« Brink » of a new cold war? Another cold war started? Is McCain Brain Dead?

« Brink » of a new cold war? Another cold war started? Is McCain Brain Dead?

Former Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev warned Saturday that the crisis in the Ukraine had focused the world on theeve of a new cold war «  ».

« The world is on the brink of a new cold war. Some say, it has already started, »said [Mikhail Gorbachev] 83 years former Kremlin Chief in a dark speech in Berlin during a demonstration to mark the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall this weekend.

Mr. Gorbachev has accused the West, led by the United States of « triumphalism » after the fall of the Berlin wall the end of Soviet domination in Eastern Europe.

Trust between the Russia and the West had « reduced » in recent months, he says, highlighting the damage caused by the crisis in the Ukraine. He called for new initiatives to restore confidence, including a lifting of the personal sanctions imposed by the United States and the EU on senior Russian officials, in response to the actions of Moscow in Ukraine.

Mr. Gorbachev clearly sees the West as the culprit in the crisis, have supported unequivocally by Mr Putin last week. He said, before arriving in Germany, that he was « absolutely convinced that Putin protects the interests of the Russia better than anyone.

New cold war already started

Count me in the group that says it is made clear that a new cold war has already started.

Stupid sanctions by the United States and Europe, led by president Obama and fed by beating hawkish Senator John McCain and others provides sufficient elements of proof.

US Blowbacks and Russian interests

The United States are once more clueless when it comes to predicting the inept foreign policy overall blowbacks.

Declaration of Gorbachev, he was « absolutely convinced that Putin protects the interests of the Russia better than anyone else » is well above any suspicion.

In the United States are not be interested by one iota in the best interests of the other country.

Without doubt, the United States should not be.

The other side of the coin should be just as easy to see: other countries have a need to protect their interests. And they will.

The United States need to understand this. It must also weigh the potential for blowbacks when it is not.

In Iraq, the Ukraine and the Libya blowbacks were spectacular. The Iran is on deck.

Russian bear U.S. wakes

When the United States involved in the internal affairs of the Ukraine, he aroused the Russian bear.

Threats to make Ukraine a member of NATO despite promises otherwise, then fomenting the overthrow of the previous Ukrainian Government led by Viktor Yanukovych, was too much for Russia to take.

The United States do not like the annexation of the Crimea that followed or the civil war resulting who will break the Ukraine in two, even if we have contributed to these results. (For more details, see Ukraine Split in two; Expect Major rebel advance).

Although the overthrow of Mr. Yanukovich was unconstitutional and this vote has accepted the election that followed a total sham, in the United States. In the United States won’t accept the vote in Crimea or the most recent rebel vote in Donetsk, calling it « unconstitutional ».

Why? The interests of the old costumes U.S. but it doesnt. That’s all you need to know.

Mission of the idiot to the Russia a lesson

Mission of a fool to «teach a lesson to the Russia», initiated sanctions against Russia in the United States, then convinced the fools in Europe to go along. The fact of the matter is that sanctions do not work.

Ironically, it was Russia who taught a lesson to the United States (except the United States were too stupid to learn).

Sanctions do four things (all bad)
1. Cause a collapse in trade, harming both sides

2 Provoke reprisals, harming both sides

3 Cause public opinion to the leader of the country sanctioned to increase

4 Increase the risk of war if economic pressures increase high enough
Is McCain Brain Dead?

McCain wants to send missiles to Europe and arms to the Ukraine. And despite the madness full sanctions, he wants to raise them on the Russia.

In addition to wasting the taxpayers ‘ money for the benefit of buddies in the industry for the defense of McCain, has what good would be one that does? It would increase or decrease the chances of war?

McCain is simply too dead brain to understand sending missiles to Europe and weapons in the Ukraine is a bad idea? Another possibility is that McCain simply does not care. A third possibility is McCain knows what she does and wants more wars regardless of the cost.

I lean to the idea that McCain is in a State of brain death, perhaps a result of captivity to the Viet Nam, but the question is certainly debatable.

Regardless of your answer, of preparation for war: Congress of Obama request for ISIS of war; Republican hawks have prepared plan of war.

Mike « Mish » Shedlock
« Brink » of a new cold war? Another cold war started? Is McCain Brain Dead?

Posted by Michael Shedlock at 20:08

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