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Marissol, touraine is stupid, but really stupid ca you knew it, there is no it, it is true and more the third REICH is not in France, it was wrong, it’s good, was already given,

Doctors want the third paid no, Valls, and Touraine that heavier, are done almost ‘ a me, they say to him that they don’t want them, shit! they know better than anyone, what is the best for them, this will do as the law macron, the valls is going to use its 49.3, I see it by it wants the past in force, instead of removing it all simply, of any ways, this is what happens when you have consensus is against you, more, she wants paste us fines for smokers if smoking, when a child is in a vehicle, it always starts from a good feeling, for better impose us it subsequently, and imposing, Madam, it’s called fascism at home,(vous allez dire,et nous claironner comme,quoi,c’est pas,vous n’allez pas,nous l’imposer, mais désolé,mais je ne vous croit plus,vous et vos mesonges), because you made, it is fourbre, petty, small, this is certainly, to a rocked, too close to the wall, that is why, as I told you above.The third REICH is not here, you know in 20 or 30 years, it will be recalled from you, JUPPE, CANADA, if it, it has not forgotten, don’t worry, it will not forget you, the France is very far from forgotten, the Netherlands Government leave people thought to what is good and what is not good for them,This Act, you want to impose on us, the third party is not enough, then, you are going to piss us off with this or so-called law to c…, clear, told you,

……GA…GEZ, leave quiet our kids, our health system, our economy, and clear, you are c.., it is not your fault, but, what is your fault, is to train all the world, especially those who did not want to follow! , you see it moves everywhere PEGINDA in Germany, PODEMOS in Spain, SIRYZA in Greece, Italy, and in addition, Atlantic, now it is with Brazil, I think sincerely, as instead of going in this stalemate, you’d better think, because all that, you will have consequences, but beware of consequences irrevocable for you.For me and others, I don’t care

Not really,


I thought to, this aircraft the Flight MH17 shot in UKRAINE by the RUSSIANS (298 dead), supposedly , now, was that This is a missile fired the Ukrainian army, and not Russian as attempts were made to make us swallow (Info from the MDI free from 14 to July 20, because I do not know the exact date « bring down a plane flying at more than 10 000 m is possible with type Akash missiles available to the Ukrainian army.) The rebels had announced late June be seized by one of the anti-aircraft forces in Donetsk with particular missile Akash  ».Knowing that, it is the Ukrainian Government army who did, knowing that the battle that took place has MAIDEN, the people of Ukrainian, who has been wronged on the line, so much so that even the Boxer, the leader, I forgot its name, short, it withdrew from the race, because for him, I presume, is not at all what He expected, facistes, overthrow, Yes, but not to fall from caribe in silla, if it’s for worse, it is not worth it, while waiting for war crimes, crimes against humanity remain unpunished, POROSHENKO, and his fascist Government remain free after killed airplane CIVIL, people, like you and me, who have had the misfortune to fly , date, Ca could be your brother or your sister

I’m bites laughing, all is good to deter the elector to vote FN/RBM, quite simply, ranging from cities in the city by promising things « Like the Moon » since ‘ we are of course promises, not outfits, it’s going from, asked to repeal the law Macron, ‘BOUM’.49.3On asks them to repeal or remove its rotten health reformsthey pass, still in force, and you want to vote for you, but you have finished to urine, or, what, it’s good, that I told myself, you’re sick

The truckers strike

Strike of the road, if patrons continue to close the door to the sale, if they continue to react, as they do, blockade and those who will pay the broken pots, who is, what are their clients, clients close, that sous-entendrera fewer customers, therefore less jobs, so less money, all that, because you wanted too the butter and the money of butter, and the smile of la crémière, the rope has broken, drivers, certainly, they will no longer taff, but in this business, you know, like me, ca is hard not very long before you find someone who redo the tournée(ou si vous trouvez,mais àle black, mais plus chère que 9.82€/h) but you can start selling your fleet trucks, especially since their claims are more than plausible and not deconnantes, but think twice before going to the clash.


How, they (WSPU) we have done backwards, still, once, and frankly you want, although we vote for you.But, you know whether it’s the Aisne, Vaucluse, there will be no Department which will not be affected by the FN/RBM, do you know why? Because it is the first time, that people are going to feel really free, and for abstentionism, I don’t care really, quite simply, because myself and others, was eager to see the cum, mandats(exemples sénateur, Maire, président de la communauté de commune de mes 2,et autres cumulards X3,X5) moonlighters who will find themselves ejected in the first round of the election, and you know why, I me do because now I know what it lived still gives me more confidence in my fellow, I saw him in the municipal and European, and cela it is forgotten pas.je thought a trick.I thought that of all parties, who has indisputable legitimacyis the national said party in France, one that embodies this national party is another that The NATIONAL FRONT, but for other countries, it is the same thing, this is the part, defending their country, and, normally, and logically there should be only one part political, whyI say this because as you can see in almost all countries, there are heaps of part which is formed in France, in Spain, in Portugal, in Italy as UMP(France, Spain… etc!,Green , who plays on the string of ecology, as if we had really need a part for era ecolo, similarly, also formed with several countries), the PS, party supposedly left (FRANCOVALLS) (lol), it has seen in France and we all see the days, that is the CDU in Germany, same for Algeria, Tunisia,the, for a simple reason, (This is divide and conquer, more, there are parties, more they divide, better, they reign) in France and I presume in other countries too, we have drop almost all right (currency, pépettes, dismissals) the gauche(soit disant proche dele de peuple, proche deles de sous dele de peuple,plus exactement, licenciements, et fasciste), I want to say gentlemen ladies of different peoplesvote for the party, whose ancestral values are gross, who seem you fair to the other and represent your country, your roots, and who have made you what you are, and what your children will be, not the fascists, I hope BIBI or BN, such as, I call it. You know « I always reminds me of a proverb, told to me by my mother, who said ‘ do not do to others what you would not like it makes you » (I know, nothing to do, but I wanted to tell you) short, for about 40 years, it prevents us, specifically to turn to nationalism, it is true that was a time (song (: was a time, that the youth of 20 years, could not know, thank you, CHARLES °) nationalists rhymed with terrorist, but without going until there, though a few times, I can understand, because all it is for purely financial reasons, if it tells you otherwise, don’t believe it especially, it is also a fable of JUAN of the FONTAINA, GAGs JEAN DE LA FONTAINE, who says  » all flattering lives at the expense of those who listen,well, this means , what do you mean (because, frankly, they have nothing to fuck, to be polite, let’s pretend to worry, but to be polite!, what interests them is if your card (visa… among others) of members is up to date, if you buy your stamps mensuels(je sais que vous savez tous cela)) , but a booster shot, does not hurt, but this that all those parts which are born with Freemasonry, it is great pleasure to help develop, or even to develop (almost all, I said almost, I know, which are cleans, but you are not enough, they forget that the legitimacy of a party that represents) , 1 country, it is the people, which is sovereign, in general, at least to us.



[Bomb] « Les chemins de Damas »: how the Elysée has manipulated reports on chemical weapons
•, Manipulation, Syria

Yet a bomb, which did not interest our media: the Government just lied to us to start a war… (what should nosu occupy well more than to know if the MH-17 was accidentally shot down by pro-Kiev Ukrainians or pro-Dontesk for example Ukrainians…)

Our leaders, blinded by 20 years of handling success, intellectual or moral, dwarves have forgotten that history, it could be « serious ».

The reality should soon, unfortunately the (and we…) catch up and remind them of this principle…

The french book, paths of Damascus, published a few days ago, caused a scandal by revealing secret information on the manner in which the French Presidency has forced the diplomatic corps and the french secret services to submit to the political decision to overthrow Assad and manipulate reports on chemical weapons and the real power of the Syrian regime.

A book published in Paris a few days ago Damascus, the black of the Franco relationship folder, by french journalists Georges Malbrunot and Christian Chesnot, gives valuable information on the behind-the-scenes of the relationship between Paris and Damascus over the past 40 years. This book of investigation contains information and interviews with personalities closely involved in the Syrian folder, from the 1980s to the present day.

Passing the presidential political and deadly confrontations summits and diplomatic tensions in honeymoon periods and the secret coordination of the two capitals, the book tackles the ‘black files’ and other hidden events that characterize the relationship described as « quasi-schizophrene » between the two countries.

According to the synopsis that offers Publisher Robert Laffont, Damascus railways shows that successive french presidents have acted with the Syria « often emotionally, with precipitation or improvisation, which has led to the impasse we see today (in relations) ».

The authors recount an incident immediately following the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri: « at the same time when Jacques Chirac, after the assassination of his friend Rafik Hariri, wanted to »make throat »Bashar Al-Assad, the France delivered to Assad in the greatest secrecy, two Dolphin helicopters and his entourage provided a system to secure their communications. »

As the presidents Nicolas Sarkozy and François Holland « they in turn made the same mistakes by lack of knowledge of the actual ability of the Syrian regime’s survival », the authors conclude.

The French press has published some excerpts from the book, including The Point of 9 October. The magazine wrote that the book was « exceptional », and published portions of the book that contain important details on the discussions that were held in the corridors of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Elysée, the secret service and the french on the Syrian crisis security services.

(Under Sarko) Altercation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

A chapter of the book entitled « Brawl at the Quai d’Orsay » is State of a violent quarrel on the Syria that occurred in an office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris in the spring of 2011. At this time, Alain Juppé was the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The altercation took place in the office of Hervé Ladsous, the Chief of cabinet of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, between Eric Chevallier, the Ambassador of France in Damascus, and Nicolas Galey, the Adviser to the president (Nicolas Sarkozy at the time) for the Middle East. Were also present Patrice Paoli, Director, at the time, the Department of the Middle East and North Africa and today Ambassador of France to the Lebanon, and Joseph Maila, the Director of foresight at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as responsible for diplomats of Syrian Affairs.

The conviction of Ambassador Chatterjee was as follows: « the Assad regime will not fall, Assad is strong » and he will remain in power. This is what he had written in his diplomatic dispatches from Damascus, reason for which he was recalled to Paris. Chevallier « reiterated to those present at this meeting that it was »close to the ground », and that he had » visited various parts of the Syria and that he did not feel that the regime was crumbling ». »

« Stop saying nonsense! » has interrupted it Galey, the representative of Sarkozy. « Do not stick to the facts, we must see beyond the tip of his nose. » He added. Galey remark was an « unprecedented hostility » according to one of those present. Same Ladsous « shocked the determination of Galey », when it appeared that Galey « had not come to take part in the deliberations but complete a specific mission: impose the idea that Assad fall was inevitable, » and make it clear to everyone that no dissent would be tolerated in the french diplomatic corps.

But Chevallier defended its position which was different than the Elysee wanted to impose. He said that he had met the Syrian opposition regularly, « but that he continued to think that the regime had the ability to survive as well as foreign support ».  »  » It mocks your information! « reiterated Galey, the Ambassador replied: » You want me to write something else but my work as Ambassador is to continue to say what I wrote, that is to say what really happened « . »Your information do not interest us. Bashar Al-Assad must fall and it will fall, »replied Galey in a sharp voice. The quarrel then escalated, forcing Ladsous to intervene several times to end this « verbal battle ».

(In Holland) A strange report on attacks with chemical weapons in Syria

Another section of the book deals with the actions of the president François Holland in August 2013, when he ordered the declassification of the document of synthesis of the reports of the external security and military intelligence on chemical weapons attacks in the Ghouta region near Damascus, where he tried to rally international support for a strike to punish those « who were poisoning innocents. » The book reveals that the conclusion of the report joint had been « edited » by the special adviser to the Minister of defence, Jean-Yves Le Drian, in a way that somehow was harm to informants.

Informants had raised several issues in their reports on events that they had not been able to check such as the use of sarin gas. One of the assumptions made by the informants in their reports was as follows: « it is possible that bombing classical Syrian on a clandestine lab Army rebels caused a gas leak. » But this conclusion was « purely and simply cut » the text of the final report.

We made mistakes with regard to the Russia

Claude Gueant, former Minister of the Interior and Secretary General under Sarkozy, said that how Juppe discussed the Russia was a mistake; He stressed that the Russia ought not be marginalized but on the contrary, we should have to take advantage. He added: « If we had put aside our selfishness, our prestige and our love of power and said to the Russians that they were most likely to contribute to finding a solution in Syria, they would have been happy to provide positive support. « They were the only ones to be able to do something about. »

The book also discusses the fragile relationship between french diplomats and secret services and the conflict between the intelligence inside and outside intelligence on the Syrian issue. The antipathy between the two agencies began at the beginning of the Syrian crisis and extended even after the two agencies are installed in Amman. Reports from two agencies appeared to be contradictory in 2011. A diplomat who was in contact with both agencies explained that both were convinced that Assad would not fall quickly but that the intelligence inside quickly noted the role of the Salafists and jihadis in the rebellion, while foreign intelligence continued to send reports demonizing the Assad regime

Smoking ( http://www.les-crises.fr/enfumage/)

Smoking out , is the term that came to me spontaneously yesterday morning on BFM to comment on the European agreement which had just be signed.

It is true that the term kept running in the head after the last few weeks of ‘cramming’ that we have incurred.

The first step was the ‘SO-LI-DA-RI-TE with the Greece’ and ‘do not let it fall the Greek people.  » Of course, the fact that these remarks are generally made by the same Governments that tend to planing national solidarity systems must alert our attention and sharpen our critical spirit…

The second was how to impose upon our minds the association « Not » aid to the Greece »= end of the euro = end of Europe » – was more than ‘= your hair.

The last step is played before our eyes: the « we saved the euro, Europe, world, universe » (and your hair…).

Before detailing this tasty stage, I simply recall the context.

Most Western countries have experienced credit for decades. A country in this situation is experiencing increasing difficulties to contain its debt. The return to a healthy situation therefore requires arduous efforts, sum of increased revenues and compression costs, which have a more and more recessive impact depending on their importance.

This is exactly what is needed in France to find healthy finances. BUT there’s a condition: it is necessary to do this in 1990, when the debt is still limited. In 2010, it is dead – it is in any case my analysis that I develop in my book.

Illustrate the situation of the France (I’ll soon develop into a ticket):
•debt = 50% of the financial wealth of households (= accounts flows + livret A + insurance life + actions and obligations…);
•debt = 8 years of State revenues;
•interest on the debt = 25% of the revenue of the State;
•(interest on the debt + debt) = 200% of the revenue of the State (for the record, your banker requires that this figure is lower than 30%…).

In these circumstances, the deadly spiral of over-indebtedness is en route, and there is more nothing to do, if it doesn’t restructure the debt via a partial default. It is unfortunate, but it is thus: it is the consequence of more than 40 years of budgetary laxity, the invoice is always one day or the other.

In addition, a simple rule, confirmed by centuries of history, is that  » with sufficient time, any State ends up making default  » (1st law Benn :)). Since 1975, in 35 years, 70 States have been in default – 2 every year on average. The France is lacking about 2 times per century – the last date of 1943… Stop saying that this never happens, it’s the dream.

However, what is a credit transaction? Imagine that A ready 100 B. At the end of the loan, 2 assumptions:
•(b) makes 100 to A, and in this case, the operation was completely neutral and has enriched nor depleted person (forget the interests); heritage are unchanged.
•either B does not, reimburse and in this case, A has lost 100, and one way or another B won 100. This time, the loan is considered simply as a gift from A to B (don obviously not volunteer…)

Thus, if refund, so much the better for everybody, otherwise both worse for A – it was his responsibility to ensure that B could pay it back. He took a risk (in fact, he even earned interest to cover this risk!), it is normal to lose sometimes… It is the credit risk, no one is forcing to lend her money.

A public failure result in simply a reallocation of assets for the benefit of the poorest , nothing more. This is obviously a bad solution (I say no it’s well or just in absolute terms, I am not really place a moral high ground at this point), but it is often the only one available, as in any bankruptcy…

Thus, in May 2010, the Greece had 350 Md€ to private investors: banks, fund investments, special… If it reimburses, so much the better, if not, too bad for them – this is ‘liberalism’, each to be responsible for…

Obviously, the Greek default that might ruin the big global holders of savings, States rushed to promise « to assist the Greece’ under heard » to pay his creditors to not ruin them.  » Because when we give money to the Greece, money is not used to really help the Greeks. He immediately returned to owners of savings to repay them. Money, the Greeks are actually perceived at the time of the original loan, obviously.

By caricaturing (which I do not like, but we drink contrary cartoons), we can say that we have been promised 30 years of suffering to repay the savings of Liliane Bettencourt and other large fortunes of the country. 70% of the debt is ultimately owned by only 10% of the population…

So, they have with the complicity of the ECB bought Greek debt to investors. Thus, the loss of a future default will no longer that partly borne by private investors, the taxpayer paying the balance losses. What is scandalous.

There is no reason to protect the bond investor, while it never helps the investor shares or real estate against loss – and this is normal.

And of course, if the Greece is lacking, its lenders lose their money, but there is no link with the « survival of the euro ». At worst, it will fluctuate a little downward, but none because it explodes – it is another topic, without any direct link. That is to say that if California was missing, the dollar will explode – that would seriously defend this? Robert Mundell, Nobel Prize in Economics who created the theory of currency unions and is nicknamed the « father of the euro » has indeed said in May 2010:

« He may need to restructure the debt of one or two countries from the euro weakened. In five years, might be inevitable, but this does not mean the break-up of the euro, it simply means a restructuring of debt. » [Robert Mundell, may, 2010]

Thereafter, it is too much, http://www.les-crises.fr/enfumage/, in English




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