9 000 billion at the FED’s gone and the media silence

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9 000 billion at the FED’s gone and the media silence

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9 trillion or 9 trillion in French, or 9 trillion in US standard or even $9 000 000 000 000 (in figures it spoke immediately more) the equivalent of 30 000 dollars for every American or more seriously

$ 1500 for each inhabitant of the planet (knowing that many of them earn no more $1 per day)

four times what the USA Treasury owes to China. It is 100 000 euros for each French

This is the sad result of the flight of the FED mentioned above to discover the pot aux roses and amazement: Silence in the media (since May 6, 2009)

Yet there was a Hay of the devil in the Kerviel case: 5 billion

or recently l’affaire Madoff: 50 billion

With regard to the whopping, really small players

Why such omerta in the information? There you it a slogan launched to not make waves on this story so the source is a video / discussion surreal between rep Alan Grayson and a General Inspector of the FED in the U.S. Senate:


-Inspector Sherman, you’re well inspector at the Federal Reserve?


-You have conducted an investigation I guess on the role of the FED in
the aid granted was LEHMAN BROTHERS?

-In this particular case, we have not conducted investigative

-Have you diligent an investigation into the trillions of $ that disappeared
your books to the Bloomberg say?

-We currently looked to assess the risks

-This I understand but have you done a specific survey on this
specific topic?

-(Eclipse) we are in the process of starting something
has this issue.

-You are the inspector general, then you know the identity of
those or that are recipient of funds?

-With regard to this transaction we have not yet investigated on this
precise point.

-Are you aware of the disappearance of these trillions of $ that have
disappeared from your books?

-We have not conducted special investigation in our jurisdiction to
This topic to clarify, and we have no jurisdiction nor
for some details of the investigation.

-Madam, 9 trillion from $ which is $30,000 by each inhabitant
American, including all layers of population, you tell me no
not be responsible for the investigation, then who is?

-(hesitating) who is responsible for investigation…
can ask you the question!

-What have you done about the disappearance of this money on your
books according to Bloomberg, for a $ 9 trillion from $,.
in the last 8 months?

-I have to watch the Bloomberg article, blogs besides that I
haven’t read.

-Madam is not the issue! I ask, or are passed
9 trillion from $ disappeared from your accounts?

-A this point we conduct an investigation at high level

-Have you driven this survey since last September?

-We are collecting information about what
happens on this subject.

-You are trying to tell me that person follows the trace of a
regular way to the disappearance of this money!

-I do not know and we are not in a position to be able to tell if
It is a loss or though this or else

-My time is up Mrs Chairman, but I am shocked no one has
the FED or even the Inspector General cannot have trace of all this.

I thank this post present a few players in the transmission of this information which you can follow some items not listed here by clicking on the links below as

Pierre JC Allard on Agoravox that made me discover the info

Internet freedom which I copied the text below

Z : Member of the Post: read these items also!

Hoping that writing the Post will have the courage to put this information forward on its site through the function: info chosen by the Editor (not knowing how to follow a hand?)

After you would have not seen my Gold?, here is a new incident of an unimaginable dimension.

There was concern for US debt , which comes from than 11300 billion US dollars, but we discover with amazement that the Central Bank of the USA, the ‘Federal Reserve’, which is in fact nothing else that a cartel formed by the biggest banks of the United States of America, would have lost no fewer than 9000 billion

Disappeared, vanished into thin air, no more trace of which represents debt further from 30 000 dollars per US citizen. I dare not imagine the motivations and mechanisms that hide behind what constitutes – in my very humble opinion – misappropriation of funds held by a few privileged banksters, who understood that the system they put in place short at his loss and will collapse.

While the population will have to work hard to try to repair the damage and rebuild a new society on the ruins of commercialism and put monetarism in place by U.S. authorities to the boot of these same bangsters, the latter will have probably already taken the powder of magic potion having accumulated fortunes they have carefully done out of the country and placed in tangible assets.

The fortune accumulated by the bangsters is the biggest scam ever put in place, the pyramid of exploitation of the most monstrous population has ever engineered, and enabling them to get to the shelters while awaiting the consequences of the Tsunami are blurred, but more serious again, then allow them to resurface once the crisis will affect its endin several years at a minimum, to perpetuate their domination over the economic system through the fortunes that they have accumulated, and resist their offspring a legacy control expanded political power.

Disaster closer with long strides and it becomes urgent and imperative to flee markets in action at all legs. The sudden the USD drop last week and rising simultaneous rates on long-term US Treasury bonds (see discussion it will not go higher!) are the warning signs of a monetary and financial crisis in acceleration lane, which we hardly dare to imagine the consequences.

In 2001, 10 September, i.e. on the eve of the tragically famous attacks of September 11, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld said that the Pentagon had misplaced unexplainable way 2300 billion US dollars.

(a informational: 500 billion USD corresponds approximately to the annual budget of the defence: 9 000 billion! what rotate the machine of war for 18 years)

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