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EH! the ECB, forget, your Treaty, it is of Tin, it is obsolete, no steps available, I AI DIS, not, as french 54.67%de, in 2005 for the Lisbon Treaty

all french on May 29, 2005 (not: 15 449 508 (54.67% of NON) in the Referendum, ratification of the Lisbon Treaty),

Bilderberg governs the France!-Mediapart August 28, 2014… Note it is not the only one: his boss, Valls, comes out of the same… EH! CA promotes serious to be knighted by the mafia of Bilderberg I want s tell this moron of valls, he deals with his Masons francs to BILDERBERG, and that it order to deal with the Affairs of the France, he doesn’t, and that ils(son équipe) were never able to govern, will never know, and Holland has

SARKOZYpareil, that he take his buddies from injection drug use, with the faf, his century, his Masons francs also, it does not want that both with valls, you say, these acorns of the Congress, that their treaties trans Atlantic, their, coca, their burger… etc,

Their stew, we don’t want step, departments, will remain departments, it is not a project of IDU in the basque country, ON EST CHEZ NOUS , is that you, sarko, who said, who does not like the essaying France, it seems to me, it’s you, if you, is your p’tits buddies don’t like it, the arms of goldman & sachs, and, qatar , you tend the arm

I was thinking that if happens to George Tron, despite them bored legal who, the entourentLe is, that this guy was, former Secretary of State of Nicolas Sarkozy, his campaigning for the departmental normally, and to be ousting, this candidature by François Durovrayofficial candidate of his party, President of the Essonne Department, I presume, that excuse for the UMP and Nicolas Sarkozy, is all found, G.Tron, could give a bad image of the UMP, however the image is already made, which means that G.Tron could not be the official candidate, what makes me say, that if you made part of the UMP, or SARKO, those here is way to make you a kid in the back as, he has done with all french on May 29, 2005 (not: 15 449 508 (54.67% of NON) in the Referendum, ratification of the Lisbon Treaty) and with G.Tron, now, and tomorrow ca ra (will be) you , what I want to say, how to trust people like that, fortunately that young people of the UMP, have air less c… than their elders , that it is seen at Christmas


: Christiane Taubira still among the masons francs, and, later, one wonders, why

Scam election results: UMP 6.58% – PS – 13.30% – forbearance 49.83%

Posted by Diatala on March 24, 2015, 16:55 pm

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Scam election results: UMP 6.58% PS – 13.30% – forbearance 49.83%

Politico lies with the complicity of the Ministry of the Interior

Each will have been entered, this Sunday, March 22, at the outset of the JT found that the dominant parties score had been added to those of various formations to inflate and thus hide their overwhelming defeat.

This very bad scam has therefore been set up to trick and manipulate the French.

All strings are thus subject to this coarse round to try to lure viewers so that they realize not the pitiful score of the PS and the UMP.

No crowing. And yet we will hear Valls and Sarkozy be satisfied with a crushing defeat.

Media and UMPS have deliberately hidden the true scores in this election and some still continue to this day.

Faire défiler : FRANCE 2/ TF 1Faire défiler : FRANCE 2/ TF 1

Scroll: FRANCE 2 / TF 1

Now the results are conclusive and accounts are simple.

Forbearance: 49.83% of registrants. Is a French on two

-UMP: 1 339 579 votes, 6.58% of the voters

-UDI: 263 085 votes, 1.29% of the voters

-Various right: 1 386 578 voice, 6.81% of the voters

-The Union of the right: 4 254 078 voice, 20.88% of the voters (inauguration of the UMP and the UDI)

The Figaro will dare to titrate: the UMP of Nicolas Sarkozy wins

-PS: 2 708 592 votes, 13.30% of voters

-PRG: 62 370 votes, 0.31% of the voters

-Various left: 1 383 291 voice, 6.79% of the voters

-EELV: 2.03%

-The Union of the left: 1 663 485 voice, 8.17% of the voters

-Left front: 4, 72%


-White votes: 703 879 votes, 65% of registrants

-Votes blank: 343 454 votes, 0, 80% of registrants

The effect Charlie pushed the FN to him alone gets a high score far before those of the WSPU

-National front : 5 142 177 voice, 25,24% of voters

The UMP total 1 339 579 votes + PS 2 708 592 = 4 048 171 on 20 374 325 votes cast

= 5.03% of the voters

For those who do not vote, but also for the entire electorate, these unworthy methods demonstrate once again that it is impossible to trust policy and media.


Accident (?)helicopter, which has cost the life to our champion cream, 3athletes as,Florence Arthaud, Camille Muffat and Alexis Vastine…, e t to 5 other people who accompanied them (Laurent Sbasnik, Lucie Mei-Dalby, Volodia Guinard, Brice Guilbert and Edouard Gilles.)), makes me think a bit to the accident of LADY DI

Under the ALMA bridge, with a car radiocommandé(selon les dires de l’agent dele de mossad), under the pretext of hunting to the image, which was well orchestrated, by a paparazzi, or, one, press photographer (chais not eh!, I’m saying that, like that,), simply, because the situation is pretty much I say pretty much the samewith LADY DI, it was quiet, except for the paparazzi and some photographers who took them in hunting, that LADY DI car apparently did not had wrong, to put them in the wind, what I mean by roughly, it’s nothing special, their crossed the road,

In cars, nothing before, more nothing behind, and, by helicopter, 2 flying devices side by side, apparently, normally,(volés côte à côte, les pilotes de tournages on l’habitude,les mecs de la PAF,le font à deles de vitesses bien plus impressionnantes,donc,je récapépéte(je récapitule) time calm, serene, too much can be, in both cases, remote objects can be) I had talked about, 15 days ago surroundings, the days following the death of Nos. 3 and 5 others sports.

The exact circumstances of the crash , occurred a few seconds after that the two devices – loaned by local authorities – took off of a football field to Villa Castelli, still remain unclear.(« I know this may sound crazy, but have not slipped, a remote control, as in the bombing of LADY DI, this comm.ande blocking the rotors, or tail, or principal, or simply a drone telecommde remotely, of course. »)Apparently, the two helicopters collided filming. There’s no survivor. It is not known what is due the collision, weather conditions were good, »said a spokesman of the province of La Rioja, Horacio Alarcón. We also know that the crew aboard one of the devices was filming the other helicopter.

Lady murdered Diana: a former Mossad agent testifies…

21 Jan. 2014… Confirmation of the murder of Princess Diana by the ex-wife of a… She returned on the details of theaccident: « my ex-husband told me… ». emme-d-un-sniper-du-sas-122147483.html article-confirmation-de-l-assassinat-de-la-princesse-diana-par-l-ex-f http://www.wikistrike.com/

Confirmation of the murder of Princess Diana by the ex-wife of a sniper of the SAS

Weproclaim two years, well, Princess Diana was murdered by the Israeli secret service in collaboration with the secret services English. Agent to whom we spoke, now refugee in Lebanon, then told us the why and the how of the murder. « The car was controlled remotely, remote controlled, but before, it had the Ritz driver drink to not arouse suspicion ».

What we learn today goes in this direction: one, the car was deliberately deflected by Mossad, two, the SAS is gone check the State of health of Diana to finish or not work. His death would be a result of an israelo-anglaise agreement whose sole purpose was to prevent the marriage of Diana with Dodi Al-Fayed.

Following the testimony of the ex-wife of a sniper of the SAS as well as the testimony of the Mossad agent.


« They killed Diana, then bought my silence. »

The ex-wife of a sniper of the Special Air Service (SAS) says that the Special Unit is originally from Lady Di died in 1997. It would have been pressured and received money to remain silent.

The ex-wife of a sniper of the Special Air Service (SAS), a military unit of elite in Britain, comes from making statements to the less sensational in the journal «»The Daily Mail». The woman, who was not named, provides receiving an envelope containing 500 pounds (745 francs) on the part of an officer of the SAS in Exchange for his silence on l’affaire Diana. According to her, her ex-husband, who allegedly participated in the murder, revealed that the SAS was originally, during their marriage.

Death threats

The woman who testified said be afraid for his life following several threats made by an officer of the SAS, especially since his divorce in 2010. Speaking for the first time openly of the case on 18 January, the mugged revealed that detectives from Scotland Yard who participated in the conspiracy would be subject of an investigation on the part of the unit’s severe misconduct police Metropolitan (Serious Misconduct Investigation Unit). They would notably accused of having intercepted an e-mail denouncing the murder of Diana sent by the mother of the ex-wife of the sniper. « I had never received 500 books previously in Exchange for my silence, she says in the ‘Daily Mail’. But I couldn’t keep my mouth shut about also serious business. The payment was very suspicious and I felt very uncomfortable.  »


She returned on the details of the accident: « my ex-husband told me that once the SAS had succeeded in bringing down the car, a soldier quickly went to see the carcass to see how the Princess was affected. Apparently he then signalled to a colleague to inform him that the mission had been a success. » And concluded: « I am convinced that this is the great secret of the SAS ».


Exclusive WikiStrike

Lady Diana murdered: a former Mossad agent testifies

What follows here is information to high risk, but to the importance of such information, our decision was expected; a former Mossad agent sent us a crucial testimony, Wikistrike team thanks here this brave man to lift the veil on the case of the Princess Diana and its supposed ‘accident’…

The insolent privilege of possessing secret services is not only the preserve of a few countries that arrogate to themselves the right to believe that they represent great powers, this privilege is a right which were taken over by strategic mimicry international firms. This is not a luxury that they have granted, but rather a fundamental necessity to preventindustrial espionage while having the means to apply it to their own account. So even though over time this became true intelligence services omnipotent, capable of producing levers of influence on any market and any man. They made low hand on the financial centres, fixing the price of the toothbrushes, cars, food and paper-ass that lick you the industrial crap that you swallow every day by buying their products full of pesticides, dyes, preservatives and anti-vomitifs.

These private intelligence services formed over the years by the impressive ramifications, for example militia of speculators who are thus working against the common interests of the peoples of the world ; they have even infiltrated, and this long, whose independence rating agencies is just a vast humbug. Some here say that it is always easy to rebel on speculators, that’s something too easy, much too vulgar. And yet, it is by dint of not naming things and let that international economic exoskeleton is severely deteriorated.

At present, some private and U.S. Investment Fund have a financial interest to countries of the eurozone in bankruptcy. They do this by buying CDS on European debt and swinging a nauseating mass of rumors on the market. The reaction of the market authorities should be to identify dangerous speculators and to prohibit the CDS. Why? Answer: because – as the CDS mechanism allows a bank to lend without assuming the full risk of a transaction and increase its guarantee capital requirements. It is a simple way to bypass banking rules by creating an extremely dangerous collective risk. The CDS are the main source of uncontrolled dissemination of credit risk. It is a false insurance and a way to speculate. This is the scam become both art form and totalitarian power. Therefore, remove the CDS in order to better regulate the global economy. We are engaged despite ourselves in a financial war without precedent. One recalls suspect shyness of the rating agencies on their triple A on the 2008 subprime…

I have worked long ago, for one of its firms, and then later to a government agency: Mossad. I learned a lot about the condition of the men. These are made to produce and reproduce: work until death ensues, and drop on combat zones of children who will do the same by closing their misfiring, slaves, of proletarian sous-merdes hangover.

I was one of his intelligence officers, I’ve lost my soul, and since quite a few of years now trying to regain the… The best definition of the informant who has been given to me to hear was formulated by an old acquaintance, a former secret agent of the Mossad, Uzi Mahnaimi:

« You spend days, show hours, with him; follow its progress step by step, you help him, you enjoy it in all its steps, you look at her family photos, you know the names and ages of his children. And yet, the informant is not a human being; We should never consider it as such. The informant is a weapon, the way to achieve a target, much like a Kalashnikov, point to the line. If we send it to the slaughterhouse, did not think twice. The informant is not a person. It is a number. »

And if you knew the number of Badgers that perform this function to perfection…

Espionage is a matter of intelligence and secrets partouzant behind an armored door. To open it, no ball or no homing would suffice, even during a shooting of a thousand years. What does do? Answer: know persuade his captor by reasoning, flattery manipulative, and, if necessary, by the threat.

I regret the ancient time of my youth, to keep constantly abreast of political, banking, economic alliances also moving as they, know what market will fall, sell essential information, be received like a King in luxury hotels where intermingle dealers in weapons and suspicious contacts.

One day, I was involved in the tragic fate of Diana, the Princess of Wales, and her lover, Dodi al-Fayed, playboy and son of the rich owner of the Ritz, Mohammed al-Fayed. The Mossad at the time decided to recruit permanent informants at the Ritz. It was a team of professionals which I was part. It captured flying the words of guests, were their attitudes, noting their comings and goings, under the identity of the persons that they attended. Often, the paparazzi agglutinated permanently before the Ritz to strafe the prestigious guests posed problem. An army of cameras is still a serious problem. Prudential measures were needed, our faces do not exist and will never exist can matter what must be for this.

The days passed, Arab and mainly Saudi clients were many. I remember that the hotel staff did not like them, they were rude, vulgar, and slammed the finger to call, yelling if the service was not fast enough for their liking. There was a need to recruit a non-Jewish informant, was therefore a « cold approach. » in general, to recruit an informant, it is often said that working for a company wishing to refresh its data bank and who pays a good price those who help him. It added that it had found suitable that number of customers of the Ritz had information that might be of interest to the company that is represented. The man quickly bit the bait…Money is King in his Kingdom.

The man in question was fragile, were harassed, drowning her anguish in alcohol. It was pressure, there came a moment where he could no longer back, otherwise it swung in the direction of the hotel confidential information he gave to the paparazzi for beautiful small remuneration of marten. One held him by the balls, the records we had on his life were something that was enough to remind this shit, Deputy Head of security at the hotel, what was demanded of him.

Sunday, August 31, 1997, at 1 o’clock in the morning about a car accident occurred in the Alma tunnel: a Mercedes at high speed collided with a pillar of reinforced concrete. The dead, three were other than Princess Diana, mother of the future King of England; Dodi al-Fayed, son of Mohammed al-Fayed, the Egyptian owner of Harrods store and the Ritz. and the driver of the Mercedes, our informant, Henri Paul. The bodyguard, was seriously injured.

Very few people outside the Israeli secret service, have an idea of the role played by the Mossad in the tragic end of the world’s most famous woman, as well as in the world rating agencies. The method is the same: vanity, arrogance, power, manipulation, secrets. Humans are so stupid, nobody does ever arise issues, public opinion has accepted the official version of the accident without monstrous inconsistencies of the folder.

Only one man, Mohammed al-Fayed, father of the victim, has him escape this rule; This tenacious man, whose son was cowardly murdered, has a brain and posa at the time the right questions which of course remained unanswered:

« Why did take an hour forty to lead Princess to the hospital?  » Why have some photographers not rendered the pictures taken on the spot? Why were there a break-in that night at the London home of one of the paparazzi? Why did the cameras of CCTV of this district of Paris produced a single image? Why were traffic control cameras not connected? Why was the theatre of the accident, instead of being isolated, reopened to traffic a few hours? Why, among the paparazzi gathered outside the Ritz, were there one whose equipment was that of a news photographer? And which are the two unidentified men who, after being mingled with the crowd of onlookers, gathered later at the bar of Ritz? They spent command in English, without ceasing to observe and listen to what was happening, with sustained attention. »

The truth is that it is me who has taken control away from the electronic system of the Mercedes. Then this was child’s play, as steer a car remote, make sure… in one shot…

The murder of Lady Diana was sponsored by the Crown of England, and especially by prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and the contract was given to MI6, the United Kingdom and the Mossad foreign intelligence service. The Royal family of England did not a pretender to the throne of Arab origin, see even Muslim…

I ask pardon for Mohammed al-Fayed for this crime, what I was doing was for the money and nothing else. I know that my apologies are worthless but hopefully redeem me in the eyes of God revealing what I know and never forget this:

Racism is not a defect, it is a disease.

Karl Weizmann

Everything that is written here is the plain truth, confirmed by Thomas Gordon, investigative journalist Welsh, specialist of the secret services around the world, he has published 40 books in this area, as well as by many other journalists, and also by a member of the national gendarmerie working for Mossad.

The Wikistrike team is proud to belong to one of the last internet sites where the truth survives, and we wish to thank here Mr Karl Weizmann to contact the Wikistrike site in recognition of our work and dedication despite the perpetual threats which we are subject. And here we give you capital on the Mossad, possibly more anecdotal information:

The Directors General of the Mossad

1951-1952 Reuven Shiloah

1952-1963 Isser Harel

1963-1968 Meir Amit

1968-1974 Zvi Zamir

1974-1982 Yitzhak Hofi

1982-1990 Nahum Admoni

1990-1996 Shabtai Shavit

1996-1998 Danny Yatom

1998-2002 Efraim Halevy

2002-2010 Meir Dagan

2010. to today Tamir Pardo

Lexicon of the Mossad:

AL… Israeli special unit operating

smuggled into the United States

Aman… Israeli military intelligence service

APM…Avtahat Peylut Medinit, division of

internal security of the Mossad

Cold… approach to recruit an informant


light cover… diplomatic cover for a katsa

dardasim… agents operating in China

katsa… agent of Mossad operation

kidon… killer of Mossad

Langa…Bureau for scientific relations

the Israeli Ministry of defence

legend… false biography attributed to a katsa

mabuah… non-Jewish informant

… terrorist mehabelim

melukha…Recruitment Department

memuneh title… given to the Director-general of the Mossad

miketel… micro to intercept or

record phone calls

mishlashim… mailbox where an officer may leave

where to receive information

Senayan… Jewish volunteers to assist the Mossad

Shin Beth…Sherut Bitakhon, domestic security service

(the Israeli equivalent of the FBI)

Yahalomin… members of the special unit responsible for Mossad

Communication with the katsas

Karl Weizmann now resides in Ashdod, Israel, under a new identity. It stopped its intelligence activities and now devoted himself to writing. The name of K. Weizmann is obviously a pseudonym used for security reasons.

Wikistrike request the reopening of Lady Diana folder, account in light of new evidence to the public. We would like to bring here our affection and our support to Mr Mohammed al-Fayed, who fought tenaciously for the truth about the death of Lady Diana and his son Dodi al-Fayed

Salutem Punctis Trianguli


I arrived a little late, but be aware, that I would have done the same thing, this, reminds me of the history of the jeweler’s NICE, that, also, unfortunately, a Romanian, had lost life, to do what, when a stranger get home you, without having been invited, asking its FAFs (his papers), and ask him to take the pads to avoid scratching the floor you want him serve as a snack, pending keufs (COPS, condes, wads, the chtarpes), you, who thought, we’ll see, if you react in the way, when it’s your family, and I hope you not, regardless, if the guy is nice, or, if this is a true con(vous n’êtes pas censé le connaître, à moins que cela soit une arnaque) If it is more, not the first time that we the braque, once, already, it is hard to raise, but 2 times, but there are not even « is someone », pulls, one sees after!(I suspect that will)

Said, some, but it is not, when, you see lez people pissaient the blood, we must react, if you can do it before, made the front.) When you do stuff, like that, you expect that the reaction is violent, in these cases there is better remained at moman, avoid the emmerdes and they will avoid you.


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