le 08042015 A E

Hi all

I really like, and I found it, well funny little reporting of evil tronche, presenter of BFM, you know the one that is next to the woman in blue, which, when he announced that JEAN MARIE LEPEN had a dispute with his daughter, WOAWH!, I thought that it was for him, more than enjoyable, age, as ifHe had given his entire being

Short,BFM comes out still a bullshit, one more, like what,is the banned too and their bullshit is too much, also because apparently, there would be a dispute between JEAN MARIE and MARINE, already,these BFM tench, Masons Francs as the other Enc… COLLARD les who are rubbing their hands and who does is gene not go of his chorus, more bad advice to the FN is not mieuxMARION, Navy, FLORIAN, always be wary of him, chais feels the the lansbas ,more to tackle people older, that’s fine in their way to sincerely, I recommend you bring together all the 4, and all 4 (JEAN MARIE, Navy, MARION, FLORIAN,)to do the same thingWhen you have a big decision to make (I know that you me not waited to do this) that said, it is also one of the ways that you do you scattered in nature, and that each of you put water in his wine, because although they say the links of the much stronger his bloods and MARION will always be more confidence in his grandfather and collard, and it is normal, Navy, though it said, even if the delirium a little, same father much, shit, how many times, I the ditët told him, when, it was teenagers or even pre-teen, she also has délirée, and even certainly a lot, like us all, because it is precisely what they want, put you against the other this unfortunately has started but fortunately they do not have to do with tench to FLORIAN, it is another thing, is this tendency to righteousness, that make him, a man of confidence., good I repeat, in JEAN MARIE, how can know that it is gout, which would eventually overwhelmed the vase, knowing that they do, not know at all, that is what we are going to make a documentaryon the bitch, who has forget her panties in the office of his boss, and who will tell her husband returning home, « you’re gone look for kids?, or you screw the nut in the bathroom? , or you did not forget to turn the shit from the bottom of the garden?, then you’re nice, you blew you up, or you jump, but you avoid you meddle in the lives of others, especially when yours, is not a gift (how I know otherwise, you would not go to see your boss, or you would not go to see your Secretary), if I react like this , it is that I’m tired of these small sluts and these small dude, which passes 15 a20′ makeup before the antenna and which finds the way back, while they would do better to shut up as soon as he or she sees a screen, he or she no longer feel, however, despite all this fauna, there are goods


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