Swissleaks: ‘ the Swiss Bankers HSBC-ronselden of the Belgian customers without a license

Swissleaks: ‘ the Swiss Bankers HSBC-ronselden of the Belgian customers without a license

02/11/15 at 07:49 – last updated at 08:07

A hearing of a legal advisor of the Swiss branch of the bank HSBC bank in Belgium a few times shows that errors. The International Consortium of the put (ICJ) survey highlight the remarkable things.

The French Le Monde newspaper received a report of a test’s David Garrido hands. The man was questioned by Belgian investigators as a witness in the investigation into the activities of HSBC. As counsel with the Bank, he gave further explanations on the activities of the Bank.In Belgium are Lars Ballantyne time investigative journalists and David Cameron for MB * involved in the revelations about Swissleaks.

Secret meetings

The interrogation is shown, for example, that Swiss Bankers had no authority to recruit customers in Belgium. Happened to potential customers at home and during secret meetings in hotels. Interestingly, the Belgian branch of the Bank would have been aware of the activities. When the Bank Switzerland has learned has finished with the Belgian authorities, this information was, if Swiss Bankers here no longer meet with clients.

Help with offshore companies

Another striking confession is on the screen (offshore) companies that the Bank proposed to Belgian clients in Geneva to make their Swiss accounts to manage. By these constructions a for customers may for their ability out of reach of the taxman.

The head of the Swiss admits that the only offshore bank today is more would Palm offshore clients.

Department operations diamond has stopped

Recognizes Garrido Department dark MEDIS of Bank Switzerland, hundreds of diamond of Antwerp are abolished in 2013 after a clerk, the backlog of cases of money laundering with drug traffickers and counterfeiters. Finally, Garrido that the Bank does not exclude an IOU or settlement.

 » If we determine that it is in our interest to use the opportunities that exist for this procedure to an end without a process, then it is the path that we will take, »said Garrido.

« Regulation makes something on.

What would be the scope of a such approach, which is currently not yet expected. The ‘a’ would be billion settlement, would be not told journalist Kristof Cami . « But if the Bank is holding with the Government, then it still provides something on », he said in the morning. « It is perhaps not so bad. » The alternative is the beginning of a long legal battle whose outcome is uncertain.

The Bank itself would fail

Counsel for HSBC Belgisce would not react to the trial. At the time the Bank said Raf Verstraeten of Cassation pulls the validity research in our country to challenge.

‘Union Director mentioned in Swissleaks’

Yesterday appeared on the top of 2 450 Belgian with an account at HSBC which, for many years the subject of an investigation by the Belgian tax authorities and the Court, another Belgian 722 had a secret, held in Geneva.

The evening was formed in turmoil Le Soir in a message that also a Director of Belgian Union would have an account at HSBC in Switzerland.

Person is informed about the trade unions themselves.

Also a foreign account in itself is not illegal. If this is the case, the Court must decide. (Belga/JH)

Belgian Court forces HSBC to confessions
•February 11, 2015 11:25

HSBC Private Bank Geneva legal director general during interrogation by Belgian investigators have acknowledged several errors in October last year.Is apparent from the minutes of this hearing. Investigative journalists of the time and the SwissLeaks-consult via the ICIJ could the journal French worldwide.

Executive Director David Garrido admits that the Bank Switzerland had not authorized active Belgium, but that Swiss Bankers here yet to deal with Belgian customers. When the Bank Switzerland has learned has finished with the Belgian authorities, this information was and that an investigation had been launched, if Swiss Bankers here no longer meet with clients. The Belgian branch of HSBC was not involved in the secret dating back to hotels and where Belgian customers at home, he said.


All disclosures and responses one by one.Read it hereour complete record on Swissleaks.

Another striking confession of HSBC-Director Switzerland is on the screen of companies (offshore) that the Bank offers its Belgian customers in Geneva to make their Switzerland accounts-anonymous me manage. The Court includes a testimony of a former employee of HSBC Geneva, which obtained the Bank itself to the creation of this companies screen the Panama and in other tax havens, but that the Bank therefore mainly tried to keep customers after the savings directive European. The Switzerland Court that the CEO of the Bank admits to the Belgian that offshore would be today is more Palm customers. ‘ The legal reality is the same, but a reliable bank that could now tackle different.’


In addition, the Department recognizes that the gloomy Garrido MEDIS Bank Switzerland, which hundreds of diamond of Antwerp operated only in 2013 is abolished , after an accumulation of laundering money with drugs, traffickers and counterfeiters. However, the Bank has no « roodhete » client itself reported to the antiwitwasdiensten Switzerland.

Finally, Garrido during the interrogation that the Bank does not admission of guilt or the establishment. Belgian counsel for the Bank, Raf Verstraeten, do not want to respond to the disclosure of documents from the investigation. ‘I will not get into the position of the Bank, while the investigation is going.’ The lawyer said that the Bank to the Court of Cassation draws to the validity of the Belgian ensemble of research to challenge.

Belgiumsubsidiary HSBC fraud charges

Belgian prosecutors have charged a subsidiary of the British bank HSBC to fraud and money laundering with a value of several hundred million euros, mainly for dealers in diamonds in the international Centre of industry of Antwerp.

Switzerland subsidiary HSBC Private Bank its (Switzerland), which is owned by banking giant focused on Asia, would have helped hundreds of clients cheat the Belgian State, a statement by the prosecutors said Monday.

It is the latest in a series of international surveys on practices ranging from the Bureau de change rigging, Libor rigging and product mis-selling which has damaged the reputation of the big banks.

Banking practices also helped trigger the global financial crisis of 2008 that led to a global recession.

The Belgian prosecutor said the HSBC subsidiary was charged with fraud serious and organised criminal conspiracy, money laundering and illegally operating as a financial intermediary.

He said that the allegations « date back several years and involve the solicitation and management of the assets of wealthy clients, mainly of the Antwerp diamond industry. »

« The Bank Switzerland is also suspected of knowingly promote and encourage tax evasion, giving the customers preferred offshore accounts, in particular in the Panama and the Virgin Islands. »

Antwerpis a port in the Belgium Dutch-speaking northern region, is home to the global Union of dealers for diamonds.

In 2012, Belgian Minister of justice ordered an investigation in a growing controversy on tax fraud possible in the diamond of Antwerp, once the French authorities have forwarded a list of dozens of traffickers suspected of placing the assets in Switzerland.
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Swissleaks: ‘ les banquiers suisses HSBC-ronselden des clients belges sans licence


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