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ENZO DIFRENNA: http://blog.enzodifrennablog.it/index.php/informazione/goldman-sachs-il-lato-ombra-di-draghi-e-monti.htm

Hassan Iquioussen https://www.youtube.com/user/ProfHassanIquioussen

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Claire Severac Rebellion: http://www.claireseveracrebellion.com/info-desinfo/siecle-faf

Agitator .org http://www.agitateur.org/spip.php?article1513

AJPN http://www.ajpn.org/juste-Pierre-Peteul-2196.html

The grass http://lesbrindherbes.org/ brinds

Lucien Pons:http://lucien-pons.over-blog.com/article-union-europeenne-la-dictature-des-usuriers-goldman-sachs-deutsche-bank-la-grece-ruinee-israel-ve-106166319.html

EH! the ECB, forget, your Treaty, it is of Tin, it is obsolete, no steps available, I AI DIS, not, as french 54.67%de, in 2005 for the Lisbon Treaty

all french on May 29, 2005 (not: 15 449 508 (54.67% of NON) in the Referendum, ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon), I hope your commissions of laws, it is the Senate, because if it is the European commission, it flared, it is not valid, you can say all you want n, is flared

THE SHOAH is from the USA, in the UK (GVI), and HITLER (obviously)


(Prescott Bush, was a U.S. Senator)

7 Queen Elizabeth II (Windsor Family of Britain) German & Greek usurpers of the British Crown.

This does not preclude that the United States, with the grandfather BUSH, normal, was informed by the same opportunity Wnston Churchill, and Franklin is a GAG (and links Bush with the Consolidated Silesian Steel Company (CSSC), based in Silesia, in the minerals-rich German-Polish border. During the war, this company profited from slavery organized by the Nazis in concentration camps, including Auschwitz.)We know, why? now!, this, me recall one sentence in the Rotschild manifest, which said they need to you you are taking listed 2 (15 ) WARS WILL BE INSTIGATED, FINANCED and DIRECTED so that we control BOTH SIDES, placing all parties FURTHER INTO OUR DEBT. (American Revolution through Desert Storm, Afghanistan and WW III?, )( ) The Rothschild Manifesto – circa 1840?> > Four Winds 10 – Truth… After, you the Pellet, do us shit, and blame us while this makes chandeliers, you know and apply what you did, among other French, then, Yes, talking about Jews, movies, documentaries, of the SHOAH, to see the work of MORBID you did, which were truscides


When I you the Elwood!, the EU, the portable personal of merkel, us our Government, a FARCE


All that can be done, cest the tribute to the 800

Migrants, helped by Italy, even a kid, that I met me adit, the problem, it was migrants, but it was above all the fact that he is driven out of their country, and this kid was only 14 years old,

We know by graphics, and what do I know!, than most of migrant origin Senegalese, nigeriainne, Mali, Ghana, Gambia, ivoirienneetc…, they leave mostly Libya now it has more Gaddafi, and that it is so shit, SARKOZY has developed, thanks to him! knowing that the richest countries in Europe don’t let not the Italy and Greece, paid to all Europe already, that migrants arrive home.Comfortable aid, not alms, the mass is said, for some, means never, rich countries open it in Europe, such as LUXEMBOURG, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, LA FRANCE, Germany, finally, all of these countries, who boast the largest GDP, I don’t know, I’m saying that!Is known as cuckoo,

(Not the OWL), it scans you little brother is watching you !!!!!!!!!

Oskar Gröning, former accountant of Auschwitz

Okay, let’s talk little, speak well, Oskar Gröning, former accountant of Auschwitz, widower of 93 years, appearing without evidence of specific criminal acts for « complicity of 300,000 murders aggravated.

You get out in the world, making accused a 93-year-old man, because he was the accountant of Auchwitz, why not accused of soldiers of the gestapo, who are not dog genes to eat the phaetus, no, it is on they would be euthanized, knowing full well, that they do not speak, and suppose that they can talk (and say, that in all ways, it is their masters the real culprits, it is same Reellementleurs masters, it is HITLER, and HITLER was helped by whom?

It is hard to swallow the fact that Prescott Bush, a US Senator, who helped Hitler by Trading with the enemy Act with the Consolidated Silesian Steel Company (CSSC), based in Silesia, on the German-Polish border rich in ores., and Franklin D.Roosevelt who was United States President from March 4, 1933 to April 12, 1945 (4 mandates), as Winston Churchill ,Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945 and elsewhere who have forged excellent relationships in 1940 with Franklin D. Roosevelt, knowing that on November 4, 1939 , he also began a correspondence secret with Winston Churchill to determine American support to the United Kingdom, do me so-called step that the Queen, or, the lords of the Kingdom United were aware. . (example: meeting between Roosevelt and Churchill on the USS Augusta, to Argentia.) (source wikipedia) and Winston Churchill , was also controversial on its opposition to a rule House increased for the India and its resistance to the abdication of 1936 of Édouard VIII (would like, but EDOUARD VIII, it was not this King fascist, Hitlerite pro) so that Winston Churchill, the Queen of England and Franklin Roosevelt not soit.pas aware, I would be a little hard to believe

Isn’t it called given a bone to gnawed Oskar Gröning, former accountant of Auschwitz, widower of 93 years, tell me, there, a trick, which I do not understand, if I am your reasoning, if I am in a vehicle, and the driver, and a, a road accident, out of the road, I don’t know (excluding alcohol)even if I am passenger, I’m guilty, I was not at the wheel, but, I’m guilty

Let us review the facts, the Germany lies in period, which is worse than the crisis of29, and it happens as Savior of the recession, all young people, all workers to unemployment and those who are party of the movement of labour, the national socialsme (lol)

Sincerely, like nuremberg, all this is just a joke more.

Bashar Al-assad

I listened, a woman on BFM, who broke the sugar, BASHAR Al ASSAD, which makes me laugh, is that them be saying pulling, are appreciated by their people, Gaddafi, Bashar, Putin, see, even idolize, but we, as this is not our way to govern, it is necessary that they are given lessons, which makes me laugh it is that this… ! finds the way to all put, on Bashar, forgets to say that since the beginning, is a story of big money, arms sales between QATAR, and different countries, and all the world knows ISRAEL and others, and Bashar el asssad defends, his country and apparently this your maternity discomforts some, then, it is nice, the… pro Zionist, while there is , she forgets to mention that the history of gas http://allainjules.com/2013/08/21/armes-chimiques-syrie-douma-la-nouvelle-escroquerie-de-la-presse-mainstream-via-losdh/

VIDEO. Syria (journal): the gang of barbarians caught in flagrante delicto of…

Chemical weapons. Syria (Duma): the new scam of the… cela date of one year, but truthful, nevertheless, 22 August 2013

VIDEO. Syria (journal): the gang of barbarians caught red-handed lying to flee Geneva II, video removed, why?

« It all looks seriously in an attempt to create at any price a pretext to force the Security Council of the United Nations to take the opposition party. This would ruin the chances of convening the conference in Geneva so that a meeting between American and Russian experts is scheduled to prepare »

Chemical attack in Syria: report that bothers – developed « Lies » of Fabius
Chemical attack in Syria: report that bothers

The Point – published 02/19/2014 to 13:19 – modified 2014-02-19 14:25

A study of the prestigious MIT says that the chemical massacre of August 2013 has been committed since a rebel area, contradicting Western assertions.
Lancement d’un missile lors de manoeuvres de l’armée syrienne, le 9 juillet 2012. Photo d’illustration.

Launch of a missile during maneuvers by the Syrian army, July 9, 2012. Illustration photo. © Sana / AFP

By Armin Arefi

The incident has gone relatively unnoticed. On February 4, the head of French diplomacy Laurent Fabius is invited by the Essec business school to speak about Syria. The meeting of questions a young man posing as a freelance journalist for the Agency free Info queries the Minister a report of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) which, says the journalist, « Bashar Al-Assad would not be at the origin of chemical attack of the Ghouta », occurred on 21 August last in this suburb of Damascus, with hundreds of dead, including many civilians.

« Can you today this House recognize you fooled on this situation and your apology? » asked the young man. « Certainly not », says Laurent Fabius. The audience laughs of laughter. « There was an investigation by the United Nations that have commissioned many experts and which were established in the way the most closed that there had been a chemical massacre (…) which originated in the people of the regime », said the Foreign Minister.

« Lies » of Fabius

Very quickly, the video of the scene is spreading like trail of powder on the canvas, presented as « question that kills a courageous to Laurent Fabius journalist », accused of « lying » about the attack gas attributed to Bashar Al-Assad. These accusations are not entirely unfounded. As if the final UN report on the attack, delivered December 12, confirms the existence of « flagrant and evidence convincing of the use of chemical weapons against civilians, including children » in the Ghouta region, it did not accuse the Syrian regime, let alone the rebels, UN inspectors are not mandated to do.

Bashar Al-Assad is however implicated by two summaries of information Americans and frenchservices, published respectively on August 30 and September 3, 2013, to thereby justify publicly the upcoming Western strikes. « The simultaneity of the attack, in various places, claims undeniable tactical know-how possessed by only the Syrian regime », ensures even today Olivier Lepick, srelations of chemical weapons at the Fondation pour la recherche stratégique.

Evidence on the Internet

This credible threat of military intervention in Syria had finally pushed the Syrian regime to dismantle its chemical arsenal, thanks to an incredible bipartisan agreement, which the France has been ruled out.However, the findings of the American and french intelligence services are now challenged by the report of MIT. One on which is based the aforementioned freelance journalist.

Written by Richard Lloyd, former Inspector of theUN specialist of missiles, and Theodore Postol, Professor at the MIT, the 23-page document says that chemical attacks were simply launched from an area held by the Syrian rebels. To support their words, two American experts have studied « hundreds » of photos and videos of warhead, remains of rockets, impacts on the soil, and barrels containing sarin gas, published on the Internet.

American approximations

« These sources come from the Internet, but we we are then delivered to an internal physical analysis that allowed us to establish the volume of gas used sarin, the range of the missiles, their management as well as the place from which they were drawn, » explains Dr. George Stejic, Director of the Tesla laboratories, which employ Richard Lloyd. First conclusion, « contrary to what the US report, impacts were confined to a much smaller area in the North of the Ghouta », says the researcher.

Second conclusion, surely the most important, from rockets had all the characteristics of Grad type missiles, short-range, on which were mounted gas barrels. « After the study of the weight of barrels, the geometry of the heads and the characteristics of the launchers, we concluded to a range of 2 km », says the researcher. A conclusion that managed François (1), Director of the french strategic analysis (Ifas) Institute, considers « credible », as it is mentioned in the final report of the United Nations on the attack of the Ghouta.

A ‘good estimate’ (UN)

« The Grad missile is known as a low range weapon, with a range of 2 to 5 kilometres with conventional weapons, and that vagueness is large enough, which would explain the many civilian casualties of the Ghouta », says the researcher. The two kilometers of scope, put forward by the report of MIT, have been considered to be a « good approximation » by Åke Sellström, the Chief Inspector of the United Nations by Syria after the submission of the report of the United Nations last December.

This figure is very important. Because it totally calls into question the American report, which is is based on 30 August the Secretary of State John Kerry, who said that the rockets were fired from the ‘heart’ of the territory controlled by the regime in Damascus. « It is simply impossible, says Dr. George Stejic, the nearest position of the regime located some 10 kilometres from the impacts. »

« Hard to verify » (expert)

To determine these distances, two American experts are based on the same maps of Damascus provided on 30 August by American intelligence to accuse the regime.

Syrie, attaque, chimique, MIT © © White House

« We can now say 100% that all point to two kilometres of impacts lies in rebel territory. » But this does not necessarily mean that it is the rebels who fired. » Indeed, as recalls François Géré, it is likely that the regime has advanced its vectors to launch closer to the opposing positions, to reduce time to pass over his own troops and thus reduce the risk of smudging. The specialist chemical Olivier Lepick abounds in the same direction, adding that rockets can quite be displaced in rebel territory with all-terrain vehicles.

However, this expert is quite cautious on the conclusions of the report of MIT, although he welcomed the approach of the sponsors. « This report depends on many assumptions very difficult to verify from a technical point of view, such as the range of missiles, the distance they travelled and the calculation of loads of propulsion, » Olivier Lepick points. « All these parameters do not allow to establish a categorical conclusions. »

Researchers ‘experienced and credible’

« Our Institute and its researchers have all the expertise needed to analyze these rockets and compare them to the same models used over the past 60 years, » replied Dr. George Stejic, who recalls that Tesla laboratories have used to work for the U.S. Government and the Navy, and that Richard Lloyd has recently worked on the Israeli anti-missile Iron Dome shield, or on the attacks of Boston.

« Richard Lloyd and Theodore Postol are very serious and experienced, quite credible experts, » said François Gere. « Postol is known to be a rebellious American liberal, who put science in the service of his struggle from the time Reagan. » Except that in contrast to the UN inspectors, the two experts are not rendered in Syria, so based on documents second, if not third-hand.

Silence of the United Nations

« Clearly, we would have had much better data if we could go on the field », admits Dr. Stejic. « But I can say that, if we have nevertheless managed to make meaningful conclusions, the United Nations has the ability to reveal precisely the scope of rockets, where they came from and who is the author. However, this does not appear in the report. Why? Contacted by us, the United Nations recalled that « all news that (they) have appear in the report written by the team of Åke Sellström. » On the other hand, the United Nations did not wish to comment on the report of MIT.

One thing is for sure, contrary to what the journalist who challenged Laurent Fabius at Essec, the report of MIT does not exonerate Bashar Al-Assad. But it formally contradicts the reports of information American and french, who accuse the Syrian president of the chemical massacre of August 21, 2013. « These fraudulent information could lead to an unjustified American military action based on false information, » emphasizes the document.

« It is not false information », François Géré replica. « The conclusions of the services are not formal at 100%, those of the United Nations, they are far more conservative. Everything else is policy », continues the researcher, which reminds that there are, given the know-how to launch chemical weapons, »98% chance that the Syrian regime is the author of the attack, although it should not neglect the remaining 2% « . Nevertheless, after the scandal over false weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the report could again plunge into embarrassed the US administration, and into the hands of supporters of Bashar Al-Assad.


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