The black Octopus

The black Octopus


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Elders of Zion

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Bavarian Illuminati and Masons

Bilderberg-group CFR

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The black Octopus strategy

September 11th, eleven questions!


JOHN TODD, former member of the « Council of the 13 », described as black Octopus with its tentacles: « the seal was created at the behest of the Rothschild family in London (based on the book of Ayn Raud »Atlas shrugged »it was Philippe Rothschild, author’s note). »

It is a Luciferian organization, headed by Rothschild. There are Freemasons, Communists and members of other associations. This organization is very widespread. It covers policy and finance and is projected the establishment of a unified world government. This organization will do everything in its power to establish this world Government even if this requires a third world war. This organization is called the « Illuminati », which means « light bearers ».

Todd, as well as Coralf (Maitreya, the future master of the world) describe various degrees as follows:

The « eye that sees everything »

« This is the eye of Lucifer. It is the spirit that guides, the domestic governing body. »


« It is the Rothschild, Rothschild Court family. The Illuminati consider ingrown gods and their word is law.

The Council of 13

« This is the grand Council of Druids, 13 great Druids forming the priesthood private Rothschild.

The Council of 33

« There are represented the Freemasons from the highest ranks of the world of politics, the economy and the Church. They are the elite of the « Committee of 300 ». (And after Todd and Coralf.)

The Committee of 300

Created in 1729 by BEIMC (British East India Company Merchant) to deal with banking and business affairs international and support trafficking in opium, the « Committee of 300 » is headed by the British Crown. It represents the global banking system in its entirety and account, moreover, the most important representatives of Western nations. All banks are connected to the Rothschilds by the « Committee of 300 ».

A few names:

Balfour Arthur Brandt Willy Bulwer – Lytton Edward (author of « The Coming Race ») Bundy McGeorge Bush George Carrington Lord Chamberlain Huston Stewart Constanti, House of Orange Delano family, Frederic Delano was member of the Steering Committee of the Federal Reserve Drake Sir Francis Du Pont, family Forbes John M. Frederick IX, King of Denmark George Lloyd Grey Sir Edward Haig Sir Douglas Harriman Averill Hohenzollern, home of the House, Colonel Mandel Inchcape Lord Henry Kissinger lift Sir Harold Lippman Walter Lockheart Bruce Loudon Sir John Mazzini Giuseppe Mellon Andrew Milner Lord Alfred Mitterand François Morgan J.P. Norman Montague Oppenheimer Sir Harry Palm Olof Princess Beatrix Rainier, Prince Queen Elisabeth II Queen Juliana Retinger Joseph Rhodes Cecil Rockefeller David Rothmere Lord Rothschild Baron Edmond Shultz George Spellman Cardinal Thyssen – BornemiszaBaron Hans Heinrich Vanderbilt, family von Finck Baron August von Habsburg Otto von Thurn und Taxis Max Warburg S.G. Warren County Young Owen

The most influential organisations in the shadow are:

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

Founded by the « Round Table » in 1921, is him also gives the name of « establishment », « invisible Government » or « Rockefeller’s Foreign Affairs Ministry ». This half secret organization, whose members are exclusively citizens of the United States, is among the most influential of this country. The CFR is, nowadays, a tight control on Western nations, either in a direct way, because it is in relationship with organizations of the same kind, or through institutions, such as the « World Bank » over which he presides. Since its inception, all the presidents of the United States, except Ronald Reagan, were already members before their election. On the other hand, the Vice-Chairman of Reagan, George Bush, was a member of the CFR. He was even the Director in 1977. The CFR is controlled by the Rockefeller syndicate and serves to achieve his goal: the creation of a « one world government ». The innermost circle of the CFR is the order of « Skull & Bones ».

Skull & Bones

Its own members call it ‘The Order’ (order). Many know him for more than 150 years as a local group 322 of a German secret society. Others give it the name of « Brotherhood of Death » (Brotherhood of death). The secret order of « Skull & Bones » (Word-for-word translation: skull and bones, this is very interesting, question: what is the insignia that adorns the kepis of the SS? answer: a skull with two bones crossed at the base of the skull!) Note the C.A.R.L. Emmanuel Xedah. The « Skull & Bones » order was introduced by William Huntington Russel and Alphonso Taft at Yale University in 1833. Russel, after it was in Germany where he made his studies in 1832, introduced him then at Yale. In 1856, it was incorporated into the « Russel Trust ». This order form, inter alia, the ‘core’ (elite) of the CFR. The core of Skull & Bones, in turn, is called the « Jason Society ». The following families dominate this order since 1833: Rockefeller (Standard Oil) Harriman (railroads) Weyerhaeuser (timber trade) Sloane (retail trade) Pillsbury (Miller) Davison (J.P.Morgan) Payne (Standard Oil)

From Massachusetts: Gilman (1638, Hingham) Wadsworth (1632, Newtown) Taft (1679, Braintree) Stimsom (1635, Watertown) Perkins (1631, Boston) Whitney (1635, Watertown) Phelbs (1630, Dorchester) Bundy (1635, Boston) Lord (1635, Cambridge)

(extract from « Skull & Bones » and « The Two Faces of George Bush », the two faces of George Bush, of Anthony C. Sutton.)In this book, we have sufficiently mentioned that this order is linked to many other organizations. It is also in connection with lord Milner « The Round Table » group which is based on CFR.

The Round Table

The ‘Round Table’ was born on February 5, 1881, with Cecil Rhodes in England. Its founding members were, among others, Stead, Lord Esher, Lord Alfred Milner, Lord Rothschild, Lord Arthur Balfour. The structure of this group was like that of the SS of Hitler, modeled on the society of Jesus, the Jesuit order.

Its main purpose was to expand the British rule and the use of the language English all over the world. According to my sources, Rhodes was a world Government for the property of men, but the ‘Round Table’ was later infiltrated by agents of the Illuminati. This group is linked to the Zionists by the Rothschild family as well as American families Schiff, Warburg, Goo and Carnegie. Lord Milner took, later, branch. Derived from the « Royal Institute of International Affairs’ (RIIA) and the CFR. Milner is also one of the main members of the « Committee of 300 ». The « Institute for Advanced Study » (IAS) for which worked Robert Oppenheimer and Albert Einstein is based on the ‘Round Table’. Later, they built for the IAS the first atomic bomb. The German annex organisation the RIIA and CFR is the DGAP, the ‘Deutsche Gesellschaft für auswärtige Politik’ (German society for foreign policy). It was founded on March 29, 1955 and proclaimed himself independent, above the parties. Its members discussed political and economic issues international, and those of Europe in particular.

The Bilderberger

This secret organization was created in May 1954 at the hotel de Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, Holland, by prince Bernard of the Netherlands. It is composed of 120 tycoons of high finance to the West, the United States and the Canada Europe. Its main goals, formulated by prince Bernard, are world by the year 2000 Government and institution of a global army under cover of the United Nations. It is also called the « invisible Government ». An Advisory Committee consisting of a Committee of management (with 24 European and 15 Americans) decided to persons to be invited to their meetings. Johannes Rothkranz writes that only are invited those who demonstrated unwavering loyalty in the intrigues conducted by the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. However, all these people are not « insiders », they can also be only of representatives of a grouping of interest or simply to others.

Some of the most important international representatives are or have been:

Giovanni Agnelli Fiat Brzezinski Zbigniew boss Chairman of the Trilateral Commission and the more important Rockefeller agent. Bush George former head of the CIA, former head of the CFR, former President of the United States, Member of the Committee of 300 Carrington Lord member of the Committee of 300, with Kissinger Associates, former President of Allen Dulles NATO former head of the CIA Clinton Bill US, Member of the CFR and the Trilateral Commission Ford Henry II Gonzales Felipe Secretary-General of the Socialist Spanish President andlater Prime Minister Jankowitsch Peter Kennedy David Kissinger Henry also member of the Freemasonic lodge P2 Italian Luns Joseph former Secretary general of NATO Lord Roll of Ipsden former President of the S.G. Warburg Group Plc. Mc Namara Robert Bank World Martens Wilfried former Prime Minister of Belgium, Member of the political party CVP Olof Palme was also a member of the Committee of 300 Reuther Walter P. Rockefeller David Rockefeller John D. Rockefeller Nelson Rothschild baron Edmund of Tindemanns Jan Premier of the Belgium Warburg Eric D. Warburg Siegmund NATO Manfred Wörner

The trilateral Commission

This secret organization was created in June 1972 by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski, especially because well-established organizations, such as the United Nations, did not go enough fast to implement the « single world government ». The « Big Boys » wanted « Let’s get moving ». This elite organization to bring together into a single pool the powers of tip of the giants of the industry and of the economy, c-a-d of the trilateral nations the United States, the Japan and Western Europe, it aims to create, once for all the « new world order ». This organization allows the elite from various branches of Freemasonry to meet on a global scale to collaborate on a secret job; It should also broaden the political influence of the « Bilderberger ». Most European members had contacts with the Rockefeller for years. This organization consists of approximately 200 members, which, unlike the Bilderberger, are permanent. The « Trilateral Commission » control with CFR members throughout the U.S. economy, politics, military aircraft, oil, energy and media. Its members are, inter alia, patterns of multinational companies, bankers, real estate agents, economists, politicians, lawyers, publishers, trade union leader, the presidents of foundations and editorialists.

The Illuminati

A vast amount of knowledge and powers are reserved for the very small number of people; they already hold some of major importance, but does not reveal them (energy control: see free energy machines( ), economic control: see a war without any noise ( ) (admittedly heavy to download document found on the net written by an amateur, personal work we want to salute, decorated with photos and graphics, which constitute an original vision))((, thanks to its author) and mass control: see the secret government).( )
They, therefore, are not more than thirty, head of the ‘black Octopus’ and international Synarchy, mainly the members of the Board of Directors of the private banks international over the States… who have the ability to control and use knowledge due to their location and all the reins of power in all areas without exception: with a distinctive ‘mission’: a complete restructuring of the functioning of the world to establish a world government.

Plan of Illuminati 1773 :

pave the way for their unique world government around the year 2000 through three world wars. In a letter of August 15, 1871, a plan outlining the « conquest » of the world by these three world wars to build the new world order is described that can be summarized as follows:
The first world war was to be staged so that the Illuminati of Bavaria have a direct control on the Russia of the tsars. As a result the Russia could be used as the black beast which serve the aims of the Illuminati of Bavaria worldwide.
The second world war will be created from all parts by manipulating the differences of opinion between the German nationalists and the politically committed Zionists. This would lead Russia to extend its area of influence and would result in the creation of a State of Israel in Palestine.
The third world war plan would be based on the differences of opinion that the Illuminati have created between the Zionists and the Arabs. It would program an extension of the conflict around the world. Part of the third world war would be to confront nihilists and atheists to cause a social reversal that would never see the day after clashes of brutality and a bestiality views.

Can obviously say that these plans may have been reworked and improved in the light of new developments (see silent for wars without noise arms) (( ), but these are the main features of their ideas: manipulate policy through specific individuals, and large economic powers who have the choice whether to fund policies that conform to their ideas, thus deciding the winners in conflicts, often after have been cause by manipulating political and financial for this purpose.

This objective has been known since the 19th century and has been perfectly implemented (the third world war is underway since the 1970s: it’s economic war [see silent weapons for silent wars]). This long-term plan continued for two centuries by different people, with the financial support of these banks and powerful families. They now have the means to realize their ambitions that are global, as we see through their sprawling handling three relays: The Bilderberg Group, the trilateral commission and CFR.

The Illuminati:

Au14eme century Illuminati, in Germany, were the biggest « insiders » of a secret society called the brotherhood of the Serpent (Hebrew nahash, arises from the ofsv root meaning decrypt, discover; illuminati comes from the latin illuminare which means illuminate, know).

The elders of Zion:

A very accurate site gives very accurate historic elements on the history of the geopolitical strategy of the black Octopus. It is not the vocation of to enter these details and well-documented timelines, so they touch simultaneously very questionable style flying saucers or uses of paranormal techniques topics, but we retain the points tracking essential here. (for more details see anyway this indispensable survey of CARL)

The rich Jewish rabbis of the time, who were religious of the Jewish people and political leaders joined their strength in a group known as the elders of Zion. They intriguèrent lot and planned the English revolution 1640 to 1689 Holland. By lending money to which it was necessary and in supporting and assisting a German Duke called Guillaume II, King Guillaume III of England, son of Guillaume II, that they had helped to power by overthrowing the Stuarts Catholics from the throne of England, was liable. In return the British Treasury borrowed money from Jewish bankers of the elders of Zion, and a rule settled which made the English state a continuous and important debtor of these bankers eager to influence Affairs European and religious. The latter was forced to acquiesce to the required conditions that led to the establishment of the first private Central Bank: the Bank of England. Which could dictate his wishes on the choice of leaders or political, social, moral or occult important options…


Mayer Amschel, who had bought a bank in Frankfurt in 1750, allowed the Rothschild House start in international banking trade. Each of the sons of Mayer opened a bank in a different country: Berlin, Vienna, Paris and Naples. Mayer wrote his will in which he stated how the family fortune should be managed in the future. The accounts would remain secret for Governments
In 1773, Mayer Amschel Rothschild met the elders of Zion to Frankfurt to study a project to control the global wealth. They emphasized the fact that the Foundation of the Bank of England had allowed to exercise considerable influence on English capital and also declared that it would be necessary that this Bank has absolute control so that they can create similar conditions everywhere to control the global wealth. They retained the outline in writing and this plan would eventually be known as the Protocols of the elders of Zion .This Protocol goes back to centuries back, they are reworked by the Rothschild when needed.
The link deeply dark and explicit with the Luciferian Pact reflected the fact that Mayer Amschel founded itself plans to establish a secret relay, the « Bavarian Illuminati » society and appointed its creator: Adam Weishaupt.
The goals of the Illuminati epitomized by the secret society of the « Bavarian Illuminati » are presented in document silent weapons for silent wars. ( )

The Illuminati of Bavaria:

The « Bavarian Illuminati » were organized in concentric circles and as soon as an insider proved its ability to keep a secret, it was accepted in a circle more restricted and bound to still deeper secrets. Only those who were in the smaller circle knew the real goals of the « Bavarian Illuminati ». They were divided into 13 ranks symbolized by the 13 steps of the pyramid represented on the American dollar bill.
The founder of the company meant to attract into its agenda the spirits the best and the most enlightened he chose in high finance, industry, education and literature. He used the corruption by money and sex to control highly placed individuals, blackmail to surely keep them under his control. The Illuminati of Bavaria began to advise people of the Government using the followers to senior ranks. These specialists agreed to give politicians in place councils to adopt some form of policy that corresponded to their scope.
In 1777, Weishaupt was initiated into the Masonic Lodge of Munich that he had earlier made to infiltrate. In 1782 the alliance between the Freemasons and the « Bavarian Illuminati » was sealed at Wilhelmsbad. By controlling the « Bavarian Illuminati », the Rothschild now had direct influence on streams of workshops and lodges Masonic and other important secret lodges.
The Masonic tentacles impelled irresistibly after having thus grafted onto the head of the black Octopus. Documents show that they have manipulated the universal ideas of the enlightenment and it is they who were the initiators of the French revolution, to take just one example.

The conquest of the USA: declaration of independence signed in 1776.
The Rothschilds were able to take this new opportunity by creating new and powerful banking networks. Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were opposed to the idea of a private Central Bank which controls the American currency. After the death of Benjamin Franklin in 1790, Alexander Hamilton Rothschild promoted officers to the post of Minister of finance. It created the First National Bank of the United States, the first Central Bank American. It was structured as the Bank of England and controlled by the Illuminati/Rothschild. The Minister encouraged large indebtedness to this Bank, so that she could become the Federal Reserve Bank and today the US Central Bank.
During the American civil war, the Rothschild’s London bank was simply finance the Northern States, that of Paris, the Northern States. Result: the Rothschild came out only victors of the war and South and North Americans defeated and stripped forever a power they have never recovered since.
Through their influence by Freemasonry including 1/3 of American presidents were part and which are widely represented in the Senate and the U.S. Congress (the American seal, the pyramid with the eye that sees everything, the arms of the State on the reverse of the seal, the Phoenix as well as the banner of origin with the 13 stars and 13 stripes are old and important francs-Masonic symbols; more on that same dollar bill it is written on the) Pyramid: Novus Ordo Seclorum which in latin means: the new order of the centuries, we could refresh in: the new world order), the Rothschilds have had the necessary support to the building of their total control over the USA. A world Government implied there naturally its ‘base’ strategic.

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Biblical on Babylon/illuminati lights

DANIEL 12:10
« Many will be purified, bleached and refined; the wicked will be evil and none of the wicked will understand, but those who have intelligence will include. »

2 TIMOTHY 3:13
« But evil men and impostors will advance more in evil, misleading others and lost themselves. »

« I set you a trap, and you have taken, Babylon, out of the blue; you have been reached, before it, because you have struggled against the Lord. »
Power illuminati/Masonic into Western Churches is now complete, and this is why these passages of revelation become truth:

« He cried with a loud voice, saying: it is fallen, is fallen, Babylon the great! It has become a dwelling place of demons, a haunt for every unclean spirit, a den of every unclean and hateful bird. »

Masons managed to believing Christians, that there is no absolute truth, and their concepts have slowly infiltrated churches and perverted the Gospel of only the Redeemer for the benefit of multitudes of beliefs and religions, agreeing to return without even realizing it in the project Illuminati to unite the world in a same mixture Satanic Luciferian religions. A mixture which will result in eternal ruin on those who drink in. The hatred of the United Nations against Jesus Christ passing by the temple of understanding, Christian culture has embraced death rather than life, and it is now entering the final phase of its destruction. Nothing can stop this.

What most people fail to realize, it is that Christian culture fell first into the hands of the occult, and that his downfall is now imminent:
Let us listen to the TV:
« We are in a new era (age) ».
« Everything will change now. »
« Freedoms must be sacrificed. »
« We need a national ID card. »
« The Americans have simply to impose severe restrictions on their freedoms ».

The cries of the new world order announced their plans for the establishment of a draconian of police state, to fight against terrorism.
The new world order is an occult order, a Masonic order. It is of Satan

1 fall of Babylon between the hands FORCES Illuminati/Masonic in the middle of it.

Then the occult forces inside America amounted to take power, attacks against the Constitutions of the autonomous States and family and individual rights will increase until they are destroyed, the name of « Security ».


The destruction of Babylon will be done by the fire, and this attack will come from a confederation of nations from the Islamic world, and led by Russia, called « GOG ». And this destruction will end by the fall of an asteroid, so as to ensure that ever more Babylon can rise again. And it will be finally swallowed up in the depths of the ocean.
The attack on the World Trade Center was known by the U.S. Government before even that it is taking place. He was forced to let! This blind obedience to the choice occult Illuminati is the price we have to pay because of the apostasy, and shed innocent blood through abortion, and also for the criminal acts perpetrated by the CIA and the NSA on the world. Remember that God looks at the actions of the Babylon
« Because his sins have accumulated up to heaven, and God remembered her iniquities. Render as she paid, and repay her double according to her works; In the Cup where it has mixed, mix double for him. She is glorified and in luxury, measure give her torment and sorrow. Because it says in his heart: I sit a Queen, I am widow and no sorrow! Because of this, in one same day her plagues arrive, death, mourning and famine, and she will be consumed by fire. As it is powerful, the Lord God who found that it was. »

God says that Babylon is a city full of worshipers of idols, filled peaches as they exceed all description, who have on their hands the blood of millions of innocent people, adultery, fornication, the use of drugs, crimes of all kinds, financing and coverage of genocide Christians in the world, with fruit the evil, and worse still. But Cree Babylon, ‘I sit as Queen, no sorrow. »

But before that Babylon does disappear, a time reserved for him for fulfilling the prophecies of the last days on the:

1. the fulfilment of the plan of the new world order with the aim of making it a fascist police state through the terrorist acts of the Illuminati punished and planned on the West until any constitutional freedom disappears and we are finally under the Charter of the United Nations of Illuminati/Communists. This will be accomplished by future acts terrorists and establishment of a gradual or quick draconian implementation of laws of ‘security’ in the name of the « peace and security ».

« When men say: peace and safety! then a sudden ruin will surprise them, as the pains of childbirth surprise the pregnant woman, and they escape point. »

There is a method to get people to want peace and security. This takes place as follows:
(A) in order to obtain the ‘security’ you must first be able to identify the enemy, from the inside or the outside.
(B) in order to be able to identify the enemy, you must have ways or authorized to identify it.
(C) Pour identify individuals, you must have a system allowing you to identify:
1 photographic scanners and computer software.
2. the registration of the iris and computer software
3. the registration of fingerprints and computer software
4. the registration of DNA and the genetic code and computer software
5. a registration number (for social security etc.)
6. after the identification you must monitor the population.
7. to monitor the population in general, you must change all the laws regulating the freedom and privacy. You must remove them and the only way that this can be done, it is by the « acts of terrorism » which should convince the people that they must give up all of their individual rights.

To monitor the people, you must then install a system that can detect, track and save it that each person makes, or is doing. We now enter the top-secret area of Tessera of the NSA and the mosaic project. The Tessera refers to the individual pieces that constitute the mosaic. In this case, the purpose of the control is the people. And to do so, they must implant a microchip in them. With this, via satellite, they will finally have the power to monitor individuals. All those marked, will form the mosaic, a complete picture of humanity, with a mark of servitude. Then we project Lucid, which systems and computer programs, allow direct Tessera and its mosaic. The Lucid-Tessera-mosaic Trinidad will enable the enslavement of the entire planet, all this in the name of peace and security.

The Lucid, aims to ensure that all transactions, both purchases in sales, can be recorded and traced accurately. These transactions are then collected in the mainframe of the NSA, so bankers can coordinate the economy. The collection of data is at the heart of the beast (which is the name given to the central computer). etc.

All of these systems have been developed for years and are now operational. Now that you have an individual identification system, you can develop a profile of individuals by data collection is to leave them, and use these data to establish a form of IRS tax for bank data, records and driver’s license, the records of the military, the medical reports, political activities, the use of credit cardscriminal records and the arrests, political affiliations and many others. Then, you are able to place in your computer system a complete file on each individual. At the same time that you raise their « profile », you proceed to the identification of potential enemies of the State-ILLUMINATI
The State police will be in prevention mode.

In the prevention of crime, everyone is suspect until he proves his innocence, which is impossible in the current facts. Once the profile is established, then you’re able to target, capture and detain »those that the Government identifies as a criminal potential risk to national security. As to what constitutes a threat to global security, it is a political process whose goal is to silence all resistant to such a regime. In the case of the upcoming Government world order, that means all those who resist the attempt of enslavement by the Illuminati.
The culmination of all this is exactly what the bible says it will happen: the imposition of a brand on every man, woman and child so that they can buy or sell in a totally hermetic civilization: prisoners of Mammon.

Also, we know the reason for this gathering of data on us all
« And she was all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no man might buy or sell without the mark, the name of the beast or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. That one who has intelligence calculate the number of the beast! Because it is a human number, and his number is six hundred and sixty-six. »

These acts of terrorism are instigated to shock the people so as to convince him to accept what they would never have agreed otherwise. It is time to honor the things listed in the study manual 101 about the criminal Government.

Identification of peoples can only be accomplished by the establishment of a computer chip in each individual so that you can positively identify them within the system of the Antichrist. Those who accept this mark condemn themselves to eternal ruin
This is not a pleasant choice. The end result is total enslavement of the population of the Earth, in response of Satan through the financial elite, precisely those who according to the bible, will bring these things on humanity:

PSALM 2:1-5
 » Why the Kings of the Earth rise they and princes join with them against Lord and against his anointed? Breaking their links, deliver us from their chains! One who sits in the heavens laughs, the Lord mocks them. Then he speak to them in his anger, he vex them in his fury. »

DEUTERONOMY 28: 43 – 44
« The stranger that is among you will be still more above you, and you, you come down still further down; It will lend you, and you shall not lend him; He will be the head, and you’ll be the tail. »

International bankers are only lend their money to the nations, and the only ones to have a Central Bank system, such as the Federal Bank reserve. They became the head, they are high, and eventually, they will reign on all the peoples of the Earth. The men and women of the little people will then become slaves to the banking elite, who since the New Deal following the 1929 crisis, received the nations the power to create money as they want to, to then lend this money to nations in return of true material wealth of this nation. This is the worst flight that the world has ever known, it is a criminal operation globally.

« The light from the lamp shine most at home, and voice of the husband and the wife will be more heard you, because your merchants were the great of the Earth, because all nations have been seduced by your enchantments, and because was found in her blood of the prophets and the saints and all those who have been slain on the Earth. »

These merchants of Babylon are called the Lords of the Earth if you do a study of the words. These great men, these Lords reign on Earth via the interconnection of their international corporations. These corporations have so much influence, that they have infiltrated Governments and seized. This marriage between Government and big business is the Foundation for fascism, and this is the condition of the world of the end, while they are set up, their powerful fascist police States.

And this coalition is manifested especially in this successful attempt to establish a world government, as it has been described in Daniel Chapter 7, speaking of the power of the four beasts and the book of revelation, chapter 13, by the transition that this power of the beast in a conglomerate world nations with the feet of a bear (Illuminism/communism), the body of a leopard (the nazi Germany or world fascism) and the mouth of a lion (Cecil Rhodes and his new English Masonic World Government).

It is an absolute nazi police state, with powers draconian, accompanied by a series of murders and executions, all this in the name of brotherhood, love and peace.

THE PLAN of God to destroy the reign illuminati
Dthem phases, both take some time to put in place and finally run:

PHASE one is the punishment and the DESTRUCTION of his own people (the Church and Jews) VIA the Illuminati, then lightning rods of God having been excluded, humanity cannot more resist deadly possession and the fire: it will be wiped out in one day, the Earth will become like a desert, a new world will be rebuilt in the love of Christ.

It will allow the worst nation and their leaders come to destroy his own people which itself « diverted from the truth ». The Illuminati, known as the mystery of Babylon (secret societies) will trap and put to death his own people, the apostate Christians. These secret societies infiltrated deep into the heart of Catholicism to Protestantism. These impostors first infiltrated schools to be spreading their false doctrines on Salvation than prophecy. It has been done for years and the ‘faith’ leadership has been compromised and destroyed. All that remains is the false doctrine and the false prophecies. Evil has become so deep that it has become the truth, and good became evil, and evil has become well.

These groups of Christian leaders infidels (ecclesiastical masonry) rich and powerful, using television, radio and media to propagate their falsehoods on the world, proclaiming that they are working for Jesus Christ. Those wolves dressed in sheep clothing were also married to Governments via the incorporation in Exchange for various articles of exemption, becoming thus « a major weapon » into the hands of the movements of the Antichrist. The Government already, via workshops, or simply through direct, told them what they can say and what they cannot say. It is not different from the controlled churches of communism in China and Russia. The Bible says that they are not even aware of their own seduction.

Also, God is trying to use the cartels of the globalistes/Socialists/Marxists/illuminists, the Kings and leaders of the Earth as its instrument of punishment to the Christian Church and the Jews who have rejected the true Gospel and embraced the faux…

« I send against Babylon the vanneurs that the vanneront, which will empty his country; they will melt from all sides on it, on the day of misfortune. »

« Eternal armies has sworn by himself: Yes, I will perform you men like locusts, and they will push against you from the cries of war. »

« Misfortune will come to you, unless you see the dawn; the calamity will fall on you, without that you can avert it; and ruin will melt on you all of a sudden, out of the blue. »

« The proud btremble and fall, and person the report; I will put the fire on its cities, and it shall devour all the surroundings. »

the Illuminati will be busy to « clean » all traces of the dissidents and those who pose « a risk to national security ». All this will be accomplished by:

At) the arrest of all dissidents and especially the Christians and Jews who believe in the validity and reality of the bible and the prophecies of the bible, and this because they have already been characterized as such by the project Megiddo by the FBI as a risk to national security and potential terrorists.

(B) these arrests could well degenerate into a Revolution or something very close which would destabilize nations to Christian culture and especially Latin, enough that it weakens them vis à vis their enemies, which would be chargeable so by an all-out attack: civil, revolutionary and nuclear if necessary…

In the same time, Arab Kings will give their power to the « beast from the West », being acquired moral and spiritual living Christianity members annihilation, i.e. at the new world order based at the United Nations, the 10 bio-regions of the club of Rome to emerge from the United Nations, the world being then headed from the great city, the great city, the « empire city » Babylon. The House of meditation of the UN with its 10 seats and one for the Antichrist, will take then full possession of the Earth. We have then 10 Kings global regional put in place by the United Nations, to oversee all global operations.
To oversee the Middle East and Africa liberated from all his Christian pockets, there is specially the Arab « King » who secretly and at the same time, hates the prostitute and planned to burn by fire.

« The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a Kingdom, but they receive authority as Kings one hour with the beast. They are of one mind, and they give their power and authority to the beast. They shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome, because it is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, and conscripts, the elect and the faithful who are with him will also overcome them. »

This Western coalition of the USA/UN/NATO and the alliance of the Arab King is the final phase of the new world order. This is ‘the alliance with several’ that we see in Daniel chapter nine, an international alliance with the nations of the world concerning Jerusalem, Israel and the Middle East. In each event, the Illuminati are in full control of the most important parts of the world, holding the major parts of the strategic reserves, minerals and oil from the Earth. This coalition will be in power only in a short period of time, which is 3.5 years or 42 months.

« And he told me: the waters that you saw, where the harlot sits, are peoples, crowds, nations, and languages. » 16. the ten horns that you saw and the beast shall hate the harlot, make her desolate and naked, eat her flesh, and burn her with fire. Because God has put it into their hearts to execute his purpose and run one mind, and to give their Kingdom to the beast, until the words of God are fulfilled. « And the woman that you saw is that great city which has the kingship on the Kings of the Earth. »

The woman is literally the great city Babylon, the capital of the world.
The prostitute is the UN/USA/NATO complex, led the black Octopus head

Illuminati / / CFR/trilateral/Bildebergergroup

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the C.F.R.(Council on Foreign Relations)

(Council on Foreign Relations)

Founded in 1919:

By gray eminence of president Wondrow Wilson, Edward Mendell House for a globalism that the « silent » revolution will realize the great synthesis between capitalism and socialism.

Official object: stimulate in the American public an international spirit

Instigators and participants: The big name of the CFR is David Rockefeller, Chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank. To quote two well-known names, call George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton as members of the CFR.
The president of the CFR, Winston LORD, responding to one of our American brothers who asked if really it was the Trilateral Commission leading the world: « not at all, it’s the CFR who runs everything ».

Influence: Invisible Government of the United States, the CFR has approximately 2700 members, whose working groups examine permanently all topical. In place for thirty years, he succeeded in that no Secretary to the Department of State, defense, Treasury, key posts in these departments in major embassies, to the direction of the CIA, is chosen out of its group. Since 1933, any presidential election was conditioned by the CFR.
Members of the Council on Foreign relations are Americans who exercise a tight control on the Western States through ancillary companies, or international bodies chaired by their members, such as the World Bank.

There is in this case in the countries of Europe, circles semi-occultes followers of those who, at the same time, financed and communism and Nazism, offered half of Europe to communism after 1945, financed on both sides the dialectic struggle and survival of communism once he pretended to get rid of Stalinism, prevented East any « decommunisation » of the States despite the fall of the Berlin wall, they now want to move to the next step, to give time to place these regions under the same leadership that « America » submits to insiders who through the CFR, gradually withdrew to its Governments any autonomy of decision.

Basic principles of the CFR:

(1) trade and aid to the least developed countries, even revolutionaries
(2) pending a ‘World Government’ support: research, exploitation and distribution of energy resources and raw materials; rationalisation of trade; Regulation of conflicts so that there is never neither victors nor vanquished, but only of debtors;
(3) keep the communism, good atheist ideology, minimizing spills;
(4) create 10 new global sovereignty zones in noyant nations and homelands in
« large economic and geopolitical sets » The large pan-American (Canada-USA-Mexico), Europe, zone islam-Africa, South American conglomerate, etc… On leaves deliberately last conflicts like in the former Yugoslavia so that in the long run, people submit to any solution, IE the internationalist solution (see in this connection the document see silent for wars without noise arms) (
In 1974, Foreign Affairs (article by Richard N. Gardner: CFR, Bilderberg, trilateral), magazine of the CFR recommends that pending the time of a world Government, the United Nations should use all means « to erode piece by piece national sovereignty, since they impede the March of globalisation ». In 1992, upon the election of CLINTON (which is part of the CFR, incidentally), Richard N. Gardner became one of his permanent advisers to the White House.

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The Bilderberg group

First meeting in 1954:

Its deliberations remain strictly secret and only give rise to no record. The press is excluded and indeed there is no possibility of manual, mechanical, electrical or electronic recording in the room.

Instigators and participants:

Until 1976 the Presidency was exerted by prince Bernhard of Lippe, friend of the industry the most powerful as noted the dawn of August 27, 1976, who added that the prince was « within the »Bilderberg », extraordinary international World Freemasonry association Affairs », the term « business » must be taken in its broadest
His real « boss » is the billionaire David Rockefeller. When he became head of the Bilderberg Group, David Rockefeller had just created the Trilateral Commission. He is now president for America, while presiding the Council on Foreign Relations (C.F.R. or Council on foreign relations), organization considered the promoter of the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group (but the CFR includes only U.S. affiliates). Other names: Retinger, the instigator; F.D.L. Astor, editor of the London Observer. Georges Ball; Pierre Commin, of the S.F.I.O.; Allen Dulles, former Director of the CIA; US Senator Fulbright; Robert Murphy, Dean Acheson and Henry Kissinger, American statesmen; Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the bomb of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; and Nelson Rockefeller, future vice-president of the USA. (In France, found here the names of the participants, active or trapped: bildeberg-France ) )

The ties that bind the three secret societies to be regarded as aggregated organically in a same Monster… which would explain the presence of many members of the Bilderberg Group in C.F.R. or the Trilateral Commission.
We have seen that the Rockefeller financial animated three organizations. Others are affiliated, at the same time, two or three of these companies. For example: Georges Bush father (CFR, trilateral); Zbigniew Brzezinski (CFR, trilateral, Bilderberg); Henry Kissinger (CFR, trilateral, Bilderberg); Robert McNamara (CFR, trilateral, Bilderberg); Giovanni Agnelli (trilateral, Bilderberg); Baron Edmond de Rothschild (trilateral, Bilderberg); Thierry Montbrial, President of the French international relations Institute (trilateral, Bilderberg); Jean-Claude Casanova (trilateral, Bilderberg), man of confidence of Raymond Barre (trilateral) and the latest: Lionel Jospin (Bilderberg); etc.

It comes to determine the future of the world and tighten their control over the essential workings of supranational bodies. In 1977, in Torquay, in Great Britain, under the chairmanship of former British Prime Minister (Sir Alec Douglas-Home) it lives there regroup the essential David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger but also, president Giscard d’Estaing (who is finally not been there because of the great noise made by the canard enchaîné on meeting), Helmut Schmidt, Niarchos, the famous Greek shipowner, Agnelli, the « boss » of Fiat; the British Prime Minister; the president of Chase Manhattan Bank; etc.

That plot?

Paul Warburg, famous financier linked to the CFR told U.S. Senators on February 17, 1950: « we will have a world Government, like it or not. The only question is to know if it will be created by conquest or consent. »

Jacques Bordiot reveals in his book « moving a hidden hand », the main topics proposed during their deliberations: « It’s as seen, the process towards the establishment of a world government », he concludes:

· · international financial problems

· · freedom of emigration and immigration

· · the free movement of goods without customs barriers

· · the international economic union

· · the establishment of a force of international police with removal of the national armies

· · the creation of an international Parliament

· · the limitation of the sovereignty of States delegated to the United Nations or any other supranational government

True ideologies:

This organization recruits an « outer circle » members who adhere to previous ideas, but all people are not aware of the deep ideologies of some of the main members of a ‘any interior circle’ which are also part of the 2 other secret societies (trilateral and CFR).

You can have an overview of the ideologies of the members of the « inner circle » in the document show silent for wars without noise arms) (

· · The outer circle is formed by members of the conferences, comprising both of members and guests for the purpose of recruitment or screen.

· · The first circle inside, all of whom are the Bilderbergers, is a Board consisting of 24 European and 15 Americans. These are pretty much all – or have been – affiliated to the CFR. There are in fact: George W. Ball, Robert Murphy, David Rockefeller, Arthur Dean, Dean Rusk, etc.

· · Some of its members are part of a second inner circle still firmer, the Advisory Committee is known only that it includes European and American members the latter belonging to the CFR, including the Secretary general of the Bilderberg United States, David Rockefeller.
(for more information: the brochure of Robert Camman, the true masters of the world, whose success has forced Raymond bar to confess publicly in 1985 that he belonged to the Trilateral Commission, and which has warned the French public against the occult financial powers that take on a leash by the Trilateral Commission or Bilderberg group most of our politicians).

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The trilateral commission

Founded to comb the totalities of Western nations:

Before the expansion of the Asian world associated with the Western world, we see rely in 1972 a new unobtrusive organisation: the « Trilateral Commission ». Its name comes from the Masonic triangle, with its Summit USA (Wall Street) and its base the Japan and Europe, in other words: the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the City of London. It is situated 345 East 46th Street, New York.

Object: Build a political and economic cooperation between Western Europe, North America and the Japan.

It is semi-secret and international and brings together its members of the significant characters, often affiliated with other companies secret as Freemasonry, the B’nai B’rith, Bilderberg Group, CFR, and which have begun to govern in their own way, the Western world associated with the Japan. Members of the Trilateral Commission are recruited by cooptation, both in financial and economic circles and among politicians and media owners. Only criteria: they must be judged capable of understanding the great globalist plan for the Organization and to work usefully to its realization. His hushed, deliberately ignored by Governments and media, he will place the essential workings of States of men to it, d « infiltrate » the upper echelons of the Western world.

Instigators and participants:

The instigators are always the same: David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henri Kissinger, etc.
Among the characters known to the French, we can quote a few names of the french participants of the Paris Meeting in 1989: Claude Imbert, Thierry de Montbrial, Hubert Curien, Jacques Rigaud, Alain Cotta, Raymond Soubie, Robert Lion, Raymond Barre, Roland Dumas, Jacques Delors, Alain Poher, Jacques Chirac, etc. It will be seen the presence of personalities of the left and the right who look like good friends. Other participants may include: Giovanni Agnelli, Georg Büchner, James E. Burke, Isamu Yamashita, Yôtaro Kobayashi, E. Gerald Corrigan, Thomas P. Foley, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Manfred Wörner, etc.

The law of silence, dear to the mafia, has allowed so far at the Trilateral Commission to act in the shadows, so well that few know that this mysterious company exercises control more strict on States and the international economy through the affiliates that it has in high finance, politics, diplomacy and administration.


One of the « thinkers » of the Trilateral Commission: Zbigniew Brzezinski, which says: « Marxism is a victory of reason on faith, a vital and creative step in the ripening of the universalist vision of man », and the Secretary of the American branch of the mysterious company in 1976, Gerald C. Smith, added that: « In any case, the trilateral offices should be anti-communist ». Become the Adviser – the mahout – of president Carter, itself affiliated with the Trilateral Commission, Brzezinski added: « encourage the countries in question (including the Catholic Poland) to detach from the USSR would not serve the cause of peace ». This collusion of financiers and Communists illustrates the unnatural agreement of Grand Capital and the Revolution that independent writers denounce since over half a century.

The trilateral offices may place his men from one day to the next day at the summits of the peoples, from nothing; 2 striking examples: Jimmy Carter and Raymond Barre

That plot?

French members of the Trilateral Commission as well recruit left that in the centre or on the right. Those who call themselves left touting « internationalism », and those who call themselves right touting « Globalism », both terms leading to the World Government. Members of the right are used to destroy small farms, artisan, small trade, SMEs and SMIs on behalf of economic liberalism and free trade, in the interest, they say, economic dynamism, employment and consumers. Members of the Centre being used to destroy the ideas of nation and patriotism on behalf of friendship among peoples and humanism. All favor interracial mixture, uprooting all individuals (religion-culture-traditions-language-history), destabilizing the nations of Asia (from the Mediterranean basin) and Europe, which are homes and sources of the culture of humanity. Raymond Barre and Simone Veil are the drivers of the powerful trilateral in Europe. In 1975, Jacques Chirac was to define the Trilateral Commission: « this is what we call a company of thought in France. It is one of the most prominent. »
At the meeting held secretly in April 1989 in Paris, after a public announcement, the Socialist Mitterrand and the liberal Giscard d’Estaing made courtesy assault against the supreme leader of the powerful Corporation: the first was awarded to the banker David Rockefeller the Legion of honor, which the Ribbon was presented officially by the second. This meeting of the Executive Committee of the Trilateral Commission in Paris succeeded another manifestation, not less significant, which took place three months earlier in Moscow. A delegation led by David Rockefeller, Georges Berthoin and Henry Kissinger was received at the Kremlin by Mikhail Gorbachev. This new agreement allowed the official Foundation of the B’nai Berit and the lodges of Moscow. A new branch of the Trilateral Commission was therefore able to be born three years after: the Asian, the Russia returning to it with the Japan and the United States. This economic strength is now also strategic as soldiers participate in its meetings.

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JEREMIAH 51 – 50
« Come out of her, my people, and that each saves his life, escaping the burning anger of Lord! Your heart be troubled point, and not the noises that will spread in the country be frightened; because this year will occur a noise, and the following year another noise, violence will reign in the country, and a Dominator rises against another overbearing. Therefore behold, the days come where I will punish the idols of Babylon and all his land will be covered with shame; all her slain shall fall in the midst of it. 48 on Babylon will sound the shouts of joy of heaven and Earth, and all that they contain; as the septentrion the devastating melt on it, eternal said. Babylon also will fall, o dead of Israel, as it did drop the dead from across the country.  »

When Gog will attack, and is heading towards the South to invade the Middle East, it will go at the same time to the North above the Arctic pole, in order to hit this attack will be so powerful that it will literally shake the entire Earth from its orbit. It could also coincide with the passing of a comet or an asteroid, one of the weapons of the indignation that God will bring upon Babylon.

LINKS: attack September 11: the Illuminati, see
The time is the truth see
Secret pages of pascuser: see
Protestant vision on the future dark illuminati :

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NOTE about September 11 on 11 QUESTIONS simple

President George Bush senior in a speech to the Congress on 11 September 1990, said this: « [The war in Iraq is] a valuable opportunity to enter into a historic period of cooperation. » These time of disorders,…  » a new world order can emerge. » Exactly 11 years later, to the exact day, the Illuminati attacked America in an apparent effort to force the Americans to enter the new world order. The onslaught of the Illuminati on the towers of New York reads in the date, the number of the flight, the occult meaning of 11, it says in big letters: the Illuminati

How is it that there has been no trace of aircraft on the Pentagon site destroyed September 11 debris?

How is it that a young marine had called his mother from a ship of the Navy Sunday or Monday telling him that « something big would happen in America », then telling her mother that the ship was going to move away from the coast is. Something big was going to happen?

And let’s not forget the poor Chandra Levy, who also called his relatives, telling them that there’s something « big » enough so that she must warn them all. Had she decided to warn America that intelligence agencies had planned or knew of the existence of the WTC attack and how and when it would take place?

Let us not forget that Senator Condit, who is a member of the Senate selected for the Intelligence Service Committee, knew several things in the TOP SECRET area. His laptop computer was at the Chandra also. She found some things concerning the plan of the WTC attack? The poor girl was probably out of itself and heard it, and it became an immediate target, having become a potential risk for the Illuminati, she was murdered retrpuvee.

Then a multitude of reservists were called Monday, just before the attack takes place. Why have they suddenly been called just before the attack?

And we know that the Mossad said in Washington that America would be hit. And the level of the NSA also gave her warnings, following the interception of a telephone conversation. The German services who were confessions of a repentant accomplice have not been reviewed either.

I know the family of a firefighter being buried, he refused to leave the towers (the idea of an immediate implosion being technically unthinkable) when the order was given their evacuation with this slogan: ‘everything will collapse’ given by leaders before the explosion of the charges. The leaders therefore knew in advance?

None of the regulars affiliated to the masonry in the WTC were present, in broad daylight, and full time (approximately 4000 insiders) office at the specified time…

And then all these warnings were completely kept secrets. Why? When JFK was assassinated by the cartel of the masons/Illuminati, normal security procedures had been removed. Why? The same thing happened here.

Then we have a report from a group of experts in construction, and who have watched videos of the destruction of the WTC buildings, and they claimed that the building was imploded by means of explosive charges, placed to explode after the buildings have been affected by the aircraft. They have even added that these buildings would be never collapsed under normal circumstances. These men are professionals in structure, engineers and architects, and according to the same report, a high source of information suggested that these explosives were placed there before the attacks. An eyewitness on CNN who had escaped in extremis to the destruction, reported hearing a series of explosions and then the second tower collapsed it even.

When I looked at myself this event, before the first tower fell there was a large explosion to the left of the TV screen and a large quantity of grey smoke and dust came out of the 50th floor of the nearest tower. I pointed out this to my wife « what is it? Something had just explode! « . » Was this the beginning of the implosion, where is that Building 7 was imploded first, and was the first to crumble? This videotape was quickly banned by CNN and it was more review since. The smoke started to appear until the first tower has begun to implode. There is something that does not stick.

Then we have a friend who has called us and who studies financial transactions, and he discovered that holders of paper inside the WTC had lost only 28 billion dollars in investments, while there were the biggest investors of several insurance companies, so normally, the entire system would be affected. He talked to his brother, a worker for the position of firefighter from NYC, then told him that it was an attack on « inside ». He said that the building has « imploded » from the inside, using explosive charges placed at strategic locations of buildings. The man who had done the work of engineering building, said on CNN that he had been expected to be able to withstand a direct impact by a Boeing 707 airliner, and would not of collapse. As all this is interesting. And evidence were ignored. And the American people has completely swallowed this lie.

How, without inside help, could you place explosives inside the World Trade Center, while it was under high security, especially since the attacks of 1993? And why the media have not reported these facts? So much more than we have heard two interviews of firefighters made by CNN, stating going in the basement where they had removed survivors? CNN has totally ignored what these firefighters have said, and they have continually maintained that there was no survivor who had been found through the ruins, person. So, what has happened to these people? Perhaps should it not be no survivors so that they can tell what they knew. At the beginning, we are surprised. But when you start to connect the dots, it helps us to understand the whole portrait of an event where all this trouble has been so generously committed. All we can say is « bad men proceed still more in evil ».

Update: CNN just report (9-17-01 7:20 pm CST) that all Navy ships that had web sites through which they could communicate with those outside, had stopped all their activities before the attacks Monday.

Ah! Insiders and Illuminati, thanks!


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