Goldman Sachs, another former employee speaks

Goldman Sachs, another former employee speaks

I worked several times by investment bank Goldman Sachs, here and also here, because it is considered to be primarily responsible for the financial collapse in 2008. « In the last episode , entitled »public service »fuori euros? »the journalist Federico Rampini, who lives in the United States, he recalled that, in the United States the Congress has turned the press profile main bancheri and exposed to stocks on television. Among these, there was also the CEO of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfeinand his colleagues. Senator Carl Levin sought clarification on a few emails where clients have been called « puppets » for sale « shitty deals ». Greg Smith, a former Goldman Sachs Executive and head of equity derivatives business, recently reported a toxic and destructive environment in investment bank American, confirming that clients are treated like « puppets ».

In response to my post on the Fatto Quotidiano – concerning the activities of this business bank – I wrote the Economist John Iannone, expert of banking investment who knows the world of the financial city of London. He worked for Merrill Lynch investment banks, Lehman Brothers (not in 2008), Abn Amro , Citibank . He lived, however, upsetting experience at the London Office of Goldman Sachs International, in Fleet Street, where she was Assistant to the European actions on the trading floor.Just assumed she faced exhausting shifts and a bad organization internal human resources, which prevented follow customers due attention. He explained to his bosses. But to answer received a letter of dismissal, signed by the Director of personnel Catherine Harrison.

The dates back to September 2000, i.e. the period during which investment banks built in America, the castle of sand of toxic assets , that he poisoned the world after the 2008 financial meltdown.The former « girl of Goldman » she turned to British law several companies, but he has heard that they could not stand against Goldman Sachs. Then finally the lawyer David Michell, with studio on Newbury Street, has agreed to take care of the other and has accused the Investment Bank of « dismissals », « legal and contractual violations », « discrimination ».

Then, the issue has landed in the English courts, but has not yet made a decision. A real anomaly for the Anglo-Saxon CEPEJ. Therefore, on July 27, 2010 filed a complaint to the European Commission (prot. CHAP20102528 n.), for « the failure of the Member State, in relation to the United Kingdom ». These days, the story of Aman was the subject of two parliamentary questions, signed by Elio Lannutti (Idv) and Franco Narducci (Pd), addressed to the question of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a third was presented in Brussels by MEP Niccolò Rinaldi (Idv).

I met John at his home in Rome. His story is really interesting: ‘in this Bank, I found such exaltation that makes you believe you a God on Earth simply because you work at Goldman Sachs.  » I also hit the lack of consideration towards customers. In my case, from the beginning, I was subjected to grueling work schedules, or even twelve hours a day and beyond, often without lunch break or overtime pay. I have followed several projects at the same time as well. Human and technical resources available were insuffienti, and although I received praise for my efforts, I was able to follow the customers effectively. So the question to sottoposi my superiors, calling for a solution.»

Sarwar was summoned into the Office of the Director of personnel and delivered a letter of termination. The reason? ‘It is not specified , explains – and they asked me to sign a document in which I channeled not to denounce Goldman Sachs, offering me money in Exchange for silence.  » Unsigned, as explanation for claiming that the absurd behavior, which has violated, inter alia, the status of employees, various points of British legislation, but also my own contract. In the following days, however, surveillance officers who prevented the meOffice. « How do you explain the anomaly of lack of judgment in his case? «Sincerely? Because it’s of Goldman Sachs…, « said Sarwar.

The case is investing in all the question of the rights of the workers during the severe economic crisis we are experiencing, triggered by investment banks in the world. Mario Monti – consultant to Goldman Sachs, has tried by all means to dismantle article Italy 18, the last bulwark against abuse by employers who abuse their power, by importing the « British model » of Margaret Thatcher. On this subject he Mad clear ideas: ‘ Ritengo that Goldman Sachs has an interest that both weakened Italy article 18 workers rights and reduced, since it is easier to implement layoffs illicit rather than build a path of true productivity and fair competition for the benefit of customers and observing before the entire market. His lust for power is limitless and want to have your hands free. Everywhere and at all levels.»

I want to leave the euro

My last post on the Fatto Quotidiano. More than 250 comments in a single day.

Leaves also youro…

The ECB is choking. This abnormal Central Bank is that the only one authorized to print the euro, but has billions to banks – Italian also – to become the fat cows. Credit institutions cash rivers of money that they lend to businesses and families, but they spend to buy bonds of State and profit on interest rates. It seems to me a scam. We have a noose around my neck that tightens and bankers have the rope. You want to strangle?

When a company fails, which invested takes the risk of losing your own money. The Italian debt is mainly in the hands of banks and each year we pay 100 billion of interest. Claudio Messora blogger in this post which describes the activities of the « special debt ». And then: why we should pay us? Why abandon our future? Why should participate us in suicides of entrepreneurs and hungry workers?

The Italy must reappropriate its own currency . I want no ECB maneuver financial flows in favour of banks and not of peoples. You need to organize a collection of signatures and organise a referendum. Proposal of Grillo to leave the euro and return to the lira has a foundation. We must say enough with the dictatorship of the banks. No more Dragons & Monti, for years the worst global advisors investment bank – Goldman Sachs, primarily responsible for the financial collapse 2008 – which are the interests of great powers. I.e. bankers.

I want Italy to resume printing money.I want to defend my land and bring back the sovereignty in the hands of the people. I’m tired of the dominance of banks that dominate my life. I am sick of the euro in the face of finance. I want to get out of this trap. How about you?

Courageous judges against the appropriate banks

My last post on the Fatto Quotidiano. Here is what I wrote yesterday. And now comes the complaint of the President of the European Commission, Martin Shultz, who said: « banks are cheaters.

There is something in this mechanism? In November 2011, the President of the European Central Bank, the Italian Mario Draghi, meets the leaders of some large banks, including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Barclays Capital – and after a few weeks announcement loans up to three years for the banks to « stimulate the economy » and avoid the «  » of thecredit crunch « , i.e. the closure of small and medium-sized enterprises-monetary taps.  » Money, in practice, are given (1%). You have no news that Draghi has made banks to sign a contract that forced to use this money to support entrepreneurs. In short, a trick of the type: If you use them to speculate, the rate increases to 15% and pay a penalty. Is a basic solution, it does not take a degree in economics to use such caution. Instead, what happens? Banks suck a torrent of money the ECB – i.e. the money of the European citizens – and use to speculate and buy government bonds, which earn high amounts. Here is what has happened in Italy.

December 21, 2011 the ECB of the characteristics of the dragons from Italian banks 116 billion gross euros, but be-careful – net proceeds of approximately 60 billion. In the latest bulletin of the Bank of Italy will view between December 2011 and January 2012, banks spent 28 billion to buy construction and other titles: in just thirty days their overall share has increased from 209 to 237 billion. Other 41 billion they have spent to buy bonds and the total comes to 69 billion euros. Then they used the money to speculate and enrich, rather than revive the economy and help businesses.

Between February and March 2012 is suicide several entrepreneurs, including violent methods as possible to the flames. Then we discover that companies 12 milia have closed in the past year and 50 000 workers were fired. Taps new stories of entrepreneurs that the banks have closed the credit. Michele Santoro to the publiclast week interviewed Maria Teresa Cano, the wife of a suicidal entrepreneur to whom the Bank refused a loan of EUR 500. I might add that even a few friends – small business owners – I realized that they are in serious trouble because of the crisis of the credit applied suddenly from their banks. Here is a comment copied from my Facebookprofile: « I see that people are afraid, that the many nearby activities or who are about to close. » Stores closed for many months, that person does not rent because from any business is too risky. I am very concerned about the future. So worried. I do not understand why the crisis must address the lower classes’ (Antonella).

Then we have the following situation: the ECB has not its purpose. Businesses are strangled in ‘credit crunch’ and other fathers could decide to commit suicide. There are the conditions to open a judicial inquiry? You can enter contracts that Mario Draghi has signed with Italian banks? Can we know the names of the CEOs of these banks that took the money of the European Central Bank to buy securities to speculate?

I therefore turn to the judiciary. And I asked Antonio Di Pietro, a former magistrate, to pass this instance to the categories which have represented over the years by Mani Pulite. You can find courageous magistrates can investigate this mechanism and – if they jump out the evidence of illegality – align handcuffs who uses money so impartial? It is possible to see some unscrupulous banker, who did not blush even when denied a loan of 500 euros for a father in prison and, in fact – atrocity – use the slot to enjoy with speculative?

You remember Callisto Tanzi lean and probe on the nose? Do you know his repentance in court for causing suffering to its clients cheated? « I knew not the exaltation…, » he said. Here, I would like to see dozens of bankers in jail and then apply the head of ash to have caused so much suffering. I would like to see them to repent for drunkenness and locked safely behind bars. Journalists with your back straight , they did their duty by denouncing these anomalies. Now it’s judges.

Mr Monti and Goldman Sachs

My last post on the Fatto Quotidiano.

After the retired hunger, increased petrol and VAT, urged taxpayers with new taxes for violating the ‘State of law’, Mario Monti now wants dismissals because it requires the market that wants to return to invest in Italy. Of course it’s yet another lie, becauseforeign companies will invest and never a penny until the reign of corruption, bureaucracy, slow justice and political caste. But the current Prime Minister uses the Berlusconi-style televisions (says a bullet as a truth) and produced democracies in its draft harm the social fabric, favouring the increase in unemployment , on behalf of a word that is the compensation and impoverish the world: the market.

It is an unacceptable method. Maybe the teacher taught to work for Goldman Sachs, the American Investment Bank that has helped to trigger the financial crisis of 2008, resulting in the abyss of the world economies. A criminal Bank was accused of fraud and more sub inquiry, defined by a former manager – a few weeks ago – « a toxic and destructive environment » that deals with « puppets » clients that sell derivatives poisoned, thinking only of God’s money. It is to this market, Mr Monti? Test gene no, Mr. Prime Minister, the position he held within a financial Octopus that represents a danger to the world’s democracies?

In the Press Conference where Monti & Company only tore article 18 no journalist asked why the Italian public debt has increased by 59 billion during the mandate of Professor at Palazzo Chigi, approaching 2 trillion now. Or because his Government had taxed the pillars in private, bowed her head before the hall of taxi drivers, has softened its position on banks, has blocked the sale of television frequencies (the so-called beauty contest so dear to Berlusconi). There is yet no market?

Let’s face it: the intention to ease layoffs have revealed the true face of Mr Monti. He is a man of the market: cold, technically, insensible to pain of people who lose their job and hope for the future. A man of banks that protects the rich and abusive people. An ally of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, also a consultant to Goldman Sachs, which must ensure that the interests of the market will be saved. In short, an arrogant Prime Minister who believes the spread leaves in tears and the Italians. His work of Minister, Elsa Fornero, says now: « you approve the reform of the work or you’ll everyone goes at ». Here, go quietly to the House Mr Monti, as well as its technicians. And deals with the sobriety of its consultations with the banks on the market.

My encounter with Livio Vinardi

I decided a course correction.I will address other topics often esoteric, spiritual, to watch the hidden face of things. Polluted by the crisis information, destruction of the environment, lies on television, I don’t care anymore. Looking for other waters. Sailed to what interests me. I am looking for something that can still feed my soul. And does it matter if I lose readers. Finally, after 5 years of post, are always the same: an average of 150 readers per day, almost 5 000 per month. Yes, of course, last month I save 10 thousand thanks to a couple of posts I have published on the fact all days, but curioseggiano and then disappear. I should still write about Goldman Sachs and :-)banks but I do not like!

So, today, I speak of Livio Vinardi, Italo-Argentine, who died recently, now in his eighties.
I met him in 1992 and I took its course. Ensign Biopsicoenergetica, was an inventor, an electronics engineer and a physicist. He was also a visionary. I still remember his seminars to Ischia, where he spoke of the aura, chakras, energy vortigi, fourth way, Gurdjieff, the positive influence of the plants. I have 26 years. A Vinardi that I looked like an enigmatic and unpredictable character. He knew many things about Angel Livraga Rizzi, founder of the esoteric School of philosophy new Acropolis, which had followed for four years, and I was surprised. He said a lesson from « Astral Theosophical Maître materialization. Sri Ram that I had attended him, Jal and two other disciples But, contrary to my expectations, I talked very evil when the stool a few questions. I destroyed a myth! In fact, I have been appointed as such in the teachings of Jal and the fourth way destroyed every belief solidified, because it prevents you from opening the ways of knowing. Several years later, through his student and fellow journalist, came to know who speaks very well of Jal and its school. Then only understood who had demolished my certainties, to confuse me.

The most serious disease in the path of the spirit is called belief system. If you believe that you have the truth in the hands, only because you taught any guru, then you sleep deeply.

Vinardi irrational methods they had used to awaken their interiority. Once, while I was sleeping in an apartment with other students, I was woken by his associates, I drink a glass of alcohol without thinking too much, then I helped out and left me in the Woods at night 3. No, I fainted. Barcollai. not. Curiously, given the speed with which I myself passed sleep wakefulness and drunk alcohol, don’t forget that a part of me, a kind of old connoisseur of martial arts and began to make instinctive movements that resembled the art of the Japanese sword, and found myself centering and balance in a few minutes. I surprised myself. I did not know he could do these things. And above all: I was terribly cute inside.

A few weeks ago, I’ve found on Facebook that connects journalist I spoke before and was told of the death of Vinardi. Certainly, his soul now resides in a small size. He was talking about if often of energy must have completed the Unique energy of the Source and now rest in peace. All of his work on this earth has been focused on the memory that we are souls with special powers, who sleeps without the spirit and mechanics that we must awaken from deep slumber in which we live.

So good trip, Professor Vinardi


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