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Prisoner X, the Sequel: Israeli Censorship Run Amok Tikun Olam.., ceblog is the blog of an Israeli, who apparently knows the price, that should pay, when one has done nothing!.

Prisoner X, the sequel: Israeli censorship unleashed

by Richard Silverstein on July 11, 2013 , it is still valid even 2015 Feb

in Peace in the Middle East

Every man has a name given to him by God and by his parents.
…Every man has a name given to him by the sea and by his death.


Every man deserves a name. Every man deserves the acts of his life no matter how good or bad. No man, no State, no safety device has the right to steal these things of any man. Except in Israel. The secret police can take everything from you. They can do it even if you were once one of them. Especially if you were once one of them.

Israeli security services shoot another prisoner X ‘Rabbit’ of their hat (Morad/Yediot)

If you were once one of them and betrayed, you can lose everything. Your name, your actions, your family, your freedom. This is what happened to the man that prisoner X 2 gives the word. It was discovered through another unnamed, another prisoner X, who was only given a name after his death, Ben Zygier.

Amir Oren Haaretz article by the military censor

Prisoner 2 X actually preceded Zygier into the mouth of the security system. We do not know what he done wrong, what sentence he received, or how long he has been in prison – a deductive reasoning to calculate it has fined a sentence of at least 10 years (and maybe more). He has already served at least 7 years (perhaps as long as ten).

Unlike Zygier, wife of prisoner X 2 stood by him. It may be because the couple is older and more mature. An article written by Amir Oren (Hebrew) appeared in Haaretz (and just as quickly ordered by the military censor – but more on that more little) reveals that his wife is a grandmother. This would make the couple at least in his fifties, while Zygier was 34 when he killed himself).

There are very few democracies in the world which disappear from their citizens in this way. There are very few democracies that would give their police secret such power. But Israel is not your average country. Is a State of national security by masquerading as a democracy.

The only thing that holds that these evil forces in check are a handful of courageous journalists and editors. Even so, they are checked, the only recourse is a blog like mine. I break gags. I challenge the censorship. I give prisoners of their names. I give them their actions. It is the least I can do, since I can’t win their freedom.

This is what I did for two residents of Gaza abducted by Mossad. Now we know that their names are Dirar Abusisi and Wael Abu Rida. If it wasn’t for this blog, the secret police would have stolen even as their share.

Translation: Prison prisoner X 2 conditions: complete isolation without seeing other prisoners; separation of prison guards, who do not know her name; imprisoned in a cell with no window with security cameras; short daily walk in a courtyard surrounded by walls of heavy metal.

I know not prisoner of X 2 name. I do not know his acts. But I know he deserves returned them to him. It deserves to be known by any Israeli who cares to know, no matter what is done.

Only in Israel (and in places like North Korea and the Iran) security apparatus can decide citizens do not know these things. The decision may have a substantive reason. It may be a whim. It can protect the nation, but more likely, it protects the ego or the reputation of a person who could have done something to avoid any disaster happened – and did not do so.

The security services are expected to operate for the good of their country, but often exploited for the good of their members. The opacity of the Israel security forces allows us to suspect the worst, especially when the curtain is momentarily and partially drawn as in the case of Zygier.

Amir Oren is one of those who drew the curtain, only for a moment and only very partially. Article tells us almost nothing to prisoner X 2. But even this small was too. I guess where Oren was ‘no’, at least as far as censorship is concerned, is that it has revealed the code name of the Director of the Shabak who oversaw an inquiry into prisoner X 2.

That opens the door to a number of factors that bothers the Shabak is concerned. The investigator in Chief, code-named Abu Sharif, left his post in 2006. This means that prisoner X 2 has been in prison at least seven years. Term of a unit manager is generally five years. This means that prisoner X 2 may have been as 12 years in prison.

Wife of the prisoner told Oren that she hoped it would be the third classics get off his sentence for good behaviour. Which means that his sentence had at least ten years (and maybe more). It is a very serious sentence indicating that he was probably charged espionage or betrayal of State secrets.

Another interesting, derived from article of Oren is that while Ben Zygier was imprisoned in the Prison of Ayalon and prisoner X 2 stayed there, his wife drives 90 minutes from his home in ‘centre of Israel’ to her visit. This indicates that there is no more to Ayalon, who is at the center of Israel. It is likely in a prison in Beersheva or the surrounding area (Haifa is possible, but unlikely).

Here are the kind of things that does not want the Israeli Shabak know or speculate on; because very soon someone who knows something will feel emboldened to reveal more. Then the cat out of the bag. And can someone feel rochmonis for this man: this « traitor » to the cast of security which person cannot feel anything, let alone remorse.

This is why a relatively harmless article, got the axe by the military censor to protect the ass of someone. ‘Disappear’ article is not that dissimilar endangered Ben Zygier or prisoner X 2 or any number of other cases of security I have covered here. It’s all of a piece with standard protocols of the State of national security. If you have the power you can ideas, articles from newspapers and same people « disappear ». It is this practice.

But censorship cannot be negotiated the fact that I have the version cached article and it can offer to you in Hebrew with English translation partial follows. We are doing our small part to break the grip of censorship on Israeli media and society:

Shadows even have rules: between Silence and Subterfuge in the case of the prisoner additional X

Tsilah, a fictitious name, is not used to go to bed early. Yesterday at a late hour, she was faced with the question of how to respond to the investigation of a journalist – to speak or to remain silent. What if she does not speak: if it will help her husband or her hurt. Finally, after taking counsel with whom she chose to visit, she chose to close the door. She left things with the words: « I am unable. It is prohibited, and not only for her, even alluded to what her husband did [to live] and what he has done before he did anything that departs from him for years.

The fictitious name, this or another, is the heart of the matter. It is true of the CIA and the KGB and the world, internal or external, intelligence or police agencies. Operations that require entering an enemy environment, one that is wary of foreigners, involved in the creation of cover stories and borrowed identities. A Russian becomes an American. Yaakov becomes Mustafa, a coordinator Shabak – his name is not issue – will become Captain It-no-question-where. In order to be assimilated smoothly, so that the body will not reject the transplant. It is not good enough to worry the costume or makeup of the actor who yesterday was Casablan and tomorrow will be Richard III. They are forced to give new birth [to different identities] and master them in every word and detail. Because exposure threatens their freedom and even their lives.

…The surprising twist in the plot is the fall from the heights of an exciting mission from the Government into the deep well of a solitary guarded prison cell. Dangerous to endangered. Heroes sail around worldwide to an invisible man, which the world is as narrow as that of a cockroach in a prison, with an identity that is not yet his.

…Tsilah ya pas mystery of the woman. Calm and distance of the newspapers it is suitable as a mother and grandmother occupied, with a life in the centre of Israel, who sometimes goes on a journey of 90 minutes for a family visit with her husband…

The Shabak, who is responsible for safety investigations, is the agency that has built a case against the husband of Tsilah. Before that date, for years of hard work [on behalf of his agency] and dozens, or even hundreds of interrogations. It was the most difficult episode for the « Abu Sharif »(un autre surnom) when he directed the Shabak investigation section, because the legal brake that exist in the investigations on the Israelis [as opposed to the Palestinians]. « .

…The public debate is essential, even if it does not penetrate to the heart of the secret that has led the anonymous prisoner in his cell, and in the case of Zygier, until his death…Security and legal agencies which deal with these cases there think there is good reason to remove some people. Even if that were always true, it is not necessarily true over the years.

In the period before Danny Yatom was appointed to the head of the Mossad, the names of its leaders have been banned from publishing. If the name of the Shabak was the leader. Carmi Gilon was «C.» and Shabtai Shavit « S. » the reasoning was that a name leads to a photo and weighs on the head agency who needs to control subordinates close and far. He had something to say about this, but the responsibility to the public of his identity being known is most important.

Tsilah accepts that her husband at the moment is an anonymous prisoner. But the prisoners are not anonymous, their families. Or a long list of officials of the Ministry of Justice, including Manny Mazuz, Edna Arbel, Yehudah Weinstein and Shai Nitzan. Therefore, should examine how they fulfil their oversight responsibility for cases of secret who took their care. They see – in individuals themselves – the cells behind the real or fictitious names; or have they suffice with the reading of the documents. It is of great importance in this precisely because in the last days, as in all these waves of passing in such cases interest, Jerusalem tried to placate the public and he ensures that there is someone they can trust, even in the treatment of someone who the public had confidence, until he broke that trust.
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Prisonnier X, la suite : la censure israélienne se déchaînent


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