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Hi all

EH! the ECB, forget, your Treaty, it is of Tin, it is obsolete, no steps available, I AI DIS, not, as french 54.67%de, in 2005 for the Lisbon Treaty

all french on May 29, 2005 (not: 15 449 508 (54.67% of NON) in the Referendum, ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon), I hope your commissions of laws, it is the Senate, because if it is the European commission, it flared, it is not valid, you can say all you want n, is flared

It is SIMPLE? if you vote UMPSDI, you vote for FAF(Vall,BILDERBERG), CIA (SARKO), IDU (CIA) Nathalie Goulet, Senator IDU, confirms that she met the Director of the CIA, fascism, true to the FRANCOVALLS, not the one that is stuck vulgarly in label on the LOGUE, the true, the authentic, the ORIGINAL, that which is evil, and that hard, hard, hard, hard, HITLER next to UDPMIS is the cat’s pee, they will put us it, well smoothIt is unfortunate, but it is like that, sorry, but, to call a cat, a cat.

USA/Congress FASCISTS (queens) PAS LES peoples, no people, that the soits saying officers, all these franc Masons fascites

7 Queen Elizabeth II (Windsor Family of Britain) German & Greek usurpers of the British Crown.

This does not preclude that the United States, with the grandfather BUSH, normal, was informed by the same opportunity Wnston Churchill, and Franklin is a GAG (and links Bush with the Consolidated Silesian Steel Company (CSSC), based in Silesia, in the minerals-rich German-Polish border. During the war, this company profited from slavery organized by the Nazis in concentration camps, including Auschwitz.)We know, why? now!, this, me recall one sentence in the Rotschild manifest, which said they need to you you are taking listed 2 (15 ) WARS WILL BE INSTIGATED, FINANCED and DIRECTED so that we control BOTH SIDES, placing all parties FURTHER INTO OUR DEBT. (American Revolution through Desert Storm, Afghanistan and WW III?, )( ) The Rothschild Manifesto – circa 1840?> > Four Winds 10 – Truth… After, you the Pellet, do us shit, and blame us while this makes chandeliers, you know and apply what you did, among other French, then, Yes, talking about Jews, movies, documentaries, of the SHOAH, to see the work of MORBID you did, which were truscides

They would like so take us our countries the France then, l Germany… etc!, putting their clowns, some collabos (collaborators, collaborators in slang)(vous le savez déjà,mais, vous le rappelez,ne fait pas de mal) which faisaitent from large companies, or major banks, as well as political leaders of sarko, valls, fabius, Holland, schulz, tusk, draghi, junker,… etc! This is for, what I told you, lean you toward nationalism, because nation is one and indivisible.

And say that we had them, or pay, confidence to these JC.mailly, note, CHEREQUE THIBAULT

Members of the organisations employer and Union of the century
•Jean-Christophe Le Duigou (former leader of the CGT’s finance body, then curator of mortgages)
•Nicole Notat (former leader of the CFDT, then President of Viejo
•Laurence Parisot (former President of MEDEF)
•Ernest-Antoine Seillière (former president of MEDEF)1

Marc Blondel, a brother to the eternal East

See, also, and site pou blog, very, very, interesting t

AH, if I put these links of sites on my posts, it is simply because that articles, me

Seems very interesting, I know that these guys have really pub, their articles do for

Them, I did, therefore, because it sings to me, and I do not know etc’ is fine, like this, I say, until found me a link of kinship, because some would be able to.

Hassan Iquioussen https://www.youtube.com/user/ProfHassanIquioussen

Rabid sheep:


Claire Severac Rebellion: http://www.claireseveracrebellion.com/info-desinfo/siecle-faf

Agitator .org http://www.agitateur.org/spip.php?article1513

AJPN http://www.ajpn.org/juste-Pierre-Peteul-2196.html

The grass http://lesbrindherbes.org/ brinds

I learned that the Jews of europe and the world have made a conger eel at the EC headquarters, or, it was about 47 countries represented, and this aunez and beard of all Europeans, of the European Community countries. That said, I realize that Mr CUIKERMANn’ is not quite agree with this Congress, which could bonigala crif and aipac, and ‘ other branch

But, one thing, the building constructed on the ground that ROCKELLER gave to the EC was – it not for the European Community, it seems to me

THE SHOAH is from the USA, in the UK (GVI), and HITLER (obviously)


(Prescott Bush, was a U.S. Senator)

NETANYAHU , the fact to lie to the Jewish people, as you have always made you and others, to see the atrocities of Hitler on the Europeans, and in particular on the french.In short, spend, that said, it is true that the history of France during the french and the English were not always very Buddy (not to say never) that said happily that things change.NETANYAHU, rejected the blame on others, I recognize you there and especially rejected the faults on the french.Knowing that the deportation of the juifs(vel’dhiv,Drancy,entre autres) were made by french, normal, one is in France(l’eau,ça mouille), but mostly , this deportation were made by french Jews(UGIF, CRIF now) and thus by a Jewish police,an instance, who claimed a POLICE, (lol) and this SHOA, is of largely in the USA (How Bush’s grandfather helped Hitler to gain powerand with the assistance of the United Kingdom), the city, wallstreet (,Edward VIII,King unlamented, prohitlerien, it tells you something, and you, the Likud, prohitlerien, until – to the ends of the nails, then, you are nice assume now, and at least have the decency (if, you know, what it means), no longer decorate, flower, and celebrate the anniversary of the Holocaust, because it is more than an insult that you their made you do parts of people) who know, but which are,especially Nothing do as MANDELA not come.AH.Reminder, at its advent, December 11, 1936, following the abdication of his brother Edward VIII,(vous savez le roi faciste) the Duke of York is the name of his father and enters into history under the name of George VI.( http://www.herodote.net/George_VI_1895_1952_-synthese-568.php)

the Consolidated Silesian Steel Company (CSSC) during the war, this company (CSSC) has benefited from slavery organized by the Nazis in concentration camps, including Auschwitz, or were the french in the stalags as my on keys and 2 million prisoner, here, or were the french at the FRONT, and ouaih, it hurts to feel betrayed by his gouvernemebtas, one is American and English reading this and even more that this is the truth, and that there is good evidence (library of Congress in Washington to the National Archives at the University of Maryland.) to know what ‘ on lost heaps there buddies, but, it is unfortunately true, while some viaillants English and American, deliver us from the NAZI oppressor, and were welcomed on OMAHA BEACH, JUNO BEACH, GOLD BEACH, UTAHBEACH, SWORDBEACH, others, to win wheat, knowing rather than the Government Americans franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill was during that PRESCOTT BUSH, trader with l-enemy NAZIS, thing, which apparemmentne gena not career policy of his son and his grandson, and the small 2nd filsaussi, elsewhere, points its nose, it is normal it is Freemasonry, you see gentlemen, ladies of the people US, you trust

people, who do not deserve your trust, but then not at all.

To learn more, about the rise of hitler, there is a book, which speaks of the fact that the English have helped Hitler, it is simply called Wall Street and the rise of Hitler , v’ the pub, and you will be more. In this book you will learn that not only bankers and businessmen from North Americans were aware of the nature of Nazism, but that they were Nazism whenever they had interest – knowing full well that the probable consequence would be war involving Europe and the United States.

In fact, the contribution of North American capitalism in the German war preparations has been phenomenal, and without it, the Germany would never have had the military capacity which led to the massacre of millions of innocent people…



I have been captivated by a FOUAD guy, I’ve seen on the media, who, caring for her little sister

And there down in SIRYE for news, and party, the, he made what moral state of fatigue and distress, she was (, tired, dyed mine yellowed (disease, or other?))Short, I do not know, if it will bring it back or, not, I sincerely hope, that she returned home, she does not botched his life, on and on – so-called, or of the mensongères(certains et certaines peuvent se dire,mais comment s’est il que,c’est mensonger, c’est vrai,je ne sais pas,car effectivement,je ne suis pas aller là bas, cela dit) videos When I see the face of the brother, when he speaks of its p’tite sister, chais not, but my impression is not that it tells of cracks, moreover, when I have the opportunity to look at images, or women are present, it gives not want, to go there, and to go there as women, it’s true, I see that my window,

, because islam, practiced by many in France, is rather moderate, and leaves a space,

Negligible to the woman, which is not the case the bottom apparently, and since as I’ve seen this video, my judgment has radically changed, on girls for me, I consider to 15,16, 17, it may be, the age of marriage for some, but not for me, anyway, when I see 2 (2femmes) on this video, who find a way to challenge , authority x, because it looked, a young girl and well heard the other 2 rise, what evil took them, they are beat up in turn, everything simply because the 1er girl, which was done beating because she, had commnence to eat before the guy, but onva, or? by cons for this video, which showed an armed, group, I’d be infoutus to tell you if it was EI, AL DHANUB, or, another, that said, I found this coward, actions

Radio France

His goal is to weigh on the contract of objectives and means (COM), currently under negotiation between the direction of Radio France and the State.

If I understand well, radio France and the State, are able to speak

For contracts of objectives and means, it seems well clear that more research and important objective over the means must follow, it cannot be applied to a true Mason do the concrete without sand or build a house without bricks or cinder blocks,(l’eau,ça mouille, les cheveux ça poussent) dixit, our dear Sophie Marceau

But wanting, go so quickly, I suspect VALLS, the Government, because, honestly, and sincerely

I think, this is more in the course of Ms. PELLERIN, so I suspect the other incapable

You want to enfumait delegates, with promises, that he will not hold and that it will not be able to hold

Of all ways, even, if it gives you the assurance that things will be made, do especially not believe them, and ask for a written record.I was thinking that if flower PELLERIN, insists and promises you things, changes, if it has a floor, did it not, so accept nothing, except if it is signed by his hand.

Unions fear that economies are on the payroll and the quality of the radio production.

It is quite clear, as a boss, just nice it is, pulls down jobs this would be that for the people of the Governing Council, which he is necessarily, it is not required, but, it is better, he knows whereof he causes, and so according to the means put at the disposal of employees, if the job required 2 people before , and that means, it has made available to its employees, allow, tourner(de travailler) with someone less, why not that said person must be trained in this new task, because let’s not forget at the base, it is paid to shot, the enterprise, but faster, employees will have what they want in the field of the reasonable on both sides faster they will resume the job.


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