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Hi all

Football France Brazil

Hi, brats, DD must me the boosted, because face it, go there make us gifts, it’s not the penguins! There are good, mef!, ready KARIM, RAPHAELidem, PAULtu the passes me like a cat, MATHIEU, you put you into a ball, you roll, and you make me a P-T-N de Stryke, as to the bowlinget who is in the corner hole me these P-T-N of nets.Restored HUGO you health above all.

What I like also, those are the mayors, senators, presidents of Communauté de communes, etc. and other Assembly party group leaders!, in short, parasites, and anopheles-(plasmodium falcisparum) of malaria parasites, among others

That on the eve of the elections,(ça,c’est, aussi valable dans tous les pays,comme d’autres choses, et,je sais,que vous savez,,mais une piqure de rappel de ne fait pas de mal) do jobs, pass (for fibre optical, electrical) cables, make the all to the sewer, larger streams, make the Lakes (to avoid flooding, then (, they have already, but because this dislike some, leaves others die), in short, are of the requested since X years, and at the same time, to pay gracement, knowing that they have nothing fucking.

In short, turn to something else more funny

I was thinking also about a trick to the UMP-IDU-Modem alliance that the UMP was having the first place 36.4% of the votes, which, fortunately, that they have allied themselves, because, otherwise, their scores would not have been beautiful to see, anyway it would have been like, however the FN with 25.19% score, it is only a small difference in 11.21 points, which are very far from being enormous, seen the addition of these parties, even if those are not the majority parties, the FN with 25.19%, is really not to blush, because it is still 43 departments, that there already, as says France 24,

« There is a strong increase of the FN against the cantonal elections of 2011 and the European elections of 2014, and I want to say,And this is step finishes , you know, as says the pub(je ne sais plus pour qui d’ailleurs!et j’m’en fout).I told me that the first place, for the UMP, is not really the first, but it is downright the barn, which breaks the hangover, .l ‘ bracing made with the alliance of parties IDU and MODEM are predicted for the moment no good, I me recall, just, when SARKOZY came in Brittany, and the words, « nice chopping » he held at CROSS CORSEN and ETEL, it did not at all air to do shit, Finistère It’s UMP, I believe, is SARKO (no, I did not forget, it’s well Holland, president, and Valls, the first loss) okay, turn

Altogether, the UMP (UMP, IDU, MODEM, DLF, DVD, UC, UD) will be present in more than 60% of the cantons, to which means exactly, about 6, hoursor7, parties, may be 3, or, 4; 6, hoursor7 being, max, and 3, or, 4 being the mini, 1er tour=36.4%,,representent approximately 60 departments, FN (any seul)=25.19%,soit = 41.5deps,

Results of the departmental 2015 ex-cantonal elections…a site well explicit

I noticed, since very long time already, this bad liver and stinking, against JEAN-MARIE LEPEN, Navy LEPEN, MARION MARECHAL LOGUE, FLORIAN PHILPPOTet we, those who appreciate the FN, and with horror of the lies and who love the common sense and members now, it is true, that all this small world, and we are beginning to have the usual, more importantly, that , these tench, know that these free, and they are much worse, then, I think, savoir(je dis,je pense savoir,je le dis pour certains jourenaleux,qui ont une mémoire de poisson rouge,et qui sont plus vieux que leur grand pére) , for what, the FN did always riders only because JEAN MARIE has always had this lifting of shield , against Freemasonry,(je peux me tromper,c’est pas dele de sur ,mais je ne dois pas étre loin) before, I was sure and certain that I was working, for the good, when I distributed the leaflets of these in… of the MRAP, something that I think now, and after some time of reflection, 1 + 1 = 2, I told myself, but why do they want to impersonate LOGUE a facho, knowing that it is false, something that frankly, can’t be worse that in ‘ Israel, with this fascist of NETANYAHU when I saw this praise to HITTLER made by one of the blokes of the Likud, and also, after the reflection of Patrick Timsit, when, held these words on the 5, however I do me recall more, if it was patrick cohen, or, AS.lapix, who was the show « but, Hitleretait a genius, but little by little I understand quickly, but it is necessary, explain to me long, I understood one thing, is that the CIA supported by ROCKEFFELER, ROTHSCHILD & CO,Masons franc , had fucked his shit with DE GAULLE, and


Carlyle group, Bush and bin Laden, a history of family – YouTube10 oct. 2010… Olivier Sarkozy (half-brother of Nicolas Sarkozy), which first officer since April 2008 global activity of financial services of Carlyle Group.

What do François Fillon, Christine Lagarde and Valérie Pécresse at the Bilderberg conference?

Since two days is held in London the Bilderberg conference. Each meeting of this group of lobbying is surrounded by a thick fog.

The most powerful personalities of the finance, industry and policy meet behind closed doors without that there is no idea of the discussions. Therefore one may legitimately wonder if major decisions for the future of countries are taken or if these conferences are a place of exchange between powerful…

It is a question to which I do not claim to be able to respond. But what worries me more is the presence of French political figures at the conference. Indeed it was reported that François Fillon, Christine Lagarde, and Valérie Pécresse went to the Bilderberg conference. This week the former President of the Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy, had already held a conference for the Goldman Sachs Bank. This collusion between politicians and the power of money is a very bad sign sent to the French.

At the time where our compatriots are less and less trust politicians, some should dispense with confusion. Inevitably the beam’s suspicions about the integrity of political leaders called to ask themselves a question: what interests do serve? Are they there to serve exclusively and always the interests of the France or are they more powerful pressure groups toys?

Mr Fillon spoke of duty that prompted him to run for President of the Republic in 2017. But the first duty is to serve the general interest. This is surely not to think that we will seek his orders in the powerful of the Bilderberg conference.

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan
MP for Essonne
President of standing the Republic


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