The biggest fraud in history

The biggest fraud in history

Alfonso Gueiros Jr. *

Source: Journal of Pravda

Abraham Foxmanthe Chairman of the ADL, arm of masonry from(B) ‘nay B’ rith, explaining the industry of the Jewish pornography.

« Let me issue and control the money of a nation and I don’t care who writes the laws. »

Mayer Amschel (Bauer) Rothschild

He who controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and trade, and when we realize that the entire system is easily controllable, one way or another, by a handful of powerful at the top people, we won’t explain how periods of inflation and depression originate. »

James Garfield

President of United States, 1881.

A few weeks after uttering these words (of the second quote), to exchange offices, President Garfield was assassinated. And it was not the only American president killed by them, as discussed below. So that we can better understand which are the exchange offices (or Argentine), it is necessary to come back on time for c. 200 BC, when, for the first time** has the registration of ‘wear and tear ‘.Among the different definitions of Marc Aurèle to wear are excessive, exorbitant interest exaggerated profit, baseness.

Two Roman emperors were murdered for having designed to reform laws limited to deploy private ownership of the land to a maximum of 500 acres and releasing the coins, which was made by speculators. In 48 BC., Julius Caesar found the power to issue currency, making it accessible to anyone who owned gold or silver. Also assassinated. Then, ordinary people have lost their homes and their property, in the same way as we have seen happen in the US mortgage crisis.

At the time of Jesus two thousand years ago, the Sanhedrin (supreme Court of ancient Israel) controlled the people by charging rates represented by the payment of half of a shekel. Several historians believe that the coffers of this Court contained several million dollars in money of today. The Jewish people, totally overwhelmed and controlled by the Sanhedrin, was reduced to slavery by the dogmas of religion imposed by these leaders. As we know, Jesus was the first to dare to challenge this authority and exposing behavior sacrilege of Israel and also found dead on the cross.

In the following centuries, the exchange offices has continued to develop the art of wear in all segments of life, creation of expansions and contractions, financial from one generation to the other, facing political leaders and monarchs who wanted to eradicate. Always in vain. Each successful (and rare) attempt to eliminate it, wear returns even louder, supported by greed and the power of the forts and rich against the weak and the poor. In the middle ages, the Vatican forbade the charging of interest on loans and based on the teachings and ecclesiastical doctrine of Aristotle and Saint Thomas of Aquin, stated that « money aims to serve society and to facilitate the exchange of goods required for the conduct of life. » Anything said, behold, the same Church conspired with the Government to accumulate money and power for centuries and to control the oppressed with the « punishments » and the « blessing » of the Almighty. The Argentines used the interest to practice wear, which is today enshrined in the law through banking practice. Already at that time, various religious and theologians, condemned the economic subservience resulting from wear, but how we see the situation has changed very little over the past 500 years.

To the extent where the wear was sinking in all social strata, changers became increasingly bold in their financial manipulations and then came the infamous concept of fractional lending reserve, or « fractional reserve-based » or « loan without cover or ballast ». Although complex, the statement of practice is very simple. That means more money that you have in the box and have become the biggest fraud of all time, mainly responsible for poverty ravaging the world today and the systematic reduction of the value of the loan money. The description of economists on the so-called « economic cycles », is nothing more than the identification of periods of expansion and retraction determined by banks worldwide through fractional lending reserve. They simply adopted the rules of the past and continued to practice their so far.

The practice of ‘borrowing without ballast’ continuous expansion before even the emergence of banks, fed by the goldsmiths and merchants gold and silver, who guarded the precious metals of the population warning not to be stolen. Soon these dealers – in loan sharks simple reality – realized that most people die and it was gone to fetch their belongings, leaving them to the family legacy. This is when they began to lend money at interest, usually in quantities much greater than gold and money who were in custody. The reception of the guard was probably the first embryo of paper money that we have today, because with him, a person could acquire property and goods in the huge market. With the expansion continues this illicit trade and the user, soon exchange offices have been able to open specific stores for loans, from where the origin of modern banks.

The moneylender and his wife-Quentin Matsys, 1514-oil on wood-Musée du Louvre – Paris

The first Central Bank of a country to the practice of fractional reserve lending, or FRL was Bank of England (Bank of England), founded in 1694, and of a private nature. Was controlled by fraudulent and malicious shareholders who used the motto ‘People’s Bank’ (Banque populaire), to practise all kinds of scams targeting only the benefit. The debts with the Bank of England of hundreds of generations later, evidenced by the English monarchy or or by the Government, were insured through the establishment of taxes imposed on the population, what would become the income tax as we know it today. The Bank of England quickly became the model for the central banks of all countries in the world today. The bookmakers have found that it is much more profitable to lend to Governments than for ordinary citizens and monarchs. Through the debt, creditors and have literally become leaders of entire Nations.

In short: placed Argentines a private bank in charge of all financial and economic transactions of a country, which is to deliver the nation to an organization of the Mafia who control the economy with the aim of profit and keeps the population totally taken hostage by their financial policies.

At the beginning of the 18th century, about 50 years after the Bank of England was already in service, UM Alemão chamado enemy combatant Chiropteran Moses Bauer1, Goldsmith and loan shark who lived in Frankfurt, Germany, has started a company called Rothschild, because the sign on the door of his shop was a Roman Eagle on a red shield. Rothschild means « red shield » in German. The company prospered and in 1743, he changed his name to fight the enemy Chiropteran Moses Rothschild. They had five children, and when they reach adulthood, he sent each a commercial capital of Europe to lend money at interest, mainly for the monarchies and kingdoms. The eldest, Amschel remained in Frankfurt; Salomon went to Vienna; Nathan in London, Jacob in Paris and Carl in Naples. So have planted seeds that have helped the family the richest in the history of the world reign and more powerful in the following centuries of evolution of mankind, for the sole purpose of profit and power, whatever the cost. Generations followed the Rothschild and his coreligionists exercise – and continue the exercise – power on the global society, using the ancient practice of usury and the fractional reserve lending.***

« The Jews, who are something like nomads, never so far have created a cultural form for themselves and as much as I see it, ever, since all your instincts and talent will require a nation more or less civilized as host for their development. »

C. G. Jung

The State of psychotherapy today , Collected Works (Routledge), vol. 10 (1934)

Already has an incalculable fortune obtained with loans in all European countries the Rothschild became embroiled in funding to the English Government vigorously to the American colonies, possibly indirectly cause the independence when the limited credit and an increase in salgadamente rates charged to pilgrims.Even after independence, soon deployed the central banking model in the new continent, in order to increase their profits. During the first half of the 19th century in the United States, at least three times opponents succeeded in agiotario successful system in the Bank, including presidents James Madison and Andrew Jackson, but he jumped from closing.

It was during the war American civil as the conspirators released their most successful towards this effort. Judah Benjamin, Senior Advisor of Jefferson Davis (then President of Confederate States of America), was an agent of the Rothschilds. The family planted advisers in the Cabinet of president Abraham Lincoln and tried to sell the idea of negotiating with the House of Rothschild. Lincoln had any idea of their intentions and rejected the offer, became an enemy of the family and shot just in a theatre. Investigations on the crime scene revealed that the killer was a member of a secret society whose name has never been revealed that several senior officials of the United States Government were members.The end of the civil war temporarily abandoned the chance to obtain Rothschild their hands on the monetary system of the United States, as I did with England and of all the countries of Europe. But only temporarily.

Years later, a young immigrant, Jacob h. Schiff, arrived in New York. Born in one of the houses of Rothschild in Frankfurt, he came to America, with a defined objective: buy shares of a major bank to gradually acquire control over the U.S. financial system. Schiff purchased the shares of participation in a company called Kuhn & Loeb, a famous private home financing. However, to fulfill its mission, it must obtain the cooperation of « big fish » of the American Bank. Difficult task for the young humble German in the suburbs of Frankfurt. Schiff but had advantages: he was sent of Rothschild and offer European actions of high value for the distribution on the US market. It was during the post-war period, civilian industries of America actually began to flourish to become the Colossus of today.

With the declaration of peace and westward expansion, had to build railway, which connects both sides of the continental countries, beyond source prospecting, steelmakers and textile oil companies, to name a few. All the necessary financing, and there was not enough money in young northern countries. The ponteava of the House of Rothschild in the European scenario and had abundant resources, a result of the vigorous financial speculation conducted in all the malls in Europe in 150 years earlier, lend money to monarchs, Governments and parliamentarians.

The young Schiff quickly became Godfather of men like John d. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie and Edward Harriman. With the money of the Rothschilds, he financed Standard Oil Company (now the powerful ESSO, acronym of the two letters that form the acronym of the society in French: O.s. – read ESSO), railway Union Pacific Railroad and the Southern Pacific Railroad and Carnegie steel Empire, with his Carnegie Steel Company, which has endorsed the city of Pittsburgh, in the State of Pennsylvania as the steel capital of the world. It was only a matter of time for the command to stop Jacob Schiff of the Wall Street banking community, in New York, which already included Lehman Brothers2, Goldman-Sachs and other international groups operating in financial market today, each of them since that time controlled by the Rothschilds. It is possible to sum up the situation very simply: Schiff was the ‘boss’ of the financial markets of New York and under control of the money in the United States. Thus was prepared the boat on the U.S. financial system. With its five wires securely fortified in all financial centres of Europe, the Rothschild family was then ascended to the position of the richest family in the world. This situation persists until today, although they profess a commitment to discretion, aversion to the media and for dissemination. No family or business group has so much power and financial control in all countries of the world as the Rothschild. And this for 250 years.

His fabulous wealth has been achieved through the practice of fractional reserve lending (« loan without ballast »), which was to multiply the money from the huge sums of money deposited by persons in their custody (thebrokerages and receiver) houses scattered throughout Europe through the loan of paper money to monarchs and Governments. One of his most certain practices should fund both sides of a war, thus, ensuring at least double your profits with billed interest, victory that won3 .

Exchange offices allied to a party or a trend political; for them, there was only the goal of profit. At some point, the Rothschild family took care of the central banks of the world – oriented only for profit and not for the administration of their country’s economy – and the smart of his inexhaustible wealth operation became agents determinants in the creation of the United States of America, which was to become the richest and most powerful countries of the world. It is not a coincidence, as was oppression English new world with the collection of fees from the Bank of England, which eventually trigger the revolution that created in the United States.

Benjamin Franklin, inventor, scientist, politician, and diplomat of the 18th century, architect of the Alliance with the France that helped American independence, said the Bank of England, which was intended to finance the new Republic American through wear (fractional reserve lending) policy: « is very simple. Here in the colonies we issue our own currency called Colonial Script4. Send it in exact proportion to the needs of trade and industry, make more mobile products between producers and consumers. In this way, create our own paper money, we control its purchasing power, and we do not have to pay interest to anyone ».

The control of the American monetary system is fully invested in the US Congress, which is why Jacob Schiff seduces parliamentarians to bypassar the American Magna Carta and do pass this control for exchange offices. This transition has been entirely successful, and the population of the country could not do anything, it would be necessary that the US Congress promulgasse a piece of specific legislation. How can I achieve this? Thanks to a President without morality or scruples, to sign the Bill.

In nearly 200 years between the American Revolution and the creation of the federal reserve Bank (Central Bank of the United States), popularly known as « Fed », repeatedly the Rothschild family has tried to control the issuance of currency of the United States. For each draw, they have sought to establish a central bank operating solely for the purpose of profit and non-governmental private to administer or protect the U.S. economy. Each of these attempts until 1913 was oposicionada by politicians decent and honest, most including a finish murdered on the orders of foreign exchange offices.

The Fed has begun to work with about 300 people and other banks who bought shares at $100.00 (the company is closed, did not negotiate the shares on the stock exchange) and became owners of the federal reserve system. Created a financial structure international mastodontica with incalculable asset in trillions of dollars. The FED system collects billions of dollars in interest annually and distributes the product to its shareholders. Add to that the fact that the United States Congress the FED the right to issue money through U.S. Treasury (Ministry of finance) without interest. The FED prints money without ballast, with no cover and ready for all people through the network of the affiliate, perception of interest banks y related. The institution has also buys the debt with money printed without ballast and fresh interest in the American Government who end up focusing on the ordinary taxpayer accounts.

The federal reserve Bank (US Central Bank) is, in fact, the tip-leader of a conglomerate of international banks and individuals solely dedicated to pursue profit, all identified what follows, which has been the revelation of one of the biggest secrets of the last 100 years:

Bank Rothschild of London

Bank Warburg of Hamburg

Rothschild Bank of Berlin

Lehman Brothers of New York City (*)

Lazard brothers of Paris

Bank Kuhn Loeb in New York

Israel Moses Seif banks of Italy

Goldman, Sachs of New York

Warburg Bank of Amsterdam

Chase Manhattan Bank of New York

First National Bank of New York

James Stillman

National City Bank of New York

Mary W. Harnman

National Bank of Commerce, New York

A.d. Jiullard

Hanover National Bank, New York

Jacob Schiff

Chase National Bank, New York

Thomas F. Ryan

Paul Warburg

William Rockefeller

Levi P. Morton

M.t. Pyne

George F. Baker

Percy Pyne

Ms. g. f. St. George

Sterling J.w.

Katherine St. George

H.p. Davidson

J.p. Morgan (Equitable Life/Mutual Life)

Edith Brevour

T. Baker

(*) The bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in September 2008, by section 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code (Chapter 11)

The twentieth century and the exchange offices, still represented by the Rothschilds and their PLD for several years, have already firmly established with their central banks and their practice of fractional lending reserve (loan without ballast) in all major European capitals.It was time to devote attention to the United States of America, the new emerging nation in the world. Yet it is had no U.S. Central Bank, because the various attempts at its establishment during the 19th century were unsuccessful.

Finally, in 23.12.1913, during a break from Christmas Congress where only three Senators have returned to the capital, Washington, to vote, was perpetrated one of the greatest acts of abuse of corpse against the American people who has ever known. Under the Presidency of Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat who came to office touting the flag never to allow the creation of a Central Bank, was promulgated the law of the federal reserve (Federal Reserve Act), which created a private Central Bank, « infiltration », not only to dominate the issue of the currency, but also to charge interest on this issue. Nothing more than the age-old practice of usury. A true gang was in action at this time, dedicated to feed the success of the practice of fractional lending reserve (loan without ballast), which included the J.P. Morgan (John Pierpont Morgan)5 and as a basis for the smooth transition of the legislation that created the federal reserve Bank, the Central Bank of the United States. All were hand-picked by Rothschild and prepared for this result in 1913. Already famous and very rich, J.P. Morgan, which circulates with ease in all the upper echelons of the United States Government began to seek a future president support the ideas of changers to create a Central Bank private, with the initial goal of profit. This is how I met Woodrow Wilson, then President of Princeton University, in the State of New Jersey.

The federal reserve system has been direct branching of this approximation of Morgan with Woodrow Wilson, despite multiple attempts to create a Central Bank in America during any 19th century and resulted in at least two presidents murdered by opposing this idea. Simple support of Wilson to the ideas of exchange offices is an act of high treason. One of the comments from the public on the subject of Wilson would have been the following: «  »all our economic problems would be solved if we targeted a Committee of six or seven public figures and spiritual men like J.P. Morgan to manage the Affairs of our country. ». This insured confirmed the circumstances of real theft that currency exchange offices should all practice, for budgetary and monetary control in the United States.

Republican Rep. Charles a. Lindbergh, the State of Minnesota, said: «  »those who do not share the financial strength of this class will be forbidden to the company and the people will be frightened with changes in monetary and banking laws. ». Innocent American citizens have been once more engulfed the notion of setting up a Central Bank and economic enslavement resulting. Senator Nelson Aldrich of Rhode Island, became the head of the national monetary Commission, composed of changers faithful to J.P. Morgan.

The purpose of this Committee was to study and recommend that the United States Congress changes in the banking system of the country to eliminate all problems that may arise against the primitive intent of financial gain. Senator Aldrich was the spokesperson of the wealthiest American families, established on the coast is. His daughter married John d. Rockefeller Jr. and them were born five children: David, owner and President of the Chase Manhattan Bank, Lawrence, John, Winthrop and Nelson (who became Vice President in 1974). Once the Commission has been installed, Senator Aldrich began a tour of two years across Europe, for consultations with the central banks of the old continent (England, France and Germany). Only the travel expenses of the public coffers Americans about $300, 000.00, a fabulous sum for the time.

Shortly after his return in 1910, Aldrich has met with some of the richest and powerful men in their private car and all the secret buried in an island off the coast of the State of Georgia, Jekyll Island. With them went to a certain Paul Warburg, who received a salary of $500, 000.00 per year paid by firm Kuhn, Loeb & co. for American approval of the law of creation of the Central Bank and has been a partner of none other than German Jacob Schiff, grandson of the man who joined the Rothschild family in Frankfurt. At the time, Schiff has been involved in the downfall of the company of Russia, Tsar , which costs about $20 million and began the Bolshevik than desaguaria in the Soviet Union revolution.

These three families financial European and the Rothschilds, the Warburgs, the Schiffs were all related by marriage over the years, and the Rockefellers, Morgans and Aldrichs in the United States. The secret of this island meeting in Georgia was so great that the participants were instructed to use only their first names to prevent officials and staff to discover their true identity.

Years later, one of the participants at this meeting the best, Frank Vanderlip, President of the National City Bank of New York and representative and protected from the Rockefeller family, confirmed the event. Cited in a Saturday Evening Post of 09.02.1935 newspaper report, he said: «I acted secretly and stealthily that no matter what conspirator. . We knew that if all the information that we have been enforcing the United States Congress leaks a new Bank legislation, we would not have the slightest chance of approval.  »

The main idea of the Jekyll Island meeting was unfolding the main intention to reintroduce a private Central Bank to control the money in the United States. Not for the American people, but for currency exchange offices in Europe and New York. The attractiveness of the fractional lending reserve (loan without ballast) was simply irresistible to hungry Argentines.This private American Bankers conspiracy to hijack the U.S. economy became more increasingly important against the competition of small State-owned banks in the country. As Senator Aldrich himself would say years later: ‘prior to the enactment of the federal reserve Act (1913), bankers of the city of New York has dominated only the monetary reserves of New York. . Now in the control of reserves across the country. « John Rockefeller said: »competition is a sin, we must interrupt. » «  »

The growth of the American economy has prospered and large corporations in the country began to expand on its profits fabuleux.Comme exchange offices have no active voice on this extension, which is dealt with at the level of the undertaking, far from their tentacles, as the industry became independent of them, something had to be done to change the situation. The name of the American Central Bank registered in this secret meeting in Jekyll Island, Georgia, Federal Reserve Bank, was chosen to give the impression that the establishment was public, not-for-profit and to administer the U.S. economy on behalf of citizens contributors. LEDO mistake. The name was just a smoke screen to hide the intention of the monopolist and the opposition in the competition of the new institution, which had exclusive rights to print the ballots for American money, creating money from nothing, without ballast or reserves and lending to persons under the interest.

But what the Fed creates money from nothing? Let’s start with the obligationsor the Treasury Board. Are promises of payment (or ious, the acronym in English, is a native of Iowe you, « I owe you »). People buy these titles to ensure a safe rescue interest rate future. At the end of the duration of the study, the Government repaga the principal value plus interest and the title is destroyed. There are currently about $5 trillion of these roles in the public power. Now, here are the four steps adopted by the US Central Bank to create money from nothing:

The Federal Open Market Committee (Federal Open Market Committee) has approved the purchase of US Treasuries on the open market. These securities are purchased by the U.S. Central Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank. The Fed pays for titles with electronic credits issued to the seller’s Bank. These credits do not come, have no ballast. The Fed has simply creates and banks use these deposits as reserves. As in the practice of fractional reserve Bank6 or FRB, banks can borrow ten times more than the actual value of its reserves and keep the interest, quickly they can earn money from nothing when borrowers begin paying their loans. Which in turn out of nowhere part.

The FRB system allows banks not have ballast in the equivalent box customer deposits, that is to say, if all depositors withdraw their money solve the Bank does not pay, as has happened in the crash of Wall Street in 1929, including the exchange offices were the only beneficiaries and includes all properties and property of the American people for resale in the following years with great profit.

Thus, if the Fed buys, say, $1 million of securities, this value will automatically become $10 million, unexpectedly, without ballast or coverage. The Fed has simply raises your graphics and « print » the other $9 million and start to lend money to interest on the market, through the network of commercial banks. Thus, the U.S. Central Bank creates 10% of the total of this new money and other banks create the remaining 90%. This expands the amount of money in circulation and extends credit and consumption, leading people to buy more and spend more, inflating the statistics of national growth. But the real intent of this operation is more sinister. Want absolute control over the economy. To reduce the amount of currency and cause a recession in circulation, the process is simply reversed. The Fed sells bonds to the public and the money on the banks of the buyers. Loans must be reduced by ten times the value of the sale because, as we have seen, the Fed has raised $9 million of anything.

But the question remains: how these deliberate inflation and deflation have benefited from large private bankers who met secretly at Jekyll Island to plan the monopolization of the American monetary system and dominate the issuance of currency? Simple. Radically changed the banking reform really necessary to create a debt-free public funding system, like greenbacks7 of Pres. Abraham Lincoln, represented by paper money printed and published by the U.S. Government during the war of Secession (1861-1865), a conflict between the States of the North against the South. Lincoln, like its predecessors Jackson8 and Madison,9, was radically opposed to the creation of a Central Bank, because I already knew that the strategy of the changers.

He favoured the issuance of local currency directly by the Treasury, a Department whose function was exactly who, acting as administrator of the competition of the country. Treasury issues, each currency printed dollar is worth exactly: one dollar, such as dedicated by the confidence of the public was born and certainly money is issued without the speculation, without interest. The currency issued by the federal reserve, has it, is exactly the opposite. Provides built-in interest and has the firm intention of profit to be « loaned » to the Government, because it is what the Central Bank: lends the money to the United States Government at interest. In other words, the mission much-vaunted ‘guardian of the currency’ and ‘People’s Bank’, concepts embedded in the back through the creation of the Bank of England, is no more that a profit at any cost and still control the issuance of currency of a country. The structure of the Central Bank is favourable to the centralization of money supply in the hands of a few people, with very little political control exercised by the Government in place.

Since the proclamation of American independence that is passed from politicians serious and committed to the development and well-being of the population of America against the exchange offices. In a letter to the Secretary of the Treasury Board, Thomas Jefferson said in 1802: « I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than weapons armed.  » If the American people to control the issuance of their currency, private banks, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up gradually around them will control the economic life of the people, deprivando of all their property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers and grandfathers conquered. »

Any review of the policy of indication of the President of EDFsystem, [currently Benjamin Bernanke Schalom, better known as Paul Bernanke]. The Fed Chief is appointed by the President of the Republic, but has the term of 14 years, separated from the Authority elected by the people, often perpetuate himself in office. The bank presidents known as Paul Volcker and Alan Greenspan are real « Sheriffs » of the U.S. economy and, therefore, influence global.

« And you have to destroy all the Nations that the Lord your God gives you, and your eye shall not pity them. » Deuteronomy7: 16

The creation of the federal reserve Bank in 1913, definitively consolidated controls exchange offices on the U.S. financial system, preventing the return of monetary policy, debt-free finances as Lincoln greenbacks and allow bankers create 90% of the money from the United States based solely on the concept of fractional reserves (fractional reserves, whereby ensuring all of the resources) and pass it to interest. Less than twenty years after its creation, the contraction of credit large made by the Fed at the beginning of the 20th century 30 would cause the great depression of 1929.

American Central Bank independence has increased since then, by enacting many new laws. The strategy aimed to deceive the public and make him think that the Fed was controlled by the Government was the creation of a junta of Government (Board of Governors) appointed by the President and approved by the Senate. Bankers had just to make sure that their co-religionists were chosen for the junta, which has been difficult because the bankers have the money and the money buys political influence anywhere in the world.

Shortly after the secret meeting on Jekyll Island, place a real public relations blitz . The international bankers in New York has created a $5 million Fund to finance for education professors at major American universities, in Exchange for support for the new Central Bank. The first being co-opted was Woodrow Wilson, Princeton, who would later become president of the United States. One of the first legislative actions of the exchange offices with the new EDF was a law known as the Aldrich Bill (« Aldrich Act »), which soon dubbed by the public as Bill the banker’sbecause it has only benefited large financial institutions. Member of Congress Lindbergh, father of the famous aviator Charles Lindbergh who first crossed the Atlantic nonstop in 1927, flying a single-engine, said: « thethe Aldrich plan is the Wall Street plan: new financial panic, if necessary, to intimidate the population. » The politician Aldrich, paid by the United States Government to represent the people in the Congress, instead, proposes a plan for large enterprises.  »

The law was not approved. Exchange offices then through bankers in New York City, supported Woodrow Wilson as the Democratic candidate for the Presidency of the United States. Philanthropist and financier Bernard Baruch to ‘indoctrinate’ Wilson in this sense, in 1912. Everything was ready for the final assault of the exchange offices in Europe to the new financial system global.This fight was already since the time of the Presidency of Andrew Jackson, foremost opponent to the idea of a private Central Bank. But the handling of money soon would be decisive, when William Jennings Bryan, Adviser to Jackson and vigorous obstacle between exchange offices and their purpose, ignorant of the indoctrination carried out by Baruch, he supports the candidacy of Democrat Wilson. Would be soon betrayed. During the presidential campaign, Democrats have been careful to « pretend » that oposicionavam the Aldrich Bill. Twenty years later, Congressman Louis McFadden, Democrat of Pennsylvania, said: « the Aldrich Bill was dropped in the Hatcher when Woodrow Wilson was appointed U.S. presidential candidate. Democratic leaders have promised to the people as if they were guindados to power do not a Central Bank to control the finances of the nation. Thirteen months later that promise was broken, and the new administration of President-elect Wilson, under the aegis of the claims figures of Wall Street, set up the monarchical institution of the « Bank of the King », in the same sense of the Bank of England to fully control the monetary system of the United States of America.

After the election of Wilson, the tycoons JP Morgan, Warburg and Baruch introduced a new Bill, who called Warburg the federal reserve system. The Democratic Party gave the project, pointing to it as radically different Bill Aldrich. In fact, the Act was virtually identical in almost all its aspects. And so it was that, on December 22, 1913, at 11:00 in the morning, with a quorum of only three Senators and supported by president Woodrow Wilson, the Federal Reserve Act was approved without opposition. The same day, Member of Congress Lindbergh had stressed: « this law establishes a huge monetary fee (money trust) on Earth. When the President sign it, an invisible Government by the monetary power will be legalized represented in our country. People do not immediately realize, but the truth will come out in the future. The worst legislative crime of the story is committed by this same law of bankers.  »

This true act of greed and betrayal to the American people, was the result of a long battle between the exchange offices in Europe and America politicians honest. The fractional lending reserve system (loan without ballast) would be forever the will of donors, traders and usurers and actually never changed since the beginning of the Renaissance when it began to be practiced. An another key ingredient in this equation is the taxation of the people and which has been registered in the new law. The U.S. Constitution, as it was written, not only precluia the Government to amend the laws (this prerogative only correspond to the Congress) but also vetava the imposition of taxes on the population. Only States could raise rates and fees, and outside the will of the founding fathers. The curious coincidence, is that a few weeks before the entry into force of the Act on the federal reserve, Congress approved a law creating the income tax. to this day historians and researchers have doubts if this right has been properly ratified before entering into force.

The Central Bank model created by exchange offices in the United States, based on the Bank of Englandpioneer, victory of the world in the 20th century and today every country on the planet has a Central Bank identical or similar, based on a system of taxes as a guarantee of the money they lend, the interest for the Governments of their respective countries, literally keeping these Governments and the hostages of the population of their policies monetary gourmandspar expansion and contraction of better credit they please. The undisputed leader of this activity is the American Fed , that the ‘rules’ to their counterparts in the world, but the mechanism are exactly that.

As the Fed is a private bank, its primary purpose is to create large debts by the Government and to apply interest on them and, as a guarantee of payment, needs a tax system error proof. Since the beginning of the activities of the Rothschild family in Europe that changers knew that the only true guarantee to recover their loans to the Kings, the Kings and Governments was the right of the debtor to tax the population.

In 1895, the supreme Court of the United States ruled unconstitutional a similar form of public taxation. Once more Senator Aldrich came to the rescue of the exchange offices and has undertaken vigorous lobbying in Congress to prove that needed the new taxation. And succeeded. Fellow members of Congress agreed, without realizing that he had voted the ‘missing link’ the Exchequer of exchange offices in its quest to dominate the United States in the next century, as well as the rest of the world with its concept of « private banks ».

In October 1913 the Senator Aldrich introduced the new tax bill in Congress, which gives the federal Government the right to collect taxes, which only allowed to the Member States of the Union.For currency exchange offices , it was essential that the federal Government could impose on the population, under penalty of not being able to pursue the strategy of creation of debts with interest more and more. This strategy was repeated in all the countries in the world in the twentieth century, until all become debtors of their central banks to guarantee loans through the collection of taxes to the public.

Review of the history of the 20th century and that of the United States in particular, we can clearly see how sinister and greedy of the powerful changers shade manages the global agenda today. The practice of funding on both sides of a conflict, for example, became one of its regular activities, to oppose communism and socialism, capitalism races against races and religions against religions. Throughout the last century, the exchange officesthat have no country, flag, anthem or God, had the control in your hands.

They financed one side until he was strong enough and ready for a war, funded on the opposite side and both destroy each other until they have run out of resources. The solution for the two opponents off the bottom where they had shot was to create taxes more and more to satisfy the greed and the Argentines wear. 10

It is not difficult to paint the real picture of this fraud. There was minimal risk that currency exchange offices ran because the loans, they did were consisting solely of paper ballots created from nothing, thanks to the system of fractional reserve lending (loan without ballast). The practice has become even easier with the advent of computers, you simply add zeros more operations. The citizens of debtor countries should guarantee loans have continued to pay their taxes and subject to the directives of their established Governments. This is how exchange offices Europeans took control on the innocent masses of civilization on the planet and continues to stop him at the present time.

To get an idea of the active participation of the exchange offices in the first World War (1914-1918), one must understand that the conflict was essentially between the Russia and the Germany. The France and England have been involuntary participants. However, the two countries were members of the Rothschild family in the control of their central banks, keeping them hostage as well as their economic colonies overseas. Exchange offices insuflaram the war under the pretext of national defence funding by all sides involved in the material and physical exhaustion. After four years of bloodshed, the Argentines rallied with everyone involved and developed a system of taxation to pay for the debts of war, which would eventually trigger the emergence of Nazism and the outbreak of the second world war, he worked in the same way.

The great credit constraint imposed by the Fed in the first 30 caused the breakdown of the New York Stock Exchange in 1929, with impact throughout the world. President Roosevelt turned to the American economy to access all the commandments of the changersin bankruptcy, including the confiscation of all the gold held by the public and by applying severe penalties to those who do not. This is how I have come to Fort Knox, one of the major scams Americans, famous in literature and the cinema to keep an immense fortune in gold bullion, but who in reality has never been checked since its creation more than six decades and it is suspected that has little or no gold stored currently, which would have been sent to the banks European to secure loans made by the Argentines to the Government of the United States.

Ten years after the accident, in 1939, all the players from hand and sides of the Atlantic have been so depleted that another war became imminent. Exchange offices, primarily through the United States Fed has financed all sides and whereas the outbreak of the conflict.Until the Nazis have received their money. The Manhattan project, but gave the United States, the atomic bomb, was the coup d ‘ état of fat of speculators, which allows the emergence of Americans as the first world power, also created the conditions essential to the cold war between the Americans and the Soviet Union, as well as high profitability project for the exchange offices in the following decades with the bipolar arms race.

Korea (1950-1953) and the Viet Nam war (1959-1975) are examples of the practice of fractional reserve lending practiced by central banks to provide the Governments of resources to cover conflicts then under global control of exchange offices. The assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas in 1963, is a repeat of the circumstances involving the time of Jesus 2 000 years. On 30.06.1963 day, Kennedy signed Executive Order 11 110 number, removing the Fed the power to lend money at interest to the United States federal Government.

With a choir, President Kennedy created the conditions to put an end to the activities of the United States Central Bank. This restored order to the Department. the Treasury Board the power to issue money without having the Fed and, therefore, without interest. The dollar ceased to be named notes of the federal reserve and began to appear as a Note to the United States and is more could be lent to the Government, would be printed by him, without interest. This Act was his death sentence. Five months later, in 22.11.63, Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas by Oswald, who was in turn shot dead by Jack Ruby the day would give his first public testimony on the case. Jesus has also faced exchange offices and the Sanhedrin Court of Jewish Temple revealing their greed monetary and found dead. Facing the possibility of losing control of the masses and the right to levy taxes and taxes, changers act quickly and violently.

« And you have to destroy all the Nations that the Lord your God gives you, and your eye shall not pity them. » Deuteronomy7: 16

Someone has still no doubt about the origin of the economic crisis ravaging the planet, from the resumption of the subprime category properties and then with the dismantling of the ‘bubble’ of Wall Street investments, the effects of which severely affect all countries in the world, unfortunately the poorest with more than cruelty? It is easy to understand the role of the world’s central banks, led by the Fed in all these crises. That is same which will lend about $850 billion for the American market, inject money in enterprises and on the seats? Himself, FED. In this way, the expansion and contraction of the money in circulation in the market, the largest banks are active and capital clean of the people by a mere pittance and resell at price loansharks. Millions of people and businesses go bankrupt, lose their homes and even clothing, while exchange offices continue their opulent path of accumulation of money and power.

« And you have to destroy all the Nations that the Lord your God gives you, and your eye shall not pity them. » Deuteronomy7: 16

« And you have to destroy all the Nations that the Lord your God gives you, and your eye shall not pity them. » Deuteronomy7: 16

« And you have to destroy all the Nations that the Lord your God gives you, and your eye shall not pity them. » Deuteronomy7: 16

Unknown by the vast majority of the inhabitants of the planet, this information is calling a serious and definitive decision of the population on this cruel system of greed and the power exercised by a small group for more than 300 years, contrary to the teaching of the love of neighbor, brotherhood and the fear of God professed by religion. Are we civilized enough to make this decision in an appropriate manner, either individually or collectively, for future generations? Or also we, before money and all the possibilities and the power it offers will be taken by greed and wear?

One thing is certain. Civilization, as it is established, will not be much longer. The problems generated by the culture of money, profit, greed and individualism are already destroyed the nature of the planet irreversibly to our descendants. This is the crucial point of the delicate decision that our civilization will need, sooner or later. If we do not vigorously combat the millennial clash between poor rich of strong and weak X X, seeking to achieve a collective consciousness more humane and loving and deleting the values we Argentine surely accelerate our path to the end. We need to attain wisdom through a spiritual rebirth, if we want to prepare the ground for the survival of future generations.

«The world is ready to undergo a Global Government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national self-determination.  »

David Rockefeller


And meanwhile, here in the Brazil for…

Soon after, the journalist was quietly away…


All citations of this article or in the main text or notes can be conferred on books and current materials and time, or directly on the Internet through search engines such as Google and others.

1 author of Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s father [Bauer] statement that opens the text above.

2 for the first time in its history, the Lehman Brothers company found himself entangled in speculative issues and bankruptcy beginning September, 2008 to avoid bankruptcy.

3 , see the history of the conflict from Waterloo on Google using the keywords « Waterloo » + « Nathan Rothschild. It is important to conduct the search with quotation marks and most signal to achieve the desired result.

4 See in Google, always between quotation marks for research ‘ focus on ‘.

5 Banker, financier and art collector who dominated finance business and industrial consolidation in the 19th century, it has articulated the merger of Edison General Electric and Thompson-Houston Electric Company which became General Electric, well-known GE. Also actively participated in the creation of the United States Steel Corporation, fruit of the Federal Union Steel Company with the Carnegie Steel Company, which became one of the major American steelmakers. a donated much of his collection of fabulous art for Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

6 fractional reserve banking = fractional reserve banking system, where only a small fraction (sometimes even none, zero) of bank deposits a ballast in currency available for looting of applicants.

7 Greenback = Green verse. Dollars printed by the leadership of president Abraham Lincoln had the stanza in green color, to differentiate them from the other votes of the U.S. currency.

8 The President Andrew Jackson, to expel a delegation of international bankers in the Oval Office of the White House: ‘you’re a hornet’s nest and of thieves whose only intention is to camp around the federal administration with its monetary aristocracy dangerous to the liberties of the country’.

( 9 of fourth president James Madison US president): « history records that bureaux de change have been used to all kinds of abuse, intrigue and all violent means to keep the control on the issuance of money Governments ».

10 , read on « Weimar Republic », period of hyperinflation in Germany between the first and second world wars, in which the buying power of the Deutsche Mark has been completely sprayed by the high costs of winners of the allies of the conflict.

* Alfonso Gueiros Jr. is a lawyer specializing in copyright and Cyberlaw, Professor at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation / RJ., Professor of the Graduate School of law of OAB/RJ and CONJUR site legal adviser ( Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.

** It is a small correction, as it of documents and records of this wear and greed dating back 300 years before the date indicated by the author.

*** Although some people swear to what the soul of her own mother, who don’t know not collusion, Hannah Arendt (cited by Jewish Attali) who said:

« There’s no better proof of this fantastic concept of a global Jewish Government of this, the Rothschild family put in place in five different countries, powerful in each, on narrow roads business relationships with at least three of these Governments and without wars and conflicts between these nations have never, not even for a momentshook up that closes the solidarity among bankers. »

And what about arrogance and impudence of banker David Rockefeller?

« The world is already sufficiently prepared to undergo a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to national self-determination. »

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