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40 years of lies, 40 years of scams

I told myself that this is normal, that the FN is not first in your petty calculations of cheaters, notice, I expected (what to expect more?), and already, with all results of the UMP + the IDU + DVD + PRV + NCE, short UMP and its allies, because otherwise, it would be the first and, not a little (add 10 points to the result s of the ump (, is you’d figure aproximation of the FN,) figures have their say what, but once they spoke, we cannot go back, plus the fact, that done 30 or 40 years, the right and the left happens the ball, so victory, if we want to without being in denies it, but frankly victory without merits, and on his mates, finally the brothers Mmouai, UMPS, homies makes me smile, a landslide victory, it is it is not surprising that we have, and that they will never agree on some POINTS

AH, moreover, I spoke, the other day, but the Treaty of Lisbon that SARKOZY has signed instead of us knowing that the May 29, 2005 (no: 15 449 508 to (54.67% of NON) in the Referendum, ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon) lapses, or, more accurately, is not validquite simply, and no was ever valid because it is that (Sarkozy) to vote, and to made a decision contrary to the Republican spirit (contrary to the declaration of a citizen, and the human rights )

S. 14 all citizens have the right to see, by themselves or by their representatives, the need for public contribution, the consent freely to follow employment, and to determine the proportion, the base, the recovery and duration. Debt 2000 billion €

S. 15 the company has the right to request account any public administration officer.

Why we signed an agreement, without my will, and those of my fellow citizens

KNOW Ryan ladies of European peoples that EC Treaty(Treaty of Lisbon signed per the 27 Heads of State, is not valid,be aware that henceforth all taken DECISION, that IRA against the countries cited above, if the DECISION do please PAS A EC countries, that will continue the OFFENDER « , the European Community » before « The TRIBUNAL of LAHAY », (transatlantic Treaty kind, and request damages and interest on Canada)CAR) , THIS DEALS BEING INVALID, AND GOING AGAINST THE WILL OF A PEOPLE, OF THE PEOPLE, I THINK THE TRIBUNAL, WILL BE COMMON SENSE AND WILL THEREFORE ITS COPY.


That same VALLAUD-BELKACEM voted its small clients of prostitutes (€ 1500) Act, it is good, it has everything a large, I care I actually not gone, but it is not a reason, this law is absurd, stupid and is useless, it will just bring down these people buying power, above all, that it is already, pretty darn high (GAG(, I déconne) (everyone is not called DSK), I was thinking about a thing because it’s going to be very hard to implement, the client may get into the vehicle, and one coffee, or other, after starting, Who can say?If it was taken at the door of the chapel , and left to MARX DORMOY

Mdme VALLAUD-BELKACEM to plug, it was supposedly to help prostitutes, thanks for his help, but they perform without it.AH, I understand better, it chooses based on the criterion of requested intelligence, better, that they be not too smart, they could ask

embarrassing questions, they are asked to pass laws, asked the comprendre(Aprés,c’est bobo à la téte) not, took you so cream

, but gentlemen ladies, Ministers, deputies, senators, mayors, you do not see the super solidarity, they are making, Commandant PROUTEAU, VINCI (on which, they make good reporting on workers at the QATAR) P-T-N, ZARMA, ca it’s brothers, no thanks, I want, Especially do part of the family.

I was also thinking, as ISRAEL, that country if suprematiste, and if fascist (devoting a frantic worship for HITLER, the LIKUD at least dealing with the arabes(GAZA entre autre) and the noirs(soudanais, eritréen etc…!), as less than nothing, avoiding rent them a room or room pou live and in dealing with the Sudanese or Eritrean (practicing abortion on them, every 3 months, they must be bitten every 3 months, otherwise, they not not the renewal of their papers and therefore no rental so not working, COOL… what! so for me fascist regime, and MARINE LE PEN picture, or behind it relatively far away on the picture, kind 2 to 3 meters behind, one sees a lascars, German remained, and that for a birthday ball (Waltz) of a Viennese evening, or, a Turk, as, it, (Celle – ci, moreover, knows absolutely not hidden there, we’ll make him a POO irritation, will the called Extreme right, then that’s all the contrary happens in ISRAEL, it is the hospital, which cares for charity, imagine, you, also it is the case, as the left, the EXTREME DROITE(avec Valls,le furher.) and the extreme right, so-called extreme right

Is also currently, either the left from left, things as l « it knows, aside from some… obtuse c, hold the cause of the loss of its departments is the slump, which began under SARKO, between GMB WOERTH BETTENCOURT, CLEARSTREAM, BYG MALION, GADDAFI, in short… etc! and continued with the other waterproof, I mean with the ecotax, the equitaxe, taxis, and after the rest sincerely, left, as the right, you have made us a ballet of mediocrity hidden talents, and frankly, we cannot do worse than you, yeah, you left school, chopping a long time, but it served to you what?

I was thinking that some make the difference on FR3 between being (technicians trays (cameraman, Soundman sound, editors etc…)and the journaleu « inculturated » coming out of the kitchen to JUPITER (thanks, COLUCHE), I hope that some make the difference

It’s that this bullshit again, as what, people would be bipolar, and its bullshit should be more that bipolar, the compass needle, if it has one, should turn like crazy on it even, it is still out of a person’s brain ended up in the urine, this idea would be well from a Congressman brain, or Americanized, because in the United States , in the 1980s, it was a disease oven for some American doctors is; When they didn’t work, it was said that the patient was bipolar, is translated thus, incompetence, by the appearance of a fictitious disease, ca not metonne not, they are frankly bad, null; Fortunately one is significantly better at the medical level

«SwissLeaks» destabilize African countries


Published: 2015-02-11 – 09:12 | Updated: 11/02/2015 – 10:31

Illicit financial flows are to the Africa $ 50 billion per year – Copyright: Shutterstock/Trevor kelly

The new tax scandal of the ‘SwissLeaks’ struck head-on African countries. Tanzania, Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire have seen funds representing more than 30% of their health budget pass through the system of Swiss subsidiary of HSBC Bank.

The new « SwissLeaks » scandal, revealed by Le Monde and 60 international media, reported a wide tax evasion system implemented by the Swiss subsidiary of HSBC Bank. Between 2006 and 2007, more than EUR 180 billion belonging to 100 000 customers and 20 000 offshore companies which have passed secretly by the subsidiary accounts.

Fraud in scope, encouraged by the British Bank. And who did not spare the developing countries, particularly in Africa.

Among the 100 countries with the most customer tax evaders of the subsidiary of HSBC are 19 African States including South Africa (1787 customers), Morocco (1068 reviews), but also to a lesser extent (68 reviews) Mali or Zambia (69).

Capital flight

If the sums in question remain smaller than in some developed countries such as the Switzerland or the United States, many African countries have been affected at significant levels by the SwissLeaks. According to data compiled by the NGOs One (World Bank, SwissLeaks, Report Data) , Côte d’Ivoire would have lost capital corresponding to 0.58% of its GNP, being EUR 169 million. Reported in the amount of the country’s health budget, capital flight represents 39% and 13% of its budget to education.

The finding is the same in other countries developing, as the Senegal where capital leaks identified by the SwissLeaks comprise 0.90% of the GNP of the country, 38% of its health budget and 18 per cent of its education budget. In Tanzania, the leaks represent 0.48% of the GNP of the country, 17% of the health budget and more than 10% of the education budget.

But the problem is not new. « Swiss Leaks are the emerged part of the iceberg, » recognizes a head of One France.

Illicit financial flows

In 2011, the economic commission of the United Nations for Africa established a high-level panel established to make a report on illicit financial flows in Africa and formulate solutions to combat this scourge.

Chaired by the former head of the State South African Thabo Mbeki, the panel released a report freezing financial flows illicit leavers Africa early February. These would represent a loss of 50 billion dollars per year for African countries.

> > read the interview: Catherine Olier: ‘Need to strengthen the southern countries tax administrations’

‘Some of these calculations show that the African capital stock would have increased by more than 60% if the funds leaving Africa illegally remained on the continent, while per capita GDP would have increased by 15% ‘ notes the report.

More seriously, this amount exceeds the amount of public aid to development enjoyed by Africa, $ 46.1 billion in 2012.

‘Given dependence well-known in several African countries with respect to official development assistance, the loss of resources driven by illicit financial flows worse dependence on donors’ the report says.

The estimate given by the high level panel is most definitely underrated, as it « often excluded certain forms of financial flows » incalculable as flows from « corruption and trafficking in drugs, trafficking in persons and firearms trafficking.

Today, some countries like Chad lose 20% of their GDP because financial flows illicit. The figure climbs even up to 25% of GDP in the Republic of the Congo.

Les flux financiers illicites en Afrique

Illicit financial flows in Africa


Illicit financial flows in Africa

To combat illicit financial flows, developed countries have put forward on implementing theautomatic exchange of tax between countries information, within the OECD and the G20. This tool, considered as the most effective against evasion and tax optimization practices should enter into force from January 2017 in some countries, before gradually expanded.

But African countries could remain on the bench, due to lack of financial and regulatory human means to « conform to this »gold standard » », details the report.

Estimates of Global finance Intergrity, all developing countries have lost nearly 1 trillion dollars in 2012 because of illicit financial flows.

More seriously, the phenomenon seems to escalate. Between 2003 and 2012, illicit financial flows have experienced an average annual growth of 9.4%, which is two times faster than the average growth of GDP in the developing world.

Sub-Saharan Africa is the first region in the world affected by the leak, with an annual average loss of 5.7% of GDP.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

COUNTERPUNCH / why Henry Kissinger still free? Piden Kissinger prison for war crimes in the Viet Nam and Cambodia, Chile / / Greece: follow demonstrations in the streets of the Greece to support Government / / Minister of Finance of the Greece: « the euro area is a House of cards » Greek //Gobierno paralyzes the privatizations in the energy sector / / churches are fighting in Ukraine on the eve of talks high running fire alto //Pablo and close agreement Falciani to work together against tax fraud.10,000 peasants walk towards the Paraguay to demand the resignation of President / / on the side of Chile: estudiante require free school fees! / / Argentina: Nuevos soldiers executed targeting Milani / / Uruguay: familiar missing persons rejects any request for forgiveness from the army / / test startup by the Condor Plan in Italy by ROGER RODRIGUEZ / / El Sayago gas smells bad by José. A. Rocca / / El Sunca is declared in conflict by « massive » layoffs

COUNTERPUNCH / why Henry Kissinger still free?

Posted on 09/02/15 • in Contrainjerencia

ANDY PIASCIK / COUNTERPUNCH – September 11, 2013, hundreds of thousands of Chilean recalls solemnly the 40th anniversary of the terrorist fact took place in his country. It is at this time, in 1973, the Chilean army with the generous contribution of funds and weapons supplied by the United States and advised by the CIA and other agents, the moderate Socialist El Salvador Allende, democratically elected, has overthrown the Government. Then came sixteen years of repression, torture and murders implemented by the Pinochet regime fascist while the US – IT & T, Anaconda Copper multinationals and other – back to make a large profit.The profits of these companies, as well as the concern that people in other countries to follow the example of independence were the real reason for the coup d’etat, and similarly, the trend towards nationalisation marked by Allende could not tolerated by the businessmen of the United States
Henry Kissinger was Adviser to the national security and one of the main designers – perhaps hand – the coup in the Chile. Coups d ‘ état instigated by U.S. were not something new in 1973, certainly not in Latin America. Kissinger and his boss Richard Nixon remained a violent tradition that has been deployed throughout the 20th century and continued into the twenty-first. See, for example, the coup at the in 2002 (failed) Venezuela and Honduras in 2009 (successfully). To the extent possible, as the Guatemala in 1954 and the Brazil in 1964, successes are the preferred method to respond to popular uprisings. In other cases, the choice has been the direct invasion with U.S. forces, as has happened repeatedly to Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and other countries.
The coup in Santiago was held at the time when the aggression of the USA in Indochina was on the decline after more than a decade of terror. From 1969 to 1973, Kissinger, next to Nixon, is responsible for the carnage in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. It is impossible to know exactly how many people were killed during these years there. all the victims were considered enemies, including the vast majority who were not combatants. In addition, USA was never inclined to estimate the number of enemy dead. Indo-Chinese killed by U.S. estimates based on the figure of 4 million and there is probably more, perhaps many others. A reasonable extrapolation there are more than 1 million people killed while Kissinger and Nixon were in power.
In addition, a countless number of Indo-Chinese is died later from the effects of massive doses of Agent Orange and other chemical weapons of mass destruction used by U.S. Many of us here know (or, unfortunately, know) soldiers who were exposed to these chemicals; Multiply us these figures by 1 000 or 10 000 or 50 000; and although it is impossible to make an accurate account, Yes, we can begin to understand the impact on the people and the territories which have been so deeply poisoned by the policy of the United States
Research conducted by various organizations, including the United Nations, indicate that at least 25 000 deaths in Indochina since the end of the war by unexploded bombs left United States scattered across the countryside; and an equal number of people have suffered mutilation. Like what happened to Agent Orange, the effects of death and lives ruined by the explosions continue until today. Forty years later, the war still for the people of Indochina and probably will continue for several decades more.
Towards the end of his period in the Government, Kissinger and his new boss, Gerald Ford gave the green light for the Indonesian dictator Suharto invaded East Timor in 1975, an illegal act of aggression, implemented with weapons made in the USA and supplied by USA Suharto had a long history as a leading figure of the economic interests of companies American. He ascended to power through the coup of 1965, also with decisive support and weapons from Washington and began a year of reign of terror in which military forces and security have killed more than 1 million people (Amnesty International, who rarely gives details on the crimes of American imperialism, gives the figure of 1 million).
In addition to providing essential resources support, Kissinger and Ford have blocked all efforts of the international community to put an end to the carnage, when the terrible extent of violence in Indonesia transcended borders. The Ambassador to the UN, Moynihan boasted openly of its triumph. Again, the Empire, that Kissinger and its type accepted as something as natural as breathing, the principle is that independence cannot be authorized. This applies even for a country as small as East Timor, where the investment opportunities are minimal, because independence is contagious and can spread to places much more crucial than the rich of the Indonesia with an abundance of resources. In 1999, towards the end of Indonesian occupation, was killed 200 000 East Timorese, 30% of the population. It’s the legacy of Kissinger, understood very well by the inhabitants of the southern hemisphere, regardless regardless of the degree of denial, ignorance or mental confusion of intellectuals here (in the United States).
If USA never for a democratic society and if you ever integrate the international community as a responsible member interested in peace and not war, with the aim of promoting cooperation and mutual support rather than domination, we will have to answer for the crimes of those who acted on our behalf, as Kissinger. Our outrage at the crimes committed by the official enemies that Pol Pot is not enough. The clique of bad American leaders of Kennedy on caused many more deaths in Indonesia that the Khmer Rouge and those responsible should be tried and treated in accordance with what they are.
The urgency of the task is highlighted by the proliferation alarming of the policy of aggression of the United States of millions of people around the world, especially in a revitalized Latin America, try to put an end to the philosophy of « the reason of force », it was the precept Director of the USA since its inception. 99% of us here, who have not invested in the Empire of shareholdings, would do well to join them.
There are encouraging signs in this regard, as the cancellation of the United States from the Syria attack, for example. In addition, individuals with degrees of participation in Imperial politics, were arrested. For example, David Petraus was the subject of you escraches since he was hired by CUNY (New York University) to teach a course. in 2010, Dick Cheney had to cancel a trip to the Canada as the clamor for his arrest was becoming too strong; long after the end of the reign of Pinochet, a Spanish judge ordered his arrest for human rights violations. Pinochet was detained in England for 18 months and was released for health reasons. Earlier this year, Efrain Rios Montt, one of the men from the hand of the United States to the Guatemala, was found guilty of genocide, while his accomplices who remain in power have intervened in his favour, obstructs justice. Last spring, Condoleezza Rice was forced to cancel her speech at the end of the academic year at Rutgers to outrage studying for his involvement in war crimes.
Need to exert more pressure for that the allies of the United States in war crimes, such as Paul Kagame receive the same treatment as Pinochet. More important perhaps than those who live in the USA we escrachemos Rumsfeld, two Clinton, Albright, rice Powell, to name a few, for their crimes against humanity, once displayed in public, as has been done with Petraeus. This applies specially designed for our most recent « Guerra criminal leaders’ Barack Bush and Obama.
Andy Piascik is an activist with a long experience and an award-winning author who wrote for Z, Counterpunch and other publications and web sites. – REBELLION
Crimes against humanity do not require! Those responsible must be brought to justice, even when they have been crimes of mass character

Call to Kissinger prison for war crimes in the Viet Nam and Cambodia, Chile
•Friday, January 30, 2015, 12:20 am LIBRERED
The figure of the diplomacy of the United States, Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State and key attended the Congress Thursday to discuss global security issues, but he was greeted by protesters who sought to arrest him for war crimes in the Chile, Vietnam and Cambodia.
« Arrest of Kissinger for war crimes », said a banner placed by protesters from the anti-war group « Code Pink » (pink Code).
A handful of members of the Group also chanted the same slogan during the commencement of the hearing of the Committee on armed services of the Senate, senators hostilizando, Kissinger and the other two exsecretarios of the States invited to the session, Madeleine Albright and George Shultz.
The emergence of the angry pacifist group Sen. John McCain, Chairman of the Military Affairs Committee of the Senate, who tried to take control of the situation and one of the demonstrators referred to as ‘scum ‘.
After that restored order and when Kissinger began his speech, a woman said that the former staff member of the United States was arrested because he « coordinated the massacre in Viet Nam, Cambodia and Laos ».
The woman also also says that Kissinger was the Chief Architect of the coup d ‘ état of 1973 to the Chile.
« I’ve been a member of this Committee for many years and never saw anything so embarrassing, irritating and despicable as this last event that just happened, » replied McCain.
When one of the demonstrators continued, the Senator was even more annoying. « It will have to shut up or I will make sure to stop, » said and replied ‘salt here, slag.
Kissinger is a target of frequent protests, accused of several crimes, including participation in the secret bombing of Cambodia, while serving in the management of the President of the United States Richard Nixon.
McCain, who was a prisoner of war in Vietnam, has close personal links with Kissinger and apology « profusely » for attacks by protesters. -AFP
It continues the macabre Empire theatre which aims to show how « legal ». Everything about Guantanamo (including disaster «essais») are crimes against humanity. The world wonders why the international « tribunal » in the Hague does not say a Word. Indeed accept are accomplices and, therefore, this masquerade of ‘Court’ shall be dissolved.

Suspension of judgment on the Guantánamo Naval Base after having identified the torturer among the official translators

February 10, 2015. CUBADEBATE
At the Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, a preliminary to the hearing in the trial of suspects accused of collaborating in the planning of the 11 September attacks has been suspended once prisoners interprets the Court of a CIA clandestine detention centre
A prisoner said he did not trust the interpreter because he worked with the CIA. A second prisoner has also recognized the man it accuses of involvement in his torture.
In a statement, Amnesty International said that the charges were « Extremely worrying », adding that « Guantanamo Bay court always accumulate injustices on impunity for torture ».

The ex – CIA agent: practise us torture as policy of State
•Wednesday, February 11, 2015, 01:31 LIBRERED

The former agent of the Central Intelligence Agency of United States (CIA), John Kiriakou, said Monday that the American nation torture as a policy of the State.
In an interview with Sputnik, Kiriakou said that the CIA tortured does not on its own initiative, but because the State was obliged to practise violence in the majority of cases.
He condemned the crimes against humanity committed by the Government of his country by supporting the so-called « clandestine CIA Torture ». In this context, he regretted that currently continue to record cases of torture inside and outside American prisons events.

Harsh reality

« In the ranks of the CIA told us that the torture technique known as the submarine was actually effective, was not torture, and thanks to this, we could get valuable information, » reported the ex.
He said that own officials shortly after were aware of this practice fraud. « The Agency had lied to us, torture pas served for the country, was not a coherent policy, was a mistake from the beginning, » he said.

Decision of life

For Kiriakou denouncing the Government of the United States to the public was a life decision. « If you are part of the intelligence services there is no protection, you think so well before posting this kind of information, because your life will change radically if you do, » said the former agent.
In December of 204, the Director of the CIA, John Brennan, has defended torture committed by officials against individuals suspected of terrorist activities.
He argued that detainees who were subjected to torture provides useful information that has been used in the final operation against Ben Laden.
Before the statements by John Brennan, former Director of the CIA, Michael Hayden, denied that Bush was informed of the interrogation program. World – YVKE


Further demonstrations in the streets of the Greece to support Government
•Wednesday, February 11, 2015, 23:23 LIBRERED
Tens of thousands of people invaded the streets of several cities in Greece to express their support for the new Government, while in Brussels the head of finance heleno who held the first meeting with their counterparts in the euro area to deal with the delicate situation in which the country in debt.
The demonstrations, called by different platforms of citizens, were emblematic places such as the Syntagma Square in Athens and the White Tower of Thessaloniki, as well as in the main squares of Crete, Patras, Lamia, Volos, Kastoria, Kalymnos, Lesbos and the island of Syros, among others.
There are also concentrations in other countries, such as Cyprus, also affected by neoliberal policies. In the Cypriot capital, hundreds of citizens were at the front of the House of Europe, at a gathering convened by several parties and citizens platform, news agency EFE.
Expects that events will be crowned Sunday next with new acts that in 20 cities and 15 countries such as Portugal, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands, on the eve of the next meeting of the Eurogroup, convened for next Monday.
In Brussels, while the Executive has won a vote of confidence in Parliament on its refusal to extend the international rescue, the Greek Minister of finance, Yanis Varoufakis, it seemed proposals by peer relieve the program that the country has taken in Exchange for financial assistance.
The meeting of Finance Ministers of eurozone 19 is the first since the leftist Syriza party won the elections in Greece in January, with the promise to put an end to social cuts and neoliberal measures imposed by creditors: the European Commission (EC), the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Monetary Fund (IMF).
Varoufakis said before leaving Athens that is ready for a confrontation with Germany – economic engine of the euro zone – and his allies, by the decision of the Greece reject such measures, as well as to put an end to cooperation with the creditors and ask for a reduction in its debt.
Also, when asked to Varoufakis if he had in mind a possible exit from the euro, replied: « not at all ».
Varoufakis has already anticipated that you want to remove the bailout program and to agree on a new. But it would take time and the bailout program ends February 28.
The Greek owner of Finance has proposed to the European creditors give the country a « bridge loan » for a few months, change which the Greece would jeopardize to implement further reforms, the increase in taxes in particular.
But Jeroen Dijsselbloem, who presides over the meetings of the Ministers of the euro area, has already planned that it was not likely that today ‘ hui reach a final agreement.
Varoufakis also had a meeting with the IMF, Christine Lagarde, Executive Director and both described as constructive. LaGarde went to Brussels to join the Summit of the Eurogroup on a sign of the importance the IMF gives the Greece crisis.
« They are competent, intelligent, have thought about their problems. We must listen to them, we begin to work together and it is a process that begins and will last long, « said Lagarde.
The Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, pointed out yesterday that his Government ‘will not back-up’ in its intention to amend the terms of relief.
Tsipras planned to meet Thursday with their counterparts from the European Union (EU), at a first summit meeting, but it is expected that leaders not to touch the subject of negotiations on the bailout plan and leave at the meeting of Finance Ministers of the following Monday. -Thelma

Thousands of Greeks are thrown into the street to wrap Tsipras

Call for demonstrators on the Greek Government that it does not give the troika and the austerity measures. Up to 15 000 people gathered instead Athens Syntagma

View the demonstration at the gates of the Greek Parliament. -EFE

Public bodies

Athens. – thousands of people have flooded the streets of several cities in Greece to support Alexis Tsipras Government in its negotiations with the European Union, which coincides with the meeting of the Eurogroup in Brussels.

The most massive concentration took place before Parliament at Syntagma Square in Athens, according to police where some 15,000 people assembled . Demonstrators urged the Government of the Syriza continue forward with its economic plan and not give in to the troika. Participants carry banners against austerity measures coupled with the financial rescue.

The call to action, organized by the various platforms of citizens, has also been supported elsewhere in the country as in the White Tower of Thessaloniki or cities such as Crete, Patras, Lamia, Volos, Kastoria, Kalymnos, Lesbos, Kalamata, Kavala or the island of Syros, among others.
In other cities as Berlin, Venice and Brussels, also similar concentrations, were held according to the Kathimerini daily. The demonstrations will continue until next Sunday and are expected from new acts for in 20 cities and 15 countries such as the Portugal, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Holland or the Brazil.

Calling Wednesday has a spontaneous social value that generated last week, following the decision of the European Central Bank (ECB) not to accept Greek adheres as collateral in refinancing operations. On this occasion, about 7,000 people invaded the streets of Athens to close ranks in the tower for the Government to Alexis Tsipras and protest against what they call the « blackmail » of the European Union.

The economy of the euro zone ministers seek Wednesday to tackle positions with Greece on the future of the debt of rescue and helena, although significant differences between the two parties are persistent. While the new Government of SYRIZA wants to put an end to austerity and alleviate its debt, the EU imposes to respect commitments.



Michael urban

Greece: smile crosses Europe

February 11, 2015 public

Throughout the election campaign in Greece, the spokesman of the ruling class repeat again and again that the SYRIZA promised things Greek which then would not be able to respond. It was curious to see Mariano Rajoy to go to Athens to meet with Samaras, beats former Prime Minister cuts and the troika, to warn the citizenship Greek on the irresponsibility of the promises of Tsipras. The same president who has not respected his electoral platform in the Spanish State has been hired to inform the Greek people that SYRIZA reach not the.
What we have seen is an important political lesson: what you can and what is not limited by the will to govern for a class or another. Policy must still decide if you’re faithful to the oppressed or faithful to those above. It meets or not a promise depends on a so elementary that this truth often buried behind expressions such as « financial markets » or « European Institutions ».
Alexis Tspiras the Government took quick decisions to improve the lives of citizens: ensure light and food to over 300 000 homes, paralyze the evictions, increasing the minimum wage and pensions, the judgment of the ongoing privatization, guarantee universal health care, unconstitutional reinstatement of the dismissed workers by the State, the repeal of the recent reforms of labour… At the level of democratic rights, should highlight the grant of Greek children of immigrants nationality and the opening of a process, still insufficient expansion of civil rights for LGBT couples. There is no doubt that the Government of Tsipras also has its deficits. We’ll add two: the absence of the Ministers or the Covenant with the nationalists of the party right ‘Independent Greeks’ (which will have control over the army), which can slow down and hurt all time the application or the deepening of reforms that the Executive has raised.
To perform these basic measures, he has launched a plan against tax fraud and sought to initiate a dialogue on the issue of external debt and credit international with different Governments and the institutions of the European Union. The response was a defensive reaction strongly by the European elites. It should not surprise us this reaction for several reasons. Firstly, one of the main contradictions in which we find is here, that while the European framework is an integrated structure, there are Hegemons and peripheral countries. Policies proposed by SYRIZA break this logic to popular sovereignty to prepend to the balance between the European ruling classes. Secondly, because the Greek example is perhaps the articulator of an alternative at the European level: a ghost runs across Europe! New solidarities could appear on the horizon: not only between businessmen and politicians, but also between the workers and popular movements.
But it is also another reason: neo-liberalism, the governance of the supposedly impregnable postmodern capitalism model, is in fact a paper tiger. Its strength is only appearance. A strong, healthy, living, system has the ability to integrate popular demands, get answers to problems posed by society, not solve all, but find balances that allow inherent conflicts dampen any society divided into classes. What makes the demonstration of European liberalism, is that it is a system for the elite, irreparably confronted the well-being of the majority of the population. A system that goes against the people, which becomes impermeable to water their claims, becoming an anti-system and the most important factor in their own end.
The response of the Central Bank European and Angela Merkel, as well as the deafness of right-wing governments or ‘left’ of lead to what he calls an article, published recently in the wind, SYRIZA Stathis Kouvelakis activist « shock front ». Government Tspiras has embarked on a path which breaks with the logic neoliberal expropriation. To get the logic any other scope, which has put above profits by a minority of people, you’ll need of many factors and many forces pushing in the same direction. The determination of the Greek Government will be very important to resist all pressures that will be submitted. Self-organization and mobilization of the working classes will be also essential, but also a profound democratization of social life which allows the exercise of citizens in all areas, not only in voting from time to time, but also in the neighborhoods and workplaces. But there is another factor that could highlight and think that it affects us closely: the internationalist solidarity. The Greek people need us, but we also need this victory.
He needed something to start: this 12 Thursday in Madrid at 07:00, at the school of industrial relations, we celebrate an event with Katerina Serguidou, leader of SYRIZA, Jaime Pastor and Yayo Herrero, two of the signatories of the manifesto « for change in Greece » to understand what is happening in the country from Greek and begin to articulate solidarities. It is also planned to join Sunday 15 levels of solidarity will be held in several cities in Europe of this initiative.
Alexis de Tocqueville who had in 1848, during the explosion of the revolution in many parts of Europe, domestic workers, tuned by far the shots of the insurgents, smiling at their jobs. There was nothing that aterrara more the bourgeois as that smile, which represented both the desire of Justice such as solidarity and hope to all the oppressed of the world. The Greek people brought us a smile to all who are tired of corruption and poverty: democracy is imposed on the markets in Greece is essential so that all peoples and workers of Europe smile in common.

Michael urban

Activist life. Supporter. Madrid, the vocation of heart and Zapatista internationalist. I worked on ONG´S and am currently a cultural Manager of the bookshop Coop I, collaborate with the editorial Icaria and member of the Advisory Board of the wind South magazine. I started in the student movement which I wrote several books and articles, that I attended VBI, the anti-war for decent and of course housing 15 Mr. I am one of the founders and promoters of can and do part since its inception to anti-capitalist left. We live in exciting times and we have no alternative but to take sides. As Antonio Gramsci said: « the most indifferent of hatred. I believe that living means taking sides. « Those who live really, maybe not citizen and partisan ». Take a stand for those who suffer the miseries of this unjust world. Siding, fairly, with the below.

The Minister of Finance of the Greece: « the euro area is a House of cards. »

Published: February 10, 2015 11 h 30 GMT. Last update: 10 February 2015 12:52 GMT – RT

deviantART / RT / Reuters

The Greek Minister of finance Yanis Varoufakis that he does not believe in the viability and sustainability of the eurozone and that, like Greece, the Italy cannot pay all of your debts said. « The euro area is very fragile; its design looks like a House of cards, »he said.

In an interview with the Italian network Rai 3 Yanis Varoufakis, the Greek Finance Minister, has said that if his country out of the eurozone, other States will immediately follow his example. « The euro area is very fragile; its design looks like a House of cards. If we remove the bridge «Greece», others will fall and the Castle crumbles », it said.
Varoufakis also said that the burden of the debt of the Italy is too high. According to him, the Italian authorities cannot admit that as the Greece, the country is bankrupt. « They are afraid of the Germany. Recent years in Europe a cloud of fear hangs », he lamented.

The Greece refuses to extend bailout imposed by the troika

Published: February 11, 2015 23:24 GMT | Last update: 12 February 2015 00:22 GMT – RT

REUTERS / Alkis Konstantinidis

The Greek Government rejected the rescue plan of the troika which expires February 28 and insisted on a new agreement which provides for a transitional period until August.

The Greece has not given its consent to the extension of the previous agreement with their creditors which expires February 28, communicates TASS quoting the Greek national chain NEPIT.
«  » Sources of the Greek Prime Minister said at the meeting of the Eurogroup Athens it refused to extend the previous rescue plan  » « ..
At the same time, the delegation of Greek introduced to the Eurogroup agree bridge that will be valid during the period of transition until the end of August.This period is necessary for the country has time to agree new terms of payment of the debt.
At the same time, the President of the Eurogroup, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, reported that the parties have not reached any agreement at the meeting, reports Reuters. Negotiations will continue on 16 February, he added.

Greek Government paralyzes privatizations in the energy sector
•Wednesday, February 11, 2015, 01:06 LIBRERED

The Greek Minister of productive recreation, environment and energy, Panagiotis Lafazanis, said during the parliamentary debate on the Government’s programme, we will provide 300 kilowatt / hour per month to 300 000 vulnerable households.
The power holder pointed out that advocates a new model of Government energy that runs with the privatization of State electricity companies, since the liberalisation of the market « instead of lowering the cost of energy has increased prices ».
« DEI (Greek electric state company) debts exceed the 1.7 billion euros, » he said quoted by the news agency EFE.
Lafazanis reiterated that the Government stops the process of privatising the management of networks (ADM) and DEI body, but change will encourage the subsidiary dedicated to renewable energy.
Says what it or privatize public gas production company and said that the company that manages the network gas ‘non was privatized’, but sold to the national company SOCAR, belonged to Azerbaijan, so it simply changed the Greek State to a foreign State.
The holder of the power stressed that the Government will launch bilateral agreements to lower « the price of diesel fuel purchase », in its aim to develop an energy policy that allows « to buy electricity at lower prices ».
As Lafanis already planned a few days ago the body of energy (RAE) management admitted that energy production costs could be reduced between 20% and 40%, which would result in a considerable reduction in the electricity bill.
The new Government, according to Lafazanis, will create a new « body to investigate maritime gas reserves »and analyse the privatization of the former international airport of Elinikon, »a scandal that has been detrimental to the environment ».» -South radio

Greek Government recalls nazi Merkel condemns the past of Germany against Europe and Prime Minister

After the Minister of defence of Germany, Greece accused of violating its position in NATO, insofar as it calls for a debate to extend sanctions to the Russia, his Greek counterpart reminded him that invading troops from Europe in the second world war.

February 11, 2015 at 10:43 pm last updated at 22:45 LR21

Panos Kammenos (left) fact of claims on the Germany and its nazi past and that the dignity of the Greeks is above all.

During the Security Conference in Munich, where were discussed the sanctions with regard to Russia for their possible role in Ukraine, Defence Minister German, Ursula von der Leyden, said as the Greece put ‘at risk’ also to NATO to debate the application on sanctions.
« The Greece has always been with the allies when they rejected the German occupation troops, » broken the Minister of defence Greek Panos Kammenos, ironically right hand only, member firm to the Syriza party. What Kammenos stated that the « dignity » of the Greek above all remains and which will not be tame by German interests, according to the newspaper published Ekathimerini, of Athens.

The ‘plan B’ of the Greece puts a sudden stop to Western Europe

The Defence Minister said that the country has a ‘plan B’ failure to come to terms with the rest of the European Union, an extension under conditions that does not punish the population for the debt that keep. Plan B, points of friendly countries, but others who have established failure to the eurozone.
« We have another opportunity to find money. « Plan B is that there may be funding from third parties, which may be the United States, the Russia, China or other countries », said the Greek, independent, nationalist party emerged Minister.
The Minister of Finance of Russia, Anton Siluanov, announced days ago a Greek request in this regard « could take into account, » he said.
While the debate on debt and refinancing continues, « bad examples » for European financiers, he continued in Greece. Now that the Government has announced that it will provide free electricity to 300 000 households that are below the poverty lineand the Minister of productive reconstruction and energy, Panagiotis Lafazanis, ahead of the energy restructuring model is to avoid as the energy of the State to privatize companies. Several European countries who were failed by the crisis that their Governments (Spain and Italy) could help pay the electricity more in more expensive, in private hands.
« The liberalisation of the market rather than reducing the cost of energy has increased price (…) Debts to the DEI (the Greek State electricity company) exceed the 1.7 billion euros « by private companies who have been benefited by the previous Government, pointed out.


Liquidate Merkel is to build Europe

February 10, 2015


Isidro López ( @ LumumbaJr ) and Emmanuel Rodríguez (@emmanuelrog )).

It was announced last Thursday: the ECB leaves of Greek banks financing. Registration is as simple as that in the future he will not accept the debt as a guarantee of liquidity. Can understand us this as a letter of negotiation so that the Government of the Syriza not go too far in default of payment of the debt and accept austerity programs? Without a doubt. After 28 days, the Greek Government over funding resource which has access to the so-called Commonwealth is just. A special liquidity facility which, in principle, to continue to use. The removal of this instrument would be a declaration of war from the ECB to the Greek Government.
The victory of the Syriza in Greek has staged battle between markets and its ally (Germany) and southern European populations. After four years of financial offensive, it seems that now there up to the Greece’s response to your letters. The main: the threat of default not negotiated, which is seen as a new round of « disorder » in the euro area, precisely by those same « markets ». According to this same bellicose metaphor, there is nothing more important to anticipate the position of the opponent, i.e. markets.
Just read of strategic financial officers reports. Interestingly, there are significant differences between them. Bank moved, as expected, asked the most forceful political response: requires use of the threat of removal of the Commonwealth to the discipline to the Greek Government and thus make him swallow the full payment of the debt and austerity measures. Bank moved in the interest of the Greece go far beyond the simple possession of obligations. They affect key assets obtained through privatisation associated with austerity programs: ports, airports, public companies, etc. on the other hand, Atlantic finance houses, as is the case of the Royal Bank of Scotland and Goldmann Sachs, provided a Covenant. The first indicates that markets have « underestimated the democratic legitimacy of the Greek Government, » and the second, more hostile, refers to the political position of the Tsipras and Varoufakis as «postureo», but also does with the ECB. The two officers and more vigorous, Goldman Sachs, provided a possible breach of the European monetary system scenario, if the Pact is not reached. Ergo, there are to be negotiated.
In concluding quickly: there’s no unanimity in the strategy of the players in the market. The first consequence is that an attack « with all weapons » on the Greece is unlikely. For example, Goldman Sachs, perhaps more concerned with obtaining a containment negotiated in Greece but premiums, which does not extend to the rest of the EU, provides a scenario favorable finance, with a European postimpago risk higher, reaching the old estrangulantes levels, the low price of oil and the fall in the Euro. Whatever it is, the alternative, even if you never use this language, is how going to produce non-payment: over, through removes?, democratic defaults to bottom? When concrete negotiations are still difficult to resolve, what is what, events Thursday and Friday to support the position of the Greek Government in Athens and in general, the enormous popular shock, and not only in Greece, measures the Syriza, push a good reading political bargaining. Any arrangement can be seen as a test of strength of the Government of the Hellenic Republic beyond taking future pulses, where, besides the Greece can count on new political allies.
Therefore, the most important is to understand that we are not already in the field of the economy, but in politics. Decision of the ECB is primarily political; in his line of sight to the rest of the European countries and preferentially to the Spain. Among other things, the ECB seeks to give the material for devices ideological pro-finanzas: sell a ‘take-over’ of the Syriza directed to the own internal populations of these countries. Of course, our press (the regime) did not accept the gift offered by the European Central Bank. Just, without exception, has decreed deserved ruin Greek for committing the audacity to question the current European political order. Accelerated the upward revision in the growth figures for Spain, the European Union, is also part of this line of attack ideological and disciplinary.
However, it should be recalled that the ECB has since the beginning of the crisis, speaking at the disciplinary level, when what he does is very different. The ECB has not stopped working against the subversion of the neo-liberal agenda risks caused by political instability in the countries of the South and this against their own laws. Examples here range from the purchase of the mechanisms of national debt put in place despite being explicitly prohibited, until monetary expansion in programmes in recent weeks. Merkel ideology must not blind us to the impact of political and social resistance being real, powerful and above all effective.
In this perspective, we should also reconsider our history on Europe and insist that the Greece does not exist as an independent economic reality. There are European economic institutions and a neo-liberal agenda, which attempts to download political responsibilities on the Greek State and the rest of the European States, even if they have not already enough political and economic entity. Ultimately, the victory of the Syriza and its position policy in the European order, created the first joint for a scenario of struggles of national and supra supra classes State. Insofar as the device policy national is more to contain and manage the territorialized political realities, delete the domain in the same sense as in the 1930s when Karl Polanyi said that there are only two parties possible in market capitalism: the economy and democracy. Interestingly, since the 1950s, the European elites thought that economic and monetary integration so inexorably bring political union. What was not expected, it is that this union could only make people and not the elites. And that is exactly what is beginning to happen in Greece: birth, or at least the possibility of a democratic Europe.

Greece condemns the manipulation of the European Union on the Ukraine

Voltaire network. January 28, 2015

The Government of the new Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras has strongly protested against the declaration of the heads of State and Government of the European Union that sets the « separatists » the « indiscriminate bombardment » against the city of Mariupol and the Russia threatening new sanctions [1].
Tsipras revealed that the Greece consulted and that the publication of the declaration constitutes a violation of the procedures of the European Union.
According to observers from the European Union, Austria, the Slovakia and the Hungary has tried in vain to amend the draft declaration by removing the part where the attack is attributed to the separatists.

-January 24, 2015: attack by the army of Ukraine Mariupol
-25 January: Alexis Tsipras party won the parliamentary elections in Greece
-January 26: the President of the European Union, Donald Tusk, has welcomed the victory of his party at Alexis Tsipras
-27 January: the European Union issued the declaration of Heads of State and Government (dated 26 January) in the moments where the members of the new Greek Government pay oath
-28 January: the new Greek Government denounces the violation of the procedures of the European Union

The fears of the global economy: central banks may not save the planet

Published: December 24, 2014 23:56 GMT | Last updated: 24 December 2014 23:56 GMT – RT

REUTERS/László Balogh

Some characterize those who are at the forefront of central banks as the Almighty people forge the economic destiny of a country, but were in fact few instruments policies and often they are cornered in adverse circumstances, hold prominent economic strategists.

« The root of the problem of bankers is simple enough. May not deal directly with the root causes of a crisis which are called upon to resolve », says Milton Ezrati, senior economic strategist in the company of Lord Abbett investment in an article from »The National Interest « ‘.
According Abbett, bankers of the European Central and the US Federal Reserve Bank apparently know not what they are doing to put an end to the risk of a new economic crisis that threatens the United States and the EU, but they are afraid to stop although it cannot save time indefinitely.
Central bankers do not know what they are doing. » »They are stuck simply because the others, those who have the power to solve problems, or that they are unable or unwilling to meet its obligations », ends the economic strategist.

The German Publisher: ‘ the CIA tells the Western press machine is located.

Published: February 9, 2015 03:44 GMT | Last updated: February 9, 2015 03:44 GMT RT

REUTERS/Jason Reed

The editor of one of the major newspapers in Germany, Udo Ulfkotte, revealed that the CIA has ordered newspapers and news agencies German manufactured lies on the Libyan dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi to justify foreign intervention in Libya.

When you type the analytical portal Global Research, Ulfkotte said in an interview with the newspaper « Russian Insider » who had published under his name in the ‘Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung’ new written by the CIA and must lead to different Nations at war in recent years.
Ulfkotte, among the new should publish his diary, a blamed Libyan president Muammar al-Gaddafi Libya build 2011 poison gas plants.
The editor also counted on the orders of the CIA, he had to silence, as other Western publishers, on the regime of Saddam Husein Iranian chemical attack in the town of Halabja in 1988, which was the witness because the Iraq was an ally of the United States at this time.
Ulfkotte provides that bribery by the major media of the CIA is common in most Western countries and that journalists who do not comply with their orders may forget their careers, are dismissed immediately and cannot find work in the field of journalism more. Some of the ‘capricious’ employees came to be threatened with death.
The Editor noted that you dared to do this revelation that because of his State of health remains a few years of life and could not make the children who pay the consequences.

Fighting in Ukraine are bright on the eve of the ceasefire negotiations

Posted February 11, 2015, written by Juan Pablo Duch (day) Clarín of the Chile

Moscow – a long night waiting negotiators of a ceasefire in the East of the Ukraine until they can finally agree on an agreement for this Wednesday. The document, prior to be signed at the Summit in Minsk, must have the approval of the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko and the separatist leaders Donietsk and Lugansk, Aleksandr Zajarchenko and Igor Plotnitsky, as well as the Federal Chancellor, Angela Merkel and the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, and France, François Holland.

It is sufficient that one of them will go back to the last moment that call into question the complex negotiation process which began with a visit to Kiev and Moscow, Thursday and Friday of the previous week, and other eavesdroppers who were exposed to their counterparts in a new peace initiative, whose details were kept in the strictest secrecy.

So far the roadmap defined last Sunday conference call simultaneous between leaders was completed: Monday, expert groups led by the Deputy Ministers for Foreign Affairs has prepared a first draft that today ‘ hui was discussed in Minsk, with the representatives of the separatists and members (Ukraine, Russia and NATO) contact group for security and cooperation in Europe.

The separatists have expanded their territorial control

The meeting lasted two hours and is not ruled out that the group will resume its work in the morning Wednesday, before the proposals were made by the representatives of the separatists.

Tonight, as the news of the Russian Agency Tass, quoting an unidentified source, an agreement was concluded to establish the cease-fire, to withdraw heavy artillery and to implement compliance control, but offers no information on any aspect of the negotiations.

Are not concerns where you will pass the line of demarcation separating the belligerents of the parties and which will assume the achievement of agreements, if he would vote in the UN Security Council sending peacekeepers and with which countries soldiers’d settle contingent, stood up when the economic blockade of the territories under the control of the separatistesparmi of many other issues requiring approval of all parties involved in the conflict and, as guarantors of the agreement, promoters of the peace initiative.

To cite two examples, because it is signed in September of 2014, the protocols of Minsk imposed a ceasefire, which was not respected, separatist militias have expanded the territory under their control in 500 square kilometres, and it is assumed that this was one of the most controversial points in the negotiations.

It is not known if the territories that do not recognize the Government of Kiev will renounce their independence in Exchange for broad autonomy and if call you it y to new elections.

For this reason, until the agreements reached and signed by all the leaders are not known, it is impossible to assess the feasibility of the ceasefire in the southeast of the Ukraine as an essential step to begin to negotiate a settlement policy.

And do not contribute to optimism the attacks on the Ukrainian army and separatist militias launched while the politicians negotiating how to end to the bloodshed.

The Ukrainian Government, according to the agencies, said today that the separatists have launched missiles at the town of Kramatorsk, while Army launches an offensive against the militia positions in access to the port of Mariupol to break the siege they want close around the town of Devaltsevo.

The same facts, reported by the separatist Allied Media, are that the army have bombarded Kramatorsk to indict, then killed 12 civilians and 63 were injured, while his fighters remain surrounded by thousands of Ukrainian soldiers.

To do this, apart from what you could or not to sign this Wednesday at the Minsk Summit, what really matters is that the Germany and France – and especially the United States, which is responsible for what is happening in Ukraine – oblige the Government of Poroshenko to respect agreements, in the same way that the Russia made the same separatist militias.

So, if a cease-fire in force, can be avoided continue to increase the number of victims among the civilian population and will open the door and who, after a time, begin to negotiate a political settlement of this conflict.

A strong attack missiles at Kramatorsk (Ukraine), making several dead and wounded

Published: February 10, 2015 14:36 GMT | Last update: 10 February 2015 15:44 GMT – RT
Reuters / Gleb Garanich

At least seven people died and another 58 wounded Tuesday during a missile attack in the town of Kramatorsk, Donetsk region, reported to the authorities of the self-proclaimed Republic.

« As a result of today’s bombing occurred in Kramatorsk of Gorlovka area with missiles killed RS30 7 civilians and 58 were wounded, including two children, with different severity », informs RIA Novosti , citing a statement issued by the authorities of the self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic.
The bombing of missile took place at 12:30 local time, and the responsibility for the attack is still unknown. « No there were no bombings for our part with any kind of weapon in the direction of Kramatorsk », said a representative of the AUC.

Military-technical cooperation between the Russia, Cuba, Venezuela and the Nicaragua

Russian defense minister plans to visit Cuba, Venezuela and the Nicaragua to deal with the leaders of these important issues of military-technical cooperation countries.

Wednesday, the Minister of defence of the Russia – Sergei Shoigu – began a series of trips that will take you to visit the Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua, major partners of the Latin American Russia.

Sergei Shoigu was appointed defense minister Russian in November 2012, and as the Russian Defence Ministry spokesman, Igor Konashenkov, « that this will be the first visit by Shoigu to these countries as Defence Minister » said.

The Russian Minister will meet first with Nicolás Maduro in the Venezuelan capital, meeting where will be present also the Minister of defence Venezuelan, Vladimir Godfather. Spokesman Ígor Konashénkov said that during the visit « parties try to acuales issues of military and technical military cooperation, but also to exchange views on regional and global security issues ».

After this stint in Caracas, the Russian Minister will travel to the Nicaragua and Cuba, traditional Soviet allies, where questions will also focus on security and the military-technical cooperation among these countries, cooperation that the Russia is actively developing the use of aerodromes the and naval facilities for logistical purposes. -The citizen

We can increase by 100 000 EUR in less than 24 hours for its Andalusian countryside

The formation manages more than 300 microcredit to those who support them

A t-shirt with the logo of can. E.P.


Seville. – We can has collected €100 000 in less than 24 hours to finance his campaign for the regional elections of Andalusian from March 22 through the citizen on a small scale, better known as the microcredit lending system.

After training as a thorough which leads from Pablo Iglesias in a press release, less than a day ago had more than 334 loans from supporters by a import half of 300 euros, from microcredit 220 100 EUR, 80 of 500 euros, 33 1 000 euros and 5 000 euros have been signed.

‘Success’ and the ‘exceptional home’ initiative, which resulted « in less than 24 hours the target for the whole of the week », we can has announced its intention to launch new campaigns of microcredit « in the next few weeks » that will keep the « commitment to not rely on banks » and « will return contributions once grants received election expenses ».
Own candidate to the Presidency of the regional Government of Andalusia, Teresa Rodríguez, thanked received contributions via their Twitter account and he assured that « we will not mortgage our proposals ».

We cannot forget that concerned citizens can be a civilian training loan, in the form of micro-credit, which will be refunded upon receipt of the grant of the election, scheduled for November.

The training provides each week a campaign to collect 100 000 euros. Supporters wish to contribute should make the payment by bank transfer following the steps listed in the web microcreditos.podemos.info.

Citizens may make loans through the entity Fiare Banca Etica, responsible for oversee and provide technical support for the development of the whole process. This entity is defined on its website as « a bank non profit in the service of society, the third sector and the social economy with a close relationship to the territory.

Since it appeared a year ago, can rejected recourse to bank loans to finance. Instead, have used crowdfunding system known as crowdfunding to cover all events which occupies since his first and only electoral campaign so far, that European elections in may 2014, who spent a total of 138 000 euros, according to the accounts filed by the group with the Court of Auditors.

Pablo Iglesias and Falciani close agreement to work together against tax fraud

Can Secretary general confirms to the ‘Public’ that ‘a party team’ will begin to work « at a glance » with the exinformatico of HSBC to develop a set of measures against the « tax havens and evasion..

Pablo Iglesias and Hervé Falciani by videoconferencing-Twitter of Iñigo Errejón (@ierrejon)


MADRID. – the Secretary general of Podemos, Pablo Iglesiaset Hervé Falciani, the exinformatico of HSBC Bank that you deleted from the list of scammers and fraudsters, closed Monday night through an interview via Skype by which Falciani must prepare a report for a collaboration agreement in May with measures to fight against « tax evasion and tax havens ». In fact, the churches confirmed to the public « shortly there will be a team we can work on it ».

« This was a first meeting and, as there is mutual availability, I will ask my colleagues to open up new prospects for dialogue and constant communication channels », Pablo Iglesias said in a statement to the press, who adds that « what you do Hervé Falciani is great courage ».

Secretary-General may also pointed out that the first direct contact between the two was marked by the « good feeling » and the agreements between the two. In this way, Falciani, who previously collaborated with the X party citizen network, will be added to the list of experts who can strives to prepare his electoral platform face the next general election in November of this year.
« I ask my colleagues so that they open new avenues of dialogue and constant communication channels », says churches
Responsible for internal involvement of may, Luis Alegre, already said yesterday, Monday, through the collaboration of Falciani with can press. At a press conference, Alegre said that the exinformatico of HSBC will find can a party « with the policy will be » to implement the necessary measures to combat fraud, evasion and tax havens.
Thus, Alegre also opened the door to Falciani deepen, if you wish, its relationship with can. Thus, Alegre said that « we have Falciani if he wants to be. « Falciani is a key person in the fight against tax evasion. It has lots of information and has a design to prevent fraud. « We want to have all the people who can bring knowledge to the country’s interests and combat fraud, » said Luis Alegre, yesterday.
Falciani, « a brave man ».

Secretary-General may refer the ‘signature’ of Falciani CAN in a press conference held Tuesday at the European Parliament. Iglesias has been regarded as an ‘honour’ the agreement concluded with the advice of counsel Hervé Falciani, who gave the French authorities a list of thousands of people who have been subtracted to the taxes with the accounts of the Swiss branch of HSBC Bank, to develop measures to combat fraud and tax evasion.
« Mr. Falciani is an expert, is also a courageous man who has dared to do what many Governments ought to be done »
« We will establish a working group with him, with the desire to develop a decalogue, a package of measures against tax evasion and tax havens, which are probably two of the problems that most affect European citizens and that most have conditioned a kind of European governance that gave rise to an increase in inequality and social injustice » he said.

« Mr. Falciani is an expert, is also a courageous man who has dared to do what should have been done many Governments, who must investigate which ultimately deprives us all it is essential to take measures to put an end to this scourge on democracy that underlies a system of financial totalitarianism that goes against the citizens. »said Iglesias.

« To have Mr. Falciani as Advisor will help us to develop a set of measures that we try to implement when we win the election for us is an honour », he concluded.

He jumped out in 2009

Hervé Falciani leaps out in 2009 when he revealed that he had information, extracted from the HSBC accounts more suspected 130 000 tax evaders that could have money in Swiss banks. Since then, began their collaboration, Justice in the different countries and to promote political and social initiatives related to the fight against tax fraud, having already discovered a good number of cases of tax fraud.

Thanks to your information, the Spanish tax agency investigates 659 names and has already recovered € 260 million of the names as the Chairman of Banco Santander, Emilio Botín and his family, Francisco Correa, one of the leaders of the conspiracy Gürtel. In addition, in recent months has proved that Falciani worked in the operation of Punic and l’affaire Pujol.

The troika, the European Union, the ECB, Merkel and all major parties in Europe endorsed, voted and implemented what has been called « the rescue ».People began to say: do not « saved us » more!Crooks and social genocide it is what they are. In short: naked capitalism.

Capitalist policies lead to more than 27% of the Spanish population in poverty
•Wednesday, February 11, 2015, 0 LIBRERED
27.3% of the population of the Spain, more than 12.8 million people, is threatened by poverty or exclusion, a figure that increased by 2.6% since 2009, is 1.320.216 people who have fallen in this situation and before, it’s not.
You are the conclusions of the fourth report on « The State of poverty in Spain » which introduced Tuesday the European network for combating poverty and Social Exclusion in the Spanish State (EAPN), which analyses the evolution of the European indicator AROPE (combines income with consumption and employment opportunities) between the years 2009 through 2013. This network is formed by organizations such as Caritas, the Red Cross or once, among others.
The data of the National Institute of statistics (INE) and worked on the author of the report, sociologist Juan Carlos Llano, reveal a rate of AROPE decline slow but steady until shortly before the start of the crisis and a change from 2008, when it began to increase from 24.5% of the population to 27.3% in 2013.
Although the risk of poverty and exclusion was changed from 2010 and 2013 has only increased by 0.1%, EAPN releases have to do with an improvement of the situation: « is explained as a simple statistical effect caused by the reduction of income among large segments of the population – low threshold of poverty, to which should be added to the declaration of poor immigrants in their country of origin » according to the report.
There was also another change of statistics of how the INE collects data. If in 2013 should apply the criteria that govern since 2004, indicator Arope would be a higher point, i.e. a 28.4 per cent of the population at risk of poverty and exclusion which the 27.3 reflecting data after the change.
The situation varies according to the profiles. At the end of 2013, the group most affected was that of young people aged between 16 and 30, with a risk of 33% of poverty and exclusion, followed by children, with 31.9%. In total, the poverty rate for children less than 16 years is 26.7%, six percentage points above the general population.
AROPE analyzes both the relative poverty rate, which affects to 20.4% of the population of the Spain (6.06% is serious) and severe material deprivation, he saw that 6.2% of the citizens and the low employment rate, which played in 2013 to 15.7% of the inhabitants of the country.
As explained by the President of EAPN Spain, Carlos Susías, these three problems coincide to 1.8% of the population, « perhaps the nucleus where they are the most difficult situations of poverty. Increasing poverty and that poverty has more intensity. « Gone is much of the middle class, which is now weak, » commented Malgesini.
On severe material deprivation, the report indicates an increase of 38% (from 4.5% to 6.2%) between 2009 and 2013, i.e., there almost 3 million people, 800 000 more that before the crisis, struggling to feed themselves adequately, they delay your home payments, which are unable to heat in winter or not have the capacity to process or an unexpected expense.
In parallel, the population living in households with low intensity of use (BITH) is more than double in 2009 and reaching 15.7% of citizens up to 59 years, a total of 5.694.683 people. In addition, according to the report, in 2013 11.7% of people living in poverty were independent, « which goes to show that not just any what work protects » exclusion.
As detailed in charge of European Affairs and for the defence of the EAPN, Graciela Malgesini, with Eurostat data about 12% of workers in Spain are in relative poverty because they earn less than half the national median.

Growing inequality

As a result, increases the inequality between 2009 and 2012, as measured by the international index called Gini, an indication that had remained « relatively stable » between 2005 and 2008 and as of next year it increased by 8 tenths up to 33.7 points. In addition, the proportion of the total income received by the 20% of the population who earn more multiplied by 6.3 collection of 20% with less than profits.
« Already more than four years after the formulation of the objectives specified in the 2020 strategy, indicator AROPE and monitoring components shows that in Spain not only no progress in the reduction of poverty and social exclusion, but that, on the contrary, it has increased dramatically, » says the EAPN, to remember is to exceed the target at 2.7 million people.
Inequality also affects the territorial level, especially in the North-South contrast: Navarre, Basque country and Aragon have risk of poverty and exclusion rates below 20%, while the Canary Extremadura, Castile – La Mancha, Andalusia, between 35% and 39%. The report highlights the case of Ceuta, where nearly half of its population (47%) live in this situation.
Regard to material deprivation, refers to the variability of the rate of severe material deprivation in different territories, ranging from 0.6% of Navarre to 15.3% in Ceuta. Here, however, 0.6% decreased the volume of people employed in low intensity.
« Poverty is the result of a low employment rate and a low level of social policies, the two minimum income as a fundamental element, but also supplements for dependent child. » The autonomous communities that have made heavy investments in social policies such as the Basque country and Navarre have less rates, « condemned Malgesini.
« Susias has also added ‘all indicators’ until 2012 indicate he hit hardest at the middle class. »We talk about poverty in one of the richest countries of the world and what distinguishes these countries is the strength of its middle class, it is therefore important that you want to keep. We call the policy for averages of classes, such as the universal support for child », he highlighted.-Thelma


Teachers retracted police at the monument to the revolution

By Laura Poy Solano and Mirna Servin Wednesday, February 11, 2015 25 La Jornada

Grenadiers withdraw to the masters of the CNTE, on the Avenue of the Republic. Picture Alfredo Dominguez

México, D.F.Hundreds of teachers of section 22 in Oaxaca are concentrated in the corner of the Avenue of the Republic and the Paseo de la Reforma, while they were bent by the federal police and the capital.

Most of the contingent of dissident professors returned to the camp before the monument to the revolution, waits for a message of the political leadership of their movement.

However, dozens of teachers remain against the body of the police, which has generated a few relapses of aggression.

They have ensured that they will remain in the corner of the Avenue of the Republic and the Paseo de la Reforma to demand the reinstatement of the table of negotiations with the federal Government, « because it was not all clear in the agreement signed yesterday », said Francisco Villalobos, Secretary of the Organization of the Oaxaca teachers.

Union Leader condemned the withdrawal of the contingent of teachers and said « we do not come to face, but we are willing to do, because our demands are legitimate.

Unhappy teachers demanded that the Government gives a rapid response to their requests. « Out Peña, punishment! » was the cry that emphatically before the contingent of uniformed that remains in place.

Address of policy of article 22 remaining also at the corner of Paseo de la Reforma and Avenida de la República waiting to know if there is a breakthrough to reinstall the negotiating table.

So far they have not announced that they will stay another day in the capital.

He participated in the withdrawal teachers about three thousand police, between the federal and capital, the contingent who threw bottles on the avenida Juarez. The capital police has not reported injured.

The demonstrators sought to enter the Bucareli Avenue to the Ministry of the Interior. Conversely, nearly four thousand demonstrators were directed to the monument to the revolution.

The intense presence of policemen on the Paseo de la Reforma caused agitation among passers-by, since sometimes generated great tension which seemed could trigger attacks from both sides.

A helicopter from the Ministry of public security of the federal District, flying over the area to coordinate the actions of the police.

Road traffic has been severely affected traffic already closed the Angel of independence to avenida Juárez, which affected another way as insurgents, Chapultepec and Circuito Interior.

The Secretary of section 22 Francisco Villalobos had said that despite the withdrawal of the eventual « may not reach to leave the Paseo de la Reforma » and would continue until the Tower of the colt, which would define or not continue their journey.

For a third day, teachers of section 22 of the national coordinator (CNTE) education workers marched, now the Estela de Luz to the Tower of the horse. Require the Secretaries of the Interior and finance implicating it in the minutes signed yesterday evening Tuesday « more accurately the agreements to ensure that in fact no one is left without pay ».

They also claim that « emerge from points such as the approval of the State education law, the delivery of the schools provided for in article 59 and the requirement that all cases of political prisoners are resolved ».
in the camp set up on the monument to the revolution, where he expected to raise operating Ant to the Estela de Luz.

Monday, February 9, 2015

On the boycott of the elections in Guerrero

Guillermo Tariq- Rebelión.org / Photo: Hereford
Anything that can help those who are oppressed to organise themselves and to become independent of the State and the organs of mediation of this and everything they can reaffirm their critical consciousness and help them in their struggle against the system of oppression is valid. A political tactic active, positive and also serves to prevent that a movement is desmoralice or statement (27) in the absence of prospects and possibilities of action or, worse yet, fall into desperate and adventurous actions and premature armed homes that could be disastrous.

Participation or not election due to renew the institutions of the State (governors, mayors, legislators) is not a matter of principle, but simply of tactics, while it took long to conquer the right to vote, and on the occasions that makes some sense to use it, it is better to vote even if interviewing the vote of condemnation.

The June elections are for the Government, an attempt to demonstrate a so-called « democratic normality » to disguise the dictatorship of a bloody and corrupt oligarchy and maintain market – disastrous for the poor of Mexico – which gives the country the capital of grand capital and doing lucrative business by all means legal and illegal harm than good.

In some States there is always a force popular enough to reject this legal maneuver and oppose him an alternative but Guerrero, as ever in its history, presents a different situation that legitimate and also allows the boycott of the elections in which seek to renew or approve the servants of Los Pinos and accomplices of the State terrorism and drug trafficking.

Guerrero, from community policing, with the municipal assemblies, with increasing unity movements to deal with organized crime and political and military despotism, organize an incipient people power bases.

The roots of the same application in the history of peasant, since independence, through Acapulco socialism at the beginning of the last century and Genaro Vázquez and Lucio Cabañas in the seventies struggles or fights against the plundering of the loggers. Also the hatred of discontent, protests, the killers and the neoliberal policies of hunger since the mid-1980s are depopulated and impoverished rural Guerrero and who now, in the current economic crisis with the governmental resolutions would give him the blow to agriculture.

After Tlatlaya and especially disappearance of fearfully of Ayotzinapa not only students and farmers, but also several other sectors and rural priests are organized behind the parents of missing persons, cover and protect, support their political decisions, that also affect organizations and movements which are to reach and support.

The call to boycott the elections in Guerrero has a mass of base and an address in rapid formation. In addition, the boycott is a policy active and organised, unlike forbearance, which is passive and that dilutes the vote of protest at sea of the undecided, depoliticized, ill and absent.

The boycott presupposes a campaign to prevent participation in surveys, the closure of access to them, the refusal to provide electoral assistance and also and above all, the presentation of an alternative solution. I.e., of municipal, communal and regional assemblies to choose authentic popular representatives not designated by the parties but arising directly of the community in the fight.

This differs profoundly boycott proposed by the parents of Ayotzinapa proposal simple abstention in the last general elections of the EZLN, which did not convince or Chiapas, served only Calderon won by a handful of votes against his opponent who, despite their political constraints, would have saved Mexico from the thousands of deaths and disappearances and complete destruction of the legality.

Because the root of the problem is that the boycott of the elections in Guerrero is possible and that it makes sense if serves the organisation of people’s power, ignoring the power of the State, its institutions, its instruments of policies (such as the feast of the regime). It is possible to boycott only to develop networks of resistance, politicizing and organization of mass, between friends and enemies at the national level.

In this sense, MORENA, named for warrior selected largely candidates among former soldiers of the PRD, a drip tray PRI party, is at the crossroads: or supports to parents of the fearfully and movement in their decisions, opting for social or, on the contrary, combating prefer become PRD-bis, or a functional electoral party, the worst Government policy has already been Mexico. For MORENA there is no possible misrepresentation of compromise as nominating in order to avoid that positions are occupied by people from the Government and denounce this of them is simply ridiculous and does not convince everyone so nor it carries many votes for a choice that, in the light of all, appears as an imposition of Los Pinos, at the end of the Ayotzinapa case.

It happens to swim « dead » and other where a clear position that will once and for all set the goal of a political organization is essential.

This is one of them. Or with the protest, as well as brave fathers and mothers of the fearfully and a rise of people power in Guerrero, or with political alchemists of PRI-PAN-PRD, traffickers, Washington and big business. Everything must choose its position.

10 000 farmers March in Paraguay to demand the resignation of the President
•Wednesday, February 11, 2015, 0:46 LIBRERED
A contingent of police accompanied walking throughout his tour, as police forces took positions near the Congress.
More than 10 000 farmers marched Tuesday in Asuncion, the capital, with the slogan « Paraguay on foot for a new homeland » for the resignation of President Horacio cards. The mobilization was organized by the match Paraguay Pyahura and FOS.
The peasants and farmers take four days traveling the country in protest against the policy of the Government, looking for the « resignation of the President and of the estate of your device », said the Deputy Secretary-General of the national Campesina (FNC) Marcial Gómez, Federation.
Similarly, he said, ‘we want to be a patriotic Council with personalities recognized by all sectors, that are honest, to form a genuine democracy and a model of economic development different, patriotic and democratic’.
Mobilization took off in the morning from different points of the departments of the country, until the square located before the National Congress.
The Secretary general of the NCF, Katy Villalba, also accused the Executive maintain a high level of poverty and misery in the field.
Protest commemorates farmers 115 leaders and activists who were killed between February 3, 1989 (coup d ‘ état that toppled Alfredo Stroessner) and August 15, 2013, according to a report published by the (Codehupy) Paraguay Human Rights Coordinating Committee.-PL

Announced mobilizations directed a further increase

Rate of school high school students demanding free!

The cones require the historical demand for students. This time, support for the constitutional reform of Ricardo Lagos – established as compulsory media education and the State forced to guarantee – students throw flags demanding school free rate so that parents continue to not take a charge which should be of the State.
Jimena Colombo· CITIZEN

The National Coordinator of the students at the post-secondary level (cones) is mobilized for a historical demand this year, will defend with force: rates at the École libre. The campaign is based on constitutional reform carried out under the Government of Ricardo Lagos in 2003 and through which established compulsory secondary education and the obligation of the State to ensure that it.

To the rhythm of this figure in the Constitution, is that students are demanding free in the passage of the school, as well as then the role of guarantor of the State has been established, this should facilitate access to education for students. For cones, as stipulated by the Lakes of the Government remains unimplemented, because since the students then had to pay their passages which have constantly increased price and point out that in the case of the poorest families, they spend about 20% of their income so that their children attend their schools.

This campaign spreads to a week that the Minister of transport and telecommunications, Andrés Gómez-Lobo do the balance of the Transantiago and underlined the challenges facing the portfolio with regard to the transportation system in Santiago, instance in which not yet covered customs duties higher than users should pay. In addition, yesterday met the 8 years of the implementation of the capital’s transport system, to reason also disseminates the information as probably in March or April, we are faced with another increase in the rate of the micro and the metro. For this reason, we communicate with Ricardo Paredes, spokesman of the cones and it was what we said:

Ricardo Paredes

The possible rise in the coming months, Paredes said that: « we believe that the vessel is already broken with the increase that we pay since January. « If for some reason, they rise again the passage is going to be we require to start our year in the streets, because we will not accept any other abuse with the pocket of our families ».

With respect to the proper assessment of the Minister of transport and the supposed good assessment of the system in the region, said the spokesman of cones: « it is unfortunate that we have a transport system that feed the activity of a group of entrepreneurs with the resources of all Chileans. » »If the Minister considers that it is admirable that I have at least am not agree, because it is shameful to see how entrepreneurs times talk about the increase and the Government must spend more subsidies ».

Finally, on lfirst mobilisation of the year, which is held the first week of January, where students and leaders of the date and other organizations went to the Department of transportation to leave a document at the request of a rate without walls told us that: « when we mobilized a few weeks ago request the Minister cancels the unjustified hike that still us touches and presents our request at a free school. » After that, that we were greeted by the Undersecretary of the transport issue that we appreciate because we could share our visions and run require a solution for our colleagues who suffer violations of their right to pay school fees in the regions. However, it was the only one in which we could advance in particular, since we had no satisfactory answer in relation to the boost, or see more intend to solve what we are asking for this topic last

Citizen of Jimena Colombo

Alligators after eviction: « bring us water, which is our wealth.

Published 10 February 2015 written by Javier Chantal Clarín de Chile

After 74 days of roadblock the people in the Cayman Islands peacefully evicted the private road which joins Minera Los Pelambres. The objective was to enforce the decision by the supreme court in October giving due to the community and where forces minor Luksic to return del estero El Pupio water to its natural ways. However, instead of ordering the execution of the judgment, the Government ordered the expulsion. Alligators today as ever, has the presence of policemen who are dressed in their costumes to suppress the people.

Carabinieri of the Chile arrived Friday 6 February to expel the route cut now alligators during more than three months in the Andean region of the commune of Los Vilos in Choapa province in the region of Coquimbo. However, « he didn’t abandon the decision because the special forces were not any (deportation) order, or they knew which commanded them », recalled Juan Olivares, Vice-Chairman of the Committee for the defence of the Pupio Valley.

He decided to stay to clear up who sent the expulsion order. But the same security forces had cut the road to the people so that they could supply. Thus spent two days until 08:00 on the morning of February 8, they came with the deportation order, that we decided to « go peacefully because there were many young children and many elderly people », a seed head water.

The deportation order had been issued Minera Los Pelambres, which led directly to the police, no prosecution or governance, but was directly « Minera Los Pelambres public affairs to the police management, which a. » the other went directly from the Ministry of the Interior and was signed by Governor Alex Patricio Trigo, « said Olivares, who adds that » we are ashamed of the nature of the Government we have and give us no matter what account used to the police to do the dirty work… a huge shame about the quality of the Government that we have now « , spits.

Moreover, the leader described that today ‘ today the Office of public affairs for Minera Los Pelambres in alligators being guarded by the police « and all that has to do with capitalism, is keep the police. ‘ »  » « And came from Salamanca, Illapel and Los Vilos to remove the community, so that it will not appeal and protect the Luksic Lord», said Olivares, who adds that 20 years earlier, that they ask a barrage of police to people and they have always maintained that it was a very small community, even if no event has occurred »they are not or gasoline coming to Cayman IslandsBut today they let Illapel, Salamanca and Los Vilos and here they are to look at, as if it were a second coup… The police go in all their costumes to repress the people, »said the leader.

So much so that not even 24 hours have passed and « already our village of Cayman is invaded by people from the mining install itself as a mining camp, do not meet our people… is that we do not want in our village, we are with the scarcity of water, came to settle a mining camp by four or five people who benefit with its hotels » Express you Olivares.

The final judgment

Minera Los Pelambres was inaugurated at the end of 1999 in the presence of presidential candidate Ricardo Lagos Escobar, who laid the first stone of the project. After ten years of use of the Los Quillayes, dam it had filled its quota and, coupled with the expansion of mining policy, it was necessary to build another to continue to destroy the Valley and the production of minerals, mainly copper.

Thus, in a land called El Mauro, after negotiations between individuals, dividing the inhabitants of alligators, Los Pelambres got to get land there assemble in toxic waste from the extraction process. Announced the construction of the dam in Latin America for the mining company, which today has a capacity of 210 000 tonnes per day of ore processing.

The year 2010, eleven inhabitants of alligators and El Mauro, made a hunger strike which lasted for 81 days until 17 December (after the end of the mobilization of eight of the eleven by health problems). The reason? The imminence of the danger that this collection of mining toxic for population, pollution of water, both in the possibility that the race of dam with alligators, if it is more than eight degrees earthquake occurs in the area. After the demonstration, created a work table between Minera Los Pelambres and the leaders who did nothing. Then said that « Caiman remains on his guard and is their struggle for the dignity of peoples and their workers, the right to water and a contamination-free environment ».

For the years Minera Los Pelambres, accused of conspiracy and obstruction of Justice to some leaders of alligators with his lawyers in a tangled lawsuit that overlap, which today has given them reason. It was a strategy of criminalization scare to allow the fight up there. However, after years has the supreme court to give them the reason.

When the supreme court ruled it was a great joy because they had triumphed, and they had demonstrated that the rumors saying that what alligators, I wanted was money were false because « ultimately the said failure, we have return water to the Estero Pupio, a thing which will never reach, » said Olivares. But something much more important mentions the leader: in the fourteen years of struggle « mining lost has never won a document and was never able to say the opposite of what the community has fought. » As a result, fourteen-year-old that the Government protects the mining company « . »

But with disappointment saw how ‘this expulsion went above the law that we won in the supreme court where they say they have to paralyze the Mauro dam and return waters naturally to Pupio Estero, which since October until today, that we are waiting for compliance and we in the law that gives us the Constitution wanted to push this will be fulfilled’ « », but the Government we sent to expel « , explained the official.

One of the lessons learned from the demonstration of 74 days who lived in the region Andean Valley of Coquimbo is therefore to the Vice-Chairman of the Committee for the defence of the Pupio Valley, which « went into account, we realized that although Pinochet is under the ground, speak again, the left and the right. » If people must defend themselves alone. We are in a total abandonment, the humble people who struggle to live not by removing, he is alone, abandoned. Here, we only depend on us, and there is no justice for us. »

Cutting path

Initially, the majority of the people was in the making. Three teams were made to keep the private road that connects the alligators with Minera Los Pelambres. They bought water, make profit and bingo and with that energy remained there. But when it was of special police forces and the BEPGS to expel, left without food, since they cut the road between one and the other for what could get with vehicles or supplies of food or water. « Water should be in a Caddy or shoulder, they were eight kilometres and all the people of the third age, the worst is that there are children who drank milk. It wasn’t an outlet for young people, it was the city that has been installed it asks for Justice to what has been won,  » said Olivares.

And this is the big problem that exists today on the heights of the Choapa as residues of the dam the Mauro imposed on the El Estero Pupio where are born the waters for the alligators and the entire Valley. Now the Government says that the water is not contaminated, « but we have a judgment that said that water is polluted and there are studies of the University of the Chile, the doctor (Andrei) Tchernitchin which found high levels of mercury in the water and also contaminated wells which is where we extract our water ». But the monthly analyses of delivery water company to the local authorities who are not enough because they measure not all heavy metals are toxicologist from the House of Bello, however, serves to announce that water is in good condition.

It returns the waters

At the end of the month of October, the supreme court, put in place in 30 days at Los Pelambres to present a plan to restore the water to its natural Pupio El Estero channel, which, according to a release of the mining company, already delivered meeting before the deadline prescribed by the supreme court. As they explain the execution of the work Plan was presented to the Court of Los Vilos « to allow free flow of the waters of the estuary Pupio towards the village of alligators, at a new trial ».

According to the company, the « plan plans to enhance absorption of the water that falls and drains on creeks and hillsides of the basin of the Mauro and his leadership towards the basin of the estero Pupio, thanks to a system that ensures minimum loss by infiltration or evaporation ».

However, for Juan Olivares this plan submitted by the mining company is « totally false. » because they say that they will make the perimeter of channels and these canals is built when the dam became the Mauro and is rain water in the hills of rescue if it rains Now they speak of a dam of the tail a few metres is that residues which never that locks of tail dam released water in streams and rivers because there is a drought. « They’ keep the water well and never know where come these waters if it is polluted the tailings dam » and adds that « as people where are made the allegations they have no idea that they accept him any kind of proposal… If the problem is that » there is no possible experts who say that the mining may return the water to the natural system «  » « , because natural waters are under the dam El Mauro residues, and that is what we want to stop the dam the Mauro and restore us the waters that have us down, because it has the richness of water, was the last book we had here in the town ‘.  »
Public statement

Organizations in solidarity with alligators after the violent expulsion of Jack

The Social Movement for the recovery of water and life has issued a statement rejecting the police violence against the inhabitants of alligators and invited the Ministry of the Interior to meet their responsibility for the facts.
Today, 6 February, the leaders of the village of alligators, municipality of Los Vilos, informed us of the arrival, at dawn, on a large police contingent until the camp located on the side of the road leading to the dam of tailings El Mauro, of the mining company Los Pelambres, of the Luksic group.
Police has not demonstrated any order to carry out an eviction.
Exercised violence against the people of Cayman which remained keep taking. The police, who would come from La Serena, has threatened to destroy the kitchen, the dining room and stores (which they used to protect themselves from the Sun) and remain in place.
Four people were arrested as they attempted to climb the path of El Mauro to help those affected by the action of the police.
The regional Governor, Hanne Utreras, and the Governor of the province of Choapa, Alex Trigo, they assume no responsibility this action violent and its consequences.
As the movement for the recovery of water and life that we protest vigorously by this arbitrary action, which is exercised without that political no authority assumes responsibility for it.
We denounce also, it occurs at the beginning of February to try to maintain the State of invisibility of serious conflicts in alligators and Pupio Valley.
The village organized alligators is only requiring compliance with the decision of the supreme court, that:
« Application to the mining company Los Pelambres S. A., allow natural flow of waters of estero Pupio community of alligators, free of contamination by waste from the dike El Mauro ».
We reject the actions of the police and call on the Ministry of the Interior of the Government of President Bachelet, to meet its responsibility in the facts.
We call on all social organizations by the waters and the rights of local authorities along the Chile, the express solidarity with the people of the alligators who suffer repression in requesting that the justice is satisfied.
We denounce the complicity of political power with economic power (Luksic) that are able to jump to the accomplishment of the failure of a power of the State as the judiciary.
Social movement for the recovery of water and life
February 6, 2015

Supreme court gives a judgment against the agents of the CNI for the disappearance of members of MIR in 1984

Published 10 February 2015 written by contributors – Clarín of Chile

The supreme court issued a final judgment in the investigation into the kidnapping of Sergio Ruiz Lazo, took place from December 21, 1984 in the metropolitan area and the victim linked to repression by the National information center (CNI).

When it decided to divide the second Chamber of the Court, including Ministers Milton Juica, Hugo Dolmestch, Carlos Künsemüller, Haroldo Brito and Lamberto Cisternas rejected the resources of the appeal and confirm the judgment which sentenced the former agents of the CNI Álvaro Corbalan Castilla and Aquiles Gonzalez cut to 8 years in prison for his role in the abduction.

In the civilian aspect was ratified the verdict that sentenced to Treasury to pay compensation in the amount of $70,000,000 (70 million pesos) to Daniel Ruiz Lazo, brother of the victim by the concept of moral damage.

According to the history of the process: « Sergio Fernando Ruiz Lazo, belonging to the revolutionary movement of the left, at least since 1972, as a result of the September 11, 1973 military coup, was arrested several times, leaving the country in political exile, settling in France. » While in this country, he has participated in several meetings of a political nature, regain illegally on the national territory, it has entered since 1983 several times, keep in touch with their relatives and party comrades, until December 20, 1984. 21 December this year has lost contact with him, but people who have been deprived of freedom on that date on the places called « Borgoño Barracks », belonging to the National Center of information, where he operated called « Blue unit, responsible for the Suppression of the indicated – MIR-, heard directly or through agents of the organ which Sergio Ruiz Lazo took place on the campus of the same datebe subjected to interrogation under torture for an indeterminate period, endangered, without news of him until today. His arrest was a political motivation, perpetrated by agents of the State in an organization – CNI – who had a specific structure for the persecution, the location and the arrest of members of the MIR and, where appropriate, make disappear. Run the fact at a policy of repression of a subject for his thought, which is against the human person.

The operation of the division chief anti-subversive was major Álvaro Corbalán, who has been directly involved in several interrogations and as Chief of the « blue » played operation Aquiles Gonzalez Cortes, who commissioned the location and the arrest of the officers, which allows missions and in full knowledge that keep people detained in the premises and carried out interrogations under the developed torturememe especially a video camera to record interrogations, which reflects that it was specially conditioned compound for this purpose, it was impossible not to know who played the higher functions of the central administration. Gonzalez Cortes, in his capacity as direct commander of the blue Brigade belonging to the CNI, could not know the actions of his subordinates, identities and the circumstances of the detention of the victim, who has been illegally deprived of liberty, as the treatment by their captors and their final destination, the enclosure where he served continuously. « If it could not be established who was the author of the kidnapping, yes was created which contributed intellectually in the subjective part of the action, through the concert needed for the existence of co-authorship, speaking defendants directly in the final objective sought by the arrest of members of the MIR, which was to examine under permanent torture gave birth to all kinds of information on the other members of the political community ».

The decision was taken with the vote against Dolmestch and tanks, the Ministers who were supporters welcome the call and accept the amount of the progressive limitation of the penalty.


New cases of executed soldiers targeting Milani

By casapueblos

A new judicial presentation given at local federal courts could worsen the situation of the head of the army, lieutenant general César Milani, in the case that the a in which case the disappearance of the Ledo Alberto conscription, in 1976.

Enrique Romero, former provincial legislator and dissident Peronist, will have to try Daniel Bejas which attach to the documentation of the Ledo case that could link the Milani with the murder of three other soldiers and a non-commissioned officer of the army during the last military dictatorship.

This is Carlos Alberto Fricker, Juan Ángel conscripts Toledo Pimentel y Carlos Cajal and Sergeant Alberto Lai, who according to the denunciation of Romero, would be performed by agents of intelligence of the army between 9 and 17 May 1976, one month before the disappearance of Ledo, which took place on 17 June.

The leader, who denounced the existence of a mass grave in the place named « Vargas is good », in 2002 also provided documents revealing how officers « marked » army intelligence which would become part of the long list of the dead and disappeared during the dictatorship.

Documents presented yesterday by Romero had already been high to the federal courts by the former end of the Eduardo Luis Duhalde in 2010 the nation human rights, until general Milani was appointed to the head of the army.

According to the former parliamentarian, the original documentation provided by Duhalde is « stored in the safe » Beja Court, requesting that the material be incorporated into the cause.

In this documentary is proven that Ledo had been pointed to by intelligence officers of the army as a « member of the armed student front (ERP – ERP) » in 1975, a year before being sent to Tucumán, where he disappeared while serving with compulsory military service.

In addition, documents confirming the participation of the tasks of intelligence Milani during operational independence between late 1975 and early 1976, under the command of the late Antonio Domingo Bussi repressor.

Romero recalled that Fricker « was killed by a bullet in the neck by intelligence soldiers », under the orders of the late general Antonio Bussi, May 9, 1976, in the city of Tucuman Famailla.

Meanwhile, the conscript doctor Toledo Pimentel, the nurse soldier Cajal and Sergeant Lai died a week later, when a bomb in the ambulance that was moved.

With regard to this last episode, the Chief indicated that the explosion took place a week after Toledo Pimentel attending Fricker, when he was dying for the shot that he had received.

Fricker is the son of Carlos Augusto Fricker, who was general Secretary of the Union of railway, which at that time had a strong conflict with Bussi.

The complainant Romero stressed that « there are two testimonies at trial, indicating that the bomb was placed by military intelligence personnel ».

The former Peronist lawmaker also said that officials in this area of the army were responsible for the disappearance and murder of the Riojan Ledo soldier on June 17, 1976.

The five victims were included in the engineering battalion of building 141, La Rioja, to Famailla, deployed where he played the Milani then-Lieutenant and his supervisor, Captain Esteban Sanguinetti, who was charged and arrested for the crime of Ledo.

Required Romero was arrested to unify searching of these five dead and, therefore, their accumulation in the folder from Ledo, « based on the fact that there is a sufficient evidence to believe that all these soldiers have been killed by the staff of intelligence army in a single company within the period of two months » is available.

The folder that Romero asked to join cause Ledo contains a list of officers who were members of the battalion of construction engineering 141 (military intelligence) with headquarters in La Rioja, whose names include Milani and Sanguinetti.

22 December, federal prosecutor Carlos Britos requested quote inquiry Milani and accused him of falsifying the minutes where it becomes seem Ledo as a deserter, with order alleged to conceal the murder kidnapping and subsequent of the Riojan soldier.

J. Beja is who should define whether or not city the military leader. Previously, the judge shall resolve a matter of defence, so it is excluded as evidence the file that would have been tampered with Milani, because it is a photocopy of the original which never appeared.
Other cases related to the General

The new complaint is by the case of Carlos Alberto Fricker, Juan Ángel Pimentel Toledo y Carlos Cajal and Sergeant Alberto Lai, who was reportedly killed by the army in May 1976 intelligence officers.
The first « was killed shot in the neck by soldiers of intelligence », according to the complaint. The other three were killed by a bomb in the ambulance in which they were traveling.

News Casapueblos-AEDD

http://casapueblos-diffusion-Lo-r scale in the silence.blogspot.com.es/2015/02/nouvelle-cas-des-soldats – ejecutados.html

New testimony in the trial for the death of Silvia Suppo

By Juan Carlos Tizziani

The Oral of the Court of Santa Fe resumed the trial for the murder of Suppo.

A witness said that Silvia has undergone a follow-up shortly before the murder that has left her « frightened ». In addition, the police never preserved scene of the place.By Juan Carlos Tizziani of Santa Fe
Santa Fe oral Court resumed the trial for the murder of Silvia Suppo. Two of the witnesses who testified yesterday donated by his family – his son-in-law, German Heck and the former girlfriend of his son, Estefania Orellano-, ratified before the judges as Rafaela preserved police never the crime scene, where Silvia suffered nine stab wounds that cost him life. Devil said that one of the doctors who attended her mother-in-law was shocked by the « degree of cruelty » of the attack and attributed to an author who « is not in his right mind » or « someone who knows what it does, because it is not easy to cross the chest and sides of a person. Estefania revealed another alarming fact: follow-up Silvia suffered shortly before they killed when he is out walking at night with a friend and has endured the harassment of a utility vehicle, Kangoo, which left « scared. » The two children of Suppo, Marina and Andrés Destefani, had already reported similar incidents, including another monitoring of Andres, when he left his home at dawn, his work, the same day that killed his mother.
The trial of the two accused for murder, Rodrigo Sosa and his cousin, Rodolfo Cóceres, resumed yesterday with the testimony of six witnesses. The last of them, was the mother of Coceres, María Rosa Sánchez, who gave his son and his nephew the police 48 hours before the crime, March 31, 2010. The day before, there was a RAID at his home in Santa Fe, in the barrio de San Agustín, which lasted the day « almost to the day. « How all night », requested the Prosecutor Prosecutor, Lucila Puyol.
Yes, all night, said Sanchez. The procedure began at one in the morning and stretched to six. « They broke us all », said the woman. The police wanted Sosa and Coceres and the next day, when they returned home, she delivered between the 7th Commissioner.
The hearing began with the testimony of Heck and Orellano, who tells the following hours after the attack of Silvia. Estefania was the first who taught. She works in the Department of emergency of Rafaela, where a colleague received a call asking for an ambulance for a ‘person seriously injured’ in the Affairs of Suppo.
Both witnesses agreed that the police never preserved the scene of the crime. And when they arrived (in collaboration with Andrew and Marina Destefani) « there were many people in the business » and not « security Strip », said Orellano. « A police officer told us that we have sought the knife. We are looking for it. And then he told us that we could clean up, but a friend of Silvia warned us that us touch anything, « added.
Tribunal President María Ivon Vella, asked him why the police asked that they clean up the scene. « We were told that they had already done their job » in the pursuit of alleged tracks and traces replied Stephanie.
In another section of his history, Estefania said that Silvia was « alarmed » by an event that had taken place shortly before March 29, 2010: « Told me that one night was released to walk with a friend and a van Kangoo, from where I was told things had followed ».
You said if I had seen strange or suspicious movements in the enterprise? Or if he had received threats? -request for Puyol.
The closest thing was the Kangoo. I was scared – he repeated. In his testimony on education, Estefania said Suppo « tried to enter a place or bending for the Kangoo could not follow, but did not know who it was ».

IN the trial for the murder of SILVIA SUPPO, a Mason said that the tortured

« They wanted to make me responsible for what »

Rafaela provincial police improperly searched the 23 year old House. They beat him, he broke the wall and makes it dry submarine to confess to the murder of the witness of the causes of humanity.

By Juan Carlos Tizziani

Santa Fe

A Mason for 23 years, Juan Ramón Vázquez, which attacked the House in a district of Rafaela and was arrested four hours after the murder of Silvia Suppo, March 29, 2010, he denounced the Oral to the Court of Santa Fe, that he was tortured during his detention at the police of Rafaela, where you marked the coupsils face him broke the septum of the nose and even put a plastic bag over the head. All, with the aim of the so-called consisting of the cause. « They hit me. They wanted to make me responsible for something that I did. And then I stopped, « Vazquez said declaring this week as a witness in the trial of accused both by the murder, Rodrigo Sosa and Rodolfo Cóceres. »

The Secretariat of the human rights of the nation, which is part of Attorney, he will ask the Court to order, investigate the torture to which Vázquez suffered at the time of his arrest, according to lawyer Lucía Tejera before Rosario/12. « We will raise in the allegation. « We will post all questions that have been released at the hearings on the conduct of the police in the province, who did not preserve the scene of the crime and the role that has played in the raids and the investigation », he added.

Vazquez was arrested by another fact that has nothing to do with the case, and this week brought to testify before the Court. « I can say something? » he asked barely sat down before the judges. ‘No’, it slowed the President of court, María Ivon Vella, who told him that he had been called as a witness, and the first, should answer the questions of the parties.

-Do you know the fact that is studied in this case? also asked the Prosecutor, Lucila Puyol lawyer.

-No. I don’t know why they brought me here – protested Vázquez. J. Vella explained to him that it was the trial for the murder of Suppo, and it was convened at the request of the complaint. Within hours of the crime, the police of Rafaela began an escalation of raids in neighborhoods, including Barranquitas and April 2 (where Sosa and Coceres lived). And Vazquez fell in the RAID and was detained for four hours, they were called as a witness.

Puyol asked him if he lived in Barranquitas and if his home was raided on March 29, 2010.

-Yes – said Vazquez.

-He was shown a search warrant?


-He was arrested?

-Yes. I was taken by the background investigation.

-Do not you asked to?

-Yes. They wanted to make me responsible for something that I did not – he said. And tells the sequence of the press: he was arrested for « background investigation », after accusing him of ‘theft’ and then told him that « he had stolen in the business » of Suppo. « I did not know she was dead, » said Vazquez. In these four hours, « they hit me, they broke me the septum, they put me a bag (nylon) over his head », he denounced. They left him free at 10 in the evening, with a consistency that was « completely unaware of the fact.

-You did of the complaint?

-Not – say the command.In the folder, Vazquez said twice: March 29, 2010, the Chief of investigations, Horacio Maidana and officer Cristian Nagel and the next day, before the judge, Alejandro Mognaschi but did not speak of torture. ‘Who will report to the police?’, it is justified in the trial.

In the investigation into the murder of Silvia operated on two groups: research Brigade responsible for Maidana, who, autour of Nagel and the head of the sectional Rafaela, Dante Giménez, 1 Commissioner Carlos Alberto Flores was « Secretary of performance », today. The four testified at the trial. Rosario/12 has already reported that Flores was imprisoned since in may 2014, while he was the head of the police station of alleged border « attempted murder » and « very serious injuries » in three acts, among them the the guy that San Francisco police found tied with thread and ribbons to a stick that was passing through the cross back and him covering a part of the face.

The President of the Tribunal asked the last question to Vazquez. ‘EC that wanted to tell us when he came?’, you have raised Dr. Vella. Coronda prison had left Vázquez rezongo by the public way. « I thought that I had been to Rafaela, not in Santa Fe. » Later, Tejera made echo the complaint and put counsel warned against a so-called « irregular notification », but the Court rejected the proposal and said that the process was greeted with ‘normal ‘. «Remain calm, PhD., satisfied with all legal norms, « said judge José María Escobar cello.»

News Casapueblos-AEDD
http://represoresrosario.blogspot.com.es/2015/02/Nouvelle-t emoignages-in-the – trial – by – la.html


Relatives of missing persons rejects any request for forgiveness from the army: « tell them where you are.

The relatives of the missing persons organization, rejected the position of Commander of the army who told the press shortly after his inauguration be willing to apply for forgiveness « to achieve genuine national reconciliation, to make this issue a point and the final cancellation », in the interview he did the La Republica newspaper.

February 11, 2015 14:16 hours, last updated 14:18 hrs Rapublica uy

Now, Oscar Urtazun, collectives of members of families of missing persons, said even if apologies are not enough, but what really matters is « learn to those who have the information, where are the missing, who were responsible and to submit to justice », in statements made on channel 12.
The general commander Manini Ríos, claimed however ignore « whether it is valid, that someone apologize for something he did not. »Now if that stage is to him, I think he has already given », I would do it. For Urtazun, the new commander made only a statement of « more of the same. This is not forgiveness, not. It say or go to those who have the information, where are the missing, who were responsible and to submit to justice. Non-military justice, civil justice ».
He also recalled that what has been said by the military « does not change anything, because it is not the institution (…) He is a general who comes and goes. »

Without powers to forgive and crimes against humanity

«  »Parents are not those who do not forgive », said Urtazun, noting that this is « crimes against humanity. » »It was against humanity and we do not represent humanity: we want worthy where are our missing and not so much forgiveness and reconciliation », said.
« Finally the activist asked about the possibility that Francisco Pope to intercede so will be definitively settled the question of missing persons in Uruguay, something that paraphrased the saying ‘ there is not worst of management that is not », but it was a little skeptical about the possible outcomes. « Do not forget that they treat the military mafia, the mafia of the silence of the remains of the Covenant, that he has not changed a lot, but… There’s not worst of management which is not « concluded.

Although Mujica and the supreme court, the fight for truth and justice continues. And as always, it has been said: crimes against humanity do not prescribe, so say other presidents and supreme courts.

37 passengers
They begin trials in Italy



The fugitive, Captain Jorge Tróccoli and two other officers of the Uruguayan Navy visited in the ‘air bridge’ in Buenos Aires Buenos Aires on December 20, 1977, twenty-four hours earlier, under the repressive Plan Condor coordination, will be removal mass groups related action unifying (GAU), Uruguayan citizens who were tortured in the wells of Banfield and Quilmespour finally be transferred to the Uruguay or the missing State.

The document, which was never made public until now, was declassified by the team led by Professor Alvaro Rico before the Secretariat followed the Commission for peace, to the Presidency of the Republic and has already sent in Italy so that it becomes as evidence before the Court of Rome, where this Thursday February 12 began hearings against military officials and civilian dictatorships of the cone South who were perpetrators of crimes against humanity in the framework for coordination of Condor.

The « Processo Condor » is a cause which is divided into three segments: one, procedure 2/05, accused Gomez of Arce’s military Luis Bolivian and other 19 repressors of the Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay; in a second case, the procedure 3/05 accuses general Gregorio Álvarez, other ten oppressors who are prisoners (Ricardo Arab, José Gavazzo, Luis Maurente, Ernesto branches, Jorge Silvera, Gilberto Vázquez, Ernesto Soca, Juan Larcebeau, Jorge Sande and Ricardo Medina), former Chancellor Juan Carlos Blanco, also a prisoner and the military Iván Paulós, Ricardo Chávez Dominguez and Pedro Matoceux that are still at liberty.
During the preliminary hearing, which was held last December, the Court of Rome, at the request of the Prosecutor Gianncarlo Capaldo, incorporated a third block of a charge, centered on the fugitive Captain (r) Jorge Tróccoli, who, in the early 1990s, after having been denounced by magazine Posdata, treated their Italian citizenship and fled to this country not be extradited to the Uruguay. The extradition has not been granted for bureaucratic reasons, but has now resolved to judge than the Uruguayan indictment and the Condor Plan. Now in Rome, it is indicated that an « Italian » is on the list of criminals against humanity of the terrible Plan Condor.

On December 21, 1977 in Argentina were kidnapped weddings Elena Paulina Lerena Costa and Alberto Corchs Laviña and Iliana Sara García Ramos and Eduardo Sabino Dossetti Thomson. Also this day there captured Alfredo Fernando Bosco Muñoz. Julio César of Elia Pallares and his pregnant wife Yolanda Iris Casco Gelphi, Raúl Edgardo Borelli Cattaneo and Guillermo Manuel Sobrino Berardi were arrested the next day. And on 23 December, the operation is against Gustavo Alejandro Goicoechea Camacho and his wife, Graciela Noemi Basualdo Noguera; José Mario Martínez and his wife, María Antonia Castro Huerga; Aida Celia Sanz Fernández, pregnant and her mother, Elsa Haydee Fernández Lanzani.

Document declassified by the National Directorate of migration (book River of Carrasco, dated December 1977), concludes that December 20, 1977 in flight AR 215, vessel LV – WWD, intelligence officers of the Uruguayan Navy departed from Carrasco airport with destination to Aeroparque (Argentina), Jorge Tróccoli (CI. 1.075.555), Ricardo Dupont (CI. 1.133.880) and José Uriarte (CI. 1.110.950). The three belonged to the (FUSNA) and acted against the GAU, which several had been arrested days earlier. Troccoli was 37 passengers.

The disappearance of the GAU joined other Uruguayans, who were also kidnapped in December of this year: « Furry » MLN, PCR, activists of PST and the ROE, who has tried to unite against dictatorship autour Artiguista liberation Union (LAU). They fell under the sway of the Condor: Atalivas Castle Lima, Miguel Angel river houses, Eduardo Gallo Castro (husband of Aida Sanz), Carlos Federico Cabezudo Pérez, Jim Andrés Carneiro Da Fontoura and his wife, Caroline Barrientos Sagastibelza (Argentina), Gustavo Raul Arce Viera and Raul Gambaro Núñez, Alfredo Moyano Santander and his wife also-pregnant Maria Asuncion Artigas Nile; and Celica Elida Gomez Rosano
The majority of Uruguayans who were kidnapped in December was clearly visible in the clandestine centres Pozo Quilmes, Banfield and Martínez COT-1. The evidence indicates that all were tortured and interrogated by Uruguayan military officers who participated in his capture. Troccoli denied his involvement and said that he then took courses at Puerto Belgrano, to the South of the province of Buenos Aires. His judicial testimony (before fleeing) already was disqualified, to confirm that the base of Puerto Belgrano was command of the Navy repression. In this regard, were never questioned Dupont and Uriarte, officers who continue to live in Uruguay.


Attorney Gianncarlo Capaldo studied for ten years the repressive coordination of the Condor Plan. Their work began in 1999 when instrumenting a cause of international justice at the end of the expiration point, Amnesty and laws that governed South America are called in Rome. When he had completed his investigation and formalized the indictment of controls of military and civilian dictatorships, has started a process in which were presented more evidence and prosecutors until the conclusion of the hearing Thursday.

The Italian Government will have to approve, in addition, citation, transfer and accommodation of 109 people who were presented as witnesses or complainants by prosecutors, who appear to have planned a trial with political features since it seems not possible to verify the direct participation of the defendants (most of them absent) in the crimes, but yes their political responsibility will be manifest. Where appear of military commanders in a country accused of the crime to a citizen of another country, occurred in a third country. That would show the true level of coordination repressive.

Among the accused, there are eleven Chilean (including general Sergio Arellano Stark, Manuel Contreras and Daniel Aguirre Mora), four Peruvians (including former president general Francisco Morales Bermuez) and as an accused Bolivian dictator Luis Garcia Meza Tejada is


Plan Condor in Italy trial starts tomorrow

The Italian courts open tomorrow a judgment against 32 military and civilians from Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Uruguay as being involved in the disappearance and death of 33 Italian citizens and Uruguayan 20 as part of the Condor Plan.

Photo: File of the country.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015 19:47 countries uy

The first hearing of the trial will be held in the high-security Rebibbia Roman prison room. It is the first process in Europe by the Condor Plan, a device to coordinate the Suppression of South American dictatorships in the 1970s and 1980s that allowed detention, Exchange and the disappearance of thousands of opponents to the military regime.

The defendants include the former Luis Ministre Bolivian Interior Arce Gomez, the Peruvian former Prime Minister Pedro Richter Prada, the former head of the Chilean secret service Juan Manuel Contreras and the general Francisco Morales Bermúdez, President of Peru for five years.

The novel Prosecutor also requested the opening of the trial of former Uruguayan dictator Gregorio Alvarez and Juan Carlos Blanco, announced, two prisoners in Uruguay.

The accused, one Bolivian Chilean 11, four Peruvians, Uruguay 16, whose ages range between 65 and 90 years old, have been charged with abduction of a person and aggravated multiple murder and run the risk of being sentenced to life imprisonment.

The initial list included Juan María Bordaberry, who died in 2011.
One of the defendants resides in Italy. The holder of the Uruguayan Troccoli Nestor passport, the captain and the Italian is accused of unlawful transfer of political prisoners of the Argentina attending the Uruguay in 1978, who was arrested in the South of Italy in 2007 and released the following year.

Troccoli will be represented by a lawyer, whereas that for the majority of the accused the Italian courts made available to counsel.

The Italian prosecutor Giancarlo Capaldo, the case, opened an investigation for more than fifteen years, following complaints by relatives of the missing Italian.

The Italian courts had ordered the arrest of 140 former military personnel and civilians with connections with the dictatorships in the region, but due to bureaucratic problems five years ago to provide notification and the death of several representatives of the military Government accused number decreased. Defendants will be tried in absence and at the request of the authorities of the Uruguay, a country that was founded as a civil party.
Confirm Troccoli travel in Buenos Aires in December 1977

Flight log

The sailor Jorge Tróccoli and two other officers of the Uruguayan Navy has visited the ‘air bridge’ in Buenos Aires in December 1977, hours before the massive kidnapping of several Uruguayan citizens related action unifying (GAU) groups. A document from the National Directorate of migration at the time, confirmed the trip and reaffirms the Uruguayan participation in clandestine operations in Argentina.


A document declassified by the National Directorate of migration reveals that Captain (r) Jorge Troccoli and two other officers of the Corps of naval Fusiliers (Fusna) of the Uruguayan Navy visited in Buenos Aires in December 1977, hours before the massive kidnapping of several Uruguayan citizens related action unifying (GAU) groups in this country.
Document declassified by the team of historians of the recent header passed by Álvaro Rico, presented as evidence in the transactional criminal proceedings in Italy for the crimes of the Condor Plan, revealed that Troccoli and the official Ricardo Dupont and José Uriarte, went to Buenos Aires in moments in which the detention of activists of the GÄU, which was taken secretly to the Uruguay is treated and today remains missing.
River Carrasco, dated December 1977 book, reveals that on December 20, 1977, AR 215 in-flight ship LV – WWD, intelligence of the Uruguayan Navy officers took off from Carrasco airport linked to Aeroparque (Argentina), Jorge Tróccoli (CI. 1.075.555), Ricardo Dupont (CI. 1.133.880) and José Uriarte (CI. 1.110.950), according to the journalist Roger Rodríguez. These three officers belonged to the Fusna and were acting against militants of the GAU. Troccoli was 37 passengers.
It is relevant, because a day later, on December 21, 1977 began an intense operation against the militants of this political. So far there is arranged the arrest and removal of marriages of Alberto Corchs Laviña and Elena Lerena Costa and Eduardo Dossetti Iliana Sara García Ramos. Also this day there captured Alfredo Fernando Bosco Muñoz.
A day later were arrested Julio César of Elia Pallares and his wife Yolanda Iris Casco, who was pregnant, as well as activists Raúl Edgardo Borelli Cattaneo and Guillermo Manuel Sobrino Berardi. On 23 December, at the same time, arrested Gustavo Alejandro Goicoechea and his wife, Graciela Noemi Basualdo Noguera; José Mario Martínez and his wife, María Antonia Castro Huerga; Aida Celia Sanz Fernández, pregnant and her mother, Elsa Haydee Fernández Lanzani.
During this period, there were also the arrest of members of other political groups, such as the « hairy » by the MLN and militant PCR, the PST and the ROE, who has developed contacts around the release Artiguista Union (UAL), among them, Atalivas Castillo, Eduardo Gallo, Carlos Cabezudo, Jim Carneiro Da Fontoura and his wife, Caroline Barrientos Sagastibelza, Raúl Gambaro and Gustavo Arce. The majority of Uruguayans who were kidnapped in December was clearly visible in the clandestine centres Pozo Quilmes, Banfield and Martínez COT-1. The evidence indicates that all were interrogated and tortured by Uruguayan officers who participated in his capture.
The document was presented to the Italian justice, which deals with the criminal proceedings against Troccoli, who remained several months to the great Uruguayan justice, then be requested his prosecution with prison for crimes committed against the activists of the GAU. The criminal then-judge Luis Charles led an against judgment international mandate, but flaws in the management of the request for extradition at the Embassy of Uruguay in Italy resulted in the rejection of the international indictment. However, the Italian judiciary has accepted an order to continue the country Troccoli Mainland for crimes committed in Uruguay with the advent of the Condor Plan.

Dialogue with Cristina Mihura

« The trial does not arise easily.

Uruguayan sixteen will be held Thursday in Rome with respect to the crimes committed during the dictatorship. After ten years of research will strive to make justice for more than 20 Italians who were killed as part of the Condor Plan.


Thursday begins the trial over thirty people, mostly military, accused of being part of the famous Plan Condor, which caused the death of 23 Italians between 1970 and 1980. They are 16 Uruguayans, 11 Chilean, a Bolivian and four Peruvians. Giancarlo Capaldo is the Attorney for more than ten years of research on the subject. The session will begin at 09:00, will be chaired by judge Evelina Canale and Paolo Colella and will take place in the bunker of the Roman Rebibbia prison room.
Telesur reported that Uruguayans are Jorge Alberto Silveira, Ernesto Avelino Ramas, Ricardo José Medina, Gilberto Valentín Vásquez Bisio, Luis Alfredo Maurente, José Felipe Sande, José Horacio Gers, Joseph rich Arab, Juan Carlos Larcebeau, Gregorio Conrado Álvarez and Ernesto Soca.
Also Juan Carlos Blanco; Lieutenant Ricardo Eliseo Chávez Domínguez; General Iván Paulós, Pedro Antonio Mato Narbondo and Jorge Néstor Troccoli.
The advanced age of the accused and the geographical distance, you were offered to give his evidence via a videoconference, but all withdrew their.
Difficult panorama
Cristina Mihura is a Uruguayan living in Italy. He married in 1974 Armando Bernardo Arnone Hernández and they gathered in the 75 to settle in Buenos Aires. They were party young and activist for the victory of the people (PVP).
October 1, 1976, Bernard has leave to the beginning of a friend’s apartment. They were waiting for lunch, but he never returned. His abduction was part of an operation that resulted in the disappearance of 26 Uruguayans to Buenos Aires, 23 adults and three children between late September and early October.
Cristina says that she is happy that the trial begins. « Myself by Bernardo in 1982 to Italian justice and it has been a long marathon we’ll see how concluded in that case that it is not easy », said in the dialogue with the Caras y Caretas.
He will be represented by lawyer Paolo Sodani and his ‘first lawyer Enrico Dante, who was the first in Italy of the relatives of the missing Italian, as counsel for the Uruguayan refugees in Rome »will be also present. The presence of Dante will be symbolic but for Cristina « represents the continuity of the struggles in Italy for truth and justice for the crimes of the Uruguayan dictatorship that continues until today ».

The economy of a foot.

Sayago gas smells bad

Second half of February.


The company gaz Sayago, formed by UTE and ANCAP. One of its objectives is the import of liquefied gas, treatment and transport to energy consumers.

The process includes the construction of the regasification plant so-called, springs and the civil works for the mooring of vessels carrying liquefied gas and installation of a ship to convert the gas to its original state.

The privatization of the enterprise concerned the granting of the work which was won by the French of company GDF Suez, although later, he appeared to take its place a so-called called national subsidiary of liquefied gas from the South (GNLS), with which the Sayago gas signed a contract who denouncedi face justice for alleged irregularities.

But the story goes, because GNLS, hired the company to Brazilian construction OAS, for execution of the breakwater of docks and the plant. At the same time gas Sayago, hired the same company for the construction of the pipeline.

On this stage, in addition to the delays of the OAS in the execution of the works, appears the scandal of Petrobras in Brazil, that the above-mentioned company emerges as one of those involved in the allegations of corruption and bribes, destined for the Brazilian PT. In addition to legal issues, in the North of the country, serious difficulties financial, delay in payment of the bonds and even fear of the bankruptcy of the company are added.

The last episode in Uruguay sends 200 workers of the gas refinery to unemployment insurance.

Result, pretty sure losses, representing the State throughout this project, for the exclusive benefit of large private enterprises with the guarantee of the State, the uncertainty that is generated as a result of doubts as to the solvency and reliability of companies involved in all this frangollo is added to environmental damage.

In synthesis Síntesis en form another example of privatization, public agreements / private, which flows into the history of PLUNA.

The regime is generally quite simple. The more profitable areas for private forests. Costs of infrastructure, guaranteed, the State took them.

Adam Smith, is generally regarded as the initiator of scientific economics, beyond their affinity to private enterprise. He founded the gain at risk and the promotion of the capital which means investments. Today could be stumped. They invented a performance that financing and risks are managed by the State, but revenues remain private.

The seriousness of these cases, is that the digits of the economic team that will take over with Tabaré Vázquez, offer silver failover administer the AFAPS to finance such projects.

I.e. at the scam this already means the AFAPS system, – we will try to explain our point of view on the upcoming comments – you want to add the risk of workers social security contributions, to give real economic pirates.

The end of these stories is already well known. Finish paying the State, i.e. the East to taxpayers.

A Lord we are asked again the question. Who do you serve privatization?

•According to data of the Ministry of economy and finance, the budget deficit by 2014, came to 3.5% of GDP. The initial forecast was 2%. Join the slowdown of the economy, the magnitude of the waivers on behalf of large companies from the side of tax revenues and the cost of the AFAPS and other obligations in order to explain the trend on the expenditure side.
•Recent years where there is complete data, approximately 20% of the expenditure of the State concern transfers for the benefit of the AFAPS. The State is no longer collect the pension contributions, but social security pays. The hole, paid by the State. That is, all taxpayers, including retirees. The AFAPS burden of contributions, but currently pay very little passive.
•Two workers died buried by grain, in a work accident, near Nueva Palmira to the rupture of a silo, which apparently had structural defects. Capital crimes continue.
•The Government of Mujica extends dates limits for Aratiri for the operation of the iron of the Saint-Valentin. The argument are possible judgments against the Uruguay. What they say about confidential agreements by the Uruguayan State has signed with the company? A chapter in the Chronicle of a delivery not announced groundwater and sovereignty.
•According to the INE data viewers, average prices increased by 2.2 percent in January.
•A further increase in the ticket. When oil was the ticket increases. Now so low… also.
•The Venezuelan Government, seeks to control various private commercial channels, which, with its manoeuvres to contain products, tend to generate desabastecimento, adding to the economic aggression and policy of imperialism against that country. The shortage caused by large speculators, the promotion of a coup d’etat, guide the reaction of major economic interests when they their pockets are affected.
•The trip of the President of the Argentina to China, part of the search for diversification of economic relations, with the aggression of the vulture funds.

I have room doctor, filed the complaint in 2013.

Chart « Saracho » Cancio Gabriel

The Sunca is declared in conflict by ‘massive’ at ANTEL layoffs

They are demanding the return of some 1 000 workers who performed optical fiber placement

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Workers of the national single Union of construction and annexes (Sunca) pleaded in conflict because of « massive » layoffs employees who worked on the implementation of the optical fiber.
Sunca leader Pedro Porley told El Observador that, since late January, the workers began to be notified that they would be dismissed and the explanations they have made reference to a « redistribution of the budget of the ANTEL » for this work.
The trade unionist said that employees had different types of contracts, but that the dismissals had no connection with the completion of the tasks, but were due to the decision of ANTEL. The Sunca estimated that it was about 1 000 layoffs nationwide, although they do not exclude a plus.
Sources of the ANTEL told El Observador that the Crown Corporation « addresses a space for dialogue and negotiation with the companies under contract and the Sunca », something the body is carried out « with the best intentions ». Respondents added that the company won’t give details to respect the framework of the negotiation.
A statement issued by the Union in the afternoon Wednesday rejects « the way in which the massive layoffs by its arbitrary and total lack of consideration for alternatives that would keep all jobs have been ».
Guild calls as well but also the workers ‘immediate return’ to continue the installation of optical fiber, which considered « strategic for the development of the country.
The Union claims its historical claim to participate in the development of the specification for tender of public investment works in preparation for the planning and development of the works.

Daniel Silvera, working-class farm, after the hearing at the Ministry of labour and social security. Photo: Sandro Pereyra

Field of the charges

Rural Federation denies intervention in case of dismissal of a rural worker who has played in the task of the FA.

The rural entrepreneur Diego Ortiz yesterday rejected the proposal put forward by the Ministry of labour and security social (MTSS) consisting of expedition to the unemployed for a period of three months to Daniel Silvera, worker settlement fired on 30 December and the installation of a field of negotiating « analyze criteria of the reinstatement of the worker », as recorded in the minutes of the hearing held in the National Directorate of labour (Dinatra). The National Union of workers, workers and Allied Workers (UNATRA) reported last year Ortiz of various irregularities in the payment of benefits to Silvera, inciting the MLSS in which the parties have concluded an agreement a quote and assistance. However, 20 days later, the employer decided to dismiss the employee.
According to yesterday’s minutes, the company said that Silvera « requested the dismissal » for what has made to give you the bottom and « after » Ortiz is an « inquiry » Noting « a cattle important lack », « abichados » and « uncheckees » cattle. Also « with later » the dismissal, Ortiz « noted that one of the locations of the last election campaign, which has been played by Silvera was filmed in the establishment » in it is played, « had happened without their consent ».
The worker has played in one of the videos of the campaign of the broad front (FA) called « Uruguay changed in me » which appears in his house, with his family and his horse, which indeed, is located in the premises of the House where she worked instead of the Punta road, Department of Tacuarembó. In addition, Silvera is one of the founders of the Trade Union of workers of the stay (Sipes) and a renowned social activist.
The representatives of the left UNATRA evidence that Ortiz became aware of advertising spot « by members of the rural Federation [en], which emphasized the gravity of the case ». For its part the MTSS, represented by the owner of the Dinatra, Luis Romero, wrote yesterday, it was « the first instance in which emerging stories by the company in what concerns the findings of lack of animals » before December 30 and the delegation of executive power to keep « in all respects the proposal » to resolve the situation.
Counsel for the UNATRA, Antonio Rammauro, told the daily that Ortiz gave to understand that he has received « pressure » by members of the FR, since he had not seen the spot and was « alerted » by other partners of the Union what it regarded as « a very serious matter ». « In addition, the missing animals both the spot were presented by Ortiz after rejecting Silvera, so it cannot be considered as causes of the fact. » Ortiz could not justify why it rejected. « The only argument given is that Silvera requested and that is not true », he added.
The UNATRA considers the dismissal « antisidical » and « arbitrary » and, consequently, on 2 February filed a complaint to the lawyer, Court of 1st instance of 4th quarter Tacuarembo, under the guise of protection of trade union freedoms Act, calling for the immediate reinstatement of the worker. « The demand will continue. We present a letter with 30 documents and a few witnesses. This is a very high demand. The model is one who must prove that the dismissal was for other reasons, »said Rammauro.
In addition, the MLSS also began a trial to Ortiz in order to collect a fine imposed by the General Inspectorate of labour and social security (IGTSS) not paid by the employer. According to UNATRA Attorney, notified the IGTSS Ortiz for working conditions in which served Silvera and the breeder « preferred to pay the fine before you buy coverage for the worker » fined. But then he was sentenced again for not taking into account that observations of the IGTSS on site and this time « not pay », so the launched MTSS a request.
Working of generators
The President of the FR, Carlos María Uriarte, said that while the institution « has knowledge of the case and is a matter that is of great concern, » denied he intervened on an institutional level, although it did not exclude that no matter which partner made on a base individual. « We do not have knowledge of cause for notice or in one direction or another. Our concern lies in the division that can generate this kind of circumstances between workers and creators of jobs. We hope that justice is unable to make things as fair as possible, « he added.
Uriarte also said that Ortiz « registration of a declaration of a member of the Dinatra », regarded as « regrettable » because « they are intended to create a climate of division. « But we do not part one way or another. We want to have the traditional Concord has always been on the ground « , he concluded.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Gomez-Pte de ADEOMS: « go to enter more officials to work and the agreement, although that we have with German Coutinho, is with the Administration and the Union and seems now Barreiro Mayor (manual) and the Director of human resources, Alberto de Mora saying they are unaware of this agreement, understanding that is no more German Coutinho Mayor and which is a shame for us » because the situation (on the town) is critical and 20 more to work is something illogical « …

« Because with this attitude, it goes against all kinds of principles, because there is no consistency with the intention that the Mayor of Barreiro is because it can not comply with 2 100 agents with the Administration today, how they will meet then with more than 20, but also it is serious in the sense that is does not agreement that had happened in time » he said.

« The income of these people is imminent and they have already signed contracts, we will maintain our position as a Trade Union which we do not want to enter more people. » «  » Then they will be the measures that must be taken, complaint or something else, but it’s a matter of a lot that we need to discuss with this administration as workers, now for an agreement as a Union, »said the head of the Union.(Daily source of the people)

Reduce the ‘shock’ Mujica effect in order to present itself as the « regional leader », as he proclaimed Obama. In ‘diplomatic’ new president language says it clear « makes good ».

Marijuana, Refun6ed, overall Plan and other loose ends leaving the Government

Vazquez reperfila Mujica plans to ‘do well ‘.

We’re going to do, but we shall do. « The expression reflects the spirit with which the future president Tabaré Vázquez gave orders to officials who must administer current plans or the administration of José Mujica earrings.

Vazquez will impose new model, better organized than the Mujica. Photo: A. Colmegna

Wednesday, February 11, 2015 the country uy

As part of the transition and to review the functioning of the various projects, the new Government encountered situations which includes, must guide or, even, correct.
One of the more specific cases is the sale of cannabis in pharmacies. Vazquez has publicly expressed their objections to the implementation of this system for the sale of drugs that produce the State and opted for caution.
So he knew the country, he transmitted to who will be responsible for the theme during his reign that the project is not braked and want to remove it later but he stressed that « no problem » because « what is done must succeed.
Means that engineering is « very sophisticated » and has no defects. In addition, the Uruguay has concentrated international attention by the model of the legalization of cannabis aimed to be implemented and any error can involve a political cost for the Government.
Vazquez had objections of security issues that can lead to sales of drugs to pharmacies. Despite the doubts expressed during the campaign, stated its willingness to move forward with implementation. The difference is that the time to the current Government, which was even supposed to start the sale of marijuana before the end of the year, at the time not yet launched. The new direction will be possible, that does not imply that the project « put to sleep ». Vázquez order of targeting that you take the time necessary to make the plan ‘clean’ and ‘has no cracks.
In the case of the Development Fund (Refun6ed) look is different but the test to give a new course is linked to a critical position on the functioning of the tool in the current Government. Mujica created the Refun6ed to financially support businesses that have ceased to be viable and has continued to be controlled by the workers in the form of cooperatives in the majority of cases.
The financing of the projects raised doubts in a sector of the Government, which means that criteria are more related to ideological reasons on the ownership of the means of production and not necessarily to the feasibility of business plans submitted. The new Government will opt to go to the Refun6ed of the orbit of the national system of competitiveness that will be created. It will be a tool oriented to support various ventures as long as they are sustainable, regardless of the nature of the property.
All plan, another creation of Mujica, intended to awaken the sense of charity from Uruguayans and only with volunteering and donations intended to build housing for needy families. Volunteering and donations has not reached the objectives. The Government Vázquez Plan together will become a program of the Ministry of housing. You name it, but, somehow, will be diluted in the general budget of the portfolio and will lose the essence that purported to give Mujica when you created and funded with his own salary.
The regulation of the media, a more sensitive subject, law was Mujica, but Vazquez said that the case would be suspended until it assumes. The future President to have control of this rulemaking, which predicts that it faces to private operators. A similar situation occurs with the right of asylum for more Syrian families. This is Mujica, who engaged with families waiting at the Lebanon, but now you decided to not innovate and let this be Vázquez who determines when and how the new group to be repatriated (see note page A6).
The contract with Aratiri and extraction of iron were not realized in the current Government and it is another fine coward for Vazquez.
Sources consulted by El Pais expressed that the actors of the future Government, very close to Vazquez, had a very critical on how Mujica led the subject. Yesterday, Parliament passed a law giving the Executive a year to negotiate the conditions of the ore.
In different departments discovered aspects of future Ministers to « arrange » to « do things ».

White today accepted an offer of Vázquez

The Board of Directors of the national party will resolve today Wednesday by accepting the offer of the elected President, Tabaré Vázquez, to participate in the next Government that will take over on March 1. In this way that the white joined the Colorado Party and the independent party, which has already accepted the offer of Vazquez as the opposition to hold 24 offices in the administration.
The position of the majority sector of Luis Lacalle Pou, all forwards, is known and ratified in the country by the Senator elected Alvaro Delgado, in favour of participation, as announced in January at the annual meeting of La Paloma Lacalle Pou. Delegate is the partner of the national party in negotiations with the elected Government.These days it held meetings with vice-president elected Raúl Sendic, that inform today white directory.
At this time, white Council President Luis Alberto Heber said there is a « unique position of all parties » and that « it is impossible » that all go forward on one side and the National Alliance (Jorge Larrañaga sector) on the other.
At the beginning of the negotiations, Larrañaga expressed concern because Vazquez strayed from the national administration of public education (ANEP) opposition. Over five years, that there was a charge on the Central plateau (Codicen) of the ANEP, who occupied Daniel Corbo, Alleanza Nazionale. 24 loads Vázquez offered the opposition, joined after the National Institute of education evaluation, at the request of the Colorado Party. Vazquez said that he intends to send the venias March 2.


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