Network freedom sovereign health – February 15, 2009 newsletter

Network freedom sovereign health – February 15, 2009 newsletter


Greetings to all friends of freedom of health,


Health of the Nation (first part)

United States Congressman Ron Paul spoke out against the latest ‘rescue plan’ and ‘recovery’ before it passed Friday:

« I just left the floor of the House and I have voted against the so-called recovery plan. « Obviously its not going to stimulate anything but the growth of big government. »

« One thing in this particular Bill that no one seems to talk about is the increase in the national debt. They have increased the national debt by $789 billion dollars, nearly $ 1 trillion – and now the limit of the national debt is over $12 trillion dollars. But the people of this time are just passing, spend that money and worth thinking about. They treat thousands of billion just as they did to deal with billions. So, that means lot of trouble on the road. »

« What they do is for me to atrocious run on debt like this and print money and this burden on the American people, but frankly, cela can be helpful to the economy. » Long term, that this is exactly what they are doing for many tens of years and the reason why we find ourselves in this mess. One day, however, I think the American people will wake up out of necessity, because the bankruptcy of the country is at our doorstep and the destruction of the dollar is the thing that will finally wake us up. »

[Dr. Ron Paul has served for years on the Standing Committee of banks and is currently home to the Committee on Financial Services. Above quotes from this recent video YouTube: ]

Here is a recent statement by the forecaster of economic trends Gerald Celente:

« In January, it was the worst stock market from January in history. All you have to do is watch what the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) said about the stimulus package, and they say it’s going to do anything long term and just a small boost in the short term. And it’s the CBO, a group non-partisan who takes into account the facts. This recovery plan won’t do anything, everything as the tarp program has nothing (first rescue plan for bankers) and come March we will see the big crisis start to happen. « [Cited from an interview with George Noory on radio AM side by side on February 12, 2009. [Please take time to visit the Gerald Celente Web site: Gerald Celente made reference to the economic disaster coming as « the greatest depression », much worse than the previous one.

The first rescue plan of tarp (Trouble Assets Relief Program) contributed hundreds of billions of dollars into the pockets of very banksters that created the problem to the federal reserve in the first place. There was no accountability and the Fed refused to disclose where the money went. When the Fed was created, it was promoted as a way to stabilize the economy and prevent recessions and depressions. However, the opposite has happened and he never served its original purpose (alleged). It has been said that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again expect different results.

In addition to the failure of housing and commercial real estate bubbles derivatives fraud is not issue in mainstream media and this bubble is supposed to be in the neighborhood of 1 or 2 Billiards $! (This is not a typo – they are now actually using the word ‘Q’).


Already know that many subscribers of the newsletter SHFN, the Federal Reserve Bank is not « Federal » as Federal Express. Please visit the The Federal Reserve fraud page, which has been recently updated. The fraudulent federal reserve is owned and operated by a secret cabal of international bankers that I call the « Big Oil Banksters’. They have been historically referred to as the « money trust » or the « robber barons ». Indeed, they overthrew the United States of America. They caused the first great crisis simply by contracting the money supply. Now they are contractually again the money supply by contracting the credit in the world. In addition, this credit contraction caused an interruption in the maritime world, as evidenced by the Index dry Baltic (BDI). Here is another YouTube video that explains the BDI: .

We learned last year Insider Lindsey Williams oil Banksters big are currently bankruptcy of oil-producing nations down artificially the price of oil (deflation). Click on the following link to hear Lindsey Williams live: Also, don’t forget to watch the video Williams ‘Energy Non – Crisis’ Lindsey: & feature = related .

Gasoline prices are now rising so we already entered an inflationary period which may rapidly develop into hyperinflation. However, it is from the statements made by some of the international bankers that their ultimate goal is to create a world currency in a global society without cash. This information was obtained by people like the former Government insiders Katherine Austin Fitts and Aaron Russo. Once the money is withdrawn from the country, Banksters big oil will have complete control over our lives! This isn’t speculation. This isn’t just a « conspiracy theory ». Banksters big oil reported this and their actions speak louder than the words speaking.


Bob Chapman, the international forecaster [] has this to say: « we expect the worst, because no change took place in Washington. We have virtually the same Congress bought and compromise. The new advisors of the President will bring the same results that we have seen over the last eight years. This is the great push for a global currency and World Government. These are all the same characters with the banks and Wall Street that caused these problems in the first place and supposedly to find solutions to our dilemma. »

, Bill Clinton gave a speech in Florida, before the 2008 election, in which he revealed that Barack Hussein Obama has admitted that he did not know how to save the economy. According to Clinton, he called the partner international financier Warren Buffet and bankster Paul Volker indicating: « you tell me what is right and I’ll find a way to sell it.  » Here is a link to a transcript of this speech: A careful review of the appointments of the international banking community Obama reveals that he will travel on the same old road to implementation of the agenda for the banksters. No change it y.



« If the American people allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. »

[Thomas Jefferson]



The first step would be to stop the banksters and their minions (apparently most of the Congress) for their crimes against humanity and then take over the federal reserve. In other words, put the banksters bankruptcy once and for all. As long as the financial systems of sovereign countries are managed by these banksters companies, is there no change. If nothing positive is done, rescue plans called shall be paid by the American people throughout the outrageous imposition, ruining more the nation and its people. These almost impossible to repay debts will be satisfy the burden and the hyper inflationary ravages and enslave our children and grandchildren with perpetual debt. The main objective must be to pressure Congress and officials at local and State to follow the U.S. Constitution (for example, Article I, Section 10: « no State shall make anything but a bid to the payment of the debts of piece of gold and silver »).

Bob Chapman advises: « in purpose, if we do not take our Government back from the evil unbelievers we are doomed. Your solution, as we have said so often, is to prepare. Get rid of credit card debt. Purchase filter water, freeze-dried and dehydrated, food being able to defend your home and family, with additional assets buy shares and gold and silver coins. If you can, always trying to save the system from in. If we cannot, you know what is the alternative. « [Quotation site Web of Mr. Chapman: ].]

at this stage, we need to move swifty to wake up people as much as possible. Videos are a great way to just do it please send your friends, family and neighbors with this link: In addition, to buy copies of these DVDs and give them to as many people as possible. Unlike the past, most people are now ready to discover the truth. Big oil bankers control the mainstream media and they do not want the masses to wake up. However, we are engaged in a war of information and we out-numbered 1 million. We will work for evolution, not revolution.


Despite the fact that ‘they’ have always instilled us with the lie that « nothing is certain except death and taxes », a non-taxable company is now within our reach. [Death is another matter.] Banksters big oil have established a system by which they can charge interest on money of (pseudo) they create thin air on a computer. These parasitic banksters have pocketed trillion$ for themselves and not give back. Why people could not keep this system in place and use it to their advantage?

Although the current system is unconstitutional and criminal procedure, we could just flush the system from one day to the next and to expect business as usual. With the advent of the digital currencies, the world is a whole new market. In these modern times people aren’t about to go shopping with heavy silver and gold bags even if it could save the economy and restore the constitutional mandates. The answer could be simple: after you stop the banksters the federal reserve system could remain in place with a new owner – people. Government services could then be borne by the interest generated by the loans of the banks owned and controlled by « we the people ». Instead of the money going to the banksters, the interest paid on the loans would be channeled into the company to provide essential public services. The result would be the elimination of the need for taxation at all levels. Paper and digital currencies could be based on gold and silver (remember gold and silver certificates?). Eric Williams, a man who was also called Eric WhoRU on internet radio, has designed a plan to take over from the federal reserve and restore interest on loans, we, the people.

Get ready now

Lindsey Williams was told by one of the Big Oil Banksters last November that they are considering the collapse of the dollar in the 6 to 12 months and that it will take years to recover. Gerald Celente predicted rates higher crime and even riots, revolution following the collapse of the dollar. However, the purpose of this bulletin is not to scare people but to provide solutions and encourage people to prepare. Bob Chapman provides guidance for the preparation above. Long-term storage should be first on the list of all and it can be accomplished without too much cheap if you buy bulk organic grain, beans, etc. People without private wells should store a little water as well. Celente, Chapman and other economists predict that gold and silver will double or triple in value while they advise with some silver or gold coins on hand. When it is prepared for the worst, pass difficult times should be much less stressful. Also, it is a time for spiritual growth taking the responsibility to work together to improve the situation. The aforementioned economists stressed that there are new opportunities to make money during these periods. You can hear these economists listening to broadcasts by radio of the internet such as and


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