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Activities of the CIA in France

While the CIA cooperates with his counterpart French , the DGSE, countries collect information on one another, especially in the economic and scientific fields.

France 1950

Unconventional warfare preparation

CIA shape the Direction of the French of the Operation Gladio.[ Admiral Pierre Lacoste stated that the CIA supported the French Gladio and the extremist organization of right OAS to attack Charles DeGaulle.]

The CIA is suspected to have infiltrated the French Communist Party and worked to support the growth of Communist non-revolutionnaire within the France to offset the Soviet influence on the more radical elements within the French Communist Party.

The CIA is suspected of having participated in supporting the student riots against Charles DeGaulle to retaliate against its withdrawal from NATO and his Francophile policies.

«  »Charles De Gaulle undertook covert operations in Quebec using nationalist and separatist movements in Quebec, under the heading »technical cooperation and assistance » or « Operation Ascot. » Jacques Foccart dispatched SDECE in Quebec agents to develop and encourage the growth of the separatist movements. »

France 1992

Clandestine intelligence collection

« According to the Director of the CIA, Bob Gates, at least 20 countries of Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America are involved in intelligence activities that harm our economic interests. Some specific cases are shocking. According to a recent article in the New York Times by Peter Schweizer, « between 1987 and 1989, the French planted moles intelligence in several U.S. companies, including IBM. In the fall of 1991, a French intelligence team attempted to fly the Lockheed « stealth » technology. » Other accounts report this conduct of intelligence units French 10 to 15 break-ins every day whole hotels in Paris to copy documents that belong to businessmen, journalists and diplomats. According to others, the French are hiding devices on Air France flights in order to collect useful economic information from business travelers.

France 1993

Clandestine intelligence collection

« In 1993, R. James Woolsey, then a new Director of the CIA, announced publicly that the focused intelligence on corrupt practices European and corruption was now a CIA program. French intelligence was aggressively going after information of American leaders. Woolsey said ‘No more Mr. Nice Guy.’

Shortly after, the CIA Paris station had at least five staff working on the understanding of the French national trade policy and fight against economic espionage French against the United States. Four were under diplomatic and the other as not coverage.

France 1995

Clandestine intelligence collection

The CIA inspector general issued a report on work clandestine service (CS) CIA on economic intelligence, which is likely to put an end to the career of several officers, including the station chief Paris Dick Holm, head of the European division CS Joseph DeTrani and at least four officers in the case.

FranceMinistre of the Interior, Charles Pasqua, revealed the problem in February 1995. The undercover agent rather than as a representative of the Foundation made two errors in comperative posing as a Foundation representative made fundamental mistakes: communicating too openly with the C.I.A. station and communing also secretly with her target, a French official. Mr. Holm, the head of the station, discovered the affair that she ran with the employee. It was clear that the romance could compromise the operation. Holm convinced his Chief to continue the operation.

The French, however, has broken the usual agreement among Western services and announced that they had learned, expel the « incompatible with their diplomatic status. » Embassy officer. controversy flared over questions on spy on economic data allies is a pursuit worthy for the CIA, even if the allies are doing in the United States, or other missions have a priority more elevee.bien there tragicomic aspects, the question of what espionage is tolerable among nominal allies remains complex, particularly when they relate to questions of clear with Jonathan Pollard security.

France 2006

Renditions and clandestine intelligence gathering

The International Federation of rights (IFHR) and the League of the rights of man (LDH) filed a complaint urging the French Prosecutor to investigate the alleged use of airports French of secret CIA flights carrying terrorism suspects. On 19 February, the UK National Air Traffic Services acknowledged that three CIA planes had travelled across the United Kingdom a number of occasions, indicating that the British authorities were aware of the CIA torture flights called. The British police have begun investigations into the allegations.


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We learned before yesterday that, after the ultimatum launched by the Front of Al Dhanub (Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda, funded and supported by the Qatar and the Turkey and which Fabius had described the atrocities of « good job on the ground ») Hazm brigades (formed, funded and armed directly by http://www.washingtoninstitute.org/policy USA

analysis/view/r… http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mouvement_Hazm ) we decided their « dissolution » and their rallying to the…Front Islamic of the Levant. But Al Nosra (Qatar, Turkey and France « Fabius ») did not this ear hear. The Front launched its offensive in the town of Atareb (North West of Aleppo where Hazm had elected « domicile ») and this has resulted in the massacre of hundreds of fighters from Hazm (USA) and the flight of their leaders towards… the Turkey, leaving behind a considerable booty (essential reason for the offensive to Al Nosra): the U.S. latest equipment, where particular TOW anti tank missiles.A few days ago, the USA declared (this is not at all a joke) want « arming and training of the members of the opposition Syrian moderate in its fight against the Damascus regime. « 


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