIA, and the FBI, and say quej’ voted for this pile of garbage.

When I hear people like valls and belkacem, talked about the values of the Republic, it makes me gerber, it is people here, from DEGAULLE, that I criticized, would only destroy the France with the series of assassination that he ago had against him, the CIA, among other.

credits d 3.8 billion additional euros will be allocated to the army from here to 2019, how we take e to c…, by the way, this on a fight on terrorism, which will enable, enable them to frothing.


These additional appropriations will be allocated to the army from here to 2019, under a law of updated programming. The domestic anti-terrorism operation is perpetuated with the maintenance of 7000 military mobilization. François Holland announced today that an additional EUR 3.8 billion would be assigned to defence of here in 2019, as part of an updated programming presented by the Council of Ministers on 20 May.,(dans 1 moi) law « for other years, the four years that are updated programming, the present programming law (Editor’s Note: it relates to 2014-2019) will be presented to the Council of Ministers of May 20. » « It will provide for clear 3.8 billion of additional funding over four years », announced the head of State at the Elysee at the end of a Council of defence. He said that credits of defence for 2015 would be sustained to 31.4 billion euros.

François Hollande has cancelled more than half of the 34,000 cuts planned in the defence in the context of the revision of the military programming (LPM) 2014-2019(cette loi qui,de la population étaient àle courant a part ceux,qui ont aidé à sa réalisation) law, announced the Elysee today.
At the Council for the defence of this morning, at the Elysee, « the president of the Republic announced that it would preserve 18,500 posts on the 34,000 personal deletions under the LPM », said his entourage.

For valleaud belkacem, it is absolutely not serious, all what it will do will be destroyed, it rmontera over 10 years, the 2quinquennat, the more rotten the 5th REP, if need be, there, I pourraifaire trust


France-GB: when Hervé Morin wants to reinvent what is done for ten years… frankly the IDU, should be better dealt her, instead of caring thing, that it exceeds.

January 28, 2015

Speaking in the daily La Tribune about the Franco-British cooperation, Defence Minister Herve Morin said this morning that ‘we support share support of carrier battle groups. « A British frigate could fully participate in the protection of the Charles-de-Gaulle and vice versa ‘.

Here’s a novelty! In 1999, the British frigate HMS Somerset was part of the task force 470, a wing incorporated around the Foch, which then operates in the Adriatic (operation Trident). In 2004, the HMS Gloucester accompanied by Charles de Gaulle in the Indian ocean, and then it’s the turn of HMS Lancester in 2006. (In 2007, this will be a Spanish building, Blas de Lezo).

In short, on the occasion of the Franco-British Summit on Tuesday, November 2, might introduce ourselves as a new advanced European defence and bilateral cooperation a ‘novelty’ that is practiced for more than ten years…

Hervé Morin continues : ‘the British have announced their willingness to build catapults their operational aircraft carrier, I asked the staff to consider the feasibility of boarding of British aircraft on our own aircraft carrier and vice versa; « except, obviously, in the event of conflict or crisis where our respective interests would be divergent». We were discussing this topic on c(e blog la semaine dernière.) A question however? From what « British aircraft» is it? Helicopter (Chinook, Merlin and Apache…) or airline? The United Kingdom has indeed decide to send its only aircraft able to operate from a platform sea, namely its Harrier retirement next year. When his designated successor, the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) F – 35 C, it should not be online before the end of the Decade, at the earliest…

So this is what we call a display policy: announce new, cobbled together with the old and the virtual.

For the rest, the Minister Affairs confirms « the launch of a joint programme of drone of the future » medium-term « , and a possible »pooling  » of AOR that we were discussing here in September.» « Pooling also for the » air patrol « , that is to say the… maritime patrol aircraft at a time when the United Kingdom decided to abandon its project of modernization of its MRA4 Nimrods. « »We could enjoy British overcapacity (for refuellers) soon then that an equitable cost sharing has been found« adds the Minister, that explores other avenues: »maintaining in operational condition and the training of crews of A400M could be shared » and « rationalization of European ‘since’ budgetary constraints we impose decisions on cruise missile and anti ship light joint missile ‘. .

carrier Norbert Dentressangle

Patrons of the Norbert Dentressangle carrier and its U.S. acquirer XPO Logistics were reassuring after the unexpected operation which responds, according to them, to the estate of the founder of the french group and ensures sustainability by becoming a global giant in the sector.

Announced Tuesday evening, the transaction valued at 3.24 billion euros, includes the redemption in cash by XPO Logistics of participation of 67% owned by Norbert Dentressangle and his family.

It will be followed by a public offer to purchase priced at 217.50 euros per share Norbert Dentressangle (ND) to minority shareholders, representing a premium of 36.7% at the closing of the title Tuesday night at the Paris Bourse.

« This offer arrived unsolicited and unexpected » but « it could not be a better buyer », assured Norbert Dentressangle, 61 years, during a press conference.

« My motivation is essentially the Group sustainability.  » Lie  » This has always been my obsession », explained the french contractor. He was 25 years old in 1979 when he founded his company which he chaired the Supervisory Board since 1998.

This approximation seems « logical » in terms of complementarity geographic and client portfolios, ensure the two groups, which also emphasize their similarity in terms of trades. Motivated by a shared « ambition of growth », the operation, which allows XPO Logistics to put one foot in Europe, U.S., already have mac Donald, and the EC, and dentressangle is also already financed, said the Chairman of the Board of the french group Hervé Montjotin.

The negotiations were very short, a « record », « on a big week », he detailed, recognizing the « emotion of surprise » which prevails within the teams of ND.

Facing this new upheaval in the changing landscape of road transport and logistics in France, the tone is reassuring among stakeholders. Put into liquidation late March of MoryGlobal which will lead to 2,150 redundancies, is still in all the heads as well as the announcement of a social plan of 500 positions at Gefco mid April.

« Jacobson had bought out recently, a big business, just American, and it is said that it was rather in development, and there is the cold shower with this acquisition », responded to the AFP Victor Neves, representing FO, majority Union at ND.

-a « french floret »-

« Asked particularly in relation to the size of this American company that buys a large group like ours, » a « french flagship and a family business », continued the trade unionist.

XPO Logistics is one of the leaders in the U.S. market but is however less heavy than its prey with a turnover of $ 2.4 billion for a loss of $ 63.6 million, against 4.7 billion euros and a net profit up 8% to 75.9 million euros in 2014 for ND.

The American Group employs 10,000 people at 200 sites while ND has 662 sites and 42.350 collaborators.

Side french, employment is at the heart of all questions.

« It monitors of course this », said the Minister of labour François Rebsamen, reacting on France Info. Who cares the State, says for about 2 years that growth comes back, even with 2.150 redundancies and boxes, but Holland, fir démordent not, growth returns, they said, is that it’s true

Asked about its commitment to maintain the number of employees full time in France for at least 18 months, I was going to say 2 years, until you read the end of the sentence too strong frankly, tropfort, Bradley Jacobs, patron of XPO Logistics, insisted on its intention to grow. « We want to use staff », he said without encrypt staffing. If the context of the strong dollar « helped », is not « the reason » of the takeover, he said. Is the bet, of friend, course, in 5 years, will become, one between Jack shit, just simply, take a look the American, to blame evil, this country is sluggish,is the largest global debt .je say not that free, but, when, you see the indebtedness of the cities, we, our cities are also indebted, but frankly, not at their levels in France the most indebted city , is Vaujany (Isère) €163 076 / hab it makes dear inhabitant, are what the bottom, short, anyway it is very far 7.7 billion Chicago, and $ 20 billion and detroy 4 jerffeson comtre billion (a new danger facing the U.S. financial system: the excessive indebtedness of the cities.) Federal authorities are beginning to take this threat very seriously. The total debt accumulated by U.S. communities mounts to 4000 billion dollars.) It is a taste, without compterQuand, you have the time, read this, it may, you informed on the State of health of the USA

. United States: several U.S. cities on the verge of bankruptcy – RFI United States: several U.S. cities on the verge of bankruptcy – RFI17 Jan. 2014… A new danger facing the U.S. financial system: l’debt excessive of cities. Federal authorities are beginning to take. When I told you, that this country is essouflait!, then, at the economy level, was not coming to give us courses

You will be poorly received. You want to teach us politics, with the founder, which is what! Mason franc, Rockefeller among others, and that, for you policy, is lying, it is the CIA, go join your fathers.

Hervé Montjotin, who will take the head of the European activities of the American, was quick to add: « the best guarantee for employment for Europe and the France, it is the dynamics of development ». And, according to him, the European economic environment is precisely « favorably oriented » in 2015.some in’ll talk in 5 years when you take drivers Polish, not because they are less good, or good, but because they are less expensive, it is still less expensive than Polish drivers, Romanian drivers.

« Since the acquisition, the brand Norbert Dentressangle will disappear », he said, tongue in cheek on the difficulties of pronunciation of the French brand. It prevents that the Manager will propose a special effort « to raise the visibility of the brand in Europe » where XPO is not known.

There is untruc, which me crumple, apparently XPO would be smaller, significantly, is less expensive than ND, knowing that ND pese = 4.7 billion euros, against XPO = 2, $4 billion, and it is XPOQui acquires ND, MMmmouaihhh!

Based in Greenwich, Connecticut (northeastern United States), XPO intends to withdraw Norbert Dentressangle coast after the takeover. Most of the management team of Norbert Dentressangle will join XPO which maintain ND European headquarters in Lyon.

Around 1525, the title of the Group was rising sharply by 36.3% to the Paris Stock Exchange to 216,85 euros.

Seeing around 3: 25 P.m., the title of the Group was rising sharply by 36.3% to the Paris Stock Exchange to 216,85 euros. And that, he proposed €217 / share, as the offer was (supposedly possible, but!) nonsollicitee unexpectedly, why not sell to XPO in 2.3 years, they make redundant and they resell, it is perhaps not in that order, but I’m not far, unfortunately, jacques Gérard, Roger, Pierre, you

Just bought a pretty p’tit Pavilion, Jacques, you can already see your little girl, played in the grass, water jet, gerard, you already see you around the BARBEUQUE, ROGER, in your garage with your large, around a bike 125 cm 3 or +, while the other cheek to the playstation or xbox or other. EH, no, guys, you can always dream, and go to the chiotte to reading a little

The prospectus of real estate, which tells you, you can become owner for 120 000, oo €, but it does not tell you how long, or, the prospectus of the new combine harvester with auto guidance, NEW HOLLAND, not the other waterproof, it would need a guide car, at least, that it is already, P-T-N, its chip must fucked up!

It will be followed by a public offer to purchase priced at 217.50 euros per share

« This offer arrived unsolicited and unexpected » but « it could not be a better buyer », assured Norbert Dentressangle, 61 years, during a press conference

Announced Tuesday evening, the transaction valued at 3.24 billion euros

The French company has not acquired an American company, I presume that he has not bought very expensive it had repurchased Jacobson recently, a big business, just American, EH! Yeah, he suspected, announced Tuesday evening, the assessed transaction to 3.24 billion euros, knowing that his box is worth 4.7milliard, it touches these 3.24Milliards en + it has 67% of the shares of ND, when this will be in XPO, but believe you are for them, P-T-N me also, I there have raw semblants of kindness, is for better fucked you my child Yes I know, I’m raw and hard, and you believe frankly that they care what, you’ll pay in gas, François, despite the leak that you have had last month, and that your car is HS, KARIM is that tonight, you cannot bring your grand sport, but they will have nothing to fuck , politicars, all of which are sealed except one, at least, it remains one, anyway, as it will not be in power, they will continue to piss off with the radio strikes, doctors, nurses, carriers, etc. (you will say Yes but it was believed that , as it was family, MMmmouaihhh!) for the family with 42 000 employees, and 662 sites, MMmmouaihhh!, Hi frankly, do you remember me, uh, no, I dev’ spokes, then Hello family, who is your trade union FO, Ah, there it is Corsica, however, if it is not straightforward Mason, which is obviously inconsistent, when you’re Union, you have to be combative, not as a nice Doggie , who made there, or, told him to do, that is, I grant to the chsct, more hours of delegation + 5 h/pers.ca you will.

«Here’s the article that Nadine Morano formally contesting» Nadine Morano: « The FN is not anti-Republican »

Nadine Morano, Member of the political bureau of the UMP, and Vice-President of the commission of investiture defends the « ni – ni ‘ sarkozyist. And goes a little further.

Nadine Morano: ‘that the voters take their responsibilities.  » Photo archives Alexandre MARCHI

The « ni – ni » is it sustainable?

It is a position that is mine, and policy as adopted by the bureau of the UMP. Person is owner of voters and their votes. The vote is an individual case, everyone must shoulder its responsibilities. I fighting both the decline policy pursued by the left and the economic agenda of the FN that is distressing, which is close to that of the far-left. These people there support Tsipras, IE. Tsipras made threats which will have repercussions on our territories like that open the floodgates of immigration.

The « neither – nor » is not ambiguous?

From the moment the FN is allowed by the Republic, why would it anti-Republican? I criticize its disastrous program but I’m just saying: that the best wins, that voters take their responsibilities. I don’t want to give instructions, it would be to infantilize the electorate.

By your position, do you not interfere with binomial leader of the meurthe and Moselle right and President of the mayors, second to the FN on Baccarat and who will need the votes of left?

It does not address voters from right or left, but voters short.

In the Saintois, the UMP binomial maintains the risk to elect a FN duo. No regret?

The UMP binomial has reason to continue to defend his program. We are different from the PS and the FN.

When the PS withdraws its two nominees in the Lunevillois where the FN is at the top, you are not greeting gesture?

It is his choice. A choice that I would not have done because it reflects a State of weakness, and proves that Valls and the Government policy is totally rejected.

The campaign from the right in the Meurthe-et-Moselle has not lack dynamism?

Our chances of winning the Department are very thin. We needed a locomotive. Left, the Dinet locomotive still produces its effects. We lost time. Michel Marchal has agreed to be the leader at the last minute. I was tempted to go there on the Saintois, but it cannot do everything. Jacques Lamblin was the same temptation. There will be work for rearrange us in a pink Department. We pay 30 years of divisions.

Precisely, in the perspective of regional, how you can hear you with partners like the UDI that calls to vote for the Republican candidate?

This will be a programmatic alliance and shared values. We are not uniform.

Collected comments Philippe RIVET

« The FN is not an anti-Republican party »: the ghost of Nadine Morano interview


Published 2015-03-25 17:22 by


Maintenance was quickly removed from the site of the newspaper after its implementation, without knowing why. She is referred to the FN in the departmental elections

Nadine Morano ©


D eputee European in the constituency, regional councillor of Lorraine, Nadine Morano logically invested in the campaign for the departmental elections on its territory to support UMP candidates.


Tuesday, she gave an interview to the daily l’Est républicain, during which it addressed issues both local and national, including the strategy of « neither – nor » decided by the political bureau of the party.

A triangular with the FN? « Let the best person win »

The interview, published on the website of the newspaper, is titled « The FN is not anti-Republican ». But it has been removed from the site Tuesday night, leaving room for an error message: « we’re sorry, the page you are looking for does not exist or has been moved. » However, the magic of the Internet and Google is that the interview is always available in cache, here.


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