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Hi all

EH! the ECB, forget, your Treaty, it is of Tin, it is obsolete, no steps available, I AI DIS, not, as french 54.67%de, in 2005 for the Lisbon Treaty

all french on May 29, 2005 (not: 15 449 508 (54.67% of NON) in the Referendum, ratification of the Lisbon Treaty),

Bilderberg governs the France!-… EH! CA promotes serious to be knighted by the mafia of Bilderberg I want s told this asshole of valls, concerned his Masons francs to BILDERBERG, and it stops to deal with the Affairs of the France, he was, and that ils(son équipe) were never able to govern, will never know, such SARKOZY, that he take his mates of IDU with these FAFs (French American Foundation (, tink, tank, freethinkers Gags branch of Freemasonry, CFR), his century, his Masons francs, also, it does not want both with valls, you are going to say, these acorns of the Congress, that their treaties trans Atlantic, their, coca, their burger… etc, their stew, we want steps, departments, will remain departments, it is not a project of IDU in the basque country and Holland cleared

No, but fanchement, you take us, really for morons, I know you stupid, but there too hard.No, only attack you JEAN MARIE LEPEN, on the fact, that it is said that the gas chambers, were a détails(ça n’est pas un gros mot) things, that is true, how to talk French failing to think, do not try to think, it will be too hard, it’s a detail, I believe that 6%, or 6 million death Jewish for about 80 a100 million deaths in total Yes it is a detail, so 6 million death Jews killed by a certain Jew HITLER. (Jacob Adolf Hitleris his identity card Hitler would be the grandson of Rothschild – Wikistrike would be(there is a lab for analysis to the state (Family Tree DNA, who said that it strongly implies)) Jew grandson of Salomon Mayer Rothschild.) This information was disclosed by two very high-level sources: Hansjürgen Koehler officer Heydrich, who himself was the direct Assistant of Heinrich Himmler and Walter Langer the psychiatrist who conducted the psychological profile of Hitler for the OSS, the US secret service during World War II.) and more knowing that the grandfather BUSH helped HITLER, for his accession to power,you dare to piss with a Word, while grandfather BUSH rot has made it worse, so « trade with the enemy  »(commercer avec l’ennemie), but you are really not finished,may – be, and certainly we see here all the all the brilliance of Freemasonry , if attacking to older them henceforth as this lady to the Portugal, awaits, make it him his savings (unfortunately, it can wait a long time). you know, these cheap shots, expected no less from your share this low pigs manoeuvre, which suits you so well, for you, humiliate, as they were humiliated Muslims, and the rest of the world , Do you worry not,I have only a Word, MARINE, FLORIAN, MARION, JEAN-MARIE LE PEN ) It will be beautiful for the event, the agreement legitimate nuclear Iranian, to want to take, people from top, it’s been well long, she would of have, in all ways, although they say and while there, is only a matter of time, all people of common sense will tell you, that of any ways, it will have civilian nuclear power, andmilitary) short, now somewhat familiar with these fourbes(fourbes, vous êtes,fourbes, vous resterez fourbes), I VOTEREZ FN, doubling, without cheated me, slapped on the lower ca Masons francs, you know to do (the Jew franc maconniqes, GAZA, Ashkenazi, among other things, no, is not a word game, this is unfortunately true), or.The resignation of Valls, was expected after the fiasco, this incompetent person is in, the origin; He lost many departments, one 50 elder and the other Jean-Michel Baylet who lost his seat, as he lost his seat, we’ll find him a place of Minister, with this person, who is is sprawled in his chair of president, of so-called Tarn et garonne, for 30 years, this is not

Murder of Lady dy

If the death of Lady Dy is not an accident but a murder as says, the testimony of the agent of the MOSSAD in correlation with the British secret services while overseeing, I presume, and if it is true,(chais pas,mais quelchose me dit que c’est vrai,disons qu’il y a pas mal de détails,qui font,qu’on ne les inventent pas. )Lady Diana murdered: a former Mossad agent testifies… His death would therefore be the result of an israelo-anglaise agreement whose sole purpose was to prevent the marriage of Diana with Dodi Al-Fayed

Would mean, as the father and grand mother (Queen Elizabeth II) of William and harry

Would have been aware, it is obvious, but can be the instigators of the murder, if I understand correctly, and if I am the logic of things, it’s like this, I assume, that this happened, so let’s talk little, speak well,(c’est le capitaine moutarde,dans la salle de bain,avec le chandellier,NON,c’est pas possible,bon,j’arréte les délire), thatI mean, it is that some guys from MI6avec the Sasetait aware, and it certainly worked together, because I presumed that this was an order, but coming from that? I am thinking, that, despite the fact that I love my family, I could, never forgiven, the fact that one is removed me my mother, but it is me, I am thinking LADYE DY

Similarly, if I have to have international functions, it is removed to the fact that maternal deprivation that I have had, was real it.I repeat, this is me the murder of Lady Diana was sponsored by the Crown of England, and particularly prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and the contract was given to MI6, outside of the United Kingdom and the Mossad intelligence service. The Royal family of England did not a pretender to the throne of Arab origin, see even Muslim…,thank you grandmother, thanks dad, thanks Tonton, EH, BEN, vousdite no thanks, the child, AH, but no one could be in the was ‘ was during the big holiday

It is the subjects of his Majesty, who will be disappointed, those reading, press (The Times , The Daily Telegraph The Guardian, The Independent, The I, The Daily Express, The Daily Mail, The Daily Star, The Mirror, The Sun,good short passons.c’ is true youssef Ier, it is funny at first, but, is made there, FATIMA IIIéme name with us, we do have cunegonde )

Only one man, Mohammed al-Fayed, father of the victim, has him escape this rule; This tenacious man, whose son was cowardly murdered, has a brain and posa at the time the right questions which of course remained unanswered:

Here are the questions that you should ask

« Why did take an hour forty to lead Princess to the hospital?  » Why have some photographers not rendered the pictures taken on the spot? Why were there a break-in that night at the London home of one of the paparazzi? Why did the cameras of CCTV of this district of Paris produced a single image? Why were traffic control cameras not connected? Why was the theatre of the accident, instead of being isolated, reopened to traffic a few hours? Why, among the paparazzi gathered outside the Ritz, were there one whose equipment was that of a news photographer? And which are the two unidentified men who, after being mingled with the crowd of onlookers, gathered later at the bar of Ritz? They spent command in English, without ceasing to observe and listen to what was happening, with sustained attention. »

The truth is that it is me who has taken control away from the electronic system of the Mercedes. Then this was child’s play, as steer a car remote, make sure… in one shot…

I don’t think ellel’ had invented, it possible, but, chais! «»They killed Diana and then bought my silence.  »


She returned on the details of the accident: « my ex-husband told me that once the SAS had succeeded in bringing down the car, a soldier quickly went to see the carcass to see how the Princess was affected. Apparently he then signalled to a colleague to inform him that the mission had been a success. » And concluded: « I am convinced that this is the great secret of the AIRLOCK. »:

To think,

I have worked long ago, for one of its firms, and then later to a government agency: Mossad. I learned a lot about the condition of the men. These are made to produce and reproduce: work until death ensues, and drop on combat zones of children who will do the same by closing their hangover misfire, slaves, of proletarian sous-merdes.(Comments do you think that they see us, these in… Valls Sarko, and all these shit of the UMP, IDU, MODEM, left FRONT, PS, PCF, they eat up all in the same Bowl, why? question MARINE LE PEN, did not have the right to attend the famous meeting of crisis of the after charlie, she wasn’t Dauber, here, why)

Atrocious things, we were made, and far worse are coming . I was one of his intelligence officers, I’ve lost my soul, and since quite a few of years now trying to regain the… The best definition of the informant who has been given to me to hear was formulated by an old acquaintance, a former secret agent of the Mossad, Uzi Mahnaimi

Radio France

Thousand apologies to you, and no, I don’t forget you

Boxes are empty, and Radio France has yet to cover the end of the huge project of renovation of the House of the Radio. The Bill for the construction of the House of the Radio has never ceased inflate and extent of the work, to reach today, according to a parliamentary report, EUR 584 million ($ 333 million at the time of the launch of the Portal).Stop serving you, could not build the first marchesde the stairs, a cheque of 10 000 Percival, 20 000 there with the key a delay in the delivery of the work: the date of 2016 will not be holding., this is a GAG, if I understand well Mathieu Gagnon, spprime distribution in medium and large waves, which cost EUR 15 million per year. to bring back the accounts in the Green by 2017.

Also, I can make savings, for example, if I bought a car without wheels, I’m going to win at the purchase, I would have wheels to redeem, AHhhhhEuhhhhRéfléchissement Jean Pierre!But, sij’ not have wheels, I can’t ride

According to information from the World, an inquiry has been opened, Thursday, March 19, by the ministries of culture and finance to verify the expenditures of the Presidency, branch and the Steering Committee of Radio France

We know, that it will give, your investigation has been, naughty, beautiful steps, a slap on the fingers, but nothing will be done to make the renovation of radio France, knowing that the boxes are empty. one, this guy knows absolutely no handle to the views of different costs, two, it has no place in such institutions, three, I sincerely believe, that there are people of good sense, which are much higher than him, even, if it was not the goal, but a few times is better spent hand it me as a reminder, the history of office of steward of X , but, sincerely 105 000, €00, but you made, what, with these tunes, besides reception fees, feature cars and mission expenses.Besides, the Peugeot 508 RXH hybrid break by Mathieu Gagnon, the investigation of the General Inspectorate of finance I have no problem, you did me Marvel, it not surprised me that he knows whatever ‘ one amongst those there, it is beautiful the case
•Wilfrid Baumgartner
•François Bloch-Lainé
•Michel Bon
•Daniel button
•Henri Castries
•Jacques Chaban-Delmas
•Claude Cheysson
•Jean-Paul Cluzel
•Maurice Couve de Murville
•Jacques Darmon
•Jean-François Deniau, of theAcadémie française
•Jean-Marc Espalioux
•Bertrand Eveno
•Valéry Giscard d’Estaing
•Philippe Jaffre
•Alain Juppé
•Philippe Lagayette
•Pascal Lamy
•Jacques de Larosière
•Emmanuel Macron
•Jean-Marie Messier
•Bernard Michel
•Alain Minc
•Pierre Moussa
•Simon Nora
•Michel Pébereau
•André Postel-Vinay
•Baudouin Prot
•Michel Rocard
•Christian Sautter
•Jean-Claude Trichet

Mathieu Gagnon responds, in continuity with the release Tuesday : « honestly, it’s an expense which was voted in the budget 2014 before I came to Radio France, honestly, it’s not me, it’s them, it is the reaction of a kid, you could modify the slate of works, knowing that the woodwork and the rest is not outside, but inside.Moreover, I have the impression that it is a place of passage that makes whether you require to redo the woodwork every year, and that it is a budget, that one must consider whether it has to be, or, not. Its development has been entrusted to a few of the Parisian decorators leading to associate with the original architecture of Henry Bernard of sculptures, mosaics, tapestries and frescoes due to great artists of the Epoqueque that is, to work an architectural firm Henry BERNARD French, I understand, Sam France, was inaugurated in 1963, this, wants to say that all the years since 1963, slam you about 100 €000,00, frankly, you do we would not take that for idiots, I was born in 62, I have 52 or 51 X 100 000, 00 = 510 €000,00 for woodwork .It is part of the operations of completion of phase 2 of the programme of rehabilitation of the House of the radio with a budget of EUR 2.9 million.How many mounts phase 1. If, I would like to, it is said

4 this Thursday, April 19 strike notice focuses on 4 different and categorical reasons. None of these notice concerns the journalists who are the only personnel of Radio France to be more covered by a collective agreement. And how, this fisse, some feel, so hyper protected, that’s fine, the only Agreement that we have demanded and obtained to negotiate (a month ago and all the trade unions know) by March 30. Time is not an indefinite preventive strike. Trade unions must mobilize and prepare the next EAC (24 March) to trigger an alert right. Do not waste time and to work as quickly as possible experts to analyze the accounts, study Branch tracks, and be ready to face an unprecedented situation at Radio France. SNJ and SNJ – FO do not call strike and are mobilized for the defence of all jobs at Radio France. Work and keep forces.

See the notice Here .

Right D alert and withdrawal – Direccte , the depressionpeut take all the world

Right to alert of the EC – accountant of enterprise EC Committee

Quite agree with INTERNATIONAL network.

Enough lies about the crash of the Airbus A320 !suicide, and the psychopath packed full of drugs, well arranged insurance, because sincerely €50 000, for the moment, life is not worth that, ca

Although, for some, it is already too expensive!

254925 views March 28, 2015 606 comments lies & Manipulation Avic

If the co-pilot of the A320 did not suicide, all the narrative official falls to the water. And from where comes this narrative official French authorities? Us ! The beginning of the construction of the official history was launched by The New York Times, taken up by all the media of the world, including french. Convenient suicide as many suicides without cause brandis as soon as an embarrassing explanation must be provided.

Just out of passive listening to the media buzz and to observe and analyse the speech, for account everything said so far is a tissue of lies even more vicious than on September 11, because here, there is a methodical construction, brick after brick of lies. It is not known what happened and we will perhaps never know, but we already know that official explanations do not take the road and fail many elements that contradict the speech.

What is there fake, in the speech currently in vogue?

The Lubitz co-pilot could not have intended suicide. A young pilot recognized 100% fit to fly to very, very strict standards applied in the field of aviation, especially in a country like the Germany, can not transform, the time of a crash, in a psychopath stuffed with drugs. All those who knew him reject these allegations. If they were true, then take more aircraft, the standards for nothing.

Suddenly, the conversation quiet between the two pilots through the locked door of the cockpit which talks about the New York Times was able to take place. If it had taken place, it would mean that the young man, not opening the door, either wanted to commit suicide, what we ruled out, was unconscious, which would make any conversation impossible.

So the New York Times element, and what follows is wrong.

The crash in the Alps eerily reminiscent of the crash of Air Algeria from Ouagadougou which was held in Mali in July. (it’s true, I had cmpletement zapped one) Had found debris several kilometres, and no significant impact on the ground, as if it had been sprayed in full flight. In the Alps, we have roughly the same pattern. Debris scattered everywhere, and no impact on the mountain. Which would mean that the aircraft is not crushed around the ground, and he began to disintegrate in vol.

EC that seems to confirm eyewitness testimonies of the inhabitants of the region collected at the airbase of Orange. These witnesses said had heard explosions and saw smoke coming out of the aircraft. Which, by the way, demolishes the story of the New York Times, because it is unclear how the captain might go piss and return hold a calm with his co-driver conversation, while his plane is on fire.

Just make the FBI in this story? If french politicians may be suspected of allegiance to foreign hegemonic forces, this is not the case of the French administration. At this stage of the investigations, it is difficult to imagine the French judicial machine requesting the assistance of the FBI other than in the form of exchange of information and judicial procedures do not have the reputation of being fast and simple.And yet the FBI was ‘called’ to the rescue, at least that it is is called himself.

Because the reasons for the crash seem intended to be hidden, it is likely that in the coming days, we regularly revelations kept warm, with the benevolent assistance of the mainstream media which we know yet that any revelation from them can be a controlled revelation.

That happened so serious that requires officials to get mired in false contortions, up to dirty a young driver who, on the evidence, would not have made hurt a fly? International cooperation in the lie is obvious, and it is even more worrying.


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