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Hi all

EH! the ECB, forget, your Treaty, it is of Tin, it is obsolete, no steps available, I AI DIS, not, as french 54.67%de, in 2005 for the Lisbon Treaty

all french on May 29, 2005 (not: 15 449 508 (54.67% of NON) in the Referendum, ratification of the Lisbon Treaty),


I realize some, starts to ask questions, ladies and gentlemen, I know most Royal families, and ladies or gentlemen, billionaires, I want to tell you, whatever you do, I would vote FN normally, you should, cum you, but apparently this is not the case!, ingérerez in a country that has its codes, its habits, its religion,his Republic, its policy, you do this for a long time, home, about 40 years ago than its hard, since DE GAULLE, because it has always wanted to unify the french(all french, same, and especially with the war of Algeria ,(n’est ce pas MENARD, et merci,), which is only a P-T-N of military coup mounted by the CIA in France), the 40 senior attacks, which, he was the target, enough to attest to the factthat it was for a free France, that this offense to these gentlemen or ladies, the formation of S.A.C(Service of Action civic) (with Pasqua , changed) to defend DE GAULLE.Vote FN, for me, this is not vote, as at other times with the same collabos(car, maintenant,je sais) of the NSA, CIA, BILDERBERG, CFR, TRILATERAL, century,(FAF,enFRANCE,en alle magne,ça doit étre GAF,àle Portugal,PAF,Espagne,SPAF,je ne sais pas,je présume etc…!, ou, tout, été joué d’avance, de toute façon,c’était ou la droite ou la gauche)Not! I hear from there, v’ the now, y ‘ puts to the pub, to the FN, no, simply because I am free and so , I vote FN, , it is because I am at homeand I am in no part, not even to the FN, it is which, nearest to my convictions, and if I’d known all this mess was at this point I would have voted FN, long before, and I did not want, that is me dictate my conduct, my way of thinking, and I have mostly not envy, but then not want all look to this BHL tench (which represents for me , the cream of the crap ) , you do shit, me joy-filled(and it have so many people that that vote FN(this proves, that I’m not all alone in wanting to prevent you to steal our country, you did at the Palestinian, because Palestine was under British mandate (, but there you are with me) with ISRAEL among Palestinians), this country, like others, you do them will ever, EUROPE, you started to fuck us with the common wealth (your rules P-T-N)(, and the European Community (with your P-T-N of treaties which are worthless), DE GAULLE had reason to withdraw from NATO, NATO) you cheated, everyone, what allowed to change the appearance of some continents and guzzle the Americans people between autres(Détroit, et d’autres villes supra endettées) one people that you have forgotten express , can be?, but in the meantime cities are indebted, poverty installs, no job and your veterans who have done all that you had requested them, and wars which have allowed America to be what it is now, it is all just if they have a roof and it can heal, we see that this in… BUSH is passed by the , the rich grain of Texas have become, even richer, farmers is not the case, writ of a beautiful country, it has disfigured it wind, I will especially not my Kingdom, my lorraine, my France to become like Texas, and by the same opportunities you have the gall to support of fascist in Ukraine(vous savez pertinemment,qu’il foutent la merde) (, beware that that ci is not up to you), Israel, is not enough. Since about Himanshu!I’d say 300 years, that you made still further, with BOKO HARAM, DAESH, SHEBBAH, etc.! and so on and so some countries in Africa, because it is much easier for you, and intellectually, especially (I speak not of Africans, can be illiterate and do ‘ 52 in the rumikub, and intelligent, but, caution is not because is 52 « to the rumikub that is intelligent.)is what you need , allowing you to more easily buy so them called leaders you know, take to the oldest of the LOGUE, was low and childish, but if taking our kids, bringing discredit on our schools, there was no word, however sen take in kids, it’s like Africa, it’s easy. It is to tell you Gentlemen ladies Ado, pre teen , which read me how, these people are sick keep speaking of patient (, I want to pointed out, the words of the mossad agent, who is part of the plot that killed LADY DY who said, « racism is a disease » is simple, but true, and I quite agree with him) It should not be surprised with all consanguineous marriages , they have effectués(ex:la jeune reine de X s’est marié avec son cousin Y) and after, one wonders by whom, is governed, hold for example the Royal family, played, no, content to put a contract on his beautiful daughter, it is like that, called, this, I think, (DODI AL FAYED) dating of the beautiful girl forbid him not It’s simple, we did disappear, POUF AH PU, normal… what! therefore I come back to our kids, I am convinced that it is false, two if it was true, supposeI say assume, as they had complotés, you believe frankly, that one would have been aware of (they are young, but not stupid), here is what I read on a short (about a newspaper)

Four teenagers attending school for the pupils of the air of Montbonnot-Saint-Martin were in review « for criminal association » and placed under judicial supervision. They are suspected of plotting an « action » against a mosque in Montélimar.. Already, they are suspected?(why, them, rather than others), in addition, either saying attack, did not take place, and so much the better, the Act itself was not, and we judge before kids,(pas d’enquêtes,et heureusement,soupçons,oui dire, j’ai entendu dire que!!!)Outputs of brain, gAGs ended up in the urine (it is again and again and again, a way to divide the population, to say, OH, you’ve seen them, they attacked a mosque, no, but frankly, it becomes expansive, and what makes me the most start, it is this bullshit ‘conspiracy ‘ and the kids who are in recess, beware, if you play the ball, or to) , other things, in short, if you are more than 2, it is ‘ criminal association’.GAGs, bullshit.

In short, you have never noticed, they use all sauces in the media, the word « presumed » (presumed innocent, presumed guilty, alleged suicide) I am not against the use of this word, but it’s a way of journalope to bring the population, suggests that the person concerned is guilty. I find this infected way

.If you don’t want that, some finish like Nicolae Ceausescu, because unfortunately, what it may, happen if your horns by VALLS and Holland, continuing to piss us to stay, earlier than to clear, that makes more than a year, asked to identify a petition is circulating, our patience to limits that have been exceeded, I thinkI’m not in the head of all the world, but believe, the tempers, and it if ra not from can be, by the dint of playing deaf, ear, it could be that it will have, which will not wait, once it’s gone, it’s hard, even impossible to stop a train in full gear, you want a civil war, the first to go, it’s not always those believed.


We the people, ask our members to act in our names because the assessment of failure lies with Parliament and therefore an authority policy, i.e. the High Court of Justice.
We remind that one-fifth of the members of Parliament either 185 deputies or senators supported by 1/10th of the registered voters may request the holding of a referendum
• Knowing the facts such as to justify this procedure have no need to be qualified as criminal or civil misconduct.
• Knowing that many breaches of the duty of reserve which is hers were demonstrated publicly.
• Knowing that because of his behavior, damage to the function of the President are now visible internationally.

We acknowledge Mr. Hollande a deplorable image of France abroad, publicly deceiving on the history of a country, ignoring the respect for local customs.
We acknowledge Mr. Hollande of having neither national nor international stature and have even not genuine cohesion within his Government.
We acknowledge Mr. Hollande may not be the President of a people, but a party of Lobbies.
We accuse Mr. Hollande to flout the image of our Republic to offend one of its symbols: our Marianne, presenting it in the guise of a Ukrainian prostitute.
We accuse Mr. Hollande to impose such visions by forgetting the people, and the promised reforms and expected while unemployment continues to rise, that retirees soon cannot be paid.
We acknowledge Mr. Hollande to any reform that would allow the economic rehabilitation of the country in a sustainable and stable.

We the people, are objective and know perfectly well that there is little chance that François Holland is found guilty but its removal would prevent other disasters or worsening an already critical situation.
Also, we the people, solemnly asked our deputies to act on our behalf as they must do in order to stop the recession economic, moral and intellectual France lack relaunch its growth.

We therefore create this petition which must collect the maximum of signatures so that our members are listening to US and act like they have for our sake, for the people.

Sign our petition
To encourage our members to submit a Referendum initiative on shared
To remove the current President of the Republic, François Holland, finally for the good of the people.


Lady murdered Diana: a former Mossad agent testifies…

In short, spend the murder of Lady Diana was sponsored by the Crown of England, and particularly prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and the contract was given to MI6, outside of the United Kingdom and the Mossad intelligence service. The Royal family of England did not a pretender to the throne of Arab origin, see even Muslim…,thank you grandmother, thanks dad, thanks Tonton, EH, BEN, you said no thank you, the child,

Know, that all the world has and has mourned, the English people came in droves million people, were present, but those, which were far away, and that could not come certainly represents a considerable number, say that it lied to its people, him lying, this may be forgivable sui vant the mesonge, but remove the mother of the children of the Kingdom, ca is something else, it is not, she is dubbed the Princess of the people, while the family was at the funeral, Eh! ogwo, and after it comes to a nervous Mr JEAN MARIE LEPEN POO because he said that the gas chambers were a detail. Lady Diana murdered: a former Mossad agent testifies… » the public has accepted the official version of the accident without the monstrous file inconsistencies .  »On August 30, 1997, the couple Hemad Fayed said Dodi Al-Fayed – Diana Spencer… on 6 September brought about 3 millions of people in London…. Asked by public no longer make of flowers to the family estate of Althorp, because the number of people and … Francis Gillery, Lady

Eastern Christians: hearing of the RATP in the Senate

The president of the Senate Gérard Larcher (UMP) announced today that the Senate would hear officials of the RATP, which asked that posters announcing the Organization of a concert organised in favour of Eastern Christians do not reference them.

Larcher asked the RATP to reconsider its decision and restore the poster as it was originally presented. It also asks the State, « in the title of its guardianship over the RATP, the investigation on the circumstances that led to such a nonsense decision and without foundation ».

Administrator of the Union of transport of Ile-de-France (STIF) and Chair of the Group of studies on the Christians of the East of the National Assembly, Valérie Pécresse has also questioned « solemnly » Friday Segolene Royal that she intervene as Minister of transport from the RATP, so that it reverse its decision.

You see what to do, his world

Since the need to ask permission, the ratape feels more pissing, anyway, we’ll see

How it will react, when, there will be another Government, asked him kindly, to close his mouth, otherwise, she could be fined, she benefited with his Government of Masons franc, because it’s not going to last long, it’ll talk

Radio France: Pellerin calls Gallet to « restore social dialogue »Has

Radio France: resumption of dialogue but the strike continues

The resumption of the dialogue between management and unions at Radio France, held Saturday at the request of the Minister of culture Fleur Pellerin, was no immediate effect on a strike entered its third week and that should continue at least until Tuesday.

It’s the longest conflict ten years at Radio France. It costs one million euros per week to the public group in loss of advertising revenue.

« There is not hope out of the strike immediately, the malaise is deep », told AFP a trade union source while the meeting was still in progress early evening, adding that the organizations « honestly did not expect much » from this meeting.

The meeting between unions and management representatives took place without the CEO of the group, Mathieu Gagnon, was learned from stakeholders.

« Mathieu Gagnon is not an interlocutor, he is disqualified and it is not in the negotiations, » said a trade unionist.

Trade unionists also deem that the CEO has been « discredited » after the recent revelations of the Canard enchaîné on its spending. Friday, a staff meeting voted a motion of no confidence against him.

The Saturday meeting still allowed to confirm the maintenance of the two orchestras of Radio France with the commitment of the management to not merge, even if there are areas « d? ambiguity », according to the CFDT delegate, Renaud Dalmar.

For trade unions, only significant progress would put an end to the strike. « Unless major step forward, the strike will continue (…). After we must find a solution, »commented Saturday morning Philippe Ballet (Unsa).

For Renaud Dalmar, regardless of the outcome of the meeting of Saturday, the strike will continue until Tuesday, date of next general meeting of the staff.

-Departure plan-

On the bottom, unions were divided Saturday on proposals for Fleur Pellerin.

Friday evening, the Minister told AFP that a plan of voluntary departures to Radio France was « doubtless necessary » but expressly rejected a merger of the two orchestras while wishing their « resize ». It also envisaged a supplementary budget to finance the completion of the House of the Radio.

« There is a breakthrough on the maintenance of the two orchestras. There will be efforts to make but can discuss. On the other hand, the Minister confirms a departure plan. We fear a reduction of staff especially in 44 local France Bleu radio », underlined Philippe Ballet in the morning.

The strike started March 19, while Mathieu Gagnon had not yet presented to the social partners or the Ministry, its strategic project to straighten the House round, heavily deficit accounts.

Summoned twice by Fleur Pellerin, the ruler of 38 years finally handed it him this week and must now submit it during an extraordinary EAC on Radio France Wednesday, date on which it must also defend its plan to the National Assembly.

Looking for savings, the Government asked him to reform Radio France without spending more, as it has done for other actors in the public sector.

Tension had mounted a notch Friday in the conflict, with the vote on a motion of no confidence against CEO. The staff also voted the continuation of the strike until Tuesday morning.

The movement, which more broadly, journalists joined Friday, was extended massively at a general meeting of the staff attended between 300 and 400 employees.

Weakened, Mathieu Gagnon, said Thursday that he would go « to the end », recalling that he could be dismissed only by the CSA which

has appointed it a little over a year ago.

The staff of the castle of Windsor, owned by Queen Elizabeth II, threat to conduct its first social action, lack of salary increase.

A first strike, if I am well recall, had held 2013, or, 14, would this be the beginning of a Public Market.

An unprecedented revolt wind blows on Windsor Castle. The staff of the building, owned by the Queen Elizabeth II, threatens to strike if it is not increased. It would be a first in the « Royal Household », employees at the service of the Royal House.

The public and commercial services Union PCS, claiming to represent 120 of the 200 employees of the Castle, launched Monday a consultation open until April 14. In the event of a positive vote, the social movement would begin at the end of April. The Union submits that the employees must be paid for all the « extras » they do without financial compensation, as organizing guided tours of the Castle, serve as translators for tourists or even provide first aid in case of need. So far, these tasks are performed on the voluntary basis.

« Scandalous that the staff is so badly paid.

« It’s the first movement of this type, specific to the Royal properties, and it comes after years of wage limitation which sees loyal employees be paid below the commonly recognized as decent wage to live, with new recruits beginning with 14,400 pounds (19,600 euros) per year », says the Union. Its general Secretary, Mark Serwotka, considers it « scandalous » staff is so badly paid and expected him to perform tasks that relate money to the Royal family for free

If the Union claims that the strike could have an impact on these services provided to customers, the ‘Royal Collection Trust, which manages the tourist activities in Windsor, ensures that it will not. A spokesman held to clarify that revenues from tours did not directly in the pocket of the Queen, but that they were used for the preservation of the art of royalty collection.

Windsor Castle, West of London, is the oldest and the largest inhabited Castle in the world. It served as residence for British Queens and Kings since nearly 1000 years. Elizabeth II – which is not expressed on this threat of strike – usually spends his weekends; She organizes dinners and banquets to State

We are one


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