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As said one Israeli, ISRAEL was already supremacist, but now, it has become more and more fascist, and unfortunately, even though previously, this was 9 years he was in power, the Israelis, who have voted for BN, will realize, the population Israeli, suffers already struggling housing if I heard the media, but it is not ready to arrange, knowing that on real estate, the State, the grip, and the monopoly, it’ll be hard it’s certainly nice to live there bottom, under the Sun, but if you have a small pension, there is something else, because the construction has trouble getting and se is not to work out, knowing that the Israeli people already problems to fitThis isn’t to host people who arrive apart throw the Arabs and take their land, as some have always done, with the occupied territories Israel is on a funny way, finally, you see well

Manuel Valls attempts to appease the doctors on the health law

Definitely, noncontent to go against lepeuple, and body medical, entire, of wanting to destroy our health care system, you want to overrule our, cum in the air our economy, Mr tries to appease the doctors, even doctors do not understand, is that there is regardless of

Anything is amiss, but Delta you, Ah, in fact, figure, the most perfect, this is the circle (spiral) because it is the only figure, or there’s no edge in a triangle, it is not really the case, DNA, shell… etc 0 space is curve.

The German Bundestag: the German State must honour its debt to the Greek people

November 13, 2014 | By Sarah FERRISI

The German State has still not resolved its debt to the Greek people and the Greek State. The German State owes to the Greek State, 300 billion euros. He must pay his debt.

Since the second world war, the Greek people still waiting to be reimbursed by the German State, the damage suffered during the second world war. Today, the German State has still not fulfilled its debt to the Greek people and the Greek State. EUR 300 billion have still not been reimbursed to the Greek people. Let us stop this injustice.

Besides the Greek population suffered the horrors of war, and 350 000 people were shot without reason by the German occupiers, hundreds of thousands died of hunger because of the famine organised by the German State, also the fact that 800 000 persons with disabilities have suffered abuse of war and have of be supported by the Greek StateIn addition to the destruction of industries, port infrastructures, agricultural land, looting of Greek Antiquities never returned to the Greek nation, in addition to refunds of the first world war war damage have not been fully honoured, it is a major fact: the German State has never repaid the Greek damage of the second world war war State.

He never paid nor stolen money in the reserves of the banks of Greece during WWII namely: 634.962.691.995.162 drachmas.

The German State must honour its debt to the Greek State and the Greek people. It is a question of dignity at a time when the Greek people been head-on the policies of social regression orchestrated by the German Government and its sponsors.

While the Greece undergoes new diktats and is being gradually ruined by economic policies that bury the European political project. While the Greek people are suffering from new humiliation, give back – him courage and demand justice.

The Greek people has suffered two occupations of its national territory by the Germany in the 20th century. Do not tolerate in the 21st century, that the Greek people is violated again.

Reminded the German State responsibilities, all its responsibilities. It is time for him, in respect of international law and the rule of law, to honour his debt he contracted to the Greek State and the Greek people.

Make sure that the Bundestag, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Federal Republic of Germany, hears us.

Help us to be heard due to the German State. So that the European project is not an empty word, for the honor of the Greek people, sign and do sign the petition « The German State must honour its debt to the Greek people ». It must repay the 300 billion euros to the Greek State.

To sign, here it is:






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