UK C E Practices paedophiles and Satanists of the Royal family English

Practices paedophiles and Satanists of the Royal family English

Part 1

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Practices paedophiles and Satanists of the Royal family English

March 18, 2013

Practices paedophiles and Satanists of the Royal family English

John+Allen+with+children+in+his+careThe paedophile network of elite in England is unfortunately not a myth. In the 1980s, we heard of a pedophile network installed by MI6 in the Kincora Boys Home, in Belfast. Shortly after, what orphanages in Wales who have been talking to them. ¨Puis in London, Scotland, and finally it is Jimmy Savile who fell. Today, the large manoeuvres continue to stifle the biggest scandal: the involvement of the Royal family in this pedophile network. We’ll therefore talk of Satanism, pedocrminalite, and a dark matter of ceremony that went wrong in the South of the France.

In 2012, a certain Chris Jones says that his two brothers, Adrian and Leander, were murdered because they were about to expose the pedophile network of elite, including Margaret Thatcher. Chris Jones explained that still a child, he was forced to have sex with a judge of the High Court, or by a COP.

Jones also denounced John Allen, who ran an orphanage in the North of the country of Wales, where number of scandals have been revealed recently. Adrian Johns had been resident at Bryn Alyn, and in 1992 it had threatened John Allen of the balancer if it did not pay him[1]financial compensation. He was killed on April 17, 1992 in the arson of her home.

In 1995, Chris and Leander testified against Allen at a trial. Shortly thereafter, Leander died of a drug overdose.

Allen was sentenced to 6 years in prison in 1995 for assaults committed between 1972 and 1983. Then, when investigated Waterhouse on rapes in orphanages in Wales, it has again been bothered in 2003 but eventually escaped 36 counts of abuse in homes which he was responsible.

He had arrived in the business of orphanages in the mid-1960s, having started in the hospitality industry, and in 1969 he opened the Bryn Alyn Community residential schools, a chain of orphanages and children’s homes. The first home has worked with 11 people not trained to care for children.

Former-Minister-Says-Thatcher-Aide-Was-Paedophile-Who-Preyed-On-Boys-Home-And-Hague-Should-Have-Known-02At one point, Allen was managing 50 orphanages in the North of Wales and elsewhere, such as London, Brighton, and about 500 children there would be passed.

The business was very profitable because in the 1980s, the State paid £ 15,000 per year for a child placed [2]. In the mid-1980s, the turnover was approximately 2.8 million pounds a year for a profit of £ 80 to 90,000, but Allen was in 1988 not less than £204.800 a year, with a yacht and various properties, including on the Côte d’Azur. Where he owned a villa sold in emergency at £ 200,000.

In 1992, Allen has lost its amenities and schools were closed in 1997, following a calamitous management and large debts.

172 people reported having been victims in orphanages of Allen. Of course, some (28 were finally selected) also denounced Allen as being a pedophile. Leander Jones was one of his victims. He became a prostitute in London just after leaving the home. At the age of 17, he went to Amsterdam. He testified during the proceedings against Allen, but he died of a drug overdose before the start of the trial, in February 1995. As by chance, Allen disappeared from circulation between the statements of Leander and her death, to come back as a flower deny bulk at his trial.

Finally, it has decided against Allen as sexual assault, not rape despite many concordant testimonies.

Already in 1982, Allen had heard by cops about abuse committed against children in their homes, but it gave nothing. Already at that time a victim had said that Allen gave him money so he is silent. Logically, one may wonder if the economic difficulties of Allen were not directly related to the blackmail of his victims.

Report Lost in care identified as abuses committed by Allen were extensive and repeated. He believes Allen entailed a pedophile behavior of the staff of the homes. Children were sent to orgies, prostitutes in hotels, threatened. Some victims were raped by educators, by officials of orphanages, but also by their friends. Obviously, no reports or complaints resulted once powerful pedophiles, cops or judges were involved.

2013-02-23_021424 – Copie (2)Pedo – FM networks

Behind all this history, the shadow of Freemasonry hovered. Although as always, were officially found nothing, number of key protagonists of the investigation were FM. So the victims asked the Court a list of judges, cops and others belonging to Freemasonry. Why? Because it feared choking in the rules, which was indeed the case. It must be said that with a Gerard Elias, Member of the Dinas Llandaff lodge in Cardiff, judge at the High Court which directed the tribunal, it could hardly be otherwise. As the Chief of police in the North of the country of Wales at the time of the abuse, Lord Kenyon, he was Provincial Grand Master[3] and was taken more than once to protect his comrades.

The children were sent in hotels or villas for there be violated by paedophiles who have some buying power.

We also know that various pedophiles, as a certain Gary Cooke, aka Reginald Cooke, had their entries in the homes of Allen. Said Cooke, who had left the army in 1974, then introduced the children to other paedophiles. Another pedophile who had his entries at Allen, Graham Stephens, had even taken a young to Denmark late 1972.

There is also the matter of the massacre at Dunblane in March 1996, where a ‘crazy killer’ and notorious pedophile is entered a school for massacring 16 children and their teacher before committing suicide, has been armed with a weapons permit signed by a bricklayer franc become then the Secretary general of NATO, Lord Robertson.

This is a bricklayer, Lord Burton, great local master, who denounced the incredible protection in this story and called the ‘cover-up’ survey, coverage. Burton denounced especially ownership of Lord Cullen, the senior judge who led a nickname survey said killing at The Speculative Society, related to the FM, and whose members raped children of Queen Victoria School (for children of military personnel), chaired by the Duke of Edinburgh that is prince Philip, school where the crazy killer has just dragged at a time. It prevents, Cullen was appointed baron in 2003, probably as a reward for having protected his comrades.

And this is only a part cripple paedophile scandals smothered in the United Kingdom.

L’affaire Elm guesthouse, this brothel for powerful pedophiles in the heart of London, is another. Why these systematic choking? Because names of members, judges, Ministers, Prime Ministers, and even the Royal family are cited by various victims.

We’ll talk of the English Royal family, but here we will lack of written sources, obviously.

The English Royal family, a Nazi clique?

article-2287402-186EB70B000005DC-76_634x941It will not long dwell on this aspect of things today very well documented, no offense to some propagandists of the official history.

We know that the links of the English Royal family with the nazis were very close, and probably still are, judging by the disguise recently planted by prince Harry.

Prince Phillip

In the Royal family, also, there’s a few nazis. As Prince Charles Edward, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and grandson favorite of Queen Victoria[4], which is passed to a traitor to England during the first world war and joined the NSDAP since its inception. In 1936, Hitler sent him to England to become the president of the Anglo German Friendship Society to develop relations between the two countries, and it ‘ the also appointed as president of the German Red Cross.

There is also Edward VIII, who bluntly gave Hitler the France defence plans before the start of the second war. Charles Edward is closer to him through its association, but no luck Edward VIII just abdicate before the war.

As Philip, his four sisters married German princes Nazi sympathies. One of them was a Colonel in the SS, attached to the staff of Himmler service. The mother of Elisabeth II had also objected to the marriage of his daughter with this German prince.

All this is proven by the archives and the research of historians, but do not forget that this was a big taboo for 60 years. Philip began to talk about his Nazi connections when the fire was lit, to better drown fish.

It is the uncle of Philip, George van Battenberg, brother of Louis Montbatten, who was his legal representative.

Lord Mountbatten: is considered to be the mentor of prince Charles, after being that of prince Philip. Admiral of the navy, it was ringside to organize traffic of drugs between South Asia and Europe. Mountbatten was the brother of the Queen of Sweden, prince Philip’s uncle, and the two are as real name of Battenberg, anglicised to Mountbatten.

Mountbatten, as Edward Heath, has been linked to the case of the Kincora Boys Home, an orphanage where he proved that MI5 has developed a paedophile network intended to undermine various personalities. The Kincora Boys Home children were taken to a castle in the middle of Ireland, which belonged to the family of the founder of the Hellfire Club, a small elitist group of founded end XVIII e.

tumblr_m8tkjeFmtM1rnseozo1_500 copieOrphanages in Wales were used also to MI5 to shoot foreign diplomats in more than compromising positions.

We also know that this is Mountbatten that helped Savile to be the first civilian to be decorated by the « green beret », a military distinction, in 1966.

A homosexual relationship is often attributed to Mountbatten and Edward VIII, who were cousins.

He died in 1979 in the explosion of his boat that has been attributed to the IRA because what is practical, but several theories are circulating particularly towards the track of the secret services. Incidentally, he was with a boy of 14 years, Nicholas Knatchbull, on the boat at the time of the explosion.


Porphyria (porphyra Greek meaning violet) is a disease of the blood very widespread in European royal families and the Russian tsars, where inbreeding is almost the rule. We are told that this disease, which occurs in different forms, led to the myth of Dracula because Porphyria sufferers are forced to regenerate their blood, either by dialysis, or by drinking.

We can add that by dint of getting high to the synthetic coke from morning to evening, the blood of some people is so rotten that they must drink blood nine in the morning to the small lunch[5]. It may seem incredible, but it’s true.

The debate and the Royal families, including that of England, deny absolutely be victims of this disease, as is suspected in their ancestors Georges III and Mary Stuart. Charlotte, granddaughter of Queen Victoria, also had Porphyria, as well as his mother Vicky or cousin of Queen Elisabeth, William of Gloucester.

It is certainly a coincidence if prince Charles said in October 2011 as a descendant of Dracula by his grandmother, the Queen Mary.

Except that Dracula is not a myth, forced to drink blood or protect themselves from the light of day. And what is the most sought after blood? Among white children, obviously.

The Royal family, a pedophile cabal

Lady-Gaga-tres-hot-face-a-la-reineThe English Royal family is above all, as all leaders of developed countries and probably other countries too, is broken down to the marrow by offenders behaviour.

Why? Because like all our leaders, the English Royal family is Satanic.
As such, it is necessarily pedophile. One could add that the Queen of England as his descendants are cocaine until the eyes, and consume several kilograms of pure cocaine each month.

We know for example that two former Prime Ministers, Harold Wilson and Edward Heath, practiced child sacrifice, which are essential for a good well calibrated Satanist. Heath, who enjoyed much sprees in Jersey, and killed several children. It is also found on the side of Belfast, the Kicora Boys Home, directly linked to the Satanic group the Hellfire Club, and also on the side of Elm guesthouse.

In 2008, it is a Buckingham Palace Butler and former marine, Paul Kidd, who is stuck for rapes committed on minors for 30 years, while working for the Royal family. Of course, no connection was made between the pedophile network set up by Kidd and the Royal family. One of his victims said that when he was 14 years old, Kidd has invited him to take tea in the company of the Queen at the end of the 1970s.

In 1999, an international investigation called operation Ore has led to arrests in the Netherlands and England in particular, where the cops were able to establish links between present paedophiles from the Labour Government and the trafficking of children in a purpose of prostitution in Belgium and the[6]Portugal. Blair has been so hot in the buttocks that he imposed on the media not to cite no name[7].

About Savile, there is now doubt that it was Satanic ceremonies.

We know that he provided children to the Government, particularly in Jersey where a witness saw him raise a child on the yacht of Edward Heath, then 1er Minister.

It is not for nothing that the MP Tom Watson has asked a serious investigation about  » a powerful pedophile network linked to the Parliament and Downing Street»

5540116Several elements corroborate this penchant of the Royal family, including:

> Jimmy Savile : the star of the BBC was the supplier of children for the closed circles of the Royal family and the Government. He had access to many orphanages (as Jersey for example), but also to boarding schools for girls, at psychiatric hospitals (which he had all the keys and where it was even hosted[8]), and could provide children anywhere and anytime.

Savile, which today has more than 450 complaints, was introduced to Prince Charles by Lord Mountbatten in the early 1970s— a decade after the first complaints of sexual abuse against Savile (1964).

Then Savile altogether became a close advisor of Charles, giving its opinion on the appointment of an assistant, or even on his wedding. At the Palace, Savile behaved normally, i.e. as a trucker in rut.

Some also consider that moronic Savile show, « Jim ll fix it » (1975-1994), was intended to facilitate the predator access to children.

Add that besides being pedophile, Savile was engaging in practices necrophiliacs[9] and to Satanic practices, what is described in several testimonies of victims. This is probably not for nothing that the body of a young woman has been found just outside his home on the morning of February 5, 1977. Moreover, friendship of Savile with the serial killer Peter Sutcliffe who has confessed to the murder, and their geographical proximity before that Sutcliffe is sent in one of the hospitals of the circuit of Savile, also pose question, Broadmoor.

The nephew of Savile, Guy Marsden, explaineda few months ago how his uncle took him in orgy with powerful types, and how he asked her to find younger children to amuse the clique.

royal family cocaine> The case of the children stolen at an Indian orphanage in the Canada. I have already addressed this matter in an article dedicated to the genocide of Indians in the Canada, including by sending their children to orphanages held by the Church, of real jails in which operated paedophile networks. To sum up, three survivors of these orphanages reported witnessing the abduction of a dozen children by the Queen of England. During a Royal visit to one of these orphanages in Kamloops, British Colombia in October 1964, the children was presented to the Queen and prince Philip who accompanied him. The first of these witnesses died quickly after talking, and the last survivor, William Combes, died in February 2011 before he could testify in the trial which has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for the Pope and the Queen of England, including (but we will come back to lowest). By the way, the death of Combes looks a lot like an assassination, some like Kevin Annett who has investigated the subject.

The school was held by the Catholic Church, and children were systematically tortured, some were even killed, as was the case in a good portion of these « residential schools ». The day of the Royal visit, some children had the privilege of Spades fuck with the Queen and Philip, as well as a few priests. Combes, who was 12 years old at the time, remembers: « I remember it was weird because we all kiss the feet of the Queen, who with white shoes with laces . After a moment, the Queen left the picnic with ten children in school, seven boys and three girls aged from 6 to 14 years,  » and these children never returned « , said even the witness in his official statement on February 3, 2010, ‘ one has never heard of them and it has never reviewed them, even when we were older ».

> The recent conviction of the Queen of England (as well as the Pope) by a Canadian court for crimes against humanity. We talk about the massacre of the Indians of Canada, sent to orphanages held by the Church that were transformed into real brothels. It is estimated to have totally lost track of 50,000 children, in addition to those whom we know that they are dead. This verdict was reached on February 25, 2013 after a month of deliberation by more than thirty Jurors who reviewed 150 cases of sexual abuse and ill-treatment in these orphanages. Benedict 16 was sentenced to 25 years in prison, but since he resigned battery at the right time and it’s old, it could pass between the cracks. Will the Queen of England also resign, as Queen Beatrix who has just done, or the King of the Belgians Albert II who has also fire at the buttocks with records of crimes and prepares to do the same? These sentences (all of they took 25 years and yet it is not expensive paid) are the result of a hundred years of fighting Indians of the Canada to recognize the massacre of which they were victims. The floor is released recently, during the 1990s, and hundreds of people mobilized to accumulate evidence of these ignominies unnamed.

eye wide shut1> The Castle Templar in 2001 case. There I’ll stand out me a certain David IKE, who also speaks of the satanist practices of the Royal family, but adds that it is reptilian. David Ike is used to send people on false leads. The case is very serious, and has been covered mainly with the aim of blackmailing the culprits.

In 2001 in the South of the France, very probably in the Alpes Maritimes, and very probably between mid May and mid August, the France saw a case that was chatting in the secret services, but that the good people ignores completely, alas. Every year, a great Satanic ceremony is organized in a Templar Castle near Cagnes sur Mer, by and for the English Royal family. The English Satanist gratin must be present, including many members of MI5 and MI6 especially. The program is of the orgies, torture, murders of children and adults in quantity. To do this, it takes many prey, which were locked in basements, where also held rituals. Everyone is completely smashed, or even half hypnotized, and that role-playing games still mix things more.

The thing is that in 2001, many victims have escaped[10]. What has led to a real panic in the surrounding countryside and the intervention of the French gendarmerie. It has then brought the English army to exfiltrate by members of the Royal family, at least William and Philip, hiding them with bags of potatoes which covered waist [11]. In this way, the french cops nor the present English military knew who had been quietly out of the Castle and put in the back of a van.

110425e-image-dut-4417All would have been for the best foreign services had not put the hand on videos made during the rituals in the Castle. The CIA, the Mossad, have their copies, and it seems that copies are for sale everywhere in the world.

Apparently, several English Satanists are within the scope of blackmail which them are very expensive since this case.

Why do good people there the right to know that this happened, and why can we not know the consequences, particularly at the geopolitical level? Because it seems that 12 years after, it suffers again the consequences. Finally, it is clear that it continues, since impunity prevails and the cocaine Satanists run the world. Question: how many children – and adults, especially women – are they massacred when the delusions of this band of nerds? And how long should it last?


Two years ago, it would have seemed to me perfectly incongruous to talk about Satanism. For me, the Satanists were isolated crazy, only harmless ridiculous rituals. Heavy error.

I first admit that Satanists or similar practices are common in France, and they are accompanied by mass rapes of children and often murders. Are not always the full Satanic folklore, robes, candles etc, but rapes and murders are systematic.

I then of admit, because witnesses speak, that Satanists are infliltres everywhere: policy, justice, media, social services, businesses. Particularly because they had the good idea to infiltrate groups such as Freemasonry and various sects.

We will obviously return on this subject in the coming weeks.
[1] in fact, Allen explained at trial that he had paid between 7 and £ 8,000 in Leander and Adrian.

[2] the most difficult children related more, Allen taking well beyond the capacity of its homes. Ditto for emergency placements. According to the same financial logic (found naturally in France with all these private associations that are very busy on the backs of children while advising the courts… to place children), children remained most of the time between two and three years in the homes of Allen.

[3] his son Thomas was even see a pedophile jailed in that case asking him not to swing the network and that it would intervene to him with his father. He was a paedophile (what the cops knew perfectly, yet his favorite victim was not protected on the contrary) and died of AIDS in 1993.

[4] it is Queen Victoria who decided to send his grandson in Germany and that he would become Duke of Saxe Coburg Gotha, the German Principality where came from her husband prince Albert. At age 16 he became Carl Eduard, with 13 castles in Germany and Austria etc. He married a daughter of the Kaiser and fought for England during the first war, that he lost all his titles in English in 1918.

[5] certain drugs such as cocaine, which loves all the English Royal family, may trigger a latent Porphyria or worsen the disease.

Portuguese [6] of the Casa Pia, this orphanage children used to provide paedophile orgy in children, were recruited in this network.

[7] what has helped one of his assistants, Philip Lyon, of not being worried before 2003, when he made pinch to have downloaded paedophile images.

[8] Savile had his apartment in Stoke Mandeville Hospital and also in Broadmoor, for which it had launched a fundraising. He went only to the hospital morgue, which leaves now pensive. He also had all the keys in Broadmoor (psychiatric hospital), where several rapes have been committed.

[9] what was all the easier for him that he had access to the aforementioned hospital morgues, including.

[10] at this point, I don’t know if it is one of the victims who managed to get the others, or if it is a foreign service that allowed them to get out, but I’m leaning for the second solution.

[11] it is known as this operation operation SPUDNIKS, the name of a brand of crisps.

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