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I see that you really want to go to the clash, it is, as you want, but you will have wanted, once launched, we order not a train, with a snap of the finger, this will not be as in morlaix nor as in Brussels, it won’t be anyone to take your make and causes for people who care about their people , of all the people

ATTENTION, because the doctors that you are picnicking, and lawyers, you already have picnicking, mother TOURAINE with his law, that makes it, beware, because it hangs you air ‘ on the nose, I tell you, when it leaves, ca vafaire poorly, this is a warning, arepent to take it, as you want, and, in assume the risk taken full

You are killing our health care system, all our aeiux have done, you want to destroy it , Eye for an eye, tooth pourDent, EH, BEN we have will destroy all laws of the last 2 periods, and others since you want to play it, like that, 10 years of laws that’ll make a hole!especially since nothing can we prevent, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing if it’s not me, it will be another, gillette G2, nothing, nothing, nothing.. ect

Because we are sovereign here.WELL, YEAH!

Declaration of the rights of man and of the Citzen of 1789

S. 14 . All the citizens have the right to see, by themselves or by their representatives, the need for public contribution, the consent freely, to follow employment, and to determine the proportion, the base, recovery and the duration. And me, I’m not happy, but pas content all the debt of reach that it has contracted, all because of incompetent

Have failed to manage a budget, this is a bad joke, it is necessary that to order!

S. 15 . . The company has the right to request account any public administration officer.

S. 16 . Any company in which the guarantee of rights is not guaranteed , nor the separation of powers defined, has no Constitution .


About Bill’s Marisol Touraine: « and if the Wolves of Wall Street had endorsed the clothes of the Shepherd to precipitate social security, public health and the public hospital in the claws of greedy financiers of earnings? ».

see the video interview with Dr. Nicole Delépine: « Act Touraine will destroy the medicine »:

It is fairly complete and very demonstrative of what is being put in place: a genocidal medicine!

Of course Minister Touraine, this good fairy godmother, will invoke this Act by his real name, it this (obviously) under a social agenda… and it works!

I am not defending doctors in principle, it is the policy of health that worries me. The famous formula of the resistance fighters to qualify public health is consubstantial to the French Republic. The National Council of Resistance has imposed the right to health for all stating this famous formula: « it is treated according to its needs and it contributes according to his means ».

This principle of equality may disappear under the blows of battering multinational health and insurance who see the opportunity to destroy social security enfumant the memetti that we are in this Act. They sell us this law as a measure of fairness unprecedented! The deletion of the third paying would be an undeniable social progress! The worst is that this crude ploy works in full with us. We are little informed citizens generally on problems of medicine today.

The deletion of the third paying going totally dependent medical professionals of the ARS which will be responsible, territorial reform forces, manage refunds, so the remuneration of professionals. Mutual will have other choices than to be absorbed by the major insurance groups. Doctors will be paid by these benefactors of humanity. They will take care of finding the best treatment for patients at the expense of indecent of shareholders dividends. Another advantage to avoid digging the « hole of insurance », have a treatment suitable for old and heavy patients, so that they do not suffer too much. These treatments will be variable according to the richness of the patient of course, it is a form of fairness!

I think that one is governed by the multinational mission expenses. This system has a name. He returned without warning. There already is rife in Europe in the century last known as « brown plague ». The clocks will be painful, it will very hurt!

This new plan for health will complete the work of his predecessors in the total privatization of social security and the Trusteeship of all physicians facing the pharmaceutical laboratories who will exercise control even more important on the requirements and the work of doctors.

Nicole Delépine pediatrician and renowned oncologist denounced the Touraine law being prepared by the Government.

The doctor Nicole Delépine explains it very well. She tries to alert the public on these topics. She wrote books and participated in a film about the treatment of cancer today. She gave a lecture in Marseille in 2014 and assured the debate following the screening of the film in November 2014 in Antibes.

Marine Le Pen has called out of NATO – the voice of the Russia she is quite right

STOP your lies but stop your SENILITY early on FR3, ITELE, BFM, as well as some national chains

On FR3 in others, frankly you have taken courses to be too c…, P-T-N, too hard you advertise, IDU (or Union of the developmentally challenged) was 28%, which is false, and the FN 29%?You know very well that your surveys are cans, and I do not know the future % of the FN, mas will be much higher that you called, and, although you tell as lies, I would vote FN /RBM, more you we f’rais shit like that, more, you mentirez, and you magouilleraient more, the score will be hefty of any ways, it can only mountthen!, because, there is among you, this bad sickly liver, which you deny the evidence when you are told that in Israel, which became a fascist country, the Likud party, which is a fascist party VALLS, that is the FASCIST by excellence and you find the way to known EXTREME right, the FN so that you know PERTINNEMMENT that it is false but soon the real FASCISTS will be out and there , we can say that we fucking fascist parasites out, even a brief Israeli Ashdod, has beautiful say that Israel, was already racist, and Israel becomes more more fascist, those are his words in addition to certify, my words, like what Israel becoming fascist, I have had the chance of seeing a video, I presume, because it does not appear that we can capture an Israeli show, short; on this video, you could see young people Israelis came out of a tent (it was green, and side, there was a red, I know pertinnemment, you had nothing to do, but, I told you, where others have seen video, or show, so these people acknowledge and attest that I tell no cracks!)

simply because they had housing, so they slept in the street, j hope, sincerely that this is just a stunt

#Garde at sight – Claude Gueant accused of forgery, use of forgery and money laundering

L ‘ former Interior Minister Claude Guéant and a Saudi businessman have been indicted Saturday in case of sale of paintings, learned judicial source

This investigation was triggered after accusations of Libyan funding for the presidential campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007. But it is thus indeed the alleged sale of two Flemish paintings to a Malaysian lawyer who is the former right-hand man of the former head of State to be put under investigation false for, forgery and laundering of tax evasion in organized gang.

In its judicial review, it may not go to Malaysia, or come into contact with a Saudi businessman, Khalid Ali Bugshan, who has also been under investigation for money laundering tax evasion in organized gang.

Forbidden to leave french and submitted to a bail of one million euros, Khalid Ali Bugshan is suspected to have played a role in the financial flows that resulted in a payment of 500 000 euros to the account of Claude Gueant.

It would have indeed paid this amount for a Malaysian company until it turns a sum equivalent to the account of Claude Gueant. In place of a « so-called Libyan presidential campaign funding was a folder that reduces simply to justify the acquisition of two tables 22 years ago and their reality and, possibly, their tax, which all in all something that deflates quite this present as a huge folder remains », commented Mr. Philippe Bouchez el-GhoziCounsel for Claude Gueant.

Accusations of Libyan funding of Nicolas Sarkozy’s 2007 campaign have emerged between the two rounds of the presidential campaign of 2012.

The investigative journalism site Mediapart had then published a document referring to an agreement of the Libyan regime of Muammar Gaddafi to finance Nicolas Sarkozy, whose latter ensures that it is a fake

Mélenchon (the hypocrite) and its cinema

This morning I watched Mélenchon not very long about 5 minutes, before returning to finish what

I started, as usual, Mr began by getting upset against the ECB and under intended that he supported Greece in its position with respect to the relationship when had with Germany, it assumed even as MERKEL, had a plan B, which is quite possible, may have practiced the LAD for quite some time, and his way of preaching the false , to know the true,

I didn’t believe a word traitor, from its either diante compassion for the Greek people, liar it is, liar, we will be looking, I me reminder simply, this demo, it was a demonstration, which stood in the dates of the large demonstration day of wrath (small Hello SORAL and Adele), so in this little demo, I remember having seen images which proved a little bad faith, and who was the lad at least giving an overview, I me recall seeing him with a dozen see a 12aine of people, and on agreement it say « move closer, move closer, it will be good  » or as it will be good,  » I do me well recall the exact words, but it is in the ideaimagine the scene of a small group of people, trying to represent the head of a procession, in wanting to hold a banner, because that ci slipped, and people around them, it is funny, when I say nobody, it is not true, it y avai a bit of world 100 metres approximately, on the other hand, when I say somewhat, it’s a bit

Greece: Tsipras wants to claim 162 billion euros « of compensation of war’ in the Germany

I was thinking the Germany to borrow 300 billion to Greece, during the 2nd World War and the Alle magne just about touch 25% support of the ECB, while, frankly, the Greece and other countries, but are talking about Greece, because it is she who has to lend, therefore the Greece that would really need sub, she was was kind enough to lend to Germany during the second warthe lesser of the thing, if the Germany can not repay a coup, and I understand it because this is a large sum, it covers at least the hole, e Greece has made to the ECB, it is the lesser of the thing, this is where we will see if, MERKEL, is a woman on that, we can actually counted, and who is not only a petty woman , and Calculator, it would show there, the grandeur of the German people, it represents, to make at least a gesture so. This may seem vile and petty on my part, but be aware, that I do not have express, even if some think the opposite, that, I just wanted to say, it is that in all ways, we’ll see something, in fact, that the Germany refunds, if any, its debt here, why, all this.

The Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras spoke Sunday of « historic duty » and « moral » of his country to claim the forced loan and war compensation from the Germany, a subject on which Berlin has already said ‘no ‘.

Party of the left radical of Syriza Alexis Tsipras claims a sum of EUR 162 billion to the Germany, the equivalent of half of its public debt of over EUR 315 billion.

« A moral obligation towards our people, history.

« There is a moral obligation to our people, to history, to all the peoples of Europe who fought and gave their blood against Nazism, an historical obligation » to claim Germany « benefits of war and the forced loan, » said Alexis Tsipras in concluding his speech on its general policy to Parliament programme.

The Prime Minister spoke about the fight on this subject of MEP of Syriza, Manolis Glezos, 92 years, of Greece, who, at the age of 19 during the Nazi occupation, won the nazi flag from the rock of the Acropolis aliaksandr.

The Germany has repeatedly refused to pay this sum to the Greece arguing that this case has no legal basis and that it has lost its legitimacy 70 years after the end of the war.

I listen for a french original Moroccan ‘ expressed, cetAPM, watching TV, after eating, taking my coffee, and this guy just said a trick, »you know, it is that  », just this small sentence has given me the courage to attack the evil Garden (lol).

The federalists supported by leaders of the American espionage

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Reading: 5 min

Posted on November 18, 2011 in Europe

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard – Brussels
Daily Telegraph, 19 September 2000

Declassified U.S. Government documents show that the United States intelligence community led a campaign in the 1950s and 1960s to promote the unification of Europe. It financed and directed the European federalist movement.

The documents confirm issued suspicions at the time: behind the scenes, America was working hard to push Britain into a European State. A memorandum, dated July 26, 1950, gives instructions to a campaign to promote a genuine Parliament. It is signed by General William J. Donovan, head of the American Office of strategic services in time of war (OSS), the forerunner of the CIA.

Some of these documents, discovered by Joshua Paul, researcher at the University of Georgetown in Washington, had been made available by the U.S. National Archives. The main lever of Washington on the European agenda was the American Committee for a United Europe (ACUE: American Committee on United Europe), established in 1948. Donovan, then presenting themselves as a private lawyer, was the president.

The Vice President, Allen Dulles, was the Director of the CIA during the 1950s. The Committee numbered among its members Walter Bedell Smith, the first Director of the CIA, as well as former officials and OSS officials who worked intermittently for the CIA. The documents show that the ACUE financed the European movement, the most important federalist organization of post-war. In 1958, for example, the ACUE assured 53.5% of the financing of the movement.

The European Youth Campaign, a branch of the European movement, was fully financed and controlled by Washington. Its Belgian Director, Baron Boel, received monthly payments into a special account. When he was at the head of the European movement, Joseph Retinger, of Polish origin, had tried to put a stop to such control and raise funds in Europe; He was quickly reprimanded.

The leaders of the European movement – Retinger, the visionary Robert Schuman and the former Belgian Prime Minister Paul-Henri Spaak – were all treated as employees by their American sponsors. The role of the United States was kept secret. The ACUE money came from the Ford and Rockefeller foundations, as well as business with close ties to the U.S. Government.

Paul Hoffman, Director of the Ford Foundation and former OSS officer, was also at the head of the ACUE at the end of the 1950s. The State Department also played a role. A note from the Europe Directorate, dated June 11, 1965, the vice-president of the European economic community, advises Robert Marjolin, to pursue the goal of a monetary union surreptitious way.

It recommends that to prevent any debate until such time where « the adoption of these proposals would have become virtually inevitable.


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