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When is that you will understand, what are you fucking (Sorry you talk like that, but that urge! )

( Whereas it is necessary to vote FN), for the survival of FRANCE (BLACK, BLANC, BEUR, and not the imitation of my 2 MRAP) Jews or not, Buddhist, Orthodox and for your children (Yes, I insist our kids , If you want, that they have real values) This is for people who have not yet drawn, me, I put 30 years to drawn, gentlemen ladies members, it fooled you for 30 years (Yes, I know, it hurts, but it’s true)The GUEULE(CIA big brother is watching you,NO,he can’t).RICHARD millionaire (more or less) , to the small DEALER of suburbs ,who will be able to make 20 Member €000, in making go fast, and other small robberies and outlet of Zhang, we will find him in Syria the millionaire richard, which is swell, bubbled, steal, etc…!his savings, or the family patrimony by the banks, impeding to bet on company traded .you know 20 or €30 000 go fast, which will supposedly go through institutional, normal channels will be pocketing, is what not GUÉANT (the famous slush fund) it’s not him that stop lately , for abuse of corporate assets, I believe, not sure?, and the castle of family, which will be resold to the public domain and the people of QATAR , the raptors, who will pounce on any sales to the enchères(bien évidemment, on ne pourra pas surenchérir, même si on a une centaine de millions d’euro, ils pourront toujours surenchérir,de toute façons) such , lot will be withdraw from sale in order to better benefit and your castles will depart as the others, that is why only he time of stop the bleeding,the other day, the french tax authorities wanted to take a collection of pinard, dating from 1800 and wheelbarrows, the collection stood, has I don’t know, how many millions, I presume that it is not for drinking, but to sell it, so this is good!. You know it is precisely this hyper class that Navy complained, these sako, the people of QATAR, these soros, jpmorgan, Rockefeller, and others.

What some do not understand, and they want them to know, is that if you’re rich, you would become even richer, and if you are poor like me (it will become not even poorer, I saw it coming, that there!)It will become richer, or less, poor, why, you go, say you, but it is stamped, that, Yes, I know, but not like other tench, would like to believe, suppose that we pay our debt,(je sais,elle est énorme,mais,largement moins que celles deles de states (USA), I know, who cares of states, attention for now, but) Once these tench have found common ground with MARINE, FLORIAN, and MARION, that they distrusted, because their Treaty is far from being valid, it operates con sit on 2000 billion finally!as I said, assume that there is only one country, I say 1 single country, lodging a complaint against the EU in the Hague, the others will follow, and there is no damage and interest on 2000 billion to FRANCE, but on X billion?

I want my country, with the President, whom I have chosen, my army, my intelligence, my economy, I can import and export, my Government, my politics, my currency and not a Government federalist chappote by the CIA, and the other bilderberg, trilateral, CFR making me a crap policy.I noticed a thing, people in the Government, who say they want to block the FN, go by chance Valls, but it’s random, NON, AH good? they do dam to the FN (BOO!) not for their policy of shit, but because they are sontpris slams 4th

Similarly, if after according to their calculation of shit, we arrived after second, and a another time 3rd.This proves, that they know more, on which foot dance, this will not change the digits of numbers of voters to the 1St and the second round, and this figure will be always higher than their 10point(non,non,je ne me trompe pas!)look at the numbers from the various factions, as in the 1St round.

The shocking history of the United States ‘Federal Reserve’, hold…

The Bilderberg or the Nazi and Frank origins masons of Europe…

AH in fact, each time, a man or a woman, have been appointed to the NOBEL peace prize, he was working for the new world order, so this, we bluesait

Health Bill: physicians and tobacconists angry

While the health bill is examined from this Tuesday, March 31 at the National Assembly, physicians, but also the tobacconists, opposed to the text, will demonstrate in Paris.

Last updated 31/03/2015

The objective of the doctors, it’s once more put pressure on the Government, as noted by Nabia Macwan of France 2, outside the Paris headquarters of the Ministry of health. Many firms will be closed, and doctors will come to express to the Ministry to protest the widespread use of the third party paying.

Tobacconists are joining the movement

Many tobacconists are also opposed to the text, because it provides a series of measures against smoking, including the introduction of packages of cigarettes neutral and without logos from may 2016. Some tobacconists are to develop, but those who can not move will symbolically drop their curtain of iron for an hour Tuesday, between 14: 00 and 15: 00. It is in this strained context that opens the discussion of the text in the Assembly, which is expected to last two weeks. 2 400 amendments have been tabled.

Tobacconists angry with neutral package of cigarettes

Manifestation of french tobacconists in le Perthus border

Tobacconists and passport stamps: of anger

March 2, 2015

As if they had only the problem of the project of Marisol Touraine (generic) neutral package… Tobacconists are learning that the Government opens, this morning, a public site for individuals to buy their passport stamps online. While it is impossible, technically, for these tobacconists to ensure the same performance… Which yet is their employment expenses.

• Facts: tobacconists ensure the sale of 80% of the revenue stamps (fines, passport and other rights). The majority of these sales is still in the form of traditional stamps. Other – some stamps fines – how to cloud, as is the case at 13 080 tobacconists who have invested to be assets PVA. And for years, the Confederation has constantly ask the generalization of the dematerialization of the stamps at tobacconists. In the context of the evolution of their public service activities, listed in the contract for the future.

Last fall, on behalf of another plan of « administrative simplification », François Holland decided to implement stamp passport by Internet for particular control. It is specified, then, tobacconists ‘assets PVA’ can even deliver on their side: indeed, all individuals are not willing to use the Internet for this type of operation (see Lmdt of 6 December).

• And then? The public website for Passport stamps has just opened this morning of March 2. President Montredon was advised, at the last hour.

13 080 certified tobacconists PVA, them, can still not sell dematerialized Passport stamps. The reason? The ‘technical solution’ that was to prepare the administration (web service) is not yet at the point… This is despite an agreement signed with the Confederation. And urgent reminders of the latter. Knowing that enters the period the more conducive to the sale of passport stamps.

We understand their anger. And Gladys, and the Groundhog fold chocolate into the paperOR, I me not know!

Short URL: http://tinyurl.com/n3ws3xt

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Tobacco prices: stability and firmness

March 2, 2015

This Monday, March 2 comes into force a new list of prices which translates into stability for almost all of the references to cigarettes and the globality of the references of tobacco to roll (see Lmdt of 25, 20 and February 9).

• Need to see the consequences of the parliamentary votes by the end of last year, removing the principle of automatic increase of taxation, following the mobilisation of tobacconists (see Lmdt 5, 7 and 13 December). Knowing that, for its part, Secretary of State responsible for the Budget, Christian Eckert,  » assumes the stability of taxation .».
Let us remember that, last fall, some spoke of an increase of 30 cents of package, for the early 2015 (see Lmdt on 7 November). While the year concluded, already, with a market to-5.3% (see Lmdt from 6 January )…

• This stability has no meaning unless it is accompanied by firmness in the fight against the parallel market. Should assess the effects during the presentation of results 2014 customs which will be held on Tuesday 17 March at Roissy, in the presence of Finance Minister, Michel Sapin, and the Secretary of State for the Budget, Christian Eckert.
This Sunday morning from 1 March, RTL announced that this assessment of tobacco seizures 2014 would be higher than the 430 tons in the previous year (see Lmdt 12 and 14 March). This isn’t the prognosis of all relatives of the folder which speak of a slightly recessed… We’ll see. And remember that the seizures were 462 tonnes in 2011 (see Lmdt from 30 January 2012).

• For the moment, and reason, Customs shall communicate on their new legal tools: possibility of the « coup d ‘ purchase’ to trap the traffickers and faculty to punish buyers on the Internet (see on 23 FebruaryLmdt).

• About new legal tools are reminded that recent administrative closures for two months, three shops illegally selling tobacco by the prefect of the Gard (see February 27Lmdt), have been made possible by a legislative provision adopted at the request of the tobacconists (see Lmdt on 21 November and 14 December 2012). Especially the chambre syndicale du Gard.

Defended by Minister Marisol Touraine Health Bill is examined this Tuesday, March 31 by the National Assembly. It provides for the extension of the third paying, but also other public health measures. I see, again, a 49.3, emerging, definitely!No. comments

Last updated 31/03/2015

Insofar as emblematic of this text, is the extension of the third paying that puts doctors angry, because they will be directly paid by social security, and the patient will no longer pay the consultation. The doctors, who are on strike today, believe they will be penalized, because this will entail additional administrative steps. But the project, which the review will last two weeks, also includes other provisions.

Anti-smoking measures

The health law provides preventive measures against addictions, particularly in tobacco. To combat smoking, neutral packages without logos, will be mandatory from May 20, 2016. It will be forbidden to smoke in the car in the presence of children less than 12 years. Some artificial flavors like menthol will be banned by 2020. The vapotage will be prohibited in certain public places. The Act also provides the experimentation of the « halls of shoot » for six years, insecure drug help.

Health Minister Marisol Touraine from this Tuesday, March 31 defends his health bill before the Assembly. Invited 4 truths on France 2, it announced measures to doctors opposed to the text.

Last updated 31/03/2015

What fear doctors, is that the generalization of the third paying causes additional administrative steps, since it is social security that will pay for them, and not patients. Health Minister says 4 truths that « in the Act, there will be guarantees simplicity and efficiency. Specifically, the physician will be paid within seven days, and if this deadline is not respected, there will be late fees that will be paid to him. And that, frankly, it’s a novelty and is a guarantee ».

Ensure better access to care

Marisol Touraine recalled that the third paying extension is intended to « facilitate the access to care », because « today, some people do not go to the doctor because they can not pay their consultations. Others go through the hospital, which costs more to social security » .

The end of the milk quota worries farmers

From Wednesday 1 April, milk quotas, which framed the European market for 30 years, will be deleted. A disappearance that worries french farmers.

Last updated 31/03/2015

It is a real revolution for milk producers. Milk quotas will disappear from this Wednesday, April 1. They have been established in 1984 to regulate a market then full overproduction. During their implementation, farmers were already took to the streets, because they were opposed. Their disappearance aims to liberalise the market by allowing farmers to produce more, and to conquer new markets in full expansion.

Worried french producers

French farmers are still concerned about the disappearance of quotas. They fear that the liberalisation of the production pulls prices down. They also fear the competition of Northern Europe and especially Germany with its giant farms more 1 000 cows and its strong agri-food sector. Our neighbours could be the big winners of this reform. French farming unions have called for demonstrations as soon as Tuesday.

Allain Jules

The big scam , That largely hid the SHOA and this is not always, a what you think!but it is always for the same thing!

I was thinking, you know, the other day, I spoke of the great father BUSH, who would have taken part in the war in Germany, Prescott Bush and Prescott Bush was a Director and shareholder of a number of companies involved with Thyssen. This a what, I thought, and I’m not the only one, other, before me, had thought the same thing, which proves that some things are blatant, if there is more to think, and, Furthermore, if it is not, it is eel under rock, is that, I guess because the sentence, which is could not be more explicit in the ROTHSCHILD dating from 1840, manifesto that O.V.: so, well before the second World War 1939-1945

15. WARS WILL BE INSTIGATED, FINANCED and DIRECTED so that we control BOTH SIDES, placing all parties FURTHER INTO OUR DEBT.(American Revolution through Desert Storm, Afghanistan and WW III? )

In VF. wars will be initiated, funded and directed so we control the BOTH SIDES(les 2 cotés)((it is valid for the war, but for the republics, and the United States of White America’s preferences), placing all additional parts in our debt.) (American revolution through Desert Storm, Afghanistan and WW III?)

Plus, the addition in vert in the vf, which are in my fact, and Red in the VO, which have certainly been added subsequently, but who are not my done, but someone others, I think

This sentence shows to, that it point the United States were concerned the Congress and its crooked billionaires, which unfortunately lead right States United with their loss (even after the entry into America’s war and while there was already significant information regarding the policy and plans of the Nazis,) remember entered the war of the States United , was after the attack by the Japanese on PEARL HARBOR (this until the end of 1941, as the United States were technically still neutral, of least until the attack of Pearl Harbour.) that, I assume, attention , This is a presumption, and this would be one, otherwise the largest historic scam, you see the UEcela would be even larger,No, I have not FEM (smoking, shit, grass, etc.!) is that one side it helped HITLER and the nazis, on the other, on sending troops for the landing among others, to say that actually, it did something for the allies, knowing that the other side, it profited (more enigmatic are links Bush with the Consolidated Silesian Steel Company (CSSC), based in Silesia, in the rich oreGerman-Polish border. During the war, this company profited from slavery organized by the Nazis (the Holocaust existed well, but for low financial interests, at least that is what emerges, in concentration camps, including Auschwitz.What clearly show that Prescott Bush worked and takes advantage of companies that had been involved closely in the financing of the accession of Adolf Hitler to power

They are all readily available, thanks to an efficient system of American archives and its valuable staff and dévoué(le cireur de pompes, c’est pas moi), both at the library of Congress in Washington to the National Archives at the University of Maryland .

The third set of documents from the National Archives, also lies on the issues IG Farben , who has been prosecuted for war crimes.

Prescott Bush, a charmer with a beautiful voice and one-meter-four-twenty-ten, founded the Bush political dynasty and it has even been considered once as a potential presidential candidate. As George (his son) and George W (his grandson), he was educated at Yale where he was, as were his descendants after him, Member of Skull & Bones, a secret society, you know these étudiants(d’adolescent s que l’on retrouve un peu partout dans les campus, par exemple (,ceci est un exemple ce n’est pas vrai) companies, ALPHA OMEGA at PRINCETON) ALAXA STANFORD, SIGMA at UCLA, these societies of students. who want to change the world and who are persuaded that they need to do, in short these companies to students. tell secret, to strengthen the side secret, there or there is real step ment of secret, therefore, these societies of students, who are older than their grand fathers, He was captain of artillery during the first world war and in 1921, he married Dorothy Walker, the daughter of George Herbert Walker.

« A monstrosity and injustice without name. » – Admiral Thomas Pizarro, the Peruvian Navy

« The Nuremberg trials were contrary to the legal precepts. »-Alfonso of Bourbon and Orléans, Infanta of Spain; Grandson of Queen Victoria

«  » It is not allowed to bring to trial officers or men who acted under orders from higher authority… the most brutal act of the war was the dropping of the atomic bombs on the Japan… the allies were far from innocent and which would take into account more complete. «  »-Admiral of the fleet Lord Chatfield, P.C., Chief Commander G.C.B,, British Atlantic fleet

« I consider the Nuremberg » trials for war crimes « as one of the worst reflections on an enlightened leadership in world affairs that has never been known. The tests were really a shame to all participants who are. »-the Honourable Michael Francis Doyle, LL.D, International lawyer, Chamberlain

« A breach more unfortunate and unjustified law international. » – Major general Ulysses S. Grant, 111, U.S.A.

I would like to you kernels this link which pou me is very interestingthe secret of Jacob Hitler, because we see the picture of identity

On this sheet of the General information the magazine Science and future published in March 2009, can clearly read the middle name of Hitler: Jacob.

The secret of Hitler Jacob , see picture and details on this link

Jacob Adolf Hitler would be the grandson of Salomon Mayer Rothschild. This information was disclosed by two sources of very high level: Hansjürgen Koehler officer Heydrich, who himself was the direct Assistant of Heinrich Himmler and Walter Langer the psychiatrist who conducted the psychological profile of Hitler for the OSS, the US secret service during the second world war.

Hitler is a character unknown to the complex personality and history conceals many secrets that we discover little by little.
The Yellow Book n ° 7 (collective of authors, Ed. Felix, Fritz Springmeier) had already looked into its origins and had written: « Walter Langer, a psychoanalyst, demonstrates in his book ‘The mind of Hitler’, with supporting evidence, that Hitler was the son of the baron de Rothschild in Vienna. The Austrian police was a secret file on the origins of Hitler. The Chancellor Dollfuss had ordered this inquiry. It was discovered that his grand mother, Maria Anna Schicklgruber, worked in the service of baron Rothschild, when she became pregnant. When the Rothschilds have heard the news, they sent it in a clinic in the city which she was born. This is where that was born in 1837, Alois Hitler, father of Adolf Hitler. »

Indeed, one who has commissioned this survey, Engelbert Dollfuss, Chancellor of Austria from May 20, 1932 to July 25, 1934, as well as dictator from March 4, 1933 was opposed to Hitler. He thus tried to destabilize his worst enemy. Hitler also did murder on July 25, 1934 by nazis disguised in military uniform. It warned, then tries to escape from the Chancery, but surprised by them, he was seriously wounded and died in the day from his injuries.
Hansjürgen Koehler, an officer of high rank of the Gestapo, who worked for Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich, direct Assistant to Heinrich Himmler, would have retained documents related to this investigation, documents that he unveiled in part in his book « Indoors of the Gestapo » and in which we find the origins of Adolf Hitler at page 143.

Please note that Heydrich, Himmler direct Deputy, was officer in the political section of the Navy at Kiel from de1930 intelligence and worked closely with Wilhelm Canaris, future Admiral and future head of the Abwehr, the German military counterintelligence service.
Some evil tongues say that Heydrich was murdered because he knew too many secrets. Do not forget that the three ‘resistant’ Czechs who shot him parachuted London and benefited from complicities. In addition, the son of Heydrich, Klaus, died strangely October 24, 1943, during a « road accident ».

There is another amazing clue, so, after the Anschluss, IE the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany in 1938, Hitler made shaving Döllersheim, the birthplace of his father. Strange you want to destroy the evidence of its origin at this point!

There is another track on the personality of Salomon Mayer Rothschild who helps to understand a more trivial angle what could have happened. Hermann Von Goldschmidt, the son of the main employee of Salomon Mayer Rothschild (1774-1855), had written a book, published in 1917 in which one can read:
« In the 1840s, it had developed a reckless enthusiasm for the young girls.. » and « It was a dissolute passion for very young girls, rumors of his outrageous adventures being drowned out by the police. »
Salomon Mayer, lived alone in the House in Vienna where the grandmother of Hitler (young at that time) worked. Let us not forget that Alois, the father of Hitler, was born in 1837.
More amazing, one of the sons of Salomon was originally Jacob de Rothschild, but he changed his name to James.

But the second basic source concerning the origins of Hitler comes from Walter Langer. Walter Charles Langer (1899-1981) was not just anyone. He was a professor at Harvard University but above all, he was in charge of a report entitled « A Psychologial Profile of Adolph Hitler His Life and Legend » on the psychological profile of Hitler for the Office of Strategic Services’ Washington-based.

More amazing still, his elder brother William was the head of the Department of history at Harvard University and especially, at the head of the section analysis and research of the American Office of strategic Services (OSS).
His brother therefore had access to all the most secret documents of the time. It can be assumed that he has communicated Koehler folder to his brother who had to establish his psychological profile for the OSS.

That is why «The Mind of Adolf Hitler: The Secret Wartime Report» (which is in fact the publication of the secret report commissioned by OSS: «A Psychologial Profile of Adolph Hitler His Life and Legend») written in 1972 by Walter Charles Langer, who argues that Hitler was the son of Maria Anna Schicklgruber and Salomon Mayer Rothschild is not one book like any other and that his assertions about the origins of Hitler are to be taken with the utmost seriousness.

Still, it seems that we be hides the truth, as in the myth of the cave. A simple and terrible, hidden reality to hide one of the greatest deceit of history. Indeed, how to analyze Hitler’s hatred for Jews if you know its Semitic origins? Is hiding something more important? Hitler he obeyed to higher powers as this is written on the General information sheet?

We begin to understand that the real history of Nazism does not match reality.
The secret of the origins of Hitler is the tree that hides the forest. There was much talk of its crimes, however, they forgot to clarify its links with the multinational (IG Farben, General Motors and IBM) among others. The death camps being primarily exploited slaves extermination camps by them because let’s not forget their ‘Arbeit macht frei’ maxime, the work makes you free, a whole program!
Jacques Pauwels, historian and researcher at the University of Toronto also provides irrefutable proof on this reality in his book « the myth of the good war ». A video of his lecture is visible on Dailymotion, an exceptional document that can be seen on my blog: http://gillesbonafi.Skyrock.com/2504758747-Jacques-Pauwels.html
Stupid debates about the existence of the gas chambers with only one lens, hide the truth about the real purpose of the death camps and their links with multinationals because as stated by Noam Chomsky « structurally, the political equivalent of the undertaking is the totalitarian State. »
Benito Mussolini himself had given his definition of fascism: « the fascism should rather be called corporatism since it is in fact of the integration of the powers of the State and the powers of the market, that perfectly summarizes Senator Homer T. Bone, who declared on June 4, 1943, to the U.S. Senate for military Affairs Committee: »Farben was Hitler and Hitler was Farben.  »

François Hollande and debt! Overwhelming!
posted by bankster2008. – The news of the moment in video.

It is lamentable, such lamentable.

INTERNATIONAL (IMF) MONETARY FUND | The horse of Troy Washington in Europe

Iran, main force engaged against Daesh

Voltaire International Network | 3 March 2015

It is now the Iran – and the International Coalition led by the United States – which is the main force engaged against the Islamic Emirate (Daesh).

The offensive launched March 2, 2015 by the Iraqi army against the said unrecognized State « Islamic Emirate » in Tikrit, is actually driven by the Iranian revolutionary guards. It involves military coordination between the Iran and the United States.

Strategists agree that the capture of Tikrit is essential for the resumption of Mosul.

Tikrit, region of origin of Saddam Hussein, welcomed Daesh as a liberator from the Baghdad Government dominated by Shiites. Its population, fear of reprisals on the part of some Shiite militias, fled the city. The Iraq community-based division has been considerably strengthened by the constitution of 2005.

CHEMICAL WEAPONS. Syria (Duma): the new scam of the mainstream via the OSDH press

Posted on August 21, 2013 @ 10:34 , 2013, it is not so far

Rami Abdel Rahmane

Damascus (Duma), Syria – the incredible monopoly of the OSDH (Syrian Organization for the right to lie) to misinform on the situation in Syria continues. Quite shamelessly, the mainstream press, which refuses to talk about the discovery of a large mass grave in the countryside of Latakia where their foals killed defenseless villagers, clings to a new lie: the use of nerve gas. Obviously, the press mainstream and his agent informant Rami Abdel-Rahman, of his real name Osama Ali Suleiman, know more where to give head because their protected recede more and more…

According therefore free assertion, refusing defeat, terrorists say: « After midnight, the forces of the regime have intensified their military operations in the Ghouta eastern areas and the West Ghouta, in the region of Damascus, by resorting to the aviation and rocket launchers, which caused dozens of deaths and injuries ». Worse, they, add with the use of chemical weapons. What interest the press can resume this kind of misrepresentation and make its each ?)is Darling, was the same at home) for cherie, just kidding, this is the pub, which wants it to.

What interest would the Syrian Government to use chemical weapons at the moment even where United Nations observers come precisely investigate about? Look for the error. Why the press doesn’t state the CPOI of these people currently on the ground in Syria? It is simple: it is a desperate terrorists attempt for one come to help. This kind of scam that the titles of the press suggest that there is a danger, is no/more of journalism.

[AFRICA] African presidents Freemasons

02 may 2012 | By Jecmaus



If the « Brothers of light » haunt the Presidential Palace of the coantinent, they have further perpetuated through la Françafrique broadcast the Masonic humanist ideal.

The scene nearly eight years of age but has not taken a ride. October 22, 2000, at nightfall, criminologist Alain Bauer, then grand master of the Grand Orient de France (GODF), receives this unusual call for elyos counsel: « a colonel in the gendarmerie mobile of Ivory Coast wants to speak urgently. » Either. Soon, a grotesque dialogue ensues between African Pandora and the plump Freemason at the skull poli dignitary, Havana and witty lover. « I have instructed to walk on the seat of the FPI at the head of an armoured column, says grade, referring to the Ivorian Popular Front of Laurent Gbagbo, winner announced of a stormy presidential elections. But this order is contrary to my Masonic beliefs. I need your advice. «  »Democratic values are worth more than an illegal injunction, »instalment Bauer. « As a soldier, I am subjected to the duty of obedience », retort the Constable. «If you do not follow your conscience, deals the grand master, writes you off of obedience» The next day, the ex-boss of GO view, by browsing the daily Libération, a convoy launched on Gbagbo abidjanais HQ has mysteriously changed cap. « for once, quips, I had the impression to serve something. What power! »

Who’s who

All the African heads of State Masons gravitate in the orbit of the Grande Loge nationale française (GLNF).

The brothers to the big day

(1) Omar Bongo Ondimba (Gabon).(Note the GOAO, replaced after his death by his son Ali Bongo)

(2) Denis Sassou Nguesso (Congo-Brazzaville).

(3) Idriss Deby Itno (Chad).

4) François Bozizé (Central African Republic). It should be noted that by also reverend superior of a church of Christianity heavenly new Jerusalem, sought in the fall of 2007 the blessing of Pope Benedict XVI.

The brothers of shadows

Those abstaining to confirm, or even disagree. It happens that the initiated sources consulted by the Express contradict…

5) Abdoulaye Wade (Senegal). A, it seems, distanced himself with his lodge. Since it must take account of the hostility of the confreric islam towards Freemasonry.

6) Blaise Compaoré (Burkina Faso). Sponsored by his Minister of Foreign Affairs, Djibril Bassolé.

(7) amadou Toumani Touré (Mali).

(8) Mamadou Tandja (Niger).

(9) Thomas Yayi Boni (Benin).

10) Paul Biya (Cameroon). Would have been initiated before closer to the Rosicrucian movement.

The half-brothers

They have been approached and are planning to rally the « tribe ».

(11) Faure Gnassingbé (Togo).

(12) Joseph Kabila (Democratic Republic of the Congo).

Network of networks, the masonry finished more fascinating at the risk of the fantasy. In Africa more that elsewhere, the saga of ‘ brothers three points « has found fertile ground, both its codes and its uses are echoed to the magic of the initiation of the sacred wood rites and ancestral force of the clan. The desire to access this secular sanctuary of the white elite, and then the concern to establish discrete vectors of influences, with the colonial ex-metropole of unknown channels of laymen, did the rest. Beyond the fables, a fact: on the continent, a dozen of Heads of State of the French-speaking « received light. » Only the Gabon Omar Bongo Ondimba, formerly initiated by a certain Naudy, inspector general of the PTT, atheist and Socialist, claims this allegiance. Master of the Congo Brazzaville, his younger brother and nevertheless father-in-law, Denis Sassou-Nguesso, alias DSN, long cryptic, if not suspicious, is proselytizing. Point of having orchestrated the « conversion » of the rebel Central African Republic François Bozizé and of Chad Idriss Deby, initiated in 1996 at the same time that his cousins Tom and Timan Erdimi zaghawa, since become the brains of a rebellion at the lookout at the edge of Darfur in the Sudan… Fraternal support have not failed to Jean Ping, Gabonese him also when he ran the Presidency of the Commission of the African Union. For the rest, it navigates between rumors, half admissions and ambiguous denials.

Measured in terms of the wars and guerrillas that marred Africa, the masonry authority has the lead in the wing. Because the history of mediations undertaken here and there on behalf of the ‘children of the widow »looks to be mistaken in the Chronicle of a long failure. Certainly, the « brothers » may properly rely on their commendable activism backstage at the centre Kléber, theatre in January 2003 of an Ivorian inter tinkering that fictional also theatrical. During the civil uprising that shook 1991 the seat of Madagascar Didier Ratsiraka, might that the neutrality of the committed brothers share and other wise has also competed in the shadow of the influential Malagasy churches, to ward off the spectre of the bloodbath. Just as it will hamper, a decade later, the insurrection of Toamasina (Tamatave ex), bastion of a Ratsiraka who rejects the victory of his rival Marc Ravalomanana. Similarly, in drafting a solemn document hereof, the fraternal Beninese has probably amplified in 1989 the scope of the National Conference, wide no pagailleux unpacking the ex-Dahomey was the pioneer. Still, the traceability of the claimed successes seems to the less random. Will prove to be in the aura of such venerable alternating soothed in Senegal in 2000, or two years later, withholding the Ivorian general Robert Guei, tried to snatch arms a presidential term that he refuse the polls… ‘Yes, we have avoided armed conflict!’ ton Counsel François Stifani, grand master of the Grande Loge nationale française (GLNF). Where and when? Mystery.

A colonial legacy

Dedicated to ‘Santiago of true friends gathered’, the first lodge in African soil was born in 1781 in Saint-Louis in Senegal. It will long be a colonial masonry, gathering under the mallet military, traders and officials. Several famous Masons have advocated for the abolition of slavery, including the Abbot Grégoire during the Revolution and Victor Schœlcher. Others have worked to the expansion of the french empire, such as Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza and Jules Ferry, eager to « bring the lights to the inferior races. The Algerian emir Abd el-Kader joined the Grand Orient in 1864. Long left at the door of the Temple, the Black Brothers find little by little their place in the 20th century. Include Senegalese Blaise Diagne, appointed Commissioner of the Republic in 1918 by Clemenceau, then under-Secretary of State for the Colonies under Paul Doumer, or Guiana Félix Eboué, who Governor of Chad in 1940, endorse the free France Central Africa. At the time of independence, the African lodges are liberated, creating national affiliations, often born of the merger between the local subsidiaries of the GB and the GLNF.

Read: Freemasonry in Africa, by Georges Odo. Masonic Éditions de France, 2000.
The setbacks, they are devoid of ambiguities. In 1993, the attempt at reconciliation carried out at the headquarters of the GO between the satrap Togolese Gnassingbe Eyadema and his opponents does nothing. When, in 2003, Alain Bauer brings together the envoys of the crocodiles of the Ivorian marigot, is to hear a pro Gbagbo Mason release without blinking that « Burkina Faso – hear dioula Muslims from the North of the country – are not human beings human. But no episode better reflects the powerlessness of the «triponctues» as the Congolese fiasco. Conflict o fratricidal how: he makes catches in 1993 the outgoing president Pascal Lissouba, follower of the Grand Orient initiated the previous year in Besançon, in the aftermath of its provision of oath, and general Denis Sassou-Nguesso, illuminated Meanwhile in Dakar under the GLNF label. For the anecdote, Sassou had unsuccessfully attempted to attract his future archenemy in the orbit of his own obedience… Multiple missions, urgings palaver « under the hammer »: nothing helped. Not even the interpersonal skills of the Bongo wheel. « The reason had left the city, sighs Joseph Badila, former powerful sovereign grand Commander of the Grand Orient and the associated lodges of the Congo (1). The appetite for power prevails often on our ideals. « Thus: the masons are everywhere, the masonry down ‘ Adviser on Africa of François Mitterrand from 1981 to 1986, brother Guy Penne knows the lament. « I remember having organized – ritual banquet – agapes for mayor of Pointe-Noire. Six guests, from all camps. It was very fraternal. A month later, they fuck on the mouth. »

Internal rifts and squabbles of succession

In August 1999, same topo. Gathered at the headquarters of the GO, rue Cadet (Paris 9th), the envoys of the three warring parties – Sassou, Lissouba and Bernard Kolélas – must complete a ‘draft ‘. Las! Expected in vain the delegation of the first named. This is to say how much the severe implementation addressed remains a few months earlier to the brothers misguided by Philippe Guglielmi, then at the head of the Grand Orient, had fizzled. The predecessor of Alain Bauer can at least boast of a useful intercession: by joining in extremis DSN in the Bush, he probably saved the life six civilians, including three masons, that the eventual winner Cobra militiamen burned to liquidate.

If the apron, the square and the compass sheathe the panoply of so many powerful, they have long aroused suspicion, even hostility of the potentates of the continent haunted by the terror of the conspiracy. For proof, this Exchange in 1981, between Guy Penne and Benin Mathieu Kerekou, the Marxist repentant on the later. Visiting Cotonou, the African of the Elysée prevents its host of his intention to visit in the afternoon his local brethren.

« How? ». Are you a Freemason? ton of Kerekou. And Mitterrand knows? -Of course. -Is he himself? -No. – And it lets you make… In fact, why tell me about? -My friends are reluctant to meet without your approval. However their written requests remain unanswered. – But who says to you that they do not conspire against me? « Later the same Penne will work to defuse the suspicions of Laurent Gbagbo, whose uncle, Laurent Ottro, head of the Ivorian company refining, is a famous brother. It must be said that Côte d’Ivoire was the reign of very Catholic Félix Houphouët-Boigny, the theatre of authentic persecution. In 1963, invoking an imaginary cabal, the Patriarch of Yamoussoukro embastille several Ministers and members of Parliament. Ernest Boka will perish in custody. As survivors, they will be rehabilitated, after Houphouët, misled to believe him by his police Chief, had made amends. And it is on the instances of Pierre Biarnès, then correspondent of the world in West Africa and mandated by the Grand Orient, allow the brothers from raw to « relight the fires. Zaire Mobutu, he throws in 1972 at the request of the Belgium GO ordained prohibited seven years earlier. About Malagasy Ratsiraka, he displays towards « Los Angeles Lakers » an unalterable defiance. « Normal, squeaky Guy Penne. A marxisant despot married to a frog’s font: this is the perfect defense against Freemasonry cocktail. « The game of the anathemas, Evangelical sects now supersede the Church of Rome. « It took to calm them down, these pastors, admits a close to Sassou. Brothers high places within the security services are in are occupied. » Nowhere yet Masons hunting was more barbaric than English-speaking Liberia, paradise of the lodges until the coup d’etat of Sergeant Samuel Doe (1980). On bottom of massacres, mutin ordered the sacking of the most famous temple in Monrovia. If he did not die of man, the violence of the quarrels within the nebula of the enlightenment is breathtaking. There is of course the rivalry between the GODF, deemed left and very committed to secularism and the GLNF, who expects his flock the faith in a Grand Architect of divine essence; listed to the right, it must in its strategy of entryism from the top – priority to the cooptation of the heads of State – trimming for twenty years from the croupiers to the Grand Orient, pioneer of Mason rooting in the land of Africa. Witness, the 90th anniversary of the Grande Loge nationale française, celebrated with pomp in December 2003 in a Cannes palace: a giant screen in the lobby of the Grand Hotel broadcasts then looping the arrival at the airport of Nice of half a dozen African presidents, Bongo and Sassou in mind, escorted by the great master Jean-Charles Foellner. But there are especially the internal rifts and the squabbles of succession

A bricklayer and Frank laugh

Formerly boss of the African cell of the Élysée, the truculent Guy Penne, itself high rank of the Grand Orient, likes to tell this story: ‘ one day that we are discussing three – Omar Bongo, François Mitterrand and me – president starts Chan me in these terms: « Ah! ». but it is true that both, you’re… How say you, already? Cousins? No, brothers, that is. » Short, it was his number, and to tell all is sorrowfully fishing. » Inclined to poke on the « double the Scratch’n ‘, refers to the encrypted handshake three points, the old man enjoyed as a connoisseur favorite joke of his friend Penne. Which staged an insider cooking slowly in a pot, at the centre of an African village. In desperation, the captive address the local sorcerer the sign of distress of the Masons. « You’re a brother? » inquires the marabout. «I am. -Of what obedience? -It’s so important? -Yes, I like to clarify on the menu. »

« Why not a grant Justin to the Budget line.

The layman cannot suspect the virulence of the curses, sometimes based, circulating by e-mail or on the Web. Commercialism, embezzlement of funds, financial Cavalry, morals, alcoholism: everything is good for the opponent. In 2004, a document is sufficient to undermine the pillars of the GLNF temple. This is a photocopy of a letter on letterhead of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Francophonie of Congo Brazzaville, dated November 18, 2002 and signed by Rodolphe Adada, holder of the portfolio at the time. The letter requests the general Treasurer pays back, « on instructions from the president of the Republic », the sum of 250 million CFA francs – or more than 380 000 euros – to grand master Foellner. « Mounting. » Coarse false! railed Adada, quick to point the inconsistencies of the letter. If the head of State wanted to donate such a large amount, do you really believe that it would be so? Why step squarely register a grant Justin to the Budget line? ‘ ‘This chicken is doubtful, grade a Congolese initiated more than one title, but the practice is common. In the genre, believe me, we have seen worse. » Never Alain Bauer will forget this one-on-one with Omar Bongo at the Palace from the sea, in Libreville or three briefcases full of cash, posed on the dais where is the office of the Chief. « He argued thus support the brotherhood, remembers the criminologist. A real cultural shock… »

« A universe rotten to the core. »

One another through false bracket: initiation to market forced elected despots or not sealed to the humanist ideals of masonry and propelled to the top of the hierarchy, otherwise at the head of an obedience tailor-made. «Burn so the steps, it’s silly,» mutters Guy Penne. Such was the case of the deceased Robert Gueï, initiated in the presence of a lineup of former officers french and catapulted in a nod to the 33rd degree, supreme dignity. Raises on this misuse and the meteoric rise of Sassou before François Stifani (GLNF)? The retort cingle: ‘I just can’t let you say it. President Sassou-Nguesso holds his mallet in an impeccable manner. At home, the observance of rites is exemplary. Me, unlike my friends to GO, I don’t do policy. « Boredom, it is that DSN, it does this. « He wants to lock a bricklayer consensus in his favour by the presidential deadline of 2009, advance a Congolese dignitary. His Government has twenty brothers, but where are the schools, dispensaries, roads, jobs, pensions, justice, solidarity and sharing. Where to? What happens to the gold mine that we worth the oil price soaring? « ‘Stop so inflict lessons to Africa, replica Stifani the Antibes. Why the France would throw anathema on its leaders at the time where America and China Woo? » Antibes, certainly. Anti-langue of wood, or even…

In Gabon, the Congo-Brazza or Cameroon, pick up a Morocco remains, for the uninitiated, a genuine feat. Still masonry allegiance is not always enough. In December 2004, brother centrafricain Charles Massi, candidate to the supreme office, seeking the advice of Bongo. Believe him, it suggests him to negotiate with his eventual winner François Bozizé an agreement of mutual withdrawal « under the guise of the widow. Three years later, the same Massi, appointed in the meantime to Agriculture, will make the cost of a reshuffle, as Enoch Lakoue-Saurabh, protected from Sassou and pretender unhappy at the Prime Minister’s office (2).

Business masonry, masonry of the belly: many stories of corruption lead, in Africa as elsewhere, the prestige of the lodges. « My first impression?  » A universe rotten to the core’, deals Alain Bauer. « In business, concedes one close to Sassou-Nguesso, the risk of trading in influence is never far away. At equal bids, I selected the brother. But I see poorly a decision-maker exclude the bidder profane for the benefit of an insider. « On the other hand, the fraternal postcolonial is not a myth. « Gateways work, » says Joseph Badila. Worse, therefore that they perpetuate the Françafrique through. And for better, sometimes. When it was struggling to establish Brazza single window for business, I called a brother, expert in the field to the cabinet of Alain Madelin, then Minister of the economy. His arrival was helpful. »

Montesquiou Hall, headquarters of the Ministry of Cooperation, has seen under its paneling more than a brother. With an uneven happiness: screen of a looting of public funds, the crossroads of development torpedoed in 1984 the careers of the Socialist Christian Nucci and his Chief of staff, Yves Chalier, his godfather in masonry, trend Grand Orient. Later came the Aveyronnais Jacques Godfrain, once elected… Saint-affrique. How do we know it? Thanks to the convening in a workshop of his obedience that this disciple of Jacques Foccart was left hanging out on a photocopier. The Gaullist France African Machiavelli, Foccart had taken care to overcome Guy Penne, freshly installed at 2, rue of the Elysee. « You you do not bad, he said then. The first echoes are good. In fact, you know what is worth to be there? Your profile franc-mac’. « A pedigree that will not save the former boss of the Quai d’Orsay, Roland Dumas, suspended from the GO by Alain Bauer on merits of case Elf. Question to 1,000,000 CFA: Omar Bongo have demanded – and obtained – the head of Jean-Marie Bockel if it had been a Mason? 2 million CFA question: Bockel would have it in this case alleged « sign the death certificate of Françafrique »?

Who would have thought it? Insiders are legions within the tribe of « white witches », these familiar communication consultants of the African palaces. Witness, Patricia Balme. It believe, the founder of PB Com International has never mentioned its Masonic commitment with its clients, such President Cameroon Paul Biya, the head of Central African Republic François Bozizé, the Ivorian opponent Alassane Ouattara or former french Minister Renaud Dutreil. Strange coincidence: all, with the exception of Biya, affiliated to the Rosicrucian movement, are ‘triponctues ‘.

A few corpses and troubling puzzles

The closets of Franco-African masonry are still a few corpses and more than a troubling Enigma. Starting with the death in February 1987 (5 February…Sassou came to power, of Michel Baroin, former grand master of the GB and then boss of the mutual guarantee of officials (GMF), killed with six brothers, all businessmen, in the crash of his private jet on the slopes of Mount Cameroon (Baroin came from Congo, after a visit to Nguesso). Another episode, oldest, deserves it stops: the assassination, on August 26, 1973, the Communist Chad Outel Bono, three days before the launch programmed a new opposition party. According to the family of this former chief doctor of the Hospital of Fort-Lamy – today N’Djamena – his fate would have partly sealed during exchanges between the Governor of the Bank of development of Chad and a former Colonel of the french services, named Henri Bayonne, both members of the same Parisian Lodge of the GLNF. Pure coincidence, no doubt.

(1) Joseph Badila is the author of Freemasonry in black Africa (Detrad, 2004).

(2) The letter of the continent, bimonthly confidential very to the arcane fact Masons.

SOURCE: http://www.grandorientarabe.org/index.php?p=1_64_G.M.Oc-an-Indien-Asie-Afrique
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