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Hi all

EH! the ECB, forget, your Treaty, it is of Tin, it is obsolete, no steps available, I AI DIS, not, as french 54.67%de, in 2005 for the Lisbon Treaty

all french on May 29, 2005 (not: 15 449 508 (54.67% of NON) in the Referendum, ratification of the Lisbon Treaty),

The Freemasons of the Government Al-Shehri

 » Among the members of the Government, a dozen are suspected Freemasons, but only a small half of them admit it at hints. « (Le Figaro)

When the french elect the Grand Orient without knowing.


Century – Claire Severac Rebellion, the list of the collaborators and long to women during and after the

On their shaved hair,.

USA FASCIST (queens) not the American people, that, the most I think

A lot

But it’s billionaire, today, which are in the Congress, and who think as before, it pouvaitla rain and the beautiful temp,

7 Queen Elizabeth II (Windsor Family of Britain) German & Greek usurpers of the British Crown.

this, does not the United, States with grandfather BUSH, normal, was aware, at the same, opportunity Wnston Churchill, and Franklin Roosevelt(car me called steps that they were not aware of, and that The Queen of Anglete rre was unaware , either,I did there should not, knowing that in addition,Winston Churchill was Prime Minister of England,and that they were not aware of what was happening with Prescott BUSH ,is a GAG(and links that had Bush with the Consolidated Silesian Steel Company (CSSC), based in Silesia, the German-Polish border rich in ores.) During war, this company profited from slavery organized by the Nazis in concentration camps, including Auschwitz.)We know, why? now!,, me recall a sentence in manifest Rothschild , which says they need to you you are taking listed 2 (15 ) WARS WILL BE INSTIGATED, FINANCED and DIRECTED so that we control BOTH SIDES, placing all parties FURTHER INTO OUR DEBT. (American Revolution through Desert Storm, Afghanistan and WW III? ) , ( ) The Rothschild Manifesto – circa 1840?> > Four Winds 10 – Truth…After that, you the Pellet, do us shit, and blame us while it makes chandeliers, you know and apply what you did, among other French, then, Yes, are talking about Jews, movies, documentaries, of the SHOAH, for

Bilderberg governs the France!-… EH! CA promotes serious to be knighted by the mafia of Bilderberg I want s told this asshole of valls, concerned his Masons francs to BILDERBERG, and it stops to deal with the Affairs of the France, he was, and that ils(son équipe) were never able to govern, will never know, such SARKOZY, that he take his mates of IDU with these FAFs (French American Foundation (, tink, tank, freethinkers Gags branch of Freemasonry, CFR), his century, his Masons francs, also, it does not want both with valls, you are going to say, these acorns of the Congress, that their treaties trans Atlantic, their, coca, their burger… etc, their stew, we want not, the departments will remain departments. The project of IDU in the basque country, to a single Department, as it did with the Department of. Royal, latter which includes the merger of regions Poitou, Limousin and Aquitaine, and why not the France whole, but stop Devarajan engineering in your corner, you think, but you are sick, I know, who are disappointed of the descent, remain under perf.

Holland cleared, valls exudes, 2 clear – French

This morning, a rabbit killed a Hunter, (televisiellefrancaise song), but no, I already made you that the

This morning, I saw this asshole to Hervé Morin, IDUS,makes me laugh, is that he find a way to say,’ Yes, must be ruled threat FN, but the threat, Duke, c hole is you, with Sarko (UMP),Morin, Lagarde(UDI),Valls (PS), I l « have listened to, AH, in fact,If, Stephanie MARIE LEPEN must go to the island God, why not youmorin, go enc…, it is can surrounded, but that, but c a strong surprise me

I ais listened to 30 « , he has the gall to say, NotreFfrance, and me, I want to say, do not tell your France, done much long, that your France, or sold it in the USA at the CIA, to the dorky and mentally ill of BILDERBERG NAZI and you have the nerve to call FN(EXTREME DROITE,c’est dele de FOUTAGE de gueule,c’est l’Hopital)(, who cares of lacharité), then my axles and ladies, if one can still called it, a bit of decency, close there, and, above all, talk more about in my name, I do not know not for others, but they are great chances, they think like me, I reiterated, but the threat, it is you UMPSDI , clear , and stop your cinema.

ROYAL, has also, with your ecology of my 2, it knows and apparently I’m far from being the only one to think that your supposedly meteorological effects, or your pollution peaks, it is simply a way away for influcer people to think that their city, as PARIS(à PARIS,parce que l’on est en France,à BERLIN et MADRID)(, unfortunately it is like this) in the occurrence is polluted, it is, but no more, than another, it is not to MEXICO, and then ROYAL your false pretences of publicized conflict ROYAL, HIDALGO, head for, there is a movement responsive, which is ARCHI bidon(Dans quel récipient,à germer cette idée,ça ne peut pas venir d’un cerveau,aussi bête,soit il.)If you wanted that PARISIANS, among others change from cars, they were enough first ‘ increase their purchasing power, but the mentor, it’s head, it’s not him, that in fact SCIENCEPOPO, and GUEANT, with TRICHET, automobiles,you’re desBOUFFONS, CEST as your PYRAMMIDE of crap, that you have wanted to build East who do have.,had offices VOIDS that have served has nothing with too large roomsIn addition very served evil

you are BUFFOONS Brief turn on these tench. On the FR3 among others, not all chains, but I have noticed that one .it is clear, that the map of France of the pollution has been retouched, why, I say, that, it’s not free, even for the videos or photos, you showing so-called fine particles, which are normally almost invisible but harmful, photographed by FR3 yet , They are invisible, but it sees them, hefty, it me reminder COLUCHE with laundry, washing, whiter than white, hats down, my axles, ladies, especially if it rained AH PU,more is not by what one has a bit of sunshine that’s enough to warm the air, cannot not make supra hot I know you race to the pognons, subsidies, our pognons… what! , but stop taking us for acorns, stop you ridicule, because apparently your info are cans stop saying that Paris was the most polluted of the world… City, so which is more ARCHIE false in addition between the Mexico and Pakistan, my little nose balance, carefully watch you the map of weather France, attention, that, which represents them be saying pollution peaks (zoned in red), they have submitted in the antenna this afternoon on FR3, one realizes that there is a red depression well above PARIS, this red zone, we are told that it is pollution, I believe, why not, and it can be seen that there is a large red trail, which descends from LILLE to PARIS as if with his finger, or with a stilet, on had moved them radically on a graphical palette, I know this is possible, because I had the opportunity of use, this shows although is capable of making a feature of voluntary link between this red zone, to the top by ex: LILLE and PARIS, you will tell me, but what is that , I’ll lose my time to look carefully at the map of FRANCE (but, that is what I have to cum, spend time over lunch, « as if I had the time » you are entirely right, precisely, they rely on it on the fact that you are going to throw a quick glance, like that, you go with the idea, that PARIS or other is polluted), and the pill will be less hard to get to the level of alternating traffic but stop, stop to take us for oxen, because frankly, your have nothing to envy to that level there at least, if there’s more pollution, it is because you are there you are polluting my air, and especially because, you want paste us borloo bus, (VEOLIA,)

Oh, while I’m there, if you see like a company logo, which represents, an OWL, or if you see, a company whose name starts, Veolia, VistaPrint, Vinci v or by a has as AXA, ARTEMIS, ABS, or sorting for Trilateral, Trip advisor,(je sais que certains sont àle courant de la chose, mais d’autres non), those between , are not all masons, but a large number

I really like, and I found it, well funny little reporting of evil tronche, presenter of BFM, you know the one that is next to the woman in blue, which, when he announced that JEAN MARIE LEPEN had a dispute with his daughter, WOAWH!, I thought that it was for him, more than enjoyable, age, as ifHe had given his entire being

What makes me laugh, but really start, is, that they know better the LOGUE, that they don’t know, they (masons Franc, Collard, HOLLAND and all Government, touraine, valls, najat valleetc… the siecleAUBRY’ll like rupture is consumed between Marine Le Pen and his fatherthe Government has more members of the century and the FAF as d… ) http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Le_Si fixture #personnalites_politiques

This, I know one thing, that will make all the world agree, when MARINE LE PEN will be President, and that they will more eyes to weep, BOUHWOAW, BOUHWOAW, Boo, Boo, Boo, is does not only begin!

Short,BFM comes out still a bullshit, one more, like what,is the banned too and their bullshit is too much, also because apparently, there would be a dispute between JEAN MARIE and MARINE, already,these BFM tench, Masons Francs as the other Enc… COLLARD les who are rubbing their hands and who does is gene not go of his chorus, more bad advice to the FN is not better MARION, Navy, FLORIAN, always be wary of him, chais feels the the lansbas ,more to tackle people older, that is in their way of doing, and its way to feel not the franchisechais not, knowing that the collard is appreciated by many world sincerely , I recommend you bring together all the 4, and all 4 (JEAN MARIE, Navy, MARION, FLORIAN,)to do the same thing, when you have a big decision to make (I know that you me not waited to do this) that said, it is also one of the ways that you do you scattered all in nature, and that each of you mettentles dot the i, and surlesT bars, and put water in his they do not have to do with tench to FLORIAN, is something else, it is this tendency to righteousness, that make him, a man of confidence., good I repeat, in JEAN MARIE, how can know that it is gout, which would eventually overwhelmed the vase, knowing that they do, not know at all, that is what we are going to make a documentaryon the bitch, who has forget her panties in the office of his boss, and who will tell her husband returning home, « you’re gone look for kids?, or you screw the nut in the bathroom? , or you did not forget to turn the shit from the bottom of the garden?, then you’re nice, you blew you up, or you jump, you make fun, but you avoid you meddle in the lives of others, especially when yours, is not a gift (how I know otherwise, you would not go to see your boss, or you would not go to see your Secretary if I react like this , it is that I’m fed up of these small sluts, and these is so-called guys, which passe15 at 20′ at the make-up artist, who made his taff, who, as soon as he or she sees a screen, no longer feel

So if there is a prompt, it’s I raise a finger, or, the hand, to say that I exist, AKIKIC’ is A talk, I know, I have that a zapper, this is, what, I do, I turn off even, when, it me inflated.

AH, but it is the same, except when I go to an animal chain

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Bilderberg Nazi roots censored by Wikipedia StratCom hackers…

USA FASCISTS (queens) not the American people, that, I most estimeMais, billionaire, today, who is are at the Congress, and who think as before, it pouvaitla rain and the beautiful temp I realize that when the is CEO of a company and that it is part of BIDLDERBERG, it organisations can be same NAZI, I say this , for those who can not understand the french, it is the story of a staff representative at AXA Insurance that are to have, several complaints of several employees, this good guy, recognized by his colleagues as being someone can no longer normal, it s proved that ‘ the one threatened employees, all forcing them to resign, in arranging with the inspection work AXA Insurance, We REINVENTONS our business

Take a look, this is serious frenchhttp://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2lquzd_revelations-explosives-sur-le-personnel-axa-assurances_tv video

The century

u 1St January 2011, the century had 751 members and 159 guests awaiting a decision on their admission as a member4 .


The century is an association law 1901 headquartered at 13 avenue of the Opera, in the5 1St arrondissement of Paris.

The Council is composed of 15 or 16 persons chosen by cooptation. The annual membership fee is 200 euro


Meeting once a month, the Board of Directors of the century decides the recruitment and examines the record of each applicant with extreme care. No one should be spontaneous application. The applicant is actually selected by two members of the century, which, necessarily, a member of the Board of Directors. Admission is subject to a vote: each Member of the Board of Directors has a black ball (refusal) and a white ball (acceptance). Each black ball worth two white. Theoretically therefore have 67% of white balls to win, but in practice if you have three black balls, you’re automatically refused to avoid internal tensions. The candidate does not become a member at this time, it is just ‘guest’, which can last several years. The status of the prompt is again considered: it may be co-opted as a member or thanked6 .

Women have been banned in the century from 1949 to 19837 .

Membership is not final.

In February 2011, La Marseillaise unveils the list of members of the Board of Directors and the guests at the dinner on January 27, 2010 published by cryptome8,9 .

In March 2011, Emmanuel Ratier publishes the complete list of members of the century club in his book to the heart of power: survey on the most powerful club of France10 .

Monthly dinner

Hôtel de Crillon with what money, according to you?

Ten times a year, the last Wednesday of the month, members of the century meet the Interallié, rue Faubourg Saint Honoré. The evening traditionally unfolds in two phases11 :
•20 h 0 to 21 h : aperitif;
•from 21 h to 22 h 45 : dinner, in groups of 8, around a table leader who organizes the debate.

Several scenes of the film end of concession (2010) by Pierre Carles and the New guard dogs produced by Jacques Kirszner evoke these dinners.

The club Presidents
•Alof de Louvencourt : August 18, 1944 – December 31, 1949
•Ludovic Tron : 1St January 1950 – December 31, 1965
•Pierre Moussa : 1St January 1966 – 31 December 1968
•Jacques Fauvet : 1St January 1969 – December 31, 1971
•Marcel Boiteux : 1St January 1972 – December 31, 1974
•Jérôme Monod : 1St January 1975 – 10 September 1975
•Pierre Moussa : September 11, 1975 – December 31, 1975
•Jean François-Poncet : 1St January 1976 – February 10, 1976
•Jacques Fauvet : 11 February 1976 – 31 December 1978
•Maurice Ulrich : 1St January, 1979 – December 31, 1981
•Marceau Long : 1St January 1982 – December 31, 1984
•Simon Nora : 1St January 1985 – December 31, 1987
•Roger Fauroux : 1St January 1988 – may 18, 1988
•Marceau Long : May 19, 1988 – December 31, 1990
•Jean-Claude Paye : 1St January 1991 – 31 December 1993
•Jacques Rigaud : 1St January 1994 – 31 December 1996
•Jean Dromer : 1er January 1997 – November 24, 1998
•Gérard Worms : 1St January 1999 – 31 December 2001
•Louis Schweitzer : 1St January 2002 – 31 December 2004
•Renaud Denoix de Saint Marc 1 : 1St January 2005 – 31 December 2007
•Denis Kessler : 1St January 2008-31 December 201012
•Nicole Notat : 1St January 2011 – 31 December 201313
•Jean Veil : since 1St January 201414

A few guests, members and former members of the century

Ministry of finance
•Almost all Inspectors General of finance activity (114 to 120 in 2009)15 .
•Thierry Breton (former Minister of finance and big boss) 1,12
•Alain Lamassoure (former Minister of the Budget) 15
•Pascal Lamy (former inspector general of finance, Director of theWTO) 12
•Alain Minc (former inspector general of finance, essayist, president of SANEF) 12
•Christian Noyer (former Director of the Treasury, Governor of the Bank of France) 16
•Dominique Strauss-Kahn (former Minister of finance, former Managing Director of the IMF) 1,12
•Jean-Claude Trichet (former Director of the Treasury, former Governor of the Bank of France, former president of the ECB) 12

Business leaders and private financial institutions
•Jacques Attali (State Councillor, president of PlaNet Finance) 15
•Damien Bachelot (Founder and president of Aforge Finance)
•Claude Bébéar (former Chairman ofAXA, president of theInstitut Montaigne) 1,12
•Antoine Bernheim (leader partner of the Bank Lazard) 12
•Daniel button (former Director of the Budget, former president of the Société Générale) 17
•Jean-Yves Haberer (former CEO of Crédit lyonnais) 18
•Michel Pébereau (former president of BNP Paribas) 1,12
•Jean Peyrelevade (leader of the Suez, Stern, Credit lyonnaisbanks) 12
•Edouard de Rothschild (banker and businessman) 1,12

Personalities from the world of business and leaders of public enterprises
•Jean-Paul Agon (CEO of l ‘ Oréal) 19
•Delphine Arnault (Corporate Director and daughter of Bernard Arnault) 20
•Bernard Bigot (patron of the CEA) 20
•Pierre Bilger 12
•Bernard Bose (Heinz and Asics) 12
•Bertrand Collomb 12
•Stéphane Courbit 13
•Serge Dassault 15
•Étienne Davignon 12
•Bertrand Eveno 12
•Louis Gallois 12
•Guillaume Pepy 21
•Antoine Guichard (former CEO of the Casino Group) 18
•Philippe Jaffré (ELF Aquitaine, Zebank, Alstom) 12,22
•Denis Kessler (Chairman of Scor) 23
•Lisette Mayret 12
•Jean-Mary Messier (former inspector general of finance, discarded after the Vivendiscandal) 1,12
•Louis Schweitzer (former Chairman of the Board of Directors of Renault, former president of HALDE) 1,12

Journalists, editors, press
•Arlette Chabot 12
•Emmanuel Chain (journalist, producer for television) 1,12
•Jean-Marie Colombani (journalist, former president of the World) 1,12
•Anne-Marie Chowhan (Hachette Filipacchi Media) 1,12
•Michèle Cotta (journalist, former Director of France 2), first woman accepted in 19831,12
•Bertrand Collomb (television producer) 12
•Teresa Cremisi (President of editions Flammarion) 24,12
•Alain Duhamel (political scientist, columnist for RTL) 23
•Olivier Duhamel 15
•Michel Field (reporter on Europe 1) 25
•Franz-Olivier Giesbert 1
•Claude Imbert (journalist at the Point) 1,12
•Odile Jacob (editor) 1,12
•Denis Jeambar (former Director of the editions of the threshold) 1,12
•Laurent Joffrin (journalist and editor of the Nouvel Observateur) 1,12
•Serge July (former CEO of release) 1,12
•Julien Kouchner (Director general of theAgency CAPA) 26
•Stephen Lacour (general Secretary of the century) 1
•Maurice Lévy (CEO of Publicis) 1,12
•André Lévy-Lang 12
•Serge Moati (journalist on France 5) 15
•Denis Olivennes (Director of Europe 1) 13
•Sylvie Pierre-Brossolette 12
•Bernard Pivot 12
•Patrick Poivre d’arvor (journalist and former presenter television TF1) 1,12
•Alain de Pouzilhac (former CEO of the Havasgroup) 1,12
•David Pujadas (journalist and television presenter, France 2) 1,12
•Alain-Gérard Slama (journalist at le Figaro and France Culture) 25
•Anne Sinclair 12
•Marc Tessier (former president of France Télévisions) 1,12
•Gérard Worms 12

Political figures
•Fadela Amara 19
•Benoist appeared 20
•Martine Aubry 12
•Robert Badinter (resigned) 12
•Michel Barnier 15
•Jacques Barrot 15
•François Bayrou 15,27
•Éric Besson 12
•Michel Bon 12
•Jeannette Bougrab 20
•Hervé de Charette 15
•Jean-Pierre Chevènement 12
•Jean-François Copé 28,1-12
•Xavier Darcos
•Rachida Dati 29,12
•Laurent Fabius 1,12
•Luc Ferry 12
•Aurélie Filippetti 30
•François Fillon 31,12
•Élisabeth Guigou 12
•Adeline Hazan 15
•Patrick Hetzel 32
•Martin Hirsch 15
•François Hollande 33,15
•Nicolas Sarkozy 15
•Jean-Paul Huchon 15
•Anne-Marie Idrac 23:34
•Lionel Jospin 1,12
•Jean-Pierre Jouyet 35
•Alain Juppé 15
•Bernard Kouchner 12,23
•Jack Lang 15
•Noëlle Lenoir 12
•Corinne Lepage 36
•Charles Millon 15
•Pierre Moscovici 15
•Jean-Pierre Raffarin 1,12
•Jacques Rigaud 12
•Manuel Valls 37,15
•Jacques Toubon 15
•Michel Vauzelle 15
•Henri Weber 15
•Hubert Védrine 12
•Rama Yade 15
•Marisol Touraine

Other senior officials
•Simon Nora 12
•Renaud Denoix de Saint Marc (former Vice President of the Council of State, Member of the Constitutional Council) 1,12
•Richard Descoings (State Councillor, former Director of theInstitut d ‘ études politiques de Paris) 38,12
•Michel Gaudin (prefect of police of Paris) 15
•Simone Rozès 12
•Olivier Schrameck 12

•Hélène Ahrweiler 12
•Laurent Batsch (president of Dauphine) 39
•Christian de Boissieu (Economist) 40
•Daniel Cohen (Economist) 15
•Alain Cotta (Economist) 15
•Elie Cohen (Economist) 15
•Patrick Hetzel 32
•Henri Loyrette (former president of the Louvre) 23

Men of letters, artists
•Karol Beffa (composer, pianist, Professor atÉcole polytechnique,École normale supérieure) 20 and at the Collège de France.
•Yamina Benguigui (film producer and politician) 20
•Françoise Chandernagor 12
•Bruno Mantovani (composer, upper Director of the national Conservatory of music and dance in Paris)
•Jean Tulard 15

Members of employers ‘ and workers ‘ organizations
•Jean-Christophe Samuel (former leader of the CGT finance body, then curator of mortgages) 12
•Nicole Notat (former leader of the CFDT, then President of Vigeo) 1,12,13
•Laurence Parisot (former President of MEDEF) 13
•Ernest-Antoine Seillière (former president of MEDEF) 12


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