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Hi all

YOU do have steps Note If EN is HILARIOUS, more Navy APPROXIMATES the power, moreover, ILS are NERVOUS, although obviously, more, they invent stories, the problem, it is that being DANLE DENIE, or, since the policy of the OSTRICH, CA NA never market

THEREFORE CLEAR.It is cia, Rockefeller, the fbi, the Rothschilds, John of England, who must

Being happy

EH! the ECB, forget, your Treaty, it is of Tin, it is obsolete, no steps available, I AI DIS, not, as french 54.67%de, in 2005 for the Lisbon Treaty

all french on May 29, 2005 (not: 15 449 508 (54.67% of NON) in the Referendum, ratification of the Lisbon Treaty),

The project of IDU in the basque country, to a single Department, as it did with the Department of s. Royal, latter which includes the merger of Poitou-Charentes, Limousin and Aquitaine regions, and why not the whole France

It is SIMPLE? if you vote UMPSDI, you vote for FAF(Vall,BILDERBERG), CIA (SARKO), IDU (CIA) Nathalie Goulet, Senator IDU, confirms that she met the Director of the CIA, fascism, true to the FRANCOVALLS, not the one that is stuck vulgarly in label on the LOGUE, the true, the authentic, the ORIGINAL, that which is evil, and that hard, hard, hard, hard, HITLER next to UDPMIS is the cat’s pee, they will put us it, well smoothIt is unfortunate, but it is like that, sorry, but, to call a cat, a cat. SARKO, A Miss check mark once, but the LOUPERA not 2


In short, spend the murder of Lady Diana was sponsored by the Crown of England, and particularly prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and the contract was given to MI6, outside of the United Kingdom and the Mossad intelligence service. The Royal family of England did not a pretender to the throne of Arab origin, see even Muslim…,thank you grandmother, thanks dad, thanks Tonton, EH, BEN, you said no thank you, the child,

Namely, that all the world has and has mourned, the English people came to mass 3 million people, were present, but represents those who were far away, and that could not come

I understand better now the PISTOLS, when, they sang (GOD SAVE, a FACIST REGIM, I recall most of the suite, but it is downloadable on all music sites, I admit that I had never made the link, like what, 30 years after

a schoolteacher suspected of pedophilia in the Hauts-de-Seine

I liked the reaction of a lady, media TV on i TV, I believe was interviewed in the street, when we

asked the question, but q’ hseu what done you, know that a pedophile takes care of your child, I find frankly, that his answer was top, she said simplenent c,’ is disappointing but, as long as the suspicion will not exact proven because ellel well marked the difference between, suspicions, and acted as the truth, frankly this chicklike the guy who replied on reform MACRON, I recall most of what said, but his response was scathing, and garish truth, on the worker, that beautiful a banging of the hours, a large part, it will be resumed, it is there, that I was told that the french in general are not trick

Poll: 67% of FN supporters favour the departure of Le Pen father of the party, we know all that surveys of the press, audiovisual and written, are water bottles, and that it is the only way, which were found to tried to harm family LOGUE, it is 40 years it lasts, why is should stop in so good way, say.In short, this makes me think to GAZA, not that I want to turn away, these two symbols, Yes, I say symbol, both are symbols of freedom, one for Palestine and the other for the French. Therefore this detail, which close the 2 symbols, it is GAZA which, reminds me of the bombing of this city or the Israelis are fierce as crazy by bombarding « the civil population, » some people (journalist and politicians) agree that it is precisely, what was the Jewish army, A show, but, if it proves to be correct, some really have interest to stash. This similarity, I did found in free, but can no longer free attacks on LOGUE, this maladifs(pour vous dire SARKO,a fait deles de attaques beaucoup plus cruelles contre JUPPE et F.FILLON bon,ils le méritaient,mais,quand,même.) doggednesses That, I just wanted to say by this screed, it is that attack them incessant on the LEPENs can happen to anyone, and, when talking about fascism, racism, xenophobia, torture, paedophilia and Satanism, incompetence and so on, it is certainly not in France that they must come, but in the Third Reich in ISRAEL, which is and becomes the country, more and more racist.

Many people wonder, why, I defend with so many fractious, the FN and the LOGUE family

Quite simply, because « I love not, idiots, and I do not speak to the cons, ca, the educated;No, of course, it’s a joke, though!because it is people, it is, 40 local area, some book, nauseating squabble, which goes up to the fact not to shake hands with a member of Parliament or Senator FN, when it, like any other Member, or Senator of any regions would be thanked, as it should, which means simply that you, take a lambda guy, Breton who has 16 pins (age) to engage in the FFI, read rather cela

In November 1944, aged 16, he asked colonel Henri de La Vaissière (aka Valin) to engage in the FFI (French Interior Forces), who prefers to deny: « now, order is given to ensure that our volunteers have eighteen years of age. » Are you ward of the nation: dream to your mother2 ! »

The French Interior Forces (FFI) are the result of the merger, 1er February 1944, major military groups of French Resistance fighters who had constituted themselves in occupied France : thearmy secret (AS, Gaullist, involving Combat, Libération-Sud, Maverick), thearmy resistance organization (ORA, giraudiste), the Francs-tireurs and partisans (FTP, Communist), etc.,

Hold, to silence the collabos, I see evil, a mome in Ecstasy before the FFIs, representing the resistance for him (which represents DeGaulles… ect), becoming NAZI, far right, MEIN KAMPF, etc…, a bit of common sense, I know this, you made défaut(vous avez déjà mélangez de l’huile et de l’eau) it cannot be, then Emulsions uh!Reflectance J;Stone, when some Jews, such as elkabbach, meyer HABIB, BUDDIES from the COLLARD COLLABO, of the ALIOT COLLABO, we know very well that they are Freemasons, something which is incompatible with the front, which was created by JEAN-MARIE LE PEN, which is party of movement, most on less GAULLIST, and we know that the CIA did not in his heart, he no longer have indeed , knowing the CIA (having said that, I think that Rockefeller was aware, are prescription, now) was trying to eliminate it, a little more than forty times, the history of the DS riddled with bullets, voila, why, I defend, a man, a family

Which could be of my family and that we are always bashing, so that was there, really, not what, as.AH, I also wanted to say, that a television among others, the written media talk about people (but that you knew, but affabuler it is serious, that it knows absolutely no; I think a trick, SARKO has missed the boat, he was too concerned to make the beautiful on the terrace of the boat of BOLLORÉ, rotten laws, they would have us fact behind our backs)as it has done pourle Treaty of Lisbon, the law of 2005,

I was trying to think of one thing, what I souheterais for the France, is of course a France without Masons franc, it’s going from either, knowing that for 40 years, they have shown

Their incompetence, for 40 years, they have lied to their participant in leurmaires, which fortunately no etaispas all Freemasons, they have lied to their constituents.

In fact, many views the guy, who has broadcast IMAGES shock, on Algeria the farm AMEZIANE’s TORTURE A great scale, same, if it reminds of the bad memories, should I say nightmare, unfortunately, there is a tendency, forget this as it show a picture on google 2 Algerian NUDES, which didn’t riena envy to AUCHWITZ except that it was the Jews black foot , quiprenait a malicious pleasure in torturing, but forget, Treblinka, Sabra and Shatila

Image « Format » Algeria Resistance, interesting, has read, it is there that one says that the inconpetemce, and the fracmaconnerie, that this is Algeria, or the USA are almost everywhere, once, that the USA will have finished their operation from COM to CUBA, and it prepare carefully to coitus, for now, preparing the baths hot, lack more than the small flowers blue, of thought»It could be ancient rome

The article to read to understand the strike at Radio France

This social conflict, which between Wednesday in its 21st day, is one of the longest in the history of the Round House. Francetv info book you the key to understand the strike which disrupts the public radio programs.

Radio France strikers employees meeting in General Assembly, April 2, 2015, at the House of the Radio in Paris. (MAXPPP)

By Benoît Loverance

Updated the 08/04/2015 | 11:45 , published the 07/04/2015 | 18:37

« Due to a strike call by several unions on the defense of employment at Radio France, we are not able to broadcast the entirety of our usual programs. Please forgive us. » This turns message loop on the Radio France stations now 21 days.

The strike, which touches the antennae of the public service since March 19, and which was again renewed for 24 hours Tuesday, April 7, is one of the longest in the history of the Round House – that of May 1968 had lasted more than a month. Francetv info explains why this social conflict settled in the long term.


Already, what is Radio France?

Radio France is a public company which includes all public service radio: France Info, France Inter, France Culture, France Musique, Fip and Mouv’, 44 local stations of the network France blue, two orchestras and two choirs. It employs 4 600 workers full time equivalents. The group, heir to the radios of l’Office de radiodiffusion Télévision française (ORTF), has the status of joint stock company since its inception in 1975, but its capital is 100% owned by the State. Its seat is installed in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, in a building called the House of radio, which form earned him the nickname of Round House.

The House of the radio, the headquarters of Radio France, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, April 4, 2015. (MAXPPP)

Why are employees on strike?

The strike began before even the boss of Radio France, Mathieu Gagnon, does its economy for the business measures. Five unions, the CFDT, CGT, FO, SUD and Unsa, are at the origin of this call to stop working. Their claims are eclectic. This will maintain two orchestras, staffing and programs of the France Bleu network services home, security and cleaning, as explained France Culture.


The strikers also fear that branch left the vocation of public service of Radio France, favouring profitability criteria, according to them. »We do speak us that formats and not content, brands and non-identity of antennas, silver and not of wealth », they accuse in a forum published in Le Monde Saturday.


On the side of the local branches of France Bleu, anger rises also for another reason: they refuse to « syndication », advocated by the Directorate. I.e. the pooling of the programs for the sake of savings. The strikers fear that this measure entails a loss of local identity of the stations.

That makes strike exactly?

About 7% of the employees of Radio France are on strike, according to management. The movement is thus renewed every day unanimously by a vote by show of hands at a general meeting of staff, comprising between 300 and 500 strikers at the headquarters of the company. The strike is mainly followed by technicians, says AFP.

But the South, Jean-Paul Quennesson steward, puts these calculations. »Figures and the profession of the strikers are difficult to estimate due to problems of pointing. « There are people who are half days of strike, others who are on unlimited strike », he assures the World .

Employees of Radio France voted the continuation of the strike, April 7, 2015, at a general meeting at the House of the radio in Paris. (MAXPPP)

What does the CEO to do exactly?

The Government wants that Radio France, like other public companies, realizes savings. He therefore asked its CEO to save 50 million euros from here to 2019. Support to him to find how and where to make the necessary budget cuts.

Appointed to the head of Radio France there is a little more than a year by the Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel (audiovisual regulatory body-CSA), Mathieu Gagnon has developed a « strategic project ». He gave it to his Minister of supervision, the Minister of Culture and Communication, Fleur Pellerin. It must now submit it to employees, during a central Committee (IAC) extraordinary, Wednesday. The unions, who already took note Saturday, unveiled major cost-saving measures.

Payroll accounting for 60% of the budget of the public group, CEO plans to reduce it, via 300-380 voluntary departures, priority for seniors: 18 to 24 million euros in savings. The removal of one of the two orchestras, a time considered, is abandoned. But their size will be reduced. The plan also provides for the judgment of the short- and medium-wave broadcast: 16 million euros in savings.

France Musique is the hardest radio by these economies. The music channel will be reformed, refocused on « the repertoire », with fewer emissions, and sharp topics provided on the web, with the creation of an Internet « radio jazz ». An alternative scenario of merger of Fip and France music seems, him, discarded.

The financial position of the group is so catastrophic that much?

The money that finances Radio France comes to more than 90% of the licence fee. But this financial resource is increased from 610 million to EUR 601 million between 2012 and 2015. However, the overall budget of Radio France was about EUR 660 million in 2014. By 2015, for the first time in its history, the Board of Directors of the Group adopted a budget deficit. At the end of the year, it should miss 21.3 million euros into the coffers, reminds The world .


Add to that the Bill for the construction of renovation of the House of radio, which continues to climb. Its cost was estimated at 172 million euros in 2004, during an initial assessment. Ten years later, it has already cost € 584 million. And it is always ended by. Begun in 2009, the work should be completed, at the earliest, in 2018, tip Betty.

The CEO has requested an extension of emergency to cover the end of the shipyard, Radio France was negotiating with the State of his new contract of objectives and means, COM, which will set the resources of the group for several years, and which should be tidied up to mid-April. « Cash is dry, if nothing is done, the summer will be », said Mathieu Gagnon on i-Télé. The Minister of Culture is committed to give him the necessary funds. But meanwhile, the strike cost one million euros per week to the public group, said AFP.

Radio France strikers employees manifest near Matignon in Paris, April 2, 2015. (CITIZENSIDE / AURÉLIEN MORISSARD / AFP)

There would not also a problem with the CEO?

While Radio France was already mired in this social conflict, Le Canard enchaîné made revelations on expenses of the young and new patron of 38 years. The satirical weekly says that since his arrival a little over a year ago, Mathieu Gagnon spent more than 100 000 euros


to renovate his office and has hired a specialist in communication, Denis Pingaud, for 90 000 euros per year, all without tender.

And The duck has flushed out a precedent. When Mathieu Gagnon was the boss, from 2011 to 2014, l’Institut national de l’audiovisuel (INA) would have paid more than one million euros in costs of advice and 125 000 euros for renovate the two offices of its President and CEO. http://www.francetvinfo.fr/Economie/medias/a-l-INA-Mathieu-Gallet-aurait-depense-125-000-euros-pour-son-Bureau-et-1-million-en-frais-de-conseils_864519.html

Mathieu Gagnon denounced « defamatory allegations ». Considers to be the victim of a « organized Cabal » and to pay a « sort of administrative shadow network, political ». But a part of the trade unionists and employees of Radio France deem that their boss is now « discredited ». Friday in the General Assembly they voted a motion of no confidence against him and demanded his resignation. The same evening, on i-Télé, CEO excluded to leave his post and assured that he would go « to the end ».

The CEO of Radio France, Mathieu Gallet, April 2, 2015, in Boulogne-Billancourt (Hauts-de-Seine). (KENZO STEPHANIE / AFP)

If it’s public service, why the State does nothing?

To break the deadlock, unions call for several days to the Government and are calling for a mediator. Without success, for now. The Minister of tutelage, Fleur Pellerin, refuses to play the referees. « I did not intervene in the management of social dialogue », she says. It therefore merely expose its ‘vision of the radio public service’ and its ‘red lines’.It also sum Mathieu Gagnon to renew social dialogue. It has « all the cards » to get out of the conflict, she says.

His predecessor, Frédéric Mitterrand, who lent his support to Mathieu Gallet, former member of his cabinet, decrypts the situation. The outcome of the conflict « is played in the bureau of Fleur Pellerin and CSA. The State is the main shareholder but the appointments, the CSA, he said on i-Tele. The CSA appointed him unanimously, it had confidence and not let go it. It is they who follow this folder. » The Minister may put pressure on the Radio France boss to guide its decisions. But it can be removed only by the CSA who appointed him.

Why this strike lasts so long?

The call to strike has, from the outset, was launched by the Inter-Trade Union Association for an unlimited period. And trade unions are organized to withstand a long tussle with the direction. At the beginning of the movement, they filed four different notice. Each on a specific point. An employee may thus stop working one day on a claim, and then return to work before you get back on strike, in order not to lose too many days of salary.

A small number of strikers who take turns so enough to paralyze antennas sustainably, explains Télérama. Solidarity between employees can also take: a strike fund has already raised more than 61 000 euros in sixteen days.

http://www.Telerama.fr/radio/Greve-a-Radio-France-Pourquoi-CA-dure, 124936.php

http://www.francetvinfo.fr/Economie/medias/Greve-a-Radio-France/Trois-choses-Vues-dans-les-couloirs-de-Radio-France-au-16e-jour-de-greve_867309.html strike fund, why, your days of strike do not sotils not paid, this is shameful, getting as much wheat, they make the ancient, schrameck, gallet, etc…!and not pay these workers when they go on strike, when, we want that a vehicle ahead, it puts her gasoline, if it there out of gas, it is certainly fault, who led, knowing it will make less terminal if he was told road, the most reasonable, apparently, this chemin pellin, schrameck, wang’ondu poorly at show it to gallet as I said, there are several days, the inconpetence, and Freemasonry are one, c’est ça frederick mitterand, to the buddy from the buddy, who is brother, one day or another, we pay his inconpetence, ACCS fact that commemcer

A Radio France striker employee collects money in the Fund to strike April 3, 2015, at the House of the radio in Paris, at a general meeting. (JACQUES DEMARTHON / AFP)

This social conflict will therefore never end?

‘Perspective, painful, a new week of ‘radio silence’ looms’ , prevents the society of journalists (SDJ) of Radio France, in a forum published on the website of The Obs, which always calls for « a project, not a shock therapy », « would destabilize the company ».


« We are at a turning point because of the job cuts plan » , said Lionel Thompson for the CGT, at a new general meeting, Tuesday. »We cannot accept this plan », stressed Philippe Ballet, of the Unsa. « To exit from the strike, mediation is a prerequisite, said Jean-Paul Quennesson, of South. » » Should also be real progress and know the amount of the additional staffing. » Status quo therefore.

For the representative of the CFDT, Renaud Dalmar, « blocking seems final contestant » and « we can succeed only with the appointment of a mediator ». Saturday meeting also held without the CEO Mathieu Gallet, even if it was held closely informed of negotiations, depending on the direction. « There is no hope to get out of the strike immediately, the malaise is deep », said a Union representative.

I had bothered to read the article, you can get a summary ;)?

For 21 days, employees of Radio France go on strike against cost-saving measures that must announce their boss, Wednesday, to straighten the public company’s finances. They fear such an important plan of downsizing. The CEO of the group, Mathieu Gagnon, is taken in a Vice between the requirements of its sole shareholder, the State, and unions who refuse its ‘strategic plan’. An even more untenable position it is weakened by the embarrassing revelations about expenses related to the renovation of his office. Between management and employees, positions seem irreconcilable. The strike could last until the end of the week.

What interests them strongly, it is Euronext?


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