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You, Zhang, take 2 minutes

I thought the guys to Zhang, who are radicalized, and Qatar, Al dhanub, Al Qaeda, brief and so to those, and those who want to do Jihad, it is all in their honor to sacrifice for a cause and you want to bring its stone to the building but it must tell you; something that has nothing to do , but correlations; when I was a little bit younger, I was always with 3.4 potes, it went out, and on f’ knows the cons, it, we knew well do, talked about different trips, we had, like to do, and those who normally were in preparation, for, you erect a little, the thing it was kind BENARES, Calcutta, PAS KI is Tan, short, dreamed it around a TARPE, on a bench in a square, and was set to discuss « flirt22_alex » me, I had a p’tit bout ridiculous, and one of my buddy, (y a prescription), we, fate, a P-T-N of plate, but, THE platelet, me, that came out of my hole (Finally, step actually,), I never seen as big dI imagined already, how much, I could make retteba of in, short, after, copiously buddy the handed in his pocket, and us v’ the to the lesson,

Yeah,(tout en tirant dessus) do you realize no, if you make tight, we are together, in short, kick flip, after many FEM, we v’ la(voilà chez moi) tipar in IOM, retarpe, redidscute, you must tell you, but, or, there wants to get, all simply to deal, we, it happen to us troubleshoot some buddies, short, imagine,LAMBDA (youssef, antoine(il a changé,de religion), rachid, zora, atiya, camila, etc…!, he or she leave Zhang, they are radicalisé(Super radicalisés,genre double zero,avec encore l’estampille de la plaquette) meadows for Jihad and there)

It starts before, I tu, il, on dea…, on dépannait, of teuch, now it is you or she, the product, in short, you replace the teuch for, some, you, you are radical, you can wear a k a, she can make food, for kids, and the trifle, and possibly the kalach after, all this small world will in sirye, by, anymedium, fits into an armed group Al dhanub, or others, if I quoted it, it is because it is one of the most known, I summarize, once you’re there, there is a great chance for

TU, or fight with Bashar, and the group, which, you would advantage, will be helped by QATAR, which has beautiful say, that they supports not the armed groups, but a little, read this, because it is well known that I tell of cracks (lol)

The Qatar finance MUJAO and AQIM

The Qatar finance terrorists of Al Qaïda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and the movement for unity and Jihad in Afrique de l’Ouest (MUJAO). These terrorist organizations have received assistance in the Qatar dollars.

It is the french weekly Le Canard Enchaîné revealed this information in its edition yesterday citing french intelligence (DRM) branch.

The same source argued that according to the information gathered by the DRM, the Tuareg insurgents of the MNLA (pro-independence and lay), movements Ansar Eddine, the AQIM, the MUJAO received funding from the Qatar.

For Le Canard Enchaîné, »hostage-taking, trafficking drugs or cigarettes may therefore suffice to these very profligate Islamists’.

It also recalls that in March, the Directorate-General of external security (french secret services) had brought terrorist charges against Qatar for his involvement in the occupation of the North of Mali by these armed groups.

What I mean is that with all this, i.e., the that you want make your Jihad, weapons in hand, in no case, they forced you take them.

In Arabic, jihad means ‘effort’, ‘fight’ or ‘resistance’, or even ‘war on behalf of a religious ideal. The word jihad is repeatedly in the Koran, often used in the expression idiomatic « al-ǧihād bi amwalikum wa anfusikum » which translates by ‘fight with your goods and your souls’. Thus, Jihad is sometimes defined by ‘ make an effort in the path of God ».

I do not know the Koran, and have never read it, because quite simply it never did, but it amazes me strongly in this holy book, the Koran , you demand to take up arms must be, what I mean by that is that your Jihad, you can do it in different forms, you can do this by making working political sciencein education, or other…, I do not know, your Jihad will be your war, as you wish, you will do against the disbeliever, the ungodly, (the kaafir and the ungodly do not always have the face that you think) I think, sincerely your war, since it is a war, therefore there is a violation, and this violation to prevent it, it is the statement, which is the weapon of weapons You can do more carnage on the ungodly and the unbelievers that you made with your kalach and especially, you can help yours, and is precisely what will skip back the unbelievers and ungodly, ranging in SIRYE fight, you will solve not your problem, but you will solve the problem of QATAR in other glance of the Emirates United Arabthey can quietly do their traffic, and the CIA among other guys will still be able to run noises and lies as either saying chemical gas, and if you die, believe you sincerely that you are going to remember you,If your loved ones are going to remember you , but others will be may and a line , who will speak about you, will be in the obituary .So, yes you vas killed by the siryens, and you’ll lose colleagues, or brother in arms 100 may be more, but they will make come 1000 of all France, of all cities, and other parts and will be that the little brother of X, the younger sister of X, which comes from the same cited, of the stairwell next door, not to mention that for some

Authorities on hackers who stole data from JPMorgan – New York Times

Monday, March 16, 2015 10:59 am GMT

A sign outside the headquarters of JP Morgan Chase & Co in New York, September 19, 2013.

Photo: Reuters/Mike Segar

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(Reuters) – Federal authorities investigating breaches of data at JPMorgan Chase & Co are convinced that a criminal case will be filed against the pirates in the coming months, the New York Times reported, citing people briefed on the investigation.

JPMorgan said last October that the names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of clients about 83 million were exposed during a piracy attack, making it one of the largest data breach in history.

Officials believe that many of the suspects are « gettable, » which means that they live in a country with which the United States have an extradition treaty, the newspaper reported.

The case is advancing rapidly, partly because the attack was not as sophisticated as originally raw and law enforcement authorities were able to identify at least some suspects from the beginning, the Times reported.

The survey statement at the highest level of the application of the Act, with the FBI in New York, affecting several senior officers to the case as well as a Senior Attorney with the division of computer crimes in the office of Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, the newspaper said.

JPMorgan officials declined to comment.

The FBI and Bharara Office were not immediately available for comment outside regular United States opening hours.

(Report of the Supriya Kurane in Bengaluru; Mounting by Anupama Dwivedi and Saumyadeb Chakrabarty)

JP Morgan Chase was sued for fraud by debt

Educate! The economy and finance , fraud , JP Morgan
By Chris Cumming, americanbanker.com
January 15, 2014

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Clients of JPMorgan Chase (JPM) has been pressured to repay debts that they should not, sold collections agencies rights to accounts of credit card that had been extinguished in bankruptcy and tolerated frequent errors by prosecutors of his collections of others, according to a complaint filed by Mississippi attorney general Jim Hood Tuesday.

Complaint of the State is, despite the significant deletions, the more detailed and potentially damning attack so far in credit debt card collections operation of JPMorgan Chase, which the Bank has closed.

JPMorgan Chase declined to comment on the complaint of the Mississippi by a spokesman.

The Bank stopped filing of suits to collect the debt for consumption in the spring of 2011, following a probe by the US Office of the Comptroller of the currency in the legitimacy of his trial of collections. This probe ended in September, when the OCC ordered the Bank to reimburse customers and reform its collections Department.

JPMorgan Chase dissolved the group to prosecute against to collect accounts fully next month, leaving the future of its unclear debt collection operation. Its decision to shutter litigation group, an acknowledgement of receipt apparent that other combinations of collections could be fraught with legal and regulatory risks may also suggest that the company was bracing for a wave of lawsuits by State Attorneys General.

Complaint of the Attorney general of Mississippi, filed in the Court of Chancery of the first judicial District of the Hinds County, Miss., says « egregious » lapses every step of the process of recovery of JPMorgan Chase – against violations of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act to Microsoft Excel errors that compromise of $ 600 million in client account in default documents.

Bank officials were reportedly aware of many problems with the unit collections, where employees referred to one of the providers of legal outside of JPMorgan Chase as a firm of « dependency ». Nevertheless, the Bank continued to multiply defective prosecutions in the hope of obtaining judgments uncontested, says the complaint. Robo-signing legal documents, sloppy legal work and the reliance on inadequate recordkeeping, persisted even after the Bank was reprimanded for similar errors in the treatment of mortgage loans outstanding, she argues.

« Chase pursued consumer debts that they had paid or settled, Mississippi was not, or discharged bankruptcy. Paychecks for consumers was trimmed and their credit damaged, making it harder for them to refinance their homes, take a student loan or car, or even find a job, « Hood said in a written statement. « We have tried for months to solve our problems together, but were forced to litigation. »

If accurate, the allegations of the State threaten to degenerate consumer debt collection woes of JPMorgan Chase, which have already led to an order by consent with the OCC, a civil lawsuit filed by California and surveys conducted by 14 States, including Iowa and Massachusetts. Hood Mississippi attorney general alleges that Chase has sought to recover the debts from customers who have already paid their and can have similarly mauled student and car loans.

JPMorgan Chase control failures date back as far as 2007, but an increase in the bad debt collection operation to cope with the wave of defaults of card credit during the recent recession, said the complaint Mississippi. Recovery of consumption of the bank debt increased more than ten times over the previous decade, to $1.2 billion in recoveries of card credit in 2009 of $130 million in 2000, says the complaint.

To respond to this frantic pace of recoveries, the Bank would have set quotas of collections for employees and fired those who failed to meet them. It used outdated systems of record-keeping for accounts receivable and its different systems often suffered from differences in the information client base, said the complaint. These problems were worse with accounts that JPMorgan Chase has acquired other financial institutions, including Washington Mutual, BankOne and the Providian card issuer.

For Chase, the main cost of its problems so far has been the substantial income, he has not been able to collect during the two years of the OCC investigation. Attorney general Hood seeks up to $10 000 from the Bank for each violation of the law on the Protection of the consumer of the Mississippi, as well as compensation for legal costs for the State to prosecute the case. The complaint lists 18 types of violations. Among them: citing figures inaccurate debt to consumers, failing to investigate the credit bureau dispute and selling compromised accounts to purchasers of debt which then launched their own collections efforts.

In seeking to arrange JPMorgan Chase, misconduct charge companies collections agencies and that it hired, the trial of Mississippi could serve as a warning to other banks that outsource collections to external suppliers.

Mann Bracken LLP, an old law that closes the Bank used for requests for arbitration through mid-2009 and the suit alleges widespread violation of sofa, Conville & Blitt, a law firm of New Orleans, Louisiana, that the store that is used for collections litigation beginning in 2009. The complaint names also NCO Financial Systems among agencies collections whose misconduct JPMorgan Chase could not verify.

«Chase committed these companies manage official proceedings against his clients let them engage in widespread deception, with no control and no impact, « the complaint States.

Exploitation by external companies, JPMorgan Chase « filed complaints purely as a strategy to obtain default judgments », submit the claims accompanied by « no evidence whatsoever » in the hope that borrowers would fail and the Bank would obtain judgments by default, says the complaint. When borrowers have fought claims, Chase generally would abandon its efforts, he added.

Couch, Conville & Blitt « did not conduct a meaningful review of the alleged debt to verify the customer information » and « has not yet reviewed the documents before they were deposited in the Court, » Mississippi complaint States. Despite spending little effort on costumes, JPMorgan Chase and the law firm then seek awards for « exorbitant » fees up to a quarter of the total of the amounts demanded, it says.

Mann Bracken record keeping problems were so prevalent before his disappearance that JPMorgan Chase employees referred to the firm as « Broken Mann », said the trial of Mississippi. Data from customer account of the cabinet did not Chase approximately 15% of the time in 2009, he said.

These record-keeping problems prompted a group of employees of JPMorgan Chase to try to shoot Mann Bracken in 2008, but executives blocked Chase efforts, says the complaint. The Bank used Mann Bracken until mid-2009, just before its closure in the middle of an investigation by the Congress.

JPMorgan Chase Chief Executive Jamie Dimon acknowledged the vender-monitoring problems in a letter to employees in September, writes that the management of third party companies is an area where the company needed am

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JPMorgan paid $1 billion for the currency manipulation

6 January 2015 by ZAP

Joe Mabel/wikimedia

JPMorgan Chase Tower, headquarters of the Bank

JPMorgan Chase agreed in a court case in which he was accused of manipulating the market of Exchange to your advantage, today unveiled a source that familiar with the process told AFP.

The JPMorgan shall not disclose the financial terms of the agreement with the plaintiffs, which include major investment funds, local governments and pension funds, said the source, who requested anonymity.

But, he added, the agreement must involve an amount around 1 billion dollars (838 million euros). Another source said that the agreement should have no impact on the accounts of the Bank.

The Bank was one of the 12 defendants on the complaint filed in March, where he said that his paintings have conspired to manipulate the fees in several billion dollars in foreign currency market, injuring customers, while at the same time increases the profits of banks.

Several major international banks are criminalized in the United States, Europe and Asia by manipulating the foreign exchange market.

The complaint of March are still over 11 banks in Europe and the United States: Credit Switzerland, UBS, BNP Paribas, Barclays, HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

ECB (TSE: BCE) Director Thomas (Tom) just sold 75 850 shares of the company on the open market in a transaction dated Wednesday, February 25. The stock was sold at an average price of C$ 54.75, for a total of C$ 4 152 operation, 529.61.

A number of analysts have recently weighed on BCE common shares. Scotia Bank analysts raised their price target on the shares of BCE to C$ 51.00 to C$ 58.00 and gave the company a « sector perform » rating in a note of research, on Friday, February 6. Analysts from RBC Capital raised their price target on the shares of BCE C 53.00 $ to C$ 54.00 and gave the company a « sector perform » rating in a note of research, on Friday, February 6. Analysts at the financial National Bank downgraded a « sector perform » rating to a « registered results below » rating and lowered their price target for the stock of C 53.00 $ to C$ 52.00 in a note of research on Friday, February 6, shares of BCE. Finally, analysts from JPMorgan Chase & Co. raised their price target on the shares of BCE to C$ 56.00 to C$ 61.00 and gave the company a « overweight » rating in a research note on Friday, February 6. An investment analyst rated the stock with a side of sale, six were granted a wedge and four gave a side to buy the stock.The stock currently has a consensual « Hold » rating and a target average price of C$ 54.75.

Shares of BCE (TSE: BCE) traded down 0.62 percent Friday, reaching $54,71. 8 065 696 of the shares of the company listed on hands. ECB has a minimum of 1 year $ 46.43 and a maximum of 1 year $ 60.20. Stock 50 day moving average is $ 56. and its 200 day moving average is $51.85. The company has a market capitalization of $45,973 billion and a price-to-income ratio of 18.47.

BCE Inc. is a business communications, providing residential, commercial customers and wholesale with a range of solutions to all their communications needs. The company operates in four sectors: Bell wireline, Bell, Bell Media and Bell Aliant wireless. Bell Canada, which includes its core activities, consists of its segments Bell wireline, wireless Bell and Bell Media


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