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EXCELLENT INTERVENTION by Member ROBINEAU(je sais pas d’où,député UMP de?, de quelle ville), in any case, intervention before a touraine Marissol, which really has nothing understood the film, she finds the way to dare to say, that she speaks for us, but it does much long, that we know that it is unable, if it happens, we know not, suppose, Bowl shotsthat she found an ounce of honor and pride, that it stops saying she speaks for us, made the same noise when it goes to the Ranjit, morning, but mine is strongest, is all that stops there.

On the other hand, it’s guys like you that need us, guys, as Maureen, SORAL, KEMI, JEAN – MARIE LEPEN, FLORIAN (Florian PHILIPPOT) of the guys who are not afraid to give a kick in the butte, come with us, more, you would not remove, and you wouldn’t be the first, I want to not say, but be in a part, and know that its president, has been set up by the CIA, it means, all (I doubt that you have to think, but it is the UMP, which gave me the foot in the Stirrup; Well, it’s true p’tit scarab, but recheflit? reflection JEAN PIERRE,?),(puisqu’on est dans les chevaux) it is as if you were on a horse, you want to turn left, or at, right, and it went all right, it is that you do not know so well that

Attack in TUNIS, still of fibs FR3, tells us in these stories, I’ve watched their reporting on the bombing of TUNIS, to die of laughter, one of the jihadists would, supposedly, grew up in the corner, false, illustrious unknown, one of the interviewed passing to out like this, verbatim, « it will give a bad image of our neighborhood, but that anecdotal that , nobody knows this guy there « and to drive the nail, this region (North of the city, the popular area of IVEN Alda » try both although difficult to exit the head of water, these journalopes of FR3 has a way of push them the head still more. ())in all ways, you will clear the other

Cities and regions affected by the floods,

ROQUEBRUNES on AGENS = Provence Côte d’Azur, var

T departments the Aude, Pyrénées-Orientales, Gard, Lozère, Aveyron and the Heraul

The Aude, PS is not the or there was a problem with a family of rugby

Pyrenees Orientales PS

The PS Gard

The IDU Aveyron

The UMP DVD Lozère

The PS Hérault

Var ROQUEBRUNES on AGENS = Provence Côte d’Azur, var

ST Raphaël, Fréjus, stgaudens, presidendtielles, indebtedness of the var,8th largest debt total of France the Var is the 8th most indebted Department of France with a debt of 705 million euros in 2010. The debt of the Var Department increased by 14.8% between 2009 and 2010 and represents 64.8% of the annual budget of the community. In 2010, the Var will devote EUR 58.7 million to repay its […]

Finistère, Quimperlé, toulon, hyère, Porquerolles, st maxime St. tropez, draguignan, ramatuelle UMP, DVD

Bill « anti-quenelle » filed by the MemberIDUMeyer…

31 Jan. 2014… Bill tabled by the Group of IDU of the National Assembly at the initiative of the palistinian Meyer Habib (left on the photo to…)

Nathalie Goulet, Senator IDU, you know? Non? You should! Apparently this lady has a lot of influence, to the point of being received by the Director of the CIA himself, catimini, to discuss Daesh and Islamic terrorism.

European: the FN talonne UMP (poll) – Vigi-Info: info geo…

March 31, 2014…… men of power, meeting within the « Bilderberggroup » and… a Modem-IDU, 3.5% for a list of standing the Republic.

Glavany to Meyer Habib (MP UDI – France) « You’re french or Israeli Parliament Member? »

Glavany to Meyer Habib (MP UDI – France) « You’re french or Israeli Parliament Member? » https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObBQvq9mO28 memories Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu supports Meyer Habib.(video) Shlomo Sand facing Meyer Habib on Israel (CSOJ – Video)… « Israel is the more humane State in the world »… (sic)

The purge of Mr Valls against rival Montebourg, by eva r… A see?Photo DUFURHER not bad

August 26, 2014… Green Place, power, building on the side ofIDU or UMP. … Valls, the pawn of the Bilderberg (Club of the most powerful on the planet,

Act Macron: when the 49-3 ruin the majority of left – 17 February…

17 Feb. 2015…… also in uncertainty over the UMP and IDU members who come to… Rothschild, Bilderberg, Young Leader: winning triple the…

What you didn’t know about the Bilderberg Group – Observatory of… Has read very interesting National Observatory of Freemasonry ONFM

16 Jul. 2013… To find out what is or is not the Bilderberggroup, I… next Sunday, facing candidates UMP- IDU or left,

Act Macron: threats, pressure… PS reframes the Slingers

18 Feb. 2015… Rothschild, Bilderberg, Young Leader: winning triple of… who would vote the motion of censure tabled by the UMP and theIDU will have « more his… ».

It is good, there are enough, discard, the Court is full; when you look for, when is not the cia, is bilderberg, when, it is not them, it is the tilaterale, when it is not them, is the CFR, when it is not them, this is the FAF (French American Foundation) you know the Organization, that is neither more nor less a subsidiary of the cfr


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